Test Drive Le Mans (PSX) Cheats

Test Drive Le Mans cheats, and Codes for PSX.

Older Cheats:

Test Drive Le Mans Cheats

Various Cheats
Enter any of the following as a name to unlock the corresponding effect:

1999 Audi Prototype**MAYOU
1999 BMW Prototype**POHLIN
1999 Toyota GT1**PINOU
60's busMM5
All Cars & Tracks*TATOO
Automatically Win RaceFIRSTON
Beach Buggie 1BIGGY1
Beach Buggie 2BIGGY2
Beach Buggie 3BIGGY3
Beach Buggie 4BIGGY4
Beach Buggie 5BIGGY5
Beach Buggie 6BIGGY6
Beach Buggie 7BIGGY7
Beach Buggie 8BIGGY8
Cheese Car**FROMAGE
Hot Dog Car**HOTDOG
Ice Cream truckMM6
Mad carMM3
Pie Car**PIE
Pizza Car**PIZZA
Space Race TrackNAIMAR
Swimsuit Girl on Loading ScreenJACKPOT

* Only in Quick Race Mode.
** A race will immediately begin. Complete that race and the car can be driven on other tracks.