LEGO Racers 2 FAQ/Walkthrough Final - W. Dixon
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LEGO Racers 2 FAQ/Walkthrough Final

by W. Dixon   Updated on
This walkthrough was originally written for LEGO Racers 2 on the GBA, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the PS2 version of the game.
+Lego Racers 2 FAQ                +
+For the GameBoy Advance          +
+By: W. Dixon (
+FINAL VERSION                    +
+12/28/2002                       +

+Table of Contents               +

1. Legal Information
2. Version History
3. Updates
4. Introduction
5. Controls
6. Game Play
- Story Game
- Single Player
- Multi Player
- Options
7. Characters
8. Weapons
9. Walkthrough
10. Parts Information
11. Ending
12. Giving Credit Where It's Due

+ 1. Legal Information          +

This FAQ is the sole property of W. Dixon.  This FAQ may not be distributed for
any type of selfish ambition (money, glory, etc.).  If you would like to put
this FAQ on your site, e-mail me.  That's all.  This FAQ may only be found on
GameFaqs (, Cheat Code Central (, Neoseeker
(, and on the IGN Network (

+ 2. Version History            +


Decided that this is the Final Version of my Lego Racers 2 FAQ.  Just after 5
months of its latest release, this FAQ will go on another distinguished website,
the IGN Network.

Version 1.5

Added Neoseeker to my list of sites that can host this FAQ.

Version 1.4

Took GameSpot out of my list of sites that can host this FAQ.

Version 1.3

Added a new site for the FAQ.  Sorry about that Dave.

Version 1.2

Added weapons information.

Version 1.1

The very beginning of this FAQ.  Just got Lego Racers 2 for the GameBoy Advance
today and decided to do a FAQ about it.  Hope to add much more information to
the FAQ really soon.

+ 3. Updates                    +


FINAL VERSION released.  Added another site to host this FAQ.  Will not be
updated ever again.


Added information on weapons and slightly fixed the box surrounding chapter
titles (you may not notice from the last version).


Just started the FAQ for goodness sake!

+ 4. Introduction               +

"Hi there!  Remember me?  I'm Rocket Racer...  You beat me in Lego Racers.  I
thought I was the best!  After that, I couldn't face racing again.  But then, I
heard about a planet called Xalax.  It's full of aliens called Ramas who love to
race.  My kind of guys!  I found the portal to Xalax...which was quite a ride! 
I arrived on the planet, and the Ramas couldn't wait to race me!  So I took up
the challenge...and after a while, I was back to my old self...and driving
better than ever!  I became the Galactic Racing Champion.  I built a new car
too!  Think you can beat me now?"

Welcome to the world of Lego Racing!  In this FAQ, I will tell you how to win
races and beat the Galactic Racing Champion, Rocket Racer.  So put you gear on
and enter the exciting world of Lego Racing!

+ 5. Controls                   +

A Button
- Accepts option
- Reads text
- Acceleration

B Button
- Declines option
- Brake

L Button
- Fires weapon

R Button
- Make hard Left/Right turn

Start Button
- Pauses game
- Accepts option (in some situations)

Select Button
- No function

Control Pad
- Moves cursor
- Moves car left/right
- Moves text up or down

+ 6. Game Play                  +

Story Game

The Story Game mode is where all the real action of Lego Racers 2 takes place. 
In this mode, you become a new racer, determined to become Galactic Racing
Champion.  Along the way, other racers challenge you as your quest to become
number 1 continues.  The more races you win, the more Golden Blocks you receive
and also the more parts for your car you win.  Golden Blocks help you move
throughout the different levels of the game.  You start out with zero Golden
Blocks and move up as you win more races.  This is where your quest takes place,
and begins.

Single Player

The Single Player mode is where you race by yourself against a number of other
characters.  This is a good place to get familiar with the first couple of
tracks in the game.

Multi Player

The Multi Player mode is where you do battle against your friends via the Game
Link.  A good place to go after you beat the game.


The Options mode is where you set different options that affect the game, like
music and sound effects.  It is also where you can erase your saved games in
Story Game mode and erase the high scores for tracks.

+ 7. Characters                 +


You are the star of the game.  You are the one who defeated Rocket Racer and
now, you want to become Galactic Racing Champion.  You are the character the
Lego Racing world revolves around.

Rocket Racer

Your biggest opposition.  You defeated him in the last Lego Racers game. 
Clearly out to embarrass you, he is the current Galactic Racing Champion.


Sparky is the owner of the go-kart track and your supporter throughout the game. 
He knows all there is about racing.

More characters to come!

+ 8. Weapons                    +

Here it is.  This is the weapons section of the FAQ.  Now please notice.  These
are not the official names.  These are the names I have decided to give the
weapons.  If anyone actually knows the names of the weapons, please e-mail me.


The disc is an object that makes the tires of a car blow and spins the car out. 
In order to connect, the disc must be aligned just right.


The best weapon in the game, there are two rockets.  A straight rocket that
fires straight ahead and a homing rocket that closes in on the closest person. 
Rockets cause people to spin out in races.


Not really a weapon, but an "aid" for racing.  Renders a racer invisible for a
set period of time.

Blue Spring

This is one of the worst weapons in the game.  It pops a racer into the air.

Spiked Ball

The spiked ball is a good weapon.  When enabled, if a racer runs into you, they
will get hurt and if a weapon fires at you (disc or rocket), you will not get

+ 9. Walkthrough                 +


Your quest to become number 1 starts here!  Upon entering the Story Game mode,
listen to the good advice Sparky gives and build a character.  Once you build a
character, give your character a good name that will appear on your very own
Lego Racer License!  Then, once your character is fully complete, take a crack
at Sparky's race course.

Brickton - Track 1

This is Sparky's race course.  It is the shape of an oval, so it's not all that
hard.  Get in first place as soon as you can and you should be able to hold on
to it for the remainder of the race.

Strategy for Brickton - Track 1

Just stay the middle.  When you are about to turn, take the outside and go in
during the turn.  Then, come out of the turn going back to the outside.  You
should be able to win with no difficulty at all.

Sparky will then congratulate you and tell you that you should head over to the
Town Hall.  Go to Town Hall (the brown building by the statue in the middle of
town) and watch the short cinema.  You will engage in conversation with some of
the town's best racers.  The construction worker will then challenge you.  And
he'll even give you a Golden Brick if you beat him.  So head for the
construction zone (the area with all of the brown dirt).

Brickton - Track 2

Sparky will then appear and tell you to watch out for specific objects.  One
object, called a Vortex (it's purple), allows you to play a mini game so that
you can win parts for your car.  Drive into the Vortex and after the race, you
will play a mini game.  He'll tell you to collect pick-ups (the swirly objects
that are red).  Activate these with the L Button.  They are your weapons and can
help determine the outcome of various races.  And finally, he'll tell you about
green bricks (they're green).  If you get damaged in a race, the green bricks
will give you back your health.  The track is not all that difficult, just a few
hard turns.  But nothing you can't handle though.

Strategy for Brickton - Track 2

Just us the out-in-out maneuver for the entire race.  You might want to ease off
the gas on some of the turns, but nothing major.  The construction worker is in
a digger truck, so you should be able to lap him.  No big competition here.

You'll then win a Golden Brick and Sparky will tell you about the Vortex (if you
collected it).  You might also want to go to the mini-game to get an upgrade. 
The postman will then challenge you.  So you have two choices: get an upgrade,
or go to another race.  Your best bet would be to get the upgrade first.

Brickton Mini Game - The Money Bag Mini-Game

This is the very first mini game.  An armored truck's back door broke and all
the money bags fell out.  A robber has been following the truck trying to get
the money bags.  Your job will be to stop the robber from getting all of them
money bags.  If you are successful, you will receive a part for your car.

Strategy for Brickton Mini Game

Just run into the robber's car.  The robber will try to give you the slip, but
nothing all too difficult.

Sparky will show up and tell you that you can upgrade your wheels, engine, or
car strength.  Make your decision by moving the Control Pad up or down to choose
the part, right to upgrade, and a to confirm your choice.

Special Note - You can go to the same Mini Game 3 times to get upgrades for your
car.  Afterwards, you will not be able to play the same Mini-Game again.

Now that you have upgraded your car, it is time for you to race against the
postman.  Go to the post office (the building to the left of the Town Hall)

Brickton - Track 3

This track is a little more intense than the last one.  More hard turns and
fewer straightaways.  The postman is faster than the construction worker was.

Strategy for Brickton - Track 3

More out-in-out maneuvers.  Stick with this the whole race.  You may have to
brake on the last 2 or 3 turns, but that won't hurt you all too much.  Again, no
big competition.

You will no receive Golden Brick #2!  After a few moments of whining, you will
then be challenged by the fire fighter.  Head for the firehouse (the building to
the right of the statue).

Brickton - Track 4

Track 4 is quite tough because there is a U-turn in the first turn after the
starting line.  But it's nothing you can handle...

Strategy for Brickton - Track 4

Should I even say it?  Yes, for those who haven't quite caught on yet.  Just
continue to use the out-in-out maneuver.  This, with a little braking, will help
you master this course, and win a Golden Brick.

You just received Golden Brick #3.  The fire fighter will then get angry and
tell you that he wanted to enter the Galactic Racing Championship, but that it
will come down to you and the policeman.  After some trash talk by the
policeman, head for the police station (right by the Mini Game Spot).

Brickton - Track 5

The toughest track in Brickton, there are many things to watch out for.  The
first biggest thing is to watch out for the tight turns.  They show up right
after each other.  Trees and stuff will also be an obstacle.

Strategy for Brickton - Track 5

Watch your speed.  Going to fast will cause you to slam into a tree or barrier. 
And use out-in-out also.

After placing first, you will be congratulated and win another Golden Brick. 
You will be the representative for Sandy Bay at the Galactic Racing

Sparky will then show up and tell you that you will need to race against other
people in other areas to be as good as Rocket Racer.  He'll tell you that
winning numerous races will cause you to be recognized by Rocket Racer, and that
you can improve your car along the way to the Galactic Racing Championship. 
Sparky then tells you that the Golden Bricks allow you to go to other places to
race.  He'll tell you about some of the jump points around Sandy Bay and that
one area, called Dino Island is a cheap place to go for some races.

Now with 4 Golden Bricks in your possession, head for the green jump point (at
the bottom of Brickton).

To get to Dino Island, go left, up, and up to get to the blimp.  Sparky will
tell you that you have enough Golden Bricks to go to Dino Island.  Tell him you
want to leave for Dino Island wand watch the cinema.

Dino Island

Welcome to Dino Island!  Your first order of business is to win a Golden Brick. 
Head for the very first dot you see by pressing up, then left, and press A.  You
will then talk to a tribesman who says that a race is about to begin.  Say yes,
you would like to enter, and prepare to race on Dino Island Track 1.

Dino Island - Track 1

This track has rain and rocks so you better be careful.  Also, there is a Vortex
here on the far outside of a straightaway.  The track has a lot of turns, but
you can manage.

Strategy for Dino Island - Track 1

Watch your speed.  Out-in-out works best with the brake here, since you can get
a little carried away on the straightaway with the excessive speed.

Upon completion of the track, you will win another Golden Brick.  Also, you can
go back to this same course, but the layout of the track will be different.

To get to the next race, go left, up, then left again and press A.  You will
talk to a man who asks you if you want to enter the next race.  Accept his offer
and prepare for the next track.

Dino Island - Track 2

It's raining here too!  Tight turns all over the place as well.

Strategy for Dino Island - Track 2

A lot more braking.  And the usual out-in-out maneuver.

New Golden Brick anyone?  Time for race 3!  Go back to where the first race was
and cross the bridge.  Enter the "temple" and accept the invitation to race. 
Get ready for race 3!

Dino Island - Track 3

More tight turns and forks in the road!  There's a nice twist for the second
level of the game...  But nothing really major.

Strategy for Dino Island - Track 3

The usual.  Out-in-out, braking, and watching your speed.  There are more
obstacles here, so be careful.  Most times, there is a green brick waiting for
you after a fork in the road.  Those bricks are usually on the right hand side
of the fork.  Pick-ups are usually on the left hand side of the fork, so choose
your path wisely.

Another Golden Brick and another chance to upgrade your car.  Sam Sanister will
also challenge you.  But first, go to the blue dot for the Dino Island Mini

Dino Island Mini Game - Egg Hunting

A man will tell you that he was collecting dinosaur eggs when he ran out of gas. 
If you get the 10 eggs he lost in 4 minutes, he will give you an upgrade for
your car.

Strategy for Dino Island Mini Game

Just look for the eggs.  The hard part is finding the finish line.  Just look
for the marks on the ground that look like stepping stones and you should find
your way back to the finish line.  You can only collect 2 eggs at a time, so you
must hurry if you are to get your upgrade.

Upon completion of the Mini Game, Sparky will remind you of what you can get an
upgrade for.  And don't forget, you can go to the same Mini Game 3 times to get
upgrades before you can't play that game anymore.

Once you're finished with the Mini Game, head back to the place where you first
raced, no, there will be a yellow spot close by.  Head for the spot and listen
to Sam Sanister's trash talk.  Get ready for race 4.

Dino Island - Sam Sanister Challenge

This track is rather difficult.  There are many tight turns and a large fork in
the road.  But persevere, and you will win.

Strategy for the Sam Sanister Challenge

Same strategy as for one for all the others.  But watch your braking.  Sam
Sanister is rather tough to beat.

After beating Sam Sanister, not only do you receive a Golden Brick, but you get
his twin turbo engine for an upgrade!  Now that is sweet!

Your are now finished the Dino Island level!  Whereto now?  Go to the big map
and head for the helicopter that is on the dock.  Sparky will tell you that you
have enough Golden Bricks to go to the Arctic level.  That helicopter will take
you there, where even more racers await your arrival.  Enjoy the cinema as you
prepare to go to the Arctic.

The Arctic

Your first order of business?  Get in a race.  Head left, then head down to the
first red spot.  You will then learn about the Ice Monster that, allegedly,
keeps car parts in his cave.  Accept the invitation to join the race as you
prepare for the first race at the Arctic.

Arctic - Track 1

The first track is really difficult.  There are no barriers like there were in
the first 2 levels.  You can fall straight into the deep water (you can tell
deep water by the darker blue) and run into many obstacles.  There are also jump
pads and few straightaways.  So be careful.  There is also a Vortex in this
level.  Pick it up if you can.

Strategy for Arctic - Track 1

Just apply everything you know to your racing for this track.  And use the

After crossing the finish line, you will receive a Golden Brick for your

Head up for your next invitation to a race.

Arctic - Track 2

Very tight turns and there are even fewer straightaways on this track.

Strategy for Arctic - Track 2

Use the brake.  If you can, on the U-turns, cut through some of the obstacles. 
Just be careful not to bump into them, as you may just fall into the deep end of
the water.

You will be congratulated and presented with a Golden Brick.  Now, head up to
your next race.  You will then be invited to join, and get ready for track 3!
Arctic - Track 3

This track consists of nothing but tight turns.  Turns appear suddenly and
U-turns are constant throughout the track.  There is also a large fork in the
road here.

Strategy for Arctic - Track 3

Watch your speed and use the brake.  The out-in-out maneuver does not work here,
so use the signs that are given to you at the top of the screen.  Also, try to
avoid the jump pads here.  If you go too fast, you will fly right into the deep
part of the water.  Just hold your speed, use the brake, and watch the sudden
turns, and you should do fine.

Congratulations on winning another Golden Brick!  Now, head right and you will
be invited to join another race.  Accept the invitation and prepare for track 4.

Arctic - Track 4

More tight turns and U-turns galore.  But there are more straightaways here so
you can catch up burn the opposition with your speed.

Strategy for Arctic - Track 4

Try to take the lead early in the race.  Use the brake when you are going into
the turns where the signs are orange and ease off the gas on some of the turns
where the sign is yellow.  Use the brake entirely on the U-turns and watch out
for the only jump in the game.  If you go too fast, you will fall into the deep
part of the water.

Congratulations on obtaining another Golden Brick.  But look out, the ice
monster of the Arctic has shown up, and he is waiting by the mountains ready to
challenge you to a race.  But first, it may be time for you to upgrade your car. 
Head for the blue spot (it's to the right of the green spot).

Arctic Mini Game - Meteor Hunting

Someone lost all of the meteors when a polar bear attacked him.  It's up to you
to find the meteors within the time limit.  You'll get the car part if you find
the 10 meteors in 4 minutes.

Strategy for the Arctic Mini Game

It's just the same as the Dino Island Mini Game, but this time, you're in snow
and ice.  Plus, there is deep water all around, which can kill valuable time if
you fall in.  Just look for the eggs and remember where the finish line is.  And
remember, you can only collect 2 meteors at a time.

Upon completion of the Mini Game, Sparky will remind you of what you can get an
upgrade for.  And don't forget, you can go to the same Mini Game 3 times to get
upgrades before you can't play that game anymore.

Once you complete the Mini Game, head on over to the mountain (the yellow spot,
right beside the blue spot) to face the Berg in a race.

Arctic - Berg Challenge

Berg is an iceberg that can race.  The track he races on is full of tight turns
and deep water is everywhere.  But if you endure to the end, you will win the

Strategy for the Berg Challenge

Get a good lead early.  If you have upgraded your engine to at least level
three, you should be able to come out of the race on top.  Be careful though,
going to fast will cause you to fall in the deep part of the water.  Also, watch
out for the ice that sticks out in the ground.  They make your car spin out and
slide all over the course.

You'll win a Golden Brick for beating Berg and also Berg gives you some wheels
for your car.  Yeah!  Now, back to the Sandy Bay area to see where you can go
next.  Head for the green spot.

Now that you are back on the helicopter dock, go up, right, and right again. 
You will then be on the launch pad that will take you to Mars.  Sparky will tell
you that you have enough Golden Bricks to head to Mars.  Enjoy your cinema as
you take off into Outer Space.

Welcome to Mars!  You should start racing right away.  Go up and head right to
the very first red dot on the screen.  A Martian will tell you about some of the
other Martian racers and invite you to enter a race.  Accept the offer and
prepare for Mars track 1!

Mars - Track 1

This is a difficult track due to the lava pits and also the jumps.  Tight turns
are everywhere.  There is also a Vortex on this track.

Strategy for Mars - Track 1

Just slow down some more and use the brake.  These racers are on you like white
on rice, so one screw up, and you might as well restart the race (I know I did

Congratulations on completing your first race on Mars.  You will receive a
Golden Brick, bringing you ever closer to Xalax and Rocket Racer.

Now go right and get invited for a race, & prepare for race #2.

Mars - Track 2

This track is much easier than track 1.  There are more straightaways and fewer

Strategy for Mars - Track 2

Take the lead early and apply the same strategy for track 1.

Congratulations on completing track 2.  Receive your Golden Brick and head for
the Mini Game space that's right next to you.

Mars Mini Game - The Tube

This is another collection Mini Game.  However, you are in a tube and you must
pick up 25 gems before reaching the end to get the car upgrades.  There are
obstacles you must watch out for in the tube, so brace yourself and prepare for
the ride of your life!

Strategy for the Mars Mini Game

Just collect the gems by pressing right or left.  The tube is not all that
sensitive, so you may have to hold the right or left button to get some of the
gems.  But it shouldn't be a problem for you though.  And watch out for the red
obstacles that get in your way.  Get the 25 gems to get the upgrade.

Upon completion of the Mini Game, Sparky will remind you of what you can get an
upgrade for.  And don't forget, you can go to the same Mini Game 3 times to get
upgrades before you can't play that game anymore.

By now, your car should be completely upgraded, with everything to the max
(which is gray).  If not, go back and make sure that you have beaten the Mini
Games 3 times for the Brickton level, Dino Island level, Arctic level, and the
Mars level.

Now, head to the next red spot (which is right above you).  You will learn about
the meteor storm that hasn't ended for days and be invited to join a race. 
Accept the invitation and prepare for race #3.

Mars - Track 3

This track is really hard.  Jumps are shorter than usual, so if you miss, in the
lava pool you go.  Hard turns are definitely present on this track.  Be
especially careful of the U-turns.

Strategy for Mars - Track 3

Get an early lead, since your car is fully upgraded (it should be), you should
have no problem blowing the competition out of thew water.  Just watch out for
the jumps and lava, or else, you will have to start over.  Hard braking is a
must on this track, and in certain situations, the out-in-out maneuver will come
in handy.

All of your hard work will pay off once you get this Golden Brick.  Now, it's on
to the next race.  Head up, then left to get invited to this race and prepare
for track 4.

Mars - Track 4

Filled with sudden turns and jumps, this is probably the hardest track you will
encounter on Mars.

Strategy for Mars - Track 4

Just follow the same strategy for all of the other tracks: hard braking, easy
speed, and occasionally, the out-in-out maneuver.

You will win a Golden Brick and be challenged by Riegel.  Awaiting you at the
base, he is the last opponent left on Mars.  So held to the base by going right,
up, and left to face Reigel.

Mars - Riegel Challenge

This is by far your toughest opponent.  The track gets really crazy as you may
turn down the wrong path and lose your place in the race.  Watch out for the
multiple jumps and also for the sudden sharp turns.

Strategy for the Riegel Challenge

The guy's in a UFO for crying out loud!  How are you suppose to beat a UFO? 
Simple.  Take an early lead, brake hard, and watch your speed.  But be careful
though, Riegel has a weapon that will manipulate your car.  If you are hit by
something and your car goes in the opposite direction, then you know his weapon
caught you.  This then leads to you falling into a lava pit before you can
react.  Just maintain your speed, watch the jumps, and brake hard to come out
the victor of this challenge.

Congratulations on winning yet another Golden Brick.  And you will also receive
the Shield Generator that Riegel "supposedly" knocked off his UFO.  Sparky will
ask you if you want to take it.  You eventually say yes, and Sparky confirms
what it is.  It's a Shield Generator.  Sparky then tells you that it will make
your car stronger and that you should come back to Sandy Bay.  So head for the
green spot and return to Sandy Bay.

You'll then watch a cinema of a group of people at this "portal".  You then
learn that the Rocket Racer has come to Sandy Bay and has declared you the
representative for Sandy Bay at the Galactic Cup.

After getting back to Sandy Bay, head left, up, then right to get to the portal. 
Rocket Racer will then talk about how he is inviting racers to come to Xalax and
race in the Galactic Cup.  He then talks about how he's heard about your amazing
skills and invites you, the Lego Worlds champion to go to Xalax to go against
the Ramas in some qualifying races.  Afterwards, Rocket Racer declares that he
will challenge you in the dome in a one-on-one race to determine the Grand
Champion.  So go with him and witness the "best driving the galaxy has to
offer".  Sparky will then tell you to hurry up and follow Rocket Racer through
the portal to Xalax.  Enjoy your trip to Xalax!

Welcome to Xalax.  Upon arriving at the Dome, a news broadcaster will start the
first race for you.

Xalax Dome - Track 1

This track is fast paced and rather easy.  There are three jumps that you must
clear or else you will fall into some ooze.  There are red marks on the ground
that can slow down your car and green marks on the ground that can speed it up. 
There are barriers all throughout the level, so it's not like the Arctic and
Mars levels (I know you're happy).

Strategy for Xalax Dome - Track 1

Just apply everything that you have learned all throughout the game.  This track
is like a mixture of all the other ones, so just remember what you experienced
and let loose.  Also, you may want to hit the green marks that are on the ground

The announcer will declare you the winner and start race 2.

Xalax Dome - Track 2

This track is even tougher than the last track.  There are even more U-turns
here than you have encountered on any other track.  More ooze and jumps too,
along with those red and green marks on the ground.

Strategy for Xalax Dome - Track 2

Just get in first place and survive.

The announcer will again declare you the winner and will start race 3.

Xalax Dome - Track 3

Same kind of track, but the space has gotten smaller.  You are on one of the
tightest tracks in the whole game.

Strategy for Xalax Dome - Track 3

Same as track 2.

The announcer will again declare you the winner and start race 4.

Xalax Dome - Track 4

This track is more like a figure 8 track.  Go towards one end, circle a certain
area, cross the starting line, circle another area, and cross the starting line
again to begin a new lap.  Nothing all too difficult...

Strategy for Xalax Dome - Track 4

Just get in first and hold on to it.  What can I say?

The announcer will once again declare you the winner and say you can now
challenge Rocket Racer for the Galactic Cup.

Rocket Racer will then start talking smack and say you cannot beat him.  So
prepare for the final race!

Xalax Dome - Rocket Racer Challenge

The track Rocket Racer faces you on is the toughest in the entire game.  There
is nothing on this track but U-turns and straightaways.  There are jumps too, so
watch your speed.

Strategy for the Rocket Racer Challenge

Just get in front of him, use the out-in-out maneuver, use weapons, and use the
brake occasionally.  Hold on 'till the very end and you will come out the

And that's it for the walkthrough of the Story Game Mode.

+ 10. Parts Information         +

Here is the information on the 3 parts in the game.


Provides protection against weapons.  This can be upgraded four times and the
Shield Generator is the best there is at protecting you from other racer's


What's needed to make contact with the ground so that you can move.  This can be
upgraded four times and Berg's Wheels is the best there is at getting good
traction on the ground.


The powerhouse of your car.  With no engine, you can't start the car!  This can
be upgraded four times and the Twin Engine is the best there is at providing
good speed and power for your car.

+ 11. Ending                    +

Congratulations!  You have defeated Rocket Racer (again) and have become the new
Galactic Racing Champion!  Rocket Racer will then present you with the Galactic
Racing Championship Trophy as the crowd goes wild over you defeating Rocket
Racer.  You'll tell Rocket Racer that getting the trophy from him was a real
honor and he answers by saying he'll be back for the trophy some other time. 
You then tell him that you are looking forward to it, and that he should
practice.  He says that he will and that he always makes a comeback after a
loss.  He'll then end the conversation by saying there are some people who would
like to meet the new Champion.  You'll then get more applause from the crowd and
talk with some of the challengers that you defeated on the road to becoming
number 1.  Sparky will then tell you that he knew you would become Champion and
tells you that you are the best racer in the galaxy, but we already knew that
right?  Then you'll hear your character say that the trophy is yours and
Sparky's.  The crowd makes even more noise as your first 5 challengers from
Brickton come to talk to you.  Then, there is even more applause from the crowd
as the 4 Mini Game leaders come up to talk to you.  After you talk with your
friends, the crowd goes crazy as you bring the trophy towards them.

And that's the end of the game.

+ 12. Giving Credit Where It's  +
+     Due                       +

First off, I would like to thank Nintendo for making a good racing game that can
compete with the other racing games for the GameBoy Advance.

I would like to thank CJayC of GameFAQs for making the site the best FAQ site in
the world.

I would also like to thank Dave for placing this FAQ on Cheat Code Central.

I would like to thank Neoseeker for placing this FAQ on their site.

I would like to thank the IGN Network for hosting this FAQ.

I would like to thank Lego for being so creative in all of their projects and
for keeping people interested in Legos.

And I would like to thank you, the reader, for accessing my FAQ.  Without you,
there is no me.

This FAQ is protected under International Law.

+                      END OF LEGO RACERS 2 FAQ                       +