The Legend of Zelda Passwords

Game Genie Codes
If you have a Game Genie, you can hook it up to you copy of The Legend of Zelda and use these codes to make game play easier. If you don't have a Game Genie, these codes are of no use to you.
PasswordWhat it does
AVVLAUSZDon't take damage from anything
YYKPOYZZCreate character with 8 life hearts
NYKPOYZXCreate character with 16 life hearts
SZVXASVKDon't lose rubies when buying (Note, you must have enough rubies to buy whatever item you want with tis code, you just won't lose them)
SZVXASVK + AEVEVALGAll items for free
SZNZVOVKInfinite bombs
ESKUILTAWear a blue ring
OSKUILTAWear a red ring