LEGO Racers review
Old games can be so much fun! ^_^

The good:

A lot of detail in making your driver and car! Almost ENDLESS....

The tracks are exciting and the bosses are great.

The bad:

Lol, for Baron Von Barron, Johnny Thunder, and Gypsy Moth...

They could've been more creative in their tracks than just making them mirrored....


After reviewing Diddy Kong Racing, I was motavated to review another good and also OLD kart racer out there.

Compared to other crap, this game is absolutely GRAND. I think the reason games were so GOOD back then is because people today are running out of ideas!

Back then, people still had their creativity. This game is very creative in every way.

The music is all very cute but at the same time, not ANNOYING.

The grpahics are surprisingly good for being on the PSX.

Personally, I think this is the 2nd best karting game next to Diddy Kong Racing. And in a VERY close 3rd, Lego Racers 2.

Get this game, you will NOT regret it.
You can find out too that a lot of games back then are SOOOOOO much better....

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