LEGO Racers (N64) Cheats

LEGO Racers cheats, Tips, and Codes for N64. Also see Code Breaker Codes for more LEGO Racers cheat codes.

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LEGO Racers Cheats

Select "Build" at the Main Menu. Create a new racer with the "New Racer" option. Then, enter one of the following names at the "Make License" screen.

All Pick-Ups are always at MaxMXPMX
All Pick-Ups are GrappleRPCRNLY
All Pick-Ups are Green (Fast-forward)PGLLGRN
All Pick-Ups are Yellow (Oil)PGLLYLL
All Pick-Ups are Red (Bombs)PGLLRD
Disable all CheatsNMRCHTS
Maintain Speed off TrackNSLWJ
No Chassis or BricksNCHSSS
No DriverNDRVR
No WheelsNWHLS
Reversed Rocket Racer Run TrackLNFRRRM

Use Basil the Batlord's Car Parts
On circuit mode beat Basil the Batlord's circuit in 2nd or 3rd. Play Johnny Thunder's circuit and come in 1st. Go to Build Mode. Make your driver and license as normal. Select Johnny Thunder's chassis and go to quick build. Go to quick build again and you'll see fire at the back of the car. Go to build then press B until all the parts are off the chassis. Then you can change to Basil the Batlord's set without winning it. Note: after entering the build mode do not leave until you finish building your car.

Amazon Adventure Alley Shortcut
When you begin racing, you will see a waterfall on your right if you are on Baron von Barron's circuit, or on your left if you are on King Kahuka's circuit. You will drive into a tunnel and then onto a further point in this track.
submitted by Hussam Helmy

Rocket Racer Run Shortcut
When you begin racing, you will enter some sort of a huge tunnel, then into the open, then into another tunnel. Eventually you will get to a big gateway that you will turn right or left to. Use a red lego piece to blast through it. It will open temporeraly for you to go into it. You will immediately be transported to a further place into this track.
submitted by Hussam Helmy


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Robin Hood Course Shortcut
As you go throughout the course, you will find a few wide U-turn situations. One the second one, before reaching it you will notice something sticking out on the left side of the wall. Powerslide to make a sharp turn and go right behind the piece sticking out to see a shortcut.
Short Cut for champs
on the second championship on amazon adventure alley go through the waterfall at the start of the race :-)
Shortcut in Ailien Rally Asteroid
After you pass the zapper that zaps you with a blue bolt, get a red brick for a projectile. Use it to break the door to your left. You'll find some good stuff. Just fall to your right at the end of the shortcut or else.
Speed boost at the start
You have to time this correctly , when it goes 3-2-1 go , you have to tap foward when it gets to go and if you time it right you might get a speed boost.


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Baril Break
The first level is Captin Red Beards Level right.
When you get into the tunnel and make a few turns you will see three barils side to side try to get the red block and then shoot the barils and a path will apear and that will be the shorcut.
Desert Dash (What ever it's called) cheat
Here are two shortcuts I found while racing in desert dash thingy with johnny thunder.

One : There are doors after you come out that tunnel at the start on the left/right and if you shoot a cannon ball or something at them it will open. There are whitebricks to be found in the tunnel.

Two : This one is great because it has three white bricks and a green brick (which makes you warp). When you go past shorcut "one" there should be a pharoah head or whatever standing there and if you shoot it with something it should make a hole for you to go through.

I hope this helped fellow racers a bit.
Extra car sets
When you get first place in a curcuit, you will get the car pieces of the champion of the curcuit
Grapple power ups only.
Enter this as your name in the edit driver in build mode to get grapple power ups, "RPCRNLY".
Magma Moon Marathon shortcut
The shortcut for this level is a little blue door with a satelight kind of thing on top. That's the easy part - finding the shortcut. The hard part is to open it. just befor the shortcut there are three pairs of lights - a blue and a red light in each pair - you have to get the right combination of those lights. For example you may have to get a blue light then a red light then another blue light. to find out what the combination is there is a little board next to the shortcut with three little squares on it these are the colours you must get to open the door. (left to right).
Max power ups.
Enter this as your name in the edit driver in build mode to get Max power ups always, "MXPMX".
No chassis or bricks.
Enter this as your name in the edit driver in build mode to get a car with no chasis or bricks, "NCHSSS".
No Driver.
Enter this as your name in the edit driver in build mode to get no driver, "NDRVR".
No wheels on racer.
Enter this as your name in the edit driver in build mode to get no wheels, "NWHLS".
rocket car.
Enter this as your name in the edit driver in build mode to get the rocket car "FLYSKYHIGH"
Turbo mode.
Enter this as your name in the edit driver in build mode to get turbo mode, "FSTFRWRD".