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Trickster Online Lion Guide

by W1N9Z3R0   Updated to v1.5 on
This is a guide specifically for a GUNNER LION in Trickster. As far
as guides go, this is, perhaps, less of a guide and more of a
recording testament of my progress along the game. As some of you
may notice, my General Trickster FAQ was last updated... a long time
ago, suffice it to say. The reason for this was that I had quit eTO
at the time, and in fact, had no intentions on returning; and would
not have done so either, had it not been for the insistent urgence
of a friend. Can't spell to save his life, but so persistent that it
gets annoying. Well, I guess we've all got him to thank for this

So as I amass galders for my bullet fund, I finish typing my
introduction and bring you this:

----------========== TRICKSTER LION GUIDE ==========----------

(Do excuse the crappy title, I apologize for my lack of ASCII art

Like always, to find something, use the find command (CTRL+F for IE)
and then type in the code for a section, then press find.

(i.e. CTRL+F ->[-=TOC=-] ->find next ->arrive at table of contents)

[=-TOC-=] Table of Contents [=-TOC-=]
[=-INT-=] Introduction... again [=-INT-=]
[=-CCR-=] Character Creation [=-CCR-=]
   [-SSB1-] Stat Build [-SSB1-]
      [-SSB2-] Skill Build [-SSB2-]
[=-TTL-=] Through the Levels [=-TTL-=]
[=-EQP-=] Equipments [=-EQP-=]
[=-HAT-=] Hints and Tips [=-HATS-=]
[=-SLB-=] Skills Library [=-SLB-=]
[=-PRG-=] Progress [=-PRG-=]
[=-FAQ-=] Frequently Asked Questions [=-FAQ-=]
[=-CON-=] Contact Me [=-CON-=]
[=-CAC-=] Copyright and Credits [=-CAC-=]

Version: For Version, check "Progress" section.

[=-INT-=] Introduction... again [=-INT-=]

This is going to be very short.

The fact that you're reading a guide made exclusively for a specific
character in Trickster tells me that you know enough about the game
for me to not need to repeat it. Therefore, this guide will not
contain stuff like basic controls, term explanations (maybe a bit),
gameplay details, and so on. This is, more or less, a training guide
for Lions, from start to finish.

As stated above, this is a guide for gunner lions. I will update as
frequently as I feel like for as long as I play Trickster as a lion.
This guide's completion will be a long time coming, and will progress
as fast as I do in game.

[=-CCR-=] Character Creation [=-CCR-=]

Character creation. Why lion?

Lion is the marksman of Trickster Online. Lion is good in several
ways: it has a ranged attack, it does good damage (well, later on
it does), it can hold it's own against bosses (if you do it right),
and lastly, gun is in a class of it's own. Of course, that can be
taken in several ways, all of which are correct (most likely), but
what I meant was battle mechanics. Gun does not count as
"physical damage" in Trickster, it counts as GUN. So unless a
monster has GUN PROTECTION status, your gun will be quite good
against it, because the damage is not reduced by defense but rather
Detect Ability/Gun Defense, which most monsters have very little of.

Of course, nobody is to forget the unique drilling system in
Trickster. Lions, being a sense type character, are the second best
at drilling (next to foxes). You'll be getting many good items from
drilling just by being a lion.

Now then, creation. There are a total of 12 stats in Trickster
Online, divided into four categories:

POWER (Category 1)
AP (Attack Point)
AC (Accuracy)
DX (Dexterity)

MAGIC (Category 2)
MA (Magic Ability)
MP (Magic Points)
MD (Magic Defense)

SENSE (Category 3)
DA (Digging Ability)
WT (Weight Limit)
LK (Luck)

CHARM (Category 4)
DP (Defense Point)
HP (Health Point)
HV (Evasion)

It takes very little common sense to figure out what those stats do.

For Lions, even though they are a sense type, their damage is
determined by AC, which is under power. Keep this in mind.

When you create a character, it will ask you to allocate points. As a
lion, sense is your base type, and as thus, Sense is locked onto 4.
You then have 6 points to distribute amongst the remaining three types.

This point distributions directly affects the growth of your
character's abilities. each number represents how much of which stats
your character will gain per level. An automatically defaulted 4 in
Sense guarantees you 4 points added to each of the sub-statuses
(DA, WT, LK) per level, and the other categories grow in the same
manner, depending on what number you assign it during character

Addtionally, each status will level ONCE per 4 points (so for sense,
you gain 4 points to all stats per level, all the sense stats will
level once every time you level) and for MOST stats, the actual value
increases 1 for every 4 levels you have. (So to have 4 DA, you must
have LEVEL 16 DA, which is 64 points worth.)

One more thing is that you receive 4 bonus points to use upon level
up, you may put these in any stat you wish.

[-SSB-] Stat Build [-SSB-]

When creating your character, it's important to know what you want.

Out of all the possible ways to configure your character, these four
are the best as far as lions go:

4141 (power, magic, sense, charm):

A decent build. If you can maintain even 50% of your bonus points into
AC throughout the levels (and hopefully switch to 100% later on),
you'll be doing serious damage.

The drawbacks of this build, however, are not to be neglected.

A 1 in charm guarantees that you will be weak. VERY WEAK. You won't
be able to take hits very well (if at all) and will have to use HP
potions nearly after every hit. Of course, this means at lower levels
(and possibly even higher levels) you will have to kite (hit and run)

3142 (power, magic, sense, charm):

Slightly better. By maintaining 75% of your bonus points into AC, you
will be a very strong character.

The drawbacks of this build are same as above. Although slightly better
off, you still won't be able to take too many hits. And if you waste too
many bonus points on Charm stats, your might as well just be 1144 instead,
because your AC would grow just as fast.

2143 (power, magic, sense, charm):

Reasonably balanced. Dump all your bonus points into AC.

Much better in terms of survival, and fairly strong to boot. This is one
of the builds I highly recommend.

1144 (power, magic, sense, charm):

Possibly the most widely used and popular build for lions. Very good
survival skills. Dump all your bonus points into AC.

Optimal for taking hits. Packs a decent punch. I also highly recommend
this build, using it myself.

[-SSB2-] Skill Build [-SSB2-]

This is the skill build that I myself use and recommend:

General Lion AC Gunner Build:

 - MAX = Master, as in the level BEYOND level 10.

1. Stone Strike Lv 5
2. Gun Carrier (passive)
3. Invincible Reload (passive)
4. Max Gun Booster
5. Loading on the Move / Quick Reload (passive)
6. Max Power Shot
7. Max Shooting Spree
8. Stone Strike Lv 10
9. Armor Destructor Lv 1
10. Max Lucky 7
11. Get either Fortune Hit or Keen Sense. Keep enough points free
to master Double Shot at TM115.
12. Max Double Shot

Couple of things about this build: you CAN change it up.

There is considerable debate about whether one should get Lucky 7
before Power Shot. As far as this goes, I'm not going to try to tip
your opinion.

Lucky 7 is a buff skill that boosts your luck. By the time you are
able to learn Lucky 7, you will know firsthand just how much Lions
miss. Power Shot, however, is a lion's main offensive skill and
presumably the skill Lions are best renowned for.
One more thing to consider is that Lucky 7 has L10 Stone Strike and
L1 Armor Destructor as pre-requisites, so getting Lucky 7 will cost
you considerably MORE TM points than Power Shot.

If you think hitting with normal bullets more often is more important
than getting a really strong one hit skill, then by all means go for
Lucky 7. If not, get Power Shot. I myself plan to get Shooting Spree
before Lucky 7, even, because I don't find Accuracy terribly important.

Additionally Lucky 7 will be very helpful for your compounding results
which should be becoming important at around level 65, when you start
getting good ultimates and all kinds of accessories like S. of Creation
and Rhythm Earrings. But still, you just can't beat a Level 2XX public
compounder no matter what.

One last thing to mention is that Power Shot NEVER misses when you're
fighting a monster you should be fighting. (That is to say, at level 60
it can hit monsters in the low 100s without missing at all)

For those that don't know, Power Shot and Shooting Spree are second job
skills and Lucky 7 is first job.

[=-TTL-=] Through the Levels [=-TTL-=]

Ah. This is probably the main point of this guide. This section will
guide you smoothly through the levels in your journey to become the
ultimate Trickster.

Do take note, I will not be telling you specifics about how to make
money or any such thing in your area, this is purely for levelling. If
you want to know how to make some money, check out the hints and tips
section *hint hint*.

Levels 1 to 5 - Tutorial. Do it. It'll teach you everything you need to
know about the basic gameplay and give you some cool items.

Levels 5 to 10 - Out of Tutorial, and landed on Coral Beach. Go pound
some weak monsters one map left of town. Do some of the quests there.


Might not be necessary all the time, a good habit to get into. Well. At
least pick up all your loot for now if you don't want to later. Scrunge
up enough in items and galders for 400 (maybe 500) and head over to your
local skill master to purchase STONE STRIKE. Skill Shrine in Coral is
near the left of town.

After you get stone strike, level it up to level 5, and stop. Head over
to the Monster Guild and talk to Hunter Robin. Take his quest. Do it 5
times (All you're allowed to do) as fast as you are able.

I won't mention this in the future, but before you hit TM level 25, try
to do Robin's quests as much as possible. To be fairly honest, you NEED
the TM EXP boost. Train on various nearby monsters around your level and
do quests to hit level 10.

Get used to partying. Partying is your single best tool for training.
It's better than any equipment. 2.5 times EXP, why would you NOT want
to party?

Levels 10 to 20 - Keep doing those quests. If you haven't done so
already, now might be a good time to take up Hunter Master's quest.
You have to hunt a deviant monster (looks the same as a weaker, more
common monster) in 5 minutes. Walk around with ALT held down, then
when you see one of your target monsters kill it and go back to
complete your mission. You will get either a Disabled Person's Pocket
(DPP) or some level 20 equipment for your troubles.

Equip the DPP immediately if you get it. You have nothing on accessory
so far, and the +1 DA is welcome for extra stone strike damage.

At this point you should buy a lucky amulet and penguin from shop. It
isn't much, but more chances of doing crit is better than nothing.
You should also keep a lookout (for vendors) for anyone selling a BEGGAR
BELT for a reasonably low price (10k or lower), if you are 1144 or 2143.
Purchase it and head over to Paradise shop. Compound it at Nate with
Noctilucent star dropped by Fanta Slimes for +1 DA (+2 if you have
Godlike luck. Impossible for your level). (You will need 9 of those stars
to compound)

Keep fighting monsters around your level, doing quests as you go along,
you should be at Thiefmon and Blue Penguins (Coral) until you are in the
latter 10s, then head on over to Paradise and train on some harder prey.

Notice how fast you're using up those pots? Yup. Get used to it.

When you reach TM15, go buy Gun Carrier the skill, and you can use a gun.

Now then, I highly recommend AGAINST using a gun at this point. Why?
Without invincible reload, it's a waste of time. Your reload bar resets
every time you get hit and you have to stand there like an idiot while you
are smacked silly or you have to run around so much it makes training very
slow. I suggest you keep meleeing and rely on Stone Strike until Level 25,
at which point mount a Gun Type 2 (compounded with EYE DROPS for AC) after
learning invincible reload.

Levels 20 to 30 - At level 20, get a pet FOX for the DA bonus, use a KNIFE
(or sharp knife, if you can manage) also for DA bonus, and update your
shield and hat to the level 20 ones (you should have at least one of each
from Hunter Master's quests, right?).

Keep toughing it out Melee (yes I know it's slow, but just endure a bit
longer) for a few more levels. It might be a good idea to visit Aquarius
and fight the monsters there. Sand Demon is also a good choice, located
one map north of Paradise (town). Visit the pyramids if you have time.

*For you rich or funded lions out there, you can do the Nora Sewage quest
for EXP. Nora Sprays are sold widely in vendor shops and cost quite a
fortune. Well worth it if you can afford it though. Doing the quest up to
the maximum limit guarantees you a free pass from level 25 to 35*

(As of September 2007, Sprayers can be widely found in Megalopolis at
a price of 4k each. 5 are needed per run, which equates to 20k for 80k
EXP, for a total of 25 runs.)

By now you should have a good habit of partying whenever you can, so do
that. With 2.5x EXP party at all times, hitting TM20 shouldn't take long.

At TM level 20, learn invincible reload, and now you're ready to go gunning.

Each VALUE (not level) on AC you have is worth 20 damage (yeah I know, you
should have 50 something AC so technically 1000+ damage, but it doesn't work
that way. But each additional AC you get increases your damage by 20) so you
should COMPOUND Gun Type 2 with EYE DROPS (conviniently dropped by Popoyed
Anemones) for an extra AC (extra 20 damage).

At this time, also swap your pet fox for a pet bunny, there's another 4 extra
AC (80 extra damage). Depending on your preferences, you may choose to get
rid of Beggar Belt for an Impact Vest (Store Bought) at this time, or you may
keep it and alternate between shooting and using Stone Strike to conserve ammo
AND increase the rate at which you do damage (use stone strike right after
shooting, it reduces the animation time of the shot to nothing and you get to
attack again faster) (This is only close range, so of course if you're doing
hit and run it won't work)

Note that you will be keeping the bunny until MUCH later, unless you get your
hands on an event pet or MyShop pet.

Fight in Aquarius area and do Hunter Master's (note: NOT in monster guild, in
AQUARIUS GATE) Bad Anemone quest when you're strong enough for some level 30
gear and beggar belt (to sell or donate away at your leisure to the poor new
lions starting out ;) )

An alternative is to go into Pyramids and train for the latter part of your
20s. (You've seen it, right? Paradise Beach.)

To breeze through 25 - 30 TM level, go find a Ghost Pirate card for sale
(there's plenty, just look around vendors' shops) at a reasonable price
(reasonable being defined by you and your budget) and buy one. Head on over
to Card Girl over at Aquarius Gate and do her first riddle. You will get a
VERY handsome reward in TM experience (400k+, I think it was. I jumped 4 TM
levels with this quest)

Level 30 to 40 - Two words: Oops Wharf (Path of, that is). One map west of
SouthWest Forest. This place is fantastic. Get a 2.5x party (it's more of
a hassle to NOT get a 2.5x party here, if you ask me) and train. With Gun
Booster, turtles and Sea Tigers should be a breeze. Stay away from Gomas,
they're more trouble than their worth at this moment. Also, deposit any
extra stuff you have on you, loot everything, npc back in Megalopolis for
major Galders.

For those of you who wanna get a boost to your TM, several new card quests
should be available to you at this point. In SouthEast forest, check out
the Card Girl quests, needing Forest Mantis (found in SW forest) card and
turtle card (which you should obtain several dozens of as you train in Path
to Oops Wharf).

Another very valid option (that is only valid to lions, atm) is the Gate to
Phantom School (warp to Gate of Oops Wharf, exit upwards to Path to Phantom
School, dodge Gallis 'til you reach the top portal, go through) Love Hunter
Robin's quest. Hunt 30 Ghost Books (GUN WEAK!!!) in 20 minutes (which should
be cake to you, although it might cost quite a bit of potions) for some easy
120k TM exp per run repeatable 5 times. This should boost you very close, if
not at, TM40, at which point you should get Quick Reload. Marie Toys yield
decent EXP here, if you wanna go for them (also gun weak), but you probably
should wait until you get Quick Reload and can kill them without wasting
half a dozen potions per kill. Be warned, however, that there is no item
girl at Gate to Phantom School, so bring sufficient ammo and potions.

Be on very vigilant lookout for a Shrewd Classic Gun.

Level 40 to 50 - Level 40! Quick Reload (as with every other skill you have
obtained so far) is a milestone in your path to becoming the ultimate
marksman. After obtaining said skill, use phantom school as your location
for skeet targets. Practice and become GOOD at kiting those Marie Toys.

By now, with Quick Reload, you should be blasting enemies away without
standing there stupidly taking hits at point blank. Kite. Kite. Kite more.
You shouldn't be spending more than a dozen potions an hour. As for new
equipments, you SHOULD get that Shrewd Classic Gun (if you haven't already)
as soon as you can, because you WANT the damage boost.

Having done so, Phantom School's Shaman Jia gives a quest (repeatable three
times) that yields either Body Charm, Body Mind Charm, Mind Charm, or some
cards or galder coupons. The rewarding EXP is decent too (40k, I believe) so
give it a shot. It requires 3 of those wooden pens from both Maro Toys and
Marie Toys. So head on in to Phantom School 1-1 and hunt. In this map, note
that after a few kills Maro Toys stop spawning (they're aggro, be careful)
and you have to kill Marie Toys to keep the spawn coming.

Also: DRILL. LOTS. At level 40, the depth (40-50m) is no longer a problem
to you. With store bought drills, or even a blue drill, drill as much as you
can in here. Why? Several of the quests here you will need to do for some
good prizes, and drilling here gives you those quest items. I will mention
more on that in the Equipments section.

After you get bored with Phantom School, head on over to Gate of Caballa
Relics. Go into Azteca Monster Guild, and take Yuri's quest of hunting 30
Leaf Birds in 20 minutes. I suggest doing this in the latter half of 40s,
when you can actually kill Leaf Birds in 3 hits, because they are NOT gun
weak. The quest yields 70k EXP (which is pretty good, only thing so far
that's been better is the 80k Nora quest) and hunting the birds should give
you between as much to half as much, so all in all decent EXP. Not just
decent, per se, but actually much faster than Path to Oops Wharf, as I see
it. 10 minutes should be how long you take per run, provided that you shell
out the necessary Galders to use Bunny Maid's teleporting services, and
those 10 minutes should yield a minimum of 25%. This quest is repeatable
for 25 runs, so by the end of it, you should be at 50, and pretty damn sick
of those leaf birds. Another bonus is that Mandragoras found on the same
map are gun weak, easy targets for easy EXP. Also, both Mandragoras and
Leaf Birds drop HP recovery items, so potions won't bother you either. Pick
up those leaves dropped behind to fill the insatiety of your bullet fund
AND turn a profit.

The disadvantage, of course, is that neither PSchool nor Leaf Birds give
much of a chance for good parties. But, at this point, you should have some
decently-close-to-your-level and fairly active friends you can drag along
with you, right?

--Note: Complete any available card quest that you haven't, because doing
those leaf bird quests will bump your base way above your TM level, and
that is, of course, disadvantageous to you. When you advance to Inventor,
make sure you're at least above TM52. Then, the 12 million TM EXP bonus
should bump you to 55, giving you the level and points necessary for
mastering Power Shot.

Level 50 to 60 - Job advancement! Items needed are two natural gases, two
petroleum (both found in Ghost Blue maps. I suggest Field 4, go along the
edges of the map, most especially behind obstacles to find your target
items easily. Keep Shackles and Premium Liquors, the former a boss entrance
item to use later or sell, and the latter a Raccoon 2nd to trade for Lion
2nd or sell.) 16x One Eyed Glasses (OEG) and 16x Pocket Watches.

The OEGs and Pocket Watches are found by drilling in ROSE GARDEN, reached
by going top right of Megalopolis to reach Event Garden, then go one map
beyond that. Have with you either a diamond drill, Musume Drill, Blue
Drill, or even Gao Drill (kinda a waste on that one, but meh.)

Not much to say here. This WILL take you a LONG time. Make sure to trade
other classes THEIR 2nds that you might have for the 2nds you need. The
easiest trade to make here is Eagle Feather Pen (to Dragons) for a Pocket
Watch or OEG. Make sure to watch the Megalopolis market scene frequently,
know the average prices of ALL 2nd items, and buy any Lion 2nds (or even
Feather Pens, 'cuz they're easily traded in Rose Garden) at slightly below
average prices.

With a lot of patience, some close market watching, and maybe a little
help from friends, congratulations on becoming an Inventor.

Your first task is to learn and master Power Shot immediately. Two Quiem
cards are required, they are found one map to the left of Path to Oops
Wharf, and being gun weak, should be easy to kill (with your newly acquired
Level 10 Power Shot) and the cards drop just as easily.

After that, head on over to Megalopolis monster guild, pick up the Galli
quest from Hunter Yuri, teleport over to Gate of Oops Wharf, and go one map
north to kill Gallis at Path to Phantom School.

This quest gives SPLENDID exp and will easily tide you over to L60. MAX this
quest! (repeatable for 25 times)

Level 60 to 70 - The easiest 10 levels in my experience. You should now be
looking into Ultimate Metal Gun (UMG) and Ultimate Basic Caps. Try to get a
Gun with decent AP and 3 slots or GOOD AP and 2 slots. I recommend the 2nd,
and don't be cheap about it here, because compounding UMG costs 485k, where
the gun itself wouldn't cost over 200k or so. As for Ultimate Basic Cap, try
to get a +4 AC 2 slot, or +2 AC 3 slot. Doesn't cost as much as UMG to
compound, but still costs a LOT. Both items are compounded with Tree Saps,
found off of Tritches at Path to Phantom School (1-3/1-4) and 5 are needed
per compound.

There are two quests avilable: Mimics (Azteca town monster guild)
                               Electric Snails (Caribgal Monster Guild)

Mimics are L61 - 70, Electric Snails have a much larger level allowance,
and gives MUCH more EXP (390k), do whichever you want. You shall EASILY hit
Level 70. Caribgal is Black Swamp town, and Electric Snails are located at
Path to Black Swamp (you'll have to utilize the bunny maid teleport service,
which rips you off at 1.2k per go, but you'll find PLENTY of silver screens
and renaissance guns off snails for easy NPC money) and you will want to
be careful of the S. Golden Moles, they crit for ~600, are fairly annoying,
chases you all across the map without giving up, and has no good drops.
As you are past 65 though, start blowing them away as soon as you see them
because you will need a S.Golden Mole card for Level 70 Black Swamp card
quest (and these RARELY drop. Took me 3 levels to find one).

Additionally, you might wanna visit Phantom School Annex to drill up some
metronomes. You need 15 of these for Tone-deaf Chris's quest, where you
get a Rhythm Earring (+6 AC, +6 LK, 1 slot for AC compound), hands down THE
best Gunner accessory (discounting event/MyShop items). You might even get
lucky and get 2 or 3 of these, but if you don't 1 is at least guaranteed
on the last trial (5th). If you got only one, don't ruin it by stupidly
compounding colored paper into it, instead try to get a trustworthy public
compounder to do it for you. If you got more than one, you CAN compound the
first one on your own (and find out why you shouldn't) while you try to
hunt down a trustworthy public compounder, or keep them all 'til you do.

You'll probably also get some other quest items while drilling, and you
should do those quests (all located in Phantom School) because they still
give pretty decent EXP, even if the prizes are less desirable (but still

Level 70 to 80 - Very long 10 levels. Or very short, depends on how much
money you're willing to shell out.

Haros - Buy these if you see them on the market for cheap. Again, cheap
being defined by your budget and how much you're willing to spend for 500K
exp. This is probably THE best quest available to you at the moment. You
need 5 Haros per run, available for 25 runs (the prizes are okay also.
There are 2 runs where you can get "random level 50 accessory"). Just like
the Nora Sprayer quest way back when, this can easily boost you many levels.

Card Girl's Favor - In Gate of Black Swamp, talk to Card Girl and choose
the third option, "Do you have a personal favor?". This quest gives 180k
EXP per run, available for 25 runs, and is MUCH more effective at 60-70 than
it is now. But I didn't mention it back then. Why? This quest requires TWO
Swamp Shark and TWO Arachne cards, both found in Swamp Field 2. At 70-80,
Swamp Field 2 is definitely the BEST place to grind for you. And parties in
that map are very easy to find, and undoubtly you will find MANY of those
cards will training here. 180k EXP isn't much, but it's still a welcome
boost in these long 10 levels.

If you like to drill a lot (and like it or not, you WILL be drilling a lot
come level 80, I will mention that again in the Level 80 section) but are
one of those people who always have most of their WT in use, you might
want to try getting a carry-all ring or a premium pocket pouch.

I suggest the latter, because it's much easier to sell when you don't need
it anymore, since carry-all ring is class inclusive.

A Premium Pocket Pouch can be obtained by

1. Drilling. For hours on end. In Gate of Oops Wharf
2. Clever Owl (Gate of Black Swamp) quest. You need 4 amber, 10 music box,
1 arachne earring, and 1 emerald per run. You get it on the fourth run.
Isn't that tough to get. Emeralds you should still have left over from your
Annex drilling days, ambers can be drilled in Gate of Black Swamp (or any
other map) or just as easily bought by going "B> Amber Piece" in Gate of
Black Swamp. Music Box are from Rose Garden, if you didn't save any when
you advanced, there's plenty in Megalopolis for sale, and arachne earrings
are dropped by arachnes, which you should have plenty of from training.

The WT+ item is more or less a precaution, since you're nearing 3rd job,
and there's always that chance that you WILL find a Harkon (3rd advancement
item) when you're drilling (not likely, but you never know). Harkons are
found in just about every non-beginner map, and weighs a frigin tonne. This
is why you should have low % of your wt in use, or keep a WT+ item handy.

So. Do quests as you will, grind as hard as you can, and eventually you
will hit 80. At which point, lots of quests become available, including TM
quests that can tide you over to TM70 for Shooting Spree.

[=-EQP-=] Equipments [=-EQP-=]

The following are a list of equipments you should be using for your level.
I do not count drills as equips. Drills are self explanatory, equip at your
own discretion.

Level 10:

Disabled Person's Pocket - Lv0 - +1 DA, +350 WT, Prize for completing Hunter
Master's quests in either Coral or Desert Beach. (The chances are fairly high
that you will get it at least ONCE.

Bronze Sword - Lv10 - +12 AP, +1 DA, Dropped by Fanta Fish (L10), Pineapples
(L15). Pineapples also drop the Sensitive version (+2 DA). Try to get that.

Wooden Helmet - Lv10 - adds DP, Dig around the beach. Various monsters drop.

Wooden Shield - Lv10 - adds DP, Same as above.

Lucky Amulet - Lv10 - +4 LK, store bought.

Baby Penguin - Lv10 - +4 LK, store bought, various quests.

Mini Stomach Band - Lv10 - +20 DP, store bought.
Beggar's Belt - Lv10 - +26 AP, obtained from the Bad Anemone quest OR buy
from vendors. <- Compound with 9 non-lucent stars for +1 DA.
(EXTREMELY recommended for 1144 and 2143 lions.)

Level 20:

Disabled Person's Pocket - Look above.
Knife - Lv20 - +24 AP, +2 DA, dropped by Sand Demons (L18). They also drop
Sharp Knife, which is +38 AP and +2 DA. Try for that.

Baby Fox - Lv20 - +120 WT, +2 DA, +4 LK, store bought.

Impact Vest - Lv20 - +40 DP, store bought. Upgrade of your mini stomach
band. Keep the Beggar Belt if you're 1144 or 2143, though.

Novice Helmet - Lv20 - +16 DP, store bought. Obtained from Hunter Master
(Coral or Paradise) quests.

Novice Shield - Lv20 - +24 DP, store bought. Obtained from Hunter Master

Power Amulet - Lv20 - +4 AC, store bought. Gate of Caballa Ruins. Just
teleport there from another Gate of < > via Bunny Maid. Item Girl there
sells it. While you're there, use the local bunny maid to go to Azteca.
Buy some Level 25 necklaces when you're there (the NPC at the top)
<Look to Hints and Tips for why you should do that>

Level 25/26 (TM Level 25):

Gun Type 2 - Lv25 - Buy from vendors. Compound with 3 eye drops for +1 AC
(easily found at popoyed anemones). (OR you can get a Lv20 Shrewd Wooden
Gun. I suggest Gun type 2 though)

Baby Rabbit - Lv20 - +2 AC, +4 AP, -1 DX, Store bought.

Contact Lens  - Lv10 - +2 AC, +2 LK, Buy from vendors. Not easily found.
The quest for (a chance at) this item is in Beach Field 1 (Desert beach),
from pharoah boy. You have to dig in pyramid (Accessed by Beach Field 3) for
the items required. It will be a long and painful process, I don't recommend
it. You may wish to put it off until level 30, but get it quickly.
<<NOTE: As of August 22nd, 2007, this quest is no longer available D=.>>

If you can't, and I'm sure it'll be tough, get a contact lens, then go get
a Sense-type exclusive ring from Azteca Town for now, or just stick with
your DPP for another 5 levels.

Impact Vest or Beggar Belt - Same as above, choose your preference.

Bullets - Store Bought. Yes. You need to equip your bullets. Remember this.

Level 30:

Gun, pet, accessories, belt all same as above. Nothing really to update at
this point. Maybe a helmet. Cutsy Duck Cap easily obtained on the market
or through the Bad Anemone quest, which at this point you should have done.

If you are still using a DPP or a L25 sense type ring, now's the time to
get a Body (or Body Mind) Charm. Obtained at Phantom School, Shaman Jia's
quest. Not guranteed, but pretty damn good chances. Compound with Turtle
Shells, obtained from Path to Oops Wharf.

If you still have it, make sure you shrug off your beggar belt for the vest,
but keep it handy because the +1 DA will help with your drilling.

Level 40:

Shrewd Classic Gun - Yes. Very good damage booster. Can be drilled in:
Master Mong (Transfer from Coral Field 7, Little Cora Card needed)
Phantom School (Didn't I tell you to drill there?)
and... dropped by several monsters, none of which easily killed for you.
Can be found easily (?) on sale, as Nora Mummies (Gun Protection. Damn)
drop them and there are a lot of Nora Sprayer farmers out there.

Necklace Watch - Yes. Very yes. Might be tough to get at this point. The
Poppuri Whistle quest (where you obtain it) is out of your reach right now,
so your only hope is to try and get it in vendor shops. Good luck.
Stats, btw, are +4 AC, +2 LK, +4 HV, with a slot (compound with Four Leafed
Clovers for an extra LK).

Contact Lens - Definitely. If you obtained it earlier, keep it. Good stuff.

Power Amulet - If you can't get N.Watch and don't have a Contact Lens, this
is still your primary source of AC. Caballa Relics Gate store-bought.

Body Charm - Might be needed for those of you with a lower value on Charm.
Also if you have an empty Accessory slot (i.e. no Lens OR N.Watch), get it.
Obtained from Shaman Jia's quest in Phantom School.
(A notable substitute for this is the Mind Body Charm, same quest.)
(Compound with turtle shells, which you should have from your days of Path
to Oops Wharf)

Steel Band - A much needed upgrade to your increasingly outdated Impact
Vest. Much more DP than before. Store bought, Caballa Relics Gate.
Duo Doctor - Landed in the quest in Phantom School (Toilette), this is
possibly the best belt you will have for a long time. But, here's the
catch: not only is the quest damned impossible to do, the prize isn't even
guaranteed. Three shots for it (although being a 5 trial quest), with 1/3
chance in each shot. Best of luck to you.

Helmet isn't really important at this point, I guess you can get a L40 helm
if you want, but you're on your own there since I toughed it out until L45
to use my World Helmet (+2 AC woot).

Level 50:

You should keep everything the same. At this point, you should be much too
busy getting 2nd job advance (commonly known as 2nds) items to be worrying
about your semi-outdated gear.

One entry to note: Acceptance Trunks. +5 AC/MA, obtained from that 2F quest
in Phantom School. Pain in the ass to do, not really guaranteed, but good
nonetheless. Note that if you HAVE Necklace Watch, you can just skip this
altogether. Getting 1 extra AC for all the pain isn't really worthwhile.

And... another, actually. Since I was lucky enough to obtain World Helmet
for the AC boost, those of you who don't have one should probably take
this chance to get either Craft or Master Felt Hood.
For former, having two slots for compounding DP into it, and the latter
for great stats. Craft Felt Hood can be found in Phantom School 1-1 by
drilling (told ya to drill there) or any Caballa Relics Field map.

The L50 DP compound item might be tough to get, so you can settle for
turtle shells.

Note: From 50 onwards, you will be using MD hats in the form of CRAFT, for
their 2 slots will land you a MUCH higher DP after compounding than a DP
hat. If money is not a problem for you, though, ULTIMATE helmets are the
way to go.

Level 60:

Ultimate Metal Gun - L65:
Purchase one from vendors, as hunting Skull himself without one is out
of the question. And even with one, it's still out of the question for
most people as he hits VERY hard, and the place is crowded as hell.
Aim for a 3 slotted one (I've yet to see a 4 slot one) or a REALLY GOOD
2 slot one (high AP)

Ultimate Basic Cap - L65:
Same as above. Aim for a +2 AC 3 slot, or +4 AC 2 slot. Anything better
is rare, anything worse is a waste of time. You should end up with
+8 to +10 AC after compounding. If you got higher, congrats to you.
Custom Beret - L60:
For you poorer lions out there. Or if you REALLY need extra DP.
Compound for DP. The L50 DP compound item shouldn't be as hard to get
now as it was 10 levels ago when you didn't have power shot.

Sign of Invention - L60:
Obtained from job advancement. Damned silly to have sold it. Don't
compound it yourself, you'll ruin it. Wait 'til your level is MUCH
higher, or get a public compounder.

Necklace Watch/Acceptance Trunks/Contact Lens/Whatever you had before
is fine for the other accessory slot.

Level 70:

Rhythm Earrings - L70
Finally. Very nice power boost indeed. You should be using a noobish
+3/+4 one you compounded yourself or a clean one. If you managed to
find a good public compounder (impossible nowadays in the new Fantasia
server) then you should have a +5 to +7 compounded one. Congrats!

Everything else stays the same. Custom Hunting Cap might be a little
tough to get, and completely unnecessary if you have an Ult. Basic Cap.

Level 80:

Same as above. If you don't use an Ult. Basic Cap, go buy one of the
many custom turbans in the market and compound it for DP.

[=-HAT-=] Hints and Tips [=-HATS-=]

The little tricks to get you through.

Read closely, and follow even closer.

1. This is where all your money making tips are listed. This is going to
be VERY VERY long.

For those just starting out, and even much later, money is invariably a
problem. Here's a hint: Go around town and talk to every NPC you see. Don't
even accept their quests, but LOOK at the items required for each quest.
Memorize them.

When you find these items, keep them. At the end of the day (or whenever you
have to go AFK), sell them in your shop (look around other shops for the
average price, otherwise the general rule is that if you sell out too quickly,
you're underpriced. If you don't sell any in a long time, you're overpriced.)
for a lot of easy money.

Some items worthy of mention are LETTERS (in Paradise), SUNDRIES (Bathing
Sponge, Shampoo, Soap) (in Paradise), and CARDS for card quest.

Generally speaking, the rule is to NOT npc an item unless you have determined
that it is worthless on the general market. Some items that say "no particular
purpose" (especially ones you obtain through quests) usually have a very
expensive particular purpose.

One more thing to add here. Remember guys, communism is evil, capitalism all
the way. If you see someone selling a certain item cheaper than it should be
(especially in bulk), buy it. Then resell for money. Of course, take some
pity. At least tell the guy he's underpricing after you buy him out =P.

Also, NEVER EVER npc any equipment. Always sell it on the market (even if it
can be store bought). You'll be surprised how many idiots you'll find buying
your items even if you price them OVER the store price.
(Note this only applies to lower levels, when you are vending in Desert
Beach. Doesn't work nearly so well at higher levels in Megalopolis. You'll
want to npc all equipments except bestsellers (you'll soon learn what these
are, usually Custom <hat>s, Ultimate <equip>s, and some others.))

Once you are past 50 (and way past 2nd job), you can then watch the market
for 2nd items, quest items (poppuri whistle, metronome, red tissue, to name
a few; as well as the event quest items of the time), and other items to
buy at low price and resell for high. Money making is real easy now.

2. Drill. LOTS. You're a sense type, so why not? You're naturally good at it,
it yields some EXP and TM EXP, and you make a lot of money off the
loots. The only downside is it gets boring and repetitive after a while. My
advice is that you drill while your HP / MP recovers, at lower levels (before

3. Like I said before. Love Hunter Robin's quests: DO THEM. Free source of
TM EXP is always welcome.

4. Card Quest. This one's a biggie. DO all the ones you possibly can.

5. Card Battling. A welcome break from all the repetitive training. If you win
with a combo (that's a hint to go ahead and tell you to win with a combo),
you'll get massive amounts of EXP (way worth it, since a card game takes about
as long as it takes you to kill a dozen monsters). What are combos? Go look up a
card battling guide =P. Also, you may only win EXP off the same person 10 times
PER day. This limit resets the next day.
You also get some pretty awesome prizes for winning with a combo (hint hint).

6. Events. Always know what events are going on. Make it your business to know
all about it. Trickster is one of those games where there are events all year
long. Events can be very handy for you to turn a profit, and unlike certain
other games, you don't get 'novelty items' or 'collectibles', the prizes are
REALLY useful. (Such as the MANY, MANY useful pets you can get from several

7. Maturing Compounding. If your item has a slot, use it. Compounding is easy,
relatively costless, and 100% sucessful. The status boosts you get are also very
Relatively expensive on Ultimate equipments though.

8. Item Composition. Getting various crappy items, you might consider item
composition (Compounder Paul, etc) to create better, actually usable items.
Since the revolution patch, all Paul compound items have been taken out except
First Aid potions and crystal coupon (paradise only).

9. There are several mines throughout Caballa Island. Visit one around your
Drill in there. The ores (and other yields) are very useful if you're trying to
make money since they are needed for refining and quests.

10. ALWAYS, ALWAYS drill in corners. Especially behind obstacles. Those spots
always have an ungodly amount of items to be found where the rest of the map
with you crying over and over. I haven't figured this out 'til 50 when I was
drilling like an idiot for my 2nds.

11. Refinement. If you're going to do it, do it BEFORE you compound, and NOT on
very hard to get and powerful item. Chances are, likier than not, you are going
end up breaking it. Don't trust the success rates, they are evil. I had failed 2
items on 95% success rate, and 3 items on 85% success rate. (and I only refined
items in total. Go figure why that is.)

[=-SLB-=] Skills Library [=-SLB-=]

A brief description of all the skills, and my comments on why you should or
shouldn't get them.

(Ordered the same as they appear on the skillmaster's list)

Invincible Drill - TM01:
Useless skill. It makes it so your drilling doesn't get disrupted when you get
hit, but really, you can just blow the monster away and keep going. And if you
can't blow the monster away easily, then you probably wouldn't want to be
hit by it, right? Do not get.

Stone Strike - TM01:
Your main source of damage until you get gun. Level 10 Stone Strike is needed to
get Lucky Seven. Get Stone Strike to level 5, then leave it there until you
need it
at level 10 for Lucky Seven. Do get.

Gun Carrier - TM15:
This is why you chose a lion. Enables usage of guns. 'Nuff said.

Heavy Carrier - TM10:
Lets you have MORE WT so you can carry more items. You already have 4 on Sense,
shouldn't be a problem for you... at all. Don't bother getting this.

Sixth Sense - TM01:
Support skill. Temporarily used to increase your DA. This is mainly for Foxes to
increase their shuriken damage, so fairly useless for a Lion. I suggest that you
don't get this (at least, not to start with), unless you're going with debuff
build, which is basically MAX Sixth Sense + MAX Sticky Foot. Those two skills
in combination greatly decreases the target's HV, which is gun defense, so you
do more damage. Not really useful unless you PvP a lot, and even then you easily
die in the process of casting Sticky Foot unless you have some backup.

Sticky Foot - TM20:
Decreases target's HV. Effectiveness based on DA. Read Sixth Sense for more info
on this skill. Not recommended.

Shuriken Master - TM15:
Enables usage of Shurikens. A fox skill. Do not get.

Basic Detection - TM35:
Lets you detect the presence of items up to 80M depth. Personally, I don't find
this useful at all. It tells you where to drill, sure, but you still don't know
what item you'll get, and the depth limit is kind of bad. Mostly a fox skill, if
you want to get it then you can, but Lions are in great need of TM points as it
is, you really shouldn't be wasting any points.

Armor Destructor - TM40:
Decreases enemy DP. Completely useless, as Gun Damage isn't even dependent on
Might be useful for you PvP/GvGers out there, otherwise get it to Lv1 and skip.
It is needed on Lv1 as pre-requisite for Lucky Seven.

Gun Booster - TM30:
Must get. Increases AC by +20 when mastered, which is 400 additional damage. It
stacks with Power Shot (and other skills) damage. Master it as soon as you can.

Invincible Reload - TM20:
Must get. Without it, your reload bar resets whenever you're hit. And that gets
quite annoying as you can't get off shots fast, or at all, when you meet some
of those monsters with really low DX which attack very fast.

Compound Master - TM70:
It helps with Maturing Compound (Growth synthesis) so that you can get a better
rate out of compounding. I don't know. Kind of split on this one. The skill
description gives you a percentage, no idea how that works, but since it still
goes up to a maximum of Level 10, it'll cost a lot of points. Just for the sake
of conserving points: Skip. Plenty of public compounders to find.

Lucky Seven - TM50:
Increases LK by 45%, when mastered. You'll need to get this eventually. LK
controls your gun accuracy and critical block rate. It also helps with compounds
as well as dodging magic attacks. I suggest you get it AFTER Power Shot, if not
after both Power Shot AND Shooting Spree.

Quick Reload - TM40:
Lets the reload gauge fill even while you move. Extremely useful skill, kiting
is pretty much out of the question without it. With this skill, you shouldn't be
hit close range AT ALL (unless there's a mob).

--Second Job Skills--

Butt Plate - TM41:
Lets you do a physical hit with your gun. Ammo is not required. Pretty much a
better version of Stone Strike. Which translates directly into "pretty useless".
Do not get.

Power Shot - TM55:
The main offensive skill of Lions. Does 280% normal damage when mastered. That's
nearly triple your normal damage. Master as soon as possible. If you followed
the skill guide I listed some ways back, you should have enough points to Master
as soon as you hit 55.

Shooting Spree - TM70:
An AoE attack. Shoots several enemies at once. Problem is, you don't get to
choose an enemy to hit, it's automatically centred around you. Which means, you
will be in pretty close approximity with the monsters. Not a good thing for any
lion. Still a very good skill, and you don't get any other mobbing skills until
third job (? To be confirmed). Get it after Power Shot; either before Lucky 7 or
right after, your choice.

Lucky Fist - TM95:
Oh my God. Roulette Shot -> Fortune Hit -> Lucky Fist? That is the worst rename
for anything that I have ever witnessed. But enough about that. Yes, the great
Fortune Hit (I will never refer to it as Lucky Fist. NEVER.) which does massive
damage and influences many Lions to go through 95 levels of hell as a pure LK
lion. The damage is based on LK, with a "10% enemy max hp" in the formula. This
means that in addition to whatever you do, each hit will definitely cut down the
monster's hp by 1/10th. Not very good damage unless your pure LK, but even then
it's still awesome damage. This counts as a PHYSICAL attack, which is a plus
because most monsters with GUN PROTECTION is PHYSICAL WEAK. A huge downside is
that this skill has 6 second cool down time. Not good for any skill to have.
Really recommended that you get this skill. You don't have to though.

Keen Sense - TM100:
Increases critical damage (Thanks to an in-game player for the correction) for
the duration of the skill. Support skill, has a timer. Quite useful, I think,
but don't get BOTH Keen Sense AND Fortune Hit. Pick one and ignore the other
until AFTER you get Double Shot. Make sure you have enough points to master
Double Shot at TM115.
Alternatively, I suggest Fortune Hit anyways. Being an AC lion, you're probably
not gonna have much LK at this point, unless you have MyShop items, so getting
Keen Sense is kind of pointless if you're not gonna land crits. Moreover, even
if you DO have high LK, Fortune Hit is still going to account for more damage
than Keen Sense, even with the massive cool down time.

Double Shot - TM115:
Shoots two bullets for two hits of damage. An awesome upgrade to Power Shot. You
should get this IMMEDIATELY and master as soon as possible. Alternating between
Power Shot, Double Shot, and Fortune Hit (damn cool time =[ ), you will be doing
massive damage.

[=-PRG-=] Progress [=-PRG-=]

A diary-like record of my progress. Use this to compare to your own,
if you'd like.

Each entry is based on results at the END of the day, not beginning.

Day 1: August 13th, 2007.
Level: 15
TM level: 14
Galders: 103K
Comments: Not much. Tutorial, training, did all the Master Hunter quests and
Love Hunter Robin Quests (that I was level qualified to do). Sold all items I
got from Master Hunter quests, saving only 1 copy of each item for my own use.
Drilled lots on Delta Island, sold letters and sundries.

Day 2: August 14th, 2007.
Level: 22
TM level: 22
Galders: 300k
Comments: Training, quests. Went over to Coral to help a friend look for
Thiefmon cards (he wanted to master power blow), inadvertantly found a blue
penguin while I was there (actually I kept killing blue penguins intead of
thiefmons til I found one, but.), sold in shop for 100k.

Day 3: August 15th, 2007
Level: 28
TM level: 27
Galders: 150k
Comments: A lot of training in Aquarius. Did all card quests in Coral and
Paradise except the last one in Paradise. Finally got my gun. Made many
friends. Plans for a guild are underway. Spent MANY galders on event items
(World Certificate, Event Jewel, World Box) and even more so buying quest
items cheaply based on rule of capitalism.

Day 4: August 16th, 2007
Level: 30
TM level: 31
Galders: 200k
Comments: Not many sales. Game keeps disconnecting me every hour. I get the
feeling that God's mad at me for something. Finally decided to shell out 20k
as it was the lowest price I could find for Ghost Pirate Card. Did the card
quest. Jumped SEVERAL TM levels. Finally got Gunbooster. I now start to do
500+ damage steadily as opposed to the usual crap 200+. In way of training,
fought Cora Pyupyuus, Torpedoes, and did Bad Anemone quest 5 times.

<VERSION 1.0 upp'd>

Day 5: August 17th, 2007
Level: 30
TM level: 35
Galders: 300k
Comments: Had work today. No game time =[ Sold lots and lots and lots of
stuff though (and then bought 300k worth... to drop me back to 300k -_-).
Wasted a trip to Azteca and learned the hard way and paid for my stupidity
when I realized that Accuracy Necklace is POWER TYPE exclusive. I mourn
for my wasted time more than my wasted Galders. Bought Isis and Nephthys
cards for 50k (after passing up a chance at getting them for 15k. Dammit.)
and did card girl quest #3 at Gate of Desert Beach. 992400 TM EXP. 112400
normal EXP too. Mastered Gun Booster. Woot.

<VERSION 1.1 upp'd>

Day 6: August 18th, 2007
Level: 31
TM level: 36
Galders: 1.4mil
Comments: Pretty much same story as yesterday. Work, sell stuff, and then
buy even more stuff for sale overnight once again. Got one level. Wasted
many many hours digging in Pyramid 1 for... no progress. Will have to be
there for at least half of tomorrow (at the same rate, anyhow) to get
enough items for the Contact Lens quest, and then hope I actually get it.

Day 7: August 19th, 2007
Level: 36
TM level: 38
Galders: 1mil
Comments: Contact Lens obtained within an hour. That was pretty fast. A
stroke of luck would have it that I got the remaining two items in one
pink drill lifespan AND score my prize on the first trial.
A bit of training. Path to Oops Wharf is still as good as ever.
Everybody loves that spot. Not getting in a special/royal party is next
to impossible. Did a lot of Coral quests in anticipation for DOOMSDAY aka
August 22nd. Plan to do Paradise quests tomorrow. Oh and also, scored a
necklace watch for 140k ^^. Compounded already with four leaf clover too.

<VERSION 1.2 upp'd>

Day 8: August 20th, 2007
Level: 41
TM level: 44
Galders: 600k
Comments: After some an hour debate over the guild name (stupid 10 letter
character cap), guild "Eclipse" was made, producing a heavy dent in my
wallet, furthered by my need to buy certain quest items. Completed all
Paradise/Coral Beach quests except three. That'll be a lot of Old
Passports for me as the event ends on the 22nd. A bit of training in
Path to Oops Wharf with what little time left in the day, and then did
Love Hunter Robin's (Gate of Phantom School) quests for a good TM boost.

Day 9: August 21st, 2007
Level: 52
TM level: 48
Galders: 150k
Comments: Not much money made. Higher than my desire to acquire Power
Shot at 2nd job, I want that damn Gacha pet <_<. Boosted myself 11 levels
at the cost of some 800k (Nora Sprayers) and repeated abuse of the Leaf
Bird quest. In fact, so much so that I never want to see a Leaf Bird
again for so long as I play. Bought a Mimic card, did card quest. After
some 7 hours of hell I finally broke the L50 barrier. 3 Gacha coins on
doomsday. Doomsday tomorrow.

Day10: August 22nd, 2007
Level: 52
TM Level: 48
Galders: 300k
Comments: Sold NOTHING overnight, because I had expected Doomsday to take
place overnight and thus did not leave my vendor nor computer on. Had to
go out today (I do have a life, y'know), came back in the afternoon to
find Trickster still up and running. Went on to drill for some 4 hours.
Found exactly ONE useful item. Made approximately 150k from drilling and
npcing drilled items (as well as a few of those event items, in the last
hour). As I write these words, Trickster is undergoing server maintenance.
I want my Passports and Gacha Coins D=.

<VERSION 1.3 upp'd>

Day 28: Sept 9th, 2007
Level: 72
TM Level: 62
Galders: 7.2 Mil
Comments: Been a while since my last update. Trickster Revolution made
everything turn upside down. Spent a while making money, grieving over
the loss of Master Weapons for the somewhat inferior Ultimate Weapons,
which cost a BOATLOAD to compound, and then compounded said ultimate
weapon which cost me roughly 2.7m for my L65 gear. Oh yeah. Ultimate
Helmets are the best. That's the only good thing to come out of TRev,
since I was already pass the Lv40 mark, thus missing the Stallion Sprint
Lv40 Giftbox. Spent all my Gacha coins, got a load of crap. Several
useless levitation charms, and one rare item -> a MyCamp doll. But
enough ranting. Game's been good so far, leveling smooth sailing, new
events making me richer than ever. Time to rush some levels then go
farm Captain Skull for Ultimate items to sell.

<VERSION 1.4 upp'd>

Day 41: Sept 22nd, 2007
Level: 81
TM Level: 69
Galders: 12 mil
Comments: Slow leveling. Money and event and helping guild members have
been a bit of a priority in the past two weeks. But, nonetheless, I hit
80 without exhausting too much resources and with the majority of the
Haro quest still in tact to serve me from 80 - 90. Hooray! The Level 80
giftboxes are CRAP and give only some first aid potions so the only good
thing about hitting 80 are the new quests. Current "level 50 times" event
will be eating a good chunk of my time, as it is a good excuse to finally
start that LK Lion I've been wanting to make.
Expect a new LK Lion guide from me soon (?).

[=-FAQ-=] Frequently Asked Questions [=-FAQ-=]

Q: Why are you doing this?
A: I like the Lion class. Is that a good enough reason? ...No? Well. When I
first made my lion, way back when in OPEN BETA, I found information so scarce
and scattered that I screwed up my character very nicely. Now, as I rejoined,
I still find the information scarce and scattered. However, I researched
enough to NOT get screwed over royally. I wish for no one else to get screwed
over royally either. Is that good enough? If not, there's an idiot I'm trying
to help. He knows who he is. (And by help, I mean make him feel bad.)

A: I said it before, and I say it again: Beggar's Belt. It will be a life
saver. Buy one.

Q. I have a suggestion/correction/comment!
A. That's not a question? So I have to answer your not-question with question
formed answers to prevent a paradox from destroying the universe? Visit the
next section for the answer to your question please?

Q. What is your in game name, which server are you on?
A. Visit the next section.

Q. Can you help me level?
A. Most likely, I will say no. You can try, though.

Q. Can you lend me some Galders?
A. You mean the same way I'm gonna lend you my account? Again, most likely
I will say no. You can try though, you never know.

Q. What does this item/skill being shown in this video/screenshot do?
A. I don't know. Why don't you ask the person in/that made that video/SS?

[=-CON-=] Contact Me [=-CON-=]

wingzero75 ATtica hawtmail DOTtingham COMmunism. Use your common sense.

All comments, corrections, suggestions, praise, flames, you seeing somebody
HTML my guide out of bastardization without my expressed permission and
actually wants to help me by doing something about it should go there,
should you take the time to actually voice your opinion.

My in-game name is TactNightZ, I play on Dream Island of Fantasia World,
it is my main lion. I also have two sub characters I use to sell items with,
scattered throughout Caballa.

Furthermore, my guide on Fantansia is entitled "Eclipse". Applications...
probably welcome.

[=-CAC-=] Copyright and Credits [=-CAC-=]

This guide is NOT public domain, which means this guide may NOT be
reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may
NOT be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without
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