The Legend of Dragoon review
Legend of the Good Game

The good:

The graphics are excellent; especially for the backgrounds. Textures and colors differ from area to area expressing the games graphics. A new innovative addition system was added to this game to attacking enemies more fun and also let you have a chance to increase the amount the attack actually does. The music actually sounds pretty good for an RPG game. Especially the theme song for the boss battles against the Virages. Also, the icon above your head changes color due to how close you are to encountering an enemy:
Blue- It's all good
Yellow- Getting ready to encounter them
Red- You have a high chance in getting into battle.

Characters also aren't carbon copies of each other. All of them have their own strength and weaknesses. You'll play as 9 characters in the game, but can only have 7 in your party(unless you use a Gameshark to hack Lavitz and Shana back into the game even after they die. The game has no problems taking the code; both of them I think can still turn Dragoon, they are in cutscenes, and everything else is hunky-dory! The only thing you can't do is put Albert and Lavitz in the same battle party or Shana and Miranda or else the game gets kinda glitchy). The adventure was also big enough to make 4 Discs. Did I also mention eacg character can turn Dragoon when they earn their Dragoon Spirtit? This is what made the game fun as heck!

The bad:

They're are no voice overs except in FMV sequences and after characters complete additions. Also, the replay value is a little bit on the low side unless we have gamers who like to play games a second time. Also,you can only carry 32 items at a time and only 255 pieces of equipment. Other than these minor issues, this shouldn't discourage you from buying the game. And its at a reasonable price, too!


Legend of Dragoon, in summary, is a great game that will provide hours of fun. Despite the minor issues, you should go out and buy this game and have the time of your life. That's why I give it a 4.9/5.0.

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