Lego Island 2 Tips

Biplane Game tip
In Adventure Island after you've catched a big fish named "Big Bertha", you are then guided by the Informaniac to go to the mini airport. There you will see Johnny Thunder, Pippin, and the professor, who has an expousure.

Your mission is to follow them in their Seaplane while you fly in a biplane. At the start, you will see a Monkey in the tree about to throw watermellons at you. Shoot it and after you've passed the first tree, quickly dive down and stay near the river as the following things will happen:

1. Monkeys will always miss when they try to throw water mellons at you.

2. Fuel Cans always stay in the river. The most important item in the minigame.

3. You can bump on walls to make you go faster (if you feel you are low on fuel.)

Then as you approach the bridge, you need to go fast by bumping on walls beacause THIS is a MEGA MONKEY zone.