Let's Make a Soccer Team! Cheats

Let's Make a Soccer Team! cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Easy money
An easy way to get money in this game is to invest in youth players. Here is a step-by-step guide on how get money from youth players.

1: Get a good scout for scouting youth talents. If his description says he's a good youth talent spotter then he suited for the job, but you can use any scout for this. If you assign to scouts you'll have a doubled chance of finding a really good youth player.

2: One week after you asked him to find youth players, he will return with around five potential talents. He will do so once a week from now.

3: Sometimes, the scout will send you an e-mail saying that he's found one or more exceptionally talented youth players. You can go on the youth player list if you want to promote a player to your youth academy.

4: Promote the player from your academy to your first team. Normally, you'll get to know how much he's worth after a little while. When his price changes from £ or € 100,000 to anything, you can put him on the transfer list.

5: After a while, a team will make an offer for your player. However, offers are quite rare and therefore you should preferably sell to the first club who makes an offer (unless you really don't want your player to end up with that club, of course).

Repeat the process and get the money!

PS: It may be smart, to, when starting a new month, tell your PR department to invest in youth development. This will increase your scout(s)'s chances of finding good players.
Max Cash (AR Max Code)
You need the AR Max Replay chat system for this code to work,

Master Code:


Max Cash Cheat:



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Editing Player
Editing Player
If you have a Virtua Pro Soccer in your memory card, you can edit a player in your game. Edit any original player in Virtua Pro Football and successfully complete a season in Let's Make A Soccer Team!

When starting a new season, you will given an option to edit an original player. After loading Virtua Pro Football in the option, you can find that the player is edited.