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The Classics Never Die, And Neither Do Lemmings

The good:

~Addictive gameplay, though simple, will keep you trying to beat the current level.
~Witty, sarcastic comments are entertaining to read and lighten the situation after a loss.
~The lemmings are fairly cute, meaning you'll try harder to save them from death.
~There are a variety of obstacles that must be avoided, including lava pits, spikes, deep pits and even gallows.
~The audio has some catchy (though unsophisticated) songs that set the mood.
~You are able to adjust your difficulty level, and each level has its own layouts.

The bad:

~The game in no way can stand up to computer games of today, and shows its age badly.
~The levels can start to get repetitive.
~There is no way to skip levels of get hints on beating it.


In 1991, a most unique and strange game appeared on store shelves. It was called Lemmings, and featured little gnome-like creatures with spiky, bright-green hair and blue robes. What was it about? Well, if you've ever heard of the myth that lemmings sometimes like to commit suicide by jumping off cliffs in large groups, you've got the main gist. Only, get this! In this game, you're attempting to save their lives buy employing a variety of techniques. It's the ultimate in simple-minded classic puzzle game fun - that is, if you can overlook its flaws.

As the game starts, you're set down ...


So Cute


The lovable Lemmings return for the PSP. The classic game where the aim is simple, guide mindless little Lemmings from the Levels entry point to the levels exit. Sounds simple but often it's anything but.
Without your guidance all they would do is keep walking in a straight line which would result in them mindlessly falling off cliffs, walking into traps, drowning in water or burning in lava pits.
You tell them what needs to be done to get pass these obstacles by using the L and R buttons to select a tool then clicking on a single Lemming. That Lemming will then do what is asked of him.

The t...


Unbelievably addicting

The good:

120 Levels
Some levels exclusive to this version of the game
The classic music

The bad:

Some levels are mind numbingly hard
Used to be no walkthroughs for this version of the game online


This is the classic game that pretty much everyone has played at some point. What's unique about this version is the amount of levels it contains. You get the standard 4 difficulties with 30 levels each, but then 2 extra modes with 30 levels each there. Some of the extra levels are easy, some are hard but I'll cover that later.

For those that don't know, Lemmings has you guiding little green haired creatures to an exit by means of various abilities. They can climb, float down, block, self destruct, build a bridge, bash horizontally, mine diagonally or dig vertically. You only get a set numbe...

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