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A great unique FPS game where NY gets to see the might of Greek terrors!

The good:

Inspired by great Greek Mythology
Creatures & other gorgeous environments
Hollywood movie style story
Music & Soundtrack
Special Animus powers.
Unique gameplay

The bad:

Short story
Different method for regeneration of health
Can be unforgiving on hardest difficulty
No AI-multiplayer



This is unbiased & spoiler-free review of PS3 game- 'LEGENDARY'.First of all, this game is a FPS(First Person Shooter) game which have fantasy/action-adventure/little horror elements in it.
This game is short but is sweet to play. I will tell you the pros & cons of this game.

  • Only for 18+:
This game contains strong blood, violence & gore. You can also find dismemberment of humans and creatures.Occassional bad language is there too.So, only persons above 18 should be allowed to play this game.
  • Story/Legend of LEGENDARY:

Being a FPS game, story is fast-paced, short (about 7...


Not quite enough for being a legend

The good:

  • Soundtrack
  • The way to heal you
  • The general idea for the storyline
  • Some weapons
  • Playing favorite episodes is possible
  • The PDA for information on creatures, weapons, etc..
  • Graphics are correct...

    The bad:

  • ... but unfortunately, some elements are just rushed
  • The accuracy of your weapons
  • The checkpoint is the only way to save a game
  • If you play an episode, it will delete your current save
  • You have to wait a long time before getting in a real fight
  • And for having good weapons, you have to wait for a long time


    Promising title, interesting ideas

    When I came across a preview about Legendary when I was in resource searching mode for Neoseeker, I was immediately impatient to play that new FPS. It was reminding me of Will Rock, with the mythology as the main domain for the enemy creatures and well, being interested in it, it was natural for me to wait for Legendary.

    When it came out, I was shocked to see the reviews noting it badly. The result was: Do I want to put 46 euros for that game? I'm not someone who is convinced by a review note. When I decide to have a game, I want it, no matter the quality. G...

  • 7.0

    Semi-Nostalgic - the good kind!


    I sometimes question the merit of many reviewers; in particular, the ones who get paid to review. Many of these people are unable to actually grasp what's truly important about gaming. They are unable to actually take a game as it's supposed to be; a game. Many of these reviewers scrape the bottom of the barrel before bashing a game, as opposed to actually making a legit attempt of getting into the game before reviewing. I'm actually annoyed of this, because some of my favorite games are always the first to be bashed by the ignorant, all because Gamespot, IGN and others like them give a neg...

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