Lego Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge

Lego Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge Cheats

Lego Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for GBC.


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To get cards, you first need a bit of luck, pay attention to the icons:
1 card icon = new card
2 card icon = duplicate
You can find normal cards everywhere, but you can find rare cards only in 3 places (remember them!): When you go to Res-Q center get a boat, there's a mini Island on the sea, with a minifig (Bologna Roni) on it, he can dig up a card for you if you bring a shovel from Adventurers Island and save Snap Lockitt from the shark. The next place is on the dark forest over to the Castle Island. When you are in the guards area, there is an upper area with another guard and a chest, the rare card is on the chest. And the last place is at Ogel Island on the maze, the card is behind a floating yellow brick.

Some cards can be get by the actual owners of the card, for example, Mama, Papa, Captain Click, and Princess Storm.
UnlockableHow to unlock
AchuRare Card
Bill DingNormal Card (Appearances: Normally)
Bologna RoniNormal Card (Appearances: Rarely)
BricksterRare Card
Brickster-BotNormal Card (Appearances: Often)
Buck PoundsNormal Card (Appearances: Often)
Captain ClickNormal Card (Appearances: Often) and Specific Card (On Lego Island cave, there is a locked room with a chest on it, to open it, throw Pizza at the blue Captain Click and return to get the card)
Cedric the BullNormal Card (Appearances: Often)
Dr. ClickittNormal Card (Appearances: Often)
Ed MailNormal Card (Appearances: Normally)
CabarroNormal Card (Appearances: Normally)
Gilbert the BadNormal Card (Appearances: Normally)
HotepNormal Card (Appearances: Very Often) and Specific Card (Hotep will give you his card if you go to an area on Adventurers Island, talk to him)
InfomaniacNormal Card (Appearances: Rarely)
John of MayneNormal Card (Appearances: Very Often)
Johnny ThunderNormal Card (Appearances: Often) and Specific Card (Go to the last part of Adventurers Island [the one with the door to the jungle] and talk with Johnny Thunder)
King LeoNormal Card (Appearances: Often)
Laura BrickNormal Card (Appearances: Normally)
Luna Rom (?)Rare Card
Trade your CardsAfter you play the game and beat it, you can trade your cards via linking with others.
Mama BrickoliniNormal Card (Appearances: Often) and Specific Card (after you talk to Laura and Nick go to the Pizzeria and talk to Mama)
Miss Pippin ReedNormal Card (Appearances: Often) and Specific Card (after you read Johnny's journal [when you escape the Adventurers Island prision] at the end it will give you the card)
Mr. HatesNormal Card (Appearances: Often)
Nick BrickNormal Card (Appearances: Normally)
Papa BrickoliniNormal Card (Appearances: Often) and Specific Card (after you talk to Laura and Nick go to the Pizzeria and talk to Papa)
Pepper RoniRare Card
Princess StormNormal Card (Appearances: Often) and Specific Card (after you rescue the Princess from the maze, talk to her and she will give you her card)
Professor KilroyNormal Card (Appearances: Often)
Queen LeonoraNormal Card (Appearances: Rarely)
Richard the StrongNormal Card (Appearances: Normally)
Rock MonsterNormal Card (Appearances: Often)
Rudo VillanoNormal Card (Appearances: Often)
Señor PalomarNormal Card (Appearances: Often)
SlybootsNormal Card (Appearances: Often)
WeezilNormal Card (Appearances: Rarely)
Trading Cards
In addition to the last submitted cheat, I would like to reconfirm the list and give you some more tips:
#1: When you get a card when the icon shows up 2 cards, it is a duplicate. When the icon shows up 1 card, it is a new card.
#2: Star cards, often called "rare cards" are only found in 3 places in the game: On the Phanta Sea, you need to get a shovel, and give it to Bologna Roni in the Island near Adventurers Island, and he will dig up a card for you. The other is at Castle Island's Dark Forest, when you sneak past the guards, go up instead, and open the chest. You will receive a star card. And the last one is at Ogel Island, behind a floating brick, in the Maze.
#3: Some people might give you their own cards (Like when Johnny gives you his card, and when Hotep says his card is worth "more than gold")

Now here are the list of cards:
UnlockableHow to unlock
#1: AchuStar Card
#2: Bill DingNormal Card
#3: Bologna RoniNormal Card
#4: BricksterStar Card
#5: Brickster-BotNormal Card
#6: Buck PoundsNormal Card
#7: Captain ClickNormal Card
#8: Cedric the BullNormal Card
#9: Dr. ClickittNormal Card
#10: Ed MailNormal Card
#11: CabarroNormal Card
#12: Gilbert the BadNormal Card
#13: HotepNormal Card
#14: InfomaniacNormal Card
#15: John of MayneNormal Card
#16: Johnny ThunderNormal Card
#17: King LeoNormal Card
#18: Laura BrickNormal Card
#19: MajistoStar Card
#34: WeezilNormal Card
#20: Mama BrickoliniNormal Card
#21: Miss Pippin ReedNormal Card
#22: Mr. HatesNormal Card
#23: Nick BrickNormal Card
#24: Papa BrickoliniNormal Card
#25: Pepper RoniStar Card
#26: Princess StormNormal Card
#27: Professor KilroyNormal Card
#28: Queen LeonoraNormal Card
#29: Richard the StrongNormal Card
#30: Rock MonsterNormal Card
#31: Rudo VillanoNormal Card
#32: Señor PalomarNormal Card
#33: SlybootsNormal Card


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Card Signs
The Card icon when you collect a card is it:
When appears 2 card icon. You already collected this card and you are going to have another.
When appears one card icon signs you don't have this specific card.
You can see cards by pressing SELECT