LittleBigPlanet is a puzzle platform game which encourages players to share and download their own content. It was developed by Media Molecule and published by Sony as a PlayStation 3 exclusive.

The story of LittleBigPlanet is focused around the idea that not sharing is bad; the creatures in their world were created by the Creator Curators, and one of them has become evil. The evil Creator Curator is now stealing creations and refusing to share them with the world. The player must rescue the imprisoned creations and stop the evil Curator before the situation becomes worse.


The player can travel through the world by grabbing and jumping to highlighted objects; this is used to explore the platform-based game world. It's possible to let the game play automatically to progress through some difficult points, and the player can also adjust their character emotion

While the player can interact with in-game items and objects, the main focus of the game is to construct new objects to get through each level. Each object is made out of a different material to represent its use in the game; there are also explosives which can be used to clear a path through the level.

Score Bubbles can be collected in each level to increase the player's high score; player high scores are shared globally. There are also special Prize Bubbles that contain collectible items and items that can be used to create levels. Players can find keys in each main level to unlock mini-levels that have unique objectives or goals. In addition to this, new clothing items can be gained by completing the level without losing a life.

Player creation and customization are vital features in the game; character customization can be done in a wide range of ways. The player character can be heavily customized with different colors, textures, and pre-made clothing items which include capes and swords.

Using the Create feature allows players to edit existing levels by changing their layout and designs. It is also possible to create new objects for the level which players can interact with; all custom-created objects can be saved for later use. Players can design levels alone or with up to three other players online. The levels created by players can be shared online, and other players can download them to play.

There is also a multiplayer mode where up to four players can race through levels; they have the option of working together or compete for a more competitive experience.


Explore – Run, jump and grab to explore the platform world and find all of the secrets hidden in it

High score – Collect Score Bubbles and push to obtain the top high score

Character customization – Find the Prize Bubbles and gain more items to create a unique character

Forge a new path – Create new objects mid-game to progress through the levels

Create – Edit and re-design levels to create new and more diverse adventures

Share Online – Upload and download player created levels

Create with friends – Work with up to three other players to make levels

Multiplayer – Play with friends and choose how to complete levels

Players liked:

  • High levels of creative freedom
  • The main character
  • Ability to share levels

Players didn't like:

  • Repetitive gameplay
  • Lacks tutorials
  • Weak story

This game is also known as Ritoru Biggu Puranetto in Japan.

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    • Q4 2009 (PSP)
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    • Oct 30, 2008 (PS3)
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