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Dark Elven Wizard Class Change Lvl 20
You can start this quest at Lvl 19.At this time the quest may be started by visiting the appropriate NPC. You cannot change class until you complete the quest, and hit level 20.
The quest begins at the Altar of Rites, which is to the south of the School of Dark Arts. You must speak to the Witch Varika, and she will tell you that you need to bring her 4 seed to complete the quest. She will give you the first seed, the Seed of Despair.
After speaking to Witch Varika you must speak to her sister, Witch Arkenia (who is located beside her). Arkenia will tell you how to gain one of the four seeds, and gives you Hub Scent.
Next you must travel to the School of Dark Arts and speak to Annika (who is located at the entrance). She will ask you to collect 2 Knee Bones from the undead inside the School of Dark Arts.
Travel into the School of Dark Arts and hunt the either Skeleton Hunters, Skeleton Hunter Archers or Misery Skeletons to gain the 2 Knee Bones. Although they are easy to kill, be careful of the monsters around them as some they are aggressive.
Once you have the required items return to Annika and she will give you the Seed of Horror.
The next person you must speak to is Charkeren (who is located near the entrance of the waterfall south-east of the Swamplands).
He will ask you to hunt Marsh Zombies, and collect his Families Remains. They are located to the north-west of the Swamplands, again be careful as although they are easy to kill, some of the monsters around them as they are aggressive.
Return to Charkeren once you have collected the 3 remains. He will give you the Seed of Anger in return.
You must next travel to the Ruins of Agony to hunt the monster Skeleton Scout (which is spread throughout the outskirts of the area. Some of the monsters in the area are aggressive, and in numbers can become a threat.
Once you have collected the required number of the quest item Heart of Lunacy return to Witch Arkenia at the Altar of Rites. She will reward you with the Seed of Lunacy.
Now that you have all 4 seeds speak to Witch Varika and she will give you the Jewel of Darkness which you have present to Dark Master Xenos in the Dark Elf Guild in Gludio when you reach level 20.
By doing this your class will be changed to Dark Mage!
Path to a Human Knight Change class Lvl 20
You can start this quest once you are Level 19.

Visit Sir Karrel Vasper just outside of the human/elf training building in Gludin to start the Knight quest. He will ask you to bring back 3 coin of lords.
Visit Highpriest Levian in the church. She will ask you to bring back 20 totems that you receive from killing Langk Lizardmen.
Visit Captain Bezique at the west gate of Gludin. He will ask you to bring back 20 Poison Spider legs. You get these from killing Poison Spiders.
It is a good idea to talk to both Highpriest Levian and Captain Bezique and do both their quests because you can find both Poison Spiders and Langk Lizardmen just south of Gludin (on the west side of the path).
As soon as you have 20 Poison Spider legs and 20 Langk Lizardmen totems, return back to Captain Bezique and Highpriest Levian to receive 2 coin of lords.
For the last coin of lords, you need to head over to Gludio and speak with Captain Bathia at the north gate. He will ask you for 10 bugbear necklaces. You get these from killing Bugbear Raiders which are located northeast of Gludio (on the east side of the path, in the small set of ruins).
Return to Captain Bathia when you have 10 bugbear necklaces.
To finish the quest, head back to Gludio and speak with Sir Karrel Vasper. Tell him you have completed the quest. He will give you a sword of ritual.
Take the sword to Grandmaster Ramos. He will grant you a Knight.
Path to a Rogue. Human class change Lvl 20
Just like the rest of the quests, you can start this one when you are Lvl 19.
Ask the Grand Master in the Warriors guild about changing class to Rougue, he will tell you the purpose of a Rogue and where to start the quest.
So, go to speak to Captain Bezique outside the western gate of Gludin Village, he will tell you he will recommend you if you catch a band of thieves that have been plaguing the area and he sends you to someone who he says will help.The Captain gives you a letter and sends you to see Neti, who was apparently once a famous Rogue. You can find Neti in the main courtyard area of Gludin. She says she will help you but only if you do what she says and she devises a plan to help train you. She gives you a dagger and bow and instructs you to use those weapons in the Ruins of agony to hunt skeletons and spartoi. You must bring back 10 bone pieces as proof. (Note: These go in your regular inventory not your quest inventory). Travel to the Ruins of Agony and use either the bow or the dagger to get the last blow on your kills. You do not have to use it the entire time, only for the last blow. Hunt Tracker Skeletons, Tracker Skeleton Leaders, Skeleton Bowman, Skeleton Scout, Ruin Spartoi and Raging Spartoi to collect bone pieces. Once you have collected ten bones, return them to Neti.
Neti will give you the Horseshoe of Light to take to Captain BeziqueWhen you return to the Captain he will send you out to kill the Cat's Eye Bandits that have stolen the town's treasure. Again, you have to get the last blow with the Dagger or Bow that Neti gave you.The bandits are at the Abandoned Camp. Kill the bandits until you have recovered four stolen items.R eturn the items to Captain Bezique and he will write you a letter of recommendation. Visit to Grand Master Ramos in the Warriors Guild in Gludin and finish the class change quest.
Places to get XP / SP
Here are my way to train all kinds of chars. Do not metter race or class


* Lv 1-10: Use Dagger, Potion of Atk Spd (forgot the name), Soulshots No-Grade (only starter town sells) and Dagger Skills
Because its faster and stronger

* Lv 11-20: Still using dagger or use the class mastery weapon...your choise

* Lv 21-75: Use the weapon favoured by the class



* Lv 1-10: Get xp in the starter village and nearby areas

* Lv 11-20: Outskitrs of "Gludio Town" and the souther Ruins (In High Rate Server, try to up to lv 25)

* Lv 21-30: Executioner's Ground. Go there by Dion and walk up the stair right after the bridge, where a man stands on the base of the stair (In High Rate Server, try to up to lv 40)

* Lv 31-40: Oren Terrotory, with Lizardmen (If you are strong enough or are in a High Rate Server, go to Dragon Valley & Lair of Antharas)

* Lv 41-52: Cemetery of the Kings & Forbidden Gateway (near Aden City)

* Lv 52-80: Lair of Antharas


Remeber and use the power of your skills and weapons:

Daggers are faster

Polearms can hit many foes at once

Bow are the most powerful, but are the slowest

Blunt can hit Stun on enemies

Duals & Fists hits twice

With Sword you use Shield


ALWAYS try to use Top Armor Sets...And have tattoos....they realy help


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1st Class Change Quest for Elfs: Path to an Elven Scout
Again, you can start this quest once you are Lvl 19.

Tell Grand Master in the Warriors guild that you want to become a Scout.
The quest starts with master Reisa in the Warriors Guild in Gludio.
Talk to Master Reisa and she will ask you to prove yourself.
She will send you to Guard Moretti who has a problem that could use your help. She will give you a letter to take to the guard. Guard Moretti is just outside the Eastern gate of Gludio. He will tell you a story about his missing friend. He will send you to look for clues with some Ol Mahums near the Abandoned Camp.
Kill Ol Mahum Patrols until you gather four torn pieces of a letter. Take the pieces back to Guard Moretti in Gludio.
He will piece together the letter and discover his friend is being held captive in the Neutral Zone and he will send you to help.
You will find Prias being guarded by an Ol Mahum Sentry.
Talk to Prias and he will tell you to kill the Sentry.
Kill at least one Sentry and then talk to Prias again. He will send you back to his friend Guard Moretti.
Guard Moretti is a bit preoccupied with preparations to save his friend, but when you talk to him he will give you a letter to take back to Master Reisa.
Master Reisa is happy with you and will recommend you for change to Elven Scout.
Talk to Grand Master Rains to become an Elven Scout.
1st Class Change Quest for fighter elfs: Elven Knight
You can start this quest once you are level 19.

Tell the Grand Master in the Warriors guild that you want to become an Elven Knight, then he'll send you do to this quest in order to change your class.
The quest begins in Gludio Castle Town with Master Sorius.
Talk to him about becoming an Elven Knight and he will give you a test to see if you are fit to become one.
He will send you to the Ruins of Agony to collect Topaz pieces from skeletons and spartoi.
Hunt Skeleton Tracker, Skeleton Tracker Leader, Skeleton Bowman, Skeleton Scout and Raging Spartoi (for some reason Ruin Spartoi are not on the list) until you collect twenty (20) Topaz pieces.
Take the pieces back to Master Sorius and he will send you with a letter to Blacksmith Kluto in Gludin.
Kluto is in the Blacksmith shop in Gludin. Tell Kluto you want to be an Elven Knight and he will send you to collect jewels from Ol Mahums.
Kill Ol Mahum Novices outside of the Abandoned Camp until you collect 20 pieces.
Return to Kluto with the jewels and he will make you a brooch to take to Master Sorius.
Sorius congratulates you and tells you to give the completed brooch to Master Rains to transform into an Elven Knight.
Talk to Master Rains, there in the Warriors guild near Sorius to change to an Elven Knight.
2nd Class change Lvl 40 from Warrior to Gladiator
To become a gladiator you must first do the 2 challenges that I have explained in the path of the Warlord, the only different thing in this quest is the third mark, which is now the Judgment of Duelist.
So after doing the Trial of Challenger and Test of Trust, you'll have to do the Judgmeent of Duelist:
The quest begins in Oren Castle Town at Duelist Kaien. Kaien is located in the south-western corner of the city. Kaien will give you a list of monsters each of which you must kill 10. The list has 5 regions with two types of monsters in each region. So that means you need to collect 100 of the items they drop total. You may hunt while in a party, but you must be the one to finish off the monster for you to get the quest item drop.
These are the monsters you must hunt:
Strengthened Monster Eye, Leto Lizardman Chief (Oren)
Tamrin Orc, Tamrin Orc Archer (Aden)
Crimson Bind, Breka Orc Warlord (Giran)
Marsh Stakato Drone, Corpse Pursuer (Dion)
Puncher, Male/Charcoal Ant (Gludio)

After you collected 10 from EACH of the monsters above, then go back to Kaien. You can see the pictures and locations of each of the monsters at the bottom. Once you return to Kaien, you will receive the next step in the quest.

From each of the four regions, you need to kill 3 of a single monster type. The list of monsters is as follows:

Excuro, Krator (Cruma)
Grandis (Giran)
Timak Orc Warlord (Oren south)
Rakin (Aden)

When you have collected all of them, go talk to Kaien again and you will receive 3 certificates. Take these three to the grand master and the Judgement of Duelist will be complete.
2nd Class change Lvl 40 from Warrior to Warlord
The 2nd class change quests are done in 3 parts. Usually you do the first one at level 35, the second at level 37, and the last at level 39. And then when you hit level 40 you can be your new class and learn skills, etc.

1)Trial of the Challenger
Quest to acquire occupation change item, 'Mark of the Challenger'. Kash says he will tell you who has the Mark of the Challenger, if you manage to kill the medusa, Shyslassys, and bring back the old parchment that she holds. She lives in a cave in the Neutral Zone, which is between the Elven and the Dark Forests. He advises you to go in parties, for she is a strong enemy who has lived for hundreds of years.
The quest begins in Dion Town, with Kash, who is located opposite the entrance to the WareHouse. He sends you to the Undine Waterfalls in the Neutral Zone (actually to the South East of the Swamplands) to defeat the monster know as 'Shyslyssys' (she is actually Shyslassys).
The cave itself is behind the where the water falls(located on the map by a marker), and once inside you must search for Shyslassys. She is surrounded by a small group of Cave Basilisks. They are all easy to kill, but take some HP potions in-case of difficulties.
Once you have killed Shyslassys you will earn the Scroll of Shyslassys and also a broken key. A chest will appear and you can open it with the key. The reward is either a small amount of adena or a random piece of fabric.
Return to Kash with the Scroll, and you will receive the Letter of Kash from him. Travel next to the Giran Town, to speak to Martien (he is located on the map with pointer).
Upon killing Gorr you will receive the Mark of the Watchers Eye, return to Martien and present it to him. Martien will then send you back to the same are to hunt a monster called 'Baraham' who dwells in a cave near to where Gorr was.
After defeating Baraham in its cave (located by the map by a marker) you will receive Watchers 2nd Eye. At the same time Raldo will appear in the cave, instead of returning to Martien speak to Raldo.
Raldo will tell inform you that you have been misled, and that he alone has the right to offer the Mark of Challenger. Offer your help to amend your mistake, then travel to the Dwarven Village at the request of Raldo.
Speak to Filaur of the Grey Pillar Guild (who is located on the map by marker), and then travel to the Mithril Mines to fight and defeat the Succubus Queen.
Be aware that the majority of monsters in the Mines are aggressive, and although low lvl, in high numbers can present a threat. Work your way down the into the Mithril Mines, descending carefully. Continue until you reach a very large round room, where you should make your way to the lowest level and exit down the tunnel there. Continue down until you reach an area resembling this (see picture) and make your way to the last platform. There you will find the Succubus Queen and her minions. They are relatively easy to defeat, but bring HP potions in-case of difficulties.
After defeating the Succubus Queen, Raldo will appear again. Speak to him and he will congratulate you and award you with the Mark of Challenger.

2)Test of Trust
The quest starts with High Priest Hollint in Oren Castle town, in the church. He tells you to give letters to the leaders of the Elf and Dark elf races. Specifically, to the light elven village to find Hierach Asterios. If you port everywhere for this quest, be prepared to spent upwards of 500k.
Hierach Asterios can be found in the Temple of Eva in the light elven village. He tells you to find the chief of the wind spirit, and tree spirits, and will need to hunt liriens and dryads.
Dryads can be found just outside of town, or through the Elven Forest gatekeeper port.
Kill them, it should only take a few if not the first, to summon Actea of Verdant Wilds. Defeat her to get the quest item, she should be white to you but not a big problem.
Lireirns are found a little farther down the road, where the road combined into one. Kill a few to summon Luell of Zephyr Winds and defeat her as well. Then take your quest items back to Asterios in the elven village.
Asterios gives you his letter and sends you to talk to those evil dark elves.
Tetrarch Thifell is in the Shilen Temple in town. He gives you a long speech about collecting things and sends you to Dion town to Magister Clayton to get the LIST of materials to collect. That's right, the list, not the mats themselves.
Magister Clayton is in Dion castle town in the dark elf guild. He gives you the list of stuff to get, which include having to hunt the Marsh Stakato, soldier ants, and guardian basilisks.
The closest mobs are the Marsh Stakatos which are around Cruma Tower. You need to get enough of the quest items to combine into Stakato Ichor, the quest does that for you. You need 10 before that happens.
Guardian Basilisks are up the road to Death Pass, and you will need 10 of its blood to make Basilisk Plasma.
And finally the ants, where ants always go, which is the Ants Nest. You will find them inside. If you use the Gludio port to the Ants Nest it takes you right outside one of the entrances. 10 items later you will have Honey Dew. Go back to Clayton in Dion.
In Dion, in the dark elf guild give Clayton all of the quest items and he sends you back to the dark elf village to Thifiell.
In the dark elf village, Thefiell gives you his letter and tells you to return to your king. He means Hollint back in Oren church.
In Oren go to the church and speak with Hollint, and he asks that you talk to Cardinal Seresin, who is fortunately just outside of the church.
If you aren't 38 at this point the quest will stop. She tells you to meet with the dwarves and orcs, how fun! She sends you to the orcs first.
The Flame Lord Kakai can be found in the Kings hall, on the second floor. He sends you to see Seer Manakia in Giran. You cannot, at this point, go to the dwarves also. I tried, it won't work.
In Giran Seer Manakia is near the first north exit, by the Luxury Shop. He wants you to hunt the Windsus for the parasite of Lota.
The Windsus is found up and down Death Pass, you need 10 items. Then go back to Giran to Manakia.
Give Manakia the parasites and he will send you back to Orc Town to Kakai.
Flame Lord Kakai gives you his trust and now sends you to the dwarves.
In dwarf town Lockirin can be found in the Elder Council house. He sends you to find Maestro Nikola near Cruma Tower.
Nikola is not too far off the tower itself. He wants you to get him 10 Heartstones of Porta.
Inside of Cruma Tower on the first floor, you can find Portas in the first room down the ramp to the right, and if you take a left from there, and another left, there will be a whole room full of them to the right. Be careful because everything is social, the Catheroks AOE stun, and Portas are capable of porting you straight to them, causing you to lose target. You will need last hit, and you'll need help. You only need to kill 10 though. When you have 10 go back to Nikola in the swamp.
Nikola thanks you and sends you back to dwarven village to Lockirin.
In dwarven village Lockirin gives you his trust and tells you to go back to the elder of your race.
Back in Oren castle town with High Priest Hollint, he tells you to go back to High Priest Biotin of Talking Island.
On Talking Island Biotin is in the Einhasaad Temple. The quest ends here with the Mark of Fate, 16 dimensional Diamonds, 39,571 exp and 2,500 sp.

3)Judgement of Champion
The Quest begins in Giran Town, with Veteran Ascalon, who is located outside the entrance to the Weapons Shop. He sends you to Dion to speak to Mason.
After speaking to Mason (indicated on the map with marker) who is located to the slightly north of Dion WareHouse, you must travel to the Plains of the Lizardmen (south of Oren Town) and collect the heads of 100 Bloody Axe Elite. Each of the monsters drop the quest item, so you need only kill 100.
After collecting 100 heads, return to Mason in Dion. He will give you Mason's Letter, which you must take to Veteran Ascalon. He will then tell you of a poison that the Medusas are infecting the soldiers of the town with. You must speak to Groot (who is a trader in the town) and help create an antidote for the sick soldiers.
Groot (located in the Magic Shop) will tell you he needs 3 ingredients (collected from various monsters) to create the antidote. You must collect 30 of each the ingreditents, and then return to him.
The monster you must hunt are :
Harpy (located in the Gorgon Flower Garden, north-east of Giran) - for Harpy's Egg - note that the Harpy will when attacked randomly spawn the quest monster 'Harpy Matriarch' (which is of equal level to the standard Harpy) so be aware.
Medusa (also in the Gorgon Flower Garden) - for Medusa's Venom
Windsus (located in region around northern exit of Death Pass) - for Windsus Bile.
After collecting all the items return to Groot, and he will give you Groot's Letter which you must take to Veteran Ascalon.
Veteran Ascalon will then send you to Oren Town to help Captain Mouen.
Captain Mouen (indicated on the map by marker) will then ask to bring him 100 heads of Road Scavengers (which are located throughout Death Pass).
The Road Scavengers will at random spawn the quest monsters 'Road Collector' (which is of equal level to the Scavenger) so be aware. Each of the monsters drop the quest item, so you need only kill 100.
Once you have collected the required items, return to Captain Mouen in Oren Town. He will inform you that the Leto Lizardmen are a threat and must be attacked. Bring him 100 Leto Lizardmen fangs as proof.
The Leto Lizardmen (found throughout the Plains of the Lizardmen) all drop the quest items, but you would do well to stick with the standard monsters, as the Archers and Shaman can be harder.
Once you have collected the required number of fangs, return to Captain Mouen and present them to him. He will give you Mouen's Letter which you must take back to Veteran Ascalon.
Upon presenting the letter, Veteran Ascalon will recognise you as his successor and present you with the Mark of Champion.

Now you can finally become a warlord at level 40, congratulations.
2nd Class change Lvl 40 from Knight to Dark Avenger
The quest begins at Dragon Valley with Orim (To find Orim, enter the valley and go north a little bit and follow the road on the right and he'll be on the left wall)
Orim will ask you to go collect 6 jewels and come back. First, go to Giran Castle Town and speak with the boutique store keeper Alexandria. Next, you have to go to the Mage's Guild and find Magister Iker.
Iker will want you to go collect the following:
20 Dire Wyrm's teeth
20 Leto Lizardman's amulets
20 Strengthened Iron Golem's stone heart
If you give these items to Iker, then he will give you a jewel.

Ivory Tower is where the golems are.
The Sea of Spores is where you can find the dire wyrms.
And below Oren is where you can find the Leto Lizardman.

Now, go to Giran Castle Town and go to the Dark Elf guild building and talk to Magister Kaira. If you talk to her, she will give you a jewel. Now, go to Dion Castle Town and find Magic Trader Lars. She will tell you that if you go and kill Nameless Departed Spirit, she will give you a jewel. (The nameless spirit can be found in a hollow north of execution ground)

Now, go to Gludin Village and talk to Trader Nestle. (Nestle is a general goods storekeeper in the unmarked shop at the bottom right of town) Then information on the remaining jewels can be obtained. Next, find Leopold (He will be nearby close to the south-eastern exit) He will tell you to go to Wasteland and kill Skeleton Mercernary. Collect the last 3 jewels by killing those skeletons.
If you go find Orim again, he will tell you to go and get Crystal of Restraint and a Sealed Sword. If you go find Magister Iker again, you will be able to simply get the crystal.
If you go to Gludin Village and talk to Sir Karrel Vasper, he will tell you that you must go to Oren Castle Town and go to the Temple to find Badin.
Badin will then tell you to go collect 20 Tamrin Orc amulets (The Tamrin orcs are south of the road on the way to Hunter's Village, past the cave)
Once you give Badin the amulets, you have to return to Vasper in Gludin. Once you talk to him again, you have to return all the way back to Orim in Dragon Valley.
This time around, you will have to go kill Jejuel who is hidden in Fisherman Evert. He is at Floran Village.
You have to seal Jejuel using the sealed sword (just use that sword to deliver the finishing blow). Once you seal Jejuel, return to Orim to get the final voucher for the quest and complete it.

Congratulations, now you can change your class to Dark Avenger once you are Lvl40! which is my favourite human class by the way.
Command Line Parameters
"c:\Lineage II\System\L2.exe" -log -cheats -CPUSPEED=1000
The unreal warfare engine used in L2 is very similar to Unreal 2 Engine. If you search the web for unreal2 command line parameters you will find a lot of usefull ones.
for instance:

-cheats : Enables all cheats (teleport, speed change, etc)
-cpuspeed=2300 : sets the client to works a if it detected that your cpu speed was 2300Hz, and it will set the time counters that way.
If you own a 2.4MHZ processor, the game will run a faster. If you own a 2000HZ processor, the game will run slower. This worked fine untill middle of C1, try not to set the value more than 20% of your CPU speed.
Executing console commands and Unreal Script
After opening the Log window, you will notice that you cant still run console commands in that window because it isnt a real console prompt. But...
Lets say I want to use the cheat command "SetSpeed 3000", it wont work.
But I can use the following Unreal script to bind that command to a key.
Use: set input r setspeed 3000
then, each time you press the "r" key on the keyboard your char will be warped away (lol, even through walls) and it will be pulled back in by the server some seconds later.
This command was very usefull when I was bellow lvl 40 before I get fake death. If you are fighting a non agro mob, and you trigger the setspeed event your char will be warped and desapears. then the server puts you back where you where. But meanwhile the mob stops atacking you because you left his atack radious.
Making fast adena
Needed, little bit of adena (500 will do)

Go to a magic shop that works buy the most expensive stackable item they sell there, buy 100 million of the item at a time, u'll see it costs a lot (don't press ok yet)

Add 100 million again, by now the number should be negative...

Keep adding and removing items till it costs what u can afford, press ok, sell items to the shop, voila, lotsa adena...

The above cheats might not work on some Patched games.
Path to a Warrior Human class change Lvl20
You can start this quest once you are lvl 19.

Talk to Master Auron in the traner building on the north side of Gludin. He will give you Auron's Letter.
Take the letter to Trader Simplon in the Gludio weapon shop. He will give you a Warrior Guild Mark.
Go to the Ruins of Agony, west of Gludio, until you can take the north fork in the road. Hunt Tracker Skeletons (lvl 17 passive) and Tracker Skeleton Leaders (lvl 18 aggressive) northwest of the walled ruins area until you collect 10 Rusted Bronze Swords.
Give the blades to Trader Simplon. He will take the mark and swords, and give you a Rusted Bronze Sword and Simplon's Letter.
Take the letter to Master Auron. He will turn the sword into a useable item.
Hunt Poison spiders (lvl 18 passive) and Arachnid Trackers (lvl 19 aggressive) southeast of Gludio along the path until you collect 20 Poison Spider's Legs. You MUST use only the Rusted Bronze Sword to kill the spiders, so bring lots of soulshots because the sword is very weak, and a pile of antidotes for the poison.
Give the legs to Master Auron, and he will give you a Medallion Of Warrior.
Talk to Grandmaster Ramos once you are level 20 to become a Warrior.