Legends of Wrestling II (Xbox) Cheats

Legends of Wrestling II cheats, and Codes for Xbox.


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Andy Kauman
In career mode defeat Andy Kaufman with Jerry Lawler to obtain Andy
British Bulldog
Finish career mode with Dynamite Kid to get British Bulldog
Bruno Samartino
Finish career mode with Hulk Hogan to obtain Bruno Samartino
John Studd
Defeat John Studd in a match with any wrestler to obtain him
Owen Hart
Finish career mode with Bret Hart to obtain Owen Hart
Unlimited Coins
To get an unlimited amount of coins, beat career mode with every single wrestler.
Unlimited Green
To get unlimited green coins finish career mode with all wrestlers
Unlock Cheating Mode
Choose career mode with any legend. During career mode, enter one of each of the match types. After that, exit right away. After all match types have been entered, a message stating that the cheats can now be purchased in the shop will now appear.