Lego Batman: The Videogame Easter eggs

2 Robins in Batcave
All you need for this cheat is to have the suit upgrade 'Decoy' which lets Robin, while he is wearing his tech suit, to place a phony robot of himself. This cheat, for all I've checked, only works in the Batcave. Steps:1. Have Robin wearing the technology suit. 2. Press the O button and Robin will pull out another him. 3. Quickly switch to Batman(since the decoy explodes eventually) and then as Batman, switch to the decoy. 4. You shouldn't have to wait long until you blow up, blowing up Batman also. When you re-spawn/generate you should be the decoy in regular Robin clothes. Also, instead of waiting for yourself t blow up, walk over a ledge. Then, Batman wouldn't blow up and you are 3 people-2 Robins and one Batman. OR, you can blow up Batman and have 2 Robins, then make another decoy but be sure to switch t that decoy from the Robin in the tech suit. Ta-da! 3 Robins.