Legendary review
A great unique FPS game where NY gets to see the might of Greek terrors!

The good:

Inspired by great Greek Mythology
Creatures & other gorgeous environments
Hollywood movie style story
Music & Soundtrack
Special Animus powers.
Unique gameplay

The bad:

Short story
Different method for regeneration of health
Can be unforgiving on hardest difficulty
No AI-multiplayer



This is unbiased & spoiler-free review of PS3 game- 'LEGENDARY'.First of all, this game is a FPS(First Person Shooter) game which have fantasy/action-adventure/little horror elements in it.
This game is short but is sweet to play. I will tell you the pros & cons of this game.

  • Only for 18+:
This game contains strong blood, violence & gore. You can also find dismemberment of humans and creatures.Occassional bad language is there too.So, only persons above 18 should be allowed to play this game.
  • Story/Legend of LEGENDARY:

Being a FPS game, story is fast-paced, short (about 7-10 hours long) but does not feature on-line or off-line co-op mode like 'Resistance 2' or 'UNCHARTED2' games.I must admit, this game's story have ALL the materials to make a hit Hollywood action movie.But as a game, it's impressive but short.
  • Something about story (without spoilers):
This strange story takes place in the present day New York city.You play as an expert museum thief who steals rare artifacts from museums for your boss. You are asked to steal the most infamous artifact of Greek mythology (Hurray! God Of War!)- "The Pandora's Box". But while stealing the Pandara's box, you accidentally opened it. And you find that a strange portal to the otherworld is opened, creatures and monsters are marching upon the New York, your boss- who is planning to control these creatures & become the new God of mankind- has betrayed you and only you can stop them. Because while opening the Pandora's box, you are branded with a signet which lets you absorb, use & control the Animus energy.
Story is unique, innovative but still only lasts for 7-12 hours on the single playthrough.If you try to beat Hard mode & play on-line, you will get lot's of gameplay hours. Nevertheless, it's worth a play.
  • Gameplay:
  • HUD & Health system:

Ah, HUD, part of every FPS. In LEGENDARY, you have- health bar, Animus Vatae Circle/ball, Weapon icon/s, ammo indicator, Stamina indicator/ half circle(this depletes as you press & hold the sprint button).
The health in this game does not regenerate, instead you have to (or should I say, must) press & hold the Triangle button to replenish your health.This is very annoying because first of all, the button is used for both absorbing Animus &/or replenishing your health.Sometimes when an Animus energy is near & your health is low, you will absorb energy instead of refilling your health.
Also, it feels irritated to press & hold that button again & again to replenish your health every time.This would have been better if they had added an automatic regeneration of health like most of the current generation games have.Still, many players will take this Animus health method as challenge, and if can too take this as challenge.
  • Unique elements of LEGENDARY game:

The uniqueness is instead of facing humans, you'll be facing Griffons,Were-wolves, Menatours & many other creatures from Greek mythology.That too in First person perspective.
  • On-line & LAN multiplayer:

You can play in either LAN or on the PlayStation Network. You have these options to choose from- create match, join match, quick match and custom match.
Multiplayer is great, you can choose how many & which type of AI creatures to summon in a match.You and many other players, then try to kill each-other while trying to survive those creatures' attacks!
It's kinda survival horror type of thing.
  • Gun arsenal:

This game gives you access to a variety of weapons like SMGs,9mms,Molotovs,Grenades, Magnum,shotguns,Rocket launchers etc. And throughout the whole game, the axe is always with you if you ran out of ammo or want to break open a door.
  • Other important things:
  • Graphics:

Graphics are good if not as awesome as 'KILLZONE 2' but still, they are gorgeous. All the things like creatures, walls, weapons, floor etc. all have current- generation console sheen. Creatures are realistic, the NY looks awesome & character models,textures are polished and realistic.
  • Sound effects,music & voice acting:

The music is like a movie and is a masterpiece like Silent Hill or God Of War game scores.It's energetic & compelling to the pace of gameplay.The sound effects are remarkable, imagine- Tall buildings of NY are falling, Minatours are roaring, Were-wolves are crying, Huge blasts of vehicles are happening, People are screaming-they all are precisely done.
Voice acting is good too.Lip-syncing and voice acting according to the situation is nicely done.
No flaws about this area.
  • Glitches:

There aren't any major or annoying glitches in this game but sometimes creatures (especially were-wolves) tend to get trapped in the walls, floor or other things after you kill them.The annoying part is, when were-wolves get stuck, they regenerate like they do when you kill them every time but you can cut their head off if their head is inside the game wall or 'Blue hell'(as we call it in Grand Theft Auto: SanAndreas).Thus, they come back to life and you have to kill them again!
  • AI (Artificial Intellingence):

The AI of creatures is remarkable.They act like real-life animals.All the creatures are deadly & frightening.The AI of human enemies is good too.
  • Replayability:

The actual storyline will last 1-2 weeks. Then you can play this game on the hardest difficulty.And also, you can play this game on-line & on LAN.
So, * Hard mode + Normal mode + Easy mode + On-line/LAN = Plenty of gameplay hours.
You may play this game again & again if you love creatures of Greek mythology or 'God Of War' games.
  • Summary:
It's a great game that introduces the creative idea of combining FPS game with with horror/action/adventure/fantasy elements by adding ancient Greek creatures in the gameplay.This is the first FPS game to do such a creative thing.Other than this, this game will entertain you for 20+ hours & many on-line/LAN gameplay hours.
This game is some-what polished, the storyline is kinda interesting & is fantastic that's why you should at least rent or borrow this great game to experience it's unique story, creatures & gameplay elements.
A really good but little short game which got overlooked because of other many big game titles. That's why this is a must try type of unique FPS game unlike any other.
  • Scores:
Story length/depth: 3/5
Music: 4/5
Voice acting: 3.5/5
Gameplay: 4/5
Graphics: 4/5
Production Value: 4/5
On-line: 4/5
Replay Value: If you are a fan of Greek Mythology or you'd like to play every difficulty modes & on-line/LAN , then - 4/5. If you are a casual player, then- 3/5.
  • Final Score:
On the scale of 5, this game gets: 4/5
On the scale of 10, this game gets: 8/10
On the scale of 100%, this game gets: 80%
On the scale of 50, this game gets: 39/50
On the grade system, this game gets: B+
  • This is an excellent game which is worth a try.Because you will not find some gameplay elements in other games.
Thanks for reading this review.I hope you found it useful.

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Ditnopota May 20, 10
I heard some bad things about Legendary, but I might have to check it out now, man . And again, some damn fine reviewing ....
0 thumbs!
DarshD May 29, 10
Thanks for your kind remarks, Ditnopota .
Bad things? There isn't any issue of gameplay or story. Maybe it's about glitches.
But don't worry. This is a great fun game that delivers Greek monsters butt kicking action through 1st person perspective.
You should try it especially if you have the previlage of renting the games. So, try renting it .
It will entertain you for 1 or so weeks for sure .
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