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: : : : The Legend of Dragoon FAQ/Walkthrough

The Legend of Dragoon FAQ/Walkthrough

by Dragoon Master2   Updated to v1.0 on
                       The  Legend of
                                      Legend    of    Dragoon
                      Version 1.0

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                 Legend of Dragoon Walkthrough/FAQ                                               
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Author : Dragoon Master2
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Walkthrough Completion : 4%(Estimated)
Faq Completion : 20%(Estimated)
Version : 1.0
Printing Status : Ready To Print
Last Update : 2/03/02
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This FAQ is for the Playstation Game The Legend of Dragoon. It is Copyrighted to
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C O N T E N T :
Version History
Section 1: Basic Info
      I Basic Controls
     II Element Types
    III Status Abnormalities
    IV World Races
     V Characters(Spoilers!!)
    VI Stardust Location
Section 2: Walkthrough
Disc 1: Chapter 1: Serdio War
1.0 Seles on Fire
1.1 Rescuing Shana
A Forest
B Hellena Prison

Section 3: Dragoon(New!!!)
I Location of Dragoon Spirits

Section 4: Character Strategies(Spoilers!!)

Section 5: Questions and Answers

Section 6: Rumors

Section 7: Credits

More Coming Soon…
Version History:
   -I made the Faq
   -On its way to Gamefaqs

In the FAQ I will use several symbols and I want you to know what they mean
If I put a * right before a monsters hp it means around its hp. Like this if I
put Hellena Warden *6 it means its hp is around 6 hp. The sign ~ means that it
is only found on the world map.
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                        Section 1: Basic Info
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                         I Basic Controls
 /_\(Triangle): Lets you enter the menu screen.

O: If you hold this while walking it allows you to run (handy). If an enemy
Counterattacks your addition press this instead of the X button. Also use this
button to exit out of a menu or action.
X: This is the usual selection button. Press this to continue the chain of an
addition. Use this to talk to people. Push this button when you see an ! over
your head .

Square: Absolutely Nothing!

L1: Rotate the screen in a clockwise motion in the world map.

L2: Zoom in the screen on the world map.

R1: Same as L1 except in a anti-clockwise direction. In Towns or Dungeons turn
the arrows on or off.

R2: Same as L2 except it zooms out. Pressing this button during battle changes
the direction.

Start: On the world map it turns the Town and Dungeon names on/off.

Select: Nothing

                        II Element Types
There are a total of 8 elements. The 8th one is the element that beats all
elements. Here are the seven regular elements:
The ultimate element is Void.

Fire strong against Water
Water strong against Fire
Wind strong against Earth
Earth strong against Wind
Dark strong against Light
Light strong against Dark
Void strong against Every Element
Lightning isn’t strong against anythingL

Element Colors:
Each character in the game has a different color on there name bar. That means
what element they are. Here are the Element Colors:

Earth: Golden Brown
Fire: Red
Water: Blue
Wind: Green 
Lightning: Violet
Dark: Dark Blue(almost black)
Light: Yellow
Void: Black
                      III Status Abnormalities
Some enemies can cause Status Abnormalities like Poison etc. so I am going to
list them in here and how to cure them..

NOTE: Turn into Dragoons to get rid of Status Abnormalities, Also if you are
guarding or in Dragoon form you can’t get poison etc.

Poison: Victim loses 10% of his/her hp each turn. Cure with Body Purifier.

Weapon Block: Him/her can’t use their Weapons. This will remain for 3 turns
and/or the end of battle. Cure with Body Purifier.

Stunned: The fighter can’t do anything for 3 turns, until they are attacked, or
will disappear after battle.

Dispirited: Victim loses motivation and doesn’t gain SP. Cure with Body

Fear: Attacking and Guarding power is cut in half. Cure with Mind Purifier.

Petrified: Frozen in fear, the victim can’t do anything until the end of battle.
Cure with Body Purifier.

Confused: The Victim will attack one of your allies or Run Away in battle. It
lasts for 3 turns and/or at the end of battle. Cure with Mind Purifier.

Bewitched: Hypnotized to attack an ally. The Condition lasts for 3 turns, until
the enemy is defeated or at the end of battle. Cure with Mind Purifier.
                       IV World Races
The world has 108 races and species. Most of them have died out and there are
few left.

97th Species:
Name: Gigantos
Home: Home of Gigantos

This race is the strongest of all. They have incredible strength and defense.
But are lousy in magic, speed and smarts. They fight with humongous weapons.
There are few remaining.

99th Species :
Name: Minintos
Home: None

These are little dwarf like magical creatures. They worn a magician hat.
This is a mysterious species. Little is known about this species. There
are only one or two survivors of this species still struggling in this

105th Species:
Name: Dragons
Home: Unknown

These are very strong creatures with huge wings. They are strong in
everything but its intelligence level is very low. They can kill a human
just with the wipe of the tail. This species is the sky dominator in the
ancient time. Humans harness its spiritual power to become Dragoons.
Dragons joined forces with humans to defeat the winglies race. The few
survivors of this race are being controlled by humans.

106th Species:
Name: Humans
Home: Everywhere

Humans are average in everything. They are really intelligent. They don’t have
super strength either. They can harness the Spiritual power of Dragons to become
Dragoons. They join forces with the Dragons during the Dragon campaign to beat
the Winglies. There are several humans left.

 107th Species:
Name: Winglies
Home: The Five Cities of Winglies

These creatures lived in floating cities. There are five of such cities.
They are Kadessa, Birth City Crystal Palace, Death City Mayfil, Law City
Zenobatos and Magical City Agli. Kadessa was the capital of Winglies and
is the center of politics and military. The Birth City Crystal Palace
was a city where babies were selected to be born. Only those babies with
strong magical power were allowed to be born. The Death City Mayfil was
where the souls of the dead were sent to an infernal world. The Law City
Zenebatos was the city where Wingly laws were made. The laws were
claimed for justice but actually they were used to judge other races. It
is the place where executions and trials were carried out. The Magical
City Aglis was the city where magic was studied. This species were VERY
strong magic users. They dominated the world with their magic. They
feared the birth of the 108th species do they sealed the Virage Embryo
in Crystal Sphere. They drew enormous amount of magical power from it
and pushed their magic to the limit.

108th Species:
Name: Virage Embryo
Home: None

This is the God of Destruction. When it is born, it will mark the end of
the world. Creator Soa intents to regenerate a new world after the world
is destroyed.

                      V Characters (Spoilers!)

Element: Fire
Hair: Blonde, spiky
Race: Human
Height: 178 cm
Age: 23 years
 He is the main character in the game and he wields a very cool sword.
At the beggining of the game he is searching for a creature called the Black
Monster who destroyed his
home town, Neet. Through the game he will treat Shana like a little sister but
deep down he has feelings for her like she does to him. He is an all around guy
for battling.

More Coming Soon...

                        VI Stardust Locations
Here are the stardust locations:

1. In Seles after defeating the Commander go to the Grave yard and check the
most left tombstone to get Stardust 1.

More To Come Soon…

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                     Section 2: Walkthrough
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Note: When I say Hardness on a boss 1 means the easiest and 10 is the hardest!

Chapter 1: Serdian War

Opening FMV:
An army is wiping off a village. Everything is on fire and they are
searching for something... A girl was lying unconsciously in the
wreckage. One of the soldier hands a circular blue object to the
commander. Using the object, the commander will shine some light under
the moonlight onto the girl's forehead. Then, they will take the girl
                          1.0 Seles On Fire
Treasures: BurnOut x1, Healing Potion x2

Boss Prize: Burn Out x1, Healing Potion x2

Boss: Commander 20 Hp

Monsters: Knight of Sandora ~5 Hp

Characters: Dart, Plos, Villagers, Ishe, Lowe, Master Tasman

Item Shop: None

Stardust: 1
After the Opening Scene, you will see a mysterious woman standing on a cliff.
Then a “Dragon” will pop up out of the forest and she will say Green Tusked
Dragon, Feyrbrand. The Screen will fade and you will see Dart, the main
character, reading a paper. Then the ground will start shaking and Dart will see
some horses rushing by. He manages by intercepting 2 of the Knights by wielding
his sword. But then they will rush away because of the earthquake(Dragon). Then
Dart will see the Dragon and start running away. He manages to escape a falling
tree. Then he gets trapped at a canyon! The mysterious woman will grab him and
they will hide behind a rock. The Dragon will walk away and the woman says That
town could have been easily destroyed without a Dragon. Then Dart will rush away
and a stone in the woman’s hand will start to glow… Now you will get to control
Dart. Walk down to the fence. Jump over it by pressing “X” when a ! pops up over
your head and you will see two Knights beating up a villager. You will fight the
two Knights. They only have around 5 Hp so two attacks can take out 1, or a
Double Slash can take 1 out with 1 shot. Then you will talk to the villager
automatically and he will say to Rescue Shana. Get the treasure chest for a Burn
Out. Save at the save point if you want. To save stand on the light and push the
/_\  and go to save. Run to your left.

You will notice a old man lying on the ground. You will automatically
talk to him and pick him up. He is Plos, the villager's mayor. He has
only a light wound. Again he mention about Shana. Next, a Commander will
notice you and two soldiers will join him. Commander will tell you that
Shana has been taken to the Hellena Prison.
Boss Fight:
Commander 20 Hp
Two Knights of Sandora ~5 Hp
Hardness: 1

Go after 1 of the Knights first. You should easily take one of them out. Once
you take 1 of them out the other will run away and the Commander will say “You
are awful cheeky” and deal an attack that does 6 damage. The Commander will heal
himself for 4 Hp when he gets really damaged. He can also cast Burn Out which
does 4 Hp. Guard when necessary. Just try to use some additions. If you killed
one of the knight and the Commander, you will
get two Healing Potion and a Burn out. Note that if you defeat only the
commander, both of the knight will run away, and you will not get the
extra burn out. You will also level up after this battle. You will gain
a new Addition, Volcano.
You will talk to the mayor again. After you gain control, try going in
the door beside the mayor, Ishe and Lowe will dash out, knocking Dart.
They claimed that everyone is dead but Dart told them that there is
survivors. Plos tells them to do what they can and they dash off to get
some medical herbs. Talk to everyone here. Check the graveyard at the
top left corner, its the third grave from the left. You will find a
Stardust. Then talk to the man in shiny armor,Tasman, he will teach you
how to use the sword. You will have a match with him, but you won't kill
him and he won't kill you because the HP will not decrease. When given
the option, select the second one (Yes Master, please.) and you will
enter the fight with him. Ask him whatever you want and LEARN!!! Then head north
and exit.
                          Rescuing Shana
                            A) Forest
Treasures: Charm Potion, Healing Potion, 20G, BurnOut

Boss Prize: None

Boss: None

Monsters: Berserk Mouse ~2 Hp, Trent 5 Hp, Assassin Cock 3 Hp, Goblin ~5 Hp

Characters: Man in Hood, Fruguel, Merchant

Merchant: Healing Potion, Body Purifier, BurnOut, and Charm Potion
Note: You will meet random battles from now on.. I will tell you win there won’t
be any random battles…

Save on the World Map if you want to then Enter the forest.  When you enter the
Forest go by anything from the Merchant right in front of you. After buying what
you need he will ask if you need any help on items. Choose yes if you don’t know
how to use Items and LEARN!!! After that continue on a little bit until you get
to a path that leads South & North. Go south and pick up the treasure(Healing
Potion). Then head North and leave the area. In this area head over the log and
pick up the Treasure(Charm Potion) then head to the left/south & exit.

In this area proceed right and go through the bushes. Then go through either one
of the green arrows on the bottom of the one you just came through. Go over and
get the Treasure(20G) and exit back trough one of those arrows. Go left a little
then head down and exit through here. Go get the Treasure(BurnOut) and head back
to the main part. Go up a little then head left and exit through there. Just
exit to the last arrow and you are out of this part. Go along the log and you
will get a sequence of Dart and Shana. Exit this area. Now just continue along
the path until you get to the exit. You just finish the forest, Horrraaayyy!!

Save at the world map if you want. I suggest you be at least Level 3, if you are
at 4 or 5 you are doing Superb!!! Now enter Hellena Prison…
                         B) Hellena Prison
Treasure: Angels Prayer, Leather Jacket, 50G, Spark Net, 20G x3, Key to Shana’s

Boss Prize: Healing Potion x4 & a Knight Shield

Boss: Fruegel, Hellena Warden x2, Senior Warden x2

Monsters: Hellena Warden ~9 Hp

Characters: Fruegel, Merchant, Shana, Sir Lavitz, Man in Hood

Merchant: Healing Potion, Spark Net, and Angels Prayer
Note: You will not be in any random battles, just when a Warden sees you…

When you first go in you will see a scene with a merchant trailer thingy. Follow
It and you will see a guard checking it out, when you see an exclamation mark
appear over your head push the “X” button to jump into the trailer thingy. Other
wise you would get caught and you would have to do the same thing over.

Now that you are inside go talk to the merchant and he will call a guard. After
you beat the guard talk to the merchant a couple times and he will sell you some
stuff. Buy what you need, save, and go through the exit to the south. Here you
will see a “horse” and a warden. Let the warden see you to get some exp. After
the battle don’t worry about going to the left. Just go right and you will see
another guard. Go up the stairs to another exit and go through it. You have to
fight another warden to go up the ladder. Climb up the ladder and you will see a
Treasure chest, but you can’t get it till you come back here for the second
time. Just continue along the path and exit. Continue along the bridge and save
if you want and enter the room. There a several guards in here and I would
suggest battling them for some exp. Go down the ladder and to the left. Grab the
first Treasure chest(Angels Prayer) and then snatch up the second one(Leather
Jacket). Continue in a counter-clockwise direction and head down the stairs.
Grab the Treasure(50G) and leave this area.

Go near the teepee until you see an ! and push “X”. You will be taken to the
second part. Go into the room to your left. You will see a little scene about
some people of Basil. Then you will see Lavitz Slambert. Dart & Lavitz start
fighting, but they will stop. Then you will have to fight 3 Wardens. After the
fight Lavitz will join your party!!! From here go to the left exit. Go to the
first door you come to and enter. There will 2 guys and a Treasure(Spark Net).
Head back out and go into the next door again. Go and hop on the crates to the
Treasure(20G) and head down off the crates and exit this room. Head left and
exit into the next room. Now just exit out to where the blue is. You will be
back where the teepee’s are. One will come down and a warden will come out of it
and you are forced to battle him. After the battle get onto the teepee and go
up. Head to the room on the left and enter it. Go up the little stair case and
along the bridge. You will then get some conversation and then you will get Key
to Shana’s Cell. Now exit back out of this room the way you came in. Now you can
go into the room on your right. Head to the exit on the left. Go up to those 3
guards and you will have to battle them. Then you will talk to Shana in her
cell. Then you will have to battle 3 more guards. Then a little more talking and
then Shana will join you. She DOES NOT have any additions!! Make sure to equip
Shana with the Leather Jacket!! Then you will get a scene with Fruegel. After
that head into the cell to the right of you and get the Treasure(20G) and head
back out. Now Head through the left exit and go into the cell. Get the
Treasure(20G) and head back out. Now head left again. Now Head back out through
the blue space. Go down the teepee then go down the other teepee then save at
the save point cause you are about to have a boss fight… Head to the left exit
and continue tell you get back to the place you came in.

You will talk to Fruegel a little then…
Boss Fight:
Fruegel ~90 Hp
Hellena Warden x2 ~12 Hp
Senior Warden x2 ~20 Hp
Hardness: 3

Ok, Head for the 2 Hellena Wardens and destroy them first because you can’t
attack Fruegel yet. After you defeat those 2 Fruegel will call in 2 Senior
Wardens. Now you can attack Fruegel but first kill off those Senior Wardens.
Note that when you defeat one it will cast a magic attack on you dealing some
damage. After those 2 are gone go after Fruegel. You should use a lot of
additions on him. BurnOut works really good on him. After a while he will go
down. You get 300 exp. 50G 4 Healing Potions and a Knight Shield.
Everybody will get on Horses and ride away. Isn’t that cool with Lavitz jumping
the bridge?! Then the Man in Hood will show up & talk to Fruegel.

Now you are on the World Map. Equip Dart with the knight shield, save and then
enter the Prairie.
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                      Section 3: Dragoon
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                 I Location of Dragoon Spirits
Everybody has there own Dragoon Spririts. I will list where you can get them.

Disc 1:
Red-Eyed Dragoon Spirit: Fire Based
When Sandora occupys Hoax and Rose saves you from Kongol you can use it anytime
after that.

Disc 1:
Dark Dragoon Spirit: Dark Based
She can turn Dragoon anytime after you get her.

Disc 1:
Jade Dragoon Spirit: Wind Based
You can turn him Dragoon after you beat beat Greham and his Dragon at the
Dragon's Nest!

Disc 1:
Silver Dragoon Spirit: Light Based
You can turn her Dragoon after getting the Dragoon Spirit from Shirley at
Shirley's Temple.

Disc 1:
Jade Dragoon Spirit: Wind Based
You get it from Lavitz after he is killed by Lloyd.

End of Disc 1:
Violet Electric Dragoon Spirit: Electric Based
You get this spirit from Emperor Doel after he dies at the Black

Disc 2:
Golden Dragoon Spirit: Earth Based
You can get this from the Vendor at Lohan after getting Kongol.

End of Disc 2:
Blue Dragoon Spirit: Water Based
You get after defeating Lenus at the Under Sea Cavern and her Dragon.

Disc 3:
Silver Dragoon Spirit: Light Based
You recieve this spirit from Shana when you are in Deningrad
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                         Section 3: Character Strategies
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Here I will list strategies for all the characters.

Dart: Even though he is an all around character I use him as an all out
attacker. Try to pick his strongest additions, Volcano, Crush Dance, Moon
Strike, Blazing Dynamo, and Max them out. Guard only when necessary. Use his
magic’s A LOT, but don’t worry about explosion(your better off waiting for Red
Eyes Dragon Attack).

Lavitz: For some reason its hard to pull off Additions with him. Don’t worry
about guarding with this guy. All I have to say is your best of just doing
physical damage to an enemy.

Shana: For one this girl has no additions. Guarding with her is a necessity
because of her low hp and defense. Her attack skill is nice. For some reason I
really like to use her.

Rose: There’s not much to her just Guard for her low hp and try to use magic as
much as you can. Oh and some of her Additions are really nice…

Haschel: I just can’t stand this guy. Just use additions, guard and don’t worry
about his magic.

Albert: To pull off some off his additions is like impossible. He has lower
defense than Lavitz. Just put on an Ultimate Wargod on him and he will blow
everyone away. I love to use Albert!

Meru: She is faster than anyone else, but she has really low defense. She kind
of has a low attack power. Just use magic. I don’t care for her very much.

Kongol: Brute Strength!!! Just use Physical attacks, don’t worry about guarding
or magic. Awesome for enemies with low defense! Not much to say about him just

Miranda: Look at Shana. 

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                  Section 5: Questions & Answers
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This is the Place where you will send me questions & I will answer them!! So
Start sending them!
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                       Section 6: Rumors
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I will try to find Rumors and post them here and say if they are true! You can
always send me Rumors too!

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                       Section 7: Credits
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CJayC: Thanks for such a nice gaming site!!!!

Myself: For putting so much time and effort into this!

Mom: Thanks for the support!

All The People Who Gave Me Money For My Birthday So I Could By This Game!

Desmond Xie: Thanks for your awesome Faq to help me get through the game!!

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                      Written By: Dragoon Master2
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