The Legend of Dragoon review
An epic game which is easy to love

The good:

The graphic system is fantastic for a early psx game. The fight system is enjoyable takes getting used to to be able to utilize it to the fullest. The story is unique and is in second only to ff8, and xenogears.

The bad:

low replay value after playing it once may lose its appeal.


the characters evolution is incredible its story involves the player so much that it appears much more like an interactive novel than a video game. The dragoon transformations are stunning for people that enjoy the 90's style computer generated graphics's. This game is amazing in how the story unfolds it creates more emotion for the player than any other game i have ever played. For any true RPG gamer that can enjoy a game for its ingenious story instead of modern graphic engines should play this game for the enjoyment of the story. Its not to difficult of a game but parts are trying. I would not suggest this game for people that only enjoy action and constant fighting but for anyone that can grasp a good story.

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