The Legend of Dragoon review
The Legend of Dragoon

The good:

This game has an amazingly epic and great story. It has almost as many twists as FFX, and that's saying something. I won't ruin anything for you but let's just say that by disc 3 you will have your jaw on the floor.

This game has a very strong quick paced and engaging battle system. Even though at times some of the additions (essentially combo attacks initiated by pressing the attack button at the right time) will make you wish that you had stayed with everyone's original addition {which is honestly what I did}.

This game has very decent graphics for the time that it was released, the character modles look beautiful and the characters themselves have very entertaining personalities; certain characters will make you laugh your pants off.

The bad:

On the negative side the overworld map is a little frustrating, where it seems like every 5 steps you run into an enemy. Also if you're one of those gamers who like alot of side quests then prepare to be dissappointed, as there's only 4 or 5 of them. Also whenever you go back to certain parts of the map the game will make you insert a different disc for that area.


This was my first RPG that I played as a young lad, so I quite literally grew up with this game and I feel that any and every RPG fan should add this to their library. Quite honestly this game ranks higher than FF7 for the category of old school RPGs for me.

The game is quite generous to those who play and search everything for stardust, as it's well worth the reward you get for finding it all. The game lets you pick party members as you go, although players should make sure that later in the game either Rose or Shawna is included in the party, as their special skills are good for healing your party and thus tip to balance to their favor. For example my party was Albert, Rose, and of course Dart.

Levelling seems good for the game. Having all of the party at least around the Lv.50 mark is simple enough and will get through the main content. Having good speed for the party also seems important but levelling appropriate should ensure this (perhaps around the 60 mark to be certain). Optional content like bonus bosses will put more of a grind, like my team was at Lv.76 for them.

As with any other RPG it is recommended to always keep plenty of potions and other healing items on you to offset the damage you'll likely take in battle. Also I encourage you to experiment with the different additions. I may have stuck with the originals for everybody but that's because I had to take a lot of time to do other things when I was playing so I found it simpler just to keep everything simple with a two-hit attack. It would certainly be beneficial to have a massive four-hit combo from each character but only if you feel like remembering the timing for everybody's attacks. If you have trouble with that I reccommend using a turbo controller for those parts.

Anyway I feel that this game should definitely be part of anyone's library if they have a PSX or a love of RPGs. I literally loved this game before I loved or even knew what an RPG was. Well I hope that you enjoyed my review and keep off the dirigible plums.

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