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Let's Meow Meow! review
Oldie but a goodie, if you love animal girls this is a must buy, or even if you just love games with a deep story

The good:

Great story, lovable characters, many different endings, funny moments.

The bad:

Same story apart from when you chose a different girl.


Great game well worth the buy if you love: cat-girls, dog-girls, bunny-girls, robot cat-girls... If you can find this buy it as it's very enjoyable. Late review ftw I know but even after playing this game about 5 years late it's still a great game.

Apart from the usual clicking , including choices at decision points, to advance the story the voiced dialogue is fantastic and the sound effects are well placed. No English dub so you're stuck to reading the English subs... but honestly English dubs usually fail so I'm happy with the original voice.

One ending will take around 5-6 hours if you don't skip and read all the text, but after you get 2 out of the 6 or 7 endings reading it is tiring, so that's where the auto skip comes into play. It fast forwards all the text you have read before, making getting all the endings more manageable and after getting the cat-girl's (mikan), dog-girl's (shinju), bunny-girl's (hanabi), robot cat-girl's (koboshi) and the human girl's (nanami) endings you unlock the harem ending and it appears that it's a brothel route...

The artwork is outstanding and changes to match the stories very well. The only problem is the same 10 or so backdrops being used constantly, but honestly they fit the story well and it is hardly noticeable unless you pay special attention to it.

Also, anyone going into this expecting a hardcore porno is going to be sadly disappointed. This is more of a story driven hentai... so anyone going in expecting a full on dog-girl porno will leave this sadly letdown; sex is slow in this, as you have 1 scene when you get the cat girl then none for a long time until you chose a girl to focus on, then the sex scenes open up... but after the girl(s) start to like you.

The lack of video is also to be noted, this game is only picture and text, as it has NO videos, but the pictures do a great job of telling what's happening so videos are not really needed.

Another great thing is the comedic relief, Let's Meow Meow has quite a few moments that will have you laughing. I found that to be refreshing at times the comedy keeps you just as interested. As an example: the robot cat-girl (koboshi) is clumsy and and works as a waitress later in the story... use your imagination. Moments like that are common but not close. Don't mistake this as a comedy it's far from it.

In closing if you can find this game give it a try, you may find a gem among missed games. Don't be a fool and pass up a great game due to no video or having to read text as it is a enjoyable game.

Now I'm sure maybe 5 people in the history of posting this will read it. If you are reading this now... do yourself a favor and buy it or find it.

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InsanityS May 3, 10
Nice to see another visual novel review on Neoseeker.

Well, I can see that you've covered some key areas. Especially in regards to discussing the hentai content, multiple endings and story.

I do have a few suggestions. It's nice to know about multiple endings, but it would be cool to understand mmore about how the player gets there. I like to point out how often decision points arise and how obvious they are in terms of which choices affect which girls. There's also the music. I see that you discuss the vocals and sound effects but I didn't see anything about the music tracks, which can be important too.
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