LMA Manager 2003 FAQ v1.2
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LMA Manager 2003 FAQ

by gamesharkuser   Updated to v1.2 on
This walkthrough was originally written for LMA Manager 2003 on the PS2, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the Xbox version of the game.
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LMA Manager FAQ - Copyright 2003 Gamesharkuser

Done by: gamesharkuser@hotmail.com

Table of Contents
0. Guide's Version & Updates
1. Suggestion
2. Best Players
3. Youth Players
4. Tactics
  4.1. Goes with 5.1. formation
  4.2. Goes with 5.2. formation
5. Formation
  5.1. Goes with 4.1. tactics
  5.2. Goes with 4.2. tactics
6. Players that always score in my game.
7. Teams (try them if you like them!)
  7.1. Killer Wolves Team
  7.2. Normal Team
  7.3. Manchester United Killer Team
  7.4. Arsenal Madness Team
  7.5. Winning Team
  7.6. Most Goal Team
  7.7. Okocha's Team
  7.8. Strikes of Liverpool
  7.9. Blast of Henry's Team
8. Bargains
  8.1. Vylkanov
  8.2. 5 players
  8.3. Reyes
9. Training (try them!)
10. What is first thing I do?
11. The Experts Views & Suggestions & First thing experts will do.
  11.1 First thing experts will do
  11.2 What did the experts do
12. Codes
13. Distribution
14. Credits

0. Guide's Version & Updates
10/09/2003 Guide's Version 0.5 - Just uploaded the guide, finding out some good
formation and tactics, so please check regularly.

13/09/2003 Guide's Version 0.6 - Checked Spelling and Grammar mistakes.

14/09/2003 Guide's Version 0.7 - Deleted some lames things.

16/09/2003 Guide's Version 0.8 - LOL, GAMEFAQs.com didn't accept my FAQ because
of my Margins, so i changed it and hope it accept it and updated Best Players
and some profile of C.Neill :)

17/09/2003 Guide's Version 0.9 - Uploaded this FAQ on cheatcc.com and new
formation and tactics

21/09/2003 Guide's Version 0.91 - Minor changes

25/09/2003 Guide's Version 1.0 - Updated Strikes of Liverpool & Blast of
Henry's team

26/09/2003 Guide's Version 1.1 - Minor changes (changed some grammer) , lol on
25/09/2003 i wrote a wrong version..maybe this is the Final Version because LMA
nothing to write about :( , i'm planning to write Winning Eleven 7 guide.

10/10/2003 Guide's Version 1.2 - Change 1 player name.. the player is C.Neal
the wrong spelling is C.Neill

1. Suggestion
I'd recommend buying S Ishizaki as your right-sided winger and K Dyer as your
attacking midfielder (warning: gets injured a bit). As an attacker - try D
Ashton whatever team you're playing as. He's a star that lasts for years and

2. Best Players
C.Neal - i think is like that spell :X not so sure!( Came from Aresnal Youth
Team, he's a good player his age is 19 when i sign him...he played 50 games
with 120 goals. Surprise?? I'm not lying... don't believe?? u try it out :) ..
he's a striker.)

3. Youth Players
Dean Ashton
Wayne Bridge
Stefan Ishizaki
Bobby Zamora
Abel Belozoyorov

4. Tactics
4.1 (Goes with 5.1 formation)
Tactics: Halfway on the first two (positioning and defence?), one more on the
third (I can't remember), halfway on passing, and full-on wingers. Sorry if
I've missed one of them - I think I have!

Remember to stick to one tactic once you like it - don't change things around
every game. Let the team get use to the tactics - then your tactical rating (as
found in the training section) will go up.

4.2 (Goes with 5.2. formation)

5. Formation
5.1 (Goes with 4.1 tactics)
Try 4-3-1-2 - very good going forward. In midfield I have a very strong, very
defensive midfielder in the middle, two wingers and a great attacking
midfielder at the front. Can control just about anything.

5.2 (Goes with 4.2 tactics)
As for formation, most people seem to like either 4-4-2 or the 4-3-1-2

6. Players that always score in my game.
D. Ashton
R. Van Nistelrooy
M.Owen (208 goals in 150 games)

7. Teams
7.1 (Killer Wolves team)
This is my killer wolves team. You may want to prepare for a heart attack it is
so good.

Goalkeeper: Jaaskelainien
Defence left to right) Babayaro, Roque Junior, Woodgate, P. Neville
Midfield left to right) Radimov, Makelele, Baseggio, Touma
Attack: Sturridge(44 goals in 4th season) Ventola

Reserves such as: Didulica (GK) Fredson (MF) Duberry (CB)
Kennedy (MF) Blake(CF) etc.

7.2 (Normal)
1st Team is:
GK - A.Isakkson (Class)
LB - D.Alaez
CB - J.Carlos
RB - L.Kozmer
LM - J.McFadden
CM - T.Cahill
CM - G.Nan Ribera
RM - J.Munday (Loan)
LWG - M.Honey
CF - A.Alain

7.3 (Manchester United killer team)
I am currently Manchester United and the team hasn't lost at all in the whole

My Team Was;
LB- G.Barry (SCORED 2)
CB- Chivu (SCORED 3)
CB- R.Ferdinand (SCORED 3)
RB- I.Tudor (SCORED 1)
LM- R.Giggs (SCORED10)
CM- J.Veron (SCORED 3)
CM- M.Carrick (SCORED 2)
RM- D.Beckham (SCORED 15)
CF- R. Van Nistelrooy (SCORED 61)
CF- Raul (SCORED 24)

I.Casillas (CONCEDED 10 IN 3 GAMES!!!??)
D.Forlan (SCORED 14)
J.Stam (SCORED 1)
Z.Zidane (SCORED 2)
W.Rooney (SCORED 7)

I won all the competitions I was in and all players in my Main squad have a
value of at least 15 Million each!!!!

7.4 (Arsenal Madness Team)
I have played 4 seasons now with arsenal on LMA 2003 and I must say that
arsenal is probably the best team to start with. if you sell most of their
players you can get nearly 300m quid...great.
this is my team:
GK- Casilles (improved loads- best keeper now)
DL- Raul Bravo/ Chivu (both g8 players and improve loads)
DC- Ferdinand (I couldn't sign him until the 3rd season because he is a tad
expensive...but well worth it...he has improved to the best defender ever!!)
DC- Andrade (in my second season I sold Campbell and bought Andrade, he has
improved nearly 1box away from full on overall)
DR- Tudor (cheap at the start of the game but improves to be the est.
right-back available...worth 14m now)
ML- Paschineschky (generated youth player I signed from Bayer Munich after 2
seasons because he was very expensive and Bayer Munich couldn't afford to let
him go...he is better than Renaldo's overall)
MC- Emerson (not cheap but not expensive but well worth the Vieira swap...he
improve better than Ronald also, gr8.)
MR- Deisler (young, improves, cheap, tremendous...improved to 1box away from
full overall. now worth over 30m)
AC- Tristan (the best striker goal scorer on the game, he's got pace, strong
headering a fantastic shot brills technique and super passing too...the best
buy award for Tristan, he is now better than Recoba starts off, well worth the
swap for Henry...Tristan has scored over 220 goals in 180 games for me)
The rest of my strikers are generated youth players who I bought and they have
scored and improved a bucket load...all but 1 of them are younger than 22 and
better than Requelme's starting overall by quite a bit...they have scored over
180 between all of them in 2 seasons.
My reserves:
Bertoni (generated youth player...cheap and good, better than Thuram)
Mexes (doesn't improve as much as I did hoped but he is still young and is a
very effective defender)
Requelme (good, starts off cheap and improves, like an older version of
Deisler, but i am going to sell him soon)
I have mostly generated youth players in my reserves that I am training up so i
don't think i shall bother mentioning them.
Ballack (wow...wow...wow...if you ask my friend he'll back me up when i say
this, I don't like keeping players that are 30 years old or older unless they
are Tristan and Emerson, but i signed Ballack on a free in my 3rd season and
since then he has improved better than Emerson's starting overall...what more
can i say, I don't want to sell him but he is getting too old and my wage bill
is simply too high.
D.Cisse (i have just sold him for 35m quid, he improves a descent amount and is
very young, sad to let him go but i couldn't afford the players i wanted)
Maldini (just retired this season, dis-improves quite a lot up to the age of 37
usually but is very cheap and a gr8 defender)
Ishizaki (young, not expensive, and improves loads and can score quite a few
goals, a golden buy)
a lot of you may think that i am mad for selling the whole Arsenal team but i
always do it and its the only way to be able to afford the players i want...all
i need now is someone to help me with youth players training please. and be4
any1 says a thing about cheats, no I haven't used them, there is no way I am
going to pay to use cheats and plus what cheats would I use? if I used the
money cheat then there would be no need in training up players and I would
probably sign Aimar, Ronaldinho, Nesta, etc...if I used the win every game
cheat I would have won every game I haven't won every game. I can't remember
the other cheats.

7.5 (Winning Team)
Sorondo (injured 4 months... )
Bergkamp (retiring

7.6 (Most goal team)
GK - I. Casillas - 26 year old - played 211 games conceded 124 goals(After
first season Cesar's overall has improved better than Casillas's but now after
I sold Cesar to Atletico, Casillas has improved very much. All his stats are
now over 1 box away from full on overall)
LB - R. Etxeberria - 20 year old - played 74 games scored 0 goals(CPU generated
player from some Spanish team. He doesn't do very well when I bought him but
he's improved lot. He can also play good as LM.)
CB - F. Pavon - 27 year old - played 131 games scored 7 goals (After first
season he was my reserve player, because Hierro, Helguera and Ivan Campo
(return from the Bolton) were my first team and substitute centre backs. But
when Hierro retired and Ivan Campo and Helguera get old has Pavon become
CB - V. Bonera - 20 year old - played 136 games scored 15 goals(CPU generated
player from AC Milan. The Best defender after six seasons in the game.)
RB - J. Paulo Filipe - 23 years old - played 65 games scored 0 goals (CPU
generated player too. I can't tell lots about him. He got great overall stats.)
LM - Raul - 30 year old - played 318 games scored 132 goals (He played forward
in four seasons. Then I put him to the left side midfield because Anelka and
Henry play in forward.)
CM - T. Rosicky - 27 year old - played 279 games scored 35 goals (Rosicky was
my first signing with Real. What I can say? He's quality.)
RM - E. Cambiasso - 27 year old - played 258 games scored 29 goals (Real
diamond. Most improved player with Real Madrid. He got now only half box away
from full on overall. Also can play whenever in midfield. You should try him.)
AM - I. Morilla - 25 year old - played 119 games scored 68 goals (CPU Generated
player who cost me 60,000,000 because Deportivo don't want to let him go with
little of money. He doesn't maybe worth of 60 millions but he is quality.
Scored lots of goals behind the forwards.)
CF - T. Henry - 30 year old - played 83 games scored 54 goals (I get him free
in season 2006/2007 from Arsenal. I think you already know that he is great
player so I don't tell anything else about him. Only that he gets injured often)
CF - N. Anelka - 27 year old - played 169 games scored 104 goals (Absolutely
quality. I got him free in season 2005/2006. He was at bench in his first
season and that the reason why he has played so much game but doesn't made so
many goals. In last season he won golden boot with 50 goals in 56 games.)

LB - O. Minambres - 26 year old - played 49 games scored 0 goals (Improved well)
RB - Michel Salgado - 31 year old - played 307 games scored 0 goals ( He got
great stats but he is old too.)
LM - Guti - 30 year old - played 200 games scored 17 goals (He was part of the
first team season 2002/2003 and 2003/2004. But he played **** and made only 3
goals. Then I drop him to the bench. He is much better as substitute.)
AM - J. Riquelme - 29 year old - played 44 games scored 5 goals (I got him free
from Barca. He doesn't had so good overall stat which he had in the first
season but when I bought him about one season ago, he has improved much. He got
great season and he played in first team because I had about five injured
player all the time.
CF - Ronaldo - 31 year old - played 320 games scored 255 goals (He is real goal
machine. In season 2002/2003 he made 44 goals in 58 games, in season 2003/2004
he made 55 goals in 59 games, in season 2004/2005 he made 54 goals in 59 games
and in season 2005/2006 he made 59 goals in 58 games. After those seasons, I
put him to the bench because he's overall get down and Henry replaced him. But
that didn't stop him. In season 2006/2007 he made 16 goals in 36 games and last
season (2007/2008) he made 27 goals in 50 games.

RB - D. Boukoko - 23 year old - played 79 games scored 0 goals
(CPU generated player)
CB - I. Helguera - 32 year old - played 231 games scored 21 goals
CB - M. Hillebrand - 19 year old - played 19 games scored 0 goals
(CPU generated player)
GK - N. Puydebois - 26 year old - played 5 games conceded 1 goal
LB - Raul Bravo - 26 year old - played 76 games scored 0 goals
RM - K. Larreina - 21 year old - played 41 games scored 1 goal
(My youth player. Worth about 10 million)
CB - J. Dani Bouzas - 19 year old - played 1 games scored 0 goals
(My youth player too. Worth about 5 million)
CB - A. Gerardo - 20 year old - played 9 games scored 2 goals
(Also my youth player. Worth about 5 million)
CB - J. Soldevilla - 18 year old - played 0 games scored 0 goals

Team's average age: 25,36 year

Biggest Transfer Fee To Pay:
I. Morilla - 60,000,000 - from Deportivo

Biggest Transfer Fee To Got:
M. Klose - 24,000,000 - to Kaiserslautern

7.7 (Okocha's Team)
Goalkeeper - P. Robinson
centre back - G. Barry
centre back - R.Ferdinand
centre back - W.Brown
left wing - J. Cole
centre mid - J. Veron
centre mid - J. Okocha
right wing - D.Beckham
forward - Ronaldhino
forward - R. Van Nistelrooy
forward - C. Bellamy

Subs - Ricardo
J. O'Shea
R. Van Der Vaart
W. Rooney
D. Ashton

This was my team for the first season and i won the league by 15 points and
regularly scored 2-3 goals per game. Okocha got player of the year and Van
Nistelrooy got the golden boot with 44 goals.

7.8 (Strikes of Liverpool)
Best 11:

Roberto Carlos (18 mil)
Helguera (free)
Tafforeau (regenerated?)
Rosicky (free)
van Bronckhorst (free)
Gerard (?)
van NIstelrooy (approx 25 mil)


Casillas (11 mil)
Terry (free)
Arvaladze/Viduka (both free)

Got a lot of funds as I bought a forward for free in my first year, played
****e and managed to get 40 mil off him which funded my move for Ruud and left
me for a few quid to spare . Also just sold Heskey to Chelsea for 20something
million. I play in a 67,500 seater stadium and have 144 mil stashed away. My
tip for anyone is to check the freebies once each season starts. Its how I got
Rosicky, Viduka and the rest for free.

7.9 (Blast of Henry's Team)
Yeah, I just got the Inter Milan fellow on a free in the 2003-2004 pre-season
(P. Sergio Conceiacao or something to such effect?) to fill in for Ljungberg,
who was sold, a repeat offender on the right in being blatantly substandard.
Even Pennant's got more penetration in the role IMO.

Buffon just got his leg creamed to bits in pre-season training and will be out
for six months. Custard.  He timed it well though, means I was able to
conveniently loan in Cesar of Real. Stack won't get lost, whenever I attract
some interested clients for his signature, he sprains his ankle and wards them
off, lol.

GK: Cesar
LB: A.Cole
CB: P.Mexes
CB: S.Campbell
RB: I.Tudor
LM: R.Pires
CM: Gilberto
CM: P.Vieira
RM: P.Conceicao (possible sp.)
CF: Adriano
CF: T.Henry

Usual Bench-Warmers: S.Taylor, P.Cygan, R.Parlour, J.Pennant, S. Wiltord
(possibly Bergy or Ashton on lesser occasions).

Better than the initial team in any case. I'm only ustilising the considerable
financial stock of the L'Arse as it's my first few steps into the genre, will
move on in time. Diddums, ey?

8. Bargains

8.1 (vylkanov)
Buy Vylkanov!!!

he is 17 years old in the beginning.
I paid 8 or 9 million EURO for him.
now he is 21 and European top club bet over 30 Millions for him.
after all he is a great player too. he is the captain of my team and i won`t
let him go for less then 50 Millions!!!

I think you will find him somewhere in Russia..

8.2 (5 players)
Pavlenko - Spartak Moscow
Keita - Lorient (Real bargin)
O'Neill - Portsmouth
Spring - Luton
Prutton - Nottingham Forest

8.3 (Reyes)
Reyes is now worth of 40 million and Panathinaikos offered 55 million for him
and his wage is only 22,5k, cheers, I still got him.

9. Training
If you have a decent sized squad, which you can rotate, then I'd recommend
training the players you want to improve yourself as it has a better effect, if
you have a fairly small squad then fitness might become a problem.

What i do is set both the bars to 3/4 for skill training, maxing them out will
definitely lead to them being unfit but 3/4 is ok if the player is only playing
once a week.

For strikers i use one on one training, this will improve their shooting and

For midfielders i normally use 5 a side, this improves passing, technique and
tackling, one on one improves technique, shooting and marking.

For defenders i use crossing or box work for centre backs and 5 a side for side
backs, crossing improves heading, marking and sometimes passing, box work
improves heading. tackling and shooting, 5 a side does tackling, passing and

After a few weeks of training go back to the players and make sure their is a
green arrow next to the abilities your looking to improve, some players have
more training potential than others and some train better at certain skills,
red arrows mean he is actually getting worse at that skill so beware!, i
usually switch between a few different types of training and keep training on
the one which produces more green/less red arrows.

10. What is first thing i do?
I always sort out my squad first cause they never put in your best eleven, you
have to do it! I then sort out my captain, playmaker, man marker, free kick
taker etc Then I go to training and leave it to staff. Then I go to out of
contracts and see if there are any decent players out of contract and also I
look at the players available for loan. I then get an assistant manager, head
coach, goal keeper coach, defensive coach, midfield coach, attacking coach,
fitness coach, physio, scout and the worst commercial manager there is!

These are the things I do in order before the season starts. Always done it
like this, always will do.

Forgot to add that if there is a rubbish player (or shall I say a weakest link)
in my first eleven then I always try and buy a better player in that position
and usually sell the rubbish player to get the money to buy a better player!

11. The Experts Views & Suggestions & First thing experts will do.( Not me!)

11.1 First thing experts will do
I think its important to check your players contracts to see if any are coming
to the end of there present contracts and if so give them new deals, that is if
you intend to keep the player(s).

Next I get my staff sorted out because there is no use not having proper staff
to back up your plans for the big time.

Always get the best scouts you can afford if you plan to look at players you
know nothing about.

Do not buy players just to spend money, what is the use in spending 」4 million
on a new player who is just going to sit on the bench or not even get anywhere
near the first team.

Personally I prefer to have quality over quantity, no use having 20 average
when I could have 16 excellent players, take your time to get the players you
want it will be worth it, well unless you have an impatient board that is.

Stadiums only need to be improved in the short term if the league stipulates
that you require to do so, such as the Scottish Premier League where teams
require an all seated stadium.

And lastly I always make sure that my formation, tactics and players in the
first eleven are the ones I want, don't go into a game having not looked at the
first eleven and having sorted your tactics it saves having to do it when match
day arrives.

11.2 What did the experts do
I was with Sunderland for 8 seasons and stuck with Sorenson the entire time.
felt he was doing the job and didn't need to change. if you stick with proctor
he turns into a capable striker also, took him about 4 or 5 seasons to crack
into my first team though. and i bought in aimar who did a wonderful job for
me. other memorable buys was terry in defence who just got better and better.
tonge was a good buy though took a while to come good. trying to remember whom
i had as aimar strike partner but i can't right at the moment. also bought in
tindall in the midfield. arca becomes great on the left. can't remember any
more buys at the moment.

12. Codes
Extra Money
To start the game with a balance of 」500,000,000 enter 'LMA2003A' as your
manager name.

Low Gravity Ball
To get low gravity in a match so the ball goes higher, just enter LMA2003B as
your name when starting a new game.

Note!: If you use codes, at the end of the season you wouldn't get point :(

Code notes:
The game's codes are matched to the unique user ID of each game, which will
vary. The following codes will only work with games that have the same user ID.
To get a new user ID, keep starting a new game.

Keep same user ID:
Your unique user ID will change each you start a new game unless you have a LMA
Manager 2003 saved game. Use the following steps to stop it from changing.
First start a game with a memory card in slot one. Get to the name entry
screen. Get the cheat codes for that user ID and make a note of them. Then,
enter the codes one at a time as your name. After activating the desired codes,
progress to the main game. As soon as it loads, save your game. This will now
also keep your unique ID. If you ever need or want to start new, as long as you
do not delete the saved game (just overwrite it), you will have the same unique
id for whatever team you pick, and do not have to get a new set of cheat codes.

Win all matches:
Enter LMA3DJEMWR as a manager name (ID 1791).
Enter LMA3JCXSLP as a manager name (ID 2321).
Enter LMA3UYRPUZ as a manager name (ID 4645).
Enter LMA3OLDYLT as a manager name (ID 7953).
Enter LMA3CZIREA as a manager name (ID ?).

No yellow/red cards:
Enter LMA3CZISLP as a manager name (ID 1791).
Enter LMA3FZYMWR as a manager name (ID 2321).
Enter LMA3OKTYOJ as a manager name (ID 4645).

All inures heal in one day:
Enter LMA3LUBYHY as a manager name (ID 1791).
Enter LMA3SHHHWL as a manager name (ID 2321).
Enter LMA3FCMNTL as a manager name (ID 4645).
Enter LMA3ZUPRKV as a manager name (ID ?).

Instant stadium:
Enter LMA3TLHXCJ as a manager name (ID 1791).
Enter LMA3RWMYZF as a manager name (ID 2321).
Enter LMA3LTNMCF as a manager name (ID 4645).
Enter LMA3DDZXPN as a manager name (ID 7953).
Enter LMA3UYRDLS as a manager name (ID ?).

All players are free:
Enter LMA3MVQVRU as a manager name (ID 1791).
Enter LMA3LWHHHS as a manager name (ID 2321).
Enter LMA3JOYTKO as a manager name (ID 4645).
Enter LMA3HKAFLG as a manager name (ID ?).

Release players for free:
Enter LMA3ZFMVCR as a manager name (ID 4645).

Forever young:
Enter LMA3LSDBBR as a manager name (ID 1791).
Enter LMA3LJFUXH as a manager name (ID 2321).
Enter LMA3EFIHHA as a manager name (ID 4645).
Enter LMA3MKWXSL as a manager name (ID 7953).
Enter LMA3TYKCAF as a manager name (ID ?).

Player morale always maximum:
Enter LMA3MMMGYP as a manager name (ID 1791).
Enter LMA3MCWYQB as a manager name (ID 4645).

Team training is instant:
Enter LMA3RCVMFZ as a manager name (ID 4645).

Individual training has huge impact:
Enter LMA3AHHIFE as a manager name (ID 4645).

Super coach:
Enter LMA3LJLREA as a manager name (ID 1791).
Enter LMA3USRJPY as a manager name (ID 7953).
Enter LMA3PVARKV as a manager name (ID ?).

Super team:
Enter LMA3RCVPUK as a manager name (ID 7953).

Medicine man:
Enter LMA3CDFRWL as a manager name (ID 7953).

Team and tactics selected automatically:
Enter LMA3TYKAVP as a manager name (ID 4645).

Dream team:
Enter LMA3ZJEYDD as a manager name (ID 7953).

Faster players:
Enter LMA3AFFAKH as a manager name (ID 4645).
Enter LMA3OKTOOY as a manager name (ID ?).

Very aggressive players:
Enter LMA3HKAFFA as a manager name (ID 4645).

Players rated at 90%:
Enter LMA3UNTMEI as a manager name (ID 4645).

Low-pitched dugout shouts:
Enter LMA3FBMDZM as a manager name (ID 4645).

High-pitched dugout shouts:
Enter LMA3MZDMBF as a manager name (ID 4645).

Rainy weather:
Enter LMA3BQYWCM as a manager name (ID 4645).

Sunny weather:
Enter LMA3IEMTNU as a manager name (ID 4645).
Enter LMA3ZFMMHD as a manager name (ID 7953).

Snowy weather:
Enter LMA3PVAKYT as a manager name (ID 4645).
Enter LMA3FBMQJL as a manager name (ID 7953).

Rainbow colour ball trails:
Enter LMA3ZUPRYU as a manager name (ID 4645).

I have more codes..
If you want please contact me at gamesharkuser@hotmail.com :) .( Reminder you
can email me, but all emails will go to junk folder, to play safe please
contact me at MSN Messenger :D. LOL, i have a lot of spams mails :(

13. Distribution

Websites that only have this FAQ are:


Stealers will be execute! :D

14. Credits
Thanks to
Code Master for making such a wonderful game. :)
Gamefaqs.com for accepting my guide.
Faq.Ign.com for accepting my guide too.
CheatCC.com for uploading my guide.
Myself for writing down these guide and found out some secret codes. :)
Gamewinners.com for some of the codes.
You for reading it, hopefully this guide can help u :D