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Lego Construct Another Classic

The good:

It’s huge; if you are in it for the long haul, you are going to get plenty of hours out of this title.

You can collect Lego studs during play which will allow you to buy all sorts of things from the in-game shops.

It feels like a real RTS. It sticks to the bare bones of the genre and succeeds.

The bad:

Sometime units snag on terrain which will hinder their route.
There isn’t much story emphasis in some parts of the campaign mode.


I remember to this day that when I was just a young’n I would spend most of my free time swimming in what seemed to be an ocean of tiny studded bricks, constructing the tallest of towers and wackiest of little cars. Of course, nowadays, I am too old for it, so my horde of yellow-skinned friends were banished to the attic where they still reside today, but the fond memories I have still remain. You could say that gaming severed the bond between me and my Lego fetish, but in adopting a liking for video games, I was pleased to see an influx of Lego games being released for both the PS one and ...

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