The Legend of Dragoon review
Legend Of Dragoon RPG game

The good:

* The Story
* The Additions
* The characters
* The locations
* The monsters, and the others who you must defeat

The bad:

I have not so much Bad things, because LOD is a great game, with a lot of good things..

*No Dragoon additions


* The Story is good because =
The game has a long story, very long, I like that, so you can play it a long time, (so you can't beat the game in one hour) and in the beginning of the game you see an movie , then you see shana lay down on the ground with a dragoon spirit, the soldiers kidnapped her to helena prison , and hold her there.
And Lavitz dies, (it's bad, but even good for this story) There are a lot of more things good with this super story.

* The Additions -
You never seen this before in the other games, this is one of the greatest thing of this game, you can make combo's , and when one of the team has a level up, they can get a new addition, so you can choose another addition, and you can train the addition too, how longer you use one addition, how better it is in time.

*The Characters -
Dart can't give up with anything, he is a good fighter, and he has a cool look , and he have the Red-Dragoon spirit, And all the others are different who they are and what they like, and everyone has a good face, cool or funny or creapy, and everyone has another dragoon spirit and weapon and element, and that's very good.

*the locations -
There are so much locations, and some of them are wonderful, and some of them terrible,
It's cool if there hanging a lot of people out there, you can talk to them, and the most of them have 2 things or more to say, and that's better dan one ^^ , And I like the houses, and the water, It's looks good!

*The monsters , and the others who you must defeat -
They have different names, they have different faces, sometimes you can fight more times with an monster or a boss (Someone like Kongol, It's very cool to fight with him) And there are so much..
And I like the additions and fight styles they have, and they going stronger, when you got further in the game, so that's a good point.

*No dragoon Additions (bad) -
It's not really bad, but I have liked it if there are dragoon additions too, but it's still cool because they do excelent attacks with the dragoon attacks =)

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