Legends of Wrestling II (GC) Cheats

Legends of Wrestling II cheats, and Codes for GC.


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Andy Kaufman
In career mode defeat Andy Kaufman with Jerry Lawler to obtain Andy
British Bulldog
Finish career mode with Dynamite Kid to get British Bulldog
Bruno Samartino
Finish career mode with Hulk Hogan to obtain Bruno Samartino
How to unlock all wrestlers and many more!!!
Increase Smackdown Meter:
Quickly press the taunt button during a match (this will leave you open to attack). Your meter will fill to its full level.

Real names:
When creating a wrestler, you can make people such as Ric Flair, Hall, Nash and others and the announcer will actually say their names

All Wrestlers:
At the main menu: Press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, Triangle(2), Square.

John Studd
Defeat John Studd in a match with any wrestler to obtain him
Owen Hart
Finish career mode with Bret Hart to obtain Owen Hart
Unlimited Green Coins
To get unlimited green coins finish career mode with all wrestlers