The Legend of Dragoon review
The Legend of Dragoon; the low leveled game!

The good:

The game is very intricate, with many delicious plot twists and interesting characters. The game takes part in an unstable, humongous continent known as Endiness, in the country of Serdio, where Dart is returning to his home town of Celes, only to discover he is too late; his town has just been destroyed by the Sandoran Imperial Army, who, to Dart's disdain; have a Dragon on their side, the Green Tusked Dragon, Feybrand. And even worse, Shana, Dart's childhood sweetheart, has been taken away by the Army and a mysterious Hooded Man. Dart sets off like a crazy fool to Hellena Prison, where Shana is held captive. And Dart meets Lavitz, who is a First Knighthood of Basil. The two team up and save Shana from the cruel Fruegel, the head guard, and escape the prison and head for the Capital of Bale. They are sent on a mission to defend the Resistance HQ; Hoax. It is there that Rose, the mysterious woman that once saved Dart, joins up and they are sent to Hellena again in an attempt to save King Albert and Lavitz is killed by the Hooded Man who is actually Lloyd, who participated in a previous swordsmanship tourney. The rest is for you to find out. The game has many good features and a story that leaves you begging for more. The unique Additions System is used to string together powerful multi-hit attacks. There are many bosses, and the game spans over 4 discs, wich tells you it is a long story. I gave it a 5.9 even though it is not possible, because I think that it was a bleeping good game. It is at a very reasonable price $9.99-18.99 U.S. So go out and buy it, you fantasy lovers, you!

The bad:

The bad is that two of your party members leave your team, and the fact that you can only hold a very small amount of items and sometimes it is a pain to get rid of items to space up for new ones, but you don't want to dicth it or sell it because you may need them in the next section. And also because some of the enemies are requiring of a special combination of items, though they are worth the trouble for their rewarding, uh, rewards. And also in some areas you run into horrible monsters too easily. And it takes a really long time to level up when you have a team bigger than three. The developers claimed that the game would have more characters and a huge sequel, but it apparently was not enough to score a rival or sequel. I signed a Petion saying it is more than worthy enough for things it has yet to obtain. 2007 would be the perfect year to start a sequel or prequel. They said that the game would for sure have a sequel, but it doesn't.


The game is unique because of its legendary Addition System, and even more famous Dragoon abilities witch allow you to use powerful magic in furious battles between hundreds of monsters and bosses. Your ability to use magic is introduced in the town of Hoax, when Rose saves you from Kongol the Giganto, who later joins you after showing great kindness. In total there are 9 playable characters, but only seven can be in your party unless you are a cheater and Game-Sharked all 9 in at once. Each character is no cheap knock-off of another character, and they each have a different personality and weapon type, unless you count Miranda and Albert, but they are replacements so they use the same items and weapon types. -Long story with unique twists -powerful foes threaten your cause -huge variety of weapons and characters -hundreds of NPCs -intricate missions, challenges, chores and battles -an unusual but satisfying storyline, with a shocking revelation

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