LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy User Reviews


Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy

The good:

-Same game play and humor as the original.
-The ability to mix and match Lego parts.

The bad:

-Graphics have many glitches.
-Gameplay sometimes tries patience and brings down the fun factor.
-Lack of sound in certain cut scenes takes away some of the humor present.


After the success of the first Lego Star Wars, the sequel makes a rather disappointing appearance on Nintendo DS.

Graphics: You have to accept the fact that the Nintendo DS will not have the same look and presentation as the Game Cube (or Playstation, Xbox), but there is no excuse for your characters disappearing, not being able to see around a wall because the camera angle won't change, icons on the touch screen disappearing, backgrounds disappearing, and enemies appearing out of no where in a seemingly empty room. Also the 3D environment seems slow and awkward at times when it really shoul...


ADD Jedis Apply Inside

The good:

+ Simple gameplay makes it easy to pick up and play.

+ The Lego theme makes for some smile-inducing shenanigans.

+ Plenty of unlockables and a fair amount of length.

The bad:

- Derivative gameplay does nothing to change the world.

- Cinematics are short and will absolutely confuse any player not familiar with the movies.


In a world where almost any game developer will grab popular licenses and stamp it with a cookie cutter to mass-produce a derivative slop pile of money-making mediocrity that would make Andy Warhol proud, it's extremely rare to find a title that does little more than take a worn-out formula and paint it with a new skin. In an ironic twist that's almost completely ridiculous, Lego Star Wars manages to be a double-tiered license tie-in (using both, you guessed it, Star Wars and Lego) that actually rises above its brethren as a cheap money-making generic.

Where the whole "A long time ago in a g...


Lego Star Wars II

The good:

  • You can now create your own characters for you to play with in Free-play mode.
  • It is possible to construct vehicles in-game and use them to your advantage against enemies.
  • Players of Lego Star Wars I can import the characters who were unlocked in Lego Star Wars I and use them in Lego Star Wars II.
  • Non-Jedi characters can construct certain objects, something that wasn't possible to do in Lego Star Wars I.
  • The RRP (Recommended Retail Price) of the game, on release day, was £19.99 so, for the game you get, it's well worth the money.
  • The game is based on the Original Trilogy of the Star Wars saga, which were, arguably, the best films to come from George Lucas. This is also shown in the game.
  • There are even more side-missions to play so there is plenty of "replay value" to be taken from this game.
  • The Bounty Hunter missions are extremely good fun and test your skills in certain environments.
  • The graphics have been very well presented and the game isn't too "grainy".

    The bad:

  • Character controls can sometimes be a bit fiddly and it can cost you dearly if you fall off the edge because the character doesn't move properly.
  • There should be an option to change the camera angle because it can often be difficult to just distances in the game with the camera often placed too far away.
  • The main story mode is still too short and can easily be completed in a number of hours but this isn't so much of a problem with the number of side-missions available.


    With Lego Star Wars I being a major hit among Star Wars fans, young and old, it was without a doubt that the sequel would be an extremely good game. For people that want to go through the game without focusing on what the game is really about (finding coins and mini-kit pieces) then they may have to look somewhere else for entertainment but if you're planning on playing the game properly then you're sure to find everything you need in the game. It's much harder to get all the coins in an environment now compared to LSWI (Lego Star Wars I) but this is good thing because it'll give you a real...

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