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LittleBigPlanet Review
by Mnmfan


Every once in a while a game comes along that makes people sit up and take notice. A game so original and so unique that it completely revolutionizes the game industry.
LittleBigPlanet (or LBP) is such a game. Not only does it take the platforming genre back to it's roots but it also completely re-invents the DIY level editors found in lesser games. I'll go into more detail on the Level Editor in a moment.
First let me explain exactly what to expect when you first pop the disc into your PS3 (or download it from the PS Store).



Little BIG response!

The good:

  • A complete world of creativity
  • Fun, creative, and unique story line which freely let's you play.
  • Thousands of outfits and items for you to gather!
  • Endless play time!
  • Online play
  • 1-4 players offline, too!
  • Family friendly

The bad:

  • Difficulty while trying to make new levels.
  • Lag while online.
  • No split screen option, so playing co-op can get difficult with camera angles.


Hello there!


Welcome to Little Big Planet. The planet where just about everything is possible! In this world, you're a small sack boy or girl. A small, unique sack with the ability to roam about this planet. Simple? No. Fun? Yes! Here, the impossible is possible. Dreams are reality. In this game, everything is possible! In each level, you'll be in awe with the possibilities, and with the creativity put in each level, you won't want to stop. Whether it's shooting ghosts descending from the ceiling, or riding a train that leads you to your own death; you'll never want to stop! The story li...


Play with Everything, Everywhere!

The good:

- One of the better PSP ports this year.

- Graphics are actually pretty clean and cut.

- A Nice soundtrack that compliments the levels

- Nearly everything is kept from the PS3 version.

- Stephen Fry.

The bad:

- Shame they only managed 2 grids instead of the normal 3.

- Creation mode is more fiddly, such as loss of Free-hand tool.

- The controls are more sensitive, making some parts MUCH harder.


One small step for Sackboy.

I was chuffed when I found out they would be making a PSP Version of Little Big Planet, one of my favourite games from the PS3. I could imagine easily how the game would be played on the handheld from Sony. Thankfully, I wasn't disappointed. The game opens up with the 'Introduction' from the Producers, Cambridge Studios and a small mention of Mm thrown in somewhere. What I noticed was how the controls felt against the PS3. They felt a lot more reactive, more sensitive than the bigger brother. I was happy with it, but later on I'll explain how that begun to annoy m...


The single best reason to get a PS3

The good:

- So Much Choice and Creativity

- A Staggering online community

- Newer and better levels

- The music is widely varied and enjoyable

- Neat little touches like the face emotions

The bad:

- Creating a decent level can take ages

- After seeing the amazing story and online levels, it feels hard to create your own at first


Little Big Planet demands patience, creativity, a decent grasp of physics and the steady hand of a brain surgeon. But the results can be stunning. Absolutely stunning.
For proof look no further then the games story mode. It's an incredible feat of design that looks, sounds and plays like a dream. At heart its a complex 2D platformer with an emphasis on physics dressed in next gen finery, but the sense of gob-smacking wonder a mere 5 minutes play time will produce is staggering.
Here is a handmade world of weird and wobbly invention, stuffed to the brim with bizarre and, collectible doodads a...


LittleBigPlanet - 2008's best sleeper hit and a classic for sure

The good:

> Amazing levels of customisation and creation are possible

> User friendly and easy to use, yet challenging to master

> Hundreds of levels already available

> Limitless playtime

> Hundreds of individual games packed into one with new one made everyday

> Thousands of items to find and many more to create to allow every level you design to be totally unique

> It's impossible to find two levels which are similiar online

> Family fun for up to four players on the same console or online

> Able to use real life images with the Playstation eye camera

> Create your own items and share them online

> It just keeps going on and on and gets better every single day!

The bad:

> Creating a level is fun and good, still finding a way to get players to play can sometimes be a challenge

> Creating complex set pieces for your levels can be bothersome if you do not watch the tutorials

> They're are a LOT of tutorials but on a plus note they are mostly stoppable


LittleBigPlanet is a dreamer's fantasy come true...and allow me to explain why

At the beginning you are thrust into pre-created levels simply to get to grips with the single player mode, and that alone is pretty fun, however after completing three basic levels you're allowed to access the online worlds. From there the fun begins.

I'll talk you through my first moments online, I selected 'quick play' and after only a moment of waiting I was attached to another players party and we where thrown in a user created world tribute to Silent Hill Homecoming. The level of detail and creativity the cre...

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