LEGO Racers (PC) Cheats

LEGO Racers cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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Just press enter with no power up and you have a horn to annoy opponents when you pass them XD.


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Make Long Name
Go to Build, go to Edit Driver or New Driver, and go to Make Lincese selction. And type in "LNGNAME" as your name, and go test drive. This will works.
Many cheats
Call ur driver this for stuff


Also to get the charecter "Dr.Kilroy"

Take the head of the guy on the snowy race, baron von barons hat jon thunders top and grey trowsurs
on the licence make him look suprised

heres some pics of me

Spaceship Single Races
Build some cars. Call one NWHLS, one FLYSKYHGH and (optional) one FSTFRWRD. Then go to the Main Menu and then Single Race. When it begins, you will realise the car has no wheels. this is because of NWHLS. When the race starts, you will have the "flying" powerup all the time because of FLYSKYHGH. If you did FSTFRWRD then every thing will go fast. All your opponents get the cheats aswell. If you want to stop the cheats, race on Curcuit Race. If you want them on again, edit license on the cars and press enter for the tick.
Special Names
Enter the following as your racer\'s name and then test drive to see the effect:


flyskyhgh-Non-stop double rockets
mxpmx-Maximum power-ups always
nchsss-Drive with no chassis
ndrvr-Drive with no driver
nmrchts-Disable cheats
nslwj-Drive with no slowing down
nwhls-Drive with no wheels
pgllgrn-Play with only green power-ups
pgllrd-Play with only red power-ups
pgllyll-Play with only yellow power-ups