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[edit] Background

Lemmings are walking about absent-mindedly through each of the game's numerous levels. Your goal is to save the little green fellows from certain death, with the use of various objects and items such as ramps or walls to redirect their path to the safety of the exit. Lead them out of the level with as few casualties as possible and progress to the next, more complicated level.

[edit] Features

  • 100 puzzles to play
  • 3 types of lemmings to mold
  • Rotate the puzzle structure while directing lemmings around its entire circumference
  • Teach the 8 skills to help the lemmings along
  • Adjust the difficulty settings to customize the game for your ability level
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  • Publisher: JVC
  • Developer: JVC
  • Genre: Puzzle Games (GBC)
Release Dates
  • North America: Q3 2000
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