Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga User Reviews


Star Wars...AND Lego?!?!

The good:

- Lego and Star Wars fuse into a game
- Tons of fun, especially since I have never played a Lego game before, or really even a Star Wars game
- Play through the 6 sagas of Star Wars (Episodes 1-6); awesome story mode
- A lot to do in each gameplay mode
- Very nice graphics; cute and colorful, as well as gorgeous at times; fun Lego aspects involved in graphics
- Lots of things to do and see in every level (every level is very different); collect studs (money), minikit parts, red blocks, unlock "true jedi", and more; levels are all pretty lengthy
- Very fun gameplay, lots to do; battles with your light saber are very fun
- You can use your force powers for good and evil, and they do different things in each level
- Great music and sounds
- TONS of unlockables; great use for money; hundreds of characters to buy and play as in Free Play mode
- Fun to play by yourself, as well as with friends; play online as well
- Create your own two characters to use in Free Play mode
- When characters die, they explode into Lego parts…very funny and fitting for the game
- Play as good or bad characters in Free Play mode
- Interesting bonus stages
- Fun Pod race
- The game is pretty hilarious, especially since you are Lego characters who do not talk
- Lose money you have collected in the level when you die, a good penalty for death (rather than starting the level over)
- It is going to take quite awhile to beat and collect/buy everything in the game; lots of replay-ability
- Occasional boss fight
- Decent challenge

The bad:

- The beginning of the game is very unexplained. You just appear in some weird place (the Cantina), with no idea where you are, only to soon find out that it is the main base (where you return after evey mission)
- More cinematics/focus on the story/story-telling would have been nice; when it comes to this aspect of the game, it seemed rushed
- You die a lot in certain levels, which means a quick loss of your level money and opportunity to get "true jedi"
- What you have to do next in levels is not always obvious, which can lead to many deaths and not wondering what to do next
- Flying levels are way too fast; it is hard to play them
- I would have loved more Pod races
- Bonus levels are pretty pointless and can be a large waste of time, especially if you cannot find every single stud (for level completion)
- End of levels should be made more obvious in some cases; sometimes the level ends, when you still have some things to collect (but don't know the level is over when you go through a door)
- Some loading times seem long
- You cannot collect everything in your first run through the levels
- Not much involved in boss fights; not too hard


My first Star Wars game, and my first Lego game. Surprisingly good combo, strangely enough. A friend introduced me to the game, and I soon learned how fun it was, so I soon bought it and got playing. Pretty sure that the game was overplayed in the first few days because I was having so much fun. It's a really cute game, and very well done.

The graphics are pretty good, considering it's a Lego game. Most of the graphics are actually really nice PS3 graphics, and this is combined with Lego graphics throughout every level. Good combination. One amazing level of graphics I want to point out is ...

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