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The lovable Lemmings return for the PSP. The classic game where the aim is simple, guide mindless little Lemmings from the Levels entry point to the levels exit. Sounds simple but often it's anything but.
Without your guidance all they would do is keep walking in a straight line which would result in them mindlessly falling off cliffs, walking into traps, drowning in water or burning in lava pits.
You tell them what needs to be done to get pass these obstacles by using the L and R buttons to select a tool then clicking on a single Lemming. That Lemming will then do what is asked of him.

The tools available are:
Climbers - A climber will climb over walls/cliffs/terrain to reach places others can't get to.
Floaters - Clicking on a Lemming with this gives him an umbrella with which he uses to float safely to the ground from a height. Other Lemmings would just Splat to death.
Blockers - A Blocker stands his ground and refuses any Lemmings to get passed. Handy if there's a Trap/Cliff in the way.
Bombers - Unfortunatly for Blockers the only way to stop them blocking is to make them commit suicide. Bombers can also be used to blow holes in the terrain.
Builders - A builder builds stairs using 12 blocks. A tool with many purposes but mostly used to just bridge gaps.
Bashers - Used to create a Horizontal Tunnel. The Basher will keep bashing in the same direction till there's nothing more to bash through.
Diggers - Same as Bashers except Diggers dig Vertically.
Miners - These guys dig diagonally.

Using the above tools you must help your Lemmings survive the 150 Levels. Ranging from really simple to devilishly hard.
Fans of the series will recognise most of the levels as there are only 30 truly new levels.

The graphics are pretty good. Levels are full with colour and detail and the lemmings are clear to see.

An extra mode for the PSP version is the map editor. This allows you to create your very own maps and share them with friends online. The objects available in map editor are pretty immense. Most objects available in the normal levels are also available to use in the editor. There also seems to be no limit to the amount of objects you can use in a level.

All in all this is a must for Lemmings fans like myself. It might not be loaded with action and thrills like most games but it's definitely a thinking mans game and worth a look even if you are new to it.

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