The Legend of Dragoon review
The Legend of Dragoon

The good:

The story is great, the battle system is fun, the graphics were nice at that time of release, and it has a pretty good replay value.

The bad:

The battles were boring at the beginning because it took forever to kill some enemies, and some characters got on my nerves.


Overall, this was one sweet game. It was a fantastic RPG, which Square seems to be quite famous for, and this is definetly no exception. First of all, the story is really amazing as it starts out as you are Dart, and apparently there is this village monster whom claims his parents lives'. So basically the story is to find the monster that took his parents away from him and get revenge. Although its a bit on the traditional side, its still pretty good. The gameplay is quite fun, and that mostly refers to the battle system. It is turn-based, but its more on the creative side of things. When you go in for an attack, there is this little box and another box outside it. The one oustide will get shorter and shorter as you close in for the attack and when it gets in the middle, you're supposed to hit the 'X' button, and if you do, then you'll get added damage. With that, you can only imagine the other combinations that you have the option of doing, so the combo's are really versatile. As for the graphics, its pretty interesting. They aren't really in the same shape of how FFVII looks, but more on a FFVIII graphics engine; which fits the game quite nicely. As for the playability, there is a lot of stuff to do, seeing as how tLoD spans 4 disks. As you start playing more and more, then you'll really get addicted, because its just.. a really fun game.

I would recommend it for anyone to play, because its just a great all-around RPG. If you're a fan of Square and also have a playstation, then there is no reason this shouldnt be sitting in your collection somewhere.

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