LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 Tips

Millions of studs in no time at all
This can be used by anyone at any stage in the game. c:

If you don't have the Score x2,6,8,10 red bricks already unlocked, go to the Weasley's store in Diagon Alley and enter the following codes in the code place thing:

74YKR7 Score x2

J3WHNK Score x4

XK9ANE Score x6

HUFV2H Score x8

H8X69Y Score x10

These multiply the amount of studs you get by that number. Pause the game (press the "+" button on your Wii remote) and select "extras" and scroll down and turn on all of the "Score x# things. Under the spell wheel on the top left of the screen, it will say "x3840".
You have to turn on the settings every time you play the game. Be sure to remember!

Do what you'd normally do (like replay levels or continue the game) and every time you collect studs, the amount will be multiplied by 3840, then boom: easy studs that add up to a million SO easily. c:

Good luck!