Let's Tap (Wii)
Let's Tap FAQ/Strategy Guide v1.0
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Let's Tap FAQ/Strategy Guide

by TheCrobar   Updated to v1.0 on
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1. Introduction...IT1

Table of Contents

1. Introduction...(IT1)
2. Controls.......(CT2)
3. Games..........(GM3)
   Tap Runner.....(TRZ)
   Rhythm Tap.....(RTZ)
   Silent Blocks..(SBZ)
   Bubble Voyager.(BVZ)
4. Closing/Contact(CC4)

Hello, and welcome to my guide for Let's Tap. The purpose of this guide is to
provide explanations for how the games work as well as tips and strategies for
how to play them. The guide is organized in to four sections: you're in the
introduction, the controls section lists the game’s controls, and the games
section details the various modes in the game and how they work. The
introduction and the closing section have contact information as well as some
other information about the guide. If you have any questions, you can contact
me at wcrobars@hotmail.com

2. Controls...(CT2)
The controls for this game are very unique...in that there really aren't any.
This game is played by placing the Wii-remote face down on a table or other
surface and tapping the area around it. Each game has slightly different
controls, so if you're looking for a particular game check in those sections.

The first thing you're going to want to do is find a surface that you can play
the game on. The game recommends a tissue box, which does work, but you can use
just about anything you have lying around. I used both a notebook and my desk
to great effect, but I've also heard that a shoebox works really well. Just
about anything works, just give it a try. 

Menu Navigation
You can navigate menus either by using the Wii remote and pointing at the
screen or by tapping. To navigate by tapping, tap once to move to the next
option and double tap to select an item on the screen or confirm a choice.

3. Games...(GM3)
There are five different games that make up Let's Tap. Each one is played
differently with a slight variation on the tapping mechanic. The goal of most
of the games is to achieve a high score more than beating a level, making this
game more about actual skill then knowing what you need to do. The easiest way
to get better is to practice the games and figure out how they work. This guide
is designed to give you a brief synopsis of how to play the games and how they
work. This guide will not give detailed instructions for how to “win” all the
scenarios, especially since many of the games change every time you play them.
If you have questions about a particular problem then feel free to email me,
but most questions should be answered here.

A. Tap Runner...(TRZ)
What it is:
Tap Runner is fairly simple game. Your character is in a foot race with three
others, either controlled by the computer or your friends. The goal of the mode
is to simply make it to the other end of the level as fast as you can, avoiding
the obstacles along the way.

How to Play:
Tap Runner is played by tapping to make your character run- the more and faster
you tap, the faster your character will move. You'll also need to jump over
obstacles by tapping: the harder you tap, the higher you jump. The goal of the
game is to make it to the other end of the level and beat your opponents, but
it isn't that simple of a task. There are numerous obstacles in each race that
pop up to give you a harder time to get to your eventual goal. 

Light Tap (repeatedly): Run
Hard Tap: Jump

The Game is split up into twelve different stages. After beating each stage,
you'll be awarded a medal depending on how you placed in the race. If you get
gold medlas on all of the twelve tracks, the final set of tracks will open up
for you to play.

At the beginning of each race, there's a countdown. During this time, do not
hit anything or your character will stumble as the race starts. I know it's
tempting to try and start early, but you'll only end up falling on your face. 

Know what each of the obstacles do, and which ones are actually obstacles!
Here's a short list of things you'll find on the tracks:

Hurdles: The most common obstacle. Jump to get over them- the closer you jump
to them, the lower and faster your jump will be.

Springs: Springs will bounce you in the direction they're pointing in. They're
also color coordinated: orange will bounce you up, green will bounce you
forward, and red will bounce you backwards. In later levels sprigs change
color, so be careful and jump over the red ones.

Crushers: These blocks will fall and rise in a set pattern throughout the
game's levels. You should be able to get the timing down as you get close, so
pay attention and don't run under them when they're about to fall: slow down
and wait before continuing.

Electricity: Colored balls placed throughout the levels will give you a nasty
shock and drop your character to the ground, making you lose precious seconds
off of your time. They're always avoidable through some careful maneuvering. 

Tight rope: These ropes will cause your character to slow down as they cross
them. They can't fall off, but you need to keep your tapping steady or your
character will lose their balance and take a second to recover. These ropes are
a great place to gain some ground on computer players.

Slides: A few levels have slides, which will remove control from you as your
character moves down them. At the end of a slide, hit jump right as you're
leaving to send your character flying far ahead of the pack.

Balloons: Balloons need to be pumped up so they can left you to new areas. The
easiest way to pump up a balloon is to use both hand and tap in rhythm as fast
as you can.

Zoom Rings: These rings will shoot you forward and gain you a lot of speed.
They're critical to getting good times in levels, so use them whenever you see 

Swings: Appearing in later levels, grabbing these will make your character move
back and forth. Jump off of one as you're moving forward to launch off of it
and gain some ground, but beware of mistiming it. Timing it wrong can actually
send you backwards.

Alternate Routes
Many of the levels have more than one path. Typically speaking, you can reach
these paths by performing well on a swing or other obstacle, and you can often
do it by jumping at the right moment. Most of the time the uppermost route in a
level will be the fastest and easier way through a level, but it will often
have more difficult obstacles to avoid as well.

B. Rhythm Tap...(RTZ)
What it is:
Rhythm Tap, as you might expect, is a rhythm game. The goal is to match the
beats that appear on screen with taps that you make.

How to play:
Circles will scroll horizontally across the screen: these represent notes in
the song that you will need to hit. Each time a not moves over the circle on
the left side of the screen tap to hit that note. There are five different note
types that need to handled in the game: orange beats are hard taps, green beats
are medium, and blue are light taps. The other two taps are special, in that
you have to hold them for awhile. Green long taps require you to tap in a
steady pace as they move along-not too fast, not too slow- and multicolor long
taps require you to tap faster as the beat moves along.

Light/Medium/Hard Tap: Beat hit

To “win” in this mode is to get the highest score. Your score in this mode is
based off of two factors: how many beats you hit and how accurate those hits
were. This is altered by any combos you might have gotten (getting multiple
beats in a row) to determine your final score. To unlock new songs, you need to
get at least a C-rank on all of one level of songs. (For example: you would
need a C-rank on the first level of four songs to unlock the second level of
four more songs.) Furthermore, getting an S-rank on all of the songs will
unlock the remaining few that are left after all of that.

There really isn't much I can help you with here: Rhythm tap is pretty much all
about skill. If you're having trouble, try playing the game with two hands and
see how you do then, it worked for clearing some of the harder songs with me. 

C. Silent Blocks...(SBZ)
What it is:
Silent blocks has a lot of similarities to the classic tabletop game Jenga. The
goal of Silent blocks is to remove specific blocks from a large tower without
causing the tower to collapse. The match has three different modes, each of
which is played differently.

How to play:
Though there are three different modes in Silent Blocks, each one has the same
basic controls. The game will automatically move up and down the tower of
blocks. When it has reached the block you wish to remove, tap to select it.
Upon tapping, an arrow will circle around the block. This arrow indicates which
direction you want to pull the block out from the tower. When it has rotated to
the point that you want it to, tap to confirm. The camera will then shift to a
side view of the tower. You'll now have to gently tap to remove the block from
the tower: hit too hard and the tower will come crashing down, hit too soft and
the block will stay put. 

Tap: Select a block
Tap: Select direction to remove block
Light/Medium/Hard Tap: Remove Block

The goal of this mode is to to earn a high score in each of the game's levels.
The primary single player mode is Alchemist. Beating Alchemist mode will unlock
binary mode, a slight variation on Alchemist mode.

Regardless of what it looks like, every action you make effects the tower. As
such, you will pretty much always want to sue the lightest taps possible to get
what you want. Even when you select blocks, since in some of the game modes
that can shift the tower. This mode is about being delicate and taking your
time, not speed.

Unlimited mode:
This mode can be played by any number of people with a single Wii remote. The
goal of this game is merely to keep the tower standing for as long as you can
by removing one block at a time. That makes Unlimited the most delicate mode,
so take your time and be careful about how you tap. 

Alchemist mode:
Alchemist mode is the main single player more for Silent Blocks. The goal of
Alchemist mode is to reach a high score without toppling your tower, which is
harder then it sounds. Your score in this mode is determined by the number of
combos you get by placing three blocks of the same color next to each other.
This will cause the three blocks to disappear and one new block will appear
below where the combo occurred to help stabilize the tower. This means that
Alchemist mode is a little more forgiving and that you can afford to unbalance
the tower a little more with your combos. As the game goes on, more obstacles
will be introduced into the tower to make things difficult for you. Beating all
of Alchemist mode will unlock Binary mode.

Binary mode:
Binary mode is very similar to alchemist mode. The goal of binary mode is to
get the highest score possible in 100 turns. The catch is that in Binary mode
you only use red and blue blocks, which makes it the perfect time to aim for
combos. Binary mode is played in pretty much the same manner as Alchemist mode,
so most of the same strategies apply.

Alchemist race:
This mode is simply a multiplayer version of Alchemist mode. The goal is to be
the first to reach the target goal without toppling their tower, and all of the
same rules that are in Alchemist mode apply here. You need a minimum of two
players to play this mode.

D. Bubble Voyager...(BVZ)

What it is:
Bubble Voyager resembles the classic Nintendo game Balloon fight. In the game,
you control a space faring character that moves on a screen that scrolls to one
side. Your score is determined by how many objects you collect during this and
the amount of time you stay alive while playing.

How to play:
Like all of the other games, this one is controlled by tapping. Tap once to
make your character rise a little bit on the screen and gain some air.
Following that logic, tap repeatedly to gain more and more air. You can fire a
missile by double tapping, which will destroy some of the obstacles in the
game. (Some of them are indestructible though). The only real “goal” in the
game is to survive for as long as you can. You can pick up items to increase
your score along the way, but you should always focus on survival above all 

Light/Medium/Hard Tap: Move upwards
Double Tap: Shoot weapon

There are no unlockable modes in Bubble Voyager.


Staying alive:
The easiest way to stay alive in the game is to not take chances. It might
sound cowardly, but you'll die fast if you go after every star the game throws
at you. You gain a lot more points by staying a live longer then you do by
hunting down every last star, so don't tale stupid chances. Also, learn the
minimum amount required to move around and use that amount of force behind all
of your moves. Careening around randomly is the easiest way to an early grave.

Landing pads:
Landing pads offer you point bonuses every time you land on one depending on
how softly you land. You can get a lot of extra points for not a lot of effort,
so I recommend you try them as often as you can. If you want to be more risky,
there is a bonus for skipping landing pads that get's you more points. If
you're confident in your abilities, this can net you a lot more points then
stopping at every single one you see. However, this does carry the risk of not
getting you any points is you die before cashing them in.

Obstacles in this mode are numerous. The easiest way around them is simply to
avoid them and move on, but many objects can be destroyed by shooting them with
one of your missiles. Do it if something gets in your way, but don't got out of
the way in order to shoot them. However, not all obstacles can be destroyed.
Some will stick around no matter how many times you hit them with a missile.

E. Visualizer...(VSZ)
What it is:
The Visualizer mode is a set of six different modes that react differently
depending on how you tap. There is no goal to visualizer mode beyond the one
you set for yourself.

How to play: 
Each mode has minor differences, as explained in the tips section.

Tap to interact with the environments. (See below)

Despite the fact that there's no real goal, there is a secret visualizer mode
to unlock. This is done by clearing “Gem Game” mode. To clear the mode, you
need to create “gems”. (see below, it could take awhile). After creating a
rainbow gem, the final one, you've beaten the mode and will unlock a new level.

Fireworks are created on the screen each time you tap. How hard you tap
determines what fireworks show up on the screen. There are numerous different
kinds. You can also trigger a special firework if you combo taps together-
three mights and two heavy taps for example. Experiment to see what you can 

Tap to cause different streaks of paint to color the screen. This disappear
after a few moments. Little taps make dots, medium ones smaller strokes, and
hard taps will sweep across the whole page.

River is similar to fireworks. In river your taps make ripples on the water.
However, your ripples can also make fish appear if you find the right combos.
Try and see how many fish you can get on screen at once.

Ink is identical to paint, only with black in instead of painted colors. 

Gem Game: 
Gem Game is the most complex of the visualizers. In it, there is a cup and lots
of balls. Tapping makes the balls jump. The goal of the game is to get the
balls into the cup, but not just in any random order. Getting 3 balls of the
same color into a single cup will create a gem, and getting three gems into a
cup will create a more valuable gem. The ultimate goal of the mode is to create
the final rainbow gem.

4. Closing...(CC4)

This guide is my property, and you are only being allowed to use it. As such, I
must insist that you not use this guide for any personal gain or profit off of
it in any way. You are free to use this guide as you see fit as long as it
comes within those confines: you may print it, make a hat out of the pages, or
create some pleasant origami. I don't care as long as I maintain ownership of
this guide. Do not distribute it without my permission, but if you would like
it on your website feel free to contact me at wcrobars@hotmail.com and I will
more than likely allow it. I hope this guide has been useful, and I thank you
for reading it.

This guide, like all of my guides, is dedicated to cats. 

Copyright Woody Crobar, October 6 2009.