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Lethal Skies II cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Lethal Skies II ( FAQs)
Q: Is there a limit to the amount of missiles and bullets the jets can carry?

A: The missiles that the jets can carry depends on the type of jet and also the under carriage capacity of each. The bullets are unlimited, however make sure you don't over heat your cannons.

Q: Are there 'Take Off's' and 'Landings' in Lethal Skies II?

A: There are Take Off's and Landings in Lethal Skies II. Some Mission's will see a take off and landing from an Aircraft Carrier or Air base while other missions will start you airborne. A new plane with the ability to do a vertical take off and landing (VTOL's) is also available in Lethal Skies II. To practice your landings and take off's try out the training section.

Q: Can you set call out commands to your team mates?

A: Yes, before the start of each mission, when selecting your wingmen, you can give each a specific order for the mission: Attack Ground, Attack Air & Support. When in the mission if you would like to adjust your gameplan you can do so by depressing the 'D-PAD' upward to cycle through the same commands.

Q: What are the 2 player options?

A: In 2 player the game can be played in a 'Split screen' mode. There are two types of games available: Time Trial and Dog Fight, these offer the player head to head action or races against the clock. Also if you have an i.LINK cable you can enjoy the thrill of playing all missions with a companion to aid you in your quests. You will need two PS2's and 2 T.V's with of course your i.LINK cable.

Q: Are there different tunes (BGM) to listen to while in a mission?

A: Yes, at the take off screen you will be able to choose which music you want by cycling through the 'BGM'…there are lots to choose from!!

Q: After the mission is over can I watch my mission movie?

A: Yes, there are 5 camera modes to choose from including the new 'ASMI' mode, this allows you to see the flight paths of each planes that was in the mission. This will allow you to make improvements to your strategies. A greater amount of detail has been put into each replay mode from Lethal Skies…enjoy!

Q: Are there any hidden missions of planes in the game?

A: Yes, there are some hidden missions and some unlockable planes…refer to the game manual for all the details…just remember do things thoroughly and quickly…the best rank is 'S' try and achieve it for each mission.


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Lethal Skies II Unlockables
Unlockable planes

F-14 Complete mission 1 with any rank
A-10 Complete mission 2 with any rank
JAS-39 Complete mission 3 with any rank
AV8B Complete mission 4 with any rank
F-15E Complete mission 5 with any rank
EF2000 Complete mission 6.2 with any rank
YF-23 Complete mission SP1 with an S rank
F/A 18 Complete mission 7 with any rank
F5Z Complete mission 8 with an S rank
SU-27 Complete mission 9.2 with any rank
F-22 Complete mission 10 with any rank
SU-35 Complete mission SP2 with an S rank
S-37 Complete mission 11 with any rank
F-25 Complete mission 15 with an S rank
F-35 Complete mission 15 with an S rank
S-47 Complete mission 16 with an A rank