The Legend of Dragoon FAQ/Walkthrough v1.0
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: : : : The Legend of Dragoon FAQ/Walkthrough

The Legend of Dragoon FAQ/Walkthrough

by MotherKojiro   Updated to v1.0 on
The Legend of Dragoon:
A Complete Walkthrough and Item Index
By: Alice Kojiro (MotherKojiro(AT)gmail(DOT)com)

Note: This work is mine exclusively.  I've spent several hours writing it.  If
you don't believe me, try writing one yourself.  Anyway, if you need to contact
me, just send me an e-mail.  E-mails have 3 main criteria.  First of all, they
need a subject line that tells me that the message is about my walkthrough.
Another important criterion is that it needs to be suggestions about the
walkthrough.  I don't appreciate invitations to blogs, invites to chat rooms,
flaming, or anything like that.  Your suggestions can be anything from spelling
and grammarical errors to new sections you think I should add.  The only other
reason you shoud be writing to me is to ask me to use this guide on your
website.  You cannot do so without my consent as it is illegal.  All you need
to do is ask and it is highly unlikely that I will deny you the use of this
guide.  You also have to give me credit for writing this.  Failure to do so is
plaigiarism.  I appreciate your cooperation.  Thanks for choosing this guide.

Table of Contents

I.	Intro
II.	Thanks
III.	Status Ailments
IV.	Battle
V.	Walkthrough
  A.	Chapter 1: Serdian War
  B.	Chapter 2: Platinum Shadow
  C.	Chapter 3: Fate & Soul
  D.	Chapter 4: Moon & Fate
VI.	Additions
  A.	Fire
  B.	Dark
  C. 	Wind
  D.	Thunder
  E.	Water
  F.	Earth
VII.	Dragoons
  A.	Red-Eye
  B.	Dark
  C. 	Jade
  D.	White Silver
  E.	Violet
  F.	Blue Sea
  G.	Golden
VIII.	Weapons
  A.	Swords
  B.	Rapiers
  C. 	Spears
  D.	Bows
  E.	Gloves
  F.	Hammers
  G.	Axes
IX.	Armor
  A.	Body
  B.	Helmets
  C.	Boots
  D.	Accessories
X.	Items
  A.	Recovery
  B.	Attack
  C.	Repeat
XI.	Stardust
XII.	Special Monsters
  A.	Yellow Bird
  B.	Cursed Jar
  C.	00 Parts
  D.	Blue Bird
  E.	Treasure Jar
  F.	Red Bird
  G.	Lucky Jar
  H.	Rainbow Bird

I. Intro
All right, let's get some things straight here.  I don't mean to offend anyone.
If this walkthrough offends you, you're thinking too hard.  It's as simple as
that.  The reason I wrote this is that so many walkthroughs give incorrect
directions.  Also, I love this game.

II. Thanks

Obviously Sony for making Legend of Dragoon.
Bryan for showing this game to me.
My lady for her eventual support and proofreading.
Malk for her great website and for putting my name in lights!
Dave14583 at AOL for the Zackwell info.
Anyone who reads this.

III. Status Ailments

Poison - If you don't know this one you've never played an RPG before.  Poison
drains HP from you every round.  While it lasts outside of battle, it won't
drain your HP there.  It looks like a big green circle on your character.  Fix
this with a Body Purifier.

Stun - You're not able to do anything until one of three things happens: you
get hit, you have a Body Purifier used on you, or the battle ends.  It can also
wear off by itself after three turns.  Your character lies down and there's
little circles floating around him or her.

Arm Block - This is like stun, but it only disables your attack command and it
isn't cured by being hit.  Everything else applies.  This looks like a black
cloud covering the upper half of your character.

Fear - Your attack and defense are cut in half.  This looks like a blue circle
hovering above your character with little blue skulls floating around it.  This
lasts until you fix this with a Mind Purifier.

Bewitchment - Everything you do benefits the enemy.  This looks like a pink
circle above your character with little pink hearts floating around it.  This
can be dispelled in a variety of ways.  You can finish the battle or use a Mind
Purifier.  However, you can also wait it out for three turns or kill the one
who bewitched you, for those methods also remind you whose side you're on.

Confusion - Your character's behavior becomes erratic.  This looks like a
yellow circle with little yellow question marks floating around it.  This ends
with the battle, in three rounds, or with a Mind Purifier.

Dispirit - Your character's attacks gain no SP.  Your character just kinda
slumps a little.  This lasts after battle and can be fixed with a Mind

Petrified - Your character does nothing until the battle ends.  The character
also gains no experience if this condition is untreated at the end of the
battle.  This looks like your character laying down with a giant rock and
smaller orbiting rocks floating above his/her head.  This ends with the battle
or with a depetrifier.

IV. Battle

OK, so, when you walk around in a dungeon, you have a blue, spinning triangle
over your head.  The more you walk, it turns yellow, then red.  After some
walking on red, you will enter a battle.  In battle, you can change the camera
angle with R2, which I suggest doing until the angle is about as close to
behind your characters as it will get because it makes additions so much
easier to do.  When your turn to attack comes, you will be presented with a
menu displaying the following options:

Attack - Pretty self-explanatory... or is it?  This game has an interesting
attack system, which resembles that of Super Mario RPG.  Your character runs
up to smack the target.  You will see a small, stationary, blue square and a
larger, shrinking one.  The idea is to hit X right when the borders match,
which is also when the weapon makes contact.  Personally, I judge that by both
criteria.  If you are successful, the area inside of the square turns white and
the attack continues.  Each attack has anywhere from 1-7 of these in it,
depending upon which addition you have selected.  If you hit X too soon, the
square will turn gray inside and if you are too late, it will be blue inside.
Now, sometimes you will hear a weird whooshing noise and the squares will turn
red.  This is called a counter.  When this happens you want to press O instead
of X.  When your weapon makes contact, time will freeze for about a second and
if you did it right, the attack will continue as normal.  However, screw up and
not only does the attack end, you'll also be thrown back and take damage.
This is very comical as well as frustrating.  Even if you succeed, the rhythm's
off.  If the counter happens RIGHT before the next attack, you ALMOST have to
press X BEFORE the time freeze ends.  It's really hard at certain points in the
addition, but rest assured, there are never plural counters in the same attack,
though the counter may occur at a different place each time.  There are certain
places a counter never occurs, however.  It will never occur on the first or
last hit of a combo, so additions with one or two hits are never countered.
That's about it for attack.  Confused?  Alright!  Let's go!  By the way,
there's an Additions section towards the end of this walkthrough.

Guard - This decreases the damage the character takes, but it also restores 10%
of the character's maximum HP.  Also, while you're guarding, status ailments
cannot be inflicted on you.  However, guarding doesn't cure any existing
ailments.  If you wanna be cheap, you can use this to restore HP instead of

Item - Self-explanatory.  However, there are different attributes to items.
Multi means that it can be multiplied by quickly and repeatedly pressing X
until the animation ends.  Rep means that the item can be used infinitely many
times, but only once per battle.

Escape - Run from battle.  You get no rewards for doing this.  I can honestly
say that I never run from battle.

Dragoon - This transforms you into a Dragoon!  You'll learn more about this
later.  As a Dragoon, you have two options, D-Attack, aka Dragoon Addition,
and Magic.  For more information, consult the Dragoon section.

Special - This only become available if everyone in your party has their SP as
full as it will go at that point.  It transforms everyone into Dragoons and
favors the character who used the option.  By favors, I mean it increases the
strength of any attacks used that are of that character's elemental and that
character will always score a perfect on their Dragoon Addition until the
special ends.

One last thing: elementals.  You can tell what elemental an enemy is by the
color of its name window.  Below is a list of all elementals and their colors.
Red - Fire
Blue - Water
Green - Wind
Brown - Earth
Dark Blue - Dark
Yellow - Light
Purple - Thunder
Gray - Non-elemental.

Each elemental does more damage against its opposite and less against itself.
Opposites are fire vs. water, wind vs. earth, and dark vs. light.  Thus, 
thunder is the best elemental to be overall, since it takes less damage from
thunder and it has no weaknesses.  However, elemental strengths and weaknesses
aren't all that crucial to battle, since magic isn't readily available.

V. Walkthrough

Chapter 1: Serdian War

Stardust #01:  Check the tombstone near the tree.  It's over towards the
               western side.

WTF!?  What's going on!?  and most importantly... WHAT'S A FEYRBRAND!?  Don't
worry, it'll all make sense in due time.  For now, let's just focus on the
destroyed town and behold the Feyrbrand in all his majesty.  By the way, just
get used to the fact that all the dragons in this game with three exceptions
(Feyrbrand being one) look like ^&%&*$@ spaceships!  Feyrbrand looks more like
a praying mantis...  and you'll soon find out what Mystery Chick's cool glowing
thingy was.  ANYway, Seles.  Run south until you see a construction sign above
your head.  These are action icons.  When you see one, press X and something
will happen.  In this case, Dart hops the fence.  After a quick scene, here's
your first battle.  If you didn't read my combat synopsis, go back and read it
now unless you know how to fight already.  So yeah, this fight's pathetically
easy even if you screw up every single addition.  I did my first time, so don't
feel bad.  Get the Burn Out from the chest, but don't use it here, cuz it's
fire and so are all the fights in Seles.  Items are best saved for battles, at
least until you get yourself some magic.  Now, that glowing pillar up in the
corner is a save point.  Walk onto it and go into your menu (triangle).
You'll notice the save option is now available.  Save if you want.  Now, exit
west (exits are marked with green, spinning triangles).  Uh oh, here comes
trouble...  Just listen to that music!  It's your first boss.  OMG!  This is
all happening so fast!  Don't worry, he's easy also even with his backups.
Here's a strategy anyway.  (UGH!  He told a bad joke!)

Commander, Knight of Sandora x2
Don't start dancing to the techno boss music, just fight the two knights first,
if they don't flee in terror, that is...  <Sigh> anyway, just use Double Slash,
defending when you need it.  The Commander should fall easily.  You may need to
use a Healing Potion if you're not quite good at additions yet.  Don't despair,
they come with practice.

So, you'll go up a level and get Volcano, a new addition.  I stick with Double
Slash until I've mastered it, but that's up to you.  Go into the building Plos
is leaning against.  Some kids will fly out and try to kill you.  Eventually,
the kids will go out and collect herbs and stuff.  Now go and talk to the guy
with the sword, he's talking to a lady in a blue dress.  He'll teach you about
additions.  I suggest you train with him until you get the hang of them,
ESPECIALLY COUNTERS!  You will quite likely grow to hate counters, so get used
to them now.  Remember, you'll automatically be using Volcano, which has 3
button presses.  When you're done, leave town to the north and exit onto the
world map of the continent of Serdio, which is where Chapter 1 takes place.
In case you're wondering, Endiness is the name of the planet.  Just follow the
dotted line into the Forest.  You can save anytime on the world map.  Also,
you can be attacked, even though you're just following a dotted line.  Just
remember to heal up.  Don't be stingy with healing items.  Trust me, by the
end of the first disc, you'll likely be throwing them away left and right.

Head up the path and talk to the merchant.  Choose to buy something from him.
I suggest buying a Body Purifier just in case.  Whether or not you actually
buy anything doesn't matter, just offer.  If you do he'll explain the whole
elemental thing and how to use multipliable items.  Essentially, multipliable
items just mean that you press X as quickly and repeatedly as possible.  I
suggest pressing it with your finger instead of your thumb because I can do it
faster that way.  Opposite elements are as follows: Fire vs. Water,
Wind vs. Earth, Dark vs. Light.  Thunder has no opposite.  For more info, just
talk to the guy.  Onward!  Exit this screen.  Head up the log to the next exit.
On the next screen, there are arrows galore.  The path that takes you to the
exit is the following: West at the first intersection, then up north off the
screen, finally go around the bend and you're on the next screen.  Go south
across the log to the next screen.  Head south yet again down the bendy path
and you're out of the Forest.

Suggested Level: 3
My Level: 6 (that's where I ended up after mastering Double Slash)

Before I come here, I make sure to have mastered Double Slash, but I usually
don't master Volcano so I have something to do with Dart once the new character
joins you.  By the way, monsters usually only attack one at a time on the world
map.  This is easier on you, but building up takes longer, so I personally
usually build up in a dungeon.  It's up to you, though.  ANYway, on to Hellena.
You get in with little difficulty or wait time... perhaps Dart isn't such a
dumb klutz after all!  Something you will notice here is the perpetual redness
of your arrow.  That means all encounters are caused by touching the soldiers
that roam about.  No random encounters!  This can be good or bad, you decide.
These guards have the deadliest weapon of all... a stick with a rock on the

Keep talking to the merchant and he'll offer to sell you stuff.  Save if you
wish and head out the western exit unless you really want another Burn Out.  In
this room, guards will shout obscenities at you and chase you with their deadly
rock-sticks.  Fight them if you wish; I do!  Go northeast (up the stairs) onto
the next screen.  There is an automatic fight here, but the guards are really
weak and attack one at a time.  Granted, I was at level 6, but one Volcano
easily took out these guys.  Climb the ladder and follow the path to the next
screen.  Here's a save point.  In the room next to it, there's some treasure
and guards, but nothing necessary.  However, there is a Leather Jacket here,
which would be a wise investment for a character who's about to join.  When
you're ready, take the lift up and go west into the building.  After a scene,
the skillful body harvester Lavitz will join you.  W00t!  Hopefully the guards
won't get smart and put points on their rock-sticks!

SO MANY FREAKING DOORWAYS!!!  OK, go left twice and through the blue-toned exit
without crossing the bridge.  Ride the northern lift and go west to the next
screen.  Go up the stairs and around the bend on the bridge and pick up the
shiny object.  How convenient...  Go back out and go in the eastern door on the
previous screen.  AUGH!  IT'S THE REVERSE OF THE LAST MAZE! Don't cross the
bridge, just head left and you should see a group of guards.  Kick them into
the dirt and open the door behind them.  You've rescued Shana and you have to
fight one more battle for her.  After this pathetic battle, Lavitz reminds you
that WE NEED TO GET THE OUT OF HERE! (too damp to have a party ahahahaha
ahahaha aha aha oh gravy!) ANYway, he's right.  By the way, Shana picks up a
bow and tries to fight... tries.  She's remarkably weak, just have her defend,

Give Shana the leather jacket and when you're ready to leave, use the lifts to
get down and exit the way you came in (remember how the merchant's cart took
you?).  I built up to the point that Dart had mastered Volcano and Burning
Rush, while Lavitz had mastered Harpoon, Spinning Cane, and Rod Typhoon.
Excessive, I know, but that's less building I need to do later.  When you get
to the room with the one random horse, you're discovered by the enemy.  Get
ready for another boss battle.

Freugel, Hellena Warden x2, Senior Warden x2
The battle starts out with just Freugel and the two Hellena Wardens.  These can
take a bit more punishment than the ones you've been fighting, but it's nothing
major.  He summons the Senior Wardens later.  They're a bit tougher and cast
Gushing Magma when you kill them.  Freugel himself is the only significant
danger, though he's not that bad.  Unless you built up a lot, have Shana mainly
on healing and defense and the occasional attack item if you're feeling bold.
The spoils involve way too many Healing Potions and a Knight Shield.

Let's GET THE OUT OF HERE!  That's some suspension on that horse...
Anyway, the party escapes to the Prairie.

Suggested Level: 4

Just run down the path and after a scene, you'll be on the next screen, still
running.  When you regain control, go northwest and check out the river.  Then,
go back and go southwest.  Go in the shack, rest if you need to by checking the
chair, and when you're done, leave and go northwest.  Examine the falling tree,
go back to the shack and pick up the axe (how can it be both well worn and
sharp?).  Cut the tree down and go back to the river and cross it.  The box
contains an Angel's Prayer, so get it and talk to the family nearby.  Continue
down the path and go into the Limestone Cave.

Limestone Cave
Suggested Level: 5

Well, it's time to take on that monster we've been hearing about.  Head south
to the next screen.  You can take one of many paths to get treasures by guiding
yourself with the directional pad.  Do so if you wish.  The lower treasure is
the Bastard Sword, a new weapon for Dart, which I recommend.  The other is a
crap 20 gold...  when you're done, go south to the next screen.  Hop across
the rocks and grab treasures along the way if you so desire.  After Lavitz and
Dart make up their secret homie handshake, you're on the next screen.
Northeast is a treasure of 100 gold.  Head south to the floating lights.
These are Rock Fireflies and will heal you wherever you find them.  The
treasures aren't that great, take the remaining path when you're done here.
Go all the way north to enter a different part of a familiar screen.  The
treasure is a Spark Net, but the real prize lies in catching that weird thing.
Do so and be rewarded with a Poison Guard.  Go back to the previous screen and
go right off the screen.  Follow the path until you reach a save point.  Be
sure to save, then continue on.  Here's that monster everyone's been cowering

Okay, this thing may have no eyes, but it's tougher than Freugel was.  He spits
poison, the sneaky underhanded bastard!  Wail away with Shana healing, curing,
and throwing things at him.  Additions will look kinda weird on him, but just
keep going and you should be able to defeat him.  I suggest using a mastered
Volcano and AT LEAST a mastered Spinning Cane.  At some point, if you don't
just annihilate him very quickly, he may slither around and hang from a hole
in the wall.  At this point, Shana can hit him with her bow and everyone else
will need to use items to do any damage.  You win a Wargod's Amulet for this

So, continue on the path and eventually you should be outside.

Stardust #02:  In the well northeast of the entrance
Stardust #03:  In the spears in the foreground of the weapon shop
Stardust #04:  In the fireplace in the basement of Indel Castle
Stardust #05:  In the upper-left corner of the second floor of Indel Castle
               (the basement is floor 0)
Stardust #06:  In Lavitz's kitchen on the spice rack by his mom
Stardust #07:  In the secret wine cellar, accessible only by boat.

One small note before you run off exploring this place, green arrows are normal
houses, blue arrows are shops, and yellow arrows are status curing and inns.
The woman in the first house will paint a portrait of Lavitz and give it to
you.  Going northeast takes you to a screen with a well.  There's not much to
do here just yet.  Northwest of the entrance is where the action is.  The
weapon shop is here, but don't buy a Sparkle Arrow because there's one in a
chest in the basement of the castle.  I was pissed when I found it after
having bought one already.  North of here is Indel Castle.  Go in and explore
as you will.  The goal is to get to the top floor, you should be able to figure
it out.  I’m not going to go into details, since there are a myriad of paths
you can take and a boatload of treasure.  One thing I WILL say is that you
should go into the lowest basement and turn the thing that looks like the wheel
on a ship, except it's hanging on the wall.  After a long meeting, go out onto
the balcony to chat with Shana.  Now, go back in and exit the castle.  I like
to use the slide, which you can get to by going northeast from the throne room.
Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  When you're done, return to that screen with
the well and go into the house.  We get to meet Lavitz's senile old mom!
Hehe, Lavitz is a 40-year-old virgin who lives with his mom.  Well, I don't
know how old he really is, but anyway...  Talk to him and choose whichever
you want.  With each, hilarity ensues, but my favorite is practicing swordplay.
Look at whatever, but when you're ready, go to the library.  After a long
scene, you're ready to leave, unless you want to do the Stardust side quest,
which is the most difficult, but the most profitable.  So, go into the left
side of the inn and talk to the bartender and buy the good spirits.  Now, go
under the big fountain and give the bottle to Dran.  After he staggers away,
go through his "house."  Keep on going until you reach an intersection.  Go
left and get in the boat.  Get off at the first opportunity and go through
the door.  Go all the way to the back and the Stardust should be on the right.
Get back on the boat and ride it until the end.  Yeah, it's a long ride, but
at least there are no singing puppets.  When you're ready, exit the town and
head to Hoax.

Suggested Level: 6
Stardust #08:  Before the night raid, in the fireplace, downstairs, in the
               house on the upper left.
Stardust #09:  Before the night raid, go back into the office and check the
               candle in the lower left corner.

Check the place out and pick up anything you might want (sorry, I don't know
how to reach that treasure chest) and go into the office on the right.  A
scene will unfold and when you are ready, go back in and talk to Lavitz.
Everything else is pretty straightforward from here.  Hmmm... maybe fortifying
the place with wood wasn't such a good idea...  Your first boss here is the
Sandora Elite.  Get used to him because there's another later in the game.

Sandora Elite
This guy's kinda tricky.  He fights like a ninja complete with a little
ninjutsu (ninja magic) and it's pretty strong!  Especially with Lavitz's low
magic defense.  Be careful of that.  After he's about half dead, he'll split
into three and you have to hit the right one.  Sorry, I don't have any tips on
discerning the real one.  It MIGHT be the one that uses magic, but that's just
one instance where I fought him.  He's fairly difficult even at high levels,
but with a little perseverance and good strategy, you should be fine.

The next battle is a bit tougher.

Get used to this guy too, you'll see him numerous times.  Make sure you finish
your additions because otherwise, he picks you up and throws you against the
wall!  All of his attacks do a fair amount of damage, but aren't nearly as
painful as they look.  Halfway into the battle, he puts his axe down and
somehow that makes him stronger.  Definitely heal when you need it because
this is the toughest battle you've fought so far.  The prize for this battle
is a power wrist.

When the sun rises, Rose will offer to teach you how to use your Dragoon power
Tasman style.  I recommend doing so because Dragoon Additions are tough.  When
you're ready, head for Marshland.  

Suggested Level: 7

Stardust #10:  Near the bed in the fortress.  It's in the fireplace.

OK, there's a choice here.  You can skip this paragraph if you want, but I
recommend following it, since it's a good building experience.  Go north to the
next screen.  Go north again into a huge battle going on.  Fight your way
through the pathetic battles.  Then, you have to fight a Commander and his
flunkies.  This is so easy I don't consider it a real boss battle, so, there
will be no boss strategy here.  Go into the fortress.  Take what you want
(the only really good thing here is the Stardust and the Lance, which you can
get if you go out the back) and go back to the intersection on the first
screen of the Marshland.  If you're collecting the Stardust, you can go back
to Martel in Bale and give her what you've got, since you have enough for one
of her items.

Now, walk along the tree to the next screen.  There's a lot of treasure
here.  Get in the boat and float around to grab it all.  Perhaps the only
items of interest here are the Stun Guard and the Magic Signet Stone, both of
which are found by riding the boat to the next screen.  When you're done, ride
the boat back and continue on.  Keep going to Volcano Villude.

Volcano Villude
Suggested Level: 8

Follow the trail, watch the scene, and when you regain control, continue down
the path.  On the next screen, go up and left at the top.  On the next screen,
take note of the guy in the background, then head left past the save point onto
the next screen.  Here, just jump around, (note that the jumping fish will
engage you in battle upon touch, but they're easy to avoid) getting treasure
and head to the next screen in a general southward direction.  The next screen
is self explanatory, but there's a surprise here (OK, that thing is SERIOUSLY
creeping me out!  This scene replaced the lava scene from Breath of Fire 3 at
the Dump in my nightmares, music and all!  I don't know why it's always lava
scenes that creep me out, maybe it's my childhood fear of volcanoes, which is
strange being that I live in Pennsylvania...  ANYway, connected discourse!
Connected discourse!).

This boss has the coolest boss music in the game.  End of Story!  This thing
has three parts.  I LOVE bosses with multiple parts for some odd reason.  On
this particular Virage, (yes, there will be more later on) the arm isn't that
tough to kill, so spend the time to do so.  This guy's really strong.  Make
sure you heal when you need it.  I attacked the head first because that laser
is really deadly.  If you want to end the battle quickly, do that, since it
kills the whole Virage.  If you want to have the battle last longer, attack
the body first.  He might take a bit long, but you shouldn't have too much
difficulty.  Although, I only found the second last boss, the bosses from the
Dragoon side quest and the boss from the Stardust side quest to be difficult
throughout my game, so I’m going to stop saying that.

When that's over, you're on the lava screen, so go to the right to the next
screen.  After that cool music, you're punished with stupid, "wacky antics"
music.  Grrr.  Oh, and Dart... I SAW THAT CHUCKLE!  When you're done here, go
right to the next screen.  Follow the path around and OH CRAP!  ANOTHER BOSS!

Fire Bird	(Fire, DUH!)
ELECTRO-FUNK DANCE MUSIC!  Anyway, the Fire Bird you've been running from is
here.  If you have Spear Frosts, use them, there aren't going to be any other
fire bosses for a while, especially on this disc.  This is the first boss where
I post the elemental by him.  This will help you to know which items to buy and
which characters (i.e. Dragoons) to bring into battle.  Back to the Fire Bird.
This boss is a lot easier than the Virage because it attacks less often and
hits for less damage.  The Virage's 80-damage laser isn't as strong as this
bird's 10-damage eruption.  Also, Spear Frosts make short work of him.  Short
like the length of Pauly Shore's talk show.  Even if you don't have any,
(though there's one in a chest in this volcano) he's not that hard, just takes
a bit longer to beat him.  Finish this overgrown flaming chicken for a Red-Eye
Stone.  It's not particularly useful just yet, but hey, it's something.
Side note: this battle netted me Gust of Wind Dance for Lavitz!

Dart gives a horrible pun and you're on your way.  Just continue down the path
until you're outside and head to the Nest of Dragon.  By the way, buy anything
you need from Dabas, since you have another dungeon and a difficult battle
before the next town.

Nest of Dragon
Suggested Level:  10

From the start, go north up the path.  Go right, watch a scene, (yay for Rose
the feminist!) and continue right.  Keep going north.  The water here will heal
you.  This is a great place to build additions and Dragoon Levels, since the
healing spot is right here and also because of the Lizard Men.  They have this
move called Physical Attack Barrier.  This makes them immune to physical
attacks.  So, you can wail away on them with addition after addition without
ending the battle as long as the barrier's up.  As soon as they do something
else, it's down, though.  Call me weird, but I find this whole nest to be
beautiful.  From the coloration to the bizarre plant life, I enjoy it all.
Anyway, back to the walkthrough.  Climb up the stalk to see all the beautiful
plant life.  The seaweed-looking ones block your way and the lamp-looking ones
make the seaweed-looking ones lay down permanently.  Go down the hole, which is
your only available option at this point.  There are three different ways to
go.  Go in any direction you want.  This is a non-linear area with many paths
and treasure chests.  This is a pretty easy puzzle to figure out and the chests
are easy to find.  The only thing I couldn't find was a treasure chest with
something valuable in it...  When you're done, you'll see a save point ahead.
Now it's the perfect buildup area!  Go north past the save point to the next
screen.  Here you come in contact with another boss.

Feyrbrand, Greham	(Wind)
You definitely need to know what you're doing here.  Any Pellets, or better
yet, Meteor Falls will be helpful here.  Just remember that magic doesn't work
very well here.  You can try Dart's Explosion, but I had limited success with
it.  I prefer to take out Greham first.  He has a cool glowing thingy after
all!  Next, go for the praying mantis.  As for attacks, Greham's Rave Twister
can do some good damage.  My characters took about 20-40 from it.  I also
initially screwed up by thinking I had Rod Typhoon equipped, when it was
really Gust of Wind Dance, but that's just me.  Be glad he can't use the real
Dragoon Addition because his physical attack isn't that strong.  Feyrbrand has
this move where he shoots goo out of his ass, (don't ask) which causes a
status ailment depending upon what color it is.  He might not even last long
enough to use it, though.

After the battle, heal and save if you need to, then climb up the web-covered
wall.  You can jump back across the bank to get that treasure you saw on the
first screen if you want, but you'll have to go back through the nest all over
again.  It's Chain Mail, which I think is worth it.  Anyway, you have to cross
back over via the rocks on the screen where you descend into the nest.  Anyway,
go north from exiting the nest and head to Lohan.

Stardust #11:  In the urn to the right of the fallen blue sign in the
               background at the entrance.
Stardust #12:  In the basket on the left side of the tournament entrance.  It's
               a bit north of the pig.
Stardust #13:  In the suit of armor in Dabas's Shop.
Stardust #14:  In the furnace in the basement.  Consult the walkthrough for
               further details.

Maybe this town could use some more doors!  Well, go south off this screen, go
down the stairs to the next screen, and left to get back to the entrance.  Now,
we can re-orient ourselves.  Going all the way back was mainly for you Stardust
collectors.  Go back right and go right again.  This is the entrance to the
tournament, also a maneuver for the Stardust collectors.  Go back left and up
the stairs.  Note that both the Item Shop and the Weapon Shop are here.
Definitely check out the Weapon Shop!  Here, there are many expensive, but
extremely powerful armaments.  If you have 10,000 extra gold to blow, you can
get a Legend Casque, which gives you an INSANE amount of magic defense.  Now,
just because I’m obsessive enough that I was able to afford 7, don't feel bad
if you never get one.  Phantom Shields are the same price and cut all damage
you take in half.  The final item of interest here is the Ultimate Wargod.
This is good if you suck at additions or want to learn one for the first time.
You can use it to preview the addition and/or press buttons when the character
hits to get the feel of the addition.  My first time through, that's how I
learned Perky Step, by doing that about 20 times.  I wouldn't castigate you
for using GameShark to get enough money for this stuff, for real.  I
definitely recommend getting Legend Casques before any of the other expensive
items regardless.  Anyway, do what you do and go back out and into the
easternmost door, which is blue/purple.  It's Dabas!  I really hate his
music, but it's necessary and there's a Stardust here.  Also, if you're
playing the Japanese version of this game and you have a PocketStation, you
can come here, play a game and earn the Shiny Bag.  This allows you to carry
64 items, which would be wonderful, but I don't have either resource...
Moving on.  To the right of Dabas's door, there's a nearly impossible to see
treasure chest sitting right behind the rightmost fence post.  There's an
Angel Robe in it.  Next, go north to the next screen and in the green door
that's the first on the left side on the upper level.  Once inside, go up
the ladder, check the bookcase to move it, go down the ladder, and look in
the furnace for a Stardust.  That's all the Stardust for Lohan.  You're
probably wondering if Stardust is worth all this trouble...  YES!  At least
I think it is.  So now, go back to the streets, where left is the entrance
and right is the tournament.  You'll be ambushed my a merchant.  Let me tell
you, you'll have another run-in with this guy and he is SEEDY!  You can get
the best of him this time, though.  Keep denying his offers and you'll
eventually get it for free.  You'll be glad you screwed him over later,
considering what he'll do to you.  Now, head back to the Nest of Dragon.
Go back to where the healing water was and get some in your bottle.  Now
climb out, hop across the stones, like before when you got the Chain Mail,
and go back to where the red and gray plant was dancing and denying your
way.  Water it and it will die.  Follow the path to Shirley's Shrine.

Shirley's Shrine
Suggested Level: 11

Before you go around on a treasure-hunting spree, just stop.  All the treasure
chests in Shirley's Shrine, except for the ones at the very back are empty
except for notes calling you a loser.  Man, is that Drake guy gonna pay!  First
go into the shrine, then through the first hallway into a room with multiple
exits.  Decisions, decisions...  If you need healing, go right and hop across
the rocks on the right side of the screen for a healing area.  If not, let's
start with the left door.  In here, you'll find a wheel to turn, so do so.  As
much as it sucks, that's all you can do here, so go back and go up this time.
Here, just ignore the gizmo and exit at the top.  Open this chest for a ride.
On the way, pay attention to the little numbered signs and remember the
numbers; they're important.  AGAIN AGAIN!  Go back to the aforementioned gizmo
and input the numbers in the same order you saw them in.  This lowers a
ladder, so climb up that.  Before going to the gizmo, though, you might want
to go right and read the sign about the silver statue, then take the left
closer to where you came in and read the sign concerning the gold statue.
Remember this, too, ya might wanna take notes.  In case you're lazy, the
silver one says "Statue facing left" and the gold one says "Statue facing
front."  Now, after going up the ladder lowered by the gizmo, you'll notice
a silver statue and a gold statue, sound familiar?  Now, turn them in their
appropriate directions so that you don't slide way the hell down when you
reach the top of the stairs.  The walkthrough I had actually suggested that
I fall down first, then solve the puzzle...  Now, on the next screen, just
proceed forth until you are ambushed.  IT'S THAT THIEVIN' DRAKE GUY!  He's
been taunting you throughout the entire shrine with his passive-aggressive
little notes.  Here comes karma!

Drake	(Wind)
Like every trap guy in every RPG that has one, this guy's annoying as hell, but
that's why he didn't get either of the cooler two battle musics.  He can't just
fight straight.  Grr!  He opens with throwing bombs out at you.  Don't use
Dragoons on them, just fight them normally or use all-target attack items.
After you get him down halfway, he'll put up a wire screen.  You have to kill
this thing before you can hit him.  He keeps putting it up, so perhaps becoming
a Dragoon isn't such a bad idea here.  Since Dragoon Additions are never as
strong as a mastered final addition and I have Flower Storm mastered, I didn't
bother to have Lavitz transform or to use special.  I actually used the Down
Burst I got from beating Greham and Feyrbrand, since I had neglected the bombs
prior to the wire going up.  It killed all of them at once and didn't do too
bad damage against Drake, considering he's wind elemental.  Oh yeah, he can
also heal himself at this point for about 360 HP.  He sucks a lot, but with a
bit of patience and a lot of ruthlessness, you can best him.  If Dart has Final
Burst, you may want to consider using it once Drake reaches yellow.  I didn't
but my guys are really powerful because I build up too much.  This can be a
long and exhausting battle, but you win a Bandit's Ring out of the deal, though
I’ve heard that Bandit's Shoes can be won as well.

After this, Shirley shows up.  Huh, Rose and Shirley know each other.  Just who
the hell ARE they?  Well, Shirley's a ghost, but you'll learn more about both
of them later.  This IS a relatively spoiler-free walkthrough after all!
Alright, her challenge is a little different.  Don't attack her or you'll have
to start over from the beginning.  You'll see more of these story battles at
the end of the game.  If you wanna figure this one out for yourself, skip the
next paragraph and I give you kudos.  If not, here are the answers:

To protect those we love.
To pursue the Black Monster.
Of course, get revenge!
That's not like you!
Shana needs me!
No matter what, I will go.
I've never really thought about it.

That all said, you now have the Silver Stone and the White Silver Dragoon
spirit.  You can also go into the back room to find many treasure chests, but
these are different...  They contain treasure!  Good stuff, too: a Healing
Breeze and the Demon Stiletto for Rose, but the rest are a crap 20 gold.  Take
it back to Shana in Lohan.  I actually got More and More as well as Crush Dance
from Shirley, so I went back to the Nest of Dragon to master them as soon as I
got her back (I’m horrible, I know, but at least I healed her first... this

Suggested Level: 12 (yup, trouble brewin')

So yeah, go back to the doctor's house.  Once Shana has been healed, he'll
mention something about the tournament.  For some reason, everyone thinks that
you have nothing better to do (what about ending the war!?), so go down to the
street and go all the way to the right and up into the circus-tent-lookin'
thing.  Go around to the entrance to the inner tent and talk to Ginger, the
lady behind the desk.  Rose makes me love her even more with her cynical
attitude towards modern skater-like colloquialisms and adds a touch of
arrogance *grin*.  So, you're in for some solo battles, in which you cannot
transform into a Dragoon.  For me, that was a huge setback, since I was at
Level 5 with Dart.  Go into the pavilion and get ready to fight.

Gorgaga	(Neutral)
Cheater!  Oh, who cares, he's a joke!  The poison does more damage than he
does.  You probably won't have to heal.  Volcano or Crush Dance should take him
down pretty quickly.  Don't worry about the poison, you get fully healed and
cured before each battle.  The only reason it took me 3 rounds to win is that
I screwed up my first Crush Dance.

Serfius	(Fire)
At least this guy looks cool.  Cooler than the last knucklehead in the animal
hides, anyway.  Technically, you could beat him with Spear Frosts, but that
shouldn't be necessary.  I got him to yellow on my first attack.  Once he gets
there, he does that thing I’m sure you've seen before, where his attack and
defense go up.  He's still even easier than the first battle.

Danton	(Earth)
OK this guy's still not too hard, but he's definitely a step up.  He has two
moves that are rather difficult.  One is the all-out attack.  This reduced me
to 1 HP the first time through.  The other is where he taunts you.  Don't
attack after this, or he'll just throw you.  I still didn't have that much
trouble with him, but if you have a Night Raid from defeating those jar things
on the road between Lohan and Nest of Dragon, you can kill him in one hit with

Atlow	(Dark)
He's not as hard as Danton, in my opinion.  He only has one attack: he aims at
a specific area with his bow and shoots.  That's all I’ve ever seen him do.
However, my wife says that after hitting all 5 areas, he has a move called
5-Sense Blocker, which causes fear and does a lot of damage although he
shouldn't last that long.  He thinks he's hot stuff, but he's like Gorgaga,
but without the poison...  He can heal himself a little bit, but only about 80
HP.  By the way, each place he shoots at does the same amount of damage.  This
guy's interesting, though.  I think that Shana should have additions based on
what this guy does, just shooting at more than one place.  At least it would
make her worthwhile as a playable character.

Lloyd	(uhhhh... doesn't matter)
This guy is so hot!  I’m not giving you a strategy, since you can't win and no,
the Magic Stone of Signet doesn't work either.  Just keep attacking until
Dart's done talking, then just keep defending.

Once the tournament is over, go back to the entrance.  Haschel meets your
companions and Rose cuts him down for being a typical male *grins bigger this
time*.  That doesn't deter him from continuing to and annoying jerk who acts
like he's 5 years old, despite his age being into his 60s.  Can you tell I
can't stand him?  Now, you play mini-games to earn tickets and exchange them
for some crap prizes.  20 nets you a Spirit Potion, 40 nets you a Total
Vanishing, and 60 nets you a Healing Rain.  Healing Rain is great, but the
price is too high.  In one game, it's just like the shell game, but with a
bird under a man's hat.  I really suck at this type of game, but it's not too
bad.  There's a really tough one, where you throw balls at monsters and it's
really hard, I think.  You can't win anything from this game anyway.  There
another where you guess what changed in the scene.  I have problems with all
of these mini-games, but that's because I hate most mini-games.  There's also
an obstacle course, which is hard.  That's all for mini-games.  When you're
done, talk to Lavitz.  He'll annoy you with more crap about how Dart should
be making babies Shana in the back of a wagon, even though he doesn't feel
that way about her AT ALL.  The love story in this game is such crap!  Well,
the Dart/Shana one is, anyway.  Head out of the town of Lohan and you'll get
your next mission objective.  To Hellena!  This visit is a bit tougher, so
you may want to build up your new character prior to it.

Suggested Level: 12

Go in the normal way.  From this point on, you are required to have Lavitz with
you.  This makes sense, since we're saving King Albert.  Now, once you're in
(by the way, Senior Wardens now appear with Hellena Warden, both of whom are a
lot harder this time around), go left to the next screen.  On the left end of
this next screen, take the elevator.  Get off at the first opportunity for some
treasure.  If you go into the entrance all the way on the left of these 4 and
follow the path, you'll find Pandemonium, another one of those reusable items,
if you're collecting them.  In itself, it's not that great in my opinion, but
see my items section and decide for yourself.  The second from the left nets
you a Thunderbolt.  All the way on the right, you can get a Felt Hat and a
Therapy Ring.  The Felt Hat is crap at this point, but the Therapy Ring will
be extremely useful once you get Dart's Soul Eater, since it cancels out the
HP drain that this extremely powerful weapon has.  Anyway, go back to the
elevator and go up some more or go up the nearby ladder for a Leather Armor.
In case you're wondering, that's not worth your while, so just go up the
elevator unless you want it for whatever reason.  At the top, cross the bridge
and go down to the next screen.  Look familiar?  It's where we got the Key to
Shana's Cell.  Now, you're about to meet that monster everyone was so afraid
of on your first visit.  By the way, you should grab the Sachet in here for
those random tough monsters on the world map.  Check the gap that Shana's
inspecting.  AUGH!  HERE IT COMES!

Jiango (Earth)
OK, I hope you have tough fighters and maybe some wind items.  This guy wasn't
bad for me, but I’ve heard he can be a nightmare.  If you really want, you can
use that Sachet to put him to sleep, but I find it more useful to use it
against those strong monsters on the world map.  Anyway, he has an attack that
he likes to use, where he stomps and causes an avalanche.  This can be
devastating if you're not ready for it.  Now, unless for healing (though Rose
can be a good enough healer with Astral Drain), you probably won't want Shana
here.  Winning this battle nets you another Sachet.

Now, go up the path, fighting wardens along the way.  This part reminds me of
when I was my wife's human strategy guide for Paper Mario in Chapter 2
(down the stairs, through the door, repeat about a hundred times).  On the next
screen, fight some petrified guards and go into the nearby door.  Continue
along the path, fighting more guards along the way.  On the next screen, you're
outside and OH NO!  The sun's beginning to rise!  By the way, don't ask me why
there's a Broad Sword, a Spear, and 20 Gold here.  Definitely save and go up
to the next screen.  Here's a scene and a battle.  Time to fight the fat man!

Freugel, Rodriguez, Guftas	(Earth, Wind, and Dark respectively)
You should really consider using Special here, i.e. not Haschel.  Regardless,
take out the pets first.  Rodriguez, the bird, has a lot of status ailments he
can throw at you.  I always kill him first.  Go for Guftas (a giant armored pet
frog!?) next because he has them, too, but Rodriguez is faster.  Freugel
himself is a pushover.  The only new attack he has is throwing an enormous
rock at you and knocking you over.  Even though it's twice as strong as his
club, it's still really funny to watch.  Unlike the battle with Jiango, this
is a good place to throw Shana in.  Her Star Children spell works really well
on everyone, especially Guftas, and she won't be dying every 3 seconds.  At the
end, Lavitz pops Freugel with his spear, tee hee!  The prize of this battle is
a Gravity Grabber (thanks, that would've been useful DURING the battle).

After the battle some serious turbulence ensues and you finally find out the
identity of the hooded man, who showed up before in Hellena and the first video
at the beginning of the game (the one where Seles was burned down).  Oh yeah,
he was also in Albert's throne room when you first visited there.  Speaking of
Seles, you end up back in Seles, hiding for whatever reason.  Talk to everyone
and when you're ready, head to Kazas, home of the Black Castle.  Just be damn
sure you're ready, because you'll be fighting tough new bosses, and tough
bosses you've fought before, one with a new twist.  I went to my favorite
place to build up until Haschel had mastered Flurry of Styx and Shana had
reached D'Lv 5, but not until I had gone to Kazas,  found the Stardust
therein, and bought some valuable weapons and armor.  Just remember that you
can't get into Bale to trade the Stardust for a prize right now.  First, let's
introduce our new lancer.

I kinda like this guy.  He's essentially the same as Lavitz as far as stats go
and starts with Lavitz's equipment.  His main difference is in his additions.
Most of them are a little harder (even Harpoon) with two exceptions: Gust of
Wind Dance, which I find to be easier to learn and Flower Storm, which is
REALLY HARD NOW.  Albert's Flower Storm, which he calls Blossom Storm because
no one can get it right, is the main reason that I suggest mastering it with
Lavitz.  Spinning Cane now looks damn cool!  Finally, personality-wise, he's
one of those young, eager, curious, intellectual types.  He doesn't exactly
remind me of a typical king, but he's well educated and cares about the issues
in his kingdom as well as his subjects.  He's an all-around good guy and a
great choice for the final party.

Suggested Level: 13, but you might wanna go higher.

Stardust #15:  First door on your left, between two barrels by the entrance.
Stardust #16:  First door on your right, up the ladder, in the messy pile to
               the left of the chest containing an Attack Ball.
Stardust #17:  In the corner of the weapon shop in the same room as the
Stardust #18:  On the bookshelf in the first home in the slums.
Stardust #19:  In barrels on the left side near the entrance of the clinic.
Stardust #20:  In a different set of barrels near the stairs on the left side
               of the clinic.

This place is big, but it's got nothing on Lohan!  First of all, if you want to
use Albert (which I recommend), I suggest you practice his additions.  Even
Harpoon can be a challenge if you're not ready for it.  First door on your left
has a Stardust.  First door on your right, same deal plus an Attack Ball.
Second door on your left is the inn.  Second door on your right has the Twister
Glaive, a new weapon for Albert.  The third house on the left is essentially
useless, unless, you want a better grasp on what's going on here.  The third
door on the right is the weapon shop and some joker who says he defeated
Feyrbrand right before soldiers come in and cart his ass off to jail.  Ah,
poetic justice!  Make sure you pick up new weapons and armor here, especially,
the Heat Blade; you may very well want this later, since it's an elementally
charged weapon.  On the next screen, you can't cross the drawbridge, so go
into the back alley.  You're in the slums now; go into the door.  Go down the
ladder on the left and continue down deeper into the slums.  In the clinic,
near the right of the entrance, is a man selling items.  You should definitely
stock up.  Up top by the healing dealie, there's a "Secret Weapon Shop."
Check it out, but the stuff isn't spectacular.  There are also two Stardust in
here.  Now, go into the door to the left of the clinic.  Talk  to the boy.  You
need to join the New Serdio Party to get into the castle.  The first answer
should be "I cannot say which."  Next is "take care at home" followed by "to
protect something."  After a long conversation, follow the kid around into a
secret passage.  Time to go commando style!  This part, where you invade the
castle by sneaking in is really cool.  Down here there's treasure and the
following can be found: 20 gold down the first rope, that's it!  Just skip all
that bounty and go down the rope all the way to the right.  Weave your way to
the bottom, head right, and climb up the ladders to enter the castle.

Like in Hellena, the encounters here aren't random.  They're not too bad,
though, well most aren't...  Work your way right to the next screen.  Run
straight to the north exit here.  Now, go to the right.  On this screen,
there's a long scene about science.  The researchers give you Magic Oil, which
allows you to operate the elevators.  Take the elevator to the right by
lighting the lantern next to it, then another elevator to the left.  Here, the
idea is to get across without being dumped or hit with a rock.  You get the
Red Stone for this.  This is one of those items that will make sense later.
If you get dumped, you'll end up in some green liquid, where a Dark Mist and a
Trans Light await you.  Not bad, just climb up the ladder when you're done and
ride elevators back to the flame researchers and exit left.  Now go through
the right door, which is up the elevator.  After a bizarre, but comical scene,
grab the Blue Stone from the chest and head back down to the central elevator.
Fight the guards and get on the elevator.  Go right, ignore the rooms, stock
up on items if you want, and head right.  If you go right again, you're back
at the beginning, so take the elevator up to fight three painfully drawn out
battles.  They SHOULD attack you all at once, but they're blathering idiots.
Good thing we're taking over their empire.  Too bad their weather forecaster
couldn't predict a heavy...  FLOWER STORM!  Yeah, so Albert says Blossom
Storm, he's wrong.  ANYway, after that, go right.  Now go up the stairs and
right through the room with another Sandora Elite.  Remember this guy?  Well,
you're a lot stronger and are plus one person.  Take him out.  On the next
screen, take the lift to the roof.  Pick up a Spear Frost and the Spirit Ring
and be on your way.  Back on the previous screen, you can take the elevator
down for a Spinning Gale, then go back again.  Now go left back to the
training center and take the elevator on the right.  Talk to the commander to
get the Yellow Stone.  That's the last one, so go back down and take the left
elevator this time and pick 4th floor.  Go up into a weird chamber.  Talk to
the red guy, go up the stairs, SAVE, put the stones in, and go in the door on
the left side of the statue.  Take the elevator up and go right.  Continue up
the spiral staircase to meet an old buddy...

Kongol	(Earth)
You'll definitely want Albert with his Twister Glaive and you'll want to know
how to do his additions extremely well, because Kongol will still pound you if
you don't finish them.  Pay attention to the appearance of his new battle armor
because you'll see it again at the end of the game.  He's really easy, even
more so than your last battle with him.  Just heal when you need to, use
complete additions, and if you're having trouble, just use attack items or
Dragoons.  Albert's still good if you hate his additions because as a Dragoon,
he can cause major damage, since he's wind elemental.  Just like last time,
his attacks aren't as painful as they look for the most part.  You get a
Wargod Calling for beating this guy again.

After Rose speaks bitterly, move onward up the staircase.  There's another
reusable item, the Material Shield, behind the pillar next to the elevator.
This is essentially a Physical Attack Barrier for three turns.  When you're
ready, head through the door.  Welcome to Emperor Doel's Chamber.  This is
the last battle of Disc 1, so get ready!

Emperor Doel	(Thunder)
Cool battle music; that's a plus.  This is the first thing I saw of this game.
I saw it when a friend of mine brought it over and after this, I KNEW I had to
buy it.  Just hang back for a bit.  He'll throw some minor stuff at you.  He
shouldn't be too hard.  Even when he throws his swords, he doesn't deal that
much damage.  He'll go down quickly.  After a short while, you'll defeat him
and he'll groan in agony.

Looks like we still have some work to do.  His attacks are a lot stronger now,
though his swordsmanship becomes extremely sloppy!  Well, he also casts Spark
Net and Thunderbolt and has one of the most annoying moves in the game.  He
puts up a barrier, which makes him invincible.  Well, that's just great...
All you can really do is defend until it goes down.  Albert's Blossom Storm
is very valuable here as are Rose's Astral Drain and any of Shana's healing
spells.  I think this battle's way to hard to bring Shana into, but what do
I know?  I not only dislike using her, I also have a hard time with her.
Haschel might also be not such a good choice, since he has no Dragoon Spirit.
Whatever you want, I’m just telling you my personal preference.  Who knows;
maybe you hate Albert and/or his additions and never want to even look at him.
The prize from this battle is a secret.

Chapter 2: Platinum Shadow

Stardust #21:  On the opening screen, it's on the second house back with a
               ladder.  Check the southeast side to find it.
Stardust #22:  In the bar where you meet Kaffi.  It's in the box before you
               head into the main room.
Stardust #23:  In the box of weapons left of the entrance of the weapon shop.
Stardust #24:  Among the colored stones in the jewelry shop.
Stardust #25:  In the small white dots near the item shop's giant telescope.

You're in the middle of this beautiful town.  The first thing you should do is
cross the bridge and up the stairs.  This is where you meet Kaffi.
Unfortunately, the bar isn't open just yet, so go onto the next screen after
you visit the weapon shop, making sure to pick up the elementally charged
Shadow Cutter.  On this next screen, check out the item and jewelry shops.
The Ruby Ring and Emerald Earring are good for leveling Dragoons.  So, after
watching the scene with Princess Emile and musing at Albert's cryptic remarks,
go back and talk to Kaffi.  She has the wacky antics music and an obnoxious
personality.  She's about eight times more annoying than Dabas.  Tell her
you're not from around here and that you're not interested in stars.  Luckily,
she doesn't start crying, since she's as star crazy as everyone else in this
backwards town!  Tell her you're interested in hearing about the stars now and
she'll finally be done talking for now.  Even though she's so annoying as to
have talked about stars until the sun sets (literally), the town is even more
gorgeous at night.  Leave this hellhole and go into the house next to the inn
(two doors down from the bar).  After speaking with him, leave his house, cross
the bridge, and enter the open house with a patio on top of it...  Albert and
Nello talk all night long (delicious air!?  This game's fraught with bad
translations).  Finally, leave this town and go to the Barrens, unless you want
to take a trip back to Seles and meet Shana's parents for an unnecessary key
item.  There's better map music in Tiberoa than in Serdio.

Suggested Level: 15

This place pisses a lot of people off because you have to come here a lot.  I
love this place, from the sand, to the scenery, to the giant bird nonchalantly
flying in the background.  Anyway, branch off to get the Warrior Dress for
Haschel (hehe, he's wearing a dress) and go to the next screen.  Under the
overpass on the next screen, you'll be attacked.  DAMN I love Rose.

Mappi, Crafty Thief x2	(Dark)
This is such an easy battle that all I really have to tell you is that you
should take out the crafty thieves first.  Use Shana's Star Children if you
REALLY have to...

GET BACK HERE YOU SON OF A FLYING MONKEY!  Now, you have to catch him before
we can do anything.  *Sigh* well, west at this fork takes you to the Valley
of Corrupted Gravity, so go east to Donau, instead, but remember the western
path for later.  Go in the little cave to get a Recovery Ball and around the
bend near the exit for 50 gold.  Craptacular.  Now, just leave and head to

Stardust #26:  In the pool of water by the entrance that's further back.
Stardust #27:  In the sink? left of the dressers in the northwestern corner of
               the mayor's house.

Okay, Lloyd is just screamingly cool in this first scene.  When you regain
control, go right and check out the weapon/item shop.  They don't have much to
offer, though.  Now, head back to the first screen and go left this time, but
not until you've gone into the house and spoken to Kate.  On this next screen,
go up the stairs and into the mayor's house.  Talk with the mayor and head back
to Fletz.

Twin Castle	(Fletz)
Stardust #28:  Go up the stairs on the right by the entrance and check the wall
               at the top.  Yup, it's in the statue.
Stardust #29:  Go to the Star Tower and go into the room at the base of the
               right tower.  It's in that ball in the center.

Now, you can go to the bar to find Kaffi conversing with Martel and exchange
Stardust for another prize.  If not, just go to Twin Castle.  You can't get
through, so just give up and go to the item shop.  Hey!  There's Fester!
He can vouch for us!  Follow him to in front of the guard, then follow him to
his house and after looooooong time (it's night now), you can follow him to the
castle.  Follow Fester to the throne room.  Finally, you're free to explore the
castle as you wish.  Well, the unguarded areas anyway.  Try to leave and you'll
be escorted to Princess Lisa's room.  Talk to Libria, the maid again when
you're ready to eat.  Ummmm yeah, Emille's a bit strange.  It just might be a
good idea to check that out in the Valley of Corrupted Gravity.  Follow the
maid to the bedroom.  Ok, so Meru's weird, too, but that might just be a bad
translation... I hope...  Anyway, when morning comes, you can go visit the
previously guarded Moon Tower.  When you're ready, leave town and go to the
Valley of Corrupted Gravity.  If you must, refer to the Barrens section for
directions.  I highly recommend building Meru up if you're going to use her.
You might not want to, since she's now your non-Dragoon member.  Personally,
I mastered Double Smack and raised Haschel's Dragoon level to 3 before
venturing any further than the fireflies in the Valley of Corrupted Gravity.

Valley of Corrupted Gravity
Suggested Level: 15

Present the pass and go in the gate to the next screen.  Well, it looks like
we're going to have some serious trouble here.  Just take a deep breath and
remember how much we need that Dragoon Spirit.  Just be careful.  By the way,
given the Physical Attack Barrier of those ADORABLE Spider Urchins, this is a
good place to build Dragoons and additions.  Hop left across the floating rock
and go down the "stairs" for the Speed Up.  This is really useful for working
on the additions and Dragoon levels of slow characters.  Go up the other
"stairs" to reach some extremely helpful little buddies: Rock Fireflies!  Right
across the other floating rock is a Sachet.  You'll have to go around and ride
the other rock back to the main platform.  When you're ready, move to the next
screen.  Climb up onto the dead tree and ride the floating rock that comes your
way.  Jump off at the first stop and ride the next rock to the next platform.
Then ride the NEXT one.  Get on the one after that and jump on the next
platform to move on or the second platform and continue riding rocks to get a
Meteor Fall; it's your call.  On the next screen, ride the only available rock.
Don't worry about that white spot; this one doesn't get you anywhere.  Just
take the rock when it comes by (you have to be standing as far left on this
island as possible) and jump off at the first opportunity (the top) and ride
the other rock up.  Jump across the rock for a Talisman, an accessory that
protects you from instant death.  You'll thank me for it someday, trust me.
So go back and take the rock to the middle platform and take that white circle,
which inverts you.  Ride the rock down and take another inversion circle.
Now, you can take the rock up for a Knight Helmet or just invert yourself
yet again.  After that inversion, invert another time (man, I’m getting
dizzy!).  Finally, take the rock that's in the back of this island; the other
one takes you back to the beginning.  Ride the next rock, SAVE, and ride the
final rock.  Now head over to that giant obstruction and get ready for a

Virage	(Neutral)
Alright, I wasn't quite as creeped out by this scene, but note two things: he's
a hell of a lot stronger than the one in the volcano and he has both of his
arms this time.  Use attack items or magic that hit multiple targets if you
want to get rid of the arms, just be forewarned that they won't go down easily.
I had two Meteor Falls and that did the trick.  Same deal with the parts, kill
the head to get rid of it right away, kill the body if you want a longer fight.
I went for the body because I brought Haschel, so that I could build up more SP
for him.  So, that means I was using Double Punch, too.  In any case, his arms
and body won't last that long.  I actually didn't use both Meteor Falls, but
used one and finished the three parts very quickly with Rose and Haschel
attacking, while Dart threw Haschel a Speed Up.  Yeah, I even build up during
my boss fights.  In this one, you could even use the Dragoonless Meru or the
generally pitiful Shana, since it's not that hard.  I was kinda sad, though
because the cool music doesn't last long either, though the head takes longer.
The Talisman can be useful here, since the arms have an instant death attack.
Other than that and one new pretty strong blue blast, the attacks are the same
here, just a little souped up.  The most intimidating part of this boss is his
enormous size, really.  He actually didn't attack me until his head was almost
gone, at which point an arm had regenerated.  This battle didn't take me
really long and I went back to kill his arms a second time before finishing
him off.  You win a Moon Serenade for defeating this guy.

Talk to everyone and go north to leave and head to the Home of Giganto.

Home of Giganto
Suggested Level: 16

Stardust #30:  Inside the temple at the top, it's in the right one of the
               center torches.

Run like crazy into the dwelling.  Those arrows are a pain.  Check the sparkle
and push the switch to stop those blasted arrows.  If you go out the
southernmost door, you can follow the path to a Bandit's Ring.  Alright,
when you're ready to brave the arrow storm (unless you threw the switch),
head out and head up the stairs.  The next screen is tricky.  Go up and check
the gate as quickly as possible.  Next, try to leave, but you're attacked.
Now, just avoid the arrows as long as you can.  Take out the Crafty Thieves
quickly because once they get to yellow they will steal items and gold from
you.  Once they get to red or have stolen something, their next move will be
to run.  I don't know if it's a bug on all copies of the game, but on mine,
if you kill them after they steal money, it says "Got it back," but I don't
get the money back.  Instead, I get another Bastard Sword.  If they take
something, you can get it back by killing them before they flee.  That applies
for whenever you fight them.  After the battle, Haschel becomes the second
character that has a cool ability that would be very useful in battle, but
never is.  *mumblemumbleShanamumblemumble*  On the next screen, you can
check out the box down the stairs for an Angel's Prayer.  Go up the stairs,
save, then go into the building and get ready for a fight.

Gehrich, Mappi	(Earth, Dark)
Okay, Mappi's just annoying.  Not only does he have a combo attack with Gehrich
and an annoying attack where he dances on you and giggles like a lawn gnome,
he also has this attack that's actually deadly.  Instant deadly, to be precise,
but he only does it when he randomly vanishes.  I always take him out first.
Gehrich is stronger, but he's not as bad and I just hate Mappi so much!  Oh,
and by the way, THESE GUYS COUNTER!  The general rule for this battle is thank
your lucky stars their hit rate sucks.  It's really funny to watch your guys
get thrown all around the room, then see a big red MISS on top of them.  Once
you kill the first one, the other goes down quickly and the battle gets a lot
easier.  Their attacks are purely physical, so take that into account when
you're arming your guys for this battle.

Now that you've killed Crappi the annoying, you should explore this place a bit
better.  After the steam stops rising from Kongol's chest (!? tee hee), go
downstairs (you know, Kongol's abysmal grammar belies his inner wisdom).  Check
the sparkly spot for what you've been seeking all along.  Now, head back to

When you get here, quickly press X to push Shana out of the way.  That is after
talking to the people by the entrance.  You'll catch the bouquet, an unused key
item.  If you don't, Haschel does a flip and catches it.  When you're ready, go
back through the Barrens and head south on the map, choose South Serdio and go
to Lohan.

Remember the merchant you got the bottle from?  It's time to pay him another
visit.  This is where he screws you over by increasing the price tenfold.
However, if you don't buy it here, you have to wait until the VERY end of the
game to get this item, so just pay it.  It's worth it after all.  So, after
Rose expresses her cynicism and later tries to kill the merchant, talk to him
and pay his price.  Now, go back to Fletz.

Suggested Level: 17

By now you should have enough for the third of Martel's prizes.  When you're
ready, go into the castle.  Throughout the castle, there are bandits disguised
as guards, who will throw you out.  Be careful not to be spotted by them.  Go
outside and go up to the top of the right tower.  Avoid the guards by ducking
into rooms if need be.  Just don't get caught.  Don't worry about the guy at
the top, he's a real knight.  Lisa tries to discern Emille's location by
astrology, but there's a mist covering the night sky.  I’m not that great at
astrology, but I believe that such a mist is called DAYTIME YOU IDIOT!
ANYway, it's time to climb the other tower.  You can go through the inside of
the castle to start on the other staircase as a shortcut if you wish.  I
always do because getting caught takes you to your last entrance.  Again,
don't worry about the guards at the top. (this is another I love Rose scene)
Now you have to search the room.  Hmmm, what looks suspicious?  How about that
painting?  Check it for a bizarre scene.  Okay, there's some serious stuff
goin' down here and something tells me that there's more than just some
annoying, ignoble bandits behind it.  Talk to everyone, then check the glowing
sphere closest to you and get ready to ruin the party.  Forget the guards!
What are they gonna do?  So, head back to the throne room and get ready to
fight.  You may want to save first, but maybe not, since you can't build up to
have a better chance at this boss if you save here.

Lenus	(Water)
Okay, anyone with low magic defense is a really bad idea here.  I know, I used
Rose and Kongol, but I wanted Kongol to build up his SP and maybe get to D'Lv 4
by the end of the battle if I was lucky.  She'll slash at you with blades of
light and cast a particularly nasty version of Spear Frost on you.  She's also
really fast.  Oh yeah, she counters a lot, too.  You'll be really glad to have
Dart with the Heat Blade here.  Generally, avoid magic and Dragoons, unless you
have less than 200 SP, thus only one round as a Dragoon.  You may even want to
use a Speed Up on one of your characters.  Having Shana or Rose as a healer
isn't a bad idea, but items would be the preferred method.  I was dumb and
didn't buy any Healing Breezes before coming into this and only had 6 Healing
Potions.  It was enough, though.  I didn't have too much trouble here.

Damn!  Another boss that's going to come back to bother you.  By the way,
you'll eventually find out what Lenus means by the cryptic remark she makes to
Meru.  Next stop: Donau!

Suggested Level: 19

Here, head to where you met Meru and instead of going up the stairs to meet the
mayor, go straight ahead to get to the harbor.  Go down the stairs and Puler
enters.  He's really annoying, but not as annoying as Mappi.  Go talk to Kayla
and get on board.  

Queen Fury
Stardust #31:  In the wheelbarrow-lookin' thing in the south corner of the
               basement, where Kongol is.
Stardust #32:  Inside the ship, on the screen north of Shana, check the pipe on
               the right wall by the entrance.

There's a lot of story here.  Shana wants to find Dart.  The stairs on this
screen go to the basement, where Kongol is, so go up into the ship.  I don't
know the names of the parts of a ship, so bear with me here.  On the left in
here is the kitchen (hey!  galley!  I know that one!), where you can make
Vegetable Julienne for a whopping 1 gold.  Wow, I wish I were a sailor on THIS
ship!  Go up both sets of stairs to the next screen.  Go up another set of
stairs and go into a different part of the ship.  Here's Dart.  When Puler's
done spewing nautical bull spit, Dart wants to find Rose.  She's easy, just go
up the ladder from where you are.  Climb all the way up to the crow's nest and
talk to her.  After some extremely cryptic and suspicious remarks, Rose is in
search of Haschel... kind of.  Take a walk; go down and out and she'll notice
him.  Rose acts really mysteriously towards him, ya know like she likes to do,
(she's the only character for whom that isn't just a bad translation; you'll
find out what I mean later) and Haschel wants to play some immature prank on
Kongol.  From the scene, we find out that he's a bad teacher and an abusive
father in addition to just being immature.  Why'd they have to do that to the
only dark skinned main character?  RACISM!  Anyway, Kongol's in the basement,
where you find Stardust #31.  Kongol, one of the few characters here with a
noble pursuit (PURSUIT!) wants answers.  Well, let's go ask the most bookish
person here!  Go into the ship and in the door right in front of the stairs
that take you to Dart, Rose, and Haschel.  Albert explains to Kongol in terms
that go beyond the intellect of some people I know.  He's too logical in
explaining something like a friend.  Whatever, I think Meru would've been a
better choice.  So, let's go see her now!  She's in the room up from where
you chopped vegetables... or didn't.  Meru does something hysterical and
talks for a while, but now it's time to find Dart again.  He's still hanging
out with that annoying commodore.  Pick whomever you want, it doesn't matter.
So Meru acts like a weirdo, so go and check on Rose.  They talk about how
great Rose is and...  WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!?

Phantom Ship
Y'aaaaaaarrrrrrr!  We be boardin' the Phantom Ship.  This Phantom Ship sucks
because there are no pirates.  It's still a great place to build up, though.
Just remember to use your Talisman.  Death has an instant death attack (duh!),
which he'll usually use on Shana, if she's with you, so give it to her.  So,
the floaty knight ghosts are on your side and everything else on this ship is
trying to kill you.  Also, the blue flames are all fights.  This place works
like Hellena with the no random battles.  You can also go back to your ship
and buy weapons and items and rest and save.  You should definitely check out
the weapon shop, since it has a new weapon for Albert.  You might also want a
Dancing Ray from the item shop for later...  Moving on...  On the screen where
you found Shana, go into the cabin.  After watching a bizarre and creepy
scene, go down the stairs on the previous screen.  Down here, just follow the
laughing ghost with the top hat into the door.  Hmmm, recklessly placed
skeletons.  Open the chest.  After the fight (oh COME ON!  you saw that
coming), head back out and run like crazy to the room next door.  Either that
or plow your way through the annoying as hell Will o' Wisps.  They wouldn't
be so bad if you didn't miss them half the time.  Get the chest in this next
room and you'll finally fight the purple guy.  He's tougher than regular
monsters, but he's not a boss.  He can stun, bewitch, and confuse your
characters, so beware of that.  Once you've beaten him, bust it to the end
of the main hallway.  The sparkle gives you some hint about some number
combination that's really freakin' hard to figure out.  I was never able to
get the combination, so I’m really not gonna give you a fake strategy.  The
prizes aren't stuff you can't just buy at a shop anyway.  One chest in here
is 20 gold, the other is another battle.  This battle can get pretty crazy,
since there's three purple guys.  Well, if you want to fight them using
only one character, that is.  A good idea is to kill the one that bewitches
one of your characters to dispel the bewitchment.  After you're done, go
back out, upstairs, and past the row of Will o' Wisps to enter the
captain's cabin.  You'll probably want Shana due to her Star Children spell
or some Dancing Rays.  The ship is a good place to build up if you're not
ready.  Grab the treasures first, if you want the total 300 gold, then
check the sparkle for a key.  It opens the door on the screen where you
found Shana at the beginning of the ship.  Go in when you're ready and grab
the treasure chest for a Bravery Amulet.  When you try to enter the other
door, you're attacked.

Ghost Commander, Ghost Knight x4	(Dark)
The first thing to do here is kill off all the Ghost Knights.  Dancing Ray or
Shana's Star Children are real time savers here.  This is especially true,
since the knights come back.  You don't HAVE to kill off the Ghost Knights
first, but they can easily overwhelm you if you don't.  The Ghost Commander
does this really weird, but really strong attack, where he kills himself to
attack you.  It does damage equal to half of your current HP!  The Ghost
Knights can also stun you.  The bottom line is that no one dies until the
Ghost Commander does and once he does, so do all the rest.  You win a Night
Raid from this ordeal.

When you're ready, go in the door.  Grab the chest for the Dancing Dagger, a
great new weapon for Rose.  Check the cradle when you're absolutely sure you
never want to see this place again.  Don't worry, you'll understand what's
going on here in time.

Stardust #33:  Down the ladder from the elevated walkway.  It's on the shelf
               against the wall.

Alright, if you didn't quite catch all the action in that extremely cool movie
of the original Dragon Campaign, here's what's up.  Rose is one of the original
Dragoons.  Zeig was her fiancee, who died fighting against Melbu Frahma, the
leader of the Winglies.  He was also the original Red-Eye Dragoon.  Syuveil
and Damia, the Jade and Blue Sea Dragoons respectively, aren't quite crucial
to the story.  Kanzas, the Violet Dragoon, self-destructs to destroy a Virage.
Belzac, the Golden Dragoon sacrifices his life to save Shirley (yes, THAT
Shirley), the White Silver Dragoon from a Super Virage, but she dies anyway.
So, Rose is the only survivor of the Dragon Campaign.  The Shirley we met in
Shirley's Shrine is just a ghost.  All of that is important to the story and
it took quite a few viewings of it for me to understand exactly what went down.

Anyway, you wake up in Lideria, a dilapidated seaside town.  Once you regain
control, leave the house and take the boat to the pier.  Then, go up to the
house with two entrances.  Don't go in, go up the nearby ladder instead.  Now
go around the elevated walkway and go down into the house via the other ladder.
Check the shelf against the wall right next to the ladder for a Stardust.
There's really nothing else here but a save point, so leave and head to the
Undersea Cavern.  I’m not going to get into this place right now, so I’m going
to tell you to just walk through to the other side, then go to Fueno.

Stardust #34:  In the painting right inside the entrance of the clinic.
Stardust #35:  In the barrels at the entrance to the inn.

In Fueno, there's lots to do: Stardust collecting, shopping, and most
importantly, finding everyone else.  Go down the stairs that take you to the
next screen.  Now, go into the little building, then go back after talking with
the crew.  You'll have a grand old reunion once you return to the inn.  When
you regain control, go out into town.  Near the exit, you're saved by the
drunk!  He tells you what's up with the monster.  Hmmmm, the most dangerous
creature for miles (8/5 kilometers) around... Let's go!  Well, as it turns
out, we need to go back to Lidiera.

In Lidiera, go into the boat and set sail for the ocean terrace.  The guys
will laugh at you, unless you tell them you need to see the monster.  Now, take
the boat to Pete's house, jump around the rocks, go into the cave, and turn the
valve.  There's also a Healing Fog and a Healing Rain in here.  Muy Fueno,
ehrm, muy bueno.  Now, sail to the pier and get back into the Undersea Cavern.
It's for real this time.

Undersea Cavern
Suggested Level: 21

Now, go to the part you couldn't before, grabbing the Attack Ball if you want.
There's a Jeweled Crown right at the beginning of this next screen.  Follow the
path and take the left branch for a Recovery Ball on the next screen.  Go back
and branch down for a Gushing Magma and continue to reach the next screen.
Here, continue around the corner to get that Recovery Ball (yeah, it's a
different one) you saw earlier.  Go back and go around and come out the stairs.
Jump across for a Burn Out, continue up the stairs, collect the Attack Ball,
and Save.  There's a huge battle coming up, so I suggest you prepare heavily.
One good idea is to equip Dart with his Heat Blade, even if you have a stronger
weapon.  Trust me, it'll do more damage than the Falchion here.  Another
suggestion is to bring someone either Rose or Shana for healing and your other
person should also have a high magic defense.  My personal favorite
combination here is Rose and Meru, because Meru's elemental is advantageous
here as well.  Anyway, at the end of the path is the last boss of this disc.

Lenus, Regole	(Water)
Huh, so THAT's where that other one ended up.  She may look gorgeous with it,
but you have to destroy her anyway.  Personally, I go for Regole first.  He
may have 200 more hit points than she does, but he goes down a lot quicker.
You should always eliminate the quicker to kill monster in a battle in any
RPG.  This is because you lessen the number of attacks as quickly as possible.
They're about the same attack-wise, but Lenus looks cooler and has cooler
looking attacks.  Regole's also faster.  Regole's really receptive to magic,
but Lenus isn't, so use mainly physical attacks on her.  They have a really
strong looking special attack that they do together.  The damage on that is
mediocre.  Lenus's attacks aren't that strong, except for one, where she
suspends your characters in water.  The damage isn't too high, but it's
pretty high for a multi-target attack.  There's also another equally painful
attack of hers that submerses your characters in water and she beats the hell
out of them (kinda sloppily).  Ouch.  Regole's attacks include two really
strong hits in a row and a weak earthquake attack that hits everyone.  The
physical attack is the greater danger.  A Frozen Jet and a Jeweled Crown are
the spoils of this battle.

After Meru's done acting like an idiot, head back to Fueno.  Take the
Queen Fury to Donau, go through the Barrens to Fletz, and talk to the king
in Twin Castle.  Now you have to find everyone.  Albert is in Emille's room
(the left tower).  Hmmm, looks like there's an ACTUAL love story going on
here.  Well, that and Rose and Zeig, which you'll learn more about later.
Anyway, Haschel and Meru are by the kitchen, which is the door at the top of
the stairs at the left in the main hall.  Kongol is practicing in the
training room, which is straight up from the main hall along the blue carpet
(not the throne room).  There's a Moon Serenade and a Sun Rhapsody in here
as well.  Now for Rose...  She's in the room you stayed in that's opposite
of the kitchen.  Once you have everyone, head back into the room where
Kongol was training.  Libria will talk to you and the festivities will begin!
Talk to all of your friends, then follow Libria when she comes in.  Blah Blah
crappy fake love story, end of chapter.

Chapter 3: Fate & Soul

Stardust #36:  From where you start, go up the stairs and into the house.  It's
               in the large red urn by the entrance.
Stardust #37:  In Teo's house, throw the switch at the top, ride the slide down
               and it's in the metal basin.

From where you start, go up the stairs and follow the path to the next screen.
You might recognize some of these guys as losers from the tournament.  When you
regain control, go up the stairs into the inn.  Go around and down the stairs
to the desk.  Tell the clerk that you're not a mercenary.  Honesty is the best
policy after all.  Get in the boat and you're free to navigate the town.  From
here, choose to the left to reach the weapon shop.  There's some pretty decent
stuff here, including the best boots you can BUY for your male characters.  I
say that because the Bandit's Shoes, which I like better, cannot be bought.
When you're done, go back right, move to the front, and go to the item shop.
They sell Healing Fogs here!  When you're ready, go back to the right, up, then
finally move to the upper right.  The only place you can go right now is the
mayor's house, so do so.  Listen to him.  When you're ready, talk to him and
tell him you're ready to stay.  I promise, the night scene will make sense at
the end of this chapter.  In the morning, take the ship out and go to the
right.  Before heading out, Stardust collectors will want to enter the house
near the exit.  This is Teo's house.  To get the Stardust, climb to the top,
then throw the switch (looks like a pull cord) and ride the slide down.  It's
in the metal basin down here.  Flip the switch on the wall left of the ladder
to get out.  Now head out and go into the Evergreen Forest.

Evergreen Forest
Suggested Level: 22

Just a word of warning, the monsters here counter like CRAZY, so be ready or
use Kongol and Shana.  At this point, I could also get away with Haschel and
Meru, since Hammer Spin and 5-Ring Shattering cannot be countered either.  Go
right at the fork in the beginning to pick up a Destone Amulet.  Go back and
take the left side of the fork this time.  Take the second fork left for a
Body Purifier.  Go back and hang a right at the second fork this time.  Now,
we're getting somewhere, I promise.  Go straight up and around to the top of
the little hill and HOLY CRAP IT'S A GIANT WOLF!  Go back down toward the
entrance, but swivel up the other path this time.  Take the north exit on
this new screen.  When given the choice, opt to advance.  Trust me, this is
the better option, especially if you're an animal lover.

Kamuy	(Neutral)
The walkthrough I used said that this is the first neutral boss, completely
forgetting both Virage battles, which were really cool.  *Sigh*  Kamuy's not
that bad, unless you rely on elementals to win.  This was a non-issue for me,
since I don't generally use Dragoons anyway.  His attacks all do somewhere in
the 100-200 damage range, usually on the lower end.  There is one exception,
which is an attack that hits everyone, which only does about 50.  His most
annoying move is the one that stuns everyone simultaneously, which is very
accurate *nudge nudge* Stun Guards.  Kamuy is another one of those bosses
that counters, which is appropriate for the Evergreen Forest.  At any rate,
he should go down pretty quickly for a boss.  You win the Darkness Stone for
your efforts.

After you regain control, go back to Furni.  Go back to the hotel, exit on
foot, and go into the house out here.  The knight in here will give you 500
gold.  Go back to the Evergreen Forest.  Go the screen before where you met
Kamuy.  Take the winding path south this time.  Keep going south and exit the
Evergreen Forest.  Head to Deningrad next.

Personally, I waited until my characters returned before I bought anything, so
let's just get that over with.  First, go to the northeast exit.  You'll be in
a church.  Tell him you want to learn about the Divine Tree.  When you're done
watching the movie, go talk to the black robed guy in the front of the church.
Leave the church and go to the northwest exit this time, then go into the
second door on your right to enter the library.  Albert freaks out and your
party begins to seek SOMETHING that will give them a clue about what's going
on.  Talk to everyone and see what they've found.  Kongol shows that he's not
quite as dumb as he looks.  He can't read, but he wasn't raised by humans, so
that's acceptable.  Dart's king, girlfriend, and grandfather have little or
nothing to offer, though.  Well, Dart's librarian seems to have found
something!  Talk to him.   Yay!  Another movie.  The only new information here
is that the Winglies' leader was Melbu Frahma, which is important, and some
wacko theory about how the Moon that Never Sets is the gods, which is not
important.  Go talk to him again and watch yet another movie.  This one's a
little off center as well, but you'll find out all about all that at the end
of this chapter.  The scene switches to Rose in Neet.  This scene is
straightforward, so I’m not going to guide you through it.  You find out that
the Black Monster is trying to destroy the Moon Child, which has something to
do with the descent of a god.  I’m not trying to spoil everything, it's just
that this is REALLY important.  Rose emasculates the knights (glee!) and the
scene switches to Meru.  Go into the cave and use the teleporter, then go to
the next screen.  For your own amusement, if you stand still for too long,
Meru starts to spaz out.  You're greeted by the Bardels, the neighborhood
reactionaries.  You'll see these guys again... briefly...  ANYway, Meru's
mother is extremely graceful in her movements.  Head back out the way you
came in.  The scene switches back to Deningrad.  Go to exit Deningrad.  With
everyone back, it's time to go shopping.  Everything here's pretty much a
standard upgrade with some old accessories.  The one exception is the Armor
of Legend, which is the physical equivalent of the Legend Casque, price
included.  I recommend buying it for your characters, but the Legend Casque
is more important because the Armor of Legend has a reasonable substitute.
When you're ready, go to the screen where the entrance to the library is.
Go into the castle at the very north of the screen.  Go up two flights of
stairs and around the left side to find a slightly hidden Angel's Prayer.
Then, exit north and take the left branch to enter a room with a Holy Ankh
near the entrance.  Go back and continue the normal path up.  Yay!
Matriarchy!  When you regain control, go back into the queen's room, then
into the northeaster chamber to find Shana.  When you're done screaming WTF!?,
head back to the Evergreen Forest, but first, I’m going to introduce our new

She's the First Sacred Sister of Mille Seseau.  I like her when she smacks the
idiot male knights around, but she's really aggressive and a pain sometimes.
She's essentially the opposite of Shana and quite obviously a gendered virtue
feminist.  She's really angry, though, but that's because of a tragic past.
Oh well, she's the same as Shana in battle, since archers don't have additions.
I still don't use her unless I need light magic due to her weak attacks.

Evergreen Forest
Suggested Level: 24

Go back up the path.  On the next screen, go back up the windy path and go back
right.  Now head back up and around the mound where you found Kamuy the first
time.  Now, go down the stairs and continue on to get to Neet, if you want a
Stardust, or just skip all of that and continue around the mound and exit north
if you don't.

Stardust #38:  By the hanging lantern.

The only reason you're here is for the Stardust, so I’ll describe it to you,
since it can be tough to find.  Head up the path a little bit until you're
across from a hanging lantern on the right side.  This one's really picky, but
if you look at the lantern, its bottom point points at a rock completely
covered in snow.  Face that rock and check it.  Your boots should be sticking
out of the wreckage jutting into the foreground.  If worse comes to worse, just
take baby steps downward and keep checking on the right side.  You should get
it sooner or later.  If you REALLY want, you can go one screen north and check
the monument to those killed by the Black Monster.  Dart sees his mom and
dad's names, but he doesn't mention what they are.  Hmmm...

Wingly Forest
Stardust #39:  On the shelf in the upper right corner of Guaraha's room.
Stardust #40:  In the pillar below the healing room.

After a short scene north of the mound, you'll be in the Wingly Forest.
Get into the village just like you did before.  Talk to the guy who's by
himself and he'll help you since you're wingaling challenged (yay Trogdor!).
Go into the house and head straight up and to the left to talk to Meru's
parents.  Now, there are three ways to go.  The pool takes you back to the
entrance, so ignore it.  There are two teleporters side by side.  Take the
upper left one first.  You're in the shop now and there's some new stuff here
you might want to invest in.  Take the left teleporter up to enter Guaraha's
room.  Go back out, then down the teleporter, and then back down the middle
one. Take the other teleporter this time.  Now, do you see the tongue-looking
path? Just to the right of it is a black pillar with 6 green lights on it.
Check that pillar for a Stardust, then go into the path.  AAAAA!  BARDEL!  Rose
cuts him down to a pile of arrogant pulp, but he attacks anyway.  Whoops for
him.  Then, I don't know why, but the Younger Bardel comes by and kills him.
Wacky...  When you regain control, go all the way to the house at the top by
talking to the guy.  After a long scene, go and talk to the ancestor.  NEAT

Suggested Level: 24

Now you're in for it.  My wife didn't have this problem on her roommate's
TV, but I couldn't see the little blue boxes for the additions very well on
mine.  This place is just so... orange!  Also, on an extremely minor note, the
battle music is different here and the enemies counter like mofos.  BadASS
mofos.  ANYway, head up the path when you're ready.  Head up the path and
either take the next one for a Mind Purifier or skip it to move on.  On the
next screen, take the teleporter (the green glowing thing), then follow the
path and take the next one.  Now go up into the doorway.  Here's where things
get tricky.  You thought the Wingly Forest was bad!?  Get ready for some
hardcore teleporter-induced motion sickness!  Take the teleporter in this
room, then the next one, then proceed forth for a pair of Dancer's Shoes.
These have no defense, but they increase your speed by 20, which I think is
much better.  Go back to where you came from and exit out the other doorway.
Take the teleporter, then the next one all the way around, then go into the
door.  Take the teleporter right in front of you, then another, then another,
then one that looks like a doorway.  On this screen, head down the plank, then
just go into each teleporter, which takes a long time.  On the next screen,
the purple thing is a healing device.  The path also splits in two here.  I
like to take both paths, but that's just me.  Given the readily available
healing and save point, this is a good place to build up *hint hint*.  When
you're ready, choose either the teleporter or the doorway.

I will first address the path with the doorway.  You have 6 portals now.  With
them numbered 1-6 left to right, the solution is 613452.  When you successfully
solve the puzzle, some weird thing will descend and if you go into it, it will
teleport you to the next screen.  What IS that thing!?  You'll find out soon
enough.  Take the teleporter, then the next, and you're right in front of it.
Get ready!

Super Virage	(Neutral)
This one has three parts, but I recommend just taking out the head because in
10 rounds, it self-destructs and does a HELL of a lot of damage.  Hit this guy
with everything you have, including Dragoons.  Don't worry about your SP, they
won't be useful AT ALL in the next two boss battles.  I used Special right off
here.  His attacks include a rather weak avalanche, a weird grippy thing, and
a smash with his arm.  None of these are particularly threatening.  He's
surprisingly receptive to magic, so don't hesitate to use it.  Just beware a
massive laser storm, which deals upwards of 150 damage as his final attack.
You win a Healing Rain from this battle.

Now that that's over, you can go right ahead into the door.  Just continue
down the straightforward path until you get to the next screen.  See you after
the next paragraph, unless you want to go back to the healing point and do the
other one for some fabulous prizes!  I headed back not only to get the prizes,
but also because I received Moon Strike and Cool Boogie after this battle and
went back to master both them and Blazing Dynamo.  In the process, I also
attained Hex Hammer, so I also mastered that and Omni Sweep.

After you arrive on this screen from the teleporter by the healing point,
you'll be in a room with 5 red discs, each of which produces an endless stream
of Spinningheads.  The idea is to walk onto a disc, then quickly press the
action button once the action icon appears.  This causes the disc to turn blue
and deactivate and the Spinninghead from that disc disappears.  So does one of
the beams sealing the exit.  Repeat until all 5 discs are blue and the barrier
is gone.  For your reference, there are two discs on each side and one in the
center of the room.  When you're finished, enter the previously sealed
teleporter.  We're in a Valley of Corrupted Gravity knockoff.  Ride the first
disc all the way up for the Power Up, another reusable item.  Ride the disc
down one, then jump right onto the next disc and off at the next stop.  Now,
run to the end of the walkway and jump on the disc.  It falls... remember that.
Jump on the next one nearby, which also falls.  Run to the next one.  These
two fall also, so jump across quickly by hitting the action button repeatedly.
Your reward is a Mind Crush, way ahead of schedule.  Equip it on Dart, then go
back and let the disc fall this time.  At the bottom, run to the right and up,
then ride the disc to the teleporter.

Whichever route you took, you should be in a room with two teleporters and a
spiral path.  Take the teleporter that's in the center.  If you're in a room
with moving discs, you took the wrong one.  You should be in a room with a
large disc with an elaborate pattern on it and two teleporters, one on each
side.  Move towards the object that's sparkling on the ceiling.  That's the
Dragon Block Staff.  Before you grab it there are a few things you may want to
consider.  First, if you're a fan of Dragoons, you'll definitely want the SP
of the characters you're using to be less than 200.  The other thing is that
you want a healer, Rose, Miranda, or Meru, and you might want Albert if you
like to play the elemental game.  I used Albert and Meru because Albert's
good and elemental advantages couldn't hurt and I didn't have all of Meru's
additions yet, so I wanted her where I could see her.  That's for you guys
(guy being a gender-neutral term.  it is!  look it up!), because I wanted
to know what level she gets Cat's Cradle at.  ANYway, on to the reason you
really read this.

Grand Jewel	(Earth)
Don't let its small size fool you, this thing can be tough!  Power Up's not a
terrible idea.  This thing has a spell library like you wouldn't believe!  I’ve
seen everything from Pellet to Spectral Flash.  Dragoons are useless here,
which you should've guessed.  I mean COME ON the damn thing is ATTACHED to the
very item that was used to KILL DRAGOONS!  However, if you just transform for
one round (i.e. have less than 200 SP) you can get away with using Dragoons.
This is why it's good to have a vast array of healing items.  If you get
attacked as a Dragoon, you'll be healing...  WITH AN ANGEL'S PRAYER!  So, just
stick to physical attacks and any wind items you might have.  Oh yeah, this
stupid rock also heals itself.  Enjoy!  This thing can reduce your experience
level for the remainder of the battle.  Don't worry, it wears off after the
battle.  Luckily, the bastard doesn't counter.  At least not when I fought it.
You get a Spectral Flash for winning.  Whoopee

Good thing THAT's over!  Actually, I can get by fine without Dragoons and I
killed him before he started healing himself, but it's still good to be done
with him.  Go into the other teleporter now and exit south.  Go to the end of
the walkway and jump down.  Now just exit the way you came in.

Stardust #41:  By the curved sword on the carpet by the weapon shop.
Stardust #42:  On the other carpet by the item shop, which is touching the
               first carpet.
Stardust #43:  Check the machine with coils of rope on it, which is on the
               second floor of the inn.
Stardust #44:  Check the end of the path that USED to be Shana's room.
Stardust #45:  In the wall, where the Chamber of the Seal used to be.

You can take some time to collect Stardust along the way if you'd like.  I did!
Go to the only remaining exit when you're ready.  There is now a clinic on the
second floor of the inn, which contains a Stardust now.  Then, go into the
castle.  Go up to the next screen.  There's a Stardust at the dead end of the
path to what USED to be Shana's room.  Then, go up into Queen Theresa's
chamber.  Mommy, my Shana's broken!  Anyway, once you regain control, go back
into Queen Theresa's chamber and check the wall where the entrance to the
Chamber of the Seal used to be for a Stardust.  Now, head out to the entrance
of Deningrad and hey, it's our good friend Martel!  You should easily have
enough for the fourth of her prizes.  Now, exit Deningrad and head back to
the Evergreen Forest.

After Kadessa, the counter rates of these guys seem like cakewalk.  Head up to
the next screen.  Go up the twisty path and talk to the knight.  He'll move and
you can pass now.  The box is just a Mind Purifier.  Exit to the left.  Now
head to the Mountain of the Mortal Dragon.

Mountain of the Mortal Dragon	(What a mouthful)
Suggested Level: 26

When you first enter, you can check the organic wreckage on your right for an
interesting scene.  Follow the trail of fresh dragon corpses to the next
screen.  Go to the next screen, grabbing the Attack Ball if you wish.  On the
next screen, take the path to the right if you REALLY WANT a Mind Purifier.
Is the game trying to tell us something with all these Mind Purifiers?  No,
it's just trying to piss you off.  Take the left branch at the intersection,
go through the tunnel, and you're at a huge intersection.  Well, let's start
on the tunnel right next to where you came out.  At the end of it is a Healing
Breeze.  Not bad, but at least it isn't another Mind Purifier.  Now, the
cavern down the stairs.  At the end of THIS tunnel is Giganto Armor.  Good
deal!  Go back to the intersection and take the path up the mountain this
time.  Follow yet another tunnel, take the Dragon Helmet, which can be hard
to see (it's directly south of the tunnel), and follow the path to the next
screen.  Oh GAWD!  You have to tangle with THAT!?  Yes!  Now, let's go!  Just
keep following the path, it's completely linear.  You can grab a Total
Vanishing near the save point and a Body Purifier on the next screen or not,
but definitely save.  Also, just a few steps south of the Body Purifier is a
hidden chest containing another reusable item: Speed Down.  One final thing,
if you want to use Dragoons, do the same thing you did with Grand Jewel because
remember that thing that kept us from being powerful as Dragoons?  Well, we're
about to use it against the Divine Dragon.  Get ready for one hell of a fight!

Divine Dragon, Divine Cannon, Divine Ball	(Neutral)
This guy has a magic library that makes the Grand Jewel's look like three
pages!  Legend Casques are extremely helpful here!  The most important
thing to remember is that this guy has three parts: the Divine Ball, which is
that energy machine gun attack he leveled Deningrad with; the Divine Cannon,
which he destroyed the Crystal Palace with; and the Divine Dragon himself.
For a quick fight, just go for the Dragon, but I always take out the Cannon
and the Ball first in that order.  ANY magic items will be extremely helpful
here.  Oh, did I mention that this guy's so fast that even my overly leveled-up
characters were lucky to get two characters to attack in a row?  Many believe
this guy to be the toughest mandatory boss in the game, though I beg to differ.
Divine DG Ball does a fair amount of damage considering that it's a
multi-target attack.  Divine DG Cannon is just painful, but a rare occurrence.
It doesn't matter because two strong attack items should easily take out both
parts.  I used one Spectral Flash and three additions to get both of them.
Once you take them out, there's only the wide array of spells and a weak claw
slash that hits all of your characters.  The spells do more damage, honestly.
The only other problem you may have is being weirded out by the fact that he's
constantly vibrating.  SWEAT!  WET!  Got it goin' like a turbo 'vette!  ANYway,
to the victor go the spoils: a Gravity Grabber and a Flash Hall.

Now that Lloyd has the REAL prize, the Divine Dragoon Spirit, and becomes the
most powerful of the Dragoons, leave this place and head back to Deningrad.  I,
however, attained Cat's Cradle from the battle, so I stayed here to master both
it and Perky Step first.  Now I had the choice of using any party I wanted.  I
went with Rose and Albert for the moment.  Rose is my favorite character (but
you didn't know that did you?) and also acts as my healer.  I picked Albert
because he's decent, I hadn't seen him in Dragoon form yet, and I didn't
really know WHOM to pick.  I had considered Miranda, but her damage is crap.
Anyway, back in Deningrad, go back to see the queen.  Well, the queen's chamber
anyway.  When you're done, it's time to go to Kashua Glacier, so leave
Deningrad and take the new path on the world map to get there.  

Kashua Glacier
Suggested Level: 27

Alright, you slip on the ice here, which isn't nearly as annoying as you might
think.  The really annoying thing here is that you may have trouble seeing the
little boxes for your additions.  There are some cute enemies here, like Land
Skaters, which are brightly colored emperor penguins and Icicle Balls, which
are a red, yellow, and blue colored version of those ADORABLE Spider Urchins
from the Valley of Corrupted Gravity.  Okay, so I have a weird sense of

There's a chest in plain view with a Thunderbolt in it.  The path to the next
screen is fairly straightforward.  Along the way, you'll also find a Heat
Blade (just hold onto it if you don't already have one).  Here, go straight
up for a Meteor Fall, then down towards the downward spiral to the next screen,
but go across the hard to see ice bridge near the sign for a Heavy Mace first
if you want it.  You do.  THEN, go down the spiral slope.  You can't take the
other exit just yet, unfortunately.  Now you're in a cave and it's easier to
see the addition boxes.  Here, you meet two merchant brothers, Segundo and
Cuarto.  They sell you things and tell you about their brothers, Primero and
Tercero.  Cute.  If you don't speak Spanish: primero, segundo, tercero, and
cuarto mean first, second, third, and fourth respectively.  What, no Quinto
and Sexto?  Anyway, Segundo has some good weapons and Cuarto sells items, but
nothing new.  There are new weapons for Rose, Miranda and Kongol.  There's also
something new for Dart if you missed it in Kadessa.  This guy also sells good
armor and a new accessory you might like.  When you're ready, head to the
right, grab a Gushing Magma and head down.  Now you're in a maze of icicles
to climb up and down.  Climb down the first one.  If you want, take the left
icicle down and keep climbing down for a Dancing Ray.  If not, take the right
one down, then take two up, then two more down.  Take the right path down for
a Phoenix Plume (VERY useful, especially if you don't have Legend Casques for
everyone), then down the left side to move on.  Take Meru out of your party,
save, and head right to the next screen.  Here, you can right past the ramp
for a Fatal Blizzard, or right up the ramp to move on.  At the top of the
ramp, head left and brace yourself.  You may want to consider equipping that
Heat Blade now.  

Windigo	(Water)
I think it's supposed to be Wendigo, but whatever.  Apparently, no one told
this thing that it's missing an arm, because it uses it anyway!  Its attacks
aren't that strong, its defense isn't that high, it's not nearly as tough as
the last two bosses, and YAY! we can use Dragoons again!  This guy is TOAST
(and toastY) if you use a Fire Special (Dart's Special command).  Later in
the battle he develops this annoying habit of capturing one of your
characters and holding them incapacitated until you kill the two Snow Cannons
he summons.  After they're done and your character is released, his heart is
exposed.  There's really no point to this because it takes very little damage
and it's easier to just keep wailing away on him until he's dead, but it's up
to you.  Either target will kill him.  His attacks are weak, especially Spear
Frost and Fatal Blizzard and especially Spear Frost and Fatal Blizzard if you
have Dart's Special going.  Seriously, Final Burst on a Special does about
2300 damage.  Good times!  Doing this, I’ve already killed him without any
of my characters being captured.  I think maybe he can't capture a Dragoon,
but I’m not sure.  You get a Brass Knuckle for your victory.

Suggested Level: 28

Your characters will spout off some crap about how that was a close call...
Move left, then down for a Black Rain, then back right, up, then right to the
next screen.  On the next screen, you get to see a cool swirly tower.  Head up
the path and enter it, grabbing the Rave Twister along the way if you so desire
(that makes a full set of Medium Attack Items that we've found here).  Remember
this place and how to get here, by the way, because this is where the harder of
the two side quests takes place.  Many people say there are about a dozen side
quests, but they count things as minor as catching the little squeaky thing in
the Limestone Cave for a Poison Guard as side quests.  To me that's just a
puzzle/side area.  Moving on.  Inside the tower, there's a Spirit Ring waiting
for you.  You can only reach the left teleporter, so go into it.  This part is
a PAIN!  I’m going to refer to the teleporters in the spheres as times.  If you
don't understand, just look at a non-digital clock.  Alright!  You can go
through this first section any number of ways, but the quickest is to go to
4 o'clock, then 2 o'clock in the next one.  In this room, there's a Mage Ring.
Grab it and take the other teleporter.  First, take your only option, then
11 o' clock, then you're at the top of the tower.  Remember this screen as the
top of Flanvel.  Save and go into the tower.  Also, get your SP below 200 if
you want to use Dragoons.  Yeah, we're doing THAT again.

Lloyd	(Neutral)
Okay, this fight is AWESOME.  Lloyd is now a killing machine!  He's not only
the Divine Dragoon, he also has the Dragon Buster.  You know, that thing that
ran Lavitz through.  That's why you shouldn't be in Dragoon form for any length
of time.  Oh yeah, he's really fast, but at least you can hit him this time...
most of the time...  His evade rate is really high and yes, he still taunts you
when you miss.  "Over here!" "No, right here *flips him off*"  Anyway, rely on
your additions.  Well, those and healing items.  He has some pretty nasty
attacks.  They're also very long winded.  I took about 250 damage from them
even with Legend Casques and Armor of Legend on all of my characters.  Just be
glad he doesn't counter.  His spell library is even greater than that of the
Divine Dragon, so expect EVERYTHING.  Haschel might not be a bad choice here,
since he has no elemental weakness.  Also, most of the attacks here are
magical, so Rose is good.  Meru and Miranda are just cannon fodder, unless
you have Perky Step mastered.  On top of all of this, the background makes
additions hard to see.  Strangely enough, though, his HP are less than the
Windigo's.  You should be able to best him, I did so without much trouble.
There are no spoils of this battle, but congratulate yourself on having
defeated the last mandatory boss of this chapter. 

After the battle, another loves story screws up what would be a really cool
battle scene.  $%*%&^!  When Wink's done being an idiot (LOVE AND GRATITUDE
ARE UNRELATED!) and Dart leaves his sword behind, but still has it somehow,
exit the tower and go back up the spiral path right outside of the cave
inside Kashua Glacier.  Remember the exit Miranda wouldn't let us take on
the left here?  That's where we're headed.  Exit Kashua Glacier and head to the

Suggested Level: 28

This place is pretty short, unless you want to visit Fort Magrad, which is a
splendid idea, given that Dart's strongest weapon, among other great prizes,
can be found here.  Head left, grabbing a Burn Out on the way.  When you
regain control, head left to the next screen.  Now, you can head left to visit
Fort Magrad or north to move on.  It's up to you.

When you head left, the snow will slide and you'll end up sliding down the
hill.  On your way down, there will be action icons that change the direction
in which you move.  Jumping at the first, third, and fourth icons, you'll get
the Magic Shield and jumping at 2 and 4 nets you a Dancer's Ring.  Whether or
not the combos will work depends upon which side of the sign you jump off the
cliff on the previous screen.  On the next screen, there will be a quick one
that decides whether you land on your feet or your back.  When you're ready,
go into Fort Magrad.  Go around the long path and pick up a Midnight Terror
and head to the next screen.  On the way down on this next screen, grab a
Stunning Hammer and a Poison Needle, save, then go up to the monument.
Before doing so, I recommend you bring in Miranda and give someone a
Talisman, preferably her.

Polter Helmet, Polter Armor, Polter Sword	(Dark)
Now you're messin' with trouble.  The armor has a lot of powerful spells, the
sword causes instant death, and the helmet can block commands of yours.  I take
the helmet out first cuz he's a pain.  Then, I go for the sword.  Miranda's
Star Children and any attack items will be extremely helpful here.  Make sure
you have a lot of Angel's Prayers and get to it.  I believe that Miranda will
draw a lot of instant death attacks to her because she's light elemental.
That's why I gave her the Talisman.  When you kill the sword, it'll do the
instant death attack, so have whoever's wearing the Talisman finish it off.
Using my strategy and having a few attack items will knock him down quickly.
Otherwise, get ready for some hard times.  You win the Soul Eater and the Smoke
Ball for this.

Good going!  If you're going to give Dart his Soul Eater, though, give him a
Therapy Ring also or he'll die quickly.  Now head out of here and back up to
the main trail.  On your way back up, you can grab a Gushing Magma and a
Burning Wave.  Now take that northern path we ignored before and head to

Suggested Level: 28

Stardust #46:  In the center of the wall in the Dark Tower

Alright, this is the last area of Disc 3.  The enemies here will make you say
"Light!  Thunder!  Neutral!  I remember those!"  On a humorous note, I think
the Maximum Volts look like bondage Frankenstein monsters.  Follow the path
to the next screen.  Continue down the path up the stairs.  Keep going down
the path, ducking into the doorway for an Attack Ball.  As you continue, you
can see Primero and Tercero below where you are.  On the next screen, take
the sharp V-turn to meet the merchants.  Unless you missed a treasure or so,
though, the only new things here are a Giganto Ring and a Partisan.  Now go
back and continue to the next screen.  Go left a bit and HEY!  It's Shirley!
She provides you with your first side quest, but you can't do it until you
come back.  Technically, it's your second one, but I call it the first one
because it's the first one you're able to finish because the Stardust one
takes longer. Speaking of Stardust, go into the towers.  Look right below
where you're standing.  There's a colored stone on the inside of the ring of
towers.  Maybe if you walk to the next one, you can see it better.  There is
a color for each Dragoon, which you should know the colors to by now.  To
your left is the Jade Tower.  Go up the staircase by it.  Now, you can go
into the Jade Tower and see Syuveil, but he can't see you just yet.  More
importantly, go into the Dark Tower, which is where you were standing at the
beginning.  Go up and check the wall directly across from the entrance for a
Stardust.  Now, you can exit the Dragoon Towers area or you can explore the
rest of them.  On the next screen to the left is the White Silver Tower, which
is empty and in ruin, then left further is the Blue Sea Tower, where you can
see Damia.  She looks even more gorgeous than Meru in her Dragoon form.  The
next screen to the left opens with the Red-Eye Tower, also in ruin.  Next to
the left is the Golden Tower, where you can visit Belzac.  He proves that it's
the role of the Golden Dragoon to look fat in the armor.  It's the ARMOR that
needs Jenny Craig, not the wearer!  By the way, this guy was simple-minded
(his room is full of toys), but I beg to differ that Kongol is not.  The
reason that Kongol can't read or speak well is that he grew up with a
different language.  Ugh, moving on.  Now you're back on the first screen in
front of the Violet Tower, where you can visit Kanzas.  This guy's a jerk.
When you're done, exit the Dragoon Tower area and go back down to the
intersection and left to the next screen.  The healing spot here is permanent,
by the way.  Down here, just follow the path again.  Go down the spiral
staircase until you reach the second door.  Go into the door and keep going
for Rose's Hairband, a great helmet for Rose that makes her immune to instant
death.  Go back to the spiral staircase and into the fourth and last door.
Take the path here for a Spirit Potion.  Go back to the spiral staircase and
take the third door now.  Go down the stairs into the door, but before you
do, you might want to do any last minute building while you're still in the
vicinity of a healing spot and save point.  I would have, but I already had all
additions mastered by the time I left the Mountain of the Mortal Dragon and
everyone at D'Lv 5 before I left the Undersea Cavern.  Continue to the chamber
of Emperor Diaz, then kick back and watch the 800 billion plot twists and put
in Disc 4!

Chapter 4: Moon & Fate

Death Frontier

In summary, Rose whoopsed big time, Dart's dad is going to destroy the world,
and now you're wandering through the desert for some reason you'll find out
later.  This place is absolutely GORGEOUS!  All encounters here are completely
by touch, even the touch of those green things that don't move.  OK, from
where you start, don't go into the hole, instead go south.  Don't fall into
the sand pit, or you'll end up back at the beginning.  I’m only going to show
you where the good treasures are.  There are a lot and most of them are crap
healing items anyway.  Now, keep going east and north until you can't do either
anymore.  Go south until you can't, then east and follow the path north.  Then,
go east one more time to find yourself in an oasis.  You can heal and save
here.  Go north and continue west and you should hit the wall.  Go north twice
now and open the chest for the Power Down.  Only one reusable item to go!  Now
just jump into the sand hole, it's quicker.  When you emerge, you'll be at the
oasis again.  Save and exit north.  Go east twice and you should reach the
wall.  Now go south twice and open the Chest for the Gladius, a new weapon for
Rose.  Now jump in the sand for a Recovery Ball (yeehaw, I know, but it's
quicker than walking all the way back) and get back to the oasis.  Now, go
north yet again.  From here, go east, north, north, west, north.  Welcome to
oasis #2.  Save, then go north, east, then fall into the sand for some
Bandit's Shoes.  You'll emerge in the first oasis, but trust me, it's worth it.
Now go north, east, north, north, west, and north to get back to the second
oasis.  At the second oasis, go west, north until you hit the north wall, east,
north, then follow the path north out of here!  You're done!  Congratulations,
you just made it through THE most confusing area of the game.  On the world
map, SAVE, note the cool overworld music, and go to Ulara.

Stardust #47:  In the roses.
Stardust #48:  On the counter in the upper right corner of the shop.
Stardust #49:  In the man-eating flowers.

You can grab the chest here for a Sun Crapsody.  That's a joke, not a typo.
Anyway, take the teleporter to enter Ulara.  Your purpose here is to meet
Charle Frahma, Melbu's annoying sister.  I think they should've killed her with
him.  Go north, then go straight up the path, ignoring the branch-off.  Check
the roses for a Stardust.  Why does Miranda hate roses so much?  You'll find
out at the very end of the game.  Check these roses for a Stardust.  Now go
left and take the teleporter on the next screen to find the shops.  Pick up 3
Panic Bells if you're fighting all the special monsters.  There are also some
great new weapons here.  The last thing to do here is pick up the Stardust on
the counter in the upper right corner.  Now go back to the branch-off we
ignored earlier and follow it.  Don't take the teleporter just yet.  On the
next screen, you'll see some man-eating flowers.  Check them for a Stardust.
One more to go!  Now go left and take the teleporter to enter the floating
palace.  After a long scene in which Charle Frahma adds an -ie to every proper
noun (Zieggy is a copyright infringement!  wait, no, the comic guy is Ziggy...
Well...  it's still really annoying!) and Rose threatens to give her a knuckle
sandwich (I LOVE her), it's night and you have to find all of your party
members.  Let's get going!  Everything is gorgeous at night, especially
Charle's palace.  Teleport out of the palace and head right.  Rose will
rejoin you by the man-eating flowers, so go down to the intersection.  Now's
time to take that teleporter.  You find Haschel and Miranda here.  Here, you
find out part of the reason that Miranda hates roses.  Also, Miranda displays
directness of speech, a quality that I admire.  After everyone's completely
hammered, head out via the teleporter at the bottom.  Now, go up the left side,
then left, then into the shop.  Albert and Kongol are here.  When you're ready,
go back to the entrance of Ulara to find Meru.  Head back to the entrance,
grabbing the Moon Serenade in your room if you want.  Follow the map to the...
Home of Giganto!?  WTF!?  Okay, whatever, make your way to Fletz.  Once in
Fletz, go into Twin Castle.  You're given a hero's welcome and the doors by
the save point are unlocked.  Now go into the basement to find the ship.
Talk to Kayla when you're ready to leave.  Sail to Rouge!

Stardust #50:  In the room at the end of the path behind Martel's room.

First, go up the ladder, then the closest one, then the next closest one.  Talk
to the guy in yellow now.  Now go up and exit the room to find Martel's room.
Avoid her and go outside.  There's a treasure chest here with a Wargod Calling
in it.  Take it if you wish, but make sure to check to the right of it to find
the last Stardust.  Now, go back and talk to Martel.  You have to talk to her
twice.  If you have all 50 Stardust, she'll give you the final prize, the
Vanishing Stone.  It's in the Goods section of your menu.  You'll find out
what this item is for later.  Chances are, if you did it now, you'd get
crushed.   Back to Rouge, though.  Go to the right of the mayor's room, then
down the ladders and out the right side for a Satori Vest.  Go back in and up
the ladders.  Now go to the south side of the house and take the ladder here.
Take the ladder down and go out the left side this time.  Now go into the
jungle.  Next, follow the path to the lookout.  Hey!  That's not a stick!
It's a tower!  Rose will fill you in on whatever you want to know.  Head back
to the mayor's room.  Before you get there, weird stuff happens.  Head to your
boat and go to Aglis

Suggested Level: 28

Okay, open the giant door.  COOL!  This place is beautiful!  Be that as it may,
get ready for some more teleporter-induced motion sickness.  Teleport to the
next screen.  You're greeted by one of many really annoying creatures, each
with it's own noise that it constantly makes.  Move on to the next screen.
Take the first teleporter, grab the Burn Out, and then take the next.  Grab the
Gushing Magma, then teleport again.  Take the teleporter before going to the
next screen, then teleport your way to another exit and take it.  Take the
teleporter path on this next screen for a Magical Hat and a Moon Serenade.
Teleport your way back to the exit you ignored before and take it.  None of
the other treasures here are worth getting, so I’m not going to bother giving
directions for them.  Now, on this new screen, take the path of teleporters to
the next screen.  Here you will learn about the Psychadelic Bomb and Moot from
the annoying creatures.  Aww, they annoy Rose too. Go
to the next screen.  Take the teleporter and now you're in a myriad of
teleporters.  Take the one that's on the northwest branch, then follow the path
of teleporters to the next screen.  Here's that mirror that was watching you.
Ignore the stupid orbiting thing and go to the next screen.  When you have a
choice of paths, ignore the chest and take the teleporter and continue down the
teleporter path and go to the next screen.  Take the teleporter into another
myriad of teleporters.  Go up and right and take the teleporter on the end,
then go to the next screen.  Talk to Savan when you're ready.  Now, save as
soon as possible!  I can't stress that enough!  Now, don't save until you've
gotten the item.  This part and how you answer the questions determines whether
you get the Psychadelic Bomb, an extremely powerful attack item, or the
Psychadelic Bomb X, the same thing but reusable.  Talk to Savan to start each
challenge.  Below are the answers to the questions.

Kongol  - Take Doel's Sword
Miranda - For the world, I cannot die now
Albert  - I... cannot do that.
Meru    - I still cannot die!
Haschel - I couldn't stop her.
Rose    - No question
Dart    - I will save Shana no matter what!

When that's all finished, go left to the next screen.  Here, take the first
teleporter, then go all the way to the end and teleport.  Now, you're in the
middle so go left and teleport.  Take the next teleporter and move to the next
screen.  Here you find out which item you got.  If you got the Psychadelic
Bomb, I recommend turning of your Playstation and trying again.  If you got
the Psychadelic Bomb X, go back and save (just walk into thin air where the
path used to be and it will appear).  This item is powerful and it's pretty,
too.  When you're all done and back in the room where you got the Psychadelic
Bomb X, go to the next screen.  Here, you have Savan to guide you.  Just take
the teleporter right in front of you.  Here you can take the teleporter or grab
200 gold first.  Now, you can grab the Healing Breeze if you want, then take
the next teleporter, then just go to the next screen.  Save here and go up to
the next screen.

Last Kraken	(Water)
This guy isn't bad at all, though it's been a while since your last boss.  This
guy's kinda like Windigo in that he summons little monsters and is a sucker for
Dart's Special.  Use that and he's toast.  Otherwise, he's still not too bad.
If you have the Psychadelic Bomb X, you can use it right away or just hold out
until he summons the Cleones.  There are only two things that don't work well
here: Miranda's bow and water elemental magic.  This guy has little physical or
magical defense, so feel free to use either type of attack.  This guy's saving
grace is he speed.  He'll often get two attacks in a row.  However, he won't
attack all that often.  He also has a somewhat low hit rate.  Even when they
manage to hit, they don't deal that much.  His water cannon hit Rose for 150
damage.  You'll get the Pretty Hammer for winning.

When you're done fighting, save and make your way back through to the entrance
of Aglis.  Instead of taking that last teleporter that would take you to your
boat, go up to that stone slab door thing that was closed when you first came
in.  You can open it now.  Inside, there's a teleport device that takes you to

Suggested Level: 30

Once you arrive, leave the room.  You're greeted by Coolon, the wings that
Savan was talking about.  You can use him to travel the world.  Before you get
on, though, let's find the shops.  Go right to the next screen.  Talk to the
Lapto behind the desk and choose to go to the Law Factory.  Talk to the yellow
Lapto to shop.  There's a new weapon for Kongol and one for Rose if you didn't
get it in Death Frontier.  The real prizes here, though, are the Dragoon
Armors.  You should buy them for Dart, Rose, Albert and Meru.  They're cheap
alternatives to the Armor of Legend.  Generally, they're not nearly as good,
but for the second side quest, they're a lot better.  Buy them!  They're cheap!
When you're ready, go back to the Teleporting Device.

Side Quest #1: Dragoon Souls
Suggested Level: 30

I’m going to break in the story here for a bit, so if you don't want to do the
side quests or want to do them later, just skip to the next Zenebatos.  Talk to
Coolon and have him take you to Lohan, if you wish to visit Shana's parents.
However, if you want to skip this meaningless trip, go right ahead to Crystal
Palace.  Remember Kashua Glacier?  Go there.  Don't get freaked out when it
asks you to change discs, it's normal.  Go through Kashua Glacier, through the
Snowfield, and into Vellweb.  I know, this is the long way, but you can't land
at Vellweb.  Remember the Dragoon Towers?  Go there.  This is your first side
quest.  Go into each of the following towers: Jade Tower, Blue Sea Tower,
Golden Tower, Violet Tower.  You can do these in any order; I’m just going to
go in the order you find them.  One thing to remember is to go to the spot
where you saw Shirley to heal up and save after each battle; they can be

Syuveil	(Wind)
I used Rose and Kongol here.  Yes, Kongol.  Remember what we did to Windigo
with the Special?  Well, it's the best way to beat most of these Dragoons.
Kongol's Special makes the elemental this guy's weak against twice as strong.
It also cuts his elemental attacks in half!  The only problem, though is that
this technique reduces the damage you deal as well because Dragoon Additions
don't do much damage compared to your best additions.  Since this guy's magic
defense is low, just like Albert's, feel free to use Gravity Grabbers,
Psychadelic Bomb X, what have you.  You might not want to use Kongol's magic
here because Kongol sucks at magic, but it's up to you.  Rose was my healer
with Astral Drain for when I needed it, which didn't happen.  This guy's
attacks include Albert's Dragoon Addition, Wing Blaster, Gaspless, and Jade
Dragon.  None of these are too bad, just beware of his speed, which is
fairly high.  This guy can be tricky, but he's one of the easier battles
here.  You win the Jade Stone for your efforts.

Damia	(Water)
I used Rose and Haschel here.  I like Haschel (as a fighter.  I don't like his
personality because he's an immature jackass), especially here because he can
take a beating, he's fast, and he can dish out the punishment.  He's even half
decent with magic.  This is definitely a physical battle, though, due to your
opponent's high magic defense.  You are certainly welcome to try the Special,
but you may meet limited success.  She hits you with Meru's Dragoon Addition,
Freezing Ring, and Diamond Dust.  Her magic can dish out around 450 damage,
which still isn't to bad.  Call me weird, but I LOVE the scream she does with
the fourth hit in her Dragoon Addition.  She's also faster than Syuveil.  She
takes about half the damage from Psychadelic Bomb X that Syuveil did.  She's
definitely tougher to beat, but still fairly easy.  Speaking of easy, if you
use Power Down on her, she's a sitting duck.  Chances are, though, you won't
need to.  You get the Blue Sea Stone for defeating the red-eyed beauty.

Belzac	(Earth)
I used Rose and Albert (a rather popular team) here.  This is a great team
here because of Albert's Special.  Magic works well here.  This guy may be an
idiot, but he's strong and really fast for a Golden Dragoon.  Luckily, his
magic is weak.  His attacks are Kongol's Dragoon Addition, Grand Stream,
Meteor Strike, and Golden Dragon.  He's also the poster child for Psychadelic
Bomb X.  It hurts him even more than it hurts Syuveil.  His physical defense
is through the roof so use Power Down and/or stick with magic.  He also has
twice as many HP as Damia and Syuveil.  He's not very powerful, he's mostly
an endurance match.  You get the Golden Stone for defeating him.

Kanzas	(Thunder)
After the scene, you find out why I think this guy's such a jerk.  I used Rose
and Haschel again.  Remember the Special trick?  If you liked it, you're out of
luck, because thunder has no elemental weakness.  Just don't use Haschel's
special, because it makes Kanzas deal more damage.  Considering that he's
arguably the hardest of the four, that's a BAD thing.  This guy's fast!  He's a
lot like Haschel.  He takes less damage from magic than Syuveil, but more than
Damia.  He's a very well balanced fighter.  Even his evade causes a problem
every now and then!  Power Down is a good buddy here for at least 1 attack,
since he's so fast.  Maybe you'll find a Speed Down appropriate.  Oh yeah, his
physical defense is higher than Belzac's!  Well, it was for Haschel for me
because I was an imbecile and left Haschel equipped with the Thunder Fist.
BAD MOVE!  His attacks include Haschel's Dragoon Addition, Atomic Mind,
Thunder God, and Violet Dragon.  Consider yourself lucky that he doesn't deal
much damage.  You get the Violet Stone for your victory.

So, you killed all the Dragoons and that's all you get!?  The rest of the
elemental stones!?  Yes and the satisfaction of having saved them.  That's it
for the Dragoon Souls side quest.  Here's a crackpot theory of mine on their
spell library.  None of them seem to use their D'Lv 2 spells.  I believe this
is because it would make the fights lopsided.  With them, Kanzas gets a new
attack, Damia can heal herself, Syuveil can cut his damage in half, and
Belzac is short a spell (remember that Kongol has only 3 spells).  That's
why I think that these spells are dropped from their libraries.  Who knows?
Maybe they CAN use them and I just haven't seen it.

Side Quest #2: Ancient Terror
Suggested Level: 32, but you may want to go higher or you'll get creamed

Remember the Vanishing Stone you couldn't seem to find a use for?  Well,
we're about to find out what it does.  Go to Kashua Glacier, making sure to
stock the hell up on items on your way.  Go back to the top of Flanvel Tower,
the place with two teleporters.  This time, go onto that other teleporter.
OH YEAH!  This place used to belong to the Winglies!  Go up to the
intersection of the 4 beams.  Meet Faust, THE unquestionably toughest boss
in the game.  Here, you find out what the Vanishing Stone is for.  There's a
Therapy Ring here if you want it.  Take the teleporter where Faust's
apparition was standing.  This is the really hard part of the clockwork
teleporters.  The first one gives you no choice.  Go to 5 o'clock for the
next one, then 7 o'clock.  The next one gives you choice.  On the next screen,
there are no choices.  Now you're in an area with 4 teleporters including the
one you came from, a save point, and a Dragon Helmet.  Monsters will start
attacking you now, so be ready because they're tougher than the ones found on
the Glacier.  This is, however, a great place to level.  First, take the
teleporter on the right, which is closest to the save point.  The first choice
is obvious.  Next, go to 2 o'clock.  From here, the path is linear to a room
with three bridges to a platform in the center.  Approach the center.  Oops,
it looks like we need to find a different way in.  Work your way back to the
split path where you previously went to 2 o'clock.  This time, go to
11 o'clock.  You'll come up in the left teleporter.  Now that you've exhausted
all the possibilities of two teleporters, save and go into the one at the
bottom of the screen.  The first choice is obvious, but the second is a 4-way
split.  First, go to 4 o'clock.  Here's another way to that platform in the
center!  Well, by process of elimination, the other one is the right way to go.
Go back to the 4-way split.  Go to 12 o'clock, take the only available option
on the next one, then go to 2 o'clock.  Finally!  It's the last pathway!  Go
into the center, making sure your characters are wearing their Dragoon Armors.
Get ready for the hardest fight of your life!

Faust	(Neutral)
Well, so much for specials!  This guy's kinda tricky.  The more you attack, the
more he attacks.  Simply put, attack him with only one character or two if
you're feeling really bold.  You'll really want everyone to have Legend Casques
on and Angel Scarves from Lohan wouldn't hurt.  This guy has every item spell
in the game, including some that only he has.  With only one person attacking,
I’ve seen this guy spout off as many as 4 attacks in a row!  The Magic Shield
coupled with Pandemonium works well for a short break.  A mistake Faust
commonly makes is attacking Dart with Burn Out, which is worthless because you
gave Dart his Dragoon Armor, didn't you.  I didn't cuz I’m an idiot!  This guy
has one really weak physical attack, which he rarely uses, rendering the Armor
of Legend virtually useless.  His magic defense is close to Damia's so don't
bother with Psychadelic Bomb X.  Blazing Dynamo works really well.  Designate
one attacker and give that person Power Up and give Faust Power Down.  It's
good times.  A mastered Blazing Dynamo with a Power Up works extremely well.
Believe it or not, this time through the game, I beat him without even
healing.  If you take my strategy into consideration and AVOID DRAGOONS AT
ALL COSTS, you should be fine.  Again, I actually had the Armor of Legend
equipped, so I was at a disadvantage.  You win a Phantom Shield and a
boatload of gold and experience for winning.

After the battle, raid the treasure trove here for a Magical Hat, a Holy Ankh,
and a Dancer's Ring.  The teleporter here takes you out of Flanvel.
Congratulations, you just beat the hardest boss of the game!  Now, when you're
done celebrating, leave Kashua Glacier, press square to call Coolon, and go to

Okay, there are 6 different laws that you can toy with here.  I REFUSE to
describe the process 6 times, so I’ll describe it once and you can read through
again if you need to.  Go to the teleport disc whatever guy and go to the
Legislation Center.  On the next screen, there's more teleporters.  Take note
of two different types of Laptos here.  There are the white type that
continually moves and the stationary purple ones.  Either one will chase you
down if they sense you, so get ready to run.  If they catch you, they'll send
to you jail.  Don't worry if this happens because you'll be able to get out
rather easily (HEEEEY KOOL-AID!).  After exiting the jail, there's a Lapto,
who gives a subtle hint about how to change the law.  There are also a Flash
Hall and 200 gold here.  A good strategy is to lure them as far from your
destination as you can before heading to it.  Also, note the blue doorways,
which take you to other doorways.  These are necessary for ridding yourself of
some Laptos.  Just take the teleporter path to the next screen, we'll worry
about treasure later.  Okay, stand at the end of the line of Laptos behind the
beam and advance when one leaves, but don't cross the beam until it's your
turn.  When it's your turn, go to the red center of the floor and press X.
Tell them it's NOT the submission of a bill and that it IS the revision of a
law.  Here are all 6 laws in plain language.

339 - Usage by non-Winglies of shops is not prohibited.
      (Amending this makes you unable to shop, I guess.)
410 - This one lets you teleport to Mayfil.
640 - This one lets you pop in line.
659 - Choosing this deactivates the Laptos that chase you.
666 - This gets rid of all the monsters.  (No, it's not a joke.)
703 - This one lets you go to the Signet Sphere.

Pick whichever you want, then head back to the platform and opt to go to the
Law Factory.  Head through the series of teleporters to the Law Factory.  Just
talk to the Lapto on the next screen and he'll hook you up.  Now head back and
go to the Law Launcher.  Now, go through the final section of teleporters to
the Law Launcher.  Talk to the little guy here and get on the discs.  Ignoring
all the shouts of WAIT YOUR TURN!, give the law to the law launcher and it
will immediately take effect.  If you were smart like me and amended 659 first,
you can now go looting!  In the series of teleporters leading to the
Legislation Center you can find a Frozen Jet and a Burning Wave.  In the series
of teleporters leading to the Law Factory you can find a Spectral Flash,
a Night Raid, and the Rainbow Dress.  In the series of teleporters leading to
the Law Launcher you can find a Down Burst, a Spirit Cloak, and a Gravity
Grabber.  By the way, that's a full set of strong attack items in this place.
Once you've amended 703, go back to the screen with Coolon and teleport up.
Now, you may want to put Miranda in your party and give her the Talisman.  You
may also want to invest in some Destone Amulets for your other characters.
Just saying.  Now, talk to the Lapto sitting on the blue thing.  Talk to him
again and go to the Signet Sphere.  We have no time to waste!  Up here, go into
the grand looking room on the next screen and it's another boss battle!

Vector, Kubila, Selebus	(Dark)
And here come the winged executioners.  Wait, Vector doesn't have wings!
Anyway, these guys are nasty.  Selebus can confuse and petrify and Kubila can
instantly kill your characters.  Miranda will draw instant death to her and the
Talisman will nullify it.  Use her Star Children as soon as possible.  This is
also a good place for Psychadelic Bomb X and that Spectral Flash if you still
have it.  Killing these guys as quickly as possible is the key here.  There are
no spoils for this battle.

After the short, but intense battle, head to the Signet Sphere.  When you're
ready, revise Law 410 and go back to the teleporter where you came in and opt
to go to Mayfil.  I never amended any other laws because waiting in line and
the weak, rarely occurring monsters here weren't an issue and I wanted to still
be able to shop.  By the way, after Mayfil, you will never be able to return to
anywhere, so I made a duplicate save.  Right here, right now.

Suggested Level: 33

From now on, I’m not revealing the location of any treasures with the exception
of two Dragoon Armors, which can be bought later anyway.  Leave the
teleportation chamber to step out into this creepy ruined city.  Take the
teleporter and go to the next screen.  What is that?  It's the first optional
boss of Mayfil.  Fight him if you wish; it has no real impact on the game.

Feyrbrand	(Wind)
First of all, let's get one thing straight: I have NO CLUE what that thing's
supposed to look like.  This guy's the same story as the last time you fought
him, nothing new except all of his stats, including HP, are up.  Still, you
shouldn't have too much trouble with him.  You get a Down Burst for winning.

Move on to the next screen.  Take the teleporter down.  Yes, those are
invisible paths that lead from place to place.  Try it out if you must, but
take the teleporter down and go to the next screen when you're done.  There's
another optional boss in this room.  Fight it if you want; I did!

Regole	(Water)
Same crap as with Feyrbrand, just put a water elemental on it.  This one will
take you a bit longer, but still isn't a big deal.  Use Power Up and Power Down
if you have/want.  You get a Frozen Jet for winning.

Now, leave this room.  Take the teleporter down, then another down and go to
the next screen.  OK, I SWEAR this is the last optional boss.

Divine Dragon	(Neutral)
Blah frickity blah, read the above optional bosses if you want a strategy for
this.  You win a Flash Hall for winning and unblock the treasure chest, which
contains a Destone Amulet.  Big deal.

Now, leave this room.  Take the teleporter down and save.  Cross the invisible
bridge to the next room.  I forgot about this place.  You will grow to hate
this place.  The idea is to watch the white spheres and step on the squares
where they turn red.  Essentially, the soul turning red is it hitting the path
and saying *smack* ow!  Failure to comply will result in you falling all the
way down and starting from the beginning of this room.  SUPER FRUSTRATING!  I
hope that my simple directions will lead you through this safely.  Go to the
right side of the outcropping without stepping onto the glass.  From the right
side, go up, up, right, right, up, right, up, up, right.  Then go into the
room.  Who is that soul that Dart knows?  Go to the next room.  Welcome to part
two.  Step left onto the glass, THEN go up, up, left, left, up, left, left, and
into the room.  Welcome to part three.  Go down onto the glass, THEN go down,
left, down, down, down, left, left, up, up, and onto the teleporter.  You're
done!  Save, then go onto the teleporter for a fight.

Zackwell	(Dark)
First, don't attack just yet.  Just defend and wait until you're given an
option.  Talk to him and he'll turn around.  Now wail away on him!  You have a
limited time to do so, so don't do anything tricky or use Dragoons.  After a
few attacks, the thing on his back will disappear and Zackwell will show
himself.  This guy's not hard, just irritating.  He uses status ailments on
your guys for starters.  He'll also occasionally go underground and you can't
damage him.  You just have to wait that one out.  He should go down rather
quickly.  In fact too quickly to do anything major to your party.  After
battle, you'll do a 3-way homie shake and you'll win a Healing Rain.  ¡Muy
util!  According to Dave14583 at AOL, he'll occasionally drop a Halberd as

Okay, now it's personal!  Wait, it's been personal, we're fighting Dart's
father.  Anyway, make sure to save and do anything you want to get done now,
because after going into the beam of light, there's no turning back.  Okay,
I’ll give you one extra treasure.  Since we're right here, the treasure in
this room is a Spectral Flash.  It's remotely useful, but it would've been a
lot more helpful at the beginning of the dungeon.  Go to the next room.  After
the scene, go to the next room.  Watch the video and get ready for the final
confrontation.  Make that confrontations.

Divine Tree
Suggested Level: 37

Well, it could be worse...  You could have to FIGHT all those Virages.  Save
and go to the next screen.  On this next screen, there's a sparkle in the trees
on the left side.  Check it for a Phoenix Plume.  Okay, so I lied, I’m giving
you a few more treasures.  Now go to the next screen.  The Cute Cats you fight
here will drop Dancer's Shoes on occasion, by the way.  On this screen, you
can check the sparkly thing to learn some stuff about the Divine Tree.  On the
next screen, just follow the path and check the pool-like thing for some more
info.  On the next screen, take the path around the bend and into the tree
pissed that thing off.  Oh well.  Check the sparkle by where you came out for
a free White Silver Dragoon Armor.  Also check the water here for rejuvenation.
Move on to the next screen when you're done.  There's yet another sparkle here,
if you're interested in more info.  In any case, go to the next screen.  Make
sure to save, put on your Phoenix Plumes, take some time to admire the scenery
(gorgeous sunset and just Look at all those Virages), then take the other
branch.  Better yet, if you have the Rainbow Earring, use that in addition to
two Phoenix Plumes and two of whatever armor the characters you're using have
that blocks the body status ailments.  Now, go down the branch to the next
screen.  Move on and... HEY!  It's that thing we pissed o... uh-oh.

Caterpillar	(Neutral)
Seriously, don't even ask why it has two tongues coming out of its ass.  Just
don't.  This thing has almost every status ailment under the sun to throw at
you.  That's why I suggested equipping yourself as I did.  You should be able
to beat him pretty quickly.

Pupa	(Neutral)
Hmmm, metamorphosis.  Take this time to heal up because the pupa just sits
there and writhes periodically.  Oh yeah, this is a great time to conserve
healing items because you can just have your characters defend until their HP
is at maximum.  This thing goes down even more quickly than the other.

Imago	(Neutral)
This is the last form, but you already knew that if you know about insect
metamorphosis.  Well, unless you were expecting some sort of egg form.  Anyway,
forget about the Caterpillar's status ailments, this form has EVERYTHING under
the sun.  Even instant death.  If you're appropriately equipped, you'll be just
fine because the status ailments are the biggest issue here and believe it or
not, they ARE an issue.  His magic defense is average, so the Psychadelic Bomb
X works fairly well.  Use it on any other form and you're just wasting it.
You should waste this form in not too much time even though it takes the
longest.  The spoils of this battle are a Sun Rhapsody, a Moon Serenade, and
a Healing Rain.  Good going!

BARELY DEFEATED IT!?  I hate when he says that after easy battles.  Faust is a
"barely defeated it," Imago is not.  Anyway, go to the next screen once you've
readjusted.  After everyone's good and psyched up, jump into the moon.

Suggested Level: 38

Go to the next screen and walk up to the center thing.  Stuff will happen, then
go to the next screen.  Okay, that's really weird, continue to the next screen.
Trust me, after a while, you tune out that thumping in the background.  Okay,
that's even weirder; continue along the path.  Now you control just Miranda.
Here we find out why she hates roses so much.  Wow, okay, I only hate them
because they're such a cliché.  And now, for something completely different.

Death Rose	(Neutral)
This is Miranda's fight.  Everyone has one here but Dart.  Anyway, this is just
a story battle, so it's okay.  You can use Psychadelic Bomb X, but just
shooting arrows is okay, too.  You have to get Death Rose down to 0 HP, but it
won't die until the story's done.  You have to choose to forgive her to end the

Weirded out yet?  Of course you are, but don't worry, it gets even better!  I
mean COME ON!  The Unicorns don't have faces!  Alright, go straight down and
into the little cave.  Now you're in a random portal to Hell, just like in the
Pepsi machine in my wife's former residence hall.  Seriously, I got a water out
of it that was blazing hot.  One time, I knocked on it and a muscular red guy
with horns jumped out wearing nothing but a candy cane striped hula hoop and
a blue Speedo.  Well, the Satan part isn't true, but hot drinks really did
come out of the vending machine.  Wacky.  Now, just follow the tunnel to...
SERDIO OF 20 YEARS AGO!?  Eh, whatever, nothing's going to be a surprise after
this... one would think.  So yeah, at the desk up here's an inn, in the door's
a clinic, there's a save point nearby, downstairs is the item shop, and
upstairs on the opposite side is a weapon shop.  There are some really good
weapons and armor here.  Here we have the best weapons for Albert, Haschel,
and Meru and Dart if you don't like the Soul Eater.  This place also sells all
the Dragoon Armor and some accessories.  You can get Kongol's Dragoon Armor
later for free, but it's after his individual battle, so you decide what you
want to do with that.  When you're all stocked up, go into the mirror
downstairs, where Claire walked into.  Follow Claire down the path.  Go all
the way down, then right at the bottom to the next screen.  Now, put a
Therapy Ring on Haschel.  Then, just continue along the path until you see
Claire again.

Claire	(Thunder)
Okay, am I wrong in calling Dart a moron for not recognizing his own mother?
And Haschel's a moron for saying that his martial arts gave life to people,
not hurt them.  *Sigh*  What a loser family.  Claire's cool, though.  Moving
on.  She's absolutely FRIGHTENING to look at when she's possessed.  I love the
sound it makes when she hits, though.  It sounds like you're launching a hacky
sack at a beanbag chair.  Cool!  She's one tough cookie.  Every now and then,
the story advances by her reducing your HP to 1.  Heal as quickly as possible,
even if it's regeneration from defending or the Therapy Ring.  Haschel's a
5-year-old as usual because all he cares about is "wow, she's strong!"  YOU
AREN'T FIT TO RAISE A HOUSE PLANT!  Anyway, just keep fighting and you'll pull
through eventually.  At the end say "Mind's eye, awaken!"  I have NO idea what
it means, but it ends the battle.  

Okay, go back to Serdio.  Now exit the room to the south, where the knight was
standing before.  Go down the stairs and jump into the black, swirling vortex
that arbitrarily decided to show up there.  That's random.  Okay, portal to
Hell and... you're in midair at exactly the point where you thought it
couldn't get ANY stranger.  Take that, you!  You can only walk in the brown
areas, so just go straight up to the next screen.  Head north a bit.  Whoops.
You should recognize this place.  Once you regain control, head up the stairs
to the next screen.  Then go up again to the next screen.

Indora	(Earth)
This is Kongol's brother; recognize that armor?  It's the armor Kongol wore the
second time you fought him.  Fighting Indora is just like fighting Kongol,
including the fact that you'd better finish your additions.  He's also rather
slow.  There's no real strategy here unless you want to use a Speed Up or
Psychadelic Bomb X or something.  His attacks don't deal that much damage.
I for one think that it's cooler to have a duel and not use cheap tricks,
especially because this fight isn't that hard.  This fight ends as soon as
Indora's HP reaches 0.  You get Indora's Axe for winning.  Hey!  Prizes!  I
remember those!

By the way, if you never got the Golden Dragoon Spirit in Lohan, you get it
from this battle, which would suck if you like to use Kongol.  When you're
done, go downstairs.  This is what the room used to look like.  Go over and
flip the lever to reveal a treasure chest containing the Golden Dragoon Armor.
If noting else, it's good for a 400 gold.  When you're ready, go outside and go
left from the entrance of the temple to find another swirling vortex.  Jump in
it and go back to Serdio.

Now, you switch to Dart and Rose.  Follow the path to the next screen.  Keep
following the path to the next screen.  Now, go to the exit at the top on this
next screen.  Here, go up to the dragon corpse and get ready for one hell of a

Michael	(Dark)
Remember this guy from the Dragon Campaign movie?  He's the one that decimated
the Virages with the giant dark beam.  Don't worry, you'll be decimated by it
too.  Well, not quite decimated, he isn't that strong.  For now, you just have
to defend a lot and wait for Rose's choice.  You can't finish this battle
without telling Dart the weak point.  After that, it's self explanatory, except
for one thing: the weak point is a separate target.  Enjoy!

After the battle, go back down and almost to the exit of the next screen, but
instead of going back further, go down the steps into a random portal to Hell.
Go down to get back to Serdio.  Go back to the place where the swirling black
vortex was, but before going into it, go into the gate past the guards.

Shadow Blade, Light Sword, Dark Doel	(Thunder)
Good news and bad news.  Good news: he's no longer a Dragoon and can't put up
a barrier that makes him immune to everything.  Bad new: you have three parts
to kill.  A neat trick here (especially if you suck with Albert's additions,
like I do) is to use Psychadelic Bomb X.  It instantly kills both swords.
Otherwise, just fight as usual, because he's easy.

Now, leave the palace, go into the swirling vortex, go back to where Michael
attacked you, and go to the next screen.  You'll want to give Meru a Therapy
Ring.  At the intersection on the next screen, go left and up the stairs and
go as far as you can.

Archangel	(Light; duh, he's an archangel)
This is a character you've never seen or heard of before.  I believe it's the
deity of the Winglies.  Regardless, he has an attack like Claire's 4 Gods
Destruction, so beware of that.  You should also be really glad that Meru's
extremely fast.  She'll often get two attacks in a row.

After the battle, ride the pillar of light up.  What!?  I KNEW they were
screwin' with us.  Let's kick their ASS!  Follow the static-free path to the
next screen.  Walk left, jump across the gap, and round the bend up the stairs
to the next screen.  Okay, save here, arm yourself, and head to the next

Super Virage	(Neutral)
Remember this guy from Kadessa?  Well this one is a lot stronger and has A LOT
more HP, but at least it won't self-destruct.  Just use the same strategy as
before, this time pumping attack item after attack item into it.  Psychadelic
Bomb X works well.  This guy's really slow, so don't worry too much.  Well,
slow compared to some bosses you've fought.  He attacks about once per
character, but that's because there are three targets attacking.  Kill some
off and that'll change.  Like with every Virage, the head is a quick kill.
However, if you kill the head, it may self-destruct, so I go with the body for
the quick kill.  Maybe it's just me, but I think this guy's really easy.

On the screen after the Super Virage, grab the Detonate Arrow.  Remember the
Detonate Rock?  Well, it's a weapon now.  Seriously, don't forget to save.
You're about to go through hell.  You may want to equip Dart's Dragoon Armor,
but personally, I prefer the Armor of Legend here.  You may also want to put
Meru in your party.  Go up to the next screen and buckle your seatbelt.

Zieg Feld	(Fire)
Dart, you imbecile, didn't you learn ANYTHING from Mappi!?  My first time
through the game, this is the only time I healed during battle, other than
Faust.  Well, you can't use Special, which would've been great with Meru.  This
guy is tough!  He doesn't have an army of Winglies and a three-headed,
two-legged elephant, but he can still dish out the pain.  Keep in mind that
Zeig has every attack that Dart had as a Dragoon, including Red-Eye Dragon.
I’ve never seen him use explosion, though.  One important thing to note is that
Dart's first attack on Zeig will always result in no damage and will ALWAYS be
followed by Final Burst.  After that, Zeig's fair game to anyone.  Even if Meru
can't use Special, her magic is still great here because she's an excellent
magic user and can hit Zeig with his weakness.  Zeig also counters, so be
careful with your additions.  Using some sort of strategy, you should be

After a bunch of plot twists, go back and save.  If you're using Rose, make
sure you equip her with her best weapon, which you just received.  No spoilers,
remember.  You may also want to build up/practice with your Dragoon Spirit.
When you're ready, approach the hideous creature and get ready.  By the way,
you're completely healed after the battle with Zeig.

Melbu Frahma	(Neutral)
I used Rose and Haschel, but Rose and Albert are a very popular team.  My
wife even used Rose and Miranda.  The only reason not to use Rose is if
you want a challenge.  Rose is the hardest hitter in the game with her new
weapon and her additions are really easy.  She's also a half-decent healer.
Okay, if you decided to completely disregard my suggestions to get the
Psychadelic Bomb X and just have the Psychadelic Bomb, now is the time to use
it.  Get those damn tentacles OUT of there.  Failing attack items of any sort
or insufficient damage from them, use magic, especially try Dart's new Divine
DG Ball.  Yup, it looks just like the Divine Dragon's.  Same deal with Divine
DG Cannon, but that's a single-target spell.  This makes the battle easier,
just having Melbu attack you instead of Melbu and 4 other targets.  Any other
attack items you have will be useful to do the same, but if you have some left
over once they're gone, just save them.  You may need them later.  Make a note
of one thing: the Divine Dragoon's Addition is STRONGER than a mastered Blazing
Dynamo.  For this reason, transform whenever your SP is full.  Divine Dragoon
Cannon is also really strong, but you may want to conserve your MP for later in
the battle.  By the way, the Divine Dragoon looks really cool, including the
transformation, but the eye patch looks dumb and so does the sword once it's in
his hand.  I would advise against his special, though, because Melbu's attacks
get stronger as well should you choose to do so.  I would also advise you not
to waste your time transforming any male characters other than Dart into
Dragoons unless you really need Albert's Blossom Storm.  Their magic and
Dragoon Additions suck against Melbu Frahma.  Same deal with any female
character other than for healing or Meru.  Just wail away on this guy, you
shouldn't have too much trouble.
What just happened?  Yeah, he kinda destroyed the world inside the moon and you
have to keep fighting.  This form's a little tougher because of one attack.
There's this attack he does where he sucks your character (yes, even a Dragoon)
in.  It's mildly amusing to watch whoever it is tap on the glass.  After a
while, he shoots him/her out of a cannon into another character.  Wacky.  It's
HILARIOUS unless you consider that this does anywhere from 1000 to 2000 damage
to both characters.  His other attacks are nothing to worry about, but keep
those HP up.  He should go down after a while.
ANOTHER!?  Oooooohhhhh yeah.  This one creates little kamikaze dealies, too,
which is where the other attack items come in.  His attacks are fairly
powerful, including an instant death one.  This form looks the coolest, I
think.  I’ve been told that the sky changes and his attacks with it, but I’ve
never fought him long enough for that to happen and I wasn't really paying
attention when my wife fought him.  I actually killed him with a Demon's
Dance, a 4-hit Divine Dragoon addition, and a Violet Dragon.  He doesn't last
that long at all.
How many forms ARE there!?  Despair not, this is the last one.  It looks like a
skeleton fish with a mushroom cap on it.  UNLOAD on this guy, he's the end.
Divine Dragoon Cannon, Dragon summons from non-healer female characters,
anything you've got.  Dragons from Male characters don't do that much more
damage than their Ultimate Additions.  This is where you've got to make it
count, because when this guy hits, IT HURTS.  He also has an instant death
attack that you need to worry about.  Now that you mention it, Miranda with a
Talisman isn't that bad of an idea.  I just brought 2 Angel's Prayers into
battle and I didn't even need to use them.  This guy has magic attacks that
only he and Faust have.  Damn Winglies.  If you have trouble with Melbu Frahma,
I can almost guarantee that it will be with this form, though I still thought
he was really easy.

FINALLY, it's over.  Enjoy the ending and stick around after the credits for a
short scene.  Sorry the lips don't match, but it's cool anyway.

VI. Additions

Additions, except for the first and last one, usually either specialize in
strength or SP.  Keep that in mind when you choose an addition.  Since I
rarely use Dragoons, I tend to go for strength.  Each character starts with one
addition.  Every other addition except for the last one is gained at a certain
level.  The last one is acquired when all the others are mastered, that is have
reached level 5.  To level up an addition, use it 20 times successfully.  You
can check the "experience" of your additions on the menu screen under
additions.  I have given what each one does at each level, how many button hits
it involves, what level it is learned at, and its difficulty according to my
standards.  Note: Gust of Wind Dance and 5-Ring Shattering have been shortened
for space issues.  Other Note: additions with a star next to them cannot be


Double Slash*     1 Hit   Initial   Very Easy
Level 1            150%    35 SP
Level 2            157%    35 SP
Level 3            165%    35 SP
Level 4            180%    35 SP
Level 5            202%    35 SP

Volcano           3 Hits  Level  2  Easy
Level 1            200%    20 SP
Level 2            210%    24 SP
Level 3            220%    28 SP
Level 4            230%    32 SP
Level 5            250%    36 SP

Burning Rush*	2 Hits  Level  8  Easy
Level 1            150%    30 SP
Level 2            150%    45 SP
Level 3            150%    60 SP
Level 4            150%    75 SP
Level 5            150%   102 SP

Crush Dance       4 Hits  Level 15  Easy
Level 1            150%    50 SP
Level 2            172%    60 SP
Level 3            195%    75 SP
Level 4            217%    85 SP
Level 5            250%   100 SP

Madness Hero*     5 Hits  Level 22  Easy
Level 1            100%    60 SP
Level 2            100%    90 SP
Level 3            100%   120 SP
Level 4            100%   150 SP
Level 5            100%   204 SP

Moon Strike       6 Hits  Level 29  Average
Level 1            200%    20 SP
Level 2            240%    20 SP
Level 3            280%    20 SP
Level 4            320%    20 SP
Level 5            350%    20 SP

Blazing Dynamo*   7 Hits  Mastery   Average
Level 1            250%   100 SP
Level 2            300%   110 SP
Level 3            350%   120 SP
Level 4            400%   130 SP
Level 5            450%   150 SP


Whip Smack*       1 Hit   Initial   Very Easy
Level 1            100%    35 SP
Level 2            125%    35 SP
Level 3            150%    35 SP
Level 4            175%    35 SP
Level 5            200%    35 SP

More and More*    2 Hits  Level 14  Easy
Level 1            150%	   30 SP
Level 2            150%	   45 SP
Level 3            150%	   60 SP
Level 4            150%	   75 SP
Level 5            150%	  102 SP

Hard Blade        5 Hits  Level 19  Average
Level 1            100%	   35 SP
Level 2            150%	   35 SP
Level 3            200%	   35 SP
Level 4            250%	   35 SP
Level 5            300%	   35 SP

Demon's Dance     7 Hits  Mastery   Average
Level 1            200%	  100 SP
Level 2            280%	  100 SP
Level 3            360%	  100 SP
Level 4            440%	  100 SP
Level 5            500%	  100 SP


Harpoon*          1 Hit   Initial   Very Easy
Level 1            100%	   35 SP
Level 2            110%	   38 SP
Level 3            120%	   42 SP
Level 4            130%	   45 SP
Level 5            150%	   50 SP

Spinning Cane*    2 Hits  Level  5  Easy
Level 1            100%	   35 SP
Level 2            125%	   35 SP
Level 3            150%	   35 SP
Level 4            175%	   35 SP
Level 5            200%	   35 SP

Rod Typhoon       4 Hits  Level  7  Easy
Level 1            150%	   30 SP
Level 2            162%	   45 SP
Level 3            174%	   60 SP
Level 4            186%	   75 SP
Level 5            202%	  100 SP

Gust Wind Dance   6 Hits  Level 11  Fairly Difficult
Level 1            200%	   35 SP
Level 2            240%	   35 SP
Level 3            280%	   35 SP
Level 4            320%	   35 SP
Level 5            350%	   35 SP

Flower Storm      7 Hits  Mastery   Hard
Level 1            300%	   60 SP
Level 2            324%	   90 SP
Level 3            348%	  120 SP
Level 4            372%	  150 SP
Level 5            405%	  202 SP


Double Punch*     1 Hit   Initial   Very Easy
Level 1            100%	   35 SP
Level 2            110%	   38 SP
Level 3            120%	   42 SP
Level 4            130%	   45 SP
Level 5            150%	   50 SP

Flurry of Styx*   2 Hits  Level 14  Easy
Level 1            150%	   20 SP
Level 2            162%	   20 SP
Level 3            174%	   20 SP
Level 4            186%	   20 SP
Level 5            202%	   20 SP

Summon 4 Gods     3 Hits  Level 18  Easy
Level 1            100%	   50 SP
Level 2            100%	   61 SP
Level 3            100%	   75 SP
Level 4            100%	   86 SP
Level 5            100%	  100 SP

5-Ring Shatter*   4 Hits  Level 22  Average
Level 1            150%	   35 SP
Level 2            187%	   35 SP
Level 3            225%	   40 SP
Level 4            262%	   45 SP
Level 5            300%	   50 SP

Hex Hammer        6 Hits  Level 26  Extremely Difficult
Level 1            200%	   15 SP
Level 2            250%	   15 SP
Level 3            300%	   15 SP
Level 4            350%	   15 SP
Level 5            400%	   15 SP

Omni Sweep*       7 Hits  Mastery   Fairly Difficult
Level 1            300%	   50 SP
Level 2            345%	   75 SP
Level 3            390%	  100 SP
Level 4            435%	  125 SP
Level 5            501%	  150 SP


Double Smack*     1 Hit   Initial   Very Easy
Level 1            100%	   20 SP
Level 2            110%	   24 SP
Level 3            120%	   28 SP
Level 4            130%	   32 SP
Level 5            150%	   34 SP

Hammer Spin*      3 Hits  Level 21  Average
Level 1            150%	   35 SP
Level 2            162%	   43 SP
Level 3            174%	   51 SP
Level 4            186%	   59 SP
Level 5            202%	   70 SP

Cool Boogie       4 Hits  Level 26  Easy
Level 1            100%	   60 SP
Level 2            100%	   90 SP
Level 3            100%	  120 SP
Level 4            100%	  150 SP
Level 5            100%	  200 SP

Cat's Cradle      6 Hits  Level 30  Fairly Difficult
Level 1            150%	   20 SP
Level 2            195%	   20 SP
Level 3            240%	   20 SP
Level 4            285%	   20 SP
Level 5            351%	   20 SP

Perky Step        7 Hits  Mastery   Hard
Level 1            200%	  100 SP
Level 2            300%	  100 SP
Level 3            400%	  100 SP
Level 4            500%	  100 SP
Level 5            600%	  100 SP


Pursuit*          1 Hit   Initial   Very Easy
Level 1            100%	   35 SP
Level 2            110%	   38 SP
Level 3            120%	   42 SP
Level 4            130%	   45 SP
Level 5            150%	   50 SP

Inferno*          3 Hits  Level 23  Easy
Level 1            100%	   20 SP
Level 2            125%	   20 SP
Level 3            150%	   20 SP
Level 4            175%	   20 SP
Level 5            200%	   20 SP

Bone Crush*       5 Hits  Mastery  Easy
Level 1            200%	  100 SP
Level 2            220%	  100 SP
Level 3            240%	  100 SP
Level 4            260%	  100 SP
Level 5            300%	  100 SP

VII. Dragoons

Dragoons are essentially a boost in power and coolness.  To become a Dragoon
you first have to get the character's spirit.  I won't give you which character
has which one because I don't like spoilers.  After you get that, in battle,
each hit of your additions gives you SP, the amount varying depending upon the
addition, or in Light's case, her Dragoon level.  Once you get 100 SP, you can
transform.  Once you transform, the number of SP you have is truncated to the
nearest 100.  Each 100 SP you have when you transform gives you one attack of a
Dragoon.  SP is also a determining factor for your Dragoon level.  For each
Dragoon level, your maximum SP increases by 100 and your maximum MP goes up by
20.  When you acquire enough SP (whether or not your SP gauge is full), you go
up a Dragoon level.  You can also raise your "Dragoon experience" by acquiring
SP through other mediums, such as Spirit Potions and equipment which
regenerates SP or gives you some when you get hit.  The amount of SP you need
for a Dragoon Level up varies from character to character, but a good general
guide is 1000 SP to reach D'Lv 2, 6000 SP to reach D'Lv 3, 12,000 SP to reach
D'Lv 4, and 20,000 SP to reach D'Lv 5.  This is cumulative, so you don't have
to get 39,000 SP total, you need a total of 20,000 SP.  Meru's are different,
but I think only D'Lv 2 and 3 are different.  So Dragoons also have the ability
to use magic and have a different addition, but it's the same for each
character.  There's this wheel with a spark and when you hit the button, the
spark goes around the wheel.  You have to hit the button when the spark reaches
the top.  Oh, it sounds easy, but I usually only get 3 or 4 out of 5.  The
exceptions are the Golden Dragoon, who not only has 3 spells instead of 4, but
also has only 4 hits in his addition instead of 5 and the White Silver Dragoon,
who has no Dragoon Addition.  This is irrelevant at the end of the game, since
mastered final additions are a lot stronger than complete Dragoon additions.
There is a way to do them automatically.  Everyone in your party needs to have
their Dragoon Spirit and their SP gauge has to be completely full.  Then, each
character will have the "Special" option next to "Dragoon."  This not only
transforms everyone into Dragoons, but it also makes the user's elemental
stronger, the opposing elemental weaker, and the user's Dragoon Addition is
automatically perfect.  Dragoons also have their own magic.  Below is listed
a short synopsis of each Dragoon and their spells.  One last thing, Dragon
summons are mainly for show, since they're not that much stronger than your
other spells and they cost 80 MP.  Besides, all the dragons look like space

Red-Eye Dragoon

This Dragoon has a really freakin' cool transformation.  If you want a
good, solid attacker, this is your Dragoon!  It has no utility spells,
though.  By the way, the game says 175% for the dragon, but I’m pretty
sure that's not accurate.  My guess would be more like 75% or maybe 100%.

Flame Shot         50%  Single
Explosion          25%  All
Final Burst        75%  Single
Red-Eye Dragon    175%  All

Dark Dragoon

This Dragoon has a really cool addition and transformation.  This one's
really useful and if you're strong enough, can pose as your healer.  Astral
Drain does great damage and also heals all of your characters.  Demon's Gate
isn't all that useful because instant death doesn't work on bosses, which is
the only place where you normally use them.  Personally, I build up way too
much, so I use this Dragoon as my healer.

Astral Drain       25%  Single & Heal
Death Dimension    25%  All & Fear
Demon's Gate       N/A  Instant Death All
Dark Dragon       100%  Single

Jade Dragoon

This is a Dragoon with a mediocre transformation.  This has one utility
spell, which halves the damage you take for three rounds.  That's ok, but it's
kinda pointless if all your guys have Phantom Shields.  Personally, I don't
really care for this one as much as some of the others.

Wing Blaster       25%  All
Blossom Storm      50%  All     This reduces damage for three turns.
Gaspless           75%  Single
Jade Dragon        75%  All

White Silver Dragoon

Here's a Dragoon, with a beautiful transformation, which captures the beauty
of the feminine spirit.  That's not really a spoiler, since there are three
female characters.  Here's the opposite end of the spectrum of the Red-Eye
Dragoon, too much utility magic.  Seriously, there are two non-healing spells,
including the Dragon summon, which does damage AND heals your party.  This is
the only Dragon in the entire game that's worth the cost. The problem here is
the lack of attack magic.  I don't particularly care for this Dragoon either.

Moon Light        100%  Single  Heals a character completely and dispels bad
                                status.  Revives dead at 1/2 HP.
Star Children      25%  All
Gates of Heaven   100%  All     Heals all characters completely.
W Silver Dragon   100%  All     Damages all enemies and heals all allies

Violet Dragoon

This Dragoon, which is useless for a variety of reasons, but has a cool
transformation.  Unfortunately, the Dragoon itself looks dumb.  It's too
pastel-drawn.  The Dragoon Addition looks really cool, though.  All of the
spells are attack spells, the Dragon is SINGLE TARGET, like all the other
spells.  The spells are also pretty weak.  I don't like this Dragoon at all.

Atomic Mind        50%  Single
Thunder Kid        65%  Single
Thunder God        75%  Single
Violet Dragon     100%  Single

Blue Sea Dragoon

This Dragoon has a really cool transformation and is a GREAT Dragoon.  It has
a decent number of attack spells and an all-target healing spell.  The Dragon
is single target, but the Dragons aren't all that useful anyway.  This is a
great alternative to the White Silver Dragoon if you need more of a healer
than the Dark Dragoon.  This one also looks really cool!

Freezing Ring      50%  Single
Rainbow Breath     50%  All     Heals all characters by 1/2 of their maximum HP
                                and dispels bad status.
Diamond Dust       50%  All
Blue Sea Dragon   100%  Single

Golden Dragoon

This Dragoon has a somewhat cool transformation, but the Dragoon itself sucks.
Not only does the armor make it look fat, but there are only three spells, the
spell multipliers are crap and the magic attack is low to begin with.  The only
redeeming qualities is that there are only 4 hits in the Dragoon Addition and
that each spell targets all enemies, but like I said, Dragoon Additions are
outdone by mastered final additions.  I like this Dragoon even less than the
Violet Dragoon.  Oh yeah, special thanks to my wife's former roommate, who also
pointed out that while the Golden Dragon can be seen as spaceship-like in
appearance, you may think it more closely resembles a Tonka Truck.

Grand Stream       25%  All
Meteor Strike      50%  All
Golden Dragon      75%  All

VIII. Weapons
Weapons are sorted by their attack rating.


Broad Sword
Attack   -   2
Special  - None
Location - Dart's initial weapon

Bastard Sword
Attack   -   7
Special  - None
Location - Limestone Cave, Bale

Heat Blade
Attack   -  18
Special  - Fire Elemental
Location - Kazas

Attack   -  26
Special  - None
Location - Fueno

Mind Crush
Attack   -  34
Special  - Randomly confuses enemy
Location - Kadessa

Fairy Sword
Attack   -  39
Special  - Gain 50% more SP from additions
Location - Ulara

Attack   -  44
Special  - None
Location - Moon (shop)

Soul Eater
Attack   -  75
Special  - Drains 10% of maximum HP each round
           (cancel with Therapy Ring)
Location - Polter Armor


Attack   -  13
Special  - None
Location - Rose's initial weapon

Demon Stiletto
Attack   -  18
Special  - Randomly causes fear in target
Location - Shirley's Shrine

Shadow Cutter
Attack   -  24
Special  - Dark Elemental
Location - Fletz

Dancing Dagger
Attack   -  30
Special  - None
Location - Phantom Ship, Furni

Attack   -  35
Special  - Randomly stuns an enemy
Location - Kashua Glacier (Segundo)

Attack   -  40
Special  - Randomly kills an enemy
Location - Death Frontier, Zenebatos

?????	(it's a spoiler, but trust me, it's good)
Attack   - 100
Special  - None
Location - Moon (don't worry, you get it automatically)


Attack   -   4
Special  - None
Location - Lavitz's initial weapon

Attack   -  19
Special  - None
Location - Lohan

Twister Glaive
Attack   -  28
Special  - Wind Elemental
Location - Kazas

Attack   -  37
Special  - None
Location - Queen Fury

Spear of Terror
Attack   -  45
Special  - Randomly frightens an enemy
Location - Deningrad

Attack   -  56
Special  - None
Location - Vellweb (Primero)

Attack   -  65
Special  - None
Location - Moon (shop)
         - Zackwell (occasionally, according to


Short Bow
Attack   -   3
Special  - None
Location - Shana's initial weapon

Sparkle Arrow
Attack   -   9
Special  - Light Elemental
Location - Bale

Long Bow
Attack   -  18
Special  - Adds 30% to physical accuracy
Location - Kazas

Bemusing Arrow
Attack   - 24
Special  - Randomly causes confusion
Location - Fueno

Virulent Arrow
Attack   -  30
Special  - Randomly Poisons an enemy
Location - Kashua Glacier (Segundo)

Arrow of Force
Attack   -  40
Special  - Gain 50% more SP from attacking
Location - Ulara

Detonate Arrow
Attack   -  50
Special  - Hits all targets with each attack
Location - Moon (chest)


Iron Knuckle
Attack   -  20
Special  - None
Location - Haschel's initial weapon

Beast Fang
Attack   -  31
Special  - Randomly stuns an enemy
Location - Lizard Men, Queen Fury

Diamond Claw
Attack   -  37
Special  - None
Location - Deningrad

Brass Knuckles
Attack   -  43
Special  - Randomly kills an enemy
Location - Windigo

Thunder Fist
Attack   -  49
Special  - Thunder Elemental
Location - Ulara

Destroyer Mace
Attack   -  55
Special  - As your HP decreases, this gets stronger
Location - Moon (shop)


Attack   -  15
Special  - None
Location - Meru's initial weapon

Pretty Hammer
Attack   -  15
Special  - Doubles the amount of SP gained from additions
Location - Last Kraken

Morning Star
Attack   -  20
Special  - None
Location - Fueno

War Hammer
Attack   -  25
Special  - None
Location - Wingly Forest

Heavy Mace
Attack   -  30
Special  - Randomly stuns an enemy
Location - Kashua Glacier, Vellweb (Primero)

Attack   -  40
Special  - None
Location - Moon (shop)


Attack   -  45
Special  - None
Location - Kongol's initial weapon

Attack   -  59
Special  - None
Location - Deningrad

Battle Axe
Attack   -  67
Special  - None
Location - Kashua Glacier (Segundo)

Great Axe
Attack   -  79
Special  - Randomly stuns an enemy
Location - Zenebatos (Shop)

Indora's Axe
Attack   -  88
Special  - Randomly kills an enemy
Location - Indora

IX. Armor

Armor is sorted who wears them (according to my character order), by sum of its
defense rating and its magic defense rating.  Aside from that, the Dragoon
Armors have been placed right before for the Armor of Legend.

Leather Armor
Defense       -   2
Magic Defense -   2
Special       - None
Location      - Dart's initial armor
Characters    - Dart, Lavitz, Albert

Scale Armor
Defense       -   8
Magic Defense -   8
Special       - None
Location      - Bale
Characters    - Dart, Lavitz, Albert

Chain Mail
Defense       -  20
Magic Defense -  24
Special       - None
Location      - Fletz
Characters    - Dart, Lavitz, Albert

Plate Mail
Defense       -  27
Magic Defense -  20
Special       - None
Location      - Fueno
Characters    - Dart, Lavitz, Albert

Saint Armor
Defense         -  34
Magical Defense -  34
Special         - When physically attacked, gain 20 SP
Location        - Kashua Glacier (Segundo)
Characters      - Dart, Albert

Armor of Yore
Defense         -  35
Magical Defense -  35
Special         - Prevents physical ailments
Location        - Fort Magrad
Characters      - Dart, Albert, Kongol

Defense       -   4
Magic Defense -   5
Special       - None
Location      - Shana's initial armor
Characters    - Any female character

Leather Jacket
Defense       -   7
Magic Defense -  12
Special       - None
Location      - Bale
Characters    - Any female character

Silver Vest
Defense       -  13
Magic Defense -  17
Special       - Raises physical evade by 5%
Location      - Donau
Characters    - Any female character

Angel's Robe
Defense         -  10
Magical Defense -  20
Special         - Randomly revives your character from death
Location        - Lohan (chest)
Characters      - Any female character except Rose

Defense         -  25
Magical Defense -  35
Special         - When magically attacked, gain 20 SP
Location        - Kashua Glacier (Segundo)
Characters      - Any female character

Sparkle Dress
Defense       -  19
Magic Defense -  45
Special       - When physically attacked, gain 20 SP
Location      - Fueno
Characters    - Any female character

Rainbow Dress
Defense         -  32
Magical Defense -  55
Special         - Prevents physical ailments
Location        - Zenebatos
Characters      - Any female character

Disciple Vest
Defense         -  13
Magical Defense -   8
Special         - None
Location        - Haschel's initial armor
Characters      - Haschel

Warrior Dress
Defense         -  25
Magical Defense -  23
Special         - Adds 10% to physical evade
Location        - Barrens, Queen Fury
Characters      - Haschel (tee hee, he's wearing a dress)

Energy Girdle
Defense         -  37
Magical Defense -  26
Special         - Adds 50% to SP gained from additions
Location        - Vellweb (Primero)
Characters      - Haschel (tee hee, he's wearing a girdle)

Master's Vest
Defense         -  30
Magical Defense -  29
Special         - When physically attacked, gain 20 SP
Location        - Deningrad
Characters      - Haschel

Satori Vest
Defense         -  40
Magical Defense -  31
Special         - Prevents physical ailments
Location        - Rouge (chest)
Characters      - Haschel

Lion Fur
Defense         -  46
Magical Defense -  20
Special         - None
Location        - Kongol's initial armor
Characters      - Kongol

Breast Plate
Defense         -  59
Magical Defense -  14
Special         - None
Location        - Deningrad
Characters      - Kongol

Giganto Armor
Defense         -  75
Magical Defense -  25
Special         - When physically attacked, gain 20 SP
Location        - Mountain of the Mortal Dragon, Vellweb (Primero)
Characters      - Kongol

Red-Eye Dragoon Armor
Defense         -  41
Magical Defense -  40
Special         - Makes wearer immune to fire elemental attacks
Location        - Zenebatos (shop), Moon (shop)
Characters      - Dart

Dark Dragoon Armor
Defense         -  41
Magical Defense -  42
Special         - Makes wearer immune to dark elemental attacks
Location        - Zenebatos (shop), Moon (shop)
Characters      - Rose

Jade Dragoon Armor
Defense         -  54
Magical Defense -  27
Special         - Makes wearer immune to wind elemental attacks
Location        - Zenebatos (shop), Moon (shop)
Characters      - Albert

White Silver Dragoon Armor
Defense         -  27
Magical Defense -  80
Special         - Makes wearer immune to light elemental attacks
Location        - Divine Tree, Moon (shop)
Characters      - Miranda

Violet Dragoon Armor
Defense         -  45
Magical Defense -  40
Special         - Makes wearer immune to thunder elemental attacks
Location        - Moon (shop)
Characters      - Haschel

Blue Sea Dragoon Armor
Defense         -  30
Magical Defense -  54
Special         - Makes wearer immune to water elemental attacks
Location        - Zenebatos (shop)
Characters      - Meru

Golden Dragoon Armor
Defense         -  88
Magical Defense -  23
Special         - Makes wearer immune to earth elemental attacks
Location        - Moon (shop), Moon (Kongol's Illusion)
Characters      - Kongol

Armor of Legend
Defense         - 127
Magical Defense -   0
Special         - Adds 50% to physical evade
Location        - Deningrad
Characters      - Any

Helmets are separated by gender, then ordered by the sum of defense, magic
defense, and magic attack.  Any helmets that are for all characters are ordered
by my own system (yeah, all four of them).

Defense         -   0
Magical Defense -   0
Magical Attack  -   3
Special         - None
Location        - Initial helmet of Dart
Characters      - Any male character

Defense         -   0
Magical Defense -   0
Magical Attack  -   8
Special         - Adds 10% to physical accuracy
Location        - Bale
Characters      - Any male character

Defense         -   0
Magical Defense -   5
Magical Attack  -  23
Special         - None
Location        - Kazas
Characters      - Any male character

Giganto Helmet
Defense         -  10
Magical Defense -   5
Magical Attack  -  14
Special         - When magically attacked, gain 20 SP
Location        - Furni
Characters      - Kongol

Soul Headband
Defense         -   5
Magical Defense -   5
Magical Attack  -  25
Special         - When magically attacked, gain 20 SP
Location        - Deningrad
Characters      - Haschel

Knight Helmet
Defense         -   5
Magical Defense -   0
Magical Attack  -  37
Special         - When magically attacked, gain 20 SP
Location        - Valley of Corrupted Gravity, Fueno
Characters      - Dart, Albert

Felt Hat
Defense         -   0
Magical Defense -   0
Magical Attack  -   5
Special         - None
Location        - Initial helmet of Shana
Characters      - Any female character

Defense         -   0
Magical Defense -   0
Magical Attack  -  17
Special         - None
Location        - Lohan
Characters      - Any female character

Defense         -   5
Magical Defense -   0
Magical Attack  -  29
Special         - Adds 10% to magical accuracy
Location        - Donau
Characters      - Any female character

Rose's Hairband
Defense         -   0
Magical Defense -   0
Magical Attack  -  36
Special         - Prevents instant death
Location        - Vellweb
Characters      - Rose (you should've guessed)

Jeweled Crown
Defense         -   0
Magical Defense -   5
Magical Attack  -  42
Special         - When magically attacked, gain 20 SP
Location        - Undersea Cavern, Deningrad
Characters      - Any female character except Rose

Dragon Helmet
Defense         -  10
Magical Defense -   0
Magical Attack  -  50
Special         - Adds 50% to max HP
Location        - Mountain of Mortal Dragon
Characters      - Any

Magical Hat
Defense         -   0
Magical Defense -  10
Magical Attack  -  50
Special         - Adds 50% to Max MP
Location        - Aglis
Characters      - Any

Phoenix Plume
Defense         -   0
Magical Defense -  10
Magical Attack  -  30
Special         - Prevents mental ailments
Location        - Red Bird, Kashua Glacier
Characters      - Any

Legend Casque
Defense         -   0
Magical Defense - 127
Magical Attack  -  50
Special         - Adds 50% to magical evade
Location        - Lohan
Characters      - Any

Boots are ordered according to their usefulness in my opinion.

Leather Boots
Defense    - 0
Special    - None
Location   - Initial boots of Dart
Characters - Any male character

Leather Shoes
Defense    - 0
Special    - None
Location   - Initial boots of Shana
Characters - Any female character

Magical Greaves
Defense    - 0
Special    - Increases physical and magical evade by 5%
Location   - Ulara
Characters - Any

Iron Kneepiece
Defense    - 5
Special    - None
Location   - Kazas
Characters - Any male character

Soft Boots
Defense    - 5
Special    - None
Location   - Fletz
Characters - Any female character

Combat Shoes
Defense    - 5
Special    - Add 5% to physical evade
Location   - Furni
Characters - Any male character

Stardust Boots
Defense    - 5
Special    - Add 5% to magical evade
Location   - Deningrad
Characters - Any female character

Bandit's Shoes
Defense    - 0
Special    - Adds 20 to speed
Location   - Drake, Death Frontier
Characters - Any male character

Dancer's Shoes
Defense    - 0
Special    - Adds 20 to speed
Location   - Kadessa, Cute Cat
Characters - Any female character


These are sorted by my own system.  Question it if you must, but I find them
easy to find.  On the left is the name, in the middle is the location, and on
the right is what the accessory does.  Note: some of the locations are
abbreviated due to space issues.

Bracelet          Initial equip   Does nothing, it's just a placeholder.
Physical Ring     10 Stardust     Increases maximum HP 50%
Amulet            20 Stardust     Doubles maximum MP
Fake Power Wrist  Kazas           Adds 5 to attack
Power Wrist       Lohan           Adds 10 to attack
Fake Shield       Kazas           Adds 5 to defense
Knight Shield     Bale            Adds 10 to defense
Giganto Ring      Vellweb (Shop)  Adds 20 to physical attack and defense
Magical Ring      Wingly Forest   Adds 30 to magical attack
Spiritual Ring    Wingly Forest   Adds 30 to magical defense
Attack Badge      Furni           Adds 20 to physical and magical attack
Guard Badge       Kashua (Shop)   Adds 20 to physical and magical defense
Dancer's Ring     Flanvel         Adds 20 to speed (Female characters only)
Bandit's Ring     Giganto Home    Adds 20 to speed (Male characters only)
Wargod's Amulet   Urobolus        Increase accuracy by 20%
Elude Cloak       Furni           Adds 20% to physical evade
Spirit Cloak      Wingly Forest   Adds 20% to magical evade
Sage's Cloak      Ulara           Adds 20% to physical and magical evade
Red-Eye Stone     Fire Bird       Reduce fire elemental damage by half
Blue Sea Stone    Damia           Reduce water elemental damage by half
Dark Stone        Kamuy           Reduce dark elemental damage by half
Silver Stone      Shirley         Reduce light elemental damage by half
Jade Stone        Syuveil         Reduce wind elemental attacks by half
Golden Stone      Belzac          Reduce earth elemental attacks by half
Violet Stone      Kanzas          Reduce thunder elemental attacks by half
Dragon Shield     Lohan           Take physical damage by half
Angel Scarf       Lohan           Take magical damage by half
Phantom Shield    Lohan           Take all damage by half
Wargod's Sash     30 Stardust     Gain 50% more SP
Therapy Ring      Hellena, Faust  Recover 10% of maximum HP each turn
Mage Ring         Flanvel         Recover 10 MP each turn
Spirit Ring       Black Castle    Recover 20 SP each turn
Platinum Collar   Fletz           When physically damaged, gain 10 MP
Sapphire Pin      Fletz           When magically damaged, gain 10 MP
Emerald Earring   Fletz           When physically damaged, gain 20 SP
Ruby Ring         Fletz           When magically damaged, gain 20 SP
Stun Guard        Fletz           Prevents stunning
Protector         Fletz           Prevents arm-blocking
Poison Guard      Fletz           Prevents poison
Bravery Amulet    Fletz           Prevents fear
Magic Ego Bell    Fletz           Prevents bewitchment
Panic Guard       Fletz           Prevents confusion
Active Ring       Fletz           Prevents dispiriting
Destone Amulet    Furni           Prevents petrification
Talisman          Gravity Valley  Prevents instant death
Rainbow Earring   40 Stardust     Prevents all status ailments
Holy Ankh         Crystal Palace  May automatically revive your character
Wargod Calling    Lohan           Automatic Addition, Half Damage and SP
Ultimate Wargod   Lohan           Automatic Addition (Counts towards total)

X. Items


Healing Potion - Restores half of target's maximum HP
Healing Breeze - Restores half of everyone's maximum HP
Healing Fog    - Restores target's HP to full
Healing Rain   - Restores everyone's HP to full
Sun Rhapsody   - Restores target's MP to full
Moon Serenade  - Restores everyone's MP to full
Spirit Potion  - Restore 100 of target's SP
Body Purifier  - Fixes Poison, Stun, and Arm Block
Mind Purifier  - Fixes Fear, Bewitchment, Confusion, and Bewitchment
Depetrifier    - Fixes Petrified
Angel's Prayer - Revives one dead character to half HP


Midnight Terror - Causes fear
Stunning Hammer - Causes stun
Poison Needles  - Causes poison
Panic Bell      - Causes confusion
Sachet          - 10 Damage and Sleep (good for special enemies)
Total Vanishing - Causes instant death

Weak (Single/Multi)
Burn Out      - Fire
Spear Frost   - Water
Spinning Gale - Wind
Pellet        - Earth
Dark Mist     - Dark
Trans Light   - Light
Spark Net     - Thunder

Medium (All/Multi)
Gushing Magma  - Fire
Fatal Blizzard - Water
Rave Twister   - Wind
Meteor Fall    - Earth
Black Rain     - Dark
Dancing Ray    - Light
Thunderbolt    - Thunder

Strong (All)
Burning Wave    - Fire
Frozen Jet      - Water
Down Burst      - Wind
Gravity Grabber - Earth
Night Raid      - Dark
Spectral Flash  - Light
Flash Hall      - Thunder
Detonate Rock   - Neutral

Recovery Ball - Random recovery item
Attack Ball   - Random attack item
Charm Potion  - Reduces number of battles

Psychadelic Bomb X - Multipliable attack item that does a lot of damage
Power Up           - Doubles physical attack and defense (3 Turns)
Speed Up           - Doubles speed (3 Turns)
Power Down         - Cuts physical attack and defense in half (3 Turns)
Speed Down         - Cuts speed in half (3 Turns)
Material Shield    - Immunity to physical attacks (3 Turns)
Magic Shield       - Immunity to magical attacks (3 Turns)
Magic Sig Stone    - Arm Block (3 Turns)
Pandemonium        - Enemies only attack target (3 Turns)
Smoke Ball         - Escape from battle

XI. Stardust

Stardust #01:  Second tombstone from the left in Seles.

Stardust #02:  In the well northeast of the entrance
Stardust #03:  In the spears in the foreground of the weapon shop
Stardust #04:  In the fireplace in the basement of Indel Castle
Stardust #05:  In the upper-left corner of the second floor of Indel Castle
               (the basement is floor 0)
Stardust #06:  In Lavitz's kitchen on the spice rack by his mom
Stardust #07:  In the secret wine cellar, accessible only by boat.

Stardust #08:  Before the night raid, in the fireplace, downstairs, in the
               house on the upper left.
Stardust #09:  Before the night raid, go back into the office and check the
               candle in the lower left corner.

Stardust #10:  Near the bed in the fortress.  It's either under the bed or in
               the bucket next to it.

Stardust #11:  In the urn to the right of the fallen blue sign in the
               background at the entrance.
Stardust #12:  In the basket on the left side of the tournament entrance.  It's
               a bit north of the pig.
Stardust #13:  In the suit of armor in Dabas's Shop.
Stardust #14:  In the furnace in the basement.  Consult the walkthrough for
               further details.

Stardust #15:  First door on your left, between two barrels by the entrance.
Stardust #16:  First door on your right, up the ladder, in the messy pile to
               the left of the chest containing an Attack Ball.
Stardust #17:  In the corner of the weapon shop in the same room as the
Stardust #18:  On the bookshelf in the first home in the slums.
Stardust #19:  In barrels on the left side near the entrance of the clinic.
Stardust #20:  In a different set of barrels near the stairs on the left side
               of the clinic.

Stardust #21:  On the opening screen, it's on the second house back with a
               ladder.  Check the southeast side to find it.
Stardust #22:  In the bar where you meet Kaffi.  It's in the box before you
               head into the main room.
Stardust #23:  In the box of weapons left of the entrance of the weapon shop.
Stardust #24:  Among the colored stones in the jewelry shop.
Stardust #25:  In the small white dots near the item shop's giant telescope.

Stardust #26:  In the pool of water by the entrance that's further back.
Stardust #27:  In the sink? left of the dressers in the northwestern corner of
               the mayor's house.

Twin Castle	(Fletz)
Stardust #28:  Go up the stairs on the right by the entrance and check the wall
               at the top.  Yup, it's in the statue.
Stardust #29:  Go to the Star Tower and go into the room at the base of the
               right tower.  It's in that ball in the center.

Home of the Gigantos
Stardust #30:  Inside the temple at the top, it's in the right one of the
               center torches.

Queen Fury
Stardust #31:  In the wheelbarrow-lookin' thing in the south corner of the
               basement, where Kongol is.
Stardust #32:  Inside the ship, on the screen north of Shana, check the pipe on
               the right wall by the entrance.

Stardust #33:  Down the ladder from the elevated walkway.  It's on the shelf
               against the wall.

Stardust #34:  In the painting right inside the entrance of the clinic.
Stardust #35:  In the barrels at the entrance to the inn.

Stardust #36:  From where you start, go up the stairs and into the house.  It's
               in the large red urn by the entrance.
Stardust #37:  In Teo's house, throw the switch at the top, ride the slide down
               and it's in the metal basin.

Deningrad	(After Kadessa)
Stardust #41:  By the curved sword on the carpet by the weapon shop.
Stardust #42:  On the other carpet by the item shop, which is touching the
               first carpet.
Stardust #43:  Check the machine with coils of rope on it, which is on the
               second floor of the inn.
Stardust #44:  Check the end of the path that USED to be Shana's room.
Stardust #45:  In the wall, where the Chamber of the Seal used to be.

Stardust #46:  In the center of the wall in the Dark Tower

Stardust #47:  In the roses.
Stardust #48:  On the counter in the upper right corner of the shop.
Stardust #49:  In the man-eating flowers.

Stardust #50:  In the room at the end of the path behind Martel's room.

10 Stardust:  Physical Ring
20 Stardust:  Amulet
30 Stardust:  Wargod's Sash
40 Stardust:  Rainbow Earring
50 Stardust:  Vanishing Stone

XII. Special Monsters

Oooooo what an inviting title.  Indeed, these monsters give excellent
experience and/or gold.  They also give great prizes... well, most of them do.
However, you have to work for it.  These guys only have 4-6 HP, but you can
only damage them one HP at a time.  Provided is a list of these monsters, what
they provide upon victory, and how to beat them.  They're really tough and deal
a lot of damage.  A good overall strategy is to equip yourself to maximize your
speed.  You can also use an item called a Sachet, which does 10 damage to
everything, even these guys.  You can't find Sachets just anywhere, so conserve

Yellow Bird	4 HP

He's easy, just wail away on him.  If you really want, you can use the Magic
Sig Stone to stop him for three rounds.  He only has 4 hp and no special
attacks.  Find him on the road to Bale and defeat him for 300 gold.  You can
also win an Elude Cloak if you're lucky.

Cursed Jar	4 HP

This one's not too tough either.  The strategy here is the same as the yellow
bird and so is the number of HP.  The only differences are that you get 300
experience, not gold, and instead of an Elude Cloak, you can win a
significantly less impressive Night Raid.  Find him on the road from the Nest
of Dragon to Lohan, most often closer to the Nest of Dragon.

00 Parts	4 HP

This one's a little tougher.  You can miss this little robot with eggbeaters
for hands very easily.  His evade is through the roof!  You find this guy on
the long road near Lohan that leads back to Seles.  He also has an instant
death attack to beware of.  You'll definitely want to use a Magic Sig Stone.
You might wanna try it once you've done 1 damage to him and definitely after
dealing 2 damage if not by then.  You'll win 600 gold for beating him and maybe
a Spirit Potion.  He's not worth it if you ask me.

Blue Bird	5 HP

This guy's not quite as tricky as 00 Parts because his evade isn't quite as
high.  Don't think you'll score some extra damage with a fire elemental attack.
You can find him on either of the two roads that lead to the Valley of
Corrupted Gravity.  You get 1000 experience points for winning, but never a
prize that I’ve found.  The biggest danger here is this guy escaping.  For this
reason, and a still fairly high evade, you may want to deal 2 damage or 3
damage before using the Magic Sig Stone.  Despite the lack of prize, this guy's
worth the struggle for the high experience.  A problem with this guy is getting
him to show up in battle.

Treasure Jar	5 HP

Okay, they're going to get a bit trickier from here on.  This guy can only be
damaged by magic.  This includes both attack items and Dragoon magic.  However,
this guy can put up a Magical Attack Barrier, which makes him immune to
EVERYTHING, even Sachets.  As for the Magic Sig Stone, use the same strategy
as with the Blue Bird.  The only thing you get from this battle is a Ruby Ring.
NOT WORTH IT!  Especially not when you can buy one in the jewelry shop in Fletz
for not that much.  It's not even great an accessory.

Red Bird	5 HP

This has the moves of the other birds and the damage properties of the Treasure
Jar.  In other words, it can only be damaged by magic, but has no special
moves.  You may want to take note that this monster has significant magical
evade.  It's not obnoxious, but it can get in the way at times.  You get 1000
gold and maybe a Phoenix Plume for your victory.  This guy's actually worth
the hassle!  You can find him on the road to Deningrad.

Lucky Jar	6 HP

This guy's even trickier!  Use a poison needle on it, wait for it to take 3
damage, hit it with the Magic Sig Stone, and then wait for it to die.  It can't
seem to do anything more than attack you.  You win 300 gold, 1000 experience,
and maybe a Moon Serenade.  You can find him on the road between Ulara and
Death Frontier.  Personally, I don't think this guy's worth the little trouble
it takes to beat him!

Rainbow Bird	4 HP

On the ocean road from Fletz to Rouge, you can find this wondrous creature.
If you've been saving Sachets, this is where to use them.  If you have none,
use Panic Bells.  It should take no more than three of them to get him to kill
himself.  From battle, you win 3000 experience, but no treasure that I know of.
He's also not worth the trouble in my opinion.