The Legend of Dragoon Spoiler-Free Walkthrough v1.23
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: : : : The Legend of Dragoon Spoiler-Free Walkthrough

The Legend of Dragoon Spoiler-Free Walkthrough

by Da_Great_SoFaRo   Updated to v1.23 on
The Legend of Dragoon
Spoiler-free Walkthrough
By: Sovios Falchion Romantic (AKA Da_Great_SoFaRo)

                      When the clash of swords echo
                  The journey chasing the past ends and
                    The journey to know today begins.

    ----+---- |    | +-----   |       +----- +------ +----- +   | -+-----+
        |     |    | |        |       |      |       |      |\  |  |      |
        |     +----+ +---     |       +---   |  ---+ +---   | \ |  |      |
        |     |    | |        |       |      |     | |      |  \|  |      |
        |     |    | +-----   +------ +----- +-----+ +----- |   + -+-----+

    +-----+ +-----    -+----+  +----+  +-----+ +------ +-----+ +-----+ +   |
    |     | |          |     | |     | |     | |       |     | |     | |\  |
    |     | +---       |     | +----+  +-----+ |  ---+ |     | |     | | \ |
    |     | |          |     | |     \ |     | |     | |     | |     | |  \|
    +-----+ |         -+----+  |     | |     | +-----+ +-----+ +-----+ |   +

                          One soul seeks another and
                  Pledges their sworn friendship to another.
                       One mystery begets the next and
                        The doors of fate are opened.

          "You are free to sever the chains of fate that bind you..."

(ASCII "art" by ME, Sovios Falchion Romantic... I think. Actually, anyone can
 do it.)

TABLE OF CONTENTS: To use this, use your browser/word processor's Find feature
(Ctrl-F in MSIE, MS Word, and Semware's QEdit) and type in the number of the
section you want, such as 0-00.

Chapter Zero: Stuff
   0-01: Getting Started
   0-02: Legal Crap
   0-03: Contacting Me
   0-04: Glossary
   0-05: Frequently Asked Questions
   0-06: Tips and Tricks
Chapter One: Serdian War
   1-01: Hellena Waite is our Credit Manager
   1-02: More fun than a Bale of monkeys!
   1-03: Insert Title Here!
   1-04: Not my Knighthood! 
   1-05: Feelin' Hot Hot Hot... 
   1-06: Into the Dragon's Nest 
   1-07: Shirley there's some other way! 
   1-08: The Hero's Cup: Dart vs. the Jackasses part I
   1-09: To Hellena and Back
   1-10: Albert and Dart go to Black Castle
Chapter Two: Platinum Shadow
   2-01: Bad Jokes and Circus Freaks
   2-02: I come from down in the valley...
   2-03: Gehrich or Die Trying
   2-04: The Pimpin' Miracle Stone!!!
   2-05: Wingly chicks are HOT!
   2-06: Commodore LXIV, Codename: Puler
   2-07: What is it with RPGs and ghost ships?
   2-08: Dart and Rose...?
   2-09: Danger is my middle name
   2-10: Dart and Shana
Chapter Three: Fate & Soul
   3-01: Furni: City of No Exits!
   3-02: The Forest of CRAP!
   3-03: Deningrad, City on the Go!
   3-04: Is it technically the Forbidden Land if we're allowed to go?
   3-05: We're off to see the Dragon, the wonderful Dragon Divine
   3-06: Moon Mirror Power!
   3-07: Off to the Death Frontier
   3-08: -Sidequest- Noisy Sword
   3-09: -Sidequest- Tower of Terror: Dart vs. the Jackasses part II
   3-10: -Sidequest- Magician Faust, Moron on a Mission
Chapter Four: Moon and Fate
   4-01: In the desert, you can't remember your name...
   4-02: The city of Roses
   4-03: We're back HERE?!
   4-04: Welcome to Rouge; you are now leaving Rouge.
   4-05: Miranda, you are still annoying, uck.
   4-06: Wingly Code Article SHUT THE **** UP!!!!
   4-07: Welcome to Mayfil, here's your accordion
   4-08: Divine Tree: The Orkin Man cometh
   4-09: The Moon That Never Sets
   4-10: The Battle for All Creation
Chapter Five: Miscellaneous stuff
   5-01: Additions and Subtractions
   5-02: Dragoon Spells
   5-03: So you wanna be a dragoon master...
   5-04: I thought it was the real dust of stars...
   5-05: Equipment Listing
   5-06: Rare Enemies
   5-07: The Bestial Bestiary
   5-08: GameShark Codes
   5-09: Version History
   5-10: Final Words

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chapter Zero: Stuff ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~ This is the chapter with miscellaneous stuff you'll need to know to get ~~~~~~
~ started. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This is a chapter that needs no introduction!

============================ 0-01: Getting Started =============================

Hello, ladies, gentlemen, and undecided! I am Sovios Falchion Romantic, and
I'll be your guide through the long and wonderful trip that is The Legend of
Dragoon! And I dare you to find a more comprehensive spoiler-free walkthrough
once this is finished!

A'ight, here's some stuff to get started with. First off, this guide is best
viewed in Word or Wordpad in a 10-pt. Courier New font, but if you're a DOS
user, QEdit or the like will work too. Next, to use the table of contents,
simply hit Ctrl-F and enter the section number of the section you seek. For
example, if you wanted to see chapter 6, section 10 (which doesn't exist), you
would type in "6-10" and hit enter. Voila! Sadly, I'm not the one who came up
with this clever system, but I give kudos to whoever did.

Also, these are the controls for the Legend of Dragoon:

D-pad: If you have to ask...
X: Select/confirm/examine/perform action
O: Cancel/run
Triangle: Open menu
Square: Go amidships (when piloting the Queen Fury)/call Coolon (from world map)
=============================== 0-02: Legal Crap ===============================
So crappy it takes THREE paragraphs to contain it!

Disclaimer: I do not own Legend of Dragoon, but Sony Computer Entertainment
does. I also do not own any of the other games to which I make references.
Oh, and I don't own the song "Happy", by Mudvayne, nor do I own any other songs.

However, this guide is (C)2005 SoFaRo Enterprises, all rights reserved. You
may reproduce this guide for your own personal use, or e-mail it to your
friends, but you may NOT, under ANY circumstances, profit from it or pass it
off as your own. After all, MY digital equivalent of blood, sweat, and tears
went into most of this guide, not yours, and if I can't make any money off of
it, neither should you.

If you wish to post this guide on your site, e-mail me with the URL and I'll
probably give you permission, as long as you're not with one of the sites that
have been known to steal other people's FAQ's and guides without permission.
I'll have a list up eventually; meanwhile, if you see my guide on any of the
sites known to perpetrate such heinous and onerous acts, let me know and I'll
deal with them personally (brandishes arm-blade). Currently, the only sites that
may host this guide are as follows:

1Up                                   -
Antisocialite Fanworks, Inc.          -
GameFAQs                              -
HonestGamers                          -
MyCheats                              -
Neoseeker                             -
SuperCheats                           -

============================= 0-03: Contacting Me ==============================
I don't see why you'd wanna, but...

My e-mail address is:

s_falchion_romantic AT yahoo DOT com 

If you have anything you wish to send me, such as criticism, tips, or whatever
else floats your boat, feel free to e-mail me with the subject "LoD guide" or
something similar. However, there are some rules:

1) All criticism must be CONSTRUCTIVE! In other words, if you feel my guide
   sucks, tell me why and how I can improve it. Okay?
2) Use proper English. If I get an e-mail that is full of Ebonics and/or AOL-
   speak, I will delete it, block your address, and if I'm in a particularly
   bad mood that day I'll send you whatever virus my computer is currently
   infected with. You have been warned! But, 1337 is OK, because I can sort of
   understand it. Just don't go overboard.
3) Don't try to convert me to Christ. I'm a devout agnostic, and proud of it.
   It's never happened before, but I just wanna get it out on the table now
   before those damn evangelists (AKA "the Louies") come along and try to
   convert me. If you do try to convert me I will send you a computer virus
   that forces your computer to play nothing but Slipknot's "The Heretic
   Anthem" and the Marilyn Manson version of "Personal Jesus." Again, YOU HAVE
4) This sort of goes along with "use proper English", but not really. While I
   can sort of speak Spanish, I only know words that pertain to stuff like
   windsurfing, train stations, medical emergencies, etc., so please please
   PLEASE use English. Okay? You won't be penalized for using other languages,
   but I won't be able to answer your question. (El wind surf no esta bien!)
5) Don't try to sell me anything, date me, etc. If you do I will block your
   address. Yes, I know I'm too sexy to ignore, but... :)
6) Be polite. Telling someone "Help me out or I'll track you down and kill
   you" isn't gonna make you any friends, and it won't make me any more likely
   to help you. I will answer all e-mails in time, as I don't get that many
7) If you wish to debate politics with me, be polite and concise, and make
   every effort to use actual, objective facts. This means no quoting Rush
   Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Michael Savage, Bill O'Reilly, etc.,
   as they generally just blame liberals instead of using facts. Also, it means
   no quoting, say, the Tobacco Institute on whether or not smoking causes
   cancer, nicotine is addictive, etc. Those statements are financially
   motivated, and thus are most likely untrue.

By the way, I don't use AIM or message boards, so e-mailing me is probably
your best bet. But be sure to read the FAQ (once I get some content for it) so
that you don't ask me something already answered in the guide. If I get your e-
mail, and it's something not already covered, I will definitely reply, so if you
don't get a reply and I've never covered your question, blame it on my
stepmother and her thrice damned parental controls.

================================ 0-04: Glossary ================================
For those of you who don't know, a glossary is a list of possibly unfamiliar
terms used in a reference work and their definitions.

Marry: Shakespearean English for "Indeed"
'Tis: Shakespearean contraction of "It is"
Thrice: Not only a band's name, it also means "three times"
Padawan: In Star Wars, an apprentice Jedi.
RPG: Role-Playing Game. Any game in which combat is turn-based and characters
     get stronger as you progress through the game.
Cheap: An easy way to win, often involving cheating. Many people consider using
       Kongol in battle to be cheap, but they neglect to account for the fact
       that enemy power skyrockets on Disc 3.
N00b: 1337-speak for "noob", which means "newbie", which in turn means "novice"
      or "beginner". (The "00" in the middle is two zeroes, but you can't tell
      in Courier New font)

That's about all; if you have any questions on any other terms, I'll be sure to
add them.

======================= 0-05: Frequently Asked Questions =======================
Coming Soon!

Well, I haven't really gotten any yet, but I can imagine a few that people
might ask.

Q: What's the connection between Dart and Haschel?
A: Think about it; the clues are all there, even if the game says nothing
   explicitly. Just put two and two together, and... wait, why am I even telling
   you to do that? You obviously can't, if you're asking me.

Q: Hey, (name of boss) didn't give me the items you said he would! What gives?
A: As far as I can tell, some bosses only give items either randomly or based
   upon fulfilling certain conditions that I don't know. If you really want the
   item(s), save before you fight the boss, and keep resetting and fighting
   him/her/it until you win them.

Q: Why isn't (name of non-random enemy) listed as a boss?
A: Because, frankly, they just aren't strong enough or hard enough.

Q: Why don't you give a real strategy for the final boss?
A: Well, that would ruin the fun of figuring it out for yourself, now wouldn't
   it? Besides, revealing the name would be a spoiler; although I could censor
   it with underscores, I don't want to.

Q: How do you pronounce the character's names?
A: As far as I can guess, Dart rhymes with heart, Lavitz rhymes with habits
   (but the B is changed to a V), Shana rhymes with fauna, Rose rhymes with
   nose, Haschel sort of rhymes with fossil, Albert sounds like AL-bert, Meru
   sounds like MARE-oo, Kongol rhymes with Mongol, and Miranda sounds like

============================ 0-06: Tips and Tricks =============================
More coming soon! ...maybe...

+ Always complete your Additions! This goes without saying, but some people
  need to have the obvious stated for them. Not only will it allow you to do
  the maximum damage and get the maximum SP possible, but it will also keep
  you from getting hit by counterattacks. Remember, when the box turns pink, 
  press O, but when it's blue, press X. It's sort of like doing critical hits
  in FFVIII with Squall and Seifer's gunblades, but requires a little bit more
  precise timing.

+ By the end of the game, you should try to have everyone's best equipment:

  Weapon/Accessory: Varies with character | Armor: Armor of Legend
  Helmet: Legend Casque                   | Boots: Magical Greaves

  The main character's best weapon is the Soul Eater, but you need to have the
  Therapy Ring equipped to use it effectively (HP decreases by 10% of max. for
  each turn you have the Soul Eater equipped. Therapy Ring restores HP by 10%
  of max. each turn you have it equipped. Together, they cancel each other out.
  Get it?) The White Silver Dragoon's best weapon is the Detonate Arrow, which
  hits all enemies. Her best accessory is probably the Giganto Ring, since
  she's physically weak. The Jade Dragoon's best weapon is the Halberd, but his
  best accessory would probably be either the Magical or Spiritual Ring, as
  he's a bit weak in the areas of M-At and M-Def. The Darkness Dragoon's best
  weapon is the Dragon Buster. Her best accessory is either the Phantom Shield,
  which reduces the damage from all attacks by half, or the Guard Badge, which
  increases DEF and M-DEF by (I think) 20 points. If you don't get it, I'm
  saying that the Darkness Dragoon has crappy defensive capabilities. The
  Violet Dragoon's best weapon is the Destroyer Mace, which works best when
  he's at low HP. His best accessory would be the Holy Ankh, to revive him if
  he gets KO'd. The Blue Sea Dragoon's best weapon is the Basher, and her best
  accessory is the Physical Ring, because her HP is CRAP. The Golden Dragoon's
  best weapon is Indora's Axe. But, since he's so slow, his best accessory is
  the Bandit's Ring. Also, since he has crappy M-Def, I always give him the
  Armor of Yore instead of the Armor of Legend. That's about all of them... Oh,
  but be warned: The best equipment es muy caro (that's Spanish for "is very
  expensive"), with the Legend Casque, Phantom Shield, and Armor of Legend
  costing 10000G per item. They can be bought in the weapon shop of Lohan,
  except the Armor of Legend, which can only be bought in Deningrad.

+ Always, always, ALWAYS, keep the Note option under the Config submenu on
  "Stay", and pay close attention to the arrows that will appear onscreen; the
  big blue/yellow/red triangle over Dart's head indicates where Dart is as well
  as how close to battle you are; Blue means "no worries", yellow means "be
  careful", and red means "Battle is imminent. Use Charm Potion NOW." Also, the
  smaller arrows indicate various other things: the green arrows simply point
  out the route to another screen, while the yellow arrows indicate an inn or
  clinic. Blue arrows indicate some sort of shop. Okay? If you ever
  accidentally hit R1 while playing, the markers will switch off; simply hit R1
  again to reactivate them. You'll have to hit it twice, though, as hitting it
  the first time simply switches the marker to "Half", meaning it will
  disappear after a short while. It's kinda like FFVII's "Finger" system, but a
  lot more useful.

+ Be sure to save your attack items for bosses! Usually, you can buy attack
  items a while before you'll need them, but you usually can't go back and get
  more, so... it's common sense, really.

+ Any time you meet up with a merchant in the middle of a dungeon, take the
  opportunity to use your healing potions to restore all your characters' HP to
  full. After all, it would be a waste not to, as you can just buy more. The
  same goes for Sun Rhapsodies and MP when said merchant carries said items.

+ Be sure, before you go off somewhere after Lohan, that you carry at least one
  Healing Rain with you at all times. NEVER USE IT, except in the event of an
  emergency (such as when all your characters have dangerously low HP and
  you're out of Healing Breezes) or during the final boss fight when you run
  out of MP and items.

+ Never sell a character's elemental weapon unless you get a weapon that is at
  least twice as powerful. The logic behind this should be immediately obvious.

+ When traveling through a dungeon after getting four or more characters other
  than Dart, I recommend you do this: As most dungeons have a source of healing
  nearby, go through with one party configuration for battle (such as Dart,
  Shana, Rose) and heal at the healing point, then go through up to the boss
  area and switch out the other party (such as Dart, Haschel, and Albert). In
  battles between the healing and the boss fight, simply have Dart guard every
  turn and let the other two finish the enemies. It's not a very good strategy
  for leveling up Dart's Additions, but that's what taking time out is for.
  Plus, this strategy saves on item usage!

+ Be aware of your characters' D'Lv at all times! By the time you fight Lenus
  on disc 2, those who have Dragoon Spirits should already be at D'Lv 3, and by
  the start of Disc 4, they should all be at least at D'Lv 4. And at the end of
  the game, there's no excuse for not having all your characters at D'Lv 5. The
  same applies to Additions; by the end of the game, you should have mastered
  all of your characters' Additions for maximum damage against the final boss.

+ Conserve MP! This means, don't bother using the Dragon spells, which are
  usually 4x-8x as expensive as the characters' starting spells and only do
  about 2x as much damage.

+ To make the game easier, take some time and level Dart up a good bit in the
  very beginning of the game. As far as I can tell, the other characters'
  levels vary based on Dart's level when they join; the higher Dart's level is,
  the higher the other characters' levels are when they join.

+ You may be able to raise a character's D'LV more easily by equipping him/her
  with the Spirit Ring while training. Of course, the Wargod's Sash is still
  more effective, but this works well for when you don't have it available.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chapter One: Serdian War ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~ All right!!! Let's get this show on the road!!! You meet the first six ~~~~~~~
~ characters here, and get their Dragoon Spirits. But things are not always as ~
~ they seem... or are they? I don't care, let's just get a move on!!!! ~~~~~~~~~

================== 1-01: Hellena Waite is our Credit Manager ===================
If you want credit, go to Hellena Waite!

All right, after watching the kick-ass opening FMVs, you'll see a chick in black
talking about a Dragon. She'll then jump off a cliff. You'll then be introduced
to the first character you'll meet in the game:

Character Profile:

     Name: Dart Feld
      Age: 23
   Weapon: Broadsword
Additions: 7
  Element: Fire
Init.Gear: Broadsword, Bandana, Leather Armor, Leather Boots, Bracelet
    Quote: "I can grill a thick piece of meat. It's the best!"
    Desc.: Dart is your typical RPG hero: he's blond, he has average stats, he 
           uses a sword, and he's Fire-elemental. He apparently has the "soul
           of a Dragoon" according to the manual. He's not exactly in the game 
           for comic relief, but he does have his moments; quite frequently,
           actually. He's the one who's always in your party, no matter what,
           and thus he's always gonna be a few levels ahead of everybody else.
           All in all, though, he's a pretty good character to have around.

End Profile

After the scene, head down to the broken fence and notice the <!> that appears
over Dart's head. I'm not sure if Square stole this for FFIX, or if SCEA stole 
it from FFIX, or if there was even any stealing whatsoever, but in any case, it 
indicates that an action can be taken by pressing the X button in both games. 
So, press X when it appears. You'll have to fight two Knights of Sandora.
They're super-easy, though; one Double Slash kills one soldier, even though it
only does 5 damage apiece. After killing them, Dart will talk to the dying man
and you will learn about a girl named Shana. No, it's not time for another
character profile just yet. Anyway, grab the Burn Out from the treasure chest,
and save at the save point (the pillar of light, if you're dumb). Then,
continue to the next screen. You'll encounter a man named Plos. Then, the
commander will attack. For more experience, kill both his men first, then kill
him. Sometimes, though, the men will run off screaming before you've even done
anything :) Anyway, once the men are gone, the commander will say "That's
awfully cheeky of you!" and power up. Then, he'll start ripping off Dart's
Double Slash attack, so show him how it's done and he'll die easily. You'll get
enough experience after the battle to get to Lv. 2 and learn Dart's Volcano
Addition (24 Exp., 26G). But don't equip it just yet; you've still got Double
Slash to master. Why am I telling you to master Double Slash? Because, once all
of a character's Additions are mastered, they gain the ability to use a
special, hidden Addition. In Dart's case it's the ultra-stylish Blazing Dynamo.
For more on Additions, consult Chapter 5, Section 1.

Anyway, the commander and his crew are now dead. Dart will talk to Plos some 
more and find out his next destination: Hellena Prison. Once the scene is over 
and you have control, head into the house. Watch the mini-scene. Then, head
over to the graveyard and examine the graves to get your first Stardust. What
is Stardust, you ask? Sorry, I suck at explaining things, but don't worry, 
you'll find out later, in Bale. No, not in a bale of hay... Anyway, if this is
your first time playing, or you just need a little practice, talk to Master
Tasman, who's standing by the exit talking to a purple-clothed woman. He'll
offer to train you, so choose "Yes Master, please." if you want to practice
your Additions. This is your only chance to practice them without fear of
death, so I advise that you take it. At any rate, once you're ready, head out
of the village.

Woo-hoo! You're now on the World Map! The nice thing about LoD's World Map is 
that you can't get lost. The bad thing is that you can't take any shortcuts or 
run around in circles to find an enemy. But, like in most RPGs, you can save
whenever you want on this map. Anyway, head to the next place on the map, the 

In the Forest, you will find a merchant selling many things, including Healing 
Potions. I recommend carrying at least four at all times once you can buy
better healing items, but buy until you have six to eight right now. Also, be
sure to have at least three Mind Purifiers and three Body Purifiers at all
times, and if you ever come across merchants selling Depetrifiers, be sure to
buy at least three, because you'll probably need them. He'll also show you how
to use the Multi-Attack items, which are also called Human magic in this guide.
However, it's really easy. Once the attack is selected, simply mash X (or use a
turbo controller). It's easier than boosting GFs in FFVIII, because you don't
even have to worry about stopping. Just constantly mash X. If you use a turbo
controller, you should easily get the spell up to around 268%, depending on the
brand of controller you use. Anyway, once you're done with him grab the chest
behind the tree on the right and head out. There's only one way you can go most
of the time, and all you need to do is go straight the whole time, so just go.
Eventually you'll come to a spot with many paths. Take every path EXCEPT the
one just to the left of where you entered the screen to get all the chests
(It's worth it, trust me), and then head down the path I told you not to take
to get to the path leading to the next screen. Now the path becomes linear
again, so just keep going. If you get a message that says "Hellena is not this
way," go the other way. Eventually, you'll come out on the World Map again. So,
head south to Hellena. But, before you go in, I strongly advise you to take the
time and all but master Double Slash, getting its uses up to about 74 or so.
(You can check the number of uses in the Addition submenu.) You'll master it in
the prison. Save before you enter.

Now, enter Hellena and follow the cart. Hit X when you see the <!> and you're
in. Save if you want, then go up and through the door at the top of the screen
and open the chest for a Burn Out. Now, talk to the merchant to fight some
whimpy Hellena Wardens. They suck, so just kill them. Be sure to keep a
careful count in your head of how many Double Slashes you use per soldier; it 
should only take two or three per guy. If you reach 80 uses and you want to
keep it at exactly 80, but there's still a guy left, use Burn Outs or Pellets.
I recommend Pellets, as the Wardens are Fire-based, just like the Burn Outs.
You can win Pellets from Trents in the Forest and on the World Map. (Yes, I
know most people aren't anal and obsessive like that, but I am, and I'm sure
there are people like me out there somewhere.) Anyway, talk to the merchant
again to buy items if you need them. I would recommend buying a few Spark Nets
(not to be confused with SparkNotes), maybe two or three. Now, run through the
door, being VERY careful to avoid the guard, and head up the steps. In here
there will be a guard. Get as close to him as possible without being seen, then
wait until he turns his back to run up to the ladder and press X when you see
the <!> (this is henceforth known as "climbing ladders"). Now, if you wanna
have some "fun", head out, across the bridge, past the save point, and through
the door. In here will be three guards. Your mission, should you choose to
accept it, is to get all the items in here without being caught by the guards.
Sure, it's pointless, and damn near impossible, but it's fun to try! Besides,
you get tolerably good items; 50G, an Angel's Prayer, and a Leather Jacket. Of
course, nobody can equip the jacket just yet, but eh. If you're worried about
getting caught, you can wait to try it until you get your first new character.
To get him simply head up the "elevator" (it looks like a thing made from two
barrels and a sail) and go through the door. After a scene and a battle, you'll

Character Profile:

     Name: Lavitz Slambert
      Age: I'm gonna guess 37
   Weapon: Polearm
Additions: 5
  Element: Wind
Init.Gear: Spear, Sallet, Scale Armor, Leather Boots, Bracelet
    Quote: "I, I will not be mothered! I am a knight of Basil and we are at
           "Hey Dart. Here is the plan. Why don't you go around the arena just
            with Shana? Then, I can go out with Rose."
    Desc.: Dart and Lavitz meet under less-than-ideal circumstances, but they
           become fast friends. They share pretty similar characteristics, too;
           both are good attackers, though Lavitz is slightly stronger, and
           both have good physical defense, though, again, Lavitz is stronger. 
           Despite the fact that he has fewer Additions, Lavitz's Ultimate
           Addition has a higher DAM% when mastered; thus, it does more damage.
           He's really weak metaphysically (magically), though, so just keep
           him away from those damn PIXIES and you should be fine. Take care of
           Lavitz in battle and he'll take care of you.

End Profile

After getting him, I advise you to spend some time exploring the cells for
treasure chests. You'll get a Spark Net and 20G. A'ight, now go back out and
head up the elevator (after killing the morons who attack you). Checking out
the cell on the right, Dart will say "God, it's locked", which is sort of like
Selphie saying "It's LOCKED!" in FFVIII (for which I'm also writing a guide).
So, head through the left door. Gasp! A room full of guards! So, sneak around
to the stairs that go up and across two little catwalks. You'll see a sparkly
thing, just like in Resident Evil. Dart will pick it up: It's the Prison Key!
So, head over to the locked door and open it up. Head inside, but be sure to
explore all the cells in here for 20G and another 20G. You'll see one cell
surrounded by guards. Guess whose cell this is :) So, just kill the guards, and
Dart will be reunited with Shana. As they try to escape, however, you'll have
to fight three more guards. Goddammit! After the battle, you'll get...

Character Profile:

     Name: Shana
      Age: 18
   Weapon: Bow
Additions: None
  Element: Light
Init.Gear: Short Bow, Felt Hat, Clothes, Leather Shoes, Bracelet.
   Quotes: "It's too early..."
           "I wish I could fly like you guys.. But it doesn't take me
    Desc.: Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes. Thus, if Dart is
           that great man, Shana is that woman. She's kind and gentle, yet
           tough and determined at times... the stereotypical RPG heroine in 
           almost every way. She is like a baby sister to Dart. In terms of
           fighting, though, she, like most RPG females, is useless at
           attacking, though like most of them, she makes up for it by being an
           awesome mage; marry, the strongest one in the game. She makes a good
           counterbalance to Lavitz's physical attack specialization; so, as
           with Lavitz, take care of Shana and she'll take care of you.

End Profile

Now, go back out of the area and down the elevators. Save at the save point and
go through the door. Hey look, it's our old friend, Poncho the Merchant! Well,
okay, his name's not really Poncho, but eh. He wears a poncho, anyway. At any
rate, buy some more items from him. Then, head downstairs. After some weird
trash-talk ("So, you are the red one acting like a prince!!"? The hell's that
mean?) you'll fight...

  Boss: Hellena Warden(2), Fruegel, Senior Warden(2)
  Element: Fire, Earth, Fire
  Really easy. Just attack the Hellena Wardens mercilessly, don't even waste
  magic items on them. Then, attack the Senior Wardens just as mercilessly, but
  watch out, because when you defeat one, he'll cast Gushing Magma on you. But,
  it's weak, so heal only if absolutely necessary. Watch out for Fruegel's
  frozen ham attack, as well as the attack in which he throws a big rock at a
  character. Don't use the Spark Nets on him; I recommend saving those and
  using the Burn Outs on him if you must use magic. Also, be sure Shana and
  possibly Dart are the ones using the magic; Lavitz sucks at magic like a
  typical knight. Dart's not especially great at magic either, but he's okay,
  and may get a bonus for casting a spell of the same element as himself, just
  like in Pokemon. (Unconfirmed, but it seems to work.) Anyway, Fruegel should
  fall quickly. After the battle, you get 50G, 300 Exp., a bunch of Healing
  Potions, and a Knight Shield.

After the battle, you'll be forced to haul ass out of there. If you try to go 
back to Seles through the Forest, you'll be stopped by the soldiers of Imperial
Sandora, so just head to the new place on the Map, the Prairie. By the way, you
can check the names of the nearby places on the Map by holding the Start button
and you can check your next destination by pressing R2 a few times. Once you've
confirmed its location, you can press L2 to go back to the normal map view.

Okay, in the Prairie, just follow the path and Lavitz will be shot. Of course,
it's not fatal, as you've only just gotten him, but he does get shot. After a
narrow escape from the guards, you'll regain control. Head north to a river and
examine it. Then, head back and down the other path. Head around the corral and
up the other path and examine the tree. Then, head back to the shack. Dart will
tell his story inside. Now, examine the axe in the shack to get it. Oh, and, if
necessary, you can rest in the chair. Anyway, now that you have the axe, go use
it on that tree. It will fall, but Dart and Lavitz won't be able to catch it.
So, head back to the river. What, ho! You can now cross! Dart must have the
devil's own luck. So, just head across. Grab the chest on the next screen, and
then talk to the kid or his family. You'll see a scene showing what a fine,
upstanding citizen Lavitz is. (I mean that sincerely.) Anyway, just head north,
and you're now out of the Prairie. Also, you're now North of Serdio. Huzzah!
Save first, then head to the Limestone Cave, thus ending this section.

==================== 1-02: More fun than a Bale of monkeys! ====================
Do. Not. Ask.

A'ight, first of all let me just say I HATE the Limestone Cave with a passion.
This is because of the Ugly Balloons, which can poison you if you let them.
Don't let them. Anyway, on your way in, be sure to grab the Detonate Rock. It
sucks, but it lets you hit all enemies. Too bad it can't be boosted. Anyway,
head south and to the next screen. Head down the watery path and don't hold any
buttons to get 20G, then go back up and go down while holding Right, then Down,
on the D-pad to get the Bastard Sword. All right! New weapon for Dart, anyone? 
Equip it on him, and head to the next screen. Also, if you got a Knight Shield 
from the Fruegel battle, give it to Shana. Anyway, there will be several 
stepping stones in this room. Jump on them, being sure to take the side paths
for a Total Vanishing (kills an enemy instantly, but never works on Rares) and
a useful Body Purifier. You'll be needing plenty of these, believe you me.
Then, just head toward the next screen. From here, head to the back of the
screen and behind the thing. You'll come to a screen with a mutated Patamon on
it. There's nothing you can do to it just yet, though, so just grab the 100G
from the chest and head back. Now, go past the strange glowing specks and grab
the Angel's Prayer, then head up to get the chest with a Burn Out inside.
Anytime you need healing, examine the strange glowing specks. Turns out they're
called Rock Fireflies, and they can be found in a variety of places (hint
hint). They heal you, obviously, and also restore (I think) MP. For some weird
reason, they don't restore your status (lazy-ass programmers...), but they're
still useful. Now, head to the bottom of the screen and onto the next screen.
In here, head to the back to reach the screen with that mutated Patamon on it.
If you can catch him, he'll turn into a treasure chest containing the very
useful Poison Guard, which you should equip on Dart or Lavitz immediately.
While doing that, though, don't forget to grab the other chest in here, which
contains a Spark Net. Go back to the last screen and grab the chest, which
contains a somewhat useful Charm Potion. Then, go the way you haven't yet gone
and through the next screen to reach a screen with a save point. Save, and
listen up: I'm now going to teach you a useful trick to avoid encounters right
before a boss. If there is a save point near the boss fight's location and your
marker is red, save, reset the PlayStation, and when you get back to the place
where you left off, your marker will be blue again. Anyway, do that if
necessary, then head to the back of the screen, getting the chests on the way
for a Bandana and a Body Purifier, to fight...

  Boss: Urobolus
  Element: Earth
  This guy's pretty easy if you have the Poison Guard equipped on one of the
  characters and lots of Body Purifiers for the others. As with most fights,
  have Shana be the healer, unless Urobolus goes into the higher hole. Then,
  have her attack or use magic while Dart and Lavitz guard. If anyone gets
  poisoned, heal them. When you kill him, watch Dart's stylish deathblow and
  the uber-cool scene. Don't use any Spark Nets here!!!!! You get 50G, 400
  Exp., and a Wargod's Amulet.

After the battle, there will still be a short little section of cave left to go
through. Be sure to open the somewhat hard-to-see boxes to get a Healing Potion
and 50G. Now, just head out to return to the World Map. From here, just follow
the path to Bale. Watch out for Yellow Birds, though, which only seem to exist
to waste time, as they are nearly impossible to hit and just run away at the
first chance they get. If you, by some miracle, manage to kill one, however, I
believe they give you 300G. You'll want to use Sachets for this. See the Rare
Enemies section (chapter 5, section 6) for more information.

Now, what you wanna do is head into the first house on the left. Grab the chest
for 50G, and talk to the Portraitist Girl to get Lavitz's Portrait. You can
head upstairs, but there's nothing else here, so leave immediately. All right,
now head to the building behind it (ignore the stairs to the right for now) and
buy some Good Spirits from the bartender. You'll need this later. Now, the bar
connects to the inn, so rest and save. Head out and to the right, to the item
shop if you need items. I recommend selling all your Burn Outs and picking up
some Spear Frosts, as you'll need them down the line. Buy a few Meteor Falls,
too, if you want, for the same reason. Don't sell your Spark Nets! You need
them. Not for a boss that you'll encounter soon, but you will be needing them.
Once you're done shopping, leave. Ignore everything else for now and head left,
over the bridge. From here, head north to the castle. Go in through the bottom
door. Grab the chest for a free Sparkle Arrow, which you should equip on Shana.
Then, examine the fireplace to get a Stardust. Now, head up the stairs. On this
screen, go down the nearby ladder. Go down the next ladder. Examine the wheel.
Now, head back up. Head to the area on the left with the beds and examine the
chest for 50G. Now, head up the central stairs. Search around in the top-left
corner of the room for another Stardust. After that, head to the right and open
the chest for 100G. Now, head to the bottom-left corner and out onto the
balcony. Go across. Head down the ladder. Open the chest for an Active Ring.
Now, head back and go up the second-floor stairs. Watch the scene explaining
the Dragon Campaign. Notice the guy in the cloak. Look familiar? Anyway, head
out onto the balcony once you have control. Watch the scene, and listen to
Dart's kick-ass theme. Once you're done, head back into the throne room and
through the door on the right. Talk to the guy in black, then climb down the
ladder. Whee!! Shortcut! Now, head back one screen and enter the weapon shop.
Examine the bucket of spears to get a Stardust. Now, buy some armors and
accessories, as you already have all the weapons they're selling. Strange that
they should have a bucket of spears, and yet sell no spears. Ahh, whatever. If
you want a little information on stuff, head into the alley and go into the
door in the back of the screen. Check out the bookshelves for a little
information on Dragons, Winglies, magical power, and how to be a knight. The
woman in red knows a little about Stardust, and she tells you where to go to
find someone who knows more, so keep that in the back of your mind. Also in the
alley is the entrance to the Clinic, where you can have your characters treated
for poison, fear, and dispiriting. It costs more than a simple Body Purifier,
though probably no more than a Mind Purifier. Anyway, head back to the first
screen of the town and go down the stairs I told you to ignore earlier. Talk to
the drunk, and give him the Spirits. Now, head around him, up the other stairs,
through the next screen, grab the hard-to-see chest for 20G, and go up the
stairs on the left, then go up the ladder and grab the chest for another 20G.
Go back down and jack the boat. When you get a chance, get off the boat and go
in the door. Check the wine barrels in the back of the room to get a Stardust,
then go back out and hop back into your boat. Go all the way back to the first
screen of the town and go north, through the alley to Slambert Plaza. Check the
well for a Stardust, then head into the house on the left (it has a door). Head
forward, then talk to Lavitz after the scene. Choose the other options for
funny scenes, but to move on, choose "Show me around your house." Walk into all
the rooms, but go into the library to move on. (It's the room with all the
books, in case you're dumb.) Watch the scene, then go left and open the box for
20G. Talk to Lavitz's mother and say you're ready to leave. Then, head back
inside and check around in the kitchen for a Stardust. You should now have 7.
Now, head onto Lavitz's roof and go across to the barn. Walk across the rafters
by holding the D-pad and pressing X whenever the <!> appears. The easiest way
is to use a turbo controller and just hold X while moving. Grab the box for...
a Healing Breeze?! After all that work?! Ahh, well, I guess it's not SO bad.
Jump down from the platform and head out of the barn. Now, try to leave town
and you'll be attacked by Martel. She'll bitch awhile, then leave. Head back to
Slambert Plaza and go left. You'll meet up with the person who knows about
Stardust. Ask him about it and then talk to Martel. Every time you talk to her,
Dart will give her all the Stardust that's been collected since the last time
you talked to her. For every ten Stardust you give her, she'll give you a rare
item. One of these items is necessary for completing the hardest sidequest in
the game; see Chapter 3, Section 9 and chapter 5, section 4 for details. But,
to get it, you must have given her all 50 Stardust. Anyway, the point is, LOOK
FOR STARDUST!!!! I'll help you along the way, of course.

At any rate, you're now done here. So, leave town, save, and head west, to the
Town of Hoax and section...

=========================== 1-03: Insert Title Here! ===========================
I couldn't think of anything funny, sorry.

All right, once you're here, you'll have to head to where Kaiser is. I trust
you'll be able to find it yourself. You're not a little kid anymore... are you?
But first, head to the inn and grab the Angel's Prayer from the box. Anyway, at
the HQ, try and grab the Stardust from the box in the corner if you can. Then,
Dart and Shana will have to explore the town. So, first of all, head out of
there and go up the stairs and into the house on the left. In here, check the
fireplace for a Stardust. Then, head out, across the rooftops, and in through
the window. Open the chest in here for 20G, and head downstairs to meet 
Midwife Gilda. Watch the scene, then head out and down the stairs. Go into the
doorway and grab the chest for a Healing Potion. Gee, thanks. Now go back to
where Kaiser was and say you're done. Dart and Lavitz will be put on watch
while Shana makes meals for the knights. That's odd, I thought they were trying
to win the war. An army travels on its stomach, you know. Anyway, head down the
stairs. You'll be attacked and eventually have to fight...

  Boss: Sandora Elite
  Element: Darkness
  This guy's not too hard later in the game, but right now he's hardly a
  pushover. He has this nasty ability to split into three forms when his HP is
  low, which he can't use when he becomes a regular enemy later. Of course, as
  long as you have Dart and Lavitz attack different forms, you have a 2/3
  chance of hitting him. I'm not sure, but I think the real one is either the
  one who uses a different attack than the others or the one who attacks last.
  But, don't quote me on that. According to Rebecca Dukett, the shadow for the
  real one is bigger, but I'm not sure about that either. Attack and heal. Don't
  use A attack items, though; not because he'll counterattack, but because you
  need them later. After the battle, you'll get 50G, 200 Exp., and a Healing
  Breeze. Also, if you still have any Spark Nets, don't use them either, as
  you'll need them later. And, although it's tempting, don't use them against...

  Boss: Kongol
  Element: Earth
  This guy is hard. Attack and heal, but be SURE to finish your Additions when
  he puts his axe away. Otherwise, he'll teach you the true meaning of pain.
  You'll probably be healing more than attacking, though. Other than that, he's
  not too tough. After the battle, you get 50G, 300 Exp., a Power Wrist, and
  guess what? Dart's a Dragoon! YEAH, BABY! Oh, and you get a new character,
  who is also a Dragoon. Say hello to...

Character Profile:

     Name: Rose
      Age: 26, give or take
   Weapon: Smallsword
Additions: 4
  Element: Darkness
Init.Gear: Rapier, Felt Hat, Leather Jacket, Leather Shoes, Bracelet
   Quotes: "I won't either. I don't like the word, 'dude'. Besides, it'll spoil
            the competition if I participate. I'm too good."
           "I'm sorry but you don't have time to be in love anymore. Because 
            you will die here."
           "Those who flaunt their power disappear when the truly powerful
    Desc.: Rose. Is. Hot. She's also dark, bitter, and harsh, but that just
           adds to her mystique. A mysterious Dragoon warrior, her spells are
           among the coolest in the game, though not always the most useful
           against bosses. She's quite versatile, though, having one HP-
           draining attack spell, two purely attack spells, and an instant-
           death spell. Like many Darkness-affiliated RPG characters (such as
           Magus from Chrono Trigger), she's awesome when you get her, but
           loses much of her usefulness by the end of the game. In addition,
           like many other mysterious RPG characters (such as most Ninjas),
           she's defensively weak, though strong in both physical and magical
           offense. All in all, though, she's not a bad character to use.

End Profile

All right, on your way out of town, Dart and Rose will hear two soldiers
talking about Dart being a "messiah". Choose "Then tell me, Rose" to practice.
I recommend that even seasoned LoD players do this, as it really helps. If
you're a n00b, you'll definitely need the practice. The tutorial covers all
aspects of being a Dragoon, including raising D'Lv, gaining SP, performing
D-Attacks, and using Magic. Once you feel you've mastered the art of the
D-Attack, leave the tutorial and continue on your journey. Next stop: the
Marshlands! But, before you go there, I suggest you go back to Bale and buy
some Spear Frosts if you don't have plenty already. At least three is good.
Once you feel adequately prepared, head to the Marshlands.

  + 1-04: Not my Knighthood! +
-- What was I on when I named this section?

All right, head up once you get here and you'll have to fight seven battles in
a row by choosing the defiant answer each time. If you choose to retreat,
you'll have to start over. However, the battles are easy, so... Anyway, go
forth bravely, making sure to grab the treasure chest on the way for a Sun
Rhapsody. In here, check the fireplace for Stardust. Then, grab all the chests
in here for a Sun Rhapsody, a Healing Potion, and a Spirit Potion and head
around the back way to the previous screen for another chest, this time with a
Lance. Then, go back to the first screen and take the other path. Be sure to
grab all the chests and explore all the paths with the boat. From what I've
heard, if one of those fish lands on you, you'll have to fight, but it's never
happened to me before. Anyway, be sure to get the Magic Stone of Signet,
henceforth known as the Magic Sig Stone. It's not very useful, except against a
rare enemy like the Yellow Bird, but get it anyway. Anyway, once you're done
collecting all the treasure, head back to the main path. Watch the scene, and
go through the path to the World Map. Next stop: Volcano Villude!

  + 1-05: Feelin' Hot Hot Hot... +
-- Don't you just HATE that song?

All righty, from the first screen, go forth, and you'll run to the next screen
automatically. Gee, if only getting around was always this easy :) Anyway,
keep going, making sure to grab the Spear Frost in the chest. On this screen,
grab the chest for a Mind Purifier. Go right at the fork and get the chest for
a Panic Guard, then go back. Go left at the fork to save and see that...
there's someone else here?! Who in their right mind would go all the way to a
****ing VOLCANO during a CIVIL WAR?! You'll find out eventually. Anyway, head
left from the save point and follow the path. Shana will freak out and run off,
so follow her to fight...

  Boss: Virage(head), Virage(Body), Virage(Arm) 
  Element: N/a
  Well, there are many ways to defeat this guy, but the easiest is to just kill
  the head and ignore the other parts. Remember all those Spark Nets I told you
  to hang onto since Hellena? Well, now's the time for Rose (and possibly Shana
  and Dart) to use 'em (but if you have any left over after the battle, feel
  free to discard them). It only took me five Spark Nets and a few attacks to
  defeat him; curiously, Rose was doing twice as much damage with the Spark
  Nets as Shana was. Maybe it's because Shana sucks at level 6? Anyway, if the
  arm's bothering you, feel free to kill it; it'll just revive after a few
  turns, though... After the battle, you get 100G, 600 Exp., a Mind Purifier,
  and two Healing Potions.

Oh, hey, I just thought of something cool! The characters are in a Volcano,
and, right now, Dart's current Addition is called Volcano! Hee. Anyway, after
the Virage fight, head right. You'll meet the jackass who was walking around in
the background earlier. He'll give you an item that you're better off selling;
it's called a Sapphire Pin, and it allows you to recover MP when damaged by
magic. Unfortunately, it doesn't work like Celes' Runic in FFVI. Well, 'tis the
thought that counts, I guess. Anyway, head forward and go around the rim to

  Boss: Fire Bird, Volcano Ball(4)*
  Element: Fire, Fire
  This guy is pretty easy, just have Rose use the Spear Frosts on him while
  Dart and Lavitz attack. If he dives into the lava and summons Volcano Balls,
  just ignore them and kill him before he can send them to attack you. It's not
  hard. After the battle, you get the coveted Red-Eye Stone. It's the "Burning
  Gem" of which Dabas spoke. That's it. Oh, and you get 800 Exp. and 100G.

Now, simply head forward. Grab the 50G, and talk to Dabas. Sell any remaining
Spark Nets and Spear Frosts you have, but be sure to buy some Pellets; this is
your last chance to get any, unless you go all the way back to the Marshlands
to win them from Crocodiles. Now, sally forth onto the World Map. Time for the
next section!

  + 1-06: Into the Dragon's Nest +
-- Umm... I can't think of anything funny to say here, sorry.

Just head forward, and watch the scene on the next screen. Take the other path,
and jump across the stream when you get the chance. Backtrack awhile to get the
chest, which contains the VERY useful Chain Mail. Give it to Lavitz, as his
M-Def is LOUSY. Afterwards, go back and step in the middle of the giant
spider web. Examine the spring to heal, and then climb up the beanstalk thingy.
now, the path you want to take will be blocked by what Dart calls a "spooky
plant", so just go down the path that's open. Head to the left and through the
hole for a Mind Purifier, then go back and go down and through the hole on the
right. Go through the next hole and up the beanstalk. Go through the hole up
here , touch the palm tree thingy, and climb down the next hole to get a
Bravery Amulet. Go back to the hole on the right and go up the nearby beanstalk
to get to where you need to be. Examine the first palm tree thingy to unblock
a chest with a Spirit Potion, and touch the next one to open the path to the
boss room. Then, go down the next hole to get a Body Purifier. Now, head back
to the spring and run around until you encounter a battle. Then, examine the
spring to heal, and go up the beanstalk to the save point. Remember that trick
I taught you before we fought Urobolus? Save and reset the game if need be,
then head forward to fight...

  Boss: Greham, Feyrbrand
  Element: Wind, Wind
  Surprisingly easy for a Dragoon and a Dragon, they are. (Yes, talk like Yoda
  I do.) Anyway, just have Rose or Shana use all the Meteor Falls you've got on
  them, and then use Pellets once one of them dies. I recommend taking out
  Feyrbrand first, as he charges his power when you hit him, making his attacks
  stronger. Have Lavitz and Dart attack Greham. Be sure to save some Pellets,
  though, to make the next boss battle easier. After the battle you get a Down
  Burst, a Plate Mail, 1200 Exp., and 100G. I'm now gonna try typing the next
  paragraph with my tongue, because YUA and Aerena inspired me to do so!

After the battle, Lavitz will be a Dragoon, but Shana will be comatose. (THIS IS
EASY! Of courrse, I am holdingb down Shiftwith my oth er hand, but at least iI',
not us9ing backspace this time.) Climb up  the webbing and head norh to theworld
map. (Okay, I'm done tongue-typing. It's too easy to make typos with my big

Note: While you ARE basically done here, remember that this is a good place to
      raise your characters' D'Lv because of the Lizard Men, who have the
      ability to use a Physical Attack Barrier, which prevents all damage from
      physical attacks and thus, Additions. However, it does not prevent your
      characters from gaining SP.

  + 1-07: Shirley there's some other way! +
-- Yes, I know, it's a cliche. Boo-hoo.

All right, watch the scene, then go into the house on the right. Hang a left
and go through the door to find a chest with 200G. Then, head to the middle
door on the left. If I'm right, you should be in the bookstore. Climb the
ladder and examine the shelf. Now, climb down and examine the furnace for a
Stardust. Now, head to the front part of the upper level and search around near
the blue door on the right for a chest with an Angel Robe inside. Hit the
weapon shop nearby for your first chance to buy the legendary... Legend Casque!
Unfortunately, unless you're a cheater or a demented otaku, you probably don't
have enough gold to buy it just yet. So, buy Rose a Cape for now, and keep
another one in the bag for when you get Shana back. (No it's not a spoiler.
What kind of game did you think this would be, killing off the hero's
girlfriend? Sure, it worked for FFVII and Phantasy Star IV, but I doubt it
would work here.) Anyway, now head back to that blue door on the right and go
on in. Guess who? Welcome to Dabas' Antique Shop! Watch the scene, then haul
your ass back in there and climb up the ladders, then examine the suit of armor
to find a Stardust. Now, head down the stairs to the next screen. A druggie
will accost you and ask you to buy some pot. Well, he's not really a druggie,
and it's more of a jar than a pot, but eh. Keep talking him down and he'll give
you the thing for free! Ha-ha!

A'ight, now head back a screen and to the right. Examine the box here to get
100G, then examine the baskets on the left for a Stardust. Head back to the
entrance of town and examine the jug for another Stardust, then leave and head
back to the Dragon's Nest. Also, while you're here, be sure to get everybody's
D'Lv up to at least 2. Anyway, head back down the hole and go to the spring.
Heal while you're there. After that, head back out of the hole. Here's a
quandary: How to get across the hole? Well, as it turns out, you don't need to.
Over by the sign is a place where you can jump to the other side of the brook.
Do so, and then just cross back over and go to the place with the freaky plant.
Examine it, and Dart will pour water on it. You're off to the Shrine of

Here, just ignore all the treasure chests (unless you enjoy being verbally
abused). Head to the next screen. Proceed to a screen with many signs posted
everywhere. Head all the way to the right. There will be a statue out here, so
examine it and note its position (facing left, etc.). There will also be a
sculpture that you can hop across stones to reach, and it will heal you if you
need it. Anyway, go back to the screen with many signs and go to the left. Turn
the wheel to open the wall, then go back. Go through the hole where the
sculpture was, and you'll find a golden statue. Examine it and note its
position (facing front, etc.) and then go back to the room with the signs and
go north. Ignore the little round plate thingy for now and go up the stairs at
the top of the screen. It's now time to break with tradition and examine the
treasure chest. While you are falling, take note of the numbers (usually 3, 5,
and 2) that appear. Now, go all the way back to the little round plate thingy
and examine it. "Yeah, I ordered the combination plate." Input the numbers in
the order in which you read them, then go up the ladder that just fell down.
Here you'll see a golden statue and a silver statue. Have them face the way
each of their counterparts was facing (if the other silver statue was facing
left, face this one left, etc.) and then go up the stairs; if you don't, the
stairs will give way as you climb them. Now, save here, and head forth to

  Boss: Drake the Bandit, Wire*, Bursting Ball(3)*
  Element: Wind, N/a, N/a
  This guy is NOT EASY. He may look like a pimp, but he's a tough boss. I
  really hope you saved some Pellets from the battle with Feyrbrand and Greham
  because this guy's weak against Earth too. Have Rose use them if you have any
  while Dart and Lavitz attack. If he uses his Bursting Balls, just ignore them
  and guard when they get close. They'll roll forward three times and then
  explode. When he gets low on HP, he'll use his Wire. This must be destroyed
  before you can attack him, as it blocks all Additions, even D-Attacks. If you
  get really low on HP and run out of Healing Potions, have Rose do Special and
  use Astral Drain. This will do over 250 damage to him! But, only do so after
  he's already used his healing potion to restore 360 HP. All in all, he's a
  very obnoxious boss. After the battle, you get 100G and 1500 Exp., as well as
  a Bandit's Ring if you beat him fast enough.

Afterwards, you'll have to "fight"...

  "Boss": Shirley
  Element: Light
  Okay, whatever you do, DON'T ATTACK! This is the time where you can get your
  HP back up after the last fight for free, so JUST GUARD! Eventually, she will
  present you with a choice. Choose "To protect those we love" to take Dart's
  trial first, or "For pride and honor" to take Lavitz's trial first. For
  Dart's trial, choose "To pursue the Black Monster.", "Of course, get
  revenge!", and "Shana." Trial complete! Now, for Lavitz's trial, choose
  "That's not like you!" and "Shana needs me!" Now, for the final trial, choose
  "No matter what, I will go.", "Mother.", and "I've never thought about it."
  After the "battle," you get 100G, 1500 Exp., and the Silver Stone.

Now, I bet you were pissed that there weren't any treasures to be gotten here,
right? Well, have no fear! Go through the doorway behind where you fought
Drake, and you'll come to the treasure room! That's right, every chest in here
is REAL! (Except possibly Rose's... just kidding.) From the chests in here,
you'll get 120G, a Healing Breeze, and a Demon Stiletto for Rose. Oh, happy
day! Now, if you wanna make a quick getaway, head back to the screen with the
combination plate (round plate thingy) and go up the stairs. Yep, its time for
another mine-cart ride!! Now, head back to the clinic in Lohan and talk to
Sanator. Shana is now a Dragoon! Damn, I guess that means I have to start using
her now, huh... Okay, let's move on.

  + 1-08: The Hero's Cup: Dart vs. the Jackasses part I +
-- That pretty much speaks for itself.

Now, go to the arena (It's through the doorway where you got the Stardust from
the basket), but on the way, talk to the Minintos (weird little green and pink
dude) if you want. Anyway, I recommend you head around the arena
counterclockwise, as it gives you a chance to save. All right, talk to the
receptionist on the screen with stairs leading down and say "I'll participate."
Watch the scene (what does not liking the word "dude" have to do with it?) and
then be sure to equip Dart with a Poison Guard first chance you get once you
enter the waiting room. Talk to the attendant when you're ready to fight...

  Boss: Gorgaga
  Element: N/a
  The reason I told you to equip a Poison Guard was because he uses a Poison
  Needle on you right off the bat, and it saves you from wasting a turn by
  healing. He's really easy, just attack. He also sometimes uses Pellets, but
  like all enemies is too dumb to boost it. Just put him out of his misery. 3
  or 4 Burning Rushes at level 1 will do it. After the battle, you get NOTHING!
  Not even gold! I know, what the ****?!! And it's like this for ALL of these

All right, after the battle equip Dart with whatever accessory you want, then
talk to the attendant to fight...

  Boss: Serfius
  Element: Fire
  This guy's easy too, despite his speed. Just attack him with whatever you've
  got and he'll die. 7 Burning Rushes should do the trick. 

All righty then, talk to the attendant to fight...

  Boss: Danton
  Element: Earth
  With this guy, you may have a problem. The easy way to defeat him is just to
  use a Spinning Gale and boost it up to 268%, then attack. That's it. No muss,
  no fuss. Of course, he may choose to reduce your HP to 1, but eh. You get
  healed after every battle anyway. IF you wanna do it the hard way, just keep
  attacking, but Guard when he assumes a different stance, because he'll
  automatically hit you if you attack at that point. And, of course, watch out
  when his HP gets red because he might do his little 1 HP attack. Still, he's
  not THAT tough...

After that battle, equip Dart with a Bravery Amulet and talk to the attendant
to fight...

  Boss: Atlow
  Element: Darkness
  He's not too tough if you have a Bravery Amulet on; his 5-sense-blocker
  causes Fear. Just attack him, healing if necessary. It shouldn't be, though.

You know the drill. It doesn't matter what accessory you give Dart, now, so
just talk to the attendant to fight...

  Boss: Lloyd
  Element: N/a
  YOU CANNOT WIN THIS BATTLE! Just guard and eventually Lloyd will say "It's
  about time" and slash the living hell out of Dart. That's that.

Afterwards, go to the entrance of the arena to meet up with the others. Rose
will smack Lavitz around a bit, and then Dart will have to take Shana around
the arena. So go, play mini-games to your heart's content. I'm not going to
explain them, but they're all fairly simple. All you get from beating them is
tickets, though, as far as I can tell. However, tickets are good for one thing:
buying Healing Rains. Yeah, you heard me. But, there's an easier way to get
tickets: simply BUY THEM! Buy ten tickets at once to save money; even in
Endiness, the benefit of buying in bulk is apparent. Hee. Anyway, remember this
place when you need Healing Rains, and be sure to come back and stock up on
some before you head to Mayfil at the end of chapter 4. Oh, and be sure to read
the Tips and Tricks section regarding Healing Rains. Anyway, head to the
entrance of town and, after a scene, you'll get...

Character Profile:

     Name: Haschel
      Age: 60
   Weapon: Gloves
Additions: 6
  Element: Thunder
Init.Gear: Iron Knuckle, Armet, Disciple Vest, Iron Kneepiece, Bracelet
   Quotes: "It feels good to be called by my first name by a young girl."
           "Oops! Oops! I have become too mushy!"
           "I don't like stubborn old guys because I want to be an adorable old
    Desc.: Haschel is one of those "old martial arts master"-type characters.
           Unlike most of them, though (at least, the anime ones), he's still
           perfectly capable of doing acrobatic moves (and still hasn't got
           grey hair), and he demonstrates this capacity very well through his
           Additions. Unfortunately, like most male characters in this game, as
           a Dragoon he's useless for anything but attacking; however, he's
           made even more so by the fact that no enemy is weak against Thunder.
           I mean, what's the point of an element if nothing's weak against it?
           Sure, there are enemies that are STRONG against Thunder, but none 
           that are weak against it. Of course, most enemies aren't strong
           against Thunder, so it works fairly well against most enemies; still
           for the time it takes to get his D'Lv up, you'd think he'd be more
           useful as a Dragoon. Hey, I just thought of something: He's almost
           exactly like Master Roshi from DBZ, only a lot more useful. His
           "Perfect!!" D-Attack even does a sort of Kamehameha blast!

End Profile

All right, before you head out, you might wanna head back to the Nest of Dragon
and begin getting Rose up to D'Lv 3, as well as mastering Haschel's Double
Punch. You won't be needing to use him until he gets his Dragoon Spirit, so...
Now, guess where you get to go! Just head southeast from Lohan, and...

  + 1-09: To Hellena and Back +
-- Just keep reading...

All righty then! Didja miss being here? I sure didn't. A'ight, remember the
first room you came to, the one with the save point? Go in there and buy
whatever you need from the merchant, making sure to heal and save. Grab the
chest to the north if you neglected to do so last time. Then, leave the room
and head left. If you went here during your last visit, you found the elevator
to be out of service. However, it's working now, so take it, get off, and go
through the doorway. Hop across the gap and go through the doorway there.
Follow the path to reach a chest with a Therapy Ring inside, as well as
grabbing the chest on the way for a useless Felt Hat. Now, backtrack to the
room with the four doorways and take the one furthest to the left. Go up the
elevator for a chest with a Pandemonium. Get it anyway, then discard it if you
wish; it's about as useful as the Magic Sig Stone now, but pretty good when
used in conjunction with the Material and Magic Shields. Now, go back and take
the doorway next to the one you just took. Go up the elevator. The chest here
contains a semi-useful Thunderbolt. Now, go back to the elevator you took to
get here and go up the ladder. Never mind the chest between the fingers,
there's no way to get to it. Actually, Brian Sellers knows how to get it. He

  I just wanted to point out one thing: in your second trip to Hellena, when
  rescuing Albert, there is a chest in the area with four doors that your guide
  claims it is impossible to reach. Well, it's actually quite reachable. You
  simply go through the second of the four doors from the left, and ride the
  elevator up to where the "semi-useful Thunderbolt" can be found. Next to that
  platform, there's a rope you can climb down, which leads to the chest. In the
  chest is a Silver Vest, an armor that is pretty darn good for the ladies at
  this point in the game. To get down, you simply take another rope that leads
  down to the first door. Hope this helps! ~Brian

Now, the chest here contains a Leather Armor. What is with this place and
useless equipment?! Just hang onto it for now, as you can sell it later. Now,
go back to the first elevator and go upstairs. Grab the hard-to-see chest on
the left for a Healing Potion, and then go forth. You'll be trapped. Grab the
Sachet and then talk to Shana. Examine the big rock she's standing next to, and
you'll have to fight...

  Boss: Jiango
  Element: Earth
  Have Rose use A FEW Spinning Gales on him (no more than half your supply)
  after using the Sachet to put him to sleep. Have Lavitz use Wing Blaster (or
  Gaspless if you've got it), and have Dart use Flameshot (or Final Burst). If
  he wakes up, just cut loose and attack, but be sure to heal. After the battle
  you get about 200 gold and 2000 Exp., as well as a Sachet. Save it for a rare
  enemy. If you can beat this guy without using a Sachet, more power to ya.

Now, head out, fighting all the stupid Wardens on the way. Grab the chest for a
Healing Potion, and keep going. Fight the wardens, and follow the third one up
the stairs. Fight some more, and on the screen with the save point, grab the
chests for a Broad Sword, a Spear, and 20G. Heal and save, then go forth to

  Boss: Fruegel, Rodriguez, Guftas
  Element: Earth, Wind, Darkness
  If you have Rose at D'Lv 3, just have her use Demon's Gate. From what I hear,
  it'll suck in Rodriguez and Guftas. Then, just have her unload your supply of
  Spinning Gales on Fruegel and he should die quickly. "That's it?" That's it.
  If you kill Fruegel before Rodriguez and Guftas, they will run away. 
  Regardless, after the battle you get 200G, 2000 Exp., and a Gravity Grabber.

After the battle, Lavitz will be replaced by...

Character Profile:

     Name: Albert of Serdio
      Age: 26
   Weapon: Polearm
Additions: 5
  Element: Wind
Init.Gear: [Whatever Lavitz had equipped]
    Quote: "Our journey is a dangerous one. We will not be able to succeed, if
            we take a lackadaisical attitude towards it."
    Desc.: He's like Lavitz, but with faster Additions. Oh, and he's a lot
           more... uh, wordy. Like Lavitz, he's not very good at Dragoon magic,
           but he gets some good spells. His Dragon spell sucks, though; 75%
           Wind damage to all enemies?! Tch, it's not worth it. However, he's a
           good attacker, despite being a sucky mage. His stats are about the
           same as Lavitz's, as previously implied. If you liked Lavitz, you'll
           love Albert.

End Profile

Anyway, after the sad scene, you'll be in Seles. Talk to everyone, and you'll
receive some information necessary to the plot. Anyway, it is now time for the 
next section!

  + 1-10: Albert and Dart go to Black Castle +
-- That was supposed to be a spoof on "Harold and Kumar go to White Castle",
   but somehow it just didn't work out.

All righty then, head through the forest and go south of Lohan to Kazas. Save
before you enter, though. Okay, in the first building on the right, head up the
ladder and open the chest for an Attack Ball, then search the junk pile for a
Stardust. Go back down and talk to the bald-headed idiot. Say "Yeah." and
you'll get 100G. Go across the street to the building on the left and examine
the barrels for another Stardust. Now, enter the second building on the right
for a chest containing Albert's shiny new elemental weapon, the Twister Glaive.
Equip it on him immediately. Head across the street to the inn if you like,
then head to the third building on the right, the weapon shop. In here, some
dealer will accost you and ask you to buy drugs. And no, I'm not kidding.
Luckily, he'll be arrested. Buy a Heat Blade for Dart and a Long Bow for Shana,
among other things, then check the floor to the left of the counter to get a
Stardust. Now, head across the street to the third building on the left. Go
around the back and examine the walls of the two rooms to hear about the New
Serdio party, and to hear their motto. Just for future reference, it's "Most
importantly, end the war!! The powerless should protect their house!! Protect
by fighting!!". Remember that. Anyway, head to the next screen. You can't go in
through the front gate, of course. So, just head to the next screen. Walk down
the questionably safe roof, and go in through the doorway. Check the bookcase
in this room for a Stardust, then head down the ladder to the left. Head in
through the door on the right. Check out the barrels on the left of the
entrance for a Stardust. Then, check out the barrels above and a little to the
left of the last one for another Stardust. Now, buy some items if you need 'em,
then leave and go through the next door. Talk to the kid. Remember the motto of
the New Serdio party? Choose 3, 3, and 2. Save at the save point, then follow
him and choose "Yeah. I'm ready." Underground, there is a chest containing 20G.
Go through and fight all the ass-brained fools, and grab the chest for a Spark
Net, then keep going and head north. Go through the door on the right. Examine
the purple column of light for a scene. If you ever need healing, talk to the
White Flame Researcher. Now, go right and down the lift. (To go up or down
lifts, examine the things nearby to light them.) Go down the next lift, and
head across the garbage bridge. If you get hit by garbage, you'll get dropped
and have to start over. (Get dropped once or head down the ladder for some
treasure.) Once across, open the treasure chest for the Red Stone. Then, head
back to the research room. Heal if necessary, then go out and up the lift on
the left. Go around, fighting the jackass that attacks you, and through the
doorway. Climb down the ladder and talk to the researcher. Open the treasure
chest for the  Blue Stone, and make a note of the beakers on the shelf: Red,
Blue, Yellow. Now, go back and fight the jackasses, then go up the north lift.
Go right and buy whatever items you need, then go into the door and grab the
Beast Fang for Haschel. Go around to the right again and go up the lift to
fight some more jackasses. Anyway, head right on this level to reach the level
with the lift on it again, but now it's at the second tier of this floor. Go up
the nearby stairs, and you'll have to fight your old friend, the Sandora Elite.
Kill his sorry ass, and go through the room to the next screen. In here is a
lift and a gondola, so take the lift down and get the Spinning Gale out of the
treasure chest. Then, go back up and take the gondola. On this screen, grab the
chests for a Spirit Ring and a Spear Frost. Go back to where the jackasses were
training and go up the lift. Talk to the commander here (whom I will not call a
jackass because he is like the Lavitz of Sandora) to receive the third stone.
Go back down the lift and go to the other lift on this screen. Choose "Move to
fourth floor" and go on. Talk to the jackass in here if you like, then go up
to the platform with the save point and examine the pedestal. Put the stones
in, and the door at the bottom of the statue will be unlocked. Save, then head
up the lift in the statue to fight...

  Boss: Kongol
  Element: Earth
  I hope you have Albert at D'Lv 3 by now. If so, just have him use Gaspless a
  few times and Kongol should fall. If you never got Albert up to D'Lv 3, this
  battle and the next will just be that much more difficult. I know it's a
  little late, but if you're reading ahead, the easiest way to get Albert up to
  D'Lv 3 here is to go back down the elevator, talk to the White Flame
  Researcher, go back out and fight the three Knights of Sandora on the screen,
  go back and heal again, lather, rinse, and repeat, until Albert and whomever
  else you want are at D'Lv 3. Anyway, it's not a hard fight, just watch out
  for a few of his attacks and heal when necessary. After the battle you get
  200G, 2000 Exp., and sometimes a Wargod Calling.

After the battle, go back downstairs, heal, and save, then go forth to fight...

  Boss: Emperor Doel => Dragoon Doel
  Element: Thunder, Thunder
  He's strong and fast: a deadly combination. Don't get mad if you die the
  first time you fight him... or the second time, or the third time. He's not
  easy. At least, you shouldn't have too much trouble with his first form, but
  as a Dragoon... damn! If he decides to put up a barrier, don't bother
  attacking, as "It's a waste." Instead, start Guarding. Have Rose use all your
  S attack items on his Dragoon form, especially Dark Mists. As a Dragoon, he
  uses EVERY thunder-based human spell, and he's not too dumb to boost, either.
  His versions of Flash Hall and Thunderbolt are especially damaging. As a side
  note, it is possible (and recommended) to beat him without turning into
  Dragoons. After the battle you get 200G and 3000 Exp. By the way, later in
  the game you'll notice that your Violet Dragoon's transformation isn't as
  cool as Doel's, and that Dragoon Doel looks a LOT like an anthro watermelon.
  Ha. I funny.

Guess what? It's the end of disc 1! Save, and pop in Disc 2!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chapter Two: Platinum Shadow ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~ <Titler> Well, I guess that's good enough. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

A little bit happens here, but this chapter's really mostly connective tissue,
AKA filler. It keeps the plot together, and includes a little foreshadowing,
but does little else. You do get two new characters, though, and their Dragoon
Spirits. Let's dive right in, shall we?

====================== 2-01: Bad Jokes and Circus Freaks =======================

You'll see a scene in which the party enters Tiberoa's capital city, Fletz.
Head to the top of a nearby building, and search around for a Stardust. Go to
the shop. It turns out this is the Weapon Shop. Examine the box of maces for a
Stardust, and buy some stuff. Then, go out and to the next screen. Go into the
first shop. This is the jewelry shop. Buy something if you want it, and check
out the multicolored gems for a Stardust. I recommend the Ruby Ring and the
Emerald Earring to help raise your characters' D'Lv. They're 1000G apiece,
though... -_-

Anyway, head next door to the Item Shop and watch the scene, then go in. Check
the telescope for a Stardust. Afterwards, head back to the entrance of town.
Walk across the nearby bridge for another scene, then enter the bar (up the
stairs). Examine the box in the corner for a Stardust, then go inside the room
with the people. Talk to the woman in yellow. She'll accost Dart and insist
upon talking about stars. I'm predicting this woman would be a huge Powerman
5000 fan... and a Hum fan, for that matter. "You'd Prefer an Astronaut". Choose
either option. Talk to her again if you chose "Yes, we are." and she'll tell
you she never heard of Lloyd. But, she'll tell you about Fester. No, not Fester
Addams... Anyway, go past the inn and to the house next to it. You'll hear
about the Moon That Never Sets, and about the Black Monster. Go up the ladder
and look through the telescope, then go to the south part of town and into the
house there. Choose "Yes, we do." Once the scene ends, it will be morning.
Leave town and head north to the Barrens. Equip Rose with her Demon Stiletto
again, as one of the enemies you will fight here is Darkness-based. All righty
then, put Haschel in the party, and go down the side path to reach a ledge with
a Warrior Dress on it. Equip this on Haschel. Then, go back to the main path
and follow it to the next screen. On this screen, you'll have to fight...

  Boss: Mappi, Crafty Thief(2)
  Element: Darkness, Darkness
  Easy. Very easy. Much like my biological mother, actually... Kill the Crafty
  Thieves first so Mappi can't disappear. Then, just attack him until he dies.
  After the battle, you get 150G, 2000 Exp., and a Total Vanishing. But this
  doesn't make up for the fact that Dart's Dragoon Spirit is stolen!!!

After the battle, take the right path. Head through the cave and grab the
Recovery Ball. Then, follow the path, go behind the rock, and open the chest
for 50G. This doesn't make up for it either, Mappi!!! Anyway, just follow the
path again and you'll be in Donau. Examine the pool of water by the entrance
for a Stardust. Then, head into the house by the entrance to get a letter.
After that, head back to the entrance of town and go up the stairs. Go into the
shop, and buy anything you need. Hang on to the Angel Robe, though. Anyway,
don't buy any attack items, and sell any that you have. Hang on to the Total
Vanishing and the Recovery Ball, though. After that, head back to the entrance
of town and go left. Head up the stairs. Inside, talk to the butler. Then,
check the sink for a Stardust. After that, head out. To make things faster, say
"Oh well, you can come." <AOL guy> You've got Meru!

Character Profile:

     Name: Meru
      Age: Around 16
   Weapon: Hammer
Additions: 5
  Element: Water
Init.Gear: Mace, Tiara, Silver Vest, Soft Boots, Bracelet
   Quotes: "Hey you, alky! How dare you touch my butt!"
           "Of course! Without me, the strongest of all, you cannot save the
    Desc.: Meru is one of the characters put in for comic relief, but that
           doesn't mean she can't kick her share of ass too. No, that which
           indicates that she can't kick ass is her stats; the only thing she
           really has going for her is speed, which is the highest of anyone in
           the game. She's the second-best magic user, with the lowest HP, and
           lowest defense. She even has lower strength than Shana! Of course
           SCEA WOULD have to make all the non-human characters damn near
           useless... uh, I mean, but they could have stopped there, they
           didn't have to do it to Meru! Of course, she does have the strongest
           Addition in the game (in terms of percentage), but she's so weak
           that it only allows her to barely keep up with the other characters.

End Profile

I'm gonna end the section now, so as to lengthen the next one.

=================== 2-02: I come from down in the valley... ====================
That's the first line of a Springsteen song, kids.

Afterwards, head back through the Barrens to Fletz. While you're here, stop by
Kaffi's bar and drop off your Stardust with Martel. Head to the castle. Meru
will try to charge the guard. Choose "(Let's retreat now.)" Okay, you could ask
around town until you find someone with connections to the royal family, but
remember what Fester told you? He works for Princess Lisa! So, just head to the
item shop. Head back to the castle to meet up with Fester again. He'll drag you
all the way back to his house, and then you'll have to walk all the way back to
the castle. Luckily, you're already off the first screen by the time you regain
control, so just head north. Head up the stairs on the left (it won't let you
go up the right ones, for some reason...) and then go north. Once you regain
control, head back to where the save point was and examine the right statue for
a Stardust. Then, attempt to leave. You'll be asked by Libria to talk with
Princess Lisa. Choose "We will." Then, talk to Libria and choose "Yes, we are
ready." Watch the scene. Follow Libria to the room on the right. Talk to
Haschel. Choose either option. Afterwards, head into the lower room (it has
blue carpet leading into it) and grab the Moon Serenade and the Sun Rhapsody.
Moon Serenades should be used like Healing Rains: only in times of extreme
emergency. Then, head back out. Go out from the balcony on either side (it has
a guard next to it) and go into the room under the right tower. Examine the
thing for yet another Stardust. Now, head back to the entrance. Save if you
like, then head back to the Barrens and go left at the fork. Follow the
unnecessarily long path to reach the Valley of Corrupted Gravity.

Welcome to the Valley of Hell. While you're here, master Meru's Double Smack,
as you won't be using her for quite a while yet. But, before you can enter,
show the guard at the bottom of the gate your pass. From the first screen (not
the entrance) go left, across the floating rock, and down to find the ever-
useful Speed Up item. Never sell this, as you'll be needing it. Then, go up to
find the Rock Fireflies. (Man, every time I think of it, that sounds more and
more like a really crappy band's name...) Anyway, head back across the rock and
go across the rock directly opposite it to pick up a Sachet. Head down and
you'll be back at the beginning of the first screen, so head north, to the
second screen. Take the first rock you come to, then the second rock, then the
third rock, but stay on the fourth rock until it comes to a stop by the
platform that's roughly in the middle of the screen. Jump off then, and take
the rock there to reach a chest containing a Meteor Fall. Then, take the other
rock back to the platform where the first rock stops, and then continue on your
merry way. You're now on the third screen. Right about now you should start
running into Spider Urchins. These bastards can take quite a bit of punishment
due to their Physical Attack Barrier, but it makes this a great place to raise
your characters' D'Lv, as well as a good place to master some Additions. Keep
that in mind. Anyway, head up and get on the rock. Ignore the white spot and
take the next rock up to its first stop. Get on the rock at the other end of
the U to reach a chest with a Talisman. This handy little item prevents instant
death, and YES, YOU WILL BE NEEDING IT! Trust me. Equip it on Dart. Now, head
back to the U and take the first rock to the next stop. Examine the white spot
here to be turned upside-down. Ride the nearby rock down to a platform, then
examine the spot there to be put right side up. Hop on the nearby rock to reach
a chest with a Knight Helm. Then, go back and examine the other white spot to
be upside-down again. Go to a third white spot to be put right side up again.
Now, head up the rock on the right to reach the next area. Shana will freak out
again, because of the upcoming boss fight. So, save and head forth to fight...

  Boss: Virage(Head), Virage(Body), Virage(Arm), Virage(Arm)
  Element: N/a, N/a, N/a, N/a
  He's not too bad, just be sure to kill his left arm every time he revives it
  so that he can't use his instant death attack. Actually, I guess it'd be the
  right arm from our POV. After that, just attack the head until it dies. It
  shouldn't take too long. I recommend a party of Dart, Albert, and Haschel
  against this guy. After the battle, you get 200G, 4500 Exp., and a Moon

After the scene, talk to everybody and you'll be on your way to the next
section, cleverly named...

========================= 2-03: Gehrich or Die Trying ==========================
50 Cent's gonna be pissed at me... not that I know him.

Alright, from the world map simply head west to the Home of Giganto. Save
before entering, though. Grab the hard-to-see chest on your way in; it's in a
niche in the middle of the screen. Then, go into the nearby building through
one of its doors. Examine the sparkly doodad, and "Try pushing" it to make the
arrows stop. Grab 20G from the chest, then go out the largest doorway to reach
a chest with the Bandit's Ring inside. After that, head back to the entrance
and go north. Try to go to the next screen. Then, try to leave the screen.
After that, just dodge arrows until they decide to fight you. They're easy,
though, so I won't list them as bosses. After that, head forth, and heal in the
Rock Fireflies' cave, then grab the treasure chest for an Angel's Prayer. After
that, head up to the save point, save, and go forth. After setting your party
(I recommend putting Albert as your third character), you'll fight...

  Boss: Gehrich, Mappi
  Element: Earth, Darkness
  Not too tough, just pummel Mappi with Haschel and Dart while Albert attacks
  or uses Gaspless on Gehrich. Once Mappi dies, pummel Gehrich with everything
  you've got, and he should go down. After the battle, you get 200G, 5000 Exp.,
  and the satisfaction of seeing the party saved by the most unlikely... um,
  savior. Actually, it's probably better to kill Gehrich off first, so Mappi
  can't disappear and do his throat-cut attack.

After the scene, head down the stairs and examine the shiny thing. Dart's a
Dragoon again!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Now, head back up. While you're here, be sure
to get the Stardust under the right torch. Oh, and you've got a new character!
Say hello to...

Character Profile:

     Name: Kongol
      Age: I guess 40-some
   Weapon: Axe
Additions: 3
  Element: Earth
Init.Gear: Axe, Armet, Lion Fur, Iron Kneepiece, Bracelet
    Quote: "You defeat Emperor Doel. Strong Strong power. Stronger than Emperor
            Doel. Kongol wants to see where the power goes."
           "Kongol feels dizzy. Gigantos lose to books."
    Desc.: I like Kongol, despite SCEA's attempt to make him less useful than
           the other characters. For one thing, he's not "supposed" to get his
           DS (no, not the Nintendo DS) until you reach the Moon that Never
           Sets; however, SCEA was kind enough to allow you to get it around
           the time everyone else was getting his or hers. In Addition, he only
           gets 3. And, he only gets three Dragoon spells, all of which are
           weak! Of course, he's a good D-attacker, even though his perfects
           only have 4 hits. Still, I like to use him and Shana, as they oppose
           each other perfectly; one rocks at magic, the other rocks at

End Profile

====================== 2-04: The Pimpin' Miracle Stone!!! ======================
Please tell me I did not just say that.

A'ight, head back through the Valley of Corrupted Gravity and go through the
Barrens to Donau. Talk to somebody, then press X when the <!> appears to get
Kate's Bouquet. For a clue on what to do next, head to the bar and talk to the
Minintos. Now, head back to Lohan via the Barrier Station (Lohan's in the South
of Serdio). Go to where you got the jar for free. The guy will stop you and ask
you to buy a stone. Kongol will touch it, causing it to glow and revealing it
to be the "Shining Miracle Stone"!! Can you say Dragoon Spirit?! Unfortunately,
the guy will want 1000G for it; pay up anyway, as Kongol's usefulness as a
Dragoon far outweighs the usefulness of having lots of money. Greedy bastard...

Note: Sorry, but you can't haggle with the guy this time. I tried.

Now, after getting everyone up to at least D'Lv 3, except maybe Kongol, head
back to the Twin Castle in Fletz to end this section and begin section...

========================= 2-05: Wingly chicks are HOT! =========================
It's funny because it's true!

First off, get any and all Stardust that you haven't already gotten in this
town, and drop them off with Martel. Then, head on into the castle. The place
is swarming with bandits! The **** are they doing here? Anyway, head out to the
balcony. A'ight, what you wanna do is get Princess Lisa out of her room and to
Princess Emille's room. The only problem is, the place is swarming with guards!
Looks like you're gonna have to do this Solid Snake style... Anyway, it's
really easy in theory. Simply wait until the guards aren't looking, then run
past them. For the guard walking back and forth, wait until he goes the other
way, run behind him, into the room where you got the Stardust earlier, and wait
for him to go past you. Then, run up the stairs. Wait until this guard's not
looking, then continue up the stairs. Once you reach the top, you'll find Lisa.
Now, the trick is to get her to the top of the left tower. The easy way to do
this is to go down the right steps, go across to the left steps, and then just
repeat the process. It's pretty easy. Also, sometimes the guard in the middle
of the landing past the first stairs disappears or stays looking the other way;
I'm not sure if this is a glitch, but it happened once after I had been failing
for a half-hour straight to get to Lisa's room. Anyway, in Emille's room, talk
to anyone you want, then examine the painting to be warped to a magical space.
Examine the shiny thingy, and a bridge will form. You'll now have Emille, so
head out of the tower. Now, if you get caught with Emille, the guards will flee
in terror. Head to the Chamber of the Sun after saving and preparing to

  Boss: Lenus
  Element: Water
  She is tough. Unless you have Shana with you, avoid using the Special
  command, as even Dragoons will take lots of damage against her onslaught. I
  recommend a party of Albert, Dart, and Kongol, though, as Albert has a good
  damage-reducing spell that halves all damage taken and Kongol is just strong.
  Lenus, like most females in RPGs, is resistant to magic. If you have that
  party, and you're feeling daring, feel free to use Dart's Special. She'll
  fall eventually. Actually, that strategy never seems to work for me anymore.
  Try killing her with Dart, Albert, and Rose instead, using Dart's Special
  with Final Burst, Albert's Rose Storm, and Rose's D-Attack (or Astral Drain
  for healing). After the battle, you get 200G and 6000 Exp. And so ends this

==================== 2-06: Commodore LXIV, Codename: Puler =====================
<Weird Al> You think your Commodore 64 is so neato,
           What kinda chip you got in there, a Dorito?

After the scene, head to the item shop to replenish your stash, then to the inn
to heal and save, then head through the Barrens to Donau. Here, head past the
bar to the screen with the dock and head down to the ship. After the scene, and
after making any necessary preparations, talk to Kayla and select "Yes." You're
on your way now!

On the ship, you'll have control of Shana. Yes, Shana. Yes, I know she's a
pointlessly weak attacker, but she's integral to the story. Now, what you're
supposed to be doing is finding Dart, so head north through the doorway (any
doorway is fine), examine the pipe for a Stardust, and head up the stairs. But,
if you ever want to play a semi-fun mini-game, head left instead, to the
kitchen, and talk to the guy. It's a really easy game; just mash X until the
vegetable disappears, then stop so the guy can put another one on, and continue
mashing. You'll get 1G for playing.

Anyway, head up the stairs and you'll eventually reach the bridge, where Dart
is lurking. If you want to see a semi-humorous mini-conversation between Shana
and Rose, go up the ladder in the back and talk to her. Anyway, when you're
done, head back down and talk to Dart. You'll now have control of him. So, head
around to where I said Rose was and talk to her. She'll want to talk to
Haschel, so go back to where you saw him and talk to him. Hint: He's on the
screen before the bridge. Anyway, HE'LL want to talk to Kongol, so head to the
screen with the save point, save, and go down the stairs. Examine the
wheelbarrow in here for a Stardust (it's in the lower part of the screen) and
talk to the big man. Then, go talk to Albert in the room under the stairs (not
the room with stairs coming out of it) and he'll hear Meru yelling. So, go into
the room with stairs coming out of it to find her. Then, go back to the bridge
and talk to Dart, then go talk to Rose to finally end this crappy little
section and move on to section...

================= 2-07: What is it with RPGs and ghost ships? ==================
This is the second thing Square stole from LoD to make their suckfest Chrono
Cross (the first being the elemental opposite system). Actually, I think
it's been a cliche since the before the first video game ever came out.

A'ight, here we are aboard the Phantom Ship. First and foremost, head left one
screen and back to the Queen Fury and buy at least two Magic Ego Bells if you
don't already have them. Also, rest and save, and buy a Glaive for Albert and a
few Light spells. Equip the Magic Ego Bells on Dart and whomever else you want
to have in your party. Now, spend some time getting everyone who is not already
there up to at least D'Lv. 3. Oh, by the way, to run into enemies on the ghost
ship, you have to touch the blue "flames", which are spirits. However, you can
simply stand in the same spot and let the spirit reappear over and over again
to fight (in most cases) if you like.

Anyway, on the first screen there is a door, and through that door is a
treasure chest. Examine it to find a dial with three number positions. Your
mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find the correct combination of
the given numbers within a set number of tries. I usually get this done in at
least three tries. Where do you get the numbers? Follow me. (Walks to the
screen where Shana was found, down the stairs, through the hall, and through
the door at the end.) Examine the sparkly thing and four ghosts will appear,
each one giving you a randomly generated number. The number changes every time
you load the game, by the way, so that even when you have the number you can't
cheat. For this puzzle, here's a table of the prizes, the number of tries, and
the turn for each.

Time         Tries     Prize
First time   10 Tries  Stun Guard
Second time   8 Tries  Panic Guard
Third time    6 Tries  Magic Ego Bell
Fourth time   4 Tries  Talisman
Fifth time    2 Tries  Ultimate Wargod
Sixth Time    2 Tries  500G

Anyway, once you're done with this, head around the stairs through the door,
then go back down the stairs and into the room you saw the pink ghost enter.
While you are in here, open the chest to fight three of the Magician Bogy's
Skeleton cronies. Then, head into the next room and open the chest to fight
that Bogy and two more Skeletons. After the battle, it will run away, so go to
the room with the sparkly thing and open the chest. (You should have already
opened the other two chests for a total of 70G.) You'll have to fight not one,
not two, but THREE Magician Bogies, so I hope you've got those Magic Ego Bells
equipped. Anyway, after that the captain's spirit will rise up out of the box.
He'll ask you to come to his cabin. So, head back to where you saw the ghost
say "Captain, please open here." and go through the door. It IS possible to
dodge the spirits, but it's REALLY hard, so don't worry about it. In here, grab
the chests for a total of 300G, then check the sparkly thing for the Key of
Phantom Ship. Now, run back to that door on the second screen. You know, the
one we couldn't open. O pen it, and go on in. You might wanna go back to the
first screen and rest first, though, as (after grabbing the chest for a Bravery
Amulet) when you try to go through the door, you'll have to fight...

  Boss: Ghost Commander, Ghost Knight(4)
  Element: Darkness, Darkness
  Pretty easy fight, especially if you went the extra mile and got Shana up to
  D'Lv 5 for her W Silver Dragon spell. Just use it to kill off everyone. If
  you didn't bother (you didn't have to, by the way) getting it yet, just use
  Star Children to kill off the Knights, then quickly kill the Commander before
  he revives them. It's not THAT hard. After the battle, you get 200G, 6000
  Exp., and a Night Raid. Oh, by the way, watch out for the Ghost Commander's
  demi-attack (removes 1/2 of one character's current HP) and the Ghost
  Knights' stun-attack.

Now, go through the door. In here, grab the chest for Rose's Dancing Dagger.
Then, examine the cradle. You'll see a scene, and the ship will begin to sink.
Now, you'll have to do what every normal person does when the ship they're on
begins to sink. No, not **** everything that moves, ABANDON SHIP!!!!! Haul ass
to the Queen Fury to begin the next section.

=========================== 2-08: Dart and Rose...? ============================
<Rose> You are a good boy and didn't see anything, okay?
<Me> * Gulp * Uh, sure...

Rose will reveal her true age in the scene (hey, I said "give or take"!) among
other things. Who is Zieg, you ask? All will be explained in the FMV. After the
FMV, Dart and Rose will be found by RuPaul. Well, actually it's Sisqo. No, I'm
just joshing with you, his name's Pete. They'll wind up at Pete's house in
Lidiera. Now, hop in the boat and go to the pier. Climb up the nearby ladder,
go around the building, and climb down the other ladder. Inspect the shelf in
here for a Stardust. Now, leave town and head to the Undersea Cavern. It's
completely linear for now, but it's set up in such a way that it's impossible
to go through from here to Fueno without fighting at least one monster (unless
you use some Charm Potions). Anyway, just go. On the larger island, you can run
into a Treasure Jar once in a while; see Chapter 5, Section 6 for details on
fighting these rare enemies. They like to run away, and they're fast as hell,
but you can win the rare Ruby Ring items from them.

Anyway, in Fueno, buy a Falchion (Woo-hoo!!) for Dart on the second floor of
the stand, but leave him equipped with his Heat Blade for now. Buy a Sparkle
Dress for Rose, too, but I wouldn't bother with the Knight Helm or Plate Mail
just yet; buy them, but keep what you've got on for now. We'll be fighting a
big-time magic user pretty soon. Now, head down to the docks. Hint: They're
down the stairs in the back of town. You'll see the Queen Fury! Head down the
stairs in the back of the screen to reach it. Then, head back upstairs and
you'll run into Meru... literally. She'll lead Dart to the inn. Go into the
leftmost room. After the scene, you should go back into the main room of the
inn. In here, check the barrels under the stairs for a Stardust, then head to
the clinic (it has a save point in front of it). Examine the painting for a
Stardust, then go talk to Pete. Choose either choice for a humorous scene. Go
back to the weapon shop and equip everybody else if you didn't buy stuff for
them in advance, and be sure to sell all your Trans Lights and Dancing Rays to
make room for Burn Outs and Gushing Magmas, then talk to the drunk to learn
your next objective. And that's the end of this section!

======================== 2-09: Danger is my middle name ========================
This is just a short little filler chapter on getting the last Dragoon Spirit.

A'ight, head back through the Undersea Cavern to Lidiera, and take the boat to
the ocean terrace. Talk to the mayor, and DO NOT tell him this section's title.
Instead, tell him "We need to see the monster." He'll let you go, so head to
Pete's house and jump across the rocks next to it. Go into the cave, and grab
the chests for a Healing Rain and a Healing Fog. Then, go down and turn the
valve. Go back to the Undersea Cavern and take the path that was previously
flooded. On the way, grab the chest for an Attack Ball.

On this screen, grab the chest for a Jeweled Crown. This is gonna make raising
Shana and Meru's D'Lv easier. Too bad Rose can't use it. Go all the way left
from here to the next screen. Follow the path to reach a hidden treasure chest
containing a Recovery Ball. Go back to the fork in the path on the last screen.
Now, go left to get a chest with a Gushing Magma. Then, go right to the next
screen. Go left and open the chest for a Recovery Ball. Then, go back and go
right, around, and jump to the treasure chest for a Burn Out. Continue upwards
to reach a chest with an Attack Ball inside. Now, go around to the save point.
Save, and go forth to fight...

  Boss: Lenus, Regole
  Element: Water, Water
  Not TOO hard, just have Shana and Meru use Gushing Magmas until one boss dies
  or you run out, and then have them use Burn Outs on the remaining one. Dart
  should use Special and Final Burst on whomever survives, although they're
  easy enough to beat without going Dragoon. After the battle, you get 250G,
  7000 Exp., a Frozen Jet, and a Jeweled Crown. Not bad, considering the easy
  nature of the fight.

After the scene, guess what? Meru's a Dragoon!!! Now, on to the next section!

============================= 2-10: Dart and Shana =============================
Ah, young love. Makes me wanna puke. (Just kidding. On the square.)

A'ight, go back to the save point, save (you don't wanna fight that battle over
again, do you?), and backtrack to the entrance of the cave, then go to Fueno.
But first, spend some time getting Meru up to D'Lv 3 (and Kongol, too, if
necessary) in the cave. The Screw Shells have Physical Attack Barrier.
Actually, since this disc is basically over, start getting everyone up to D'Lv
4, then head to Fueno when your characters are all at least D'Lv 3. Go to where
the Queen Fury is (making sure to sell all your remaining Fire-based attack
items and restock your potion supply) and talk to Commodore Puler. Say "A man
of the sea, not bad." to get 100G. Then, talk to Kayla and say "Yes." You're
gonna have to drive the ship back to Donau yourself, but it's easy. Press
Square if you need to go amidships for some reason. There's really nothing to
do there but get the Stardust if you missed them earlier, but eh. The save
point's still on-board, though. By the way, this is your last chance to get all
the Stardust in Tiberoa and Serdio for quite a while, so do that if necessary.
Anyway, once you're back in Donau, head out, through the Barrens, back to
Fletz... did I really need to say it? Go to the castle and talk to the king in
the Chamber of the Sun. After MANY interruptions of their "special moment,"
Dart and Shana will have to find everybody else. Albert's in Emille's room (at
the top of the left tower, in case you forgot), Haschel and Meru are in the
kitchen, Rose is in the bedroom, and Kongol is in the training area (below the
Chamber of the Sun). After collecting them, you'll have to go to the back of
the training area and talk to Libria. Then, you'll be at the dance. Talk to
everybody, and Dart and Shana will finally get their special moment together.
And so ends Disc 2, with Dart becoming a man... sort of. Maybe not...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chapter Three: Fate & Soul ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~ This chapter brings closure to Dart and Albert's journey... or does it? It ~~~
~ also reveals the true villain of the story, in a way. If you like plot ~~~~~~~
~ twists, this chapter's got plenty of 'em. Read on, ladies and gentlemen! ~~~~~

======================== 3-01: Furni: City of No Exits! ========================
Seriously, that's almost how bad it is.

Dart and Co. will arrive in Furni. Enter the house on the right. Check the
fishing rod for a Stardust. After that, leave and go north to the next screen.
Go into the building on the left (it's a hotel). Talk to the man on the bottom
floor and say "No, we are not." to get your boat. Hop in and head to the left
to reach the weapon shop. Once you're done buying things (I STRONGLY advise you
to buy at least one Destone Amulet, but no more than two), move to the front
and go to the item shop. Sell all your healing potions, and buy some Healing
Fogs. Buy some Depetrifiers too, if you couldn't afford two Destone Amulets.
After that, head back to the other screen and move to the upper right. From
there, go to the Mayor's house. Go in, and choose "Okay." Talk to the Mayor
again and choose "Yes we are." Once you regain control, take your boat out and
go to the right. Go into the house. Head up and go down the slide. CRASH!!!!
Hee. Anyway, go back to the slide entrance and pull the hard-to-find cord. Just
run around in the general area of the cord until you see the <!>, then press X
and go back down the slide. Whee!! Down here, examine the metal cup for a
Stardust, then examine the niche in the wall and go up the ladder to get back
out. Go back outside. I tell ya, it was a real bitch to get out of this town.
Guess where the exit is. No, jackass, it's not in your pants, it's next to the
house you just came out of! And that's it for this city. Leave town and go
north to...

========================== 3-02: The Forest of CRAP! ===========================
I hate this place with all possible hatred that I use for hating.

All righty, from the entrance go left, past the save point, and to the next
screen to reach a chest with a Body Purifier inside. After that, head back to
the save point, save, and go right. You'll find a treasure chest with a third
Destone Amulet inside. That's why I told you to buy no more than two. "Now wait
a minute," you might be saying, "if both paths lead to treasure chests in dead
ends, how the hell do I proceed?!" O simple! Simply head around behind the save
point to reach the proper path! Easy, ne? It was a bitch to find that path,
too. A'ight, here, you wanna first go all the way to the right (following the
winding path) to get a Depetrifier. Then, go stand in the middle of the highest
platform to have a close encounter with Kamuy. After that, head left and then
north. Proceed forward and choose "[Maybe we should advance.]" to fight...

  Boss: Kamuy
  Element: N/a
  He, unlike my mother, is NOT EASY. (Did I use that joke already?) Watch out
  for an attack in which he jumps up on his tree stump and howls; it does over
  250 damage to all characters. Attack and heal, but don't be afraid to turn
  into Dragoons either. He can also stun all your characters at once with a
  different howl. After the battle, you get 8000 Exp. and the Darkness Stone.

Now, head back to Furni and talk to Harris in the building next to the hotel to
get the five times larger prize: 500G. Say "thank you." After that, head back
through the forest to the screen before the one on which you fought Kamuy. Head
up the stairs and go south. You'll reach a screen on which Meru and Rose
TEMPORARILY leave the party. After this screen, you'll be on the World Map.
So, go north to reach...

======================= 3-03: Deningrad, City on the Go! =======================
Yeah, as if.

A'ight, first off, head into the weapon-and-item shop and buy what you need.
Then, head up the stairs to the left of the shop. Watch the scene, then talk to
the guy in the back of the church. He'll reveal himself to be Librarian Ute!
Wow. I'm SO impressed. Anyway, head off to the library, which is on the screen
north of the entrance of town. Well, north-northwest, but eh. Anyway, the inn
is also here, as is a save point. There's nothing to do in the inn just yet,
however, unless you need healing. Go into the library (the second door on the
left). In here, talk to everyone. Then, talk to Ute. Talk to him again and say
"Yes please." Control will switch over to Rose. You'll be in Neet. There's one
Stardust here, but you can't get it yet, so just go forward. You'll see the
survivor mentioned by Ute, Sister Luanna. Now, control will switch over to
Meru. Walk up to where Guaraha was standing and press X when you see the <!> to
teleport. (This is hereafter known as "using a teleporter".) Then, just go
forward. Watch the scene. (Poor girl...) Use the teleporter to get back up.
Guaraha will talk to Meru, and you'll learn about a boss you'll soon be
fighting. Then, you'll see an FMV of the ugly bastard. Control will then switch
back to Dart & Co. Try to leave town, and Rose will return. The party will then
be talking to Luanna at the inn. Dart will freak out, and the Divine Dragon
will strafe (is that the right word?) Deningrad. Meru will then return, freaked
out by the occurrence. You'll now have to talk to the queen, so save and head
north, into the castle.

Go forward, then go left one screen the first chance you get. Open the chest
for a Holy Ankh. This useful little trinket randomly revives a character when
they are KO'd. Anyway, there's nothing else in here, so just head back out to
the previous screen and continue going forward. You'll see First Sacred Sister
Miranda chewing out the Commander of Holy Knights. Meru will then reveal the
location of your next objective. On your way out of the castle, Shana will be
missing. So, head back to the throne room and up the stairs to the right. Shana
will lose her Dragoon Spirit and collapse. But, guess who gets it! That's
right, here comes your ninth and final character:

Character Profile:

     Name: First Sacred Sister Miranda
      Age: Around 20
   Weapon: Bow
Additions: None
  Element: Light
Init.Gear: [Whatever Shana had equipped]
    Quote: "[Roses] are just flashy. They don't have any kindness in them."
    Desc.: She has the same stats as Shana, but is angrier in personality. She,
           too, uses a bow, but also cannot do Additions. Her Dragoon armor is
           red-and-white, unlike Shana's blue-and-white armor. I like Miranda a
           little more than Shana. You probably will, too.

End Profile

A'ight, head out from Deningrad to the Evergreen Forest. Head north one screen,
then right one screen, to be back on the screen with the winding path. Now,
what you're SUPPOSED to do is take the north path. However, what you SHOULD do
is take the bottom-right path and go right to reach Neet. Here, examine the
lamp by the entrance for a Stardust. If you want, you can go to the back of the
ruins and examine the grave, but nothing happens. So, head back to the winding
path in the Evergreen Forest and go north, past the raised platform. You'll be
able to enter the Wingly Forest, so do it. All righty then, head to where you
saw the scene with Meru. Talk to the Wingly in the back and say "Yes, please."
He'll carry you to the next floor. Go inside, all the way to the back, and go
left to see a scene. Then, go back and take the top-right teleporter. You'll
find the Wingly armory and item shop. Talk to the Wingly on the right to buy
weapons, and the one on the left to buy items. Sell any Spark Nets you bought
and buy some Dark Mists; the next boss you'll be fighting is Light-based. Buy
some accessories, too, if you need them. Once you're done shopping, take the
right teleporter up and examine the closet to learn a little about a boss
you'll be fighting much later in the game. After that, go up the left
teleporter and through the next teleporter. Meru fanboys, it is now time for
your dreams to be shattered: Meru's engaged!!! Gasp!! Anyway, in here there is
a Stardust; check the shelf. After that, head back to the shop and go back down
the middle teleporter. Now, take the bottom-right teleporter. Examine the
column on the right side of the doorway for a Stardust, then take the only
other teleporter in the room up to the healing room. You'll be accosted by the
Elder Bardel. Dart will scare him off, though. Talk to the Wingly outside and
say "Yes, please." to reach the next floor. In here, you'll be healed. The
Ancestor, Blano, will appear, and say some things. You'll then be outside. Head
back down to Blano's room, and take the right teleporter. You'll be back in the
room where you met Meru's parents. Head through the left teleporter and save,
then have the Wingly take you back up and go back to Blano's room. Take the
brown pillar up and talk to Blano. Say "Yes we are." if you're ready to go to
the next section.

====== 3-04: Is it technically the Forbidden Land if we're allowed to go? ======
Food for thought at the very least.

Welcome to the Forbidden Land, the ruined Wingly capital Kadessa. Enjoy the
creepy music...

All righty then, head forward. On this screen, there's a chest down a branch of
the path containing a Mind Purifier. Continue to the next screen and use the
teleporter, then the next one, and go to the next screen. Use the teleporter in
the back, and keep teleporting to reach the Dancer's Shoes. Go back and go
right and out the other doorway to the previous screen. Use the teleporter, go
around, use the other teleporter, and go up to the next screen. Use the
teleporters until you reach the next screen. On the coliseum screen, keep
teleporting until you reach the next screen. Hit the pink "teleporter" to be
healed, and then go use the save point. Take the teleporter and go north.
You'll have to destroy all the pink spots by pressing X on them, but you'll
have to fight a bunch of Spinningheads to do so. It's pretty easy, though. Once
you've destroyed them all, head through the teleporter to the next area. This
place is tough to explain. What you wanna do is jump on the platforms. Take the
first platform all the way to the top to get the Power Up. Then, head back down
a level and jump to the next platform. Jump to the ledge, walk around, and jump
to the still platform. Jump on the next still platform. Now, jump from one
still platform to the next by mashing X as quickly as possible to reach a chest
with a Mind Crush inside. After that, head down to the bottom and jump on the
moving platform to reach a teleporter. Use it. There's no point in going up to
the top teleporter, as it's sealed. Instead, just use the middle one to reach
the room containing the Dragon Block Staff. But beware, you'll have to fight...

  Boss: Grand Jewel
  Element: Earth
  He's no pushover. He knows how to boost his spells, and he can level your
  characters down, making them weaker. Also, you can't turn characters into
  Dragoons in this fight, as he can just use the Dragon Block Staff to weaken
  your offense and defense severely. If you're lucky, however, he may level
  your characters up, making him easier. Don't count on it, though. I think his
  element changes from game to game; last time I fought him he was Light, and
  used only Light spells. Oh well. Have Shana or Meru use those Dark Mists on
  him anyway. By the way, as with all bosses, the Magic Sig Stone has no effect
  on this guy, I tried. Damn. Oh, yeah, and the bastard can also restore up to
  1350 HP when his HP is low. After this ridiculously hard battle you get 300G,
  9000 Exp., and a Spectral Flash. Plus, since you probably did a bunch of
  human Additions, your characters probably gained a D'Lv (unless they're
  already at D'Lv 5).

Afterwards, head to the next teleporter to be warped back to the entrance. But
hey, we're not done here yet! Get your ass back to the screen with the save
point and the pink teleporter! Heal and save, then go forward. Go through the
rightmost teleporter, then the leftmost, then the middle-left one, followed by
the middle-right one, then the last one on the right side, and finally the last
one on the left side. Step into the new teleporter, then teleport down and
prepare to fight...

  Boss: S Virage(Head), S Virage(Body), S Virage(Arm)
  Element: N/a
  He's pretty easy if you keep yourself well healed. Knowing when to attack and
  when to guard is the key. Kill him like you would kill any other Virage, by
  attacking the head. Start having your other characters guard while one
  attacks whenever its "Lives remaining" counter starts to get low. You can go
  Dragoon if you want, but you don't HAVE to. After killing this jackass, you
  get 200G, 4000 Exp., and a Healing Rain.

After the grueling fight, go forward, through the teleporter, and down, and
through the central teleporter again. You're back here, so take the other
teleporter and go down and leave this accursed place forever! 

The party arrives in Deningrad after it is destroyed, so run to the Crystal
Palace. Run north until you see Wink. Go up the short section of stairs on the
side and search to snatch a Stardust (God that's a lot of Ss!), then go up to
the throne room. After the scene, examine the junk blocking the stairs that led
to the Room of the Seal, then head back into the inn and go upstairs. Search
the gears in here for another Stardust. Also, you probably need healing after
the S Virage fight, so feel free to heal and save. Now, guess what we're off to
do! That's right...

======== 3-05: We're off to see the Dragon, the wonderful Dragon Divine ========
We ain't in Kansas anymore, Tito.

First off, stop by the item shop in Deningrad and buy a few Spark Nets. The
Divine Dragon, as you may have expected, is non-elemental. Then, head to the
Evergreen Forest. Go north, then left, and talk to the soldier. Grab the chest
for a Mind Purifier. Keep going left to reach the World Map. Then, just go
north to the Mountain of Mortal Dragon.

From the first screen, simply follow the path until you reach the third screen,
making sure to grab the Attack Ball on the second screen. From here, take the
right path to reach a chest containing a Mind Purifier. Now go back and take
the left path and run down the corridor. Go through the cave behind it and run
through the long corridor for a chest with a Healing Breeze. Go back and go
through the bottom cave (with a long corridor) to reach a chest with Kongol's
Giganto Armor. Now, go back and head north. Grab the chest outside for a Dragon
Helm, follow the path for a scene, and keep going. You'll reach a screen with a
hidden chest containing a Total Vanishing, as well as a save point, and I
highly recommend that you save, as on the screen after next (be sure to grab
the Body Purifier and Speed Down on the next screen) you'll fight...

  Boss: Divine Dragon, Divine Ball, Divine Cannon
  Element: N/a, N/a, N/a
  Remember in past updates when I've said this was one of the harder bosses? I
  lied. Just keep having Meru or Miranda use Spark Nets on the dragon while the
  other characters heal, and it should die without even using its cannon. After
  the battle, you get 300G, 10000 Exp., and a Dragon Shield! (Only 300G for
  that?!) But, Lloyd gets something far more useful...

Now, just leave the mountain and go to Deningrad to end this section and
begin section...

=========================== 3-06: Moon Mirror Power! ===========================
What? Don't look at me like that!

You're here to heal and restock. Once you've done that, head to the castle. Go
to the throne room to see what happened. After that, leave and head west, to
Kashua Glacier. Save before entering.

Note: Because Kashua Glacier's battlefield is blue and white, it's really hard
to perform Additions there. If you're having trouble, try adjusting the camera
in battle with R2.

All righty then, as you may have suspected, almost all the enemies here are
Water-based. So, equip Dart with the Heat Blade. If you sold it, don't worry,
as you can get another one a little ways into the glacier. First off, though,
grab the chest for a Thunderbolt. Then, follow the curving path to reach the
chest containing a replacement Heat Blade. Get it even if you don't need it, as
you can sell it later. Then, go left to the next screen. Here, go up all the
way to get a Meteor Fall, then go up to the sign and down to reach a chest
holding a Heavy Mace for Meru. After that, go down the spiraling path. On this
screen, you'll see two of the Peddler Bros.; specifically, Segundo ("Second" in
Spanish) and Cuarto("Fourth"). But before you talk to them, open the nearby
treasure chest for a Gushing Magma. Then, talk to them, and sell the
Thunderbolt and Meteor Fall to buy some stuff. Keep the Gushing Magma,
though... obviously. Once you're done shopping, head south to the next screen.
Here, slide down the leftmost icicle path to reach a chest with a Dancing Ray
inside. Then, climb back up and slide down the rightmost icicle path to get the
Phoenix Plume. After that, climb back up and slide down the middle path to get
to the save point. Save, then go right to the next screen. Head under the log
to reach a chest holding a Fatal Blizzard. Then, walk along the log to fight...

  Boss: Windigo, Snow Cannon(2)*, Heart*
  Element: Water, Water, Water
  Right off the bat, use Dart's Special. Then, use Red-Eyed Dragon on him. It
  should do some good damage. Have Rose use her D-Attack, and have Miranda do
  whatever you want her to do. If you're using any other characters, have the
  men attack and Meru heal. After Dart's used Red-Eyed Dragon, have him use
  Flameshot or Final Burst for some decent damage. Now, other walkthroughs would
  tell you to attack the heart when it appears. Those people are fools; the
  heart only appears when you kill the character trapped inside Windigo's chest.
  Plus, it only takes one damage, so you're actually taking LONGER to kill him
  that way. Thus, it will take at least FOUR Angel's Prayers to beat this guy
  with all your characters alive. Just attack Windigo, and he'll die eventually.
  Afterwards, you'll get 250G, 11000 Exp., and a Brass Knuckle for Haschel.

  Actually, according to Saber Clan Clan, you can kill Windigo's heart without
  KO'ing your trapped ally by destroying the Snow Cannons; apparently, this will
  make him release the trapped character unharmed. Thanks, Saber!

After that annoying battle, walk along the log to the left to reach a chest
containing a Black Rain. Then, head back to where the Peddler Bros. are and
restock on items. After that, head back to the save point, save, go back to
where you fought Windigo, and go north, to Flanvel Tower. Head inside and grab
the chest to the right of the entrance for a Spirit Ring. Then, head to the
teleporter on the left. Feel free to explore all the teleporters here, but be
sure to grab the chest in the first room you come to for a Mage Ring. After
that, you'll soon reach a save point. Don't worry about the teleporter on the
right just yet; you'll see its purpose when it's time to do the "Magician
Faust: Moron on a Mission" sidequest. Anyway, equip Dart and one other
character with Talismans, equip your third character with a Holy Ankh (and the
Angel Robe for best results), save, and head in to fight...

  Boss: Lloyd
  Element: N/a
  While it IS theoretically possible to beat him without turning into Dragoons,
  it's really, REALLY hard. That's why I told you to wear those accessories to
  ward off instant death; if you go Dragoon, he'll try to kill you, but with
  proper protection, he can't. Yes, I know you only have two Talismans, but
  that's what the Holy Ankh and the Angel Robe are for: if he kills the
  character equipped with both of these, odds are good that the character will
  be revived! It's almost foolproof! And if they don't revive, well, you can
  just revive them with either Miranda's Moon Light, or with an Angel Prayer
  once you run out of SP! Ha-ha! That's why I recommend a party of Miranda,
  Dart, and Meru for this fight; Rose can't wear the Angel Robe, for some odd
  reason. Try it, you'll like it. As an added bonus, all he'll be able to try
  to do is his instant kill move, which as you know doesn't work anymore!
  Hardy har freakin' har, ya thrice damned bishonen!!!!!!! (It's a Japanese
  term that, judging from context, means something like "pretty-boy".) After
  the battle, you get 300G (~_~;;) and 12000 Exp. (^_^)

That's it for this section. After the battle, Lloyd "joins" your party, but you
still can't use him in battle. Oh well.

======================= 3-07: Off to the Death Frontier ========================
Wow, a title that didn't suck. I must be losing my touch.

All right, head back to the screen with the sign on it, making sure to save at
the save point and restock your items with the Peddler Bros., and head north.
You'll come out on the World Map, so head west to the Snow Field.

Here, head left and grab the treasure chest for a Burn Out. Lloyd will have
something to say to Dart, so they'll head into a nearby cave. Once they come
out, the blizzard will stop. On the next screen, you can start the Noisy Sword
sidequest to get Dart's best weapon; see below for details. You'll have to
fight a fairly easy boss to get it, though. Anyway, once you're done with that,
head north to leave the Snow Field. Head west to Vellweb. 

In here, follow the path until you reach a screen with a doorway and a treasure
chest in a niche below the path. Go through the doorway to claim your prize, an
Attack Ball. Then, head back up and continue along the path. On the next
screen, go around and down the bottom path to reach the Peddler Bros. Primero
("First") and Tercero ("Third"). Buy what you need, then head back to the
screen with the battery on it and go left. You'll meet up with Shirley, and
find out about the next sidequest you can undertake; see Chapter 3, Section 9
for details. Anyway, save if you like, then head into the tower. Don't worry,
you're not gonna have to fight anyone in there (except for the odd monster),
we're just going in there to get a Stardust. It's in the relief sculpture of
the room directly above the stairs leading out of the tower. Head back out and
go left from the tower. Follow the path and go out the second door you see to
reach a chest containing Rose's Hairband. Guess who equips this. Then, head
back and continue down to the bottom doorway to reach a chest containing a
Spirit Potion. Then, head back up to the doorway above it and follow the path
to reach Diaz's room. Go forward for a scene, an FMV, and the end of disc 3.
Hey, that rhymed! I should be a poet!

======================== 3-08: -Sidequest- Noisy Sword =========================
"Polter" means "noisy". A poltergeist is a noisy ghost, so a polter sword is a
noisy sword.

When: Anytime after defeating Lloyd on Disc 3.
Where: Gloriano, Snow Field

A'ight, in the snow field, go up to the sign and walk around behind it. Dart
will start sliding. You can press X whenever the <!> appears, but I don't know
what it accomplishes. On the next screen, however, press X to have Dart land on
his feet. Meru will come out and yell at Dart, then try to read the green
thingy. Unfortunately, for her it says "Winglies, ouch, mos" and is too hard to
read. Rose will then read it, and she'll tell you this is where Fort Magrad is.
So, head north, not up the stairs. Follow the path, grabbing the chest for a
Midnight Terror. Discard it, as it's quite useless, but be sure to get it. On
the next screen, open the chest for an equally useless Stunning Hammer. Discard
this, as well, then go down to the save point and save. Equip your Talismans
and approach the altar to fight...

  Boss: Polter Helm, Polter Armor, Polter Sword
  Element: Darkness, Darkness, Darkness
  All right, this is gonna be a semi-tough battle unless Miranda's at D'Lv 5.
  If she is, use her Special and the W Silver Dragon. If she's NOT at D'Lv 5,
  use her Special and Star Children. Have Dart call the Red-Eyed Dragon, and
  have Meru use Diamond Dust. It's the same party you used to fight Lloyd. Once
  you kill the sword, it will instantly kill the character that killed it,
  hence the Talismans. Anyway, once you beat this guy, guess what? You've got
  Dart's best weapon: the Soul Eater! (Not to be confused with Soul Reaver.)
  You'll also get a Smoke Ball. Oh, and you get 200G and a pitiful 6000 Exp.
  See the Tips and Tricks section for information on how to use this mighty
  weapon properly.

All right, open the treasure chests here for a Panic Bell and an Armor of Yore,
and you're done! On your way back up, be sure to open the chests for a Burning
Wave and a Gushing Magma. Oh, and about those chests on the snow slide? To get
the Dancer's Ring (right chest) go down the right side and press X on the
second and fourth jumps. To get the Magic Shield, however, go down the left
side and press X on the first, third, and fourth jumps. A'ight? Oh, by the way,
after going back up once, you can warp back to the top by pressing START on the
screen that leads back up.

====== 3-09: -Sidequest- Tower of Terror: Dart vs. the Jackasses part II =======
Well, I GUESS the original Dragoons aren't jackasses, but...

Anyway, I hope you've got the Legend equipment for at least three characters
before you start this sidequest. It's not ENTIRELY necessary, but it will make
things MUCH easier. At the very least, have Albert and Meru's DG Armors.

When: Anytime after getting Coolon
Where: Vellweb, Tower of the Seven Dragoons

A'ight, head into the tower after saving at the save point and go into the
room on the left to fight...

  Boss: Syuveil
  Element: Wind
  He's not easy. He's got stats like Albert, and he can use every spell the
  Jade Dragoon will ever have. That means he can use the Jade Dragon, and even
  the more powerful Gaspless! Zounds! So, how do we defeat him? Simple: Kongol
  is the key. Keep him alive and D-Attacking, preferably while Miranda uses the
  Psyche Bomb X and Pellets on this guy. After the battle, you'll get 300G,
  6000 Exp., and the Jade Stone. Gee, it would have been nice if we could get
  it earlier... ah, well. If you have Albert with his Jade DG Armor in here as
  the healer, it will be somewhat easier, except for the fact that you can't
  use the Psyche Bomb X to its full effect.

A'ight, head back and save, then continue going left to the next tower to

  Boss: Damia
  Element: Water
  As in the last battle, the key to success is gonna be the Dragoon who's weak
  against the boss' element; in this case, it would be Dart. Have your third
  character keep him healed while he D-Attacks and Miranda uses the Psyche Bomb
  X and Burn Outs. Or, you could have Meru in here, so that at least one
  character will be immune to her attacks. Or, hey, you could have both of them
  in here, I don't care. After the battle, you get 300G, 6000 Exp., and the
  Blue Sea Stone. (Yes, this is how we're gonna be getting the rest of the
  elemental stones.)

Again, go back and save, then head to the next room and be prepared to fight...

  Boss: Belzac
  Element: Earth
  He's hard. Luckily, he has stats like Kongol, but has a greater propensity to
  use magic. That means less damage for your characters. Have Dart attack or
  heal, and have Albert use Gaspless (make sure he's got a Magical Ring on
  before going into this battle, though). Miranda, as usual, should use the
  Psyche Bomb X and magic the boss is weak against, in this case Spinning
  Gales. It's a good thing the Golden Dragoon only gets three crappy spells,
  ne? After the battle, you get 300G, 6000 Exp., and the Golden Stone.

Go back and save, then be prepared to fight the last Dragoon in the rightmost
tower on the first screen...

  Boss: Kanzas
  Element: Thunder
  If the first three Dragoons were bears, you're about to meet their mama. Yes,
  I stole that line from The Oregon Trail 4, but it fits the point perfectly,
  except for the mama thing... Regardless, as you've probably come to expect,
  Miranda will be using the Psyche Bomb X in this battle, as well as any
  NON-THUNDER-BASED spells you have left over. Haschel should attack, as long
  as he doesn't have the Thunder Fist equipped. If he does, he shouldn't be in
  your party. Anyway, this guy is no pushover, but if you attack and heal long
  enough, he should die... again. (How does that work?) Anyway, after the
  battle, you get the usual 300G, 6000 Exp., and the all-but-useless Violet
  Stone. Why is it all but useless? Because, out of all the enemies in the
  game, have you ever seen many who use Thunder attacks? And, out of all your
  characters, is there even one who's weak against Thunder? I rest my case.

After all that, you can leave Vellweb forever. But, if you ever decide to
return to the tower, Shirley's healing power will still be there. Think of it
as her last gift to the new Dragoons. As an interesting sidenote, I managed to
beat the last three Dragoons without going Dragoon myself, and I've beaten all
four of them without healing once. Of course, I DID have the Legend equipment,

============= 3-10: -Sidequest- Magician Faust, Moron on a Mission =============
Note: You can only attempt this quest after collecting all 50 Stardust.

When: Anytime after getting the Vanishing Stone by giving Martel 50 Stardust
Where: Flanvel Tower

As with the previous sidequest, this one is much easier if you have gotten
Legend equipment for at least three characters, or at least Legend Casques for
them. Also, be sure they have the stones equipped to counter their weaknesses;
for example, as Dart is weak against Water, give him the Blue Sea Stone. Of
course, Haschel, being Thunder-elemental, needs no stone; give him a Spiritual
Ring instead. Anyway, once you're ready, head to the Tower of Flanvel in Kashua
Glacier, and head down that teleporter to the right of the room with the save
point. You'll come to a room with Faust's apparition in it, but Dart will flash
the Vanishing Stone and send him running home to his mama. Afterwards, head
forward, after grabbing the chest for a Therapy Ring, and you'll eventually
come to a room containing a save point and a treasure chest with a Dragon Helm
inside. Take one of the three teleporters to eventually reach a platform
suspended by three bridges. Try to stand on it, however, and one will break.
Continue going through the teleporter maze to break the other two bridges and
wind up in the basement. No matter which option you choose, you'll fight...

  Boss: Magician Faust
  Element: N/a
  This guy is the Ruby Weapon of LoD; he's damn near impossible to beat, and
  has ridiculously high HP; fortunately, that's the hardest thing about him, or
  at least it should be if you got that Legend equipment like I told you to.
  His spells are still quite powerful and damaging even with them on, though;
  you may actually want to give your characters Legend Casques and their DG
  Armor to nullify some spells. His strongest spells are the ones I call
  Sunspot, Cyclone, and Ice Shrine; Sunspot is Fire-based, while Ice Shrine is
  Water-based and Cyclone is Wind-based. I recommend just attacking and using
  Powerful A attacks and the Psyche Bomb X, as most other spells won't even
  faze him. Heal every time a character's HP falls below what you feel to be a
  safe level; for me it was about 1500. A good party to have would be Albert,
  Dart, and Miranda or Meru. Miranda's M-Def is so high, she doesn't really
  need to nullify, but Meru can nullify Ice Shrine with her Blue DG Armor.
  Plus, both girls have high M-Atk, though Miranda more so than Meru.  Also,
  he's a big fan of using spells of the same element as the target character,
  but the spells are damaging even so. Anyway, it's gonna be a long battle, so
  make sure you have at least four Healing Rains and six Healing Fogs on you
  for it. If you have the Power Up, Power Down, Speed Up, and Speed Down items,
  USE THEM!!! Having the Magic Shield don't hurt either. After the battle, you
  get 10000G, 20000 Exp., and a Phantom Shield. Phew... Actually, a better
  party to have is one of good physical attackers, such as Kongol and Albert,
  as Faust is only really weak against physical attacks. Interestingly enough,
  he has no physical attack himself; even his black fireball thingy ( a
  Darkness-based attack) does magical damage. To make it slightly more
  challenging, try beating him without going Dragoon.  Oh, and did I mention he
  can use the "Powerful A Attack" magic?

After that, grab the chests for a Magical Hat, a Holy Ankh, and a Dancer's
Ring, then head out of here.

Note: Don't feel bad if you don't have the patience to amass 30000G to buy
enough Legend Casques for the whole party. I always cheat to get them anyway.
You could also try leveling up to 60, but that's probably gonna take long
enough to net you the 30000G anyway, especially if you do it in the right
place. Unfortunately, I have no idea where the right place is...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chapter Four: Moon and Fate ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~ This is it! You know the true villain, you know his intention, you know who ~~
~ the Black Monster is, and you know why Shana was kidnapped! Now, what are ~~~~
~ you going to do?! Are you just gonna sit there and let the world be ~~~~~~~~~~
~ destroyed?! Or are you gonna do what every decent warrior would do, and take ~
~ to your weapons and fight?! You're DAMN RIGHT!!!!! All right, let's finish ~~~
~ this thing!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

============= 4-01: In the desert, you can't remember your name... =============
A song of America, by America, for America.


You'll arrive in the desert of the Death Frontier. Don't ask me how they got
here, just use your imagination. Save at the save point, and head forward, into
the desert. On this screen, you'll find enemies. Most of them chase you, but
the Cacti ("Cactuses" is not a word) don't.  Anyway, if you ever need
healing, from the first screen with enemies on it, go right one screen and down
three screens, and go into the quicksand. It'll place you back at the entrance
when you go down the quicksand, though, so don't do it unless I say so. For a
Healing Rain, go left from the first screen, down two screens, and into the
quicksand on the bottom. For a Healing Fog, go left from the first screen, down
two screens, right one screen, down one screen, and left one screen. For a Moon
Serenade, go left from the first screen, down one screen, and into the
quicksand on the right side of the screen. That's all the items in area 1, so
here's how to get to area 2. Head right one screen from the first screen, then
down three screens and right one screen. Follow the path to reach...


From this screen, head right to reach a screen with a save point and a healing
spring. Heal and save, then go right one screen. Go down two screens and into
the quicksand on the right for a Recovery Ball. For a Gladius, go right one
screen from the save point screen (henceforth known as the first screen), then
up one screen, then right one screen, then down until you can't go down any
more. For a Power Down, go up from the first screen, go left, go up twice, and
open the box. From there, go into the quicksand on the right to reach a chest
containing a Sun Rhapsody. For the last item in Area 2, you'll actually have to
go to Area 3, so head right from the first screen, go up until you hit
quicksand, go left, go up, and you should be there. 


From the save point, go right, up, and up into the top quicksand to reach the
chest containing the Bandit's Shoes. Give 'em to Kongol, along with the
Bandit's Ring, so that he can be as fast as Meru! Whee! Now, retrace your steps
to the save point, and go right again. Explore the area for a while until you
find a chest containing a Healing Potion. Gee, thanks. Head back to the save
point and go left one screen. Head up until you can't go up anymore, then go
right one screen, and continue upwards to reach the World Map. From there, head
south to...

=========================== 4-02: The city of Roses ============================
Man, that sounded gay.

First off, open the box for a Sun Rhapsody, then hit the teleporter. Head
north two screens to reach a screen with roses and a save point. Examine the
roses for a Stardust. Go back, and take the side path to go right. Talk to the
Young Wingly Man and say "Tell me." to learn about a certain magician named
after a certain book by Goethe. Examine the piranha plants for a Stardust, then
head up the top path. Hit the teleporter. Choose "About the Signet Sphere.",
"About the Moon That Never Sets.", "About my father.", "Why make items to break
the Signet?", and "Where are the rest of the Signets?". After that, head
up the second teleporter to get to a box with a Moon Serenade inside, then head
out of Charle's house. Go to the screen with the piranha plants for a scene,
then head back to the screen before it and take the teleporter to find Miranda
and Haschel. From there, teleport back to the previous screen and go back to
the screen with the save point and head left. You'll arrive at the weapon and
item shop. Check the shelf of the weapon shop for a Stardust. Talk to the
Wingly behind the counter for equipment, and take the teleporter down one floor
to buy items. Then, head back to the entrance. After reappearing in Charle's
house, head back to the entrance again. You'll be "teleported" out of town, so
run all the way right to...

=========================== 4-03: We're back HERE?! ============================

Yes, here we are again at the Home of Giganto. Head out, back through the
Valley of Corrupted Gravity, through the Barrens, and back to Fletz. Go into
the Twin Castle. Head into the basement through the doors that were previously
locked. Talk to Kayla when you're ready to leave, and follow the course to...

============== 4-04: Welcome to Rouge; you are now leaving Rouge. ==============
Seriously, it's THAT small. They couldn't afford to build on land because they
might have to-- gasp!-- buy streets.

According to one resident, Rouge is more like a family than a village, and
everybody in the village is part of the family. "Eww, it's like West Virginia!"
Yeah, that's what I thought too. Oh well. Anyway, head up the stepladders and
talk to the man in yellow. Head into the room to the north to find our old
friend Martel. Leave her alone for now and go north to the next room. Open the
chest for 100G, then examine one of the jars for the last Stardust in the game.
Yes, I know you're probably missing 5, but that's my fault. Anyway, head back
and give it to Martel, then head back to the main room on this floor and go out
the bottom-right door to reach a chest containing a Wargod's Calling, which,
like all of them, you're better off selling. After getting it, go back in and
head down the ladder above it. Go out the nearby door to reach a chest
containing a Satori Vest for Haschel. Go back up and head down the ladder at
the bottom of the screen. If you want to buy items or accessories, talk to the
toolbags nearby (they're standing right next to each other, hard to miss).
Anyway, once you're done, head down one screen, and go left. Follow the path to
the cliff top for a scene. Ask about anything you're wondering about, then head
back the way you came. Get in your boat and choose "Go to Aglis the Magical
City." to end this section and begin section...

================= 4-05: Miranda, you are still annoying, uck. ==================
<Me> And yet she can talk normally, whereas you talk like a tin can with an
umbrella up its ass...

A'ight, just walk up to the door and press X. Follow the path to meet Ruff.
(These are the most annoying creatures you'll ever meet in this game outside of
battle.) He'll say something about Moot and a Psychedelic Bomb. Sounds like an
alcoholic beverage, or a rock band, but it's actually... well, read ahead and
figure it out for yourself. You can't go through the door just yet, so just
head forward and use the teleporter. Open the chest for a Burn Out and use the
next teleporter. Open this chest for a Gushing Magma and use the next
teleporter. Continue using the teleporters and following the path to reach two
chests, one containing a Magical Hat and the other a Moon Serenade. Now,
backtrack until you reach the platform where you got the Gushing Magma and
follow the path. Head forward and talk to the first magical creature to learn a
bit more, then continue going on all the way through the door. (Heh, rhymage!)
Follow the path to reach four teleporters arranged in a T shape. Go through the
middle one to reach a chest containing a Sun Rhapsody. After getting it, head
back and go into the next teleporter (not the one to the right) and follow the
path. Grab the chest for Healing Fog, and use the next teleporter. Follow the
path to the next screen (don't worry about the chest, we'll be getting it a
little later). You'll come to a place with five teleporters arranged in the
shape of a Y with a branch coming off the right arm. The teleporters in the
left and right arms lead to each other, and the teleporter in the branch leads
to the next screen. To reach the treasure chest on the previous screen, head
through the bottom teleporter and follow the path. Your prize is a Healing
Rain. Head back and go through the branch teleporter to the next screen. Talk
to Savan and say "Yes, we are." to begin the trials. Save first, and talk to
Savan and say "Okay." to begin each one.

Kongol: Take Doel's sword.
Miranda: [Any answer], I cannot die now.
Albert: I ... cannot do that.
Meru: I still cannot die!
Haschel: I couldn't stop her.
Rose: [Automatically solved]
Dart: I will save Shana no matter what!

After gettin'-r-done, head to the next room and go through the second
teleporter in the first row of three, then the third teleporter in the last row
of three. Follow the path to receive the ultimate attack magic, the PSYCHEDELIC
BOMB X!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Of course, if you were an ass and messed
up the trials, you only get the crappy Psychedelic Bomb, which can only be used
once, unlike the Psychedelic Bomb X, which can be used over and over and over
and over and over and over... get it? The X version is also many times
stronger... I think. Continue forward for a chest with 200G inside, then go
through the next teleporter to reach a chest with a Healing Breeze inside.
After that, go through the next teleporter and continue right to a save point.
Follow the path to eventually fight...

  Boss: Last Kraken, Cleone*
  Element: Water, Water
  Time to try out the Psyche Bomb X! Have Miranda use it, making sure you
  boost it up to the max. It should knock about 1340 points off his HP. After
  that, use Dart's Special and Red-Eyed Dragon to knock off some 1190 more
  points of HP. Have your physical attackers attack, and have your mages use
  magic. After the battle, you get 300G, 12000 Exp., and Meru's Pretty Hammer,
  which gives double SP but is as weak as her starting weapon. (Interestingly
  enough, once you kill Last Kraken, the Cleones don't disappear.)

After the battle, regardless of whether or not you went Dragoon or used the
Psyche Bomb X, Moot will be destroyed and you'll be teleported outside the
room. Save your game, and head back to the entrance. Remember that door we
couldn't go through before? It's open. So, go in and use the teleporter to be
warped to section...

================ 4-06: Wingly Code Article SHUT THE **** UP!!!! ================
This place is so frustrating that it'll make you wanna kill someone.

All righty then, as you enter the city, your airship, Coolon, will arrive. If
you have anything left to do, now's the time to do it; this isn't your last
chance, but it's a good time to do things, as you can do them without having to
retrace your steps. I'll let you know when it's your last chance to tie up any
loose ends.

Anyway, if you use the teleporter outside, you'll learn that Humans cannot
visit the Signet Sphere, because of the law. So, who's seen Legally Blonde 2?
Mm-hmm, and do you know what they said in the movie? That's right! "Don't'
fight the law, change the law!" Ain't democracy grand? So, head to the next
screen, save if you like, and talk to the Lapto (freaky little robots looking
like droplets of bacon fat) to go to the Legislation Center. To get in, you
must dodge freaky-ass robots that send you to the jail when they catch you (get
caught once for a funny scene, a Flash Hall, and 200G). I recommend waiting to
get the treasure chests until after we've dealt with this little "problem."
Here, you must wait in line, and say you wish to change a law. Here are the
codes for the laws you can change, in the order in which I recommend changing
them, as well as their effects:

659 - Robots don't chase you and can't send you to the jail.
640 - You don't have to wait in line to change the law.
666 - No random battles (here only ~_~;;)
703 - You can go to the Signet Sphere
410 - You can take the teleporter to Mayfil.
339 - You can't go shopping anymore. (I recommend you don't change this one.
      You don't even need to do so to master the game. Unless you LIKE the idea
      of not being able to shop quickly until the Moon That Never Sets...)

Note: Until you go to the Signet Sphere, you cannot change article 666.

As you can see, it's in your best interest to change number 659 first, so you
can make this quick and painless. The same goes for articles 640 and 666.
However, you can only change one law at a time. So, after putting in the
desired number of the law to change, you have to take your license to the Law
Factory. Outside the entrance, you can buy items and equipment, including four
of the somewhat useful DG Armors: Red, Jade, Dark, and Blue. These are the best
cheapie armors you can buy (cheapie meaning "under 10000G"); however, the
Rainbow Dress is better than the Blue DG Armor is. Of course, the Legend
Casque/Armor of Legend combo works much better (except for Kongol, who should
use the Armor of Yore instead, since he really doesn't need any more physical
defense.) although you can't nullify elemental attacks with them.

Anyway, at the Law Factory, you'll have to dodge more freaky-ass robots. After
doing so, just talk to the Lapto there to get your Law Launching License. After
this, head to the Law Launcher. Dodge the freaky-ass robots here, too, and get
on the flying disc. Congratulations, you've just changed your first law! Now
that the freaky-ass robots can't touch you, grab the chests outside the Law
Launcher for a Gravity Grabber and a Spirit Cloak, as well as a Down Burst.
Then, head back to the Legislation Center to change the next law, grabbing the
chests for a Frozen Jet and a Burning Wave. Then, head to the Law Factory to
get your Law Launching License, as well as grabbing the chests for a Spectral
Flash, a Night Raid, and a Rainbow Dress. After that, launch your new law and
lather, rinse, repeat. Once you've changed article 703, head back to the
teleporting device, hit the outside teleporter, and examine the blue thingy
twice, then pick "Great Court. Signet Sphere" to go there. Here, a Lapto will
freak out, so save at the save point and go forth to fight...

  Boss: Vector, Selebus, Kubila
  Element: Darkness, Darkness, Darkness
  Not much to 'em, just use the Psyche Bomb X and your strongest Light attacks
  and they should die easily. Just watch out for their attacks. Selebus can
  petrify you, and Kubila can kill you instantly. He always does this when he
  dies. After the battle, you get the usual 300G and 12000 Exp. Not much, but
  you didn't really do much. Kill Vector first, as he's easy, or Selebus first,
  as she can heal the others.

After the battle, go forward, then back through the legislation process and
change articles 666 and 410. Then, buy what you need and step into the
teleporting device to go to... 

================ 4-07: Welcome to Mayfil, here's your accordion ================
According to Gary Larson, creator of The Far Side, when you get to Hell you
receive an accordion. Mayfil is Hell. Get it?

After the scene, head forward. Now, you COULD fight Feyrbrand's soul if you
need the Exp., but the smart thing to do would be to head around him and keep
going. Here's a strategy for fighting him the second time around:

  Boss: Dragon Spirit
  Element: Wind
  His attacks can now cause a variety of status ailments, but other than that,
  he's not too tough. Attack and heal. After the battle, you get 200G, 4000
  Exp., and a Down Burst.

On the next screen, there are a bunch of invisible bridges; if you see
something sort of like an = sticking off the edge of the platform, it means
there's an invisible bridge there. Grab the chest for a Poison Guard, then head
through the right teleporter to reach a chest containing a Panic Guard. Go
across the next bridge to reach a chest with a Protector inside. Go back and
hit the left teleporter to reach a chest holding a Stun Guard. Head back and go
forward to reach a room where you can fight Regole. So, step forward if you
want to fight the second...

  Boss: Dragon Spirit
  Element: Water
  A bit harder than Feyrbrand's, but still easy at this point in the game.
  Watch out for his dramatic Water spell, though. After the battle, you get
  300G, 6000 Exp., and a Frozen Jet.

On the next screen, head across the invisible bridges to reach a chest holding
an Active Ring. Then, head back and go forth to reach the room where you can
fight the soul of the Divine Dragon. Do so if you like.

  Boss: Dragon Spirit
  Element: N/a
  He's really tough; even if you go Dragoon, he can do at least 776 damage to
  Kongol with his Divine Dragon Ball. His cannon even does 700 damage to Meru!
  It's nuts! Heal anyone whose HP falls below half. After this ludicrously
  tough battle, you get a measly 400G, 8000 Exp., and a Flash Hall.

Okay, open the treasure chest for a nearly useless Destone Amulet. Why is it
nearly useless? Because, only one more enemy in the entire game uses
petrification attacks; specifically, the final boss's first form. Anyway, do
what you like with it, but be sure to go back to Zenebatos to restock on items
if necessary. You may wish to go back and buy some Legend equipment for your
characters; do so if you can afford it. Oh, don't wanna fight the Dragon Spirit
but still want the Destone Amulet? Simply go around him and come back in, and
if you're lucky, he'll be gone. If not, you could try again, or you could just
bite the bullet and fight him. After going back to the screen where you may or
may not have fought the third Dragon Spirit, head forward to a save point.
Save, and head across the invisible bridge. You'll reach a room with an
invisible floor. "No sweat," you may be thinking. Well, unfortunately, just
like the one in Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal's Ecruteak Gym, this floor has gaps
in it. Fall through (or go through the door marked "X) once for a Bravery
Amulet. Then, take a look at this handy-dandy ASCII map I drew up.

                   C   C
            | | | |*| |*|*|*| | |          A  Start here
            +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+          B  Get healed here / open the chest
            | | |*|*| | | |*|*|*|             for a Magic Ego Bell
            +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+          C  Nothing here, just keep going
         ***|*| |*| | | | | | |*|          O  Teleporter to the next level
         *  +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+          X  Where you start from if you fall
         *  |*| |*| | | | | | |*|B         *  Square you can step on
         *  +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
         O  |*|*|*| | | | | | | |
            | | | | | | | | |*|*|B
            | | | | | | | | |*| |
            | | | | | | | |*|*| |
            | | | | | |*|*|*| | |
            | | | | | |*| | | | |

After teleporting, you'll meet up with an old friend. That's good. But, you'll
soon have to fight him. That's bad. So, open the chest for a Healing Rain,
save, and head up the teleporter, but be ready to fight...

  Boss: ______'s Spirit, Zackwell
  Element: Wind, Darkness
  DO NOT ATTACK ______!!!! Instead, guard until Dart gets the choice, then pick
  "Talk to him." When he turns around, attack the thing on his back. Eventually
  you'll have to fight Zackwell. He's not too tough, but you can't hit him when
  he goes into the ground, so don't bother trying. After the battle you get 
  300G, 12000 Exp., and another Healing Rain, as well as a Halberd sometimes.

All right, after defeating him, the path to the Signet Sphere will be opened.
This is your last chance to go back and tie up any loose ends, because as Rose
says, "Once we go up this road of souls, there will be no return." You may also
want to buy some Legend equipment in Lohan and Deningrad now; this is your last
chance to do so. So, after completing any and all final preparations, head up
the path to grab a chest for a Spectral Flash, then go forth to reach this
section's ultimate conclusion and begin section...

=================== 4-08: Divine Tree: The Orkin Man cometh ====================
You'll see.

A'ight, there's only one way to go, so go that way. On the first screen with a
sparkly thing, examine said sparkly thing for a Phoenix Plume. On the fourth
screen with a sparkly thing, examine it to get the White DG Armor. Afterward,
keep going forward to eventually fight...

  Boss: Caterpillar => Pupa =>  Imago
  Element: N/a, N/a, N/a
  Not an easy boss, but not a particularly hard one either. Just attack and
  heal, but watch out for status changes. When you kill the first form, it
  changes into the second, and so forth. After the battle, you get 300G and
  13000 Exp., as well as a Moon Serenade, a Sun Rhapsody, and a Healing Rain.
  Woo to the freakin' hoo!!

After defeating it, you'll be able to reach...

======================== 4-09: The Moon That Never Sets ========================
It's all coming down to this.

All right, first and foremost there will be more trials here, all of them in
the style of battles. I'm listing the answers here for future reference.

Miranda: Attack until her HP gets red (or she asks for forgiveness), then guard
         until she asks you to forgive her, and say "I forgive you".
Haschel: When the option comes up, choose "Mind's eye, awaken!"
Kongol: Simply beat him down. It's not brain science, nor is it rocket surgery.
Dart/Rose: Guard, then choose "Tell Dart the blind spot" and kill the core.
Albert: Defeat his swords, then him. It's not exactly hard.
Meru: Simply do whatever until the end of the battle. Simple, ne?

Note: If you were too cheap to buy Kongol's DS in Lohan, he will receive it
      after his trial.

Anyway... Head forward a screen, and the moon will become... a forest? Huh.
On this screen, grab the chest for a Frozen Jet. On the screen after next,
Miranda will begin her trial, so refer back to the beginning of this section
for the answer. After the trial, Miranda will get some 6000 Exp. and then
be rejoined by Dart & Co., so go down to the last screen and take the lower
path, opening the chest for a Down Burst and going on your way to arrive in...
a town? What the ****? Also, you'll see a girl go into a mirror. Wow, just like
Alice. One pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you small, and the ones
that mother gives you don't do anything at all. Okay, I should stop that;
people are gonna think I'm high. Anyway, buy what you need, then follow her
Through the Looking Glass, and you'll encounter the Minintos. Don't bother
talking to them, though, as they're all a bunch of stoned-out hippies. Anyway,
go into the largest hut and grab the chest for 200G. Then, head to the next
screen. Here, grab the chest for a Spectral Flash, then continue down the
bottom path. You'll reach Haschel's trial. So, check the answers and just do
it. After the trial, Haschel gets 6000 Exp.

Now, head down the bottom path to reach a chest holding a Flash Hall. Then,
head back to the town. Do any town things you need to do, then head out the
door that was previously guarded. Go into the whirlpool thingy. Follow the path
and take the left path at the fork, and the party will be attacked by a new
Dragon. Follow the path. After Kongol's trial, he receives the usual 6000 Exp.,
as well as his best weapon, Indora's Axe. Equip it on him immediately, and go
down the hole. Open the cell via the lever, grab the chest for a Gold DG Armor,
then head out. From the room before where you fought Indora, head left and jump
into the whirlpool. Remember this place? Head back to the town, and control
will switch to Dart and Rose.

Head over to the right to see some Pseudo Dragons. Then, head north. Grab the
first chest you can reach for a Night Raid, then keep going north. Head across
the bridge and go south to reach a chest with a Burning Wave inside. Jump back
down and go north for two screens. Time for Rose and Dart's trial. The tough
parts about it are that your normal attacks do no damage to its body, and that
you can't go Dragoon for this fight. Even the mighty Psychedelic Bomb X does
nothing to the body. Luckily, I have provided you with the strategy at the
beginning of this section. After the battle, Dart and Rose get 12000 Exp.,
which at first may seem a little unfair, until you remember that it's divided
between the two of them, so that each person only gets 6000 Exp. Now, head back
a screen and go through the blue area. Head southwest to return to the town.
Now, head outside and enter the castle. Time for Albert's trial! Afterwards,
he'll receive the usual 6000 Exp. Now, go back through the whirlpool to the
left and take the left path. Head over the bridge and up the stairs. Go across
the energy bridge. Meru will be taken to see the Archangel. Time for her trial!
By the way, don't bother healing, as the Archangel will heal her for you after
using its near-death attack... usually. If you must heal, use Guard. After the
battle, Meru will receive 88094250937409092358 Exp.-- NOT! She gets 6000.

After the scene, you'll arrive in what looks like the Digiworld. Don't worry,
there aren't any Digimon or irritating kids here, just a boss or two whom you'll
soon face. So, follow the path and grab the chest for a Gravity Grabber. Then,
keep going to fight...

  Boss: Super Virage(head), Super Virage(arm), Super Virage(body)
  Element: N/a
  As with all the other Virages, take out the head and the rest will fall.
  Watch out, though, he self-destructs when he dies! Afterwards, you get
  300G and 15000 Exp.

Proceed forward, save, and grab the chest for a Detonate Arrow. Then, prepare
to fight...

  Boss: Zieg Feld
  Element: Fire
  He's not TOO hard, just be sure you have Dart's Red DG Armor on, as well as
  giving Meru the Red-Eye Stone. Have Meru use Frozen Jets and the Psyche Bomb
  X (unless you put Miranda in too, in which case she should use them) and then
  have her use Blue Sea Dragon on Zieg so he'll die faster. Actually, it's more
  MP-efficient to just use lots of Freezing Ring spells, and it does more
  damage in the long run to boot. Trust me on this, as I don't feel like
  explaining the math to you right now. Anyway, after the battle you get 400G
  and 20000 Exp. (Okay, here's the math. Despite costing 8x as much MP, the
  Blue Sea Dragon only does about 2x as much damage as Freezing Ring. Thus,
  it's better just to use lots of Freezing Rings, as you can do a total of
  approx. 400% damage for the cost of doing 100% damage with the Blue Sea

After defeating him and learning who the true villain is, you'll get the Dragon
Buster for Rose and the Divine Dragoon Spirit for-- you guessed it! So, head
back and save, or go back further to stock up on healing items, then head
forward to begin the final section of the actual walkthrough!!!

====================== 4-10: The Battle for All Creation =======================
And we aren't talking about Wutai's Five Mighty Gods here!

I'm not actually going to give you a strategy for the final boss, but I will
tell you this: having Legend equipment and a few Depetrifiers is gonna make
your life much, much easier. Also, have lots of healing items and a few Flash
Halls, as well as a good spellcaster and a good attacker. I usually use a party
of Rose and Miranda, besides the obvious Dart. No, you can't even take the hero
out for the final battle in this game, unlike in the otherwise inferior Final
Fantasy IX. Of course, you wouldn't want to, as the Divine Dragoon can kick
some serious ass. Oh, yeah, did I mention? When Dart touched the Divine Dragoon
Spirit, he became non-elemental. So, IN THEORY, he SHOULD take half damage from
some of the final boss's spells. Whether or not this is true has yet to be
confirmed. Anyway, having the Material and Magic Shields, as well as the Power
Up, Power Down, Speed Up, Speed Down, and Psychedelic Bomb X items will make
your life much easier. Also, on the final form, be careful about going Dragoon;
when he hides his tail, it sucks out all the Dragoons' power. In addition, he
can confuse the party when in his final form. Watch out for the final form's
Monsters, which can sometimes replace your characters. However, this can
sometimes turn out to be a good thing, as their Special command restores some
of the party's HP. Of course, other times the Monsters may just instantly kill
your characters, but that's why we have Angel's Prayers. After the battle, you
get nothing but the satisfaction of beating a very tough game. Enjoy the sweet

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chapter Five: Miscellaneous stuff ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~ Yeah, I guess this chapter doesn't need an introduction. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

======================= 5-01: Additions and Subtractions =======================
Everything you've ever wanted to know about Additions but were afraid to ask.

First of all, the Devil May Cry 2 Style scale is just my way of implying
how cool and/or over-the-top a move is. It does not in any way affect the
attack. To find the letter grade of a move, simply take the first letter from
the ranking.

Don't Worry = D = Bad. Not cool at all.
Come on!!   = C = A bit better, but you can do more.
Bingo!      = B = Average. Not bad, but you can still do better.
Awesome!    = A = Above average, but do you really wanna settle with just that?
Show Time!! = S = Excellent! You have mastered the art of Style, young Padawan.

Oh, yeah, to master an attack, you have to successfully do it 80 times, not
necessarily in a row. Also, once you've mastered all a character's other
Additions, that character gains his/her Ultimate Addition. Oh, by the way,
Shana and Miranda lack Additions for some reason, probably because they use
bows. Instead, they gain SP-gaining ability when their D'Lv increases. You'd
think they'd also gain the ability to do more damage or fire more arrows or
something, but...

The new and improved formula uses tables rather than paragraphs to explain the
stats for the Additions. Dam1 and SP1 indicate damage and SP values for level 1
Additions, while Dam5 and SP5 indicate damage and SP for level 5, or mastered,
Additions. Lv indicates the level at which the character learns the Addition.
+ indicates the number of additional hits, not the number of total hits, as the
first hit's free. 

| Dart's Additions       |
| # | Name               | + | Dam1 | SP1 | Dam5 | SP5 | Rating      | Lv |
| 1 | Double Slash       | 1 | 150% |  35 | 202% |  35 | Don't Worry |  1 |
| 2 | Volcano            | 3 | 200% |  20 | 250% |  36 | Come On!!   |  2 |
| 3 | Burning Rush       | 2 | 150% |  30 | 150% | 102 | Come On!!   |  8 |
| 4 | Crush Dance        | 4 | 150% |  45 | 250% | 100 | Bingo!      | 15 |
| 5 | Madness Hero       | 5 | 100% |  60 | 100% | 204 | Awesome!    | 22 |
| 6 | Moon Strike        | 6 | 250% |  20 | 350% |  20 | Bingo!      | 28 |
| 7 | Blazing Dynamo     | 7 | 300% | 100 | 450% | 150 | Show Time!! | ** |

| Lavitz and Albert's Additions     |
| # | Name               | + | Dam1 | SP1 | Dam5 | SP5 | Rating      | Lv |
| 1 | Harpoon            | 1 | 100% |  35 | 150% |  50 | Don't Worry |  1 |
| 2 | Spinning Cane      | 2 | 100% |  35 | 200% |  35 | C(L) / B(A) |  5 |
| 3 | Rod Typhoon        | 4 | 150% |  50 | 202% | 100 | B(L) / C(A) |  7 |
| 4 | Gust of Wind Dance | 6 | 250% |  35 | 350% |  35 | Awesome!    | 11 |
| 5 | Blossom Storm      | 7 | 300% |  60 | 405% | 202 | Show Time!! | ** |

| Rose's Additions       |
| # | Name               | + | Dam1 | SP1 | Dam5 | SP5 | Rating      | Lv |
| 1 | Whip Smack         | 1 | 100% |  35 | 200% |  35 | Don't Worry |  1 |
| 2 | More & More        | 2 | 150% |  30 | 150% | 102 | Bingo!      | 14 |
| 3 | Hard Blade         | 5 | 100% |  35 | 300% |  35 | Awesome!    | 19 |
| 4 | Demon's Dance      | 7 | 250% | 100 | 500% | 100 | Show Time!! | ** |

| Haschel's Additions    |
| # | Name               | + | Dam1 | SP1 | Dam5 | SP5 | Rating      | Lv |
| 1 | Double Punch       | 1 | 100% |  35 | 150% |  50 | Don't Worry |  1 |
| 2 | Ferry of Styx      | 2 | 150% |  20 | 202% |  20 | Bingo!      | 14 |
| 3 | Summon 4 Gods      | 3 | 100% |  50 | 100% | 100 | Come On!!   | 18 |
| 4 | 5-Ring Shattering  | 4 | 150% |  35 | 300% |  50 | Bingo!      | 22 |
| 5 | Hex Hammer         | 6 | 200% |  15 | 400% |  15 | Awesome!    | 26 |
| 6 | Omni-Sweep         | 7 | 300% |     | 501% | 150 | Show Time!! | ** |

| Meru's Additions       |
| # | Name               | + | Dam1 | SP1 | Dam5 | SP5 | Rating      | Lv |
| 1 | Double Smack       | 1 | 100% |  20 | 150% |  34 | Don't Worry |  1 |
| 2 | Hammer Spin        | 3 | 150% |  35 | 202% |  70 | Come On!!   | 21 |
| 3 | Cool Boogie        | 4 | 100% |  60 | 100% | 200 | Bingo!      | 26 |
| 4 | Cat's Cradle       | 6 |      |  20 | 351% |  20 | Awesome!    |
| 5 | Perky Step         | 7 |      | 100 | 600% | 100 | Show Time!! | ** |

| Kongol's Additions     |
| # | Name               | + | Dam1 | SP1 | Dam5 | SP5 | Rating      | Lv |
| 1 | Pursuit            | 1 | 100% |  35 | 150% |  50 | Don't Worry |  1 |
| 2 | Inferno            | 3 | 100% |  20 | 200% |  20 | Bingo!      | 23 |
| 3 | Bone Crush         | 5 | 200% | 100 | 300% | 100 | Show Time!! | ** |

** indicates that the Addition is learned only when all others are mastered

============================= 5-02: Dragoon Spells =============================
But wait, there's more!

Okay, here are the basic things about Dragoons: To increase your D'Lv, you have
to perform enough Additions while your SP meter is full to get the required
amount of SP. You cannot check how much SP it is to the next D'Lv, for some
reason, so just keep using your best SP-gaining Additions to make it easier on
yourself. Also, when all three members of your party have their Dragoon Spirits
and their SP meters are filled, you can use a command called "Special", which
transforms all members of the party into Dragoons. In addition to doing that,
it changes the field to boost the power of the element of the Special-user;
meaning, if you have Rose use special, the field will change to a field that
boosts the power of Darkness spells and lowers the power of Light-based spells.
Plus, the fields may boost the power of the Dragoon spells, and they allow the
Special-user to do perfect D-additions automatically. Woo-hoo! Unfortunately,
unless you bring Rose, Meru, or the White Silver Dragoon, you cannot heal in
Special until one of your characters turns back into a human. Dragoons, for
some reason, cannot use items, probably because they have their pockets covered
by thick armor. Once the Special-user reverts to human, the field changes back
to normal. Also, when a character is a Dragoon, their attacks take on the
character's innate element; for example, as Meru is water-elemental, her
D-attacks will be water-elemental. Also, the coolest thing about Dragoons is
arguably that whenever a character transforms into a Dragoon, all status
changes are removed. So, if you're fighting a boss, and two of your characters
are petrified, and everyone has full SP, what do you do? That's right-- use
Special! Now, onto the spells!

Note: I'm listing the Dragoons in the order in which you should get their

Red-eyed Dragoon

This one's pretty cool looking. He has red armor with a green eye-stone in the
middle of the chest. His transformation rocks too. As the main character's
primary Dragoon form, it also gets the most powerful Dragon spell. His field is
red, with some sort of waves in the background, probably magma. Here's the
table of spells:

| Game Desc.  | MP | Lv | Description                                         |
| Flameshot   | 10 |  1 | The caster rises into the air, throws his sword in  |
|             |    |    | the air and lets out a roar as the spell charges in |
| Fire STR    |    |    | front of his chest. A ball of fire forms in front   |
| 50% Single  |    |    | of the eye-stone, and the caster draws back his     |
|             |    |    | fist and punches it, shooting it at the foe as he   |
|             |    |    | announces the name of the spell. I recommend using  |
|             |    |    | this spell when fighting groups of fewer than four  |
|             |    |    | enemies. Of course, as you should only go Dragoon   |
|             |    |    | against bosses...                                   |
| Explosion   | 20 |  2 | The caster rises into the air and drives his sword  |
|             |    |    | into the ground, announcing the name of the spell.  |
| Fire STR    |    |    | A line of fire goes from the sword to the center of |
| 25% All     |    |    | the enemy party, and out of a swirling vortex pop   |
|             |    |    | three or so fireballs that land on the ground and   |
|             |    |    | explode. I recommend only using this spell against  |
|             |    |    | groups of four or more enemies.                     |
| Final Burst | 30 |  3 | The caster rises into the air, and flames shoot out |
|             |    |    | of his wings. Pointing his sword forward like a     |
| Fire STR    |    |    | ship's prow, he announces the name of the spell and |
| 75% Single  |    |    | flies forward, leaving lines of flame behind. He    |
|             |    |    | then hovers down into the scene from above, and     |
|             |    |    | perpendicular rings of flame shoot out. I recommend |
|             |    |    | saving this spell for bosses.                       |
| Red-Eyed    | 80 |  5 | The field, if not already so changed, changes to    |
|      Dragon |    |    | the Red-eye field. A dragon looking a lot like the  |
| Fire STR    |    |    | Ragnarok from FFVIII flies in and torches the       |
| 175% All    |    |    | entire enemy party. Because of the high MP cost, I  |
|             |    |    | advise only using this spell on bosses.             |

Darkness Dragoon

A very versatile Dragoon, Rose (because she's the only Darkness Dragoon in the 
game) has 1 healing spell, 1 instant-death spell, and three attack spells. "How 
is this possible? Dragoons only get up to four spells!", you say? Well, Astral 
Drain does double-duty. Her field is dark, obviously, with some sort of spots
in the background. She looks like the angel of death, but her finishing pose as 
a Dragoon reminds me of some sort of pure-hearted woman, like the Virgin Mary
or something. It's kind of ironic, actually. She gets a powerful Dragon spell,
but it's not as effective in battle as the Red-eyed Dragon.

Note: Unless otherwise mentioned, you should assume that the caster of a
Dragoon spell announces the name of the spell (as long as it's not a Dragon
spell) from now on.

| Game Desc.  | MP | Lv | Description                                         |
| Astral      | 10 |  1 | Rose rises into the air, does a frontflip, and      |
|       Drain |    |    | throws her sword into an enemy. It sticks into it   |
| Dark STR    |    |    | and begins to pull out slightly, with a red energy  |
| 25% Single  |    |    | funnel coming out of the enemy. The funnel sends a  |
| + HP        |    |    | beam of light at Rose, and another beam shoots from |
|             |    |    | between her wings into the ground, causing a blue   |
|             |    |    | energy funnel to rise out of the ground. She lowers |
|             |    |    | herself into the middle of it and her sword flies   |
|             |    |    | back to her hand, dispelling the funnel. I advise   |
|             |    |    | using this spell whenever you need a quick heal.    |
| Death       | 20 |  2 | A red-and-black void rises form the tip of Rose's   |
|   Dimension |    |    | sword and into the air above her. It expands into   |
| Dark STR    |    |    | a vortex that begins to suck all the enemies in and |
| 25% All     |    |    | then it turns into a 2D picture of the enemies in   |
| + fear      |    |    | the vortex and begins rotating. Rose lets it rotate |
|             |    |    | once before saying "Gone", shattering the picture   |
|             |    |    | and damaging the enemies. I recommend using this    |
|             |    |    | attack only against groups of four or more enemies. |
| Demon's     | 30 |  3 | This one's rather unpleasant to use... A drop of    |
|        Gate |    |    | something red-and-black falls from between Rose's   |
| Lethal      |    |    | legs and onto the ground, then a pillar of darkness |
| attack for  |    |    | rises up from the swirling red pool. Rose leans     |
| all         |    |    | back with her legs spread, and fades to a red       |
|             |    |    | silhouette before splitting in two as the pillar    |
|             |    |    | expands and begins to suck the enemy party in. Once |
|             |    |    | the enemy party is sucked in, the "gate" slams shut |
|             |    |    | and things go back to normal. I advise you to only  |
|             |    |    | use this spell in emergencies. It does not work on  |
|             |    |    | bosses, except (so I'm told) Guftas and Rodriguez   |
|             |    |    | during the second fight with Fruegel.               |
| Dark Dragon | 80 |  5 | If not already so changed, the field changes to the |
|             |    |    | Darkness field. The shadow of the Darkness Dragon   |
| Darkn STR   |    |    | appears, and the Dragon rises out of it. He casts a |
| 100% Single |    |    | shadow, and sends it stretching toward the enemy.   |
|             |    |    | The enemy begins to sink into the shadow. Once the  |
|             |    |    | enemy is completely immersed, the Dragon flies      |
|             |    |    | through the shadow, splitting it with a path of     |
|             |    |    | blue-white sparkling light. Because of the high MP  |
|             |    |    | cost, I recommend saving this spell, as with all    |
|             |    |    | Dragon spells, for bosses.                          |

Jade Dragoon

This guy's pretty cool-looking. He's got stylish green armor, with a red
eye-stone in the middle. His field is green, with roses in the background. I've
always associated roses with light instead of wind, but eh. His transformation
is pretty similar to Dart's, but with wind and leaves instead of flames. 

| Game Desc.  | MP | Lv | Description                                         |
| Wing        | 20 |  1 | The caster rises into the air, leans forward, and   |
|     Blaster |    |    | his wings glow green and lengthen before shooting a |
| Wind STR    |    |    | bird-shaped burst of wind at the enemy party. I     |
| 25% All     |    |    | recommend using this spell only against a group of  |
|             |    |    | four or more enemies.                               |
| Rose Storm  | 20 |  2 | Rose petals begin to fall, and the caster rises     |
|             |    |    | into the air, holding his spear over his head. A    |
| Damage      |    |    | gust of  wind blows in from the right, then from    |
| Resist 50%  |    |    | both left and right, and then from the front, until |
| Dur 3       |    |    | a tornado forms. It blows for a second, and then    |
|             |    |    | barriers surround the party members and all the     |
|             |    |    | rose petals vanish. I advise you use this spell     |
|             |    |    | when fighting a boss that outclasses you horribly.  |
| Gaspless    | 30 |  3 | The caster rises into the air and begins twirling   |
|             |    |    | his spear. A vortex begins to form in the middle of |
| Wind STR    |    |    | the spear, and then a line of vacuums lances from   |
| 100% Single |    |    | the vortex to the enemy. A bubble of air encases    |
|             |    |    | the enemy, and then contracts before bursting. I    |
|             |    |    | advise you to use this spell against only bosses    |
|             |    |    | and foes who are weak against Wind... obviously.    |
| Jade Dragon | 80 |  5 | The field, if not already so changed, changes to    |
|             |    |    | the Jade field. A swirling vortex of air appears,   |
| Wind STR    |    |    | and a winged-head-like Dragon flies out of it       |
| 75% All     |    |    | toward the enemy party. It charges the cannons on   |
|             |    |    | top of its head and fires an enormous blast of air  |
|             |    |    | at the enemy party. I recommend that you do not use |
|             |    |    | this spell if you can avoid it, because, with the   |
|             |    |    | high MP cost and the low strength, it's really not  |
|             |    |    | worth it unless you're fighting a boss with four or |
|             |    |    | more parts that's weak against Wind. And there are  |
|             |    |    | no bosses like that in this game, so...             |

White Silver Dragoon

Ah, yes, the White Silver Dragoon. She's beautiful, she's angelic, and she's
totally worthless at attacking. Sony was too cheap to give her the ability to
charge her arrows for her D-Attack, so she can't even do much more damage as a
Dragoon with her physical attack than she can normally. Her field is white with
some kinda weird crystals in the background. Her only weakness, besides the
physical aspect of battle, is that, as she can't use high-SP Additions, it's
pretty hard to raise her D'Lv. As a Dragoon, she mostly gets healing spells;
though she gets one purely offensive spell, her Dragon does double-duty as a
healer and attacker. There's no point to using her Special command, though,
until you can summon her dragon, as even as a Dragoon she can't do Additions.
(You'd think they'd at least let her fire multiple arrows or something.)

| Game Desc.  | MP | Lv | Description                                         |
| Moon Light  | 10 |  1 | The caster takes her bow and fires an arrow at the  |
|             |    |    | Moon that Never Sets. The clouds part as the arrow  |
| Ally Single |    |    | flies toward its target. A column of light          |
| 100% Rev &  |    |    | surrounds the caster, and she puts her right hand   |
| Rec         |    |    | over her heart. The column of light shifts to the   |
|             |    |    | targeted ally, who recovers all HP (unless KO'd, in |
|             |    |    | which case s/he recovers half of max. HP). I        |
|             |    |    | recommend using this spell only when you run out of |
|             |    |    | HP-restoring items or Angel's Prayers, or when      |
|             |    |    | using Special mode against a boss and one of your   |
|             |    |    | characters runs low on HP. The spell's cheap, but   |
|             |    |    | Sun Rhapsodies aren't.                              |
| Star        | 20 |  2 | A droplet of light splashes behind the caster, who  |
|    Children |    |    | rises into the air, trailing sparkles behind her.   |
| Light STR   |    |    | Another droplet splashes in the middle of the enemy |
| 25% All     |    |    | party, and a swirling pool of light appears beneath |
|             |    |    | them. The caster spins around and holds her bow     |
|             |    |    | over her head with both hands, and millions of tiny |
|             |    |    | shooting stars begin crashing into the enemy party. |
|             |    |    | The caster then lowers her right hand, and a column |
|             |    |    | of light forms under each enemy, then she lowers    |
|             |    |    | her left hand, causing a pulse of light to travel   |
|             |    |    | down each column and strike the enemy party. As     |
|             |    |    | this is her only attack spell for most of the game, |
|             |    |    | I advise you to use it whenever necessary, though   |
|             |    |    | you should mainly use it when fighting a group of   |
|             |    |    | four or more Darkness-based enemies.                |
| Gates of    | 30 |  3 | The caster rises up into the air, says either "God, |
|      Heaven |    |    | give me power!" or "God save us!", announces the    |
| Ally All    |    |    | name of the spell, and lands to watch the pillar of |
| 100%        |    |    | light that appears. It begins to bulge in the       |
| Recover     |    |    | middle, and then wings unfurl, healing the party. I |
|             |    |    | recommend using this spell only when the entire     |
|             |    |    | party is low on HP in Special mode, or when the     |
|             |    |    | entire party is low on HP and you have no more      |
|             |    |    | healing items. Still, for the effect, I'd rather    |
|             |    |    | use the Blue Sea Dragoon's Rainbow Breath.          |
| W Silver    | 80 |  5 | The field, if not already so changed, changes to    |
|      Dragon |    |    | the White Silver Field. A Dragon that looks sort of |
| Light STR   |    |    | like the Starship Enterprise's evil cousin descends |
| 100% All HP |    |    | into the scene. It charges up its phasers and fires |
|             |    |    | a beam across the enemy party, sort of like Valefor |
|             |    |    | does with his Energy Ray, and the ground explodes   |
|             |    |    | in much the same way. Then, the Dragon sparkles and |
|             |    |    | an energy funnel surrounds the party, healing each  |
|             |    |    | character fully. Because of its high MP cost, I     |
|             |    |    | recommend you use this attack sparingly and only    |
|             |    |    | when your party's really in trouble.                |

Violet Dragoon

Sorry, guys, but that armor just makes you look fat and cylindrical. Anyway,
his field is purple with bolts of lightning in the background. Unfortunately,
there's no real point to using him unless you're taking on a non-elemental foe,
as there is no element weak against Thunder. All of his spells hit only one

| Game Desc.  | MP | Lv | Description                                         |
| Atomic Mind | 10 |  1 | The caster rises into the air and holds his fist up |
|             |    |    | palm-inwards in front of him. It begins to crackle  |
| Thunder STR |    |    | with electricity, which forms a ball around the     |
| 50% Single  |    |    | fist while clouds gather in the sky above. The      |
|             |    |    | spell is announced, and a bolt of lightning strikes |
|             |    |    | the foe. I recommend using this spell more than any |
|             |    |    | of the others, as it's the most cost-effective. Of  |
|             |    |    | course, I don't advise using any of this guy's      |
|             |    |    | spells, but do what you want.                       |
| Thunder Kid | 20 |  2 | The only spell so far to have no announcement of    |
|             |    |    | its name. A swirling mini-tornado envelops the      |
| Thunder STR |    |    | caster's left hand, and he casts it off with a      |
| 65% Single  |    |    | flick of his fingers, causing clouds to swirl       |
|             |    |    | around the target before a column of blue light     |
|             |    |    | rises out of the ground beneath it. Small balls of  |
|             |    |    | blue light begin to rise out of the ground and      |
|             |    |    | crackle in the air around the column before sending |
|             |    |    | small bolts of lightning to strike the target. I    |
|             |    |    | really never use this spell because, though it      |
|             |    |    | costs twice as much MP, it only does 1.3 times as   |
|             |    |    | much damage, because 1.3 * 50 = 65.                 |
| Thunder God | 30 |  3 | The caster charges up, absorbing lightning into his |
|             |    |    | body, says "Thunder God attack!" and dives into the |
| Thunder STR |    |    | ground, coming up through it, diving in again,      |
| 75% Single  |    |    | coming up again, and diving in through a spot just  |
|             |    |    | in front of the target before lightning strikes the |
|             |    |    | target and the caster flies up through the target   |
|             |    |    | and into the air, allowing the stored electricity   |
|             |    |    | to dissipate. You can use this attack if you want,  |
|             |    |    | it's about as cost-effective as using Final Burst.  |
| Violet      | 80 |  5 | If not already so changed, the field changes to the |
|      Dragon |    |    | Violet field. The Dragon comes bursting through the |
| Thunder STR |    |    | 4th wall (it's an author thing), looking for all    |
| 100% Single |    |    | the world like the punk-rocking older brother of    |
|             |    |    | the Jade Dragon. It charges electricity into its    |
|             |    |    | spikes and just rams the enemy, causing a huge      |
|             |    |    | burst of electricity to erupt forth, followed by a  |
|             |    |    | mushroom cloud. I don't really recommend using this |
|             |    |    | spell.                                              |

Golden Dragoon

Ah, the Golden Dragoon. Strong as an ox, and just as bright. I'm not trying to
diss him, but let's be honest; he's not the brightest apple in the shed. (Whoa,
that one almost made sense!) I mean, he's not the sharpest penny on the tree.
(There we go, a mixed metaphor worthy of Mr. Furious.) He's pretty cool-looking
though; nice gold-and-blue armor with a green eye-stone in the middle. His
field, as you might have expected, is golden brown with rocks in the
background. I was really disappointed with his spells, though, considering
they're so weak, in addition to the fact that he's already weak at magic, and I
was kinda pissed that they only gave him three. How hard is it to make a spell
called Sandstorm, people?! His spells aren't all that exciting, either; the
Golden Dragon doesn't even use its cannons! And one of them's just stupid; he
flies up into space and headbutts a meteor into pieces! WHAT the ****?! Of
course, as we all know, big tough guys are meant for attacking. His D-Attack,
however, gets a perfect at 4, unlike the normal 5. I know he's strong, but does
he really need a handicap? Christ on a cracker, why do I even bother...

| Game Desc.  | MP | Lv | Description                                         |
| Grand       | 20 |  1 | This one's pretty bland. He just smashes his axe    |
|      Stream |    |    | into the ground, and it causes an earthquake under  |
| Earth STR   |    |    | the enemy. Then, he pulls his axe out of the ground |
| 25% All     |    |    | and slashes the air, which causes a sandstorm. I    |
|             |    |    | recommend you stay away from this spell; marry,     |
|             |    |    | away from all his spells. He doesn't even announce  |
|             |    |    | the name of this one.                               |
| Meteor      | 30 |  3 | This is the stupid one. A meteor is heading toward  |
|      Strike |    |    | the planet, so the caster flies into space or the   |
| Earth STR   |    |    | atmosphere WITHOUT A PRESSURIZED SUIT and HEADBUTTS |
| 50% All     |    |    | IT into PIECES! These rain down upon the enemy      |
|             |    |    | party, causing probably less damage than the meteor |
|             |    |    | usually would have. You can use this spell if you   |
|             |    |    | really want to do some serious non-damage; it's the |
|             |    |    | most cost-effective of his spells.                  |
| Golden      | 80 |  5 | If not already so changed, the field changes to the |
|      Dragon |    |    | Golden Field. Another meteor is heading toward the  |
| Earth STR   |    |    | planet, but this time it breaks into pieces of its  |
| 75% All     |    |    | own accord, revealing a tank-looking Dragon. It     |
|             |    |    | rolls over and reorients itself in mid-air to face  |
|             |    |    | the enemy party, then lands and begins to sink into |
|             |    |    | an antlion pit of quicksand, drawing the enemies in |
|             |    |    | with it before shooting them back out like a sand   |
|             |    |    | boil. Due to the high MP cost and low power, I      |
|             |    |    | advise you never to bother with this spell.         |

Blue Sea Dragoon

I was kinda disappointed by the Blue Sea Dragoon as well. Sure, her
transformation's cool, and her field's not bad either, with the blue-ness and
the bubbles in the background. But her armor-- gah! It's so bland, so boring! 
It's blue, with one little gold stone in the middle of her chest, and it's not
even an eye-stone! Considering how the Blue Sea Dragoons normally dress, you'd
expect their armor to be a little more exciting, but... well, at least she's a
good spellcaster, albeit a mediocre attacker. (I swear, leg men are taking over
the world...)

| Game Desc.  | MP | Lv | Description                                         |
| Freezing    | 10 |  1 | The caster is encircled by a ring of ice crystals.  |
|        Ring |    |    | She crosses her arms over her chest, announces the  |
| Water STR   |    |    | name of the spell, and then orders the ring  to go  |
| 50% Single  |    |    | forward. The ice crystals fly in a straight line    |
|             |    |    | toward the target and begin encircling it. An ice   |
|             |    |    | formation looking like three blue volcanoes appears |
|             |    |    | under the enemy, then the crystals come together in |
|             |    |    | the middle to form a huge ice crystal. I recommend  |
|             |    |    | using this spell as you would Flame Shot, but on    |
|             |    |    | Fire-based enemies/bosses in groups of less than 4. |
| Rainbow     | 20 |  2 | Caster hops into an invisible puddle that hovers in |
|      Breath |    |    | mid-air, does a graceful pirouette with her hammer, |
| HP Recv &   |    |    | and holds it up. A sparkle of light appears from it |
| Cure - All  |    |    | and travels up the hammer into the air, causing an  |
|             |    |    | aurora to appear. The caster holds her hammer over  |
|             |    |    | her head and announces the name of the spell as it  |
|             |    |    | begins to rain. She then waves her hammer and it    |
|             |    |    | stops raining, allowing the party to recover HP and |
|             |    |    | status. Good against enemies and bosses that like   |
|             |    |    | to inflict lots of status effects, or when you have |
|             |    |    | no healing or status-recovery items.                |
| Diamond     | 30 |  3 | Caster's hammer falls from the sky and lands on its |
|        Dust |    |    | head. Icicles crust around it, holding it in place  |
| Water STR   |    |    | as she stands on it on one foot, legs together and  |
| 50% All     |    |    | arms crossed. She uncrosses her arms and holds her  |
|             |    |    | hands out to the side, creating a cutter. Meanwhile |
|             |    |    | three mini-glaciers form around the enemy, then     |
|             |    |    | crash together as she re-crosses her arms. Saying   |
|             |    |    | the name of the spell and quickly uncrossing her    |
|             |    |    | arms, she sends the cutter flying at the glacier,   |
|             |    |    | shattering it. Use this spell against enemies in    |
|             |    |    | groups of four or more, as well as bosses with      |
|             |    |    | multiple parts.                                     |
| Blue Sea    | 80 |  5 | If not already so changed, the field changes to the |
|      Dragon |    |    | Blue Sea field. The enemy finds itself stranded in  |
| Water STR   |    |    | the middle of a frozen-over ocean, while the Blue   |
| 100% Single |    |    | Sea Dragon swims around underneath it, looking like |
|             |    |    | the SCUBA-trained younger sister of the Jade        |
|             |    |    | Dragon. Suddenly, the Dragon charges upward,        |
|             |    |    | smashing through the ice. After the ice disappears, |
|             |    |    | the enemy finds itself trapped in a whirlpool       |
|             |    |    | caused by the Dragon. The Dragon swims away, and    |
|             |    |    | the whirlpool dissipates. I recommend saving this   |
|             |    |    | spell for bosses that are weak against Water, such  |
|             |    |    | as Zieg. (Why doesn't this spell hit all enemies?!) |

Divine Dragoon

Woo-hoo! We're almost done! This guy's butt-ugly, but then again, the Divine
Dragon wasn't exactly centerfold material either. Unless you have a fetish for
dragons... ::Shudders:: Anyway, despite being ugly, this guy is one of the
coolest-looking Dragoons in the game. He has, much like the Divine Dragon,
seven wings (but he still hovers half a foot above the ground! What the ****?),
but the animators were too lazy to make each blade of the wing a different
polygon. Actually, I'm sure they wanted to, but just ran out of RAM when they
tried, and that's also why the wings don't flap. Well, whatever. He also has a
BIGWHOOPASS sword in his right hand and an equally BIGWHOOPASS cannon on his
left. As Dart is the first and so far only Divine Dragoon, I will just say his
name instead of "The caster". His field is white, with some sort of weird
clouds in the background, but as he has no Dragon spell, you wouldn't know this
unless you choose to use his Special. There's not much point to doing that,
though, as he's NON-ELEMENTAL. I don't know why he doesn't get a Dragon spell
either, but what would it do? He already has the Divine Dragon's Cannon and
Ball-launcher. What more do you need?

| Game Desc.  | MP | Lv | Description                                         |
| Divine DG   | 50 | -- | Swirling clouds of energy float above Dart, and he  |
|      Cannon |    |    | raises the Divine Cannon up to them. A column of    |
| STR 100%    |    |    | light pours down from the clouds, and Dart absorbs  |
| Single      |    |    | it into the cannon. He takes aim at the target, and |
|             |    |    | the camera does a triple-take. The screen goes all  |
|             |    |    | black, and a sparkle appears where the muzzle of    |
|             |    |    | the cannon is. The screen goes back to normal, and  |
|             |    |    | Dart announces the name of the spell, charges up,   |
|             |    |    | and roars as the cannon is fired. It hits the       |
|             |    |    | target and a blue-white explosion results. I        |
|             |    |    | recommend only using this against the final boss,   |
|             |    |    | but that should be immediately obvious.             |
| Divine DG   | 50 | -- | A red energy funnel rises up from the ground, and   |
|        Ball |    |    | Dart rises into the air. His left shoulder pad      |
| STR 50% All |    |    | opens to reveal a bunch of gun barrels. He roars as |
|             |    |    | they begin charging, and then shouts "Divine        |
|             |    |    | Dragonator!" as he unleashes a barrage of missiles  |
|             |    |    | onto the enemy party. I recommend you use this only |
|             |    |    | when the final boss is in his final form and has    |
|             |    |    | started summoning Monsters. Or, you could use it    |
|             |    |    | against the first form's tentacles, it's up to you. |

Note: Sorry, I miscounted. There are only six wings, for whatever reason.

================== 5-03: So you wanna be a Dragoon Master... ===================
I tell ya, it isn't easy.

This is a section inspired by the Perfect File sections in some Final Fantasy
Tactics guides. I'm not sure if it's all possible, but it's probably easier
than mastering Tactics. 

To be a Dragoon Master, you must...

+ Collect every treasure chest in the game (except the useless ones in
  Shirley's Shrine).
+ Have every one-of-a-kind equipment item, as well as the characters' best
  equipment and at least one of every kind of accessory.
+ Have all Additions mastered with at least 80 uses for every character. (An
  Ultimate Wargod IS fair play!)
+ Have all ten reusable items in your inventory. Yes, I know I don't provide
  info on how to get all of them. I'll have all of them in if Grand Lethal ever
  gets back to me.
+ Have all characters at Lv. 60 (Maximum Exp.) and D'Lv 5.
+ Have completed EVERY sidequest and have all 50 Stardust.
+ Beat the game in under 100 hours. (I *MIGHT* raise the time limit if enough
  people ask me to.)
+ Change every law in Zenebatos (the one that lets you shop is optional).
+ Have at least 99900000G. (That's almost 100 million!)
+ Have every optional Goods item ("optional" meaning not really used for
  anything). The two I know of are Lavitz's Portrait and Kate's Bouquet.

There may have been more, but I forgot them.

=============== 5-04: I thought it was the real dust of stars... ===============
In case you were too lazy to read the walkthrough, here it is: Everything you'll
ever need to know about Stardust.

First of all: What is Stardust? Stardust is an item that you collect in the
game to help a woman named Martel, for reasons I will not go into as it would
be a spoiler. Second of all: Why are we collecting Stardust, as in: What's in
it for us? You are collecting Stardust not only because it's the right thing to
do, but also because for every ten Stardust you give her Martel will give you
a rare item, one that cannot be found or purchased anywhere else. "Okay, okay,
I'm in," you say. Which brings us to our last question: Where can I find
Stardust? That, my friends, is the bulk of this section.

01: Check around the graves

02: In Indels Castle, check the smithy's fireplace in the basement.
03: On the second floor of Indels Castle, check the upper-right-hand corner.
04: In the Weapon Shop, in the bucket of spears.
05: This one requires a little preparation. First, go to the bar and buy some
    Spirits. Then, go to the Castle and go down a ladder on the first floor.
    Open the gate using the wheel on the wall, then go back to the first screen
    of the town. Go down the stairs and talk to the drunk. Go through here
    until you come to a boat. Jack the boat and get off when you get the 
    chance. Go in here and check the wine barrels in the back of the room.
06: Check the well in Slambert Plaza.
07: After Shana and Lavitz's mother finish preparing the meal, tell Lavitz's
    mother you're ready to leave, then go into the kitchen and examine the
    spice rack.

08: Check in the fireplace of the house on the left
09: Check the weapons in the room where Kaiser is.

10: Check in the empty fireplace in the ruins of the fort.

11: Check the jars outside the arena entrance
12: Check the rain barrel near the entrance of town.
13: In the bookstore, check the bookshelf when you see an <!> and then go down
    the ladder. Check the furnace.
14: In the suit of armor in Dabas' Antique Shop.

15: Between two barrels in the building on the left near the entrance.
16: In the trash pile in the right building near the entrance.
17: To the left of the counter in the weapon shop.
18: In the bookshelf in the first room of the fort.
19: In the barrels to the left of the entrance in the second room of the fort.
20: In the barrels above and a little to the left of #17

21: In the bar, check the box.
22: Go on top of the locked building by the church and check around.
23: In the castle of Fletz, check the right statue.
24: In the item shop, check the telescope.
25: In the weapon shop, check inside the box of mauls.
26: In the jewelry shop, in the box of multicolored stones.
27: In the room under the right tower in the Twin Castle.

28: Check the birdbath thingy near the town's entrance.
29: In the Mayor's sink

--Home of 
30: Check under the torch on the right in the room where you fought Gehrich.

-Queen Fury-
31: Check the boxes in the room north of where Shana frequently stands.
32: Check the wheelbarrow in the engine room.

33: Climb down the ladder going into a building and check the bookshelf.

34: Check the painting in the clinic.
35: Check the barrels under the stairs in the hotel.

36: Check the fishing stuff in one house.
37: Pull a rope, go down a slide, and check one of the buckets in a house. To
    get back out, pull the lever in that room and climb up.

38: Check the weapon stand once Deningrad is destroyed.
39: Check the item stand once Deningrad is destroyed
40: Check the second floor of the inn once Deningrad is destroyed.
41: Check the side stairs in the Crystal Palace after it is destroyed.
42: Check the entrance to the Room of the Seal in the Crystal Palace after the
    Divine Dragon's attack.

43: In the lantern to the right of the entrance

44: In Guaraha's room, check the shelf.
45: In the room below the healing room, check the pillar on the right.

46: Check the relief in one of the rooms in the Tower of the Seven Dragoons.

47: Examine the roses on the screen with the save point. 
48: Check the piranha plants.
49: Check around the bottom floor of the shop.

50: In the room past Martel's room, check the pot.

Now, here's what she gives you:

10 Stardust: Physical Ring
20 Stardust: Amulet
30 Stardust: Wargod's Sash
40 Stardust: Rainbow Earring
50 Stardust: Vanishing Stone

Okay, once you've gotten all 50 Stardust, give them to Martel for the Vanishing
Stone. (I think it's supposed to be Banishing Stone but got translated wrong.)
This is the item you need to complete the "Magician Faust: Moron on a Mission"
sidequest. For more information, see Chapter 3, Section 9.

"Okay, I've got the Stardust," you say. "Now where's Martel?" Fear not, I have
compiled a list of all her four locations.

Disc 1: Bale, in the house to the left of Slambert Plaza.
Disc 2: Fletz, in Kaffi's bar
Disc 3: In Deningrad, tending to the wounded.
Disc 4: Rouge, in a room to the north. I'm not gonna go into too much detail,
        as Rouge is too small for you to miss her if you go through every area.

=========================== 5-05: Equipment Listing ============================
This section is under construction. I'm not entirely sure about the values,
except for the weapons, but I'm pretty sure they're fairly accurate, if not
totally correct.

All right, before you begin, here's some information:

As Shana and Miranda equip the same things, I will only list Shana as the
person who can equip an item; likewise, as Lavitz and Albert use the same
things, I will list only Lavitz. The abbreviations are as follows:

D - Dart; L - Lavitz; S - Shana; R - Rose; H - Haschel; M - Meru; K - Kongol

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Dart's Broadswords ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Name: Broad Sword          Name: Bastard Sword       Name: Heat Blade
Attack: 2                  Attack: 7                 Attack: 18
Extra: N/a                 Extra: N/a                Extra: Fire-based attack

Name: Falchion             Name: Mind Crush          Name: Fairy Sword
Attack: 26                 Attack: 34                Attack: 39
Extra: N/a                 Extra: Confuses Enemy++   Extra: SP +50%

Name: Claymore             Name: Soul Eater
Attack: 44                 Attack: 75
Extra: N/a                 Extra: Consumes HP+

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Lavitz's Pole-arms ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Name: Spear                Name: Lance               Name: Twister Glaive
Attack: 4                  Attack: 19                Attack: 28
Extra: N/a                 Extra: N/a                Extra: Wind-based attack

Name: Glaive               Name: Spear of Terror     Name: Partisan
Attack: 37                 Attack: 45                Attack: 56
Extra: N/a                 Extra: Inflicts Fear++    Extra: N/a

Name: Halberd
Attack: 65
Extra: N/a

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Shana's Bows +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Name: Short Bow            Name: Sparkle Arrow       Name: Long Bow
Attack: 3                  Attack: 9                 Attack: 18
Extra: N/a                 Extra: Light-based attack Extra: N/a

Name: Bemusing Arrow       Name: Virulent Arrow      Name: Arrow of Force
Attack: 24                 Attack: 30                Attack: 40
Extra: Confuses Enemy++    Extra: Poisons enemy++    Extra: SP +50%

Name: Detonate Arrow
Attack: 50
Extra: Hits all enemies

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Rose's Smallswords ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Name: Rapier               Name: Demon Stiletto      Name: Shadow Cutter
Attack: 13                 Attack: 18                Attack: 24
Extra: N/a                 Extra: Adds Fear++        Extra: Dark-based attack

Name: Dancing Dagger       Name: Flamberge           Name: Gladius
Attack: 30                 Attack: 35                Attack: 40                
Extra: N/a                 Extra: Stuns enemy++      Extra: Kills enemy++ 

Name: Dragon Buster
Attack: 100
Extra: N/a

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Haschel's Gloves +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Name: Iron Knuckle         Name: Beast Fang          Name: Diamond Claw
Attack: 20                 Attack: 31                Attack: 37
Extra: N/a                 Extra: Stuns enemy++      Extra: N/a

Name: Brass Knuckle        Name: Thunder Fist        Name: Destroyer Mace
Attack: 43                 Attack: 49                Attack: 55
Extra: Kills enemy++       Extra: Thunder-based Atk. Extra: Low HP = More power

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Meru's Hammers ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Name: Mace                 Name: Pretty Hammer       Name: Morning Star
Attack: 15                 Attack: 15                Attack: 20
Extra: N/a                 Extra: Gives 2x SP        Extra: N/a

Name: War Hammer           Name: Heavy Mace           Name: Basher
Attack: 25                 Attack: 30                 Attack: 40
Extra: N/a                 Extra: Stuns enemy++       Extra: N/a

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Kongol's Axes +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Name: Axe                  Name: Tomahawk            Name: Battle Axe
Attack: 45                 Attack: 59                Attack: 67
Extra: N/a                 Extra: N/a                Extra: N/a

Name: Great Axe            Name: Indora's Axe
Attack: 79                 Attack: 88
Extra: Stuns enemy++       Extra: Kills enemy++

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Helmets ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Name: Bandana              Name: Felt Hat            Name: Sallet
Defense: 0                 Defense: 0                Defense: 0
M-Def: 0                   M-Def: 0                  M-Def: 0
A-AV: 0                    A-AV: 0                   A-AV: 0
M-AV: 0                    M-AV: 0                   M-AV: 0
Extra: M-At +3             Extra: M-At +5            Extra: A-Hit +10, M-AT +8
Equip: D L H               Equip: S R M              Equip: D L H

Name: Cape                 Name: Rose's Hair Band    Name: Armet
Defense: 0                 Defense: 0                Defense: 0
M-Def: 0                   M-Def: 0                  M-Def: 5
A-AV: 0                    A-AV: 0                   A-AV: 0
M-AV: 0                    M-AV: 0                   M-AV: 0
Extra: M-AT +17            Extra: M-AT +36, @        Extra: M-AT +23
Equip: S R M               Equip: R                  Equip: D L H

Name: Tiara                Name: Knight Helm         Name: Jeweled Crown
Defense: 5                 Defense: 5                Defense: 0
M-Def: 0                   M-Def: 0                  M-Def: 5
A-AV: 0                    A-AV: 0                   A-AV: 0
M-AV: 0                    M-AV: 0                   M-AV: 0
Extra: M-AT +29, M-Hit +10 Extra: M-AT +37, Get SP^  Extra: Get SP^, M-AT +42
Equip: S R M               Equip: D L                Equip: S M

Name: Giganto Helm         Name: Soul Headband       Name: Phoenix Plume
Defense: 10                Defense: 5                Defense: 0
M-Def: 5                   M-Def: 5                  M-Def: 10
A-AV: 0                    A-AV: 0                   A-AV: 0
M-AV: 0                    M-AV: 0                   M-AV: 0
Extra: M-AT +14, Get SP^   Extra: M-AT +25, Get SP^  Extra: M-At +30, Prevent #
Equip: K                   Equip: H                  Equip: D L S R H M K

Name: Magical Hat          Name: Dragon Helm         Name: Legend Casque
Defense: 0                 Defense: 10               Defense: 0
M-Def: 10                  M-Def: 0                  M-Def: 127
A-AV: 0                    A-AV: 0                   A-AV: 0
M-AV: 0                    M-AV: 0                   M-AV: 50
Extra: MP + 50%, M-AT +50  Extra: HP +50%, M-AT +50  Extra: M-AT +50
Equip: D L S R H M K       Equip: D L S R H M K      Equip: D L S R H M K

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Armors ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Name: Clothes              Name: Leather Armor       Name: Leather Jacket
Defense: 4                 Defense: 2                Defense: 7
M-Def: 5                   M-Def: 2                  M-Def: 12
A-AV: 0                    A-AV: 0                   A-AV: 0
M-AV: 0                    M-AV: 0                   M-AV: 0
Extra: N/a                 Extra: N/a                Extra: N/a
Equip: S R M               Equip: D L                Equip: S R M

Name: Scale Armor          Name: Chain Mail          Name: Angel Robe
Defense: 8                 Defense: 20               Defense: 10
M-Def: 8                   M-Def: 24                 M-Def: 20
A-AV: 0                    A-AV: 0                   A-AV: 0
M-AV: 0                    M-AV: 0                   M-AV: 0
Extra: N/a                 Extra: N/a                Extra: Revives from KO++
Equip: D L                 Equip: D L                Equip: S M

Name: Disciple Vest        Name: Warrior Dress       Name: Silver Vest
Defense: 18                Defense: 25               Defense: 13
M-Def: 8                   M-Def: 23                 M-Def: 27
A-AV: 10                   A-AV: 20                  A-AV: 5
M-AV: 0                    M-AV: 0                   M-AV: 0
Extra: N/a                 Extra: N/a                Extra: N/a
Equip: H                   Equip: H                  Equip: S R M

Name: Lion Fur             Name: Plate Mail          Name: Sparkle Dress
Defense: 46                Defense: 27               Defense: 22
M-Def: 19                  M-Def: 20                 M-Def: 43
A-AV: 0                    A-AV: 0                   A-AV: 0
M-AV: 0                    M-AV: 0                   M-AV: 0 
Extra: N/a                 Extra: N/a                Extra: Get SP~
Equip: K                   Equip: D L                Equip: S R M

Name: Breast Plate         Name: Master's Vest       Name: Giganto Armor
Defense: 59                Defense: 30               Defense: 75
M-Def: 14                  M-Def: 29                 M-Def: 25
A-AV: 0                    A-AV: 10                  A-AV: 0
M-AV: 0                    M-AV: 0                   M-AV: 0
Extra: N/a                 Extra: Get SP~            Extra: Get SP~
Equip: K                   Equip: H                  Equip: K

Name: Saint Armor          Name: Robe                Name: Armor of Yore
Defense: 34                Defense: 25               Defense: 35
M-Def: 34                  M-Def: 35                 M-Def: 35
A-AV: 0                    A-AV: 0                   A-AV: 0
M-AV: 0                    M-AV: 0                   M-AV: 0
Extra: Get SP~             Extra: Get SP^            Extra: Prevents ##
Equip: D L                 Equip: S R M              Equip: D L K

Name: Energy Girdle        Name: Satori Vest         Name: Rainbow Dress
Defense: 37                Defense: 40               Defense: 32
M-Def: 26                  M-Def: 31                 M-Def: 60
A-AV: 10                   A-AV: 10                  A-AV: 0
M-AV: 0                    M-AV: 0                   M-AV: 0
Extra: SP +50%             Extra: Prevents ##        Extra: Prevents ##
Equip: H                   Equip: H                  Equip: S R M

Name: Red DG Armor         Name: Jade DG Armor       Name: Silver DG Armor
Defense: 41                Defense: 54               Defense: 47
M-Def: 40                  M-Def: 27                 M-Def: 80
A-AV: 0                    A-AV: 0                   A-AV: 5
M-AV: 0                    M-AV: 0                   M-AV: 5
Extra: Fire-proof          Extra: Wind-proof         Extra: Light-proof
Equip: D                   Equip: L                  Equip: S

Name: Dark DG Armor        Name: Violet DG Armor     Name: Blue DG Armor
Defense: 41                Defense: 45               Defense: 30
M-Def: 42                  M-Def: 40                 M-Def: 52
A-AV: 0                    A-AV: 10                  A-AV: 0
M-AV: 0                    M-AV: 10                  M-AV: 0
Extra: Dark-proof          Extra: Thunder-proof      Extra: Water-proof
Equip: R                   Equip: H                  Equip: M

Name: Gold DG Armor        Name: Armor of Legend
Defense: 88                Defense: 127
M-Def: 23                  M-Def: 0
A-AV: 0                    A-AV:  50
M-AV: 0                    M-AV:  0
Extra: Earth-proof         Extra: N/a
Equip: K                   Equip: D L S R H M K

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Boots +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Name: Leather Boots        Name: Iron Kneepiece      Name: Leather Shoes
Defense: 0                 Defense: 4                Defense: 0
M-Def: 0                   M-Def: 0                  M-Def: 0
A-AV: 0                    A-AV: 0                   A-AV: 5
M-AV: 0                    M-AV: 0                   M-AV: 5
Extra: N/a                 Extra: N/a                Extra: N/a
Equip: D L H K             Equip: D L H K            Equip: S R M

Name: Soft Boots           Name: Combat Shoes        Name: Stardust Boots
Defense: 5                 Defense: 4                Defense: 5
M-Def: 0                   M-Def: 0                  M-Def: 0
A-AV: 5                    A-AV: 5                   A-AV: 5
M-AV: 5                    M-AV: 0                   M-AV: 10
Extra: N/a                 Extra: N/a                Extra: N/a
Equip: S R M               Equip: D L H K            Equip: S R M

Name: Dancer's Shoes       Name: Bandit's Shoes      Name: Magical Greaves
Defense: 0                 Defense: 0                Defense: 0
M-Def: 0                   M-Def: 0                  M-Def: 0
A-AV: 5                    A-AV: 0                   A-AV: 5
M-AV: 5                    M-AV: 0                   M-AV: 5
Extra: Speed +20           Extra: Speed +20          Extra: Speed +10
Equip: S R M               Equip: D L H K            Equip: D L S R H M K

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Accessories +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

                           Name: Bracelet
                           Equip: D L S R H M K
                           Effect: N/a

Name: Sage's Cloak         Name: Knight Shield       Name: Poison Guard
Equip: D L S R H M K       Equip: D L S R H M K      Equip: D L S R H M K
Effect: A-AV +20, M-AV +20 Effect: Defense +10       Effect: Prevents Poison

Name: Wargod's Amulet      Name: Active Ring         Name: Panic Guard
Equip: D L S R H M K       Equip: D L S R H M K      Equip: D L S R H M K
Effect: A-Hit & M-Hit +20  Effect: Prevents Dispirit Effect: Prevents Confusion

Name: Fake Shield          Name: Power Wrist         Name: Wargod Calling
Equip: D L S R H M K       Equip: D L S R H M K      Equip: D L R H M K
Effect: Defense +5         Effect: Attack +10        Effect: Auto Additions*

Name: Ultimate Wargod      Name: Sapphire Pin        Name: Ruby Ring
Equip: D L R H M K         Equip: D L S R H M K      Equip: D L S R H M K
Effect: Auto Additions**   Effect: Restores MP^      Effect: Restores SP^

Name: Red-Eye Stone        Name: Blue Sea Stone      Name: Jade Stone
Equip: D L S R H M K       Equip: D L S R H M K      Equip: D L S R H M K
Effect: 1/2 Fire damage    Effect: 1/2 Water damage  Effect: 1/2 Wind damage

Name: Golden Stone         Name: Silver Stone        Name: Darkness Stone
Equip: D L S R H M K       Equip: D L S R H M K      Equip: D L S R H M K
Effect: 1/2 Earth Damage   Effect: 1/2 Light damage  Effect: 1/2 Dark damage

Name: Violet Stone         Name: Stun Guard          Name: Bravery Amulet
Equip: D L S R H M K       Equip: D L S R H M K      Equip: D L S R H M K
Effect: 1/2 Thunder damage Effect: Prevents Stun     Effect: Prevents Fear

Name: Magic Ego Bell       Name: Giganto Ring        Name: Talisman
Equip: D L S R H M K       Equip: D L S R H M K      Equip: D L S R H M K
Effect: Prevents Bewitched Effect: ATK +20, DEF +20  Effect: @

Name: Magic Ankh           Name: Phantom Shield      Name: Dragon Shield
Equip: D L S R H M K       Equip: D L S R H M K      Equip: D L S R H M K
Effect: Revives from KO++  Effect: Take 1/2 damage   Effect: 1/2 Phys. Damage

Name: Angel Scarf          Name: Rainbow Earring     Name: Wargod's Sash
Equip: D L S R H M K       Equip: D L S R H M K      Equip: D L S R H M K
Effect: 1/2 Mag. damage    Effect: Prevents *.*      Effect: SP +50%

Name: Therapy Ring         Name: Mage Ring           Name: Spirit Ring
Equip: D L S R H M K       Equip: D L S R H M K      Equip: D L S R H M K
Effect: Recover HP+        Effect: Recover MP+       Effect: Recover 20 SP+

Name: Fake Power Wrist     Name: Protector           Name: Emerald Earring
Equip: D L S R H M K       Equip: D L S R H M K      Equip: D L S R H M K
Effect: Attack +5          Effect: Prevent Arm-block Effect: Restores SP~ 

Name: Platinum Collar      Name: Physical Ring       Name: Amulet
Equip: D L S R H M K       Equip: D L S R H M K      Equip: D L S R H M K
Effect: Restores MP~       Effect: Max. HP +50%      Effect: Doubles Max. MP 

Name: Bandit's Ring        Name: Spirit Cloak        Name: Guard Badge
Equip: D L H K             Equip: D L S R H M K      Equip: D L S R H M K
Effect: Speed +20          Effect: M-AV +20          Effect: DEF +20, M-DEF +20

Name: Magical Ring         Name: Dancer's Ring       Name: Elude Cloak
Equip: D L S R H M K       Equip: S R M              Equip: D L S R H M K
Effect: M-AT +30           Effect: Speed +20         Effect: A-AV +20

Name: Attack Badge         Name: Destone Amulet      Name: Spiritual Ring
Equip: D L S R H M K       Equip: D L S R H M K      Equip: D L S R H M K
Effect: ATK +20, M-ATK +20 Effect: Prevents Petrify  Effect: M-Def +30

*   Half damage and SP; does not count toward total uses
**  Counts toward total uses; full damage and SP
*.* All status changes (except instant death)
^   When attacked by magic
~   When physically attacked
#   Bewitching, Confusion, Fear, Dispiriting
##  Poison, Stun, Arm-block
+   Every turn
++  Randomly
@   Prevents instant death

If you have any corrections to make, feel free to e-mail me with them, and I'll
add them to the next version of the guide.

============================== 5-06: Rare enemies ==============================
I hate these bastards...

NAME         LOCATION                                  PRIZE

Yellow Bird  Outside Bale                              300G
00PARTS      Between Hellena and Lohan;
             Moon That Never Sets, before Super Virage Spirit Potion, 600G
Cursed Jar   Between Lohan and the Barrier Station     Night Raid, 300 Exp.
Blue Bird    Between the Barrens and the Valley        1000 Exp.
Treasure Jar Illisa Bay area                           Ruby Ring
Rainbow Bird Sea of Endiness                           Rainbow Dress, 3000 Exp.

There were probably more, but I forgot them. If you know how to kill the
Rainbow Birds without a Sachet, please please PLEASE tell me! The only way most
of these bastards can be easily killed is by using a Sachet, which does 10
damage (they each have single-digit max. HP ratings... except possibly the
Rainbow Birds. They're also fast as all hell, and take one damage per hit,
except the Rainbow Birds, which take zero damage per hit.) Also, Demon's Gate
doesn't work on them, I tried.

========================== 5-07: The Bestial Bestiary ==========================
No, this has nothing to do with bestiality, you sicko!

Okay, before we begin, please note that the HP values are NOT 100% accurate
after the Forest. However, they are pretty damn close, so there. If you've
hacked the code and know the 100% correct HP values, though, feel free to
e-mail them to me in a file (not just in the e-mail itself), preferably a
text-only file with the extension [.txt]. Also, if you have any info about what
you can win, or other attacks the enemies use, feel free to e-mail me with
that, also.

In addition, please note that, with the exception of the 00PARTS in The Moon
That Never Sets, I will not be listing minor enemies here, because they are
already mentioned in their own section and they all have about 4 HP.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Seles +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Knight of Sandora (!)
Element: Fire
HP: ~5
Attacks: Hit
Gold: 3
Exp.: 2
Win: Healing Potion

Commander (!)
Element: Darkness
HP: ~15
Attacks: Hit, Power Up, heal self*, Burn Out*
Gold: 20
Exp.: 20
Win: Burn Out

--++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Forest ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Berserk Mouse
Element: Darkness
HP: ~3
Attacks: Hit
Gold: 3
Exp.: 3
Win: ?

Assassin Cock
Element: Wind
HP: ~3
Attacks: Hit, crow*
Gold: 6
Exp.: 5
Win: ?

Element: Fire
HP: ~4
Attacks: Hit, Throw Stone*
Gold: 6
Exp.: 4
Win: ?

Element: Earth
HP: ~5
Attacks: Hit
Gold: 9
Exp.: 4
Win: Pellet
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Hellena Prison ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Hellena Warden
HP: ~9
Attacks: Hit, Spark Net*
Gold: 9
Exp.: 6
Win: Healing Potion (?)

Hellena Warden (!)
HP: ~12
Attacks: Hit, Spark Net* (?)
Gold: 0
Exp.: 0
Win: Healing Potion

Note: No, that's not a typo, the Wardens you fight during the Fruegel battle do
      have more HP.

Senior Warden (!)
HP: ~20
Attacks: Hit, Charging Spirit, Power Up!, Gushing Magma-
Gold: 0
Exp.: 0
Win: Healing Potion

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Prairie ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Vampire Kiwi
Element: Darkness
HP: ~13
Attacks: Hit, Bloodsucking*
Gold: 9
Exp.: 8
Win: Healing Potion

Element: Earth
HP: ~16
Attacks: Hit, throw stone*
Gold: 9
Exp.: 11
Win: ?

Crescent Bee
Element: Wind
HP: ~12
Attacks: Hit, Spinning Gale*
Gold: 6
Exp.: 10
Win: Spinning Gale

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Limestone Cave ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Screaming Bat
Element: Darkness
HP: ~12
Attacks: Hit, Ultrasonic*
Gold: 6
Exp.: 8
Win: Healing Potion

Ugly Balloon
Element: Wind
HP: ~37
Attacks: Hit, Hazardous Gas*, Run Away!*
Gold: 9
Exp.: 10
Win: ?

Element: Earth
HP: ~21
Attacks: Hit, Slime throwing
Gold: 6
Exp.: 11
Win: Body Purifier

Element: Darkness
HP: ~24
Attacks: Hit, HP recovers*
Gold: 6
Exp.: 10
Win: ?

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Hoax +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Sandora Soldier (!)
Element: Fire
HP: ~40
Attacks: Hit, throw dart
Gold: 30
Exp.: 25
Win: Healing Potion

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Marshlands ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Sandora Soldier (!)
Element: Fire
HP: ~52
Attacks: Hit*, throw dart
Gold: 3 (?)
Exp.: 12 (?)
Win: ?

Sandora Soldier (!)
Element: Water
HP: ~65
Attacks: Hit, throw dart, Spear Frost*
Gold: 10 (?)
Exp.: 13 (?)
Win: ?

Commander (!)
Element: Darkness
HP: ~140
Attacks: Hit, Stunning Hammer*, double-hit*
Gold: 21 (?)
Exp.: 21 (?)
Win: ?

Element: Water
HP: ~54
Attacks: Hit, Spear Frost*
Gold: 12
Exp.: 15
Win: Spear

Element: Earth
HP: ~41
Attacks: Hit, Run Away!*
Gold: 8
Exp.: 11
Win: ?

Sea Dragon
Element: Fire
HP: ~41
Gold: 9
Exp.: 14
Win: ?

Element: Water
HP: ~40
Attacks: Hit, Skull Casting*
Gold: 6
Exp.: 17
Win: Pellet

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Volcano Villude ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Fire Spirit
Element: Fire
HP: ~30
Attacks: Hit, HP recovers*
Gold: 12
Exp.: 13
Win: ?

Element: Fire
HP: ~43
Attacks: Hit, Gushing Magma*
Gold: 9
Exp.: 17
Win: ?

Magma Fish
Element: Fire
HP: ~33
Attacks: Hit, Burn Out*
Gold: 6
Exp.: 10
Win: ?

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Nest of Dragon ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Element: Water
HP: ~100
Attacks: Hit, Fatal Blizzard*
Gold: 9
Exp.: 15
Win: ?

Lizard Man
Element: Earth
HP: ~40
Attacks: Hit, Physical Attack Barrier, roll (causes Stunning)*
Gold: 15
Exp.: 18
Win: Body Purifier

Run Fast
Element: Thunder
HP: ~64
Attacks: Hit,  Slime*, Run away!*
Gold: 12
Exp.: 16
Win: Sun Rhapsody

Tricky Bat
Element: Wind
HP: ~34
Attacks: Hit, Ultrasonic*
Gold: 6
Exp.: 7
Win: ?

Man Eating Bud
Element: Darkness
HP: ~163
Attacks: Hit, Black Rain*
Gold: 24
Exp.: 20
Win: ?

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Shirley's Shrine +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Living Statue
Element: Earth
HP: ~60
Attacks: Hit
Gold: 12
Exp.: 20
Win: ?

Element: Darkness
HP: ~100
Attacks: Hit, Dark Mist*
Gold: 15
Exp.: 17
Win: Dark Mist

Strong Man
Element: Earth
HP: ~75
Attacks: Hit, Gushing Magma*, Run away!*
Gold: 9
Exp.: 18
Win: ?

Crystal Golem
Element: Light
HP: ~168
Attacks: Stun hit, HP recovers*, Trans Light*
Gold: 27
Exp.: 22
Win: Sapphire Pin

Plague Rat
Element: Earth
HP: ~66
Attacks: Hit, Chisel*
Gold: 6
Exp.: 14
Win: ?

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Hellena revisited +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Hellena Warden
Element: Fire
HP: ~133
Attacks: Hit, Burn Out*
Gold: 15
Exp.: 20
Win: Morning Star

Senior Warden
Element: Fire
HP: ~154
Attacks: Hit, Charging Spirit => Gushing Magma, Gushing Magma*
Gold: 21
Exp.: 24
Win: Spear

Fowl Fighter
Element: Fire
HP: ~104
Attacks: Hit, crow (causes Fear)
Gold: 9
Exp.: 16
Win: ?

Rodriguez (!)
Element: Wind
HP: ~500
Attacks: Hit, Run away! (only if Fruegel is killed first)
Gold: 0
Exp.: 0
Win: N/a

Guftas (!)
Element: Darkness
HP: ~500
Attacks: Hit, Run away! (only if Fruegel is killed first)
Gold: 0
Exp.: 0
Win: N/a

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Kazas +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Knight of Sandora
Element: Fire
HP: ~186
Attacks: Hit*, throw dart, HP recovers*
Gold: 15
Exp.: 24
Win: Healing Potion

Hell Hound
Element: Fire
HP: ~156
Attacks: Hit, Burn Out*, Run away!*
Gold: 9
Exp.: 20
Win: ?

Sandora Elite
Element: Darkness
HP: ~371
Attacks: Hit, Gushing Magma*
Gold: 30
Exp.: 30
Win: ?

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Barrens ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Frilled Lizard
Element: Earth
HP: ~130
Attacks: Hit, Pellet*, Run away!*
Gold: 21
Exp.: 36
Win: Healing Potion

Arrow Shooter
Element: Earth
HP: ~170
Attacks: Hit, Detonating Arrow*, Thunder Arrow* 
Gold: 24
Exp.: 32
Win: Bemusing Arrow

Element: Earth
HP: ~86
Attacks: Hit, poison sting*
Gold: 18
Exp.: 40
Win: Meteor Fall

Earth Shaker
Element: Earth
HP: ~220
Attacks: Stun hit, hit-all*
Gold: 15
Exp.: 48
Win: ?

Element: Wind
HP: ~100
Attacks: Poison sting, HP recovers*
Gold: 12
Exp.: 42
Win: Body Purifier

Crafty Thief (!)
Element: Darkness
HP: ~394
Attacks: Hit,
Gold: 0
Exp.: 0
Win: N/a

+++++++++++++++++++++++++ Valley of Corrupted Gravity ++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Element: Thunder
HP: ~300
Attacks: Hit, Thunderbolt*
Gold: 21
Exp.: 48
Win: Angel's Prayer

Killer Bird
Element: Darkness
HP: ~130
Attacks: Hit, Blood Sucking*, Ultrasonic*
Gold: 12
Exp.: 36
Win: Poison Needle

Erupting Chick
Element: Wind
HP: ~120
Attacks: Hit, Summon Roc*, Run away!*
Gold: 15
Exp.: 32
Win: Panic Bell

Spider Urchin
Element: Thunder
HP: ~100
Attacks: Hit, Physical Attack Barrier
Gold: 18
Exp.: 40
Win: Mind Purifier

Element: Wind
HP: ~238
Attacks: Hit, Rave Twister*
Gold: 24
Exp.: 44
Win: Down Burst

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Home of Giganto ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Element: Darkness
HP: <444
Attacks: Hit, Charging Spirit
Gold: 15
Exp.: 55
Win: ?

Crafty Thief
Element: Darkness
HP: ~226
Attacks: Hit, Steal Gold, Run Away!*
Gold: 18
Exp.: 50
Win: ?

Element: Earth
HP: ~180
Attacks: Hit, Stinky Sigh*
Gold: 21
Exp.: 40
Win: ?

Element: Earth
HP: ~362
Attacks: Hit, Power Up
Gold: 12
Exp.: 60
Win: ?

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Phantom Ship +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Element: Fire
HP: ~180
Attacks: Hit, Burn Out*, Gushing Magma*
Gold: 12
Exp.: 48
Win: ?

Element: Darkness
HP: ~210
Attacks: Hit*, Bone Throwing, HP recovers*
Gold: 21
Exp.: 60
Win: Broad Sword

Element: Darkness
HP: ~211
Attacks: Hit, kill*
Gold: 30
Exp.: 66
Win: Total Vanishing

Magician Bogy(!)
Element: Darkness
HP: ~794
Attacks: Hit, bewitching spell, stunning spell
Gold: 25
Exp.: 70
Win: ?

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Undersea Cavern ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Screw Shell
Element: Water
HP: ~169
Attacks: Hit, Physical Attack Barrier, HP recovers*
Gold: 24
Exp.: 63
Win: ?

Element: Water
HP: ~494
Attacks: Hit, Charging Spirit, All-out Attack!*, dispiriting spell
Gold: 33
Exp.: 77
Win: ?

Element: Water
HP: ~393
Attacks: Hit, bewitching spell
Gold: 18
Exp.: 70
Win: Mind Purifier

Flabby Troll
Element: Earth
HP: ~450
Attacks: Hit, sound attack (causes fear)
Gold: 30
Exp.: 84
Win: ?

Sea Piranha
Element: Water
HP: ~300
Attacks: Hit, Spear Frost*
Gold: 15
Exp.: 56
Win: ?

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Evergreen Forest +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Moss Dresser
Element: Earth
HP: ~300
Attacks: Hit,
Gold: 18
Exp.: 72
Win: Healing Fog

Dark Elf
Element: Darkness
HP: ~450
Attacks: Hit, petrify, Detonating Arrow*
Gold: 36
Exp.: 80
Win: ?

Forest Runner
Element: Wind
HP: ~370
Attacks: Hit, Menacing, Wooing
Gold: 30
Exp.: 88
Win: Recovery Ball

Flying Rat
Element: Wind
HP: ~268
Attacks: Hit, Spear Frost*
Gold: 24
Exp.: 64
Win: ?

Wounded Bear
Element: Earth
HP: ~650
Attacks: Hit, roar (causes fear)*
Gold: 60
Exp.: 96
Win: ?

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Forbidden Land ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Element: Earth
HP: ~308
Attacks: Hit, Despirit*
Gold: 36
Exp.: 80
Win: ?

Element: N/a
HP: ~450
Attacks: Pleasure, Sorrow 
Gold: 30
Exp.: 99
Win: Mind Purifier

Element: Earth
HP: ~300
Attacks: Hit, Stunning Hammer*
Gold: 42
Exp.: 108
Win: ?

Toad Stool
Element: Earth
HP: ~150
Attacks: Hit, Run Away!*
Gold: 18
Exp.: 82
Win: ?

Element: Light
HP: ~330
Attacks: Hit, Trans Light*
Gold: 24
Exp.: 81
Win: ?

++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Mountain of Mortal Dragon +++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Mega Sea Dragon
Element: Fire
HP: ~197
Attacks: Hit, Burn Out*,  Gushing Magma*
Gold: 21
Exp.: 80
Win: Gushing Magma

Deadly Spider
Element: Earth
HP: ~450
Attacks: Hit, Cobweb
Gold: 39
Exp.: 90
Win: ?

Element: Wind
HP: ~434
Attacks: Hit, Rave Twister*
Gold: 45
Exp.: 120
Win: Down Burst

Baby Dragon
Element: Thunder
HP: ~262
Attacks: Hit, Anger of Dragon*
Gold: 27
Exp.: 100
Win: Mind Purifier

Beastie Dragon
Element: Wind
HP: ~364
Attacks: Hit, Sweet Mist*, Black Mist*
Gold: 33
Exp.: 110
Win: Total Vanishing

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Kashua Glacier ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Freeze Knight
Element: Water
HP: ~431
Attacks: Hit, Spear Frost, Fatal Blizzard*
Gold: 27
Exp.: 110
Win: ?

Icicle Ball
Element: Water
HP: ~190
Attacks: Hit, Power Up
Gold: 21
Exp.: 121
Win: Spirit Potion

Land Skater
Element: Water
HP: ~300
Attacks: Hit, Spear Frost*
Gold: 33
Exp.: 88
Win: ?

Rocky Turtle
Element: Earth
HP: ~568
Attacks: Hit, Burn Out*
Gold: 39
Exp.: 99
Win: Guard Badge

Element: Earth
HP: ~1530
Attacks: Hit, Stinky Breath*
Gold: 45
Exp.: 132
Win: ?

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Snow Field ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Element: Thunder
HP: ~814
Attacks: Hit, Thunderbolt
Gold: 36
Exp.: 120

Element: N/a
HP: ~538
Attacks: Hit, Charging Spirit, All-out Attack!*
Gold: 42
Exp.: 132
Win: Attack Ball

White Ape
Element: Earth
HP: ~511
Attacks: Hit
Gold: 51
Exp.: 144
Win: Healing Potion

Windy Weasel
Element: Wind
HP: ~467
Attacks: Hit
Gold: 21
Exp.: 96
Win: Rave Twister

Mr. Bone
Element: Darkness
HP: ~450
Attacks: Hit*, Bone Throwing, HP recovers*
Gold: 30
Exp.: 108
Win: ?

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Vellweb ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Element: Darkness
HP: ~481
Attacks: Bats (causes Bewitchment)
Gold: 42
Exp.: 130
Win: ?

Element: Light
HP: ~500
Attacks: Hit, 
Gold: 36
Exp.: 104
Win: ?

Element: N/a
HP: ~521
Attacks: Hit, Charging Spirit, All-out Attack!*
Gold: 30
Exp.: 143
Win: Total Vanishing

Spring Hitter
Element: N/a
HP: ~432
Attacks: Hit, steal, Run away!
Gold: 21
Exp.: 117
Win: Healing Fog

Maximum Volt
Element: Thunder
HP: ~562
Attacks: Hit, Spark Net*
Gold: 51
Exp.: 156
Win: Flash Hall

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Death Frontier ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Element: Earth
HP: ~432
Attacks: Hit, shoot needles*
Gold: 36
Exp.: 126
Win: Recovery Ball

Element: Earth
HP: ~1620
Attacks: Hit, Throw Sand*
Gold: 51
Exp.: 168
Win: ?

Canbria Dayfly
Element: Wind
HP: ~648
Attacks: Hit, Spinning Gale*
Gold: 30
Exp.: 112
Win: Body Purifier

Element: Earth
HP: ~295
Attacks: Hit, poison sting*
Gold: 21
Exp.: 154
Win: Poison Needle

Spiky Beetle
Element: Earth
HP: ~532
Attacks: Hit, 
Gold: 42
Exp.: 140
Win: ?

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Magical City Aglis ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Element: Water
HP: ~680
Attacks: Hit, Spear Frost*
Gold: 24
Exp.: 120
Win: Healing Fog

Element: Earth
HP: ~1056
Attacks: Hit, Charging Spirit, All-Out Attack!*
Gold: 48
Exp.: 180
Win: Heavy Mace

Scud Shark
Element: Water
HP: ~439
Attacks: Hit
Gold: 39
Exp.: 150
Win: Angel's Prayer

Aqua King
Element: Water
HP: ~450
Attacks: Hit, Power Up, Physical Attack Barrier, Magical Attack Barrier
Gold: 30
Exp.: 135
Win: ?

Stern Fish
Element: Water
HP: ~1166
Attacks: Hit, Physical Attack Barrier
Gold: 54
Exp.: 165
Win: ?

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Law City Zenebatos ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Death Purger
Element: Darkness
HP: ~549
Attacks: Hit, Power Up
Gold: 24
Exp.: 144
Win: ?

Element: Wind
HP: ~874 
Attacks: Hit, Amusing Lecture
Gold: 54
Exp.: 176
Win: Sage's Cloak

Sky Chaser
Element: Wind
HP: ~874
Attacks: Stun hit
Gold: 30
Exp.: 88
Win: ?

Element: Darkness
HP: ~738
Attacks: Hit, Midnight Terror*
Gold: 39
Exp.: 160
Win: ?

Element: Wind
HP: ~605
Attacks: Hit
Gold: 48
Exp.: 192
Win: ?

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Death City Mayfil +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Element: Darkness
HP: ~612
Attacks: Hit, laugh (causes Fear)
Gold: 39
Exp.: 153
Win: Mind Purifier

Loner Knight
Element: Darkness
HP: ~661
Attacks: Hit, Cursing Mist*, Stench of Death*
Gold: 48
Exp.: 187
Win: Soul Eater

Hyper Skeleton
Element: Darkness
HP: ~1017
Attacks: Hit, Stunning Hammer*, Midnight Terror*
Gold: 102
Exp.: 391
Win: ?

Element: Darkness
HP: ~312
Attacks: Hit, Black Rain*
Gold: 30
Exp.: 170
Win: Midnight Terror

Human Hunter
Element: N/a
HP: ~567
Attacks: Hit, Power Up
Gold: 24
Exp.: 136
Win: ?

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Divine Tree ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Element: Darkness
HP: ~963
Attacks: Hit, roar (causes Fear)*
Gold: 60
Exp.: 216
Win: ?

Cute Cat
Element: Thunder
HP: ~744
Attacks: Hit, Luring Dance*, Dance of Death*
Gold: 51
Exp.: 162
Win: ?

Element: Earth
HP: ~1230
Attacks: Hit
Gold: 33
Exp.: 180
Win: Healing Breeze

Mountain Ape
Element: Earth
HP: ~1204
Attacks: Hit,
Gold: 42
Exp.: 196
Win: ?

Element: Earth
HP: ~1185
Attacks: Arm-blocking hit, Praying for Rain*
Gold: 24
Exp.: 104
Win: ?

+++++++++++++++++++++++++ Moon That Never Sets, Part I +++++++++++++++++++++++++

Trap Plant
Element: Water
HP: ~ 1372
Attacks: Hit, Spear Frost* (?)
Gold: 42
Exp.: 304
Win: ?

Element: Light
HP: ~1280
Attacks: Hit, HP recovers*, Trans Light*
Gold: 51
Exp.: 380
Win: ?

Swift Dragon
Element: Fire
HP: ~1245
Attacks: Hit, Cry of Dragon*
Gold: 24
Exp.: 228
Win: Burning Wave

++++++++++++++++++++++++ Moon that Never Sets, Part II +++++++++++++++++++++++++

Element: Earth
HP: ~3342
Attacks: Stun hit, hit-all*
Gold: 120
Exp.: 2000
Win: ?

Roulette Face
Element: Darkness
HP: ~2572
Attacks: Pleasure, Sorrow, Joy, Anger*
Gold: 42
Exp.: 360
Win: Night Raid

Air Combat
Element: Wind
HP: ~1019
Attacks: Hit, All-out attack!
Gold: 33
Exp.: 456
Win: Down Burst

++++++++++++++++++++++++ Moon that Never Sets, part III ++++++++++++++++++++++++

Psyche Druid
Element: Light
HP: ~2070
Attacks: Gushing Magma, Thunderbolt, Psyche Bomb*
Gold: 84
Exp.: 638
Win: Spectral Flash

Mad Skull
Element: Thunder
HP: ~850
Attacks: Hit, Midnight Terror, Panic Bell
Gold: 51
Exp.: 400
Win: Flash Hall

Element: N/a
HP: ~4
Attacks: Hit, kill + Run Away!
Gold: 600
Exp.: 0
Win: Spirit Potion

(!) Does not appear in random battles
(?) Estimate
*   When low on HP
=>  Enables
+   Done in conjunction with other attack
-   Done when enemy is killed

Note: Battles caused by running into an enemy sprite still count as random.

============================ 5-08: GameShark Codes =============================
For all you cheaters out there! (Holla!! ...or something...)

A'ight, we've all seen sections like this before; the code description is the
name of the code, and the numbers and letters are the code itself. Kay-o?
Anyway, there are already plenty of useful codes preloaded on the GameShark to
begin with, but you'll need to change the values or addresses most of the time.
(The address is the first eight characters, while the value is the last four.)
To change a code, go into the code menu, highlight the code, and press X. Then,
just use up and down on the D-pad to adjust the characters, or left and right
to adjust the position of the cursor. It's easy enough if you possess opposable
thumbs. "That's not funny, Sovios, my cousin doesn't have them!" Hey, I'm
sorry, I didn't know. Anyway, you can put the codes in using your other fingers
too. Anyway, I'm only listing the "faulty" codes with the correct values and
addresses so far. (There're a lot of 'em even so... 30 total.)

DartInf MP: 800baefe 0064                   DartInf SP: 800baf00 01f4

DartMax Drgn Level: 300baf07 0032           LavitzInf MP: 800baf2a 0064

LavitzInf SP: 800baf2c 01f4                 LavitzMax Drgn Lvl: 300baf33 0005

ShanaInf MP: 800baf56 0064                  ShanaInf SP: 800baf58 01f4

ShanaMax Level: 300baf5e 003c               ShanaMax Drgn Lvl: 300baf5f 0005

P.AlbertInf MP: 800bafda 0064               P.AlbertInf SP: 800bafdc 01f4

P.AlbertMax Drgn LVL: 300bafe3 0005         HaschelInf MP: 800bafae 0064

HaschelInf SP: 800bafb0 01f4                HaschelMax Drgn LVL: 300bafb7 0005

MeruInf MP: 800bb006 0064                   MeruInf SP: 800bb008 01f4

MeruMax Drgn LVL: 300bb00f 0005             MirandaInf MP: 800bb05e 0064

MirandaInf SP: 800bb060 01f4                MirandaMax Drgn LVL: 300bb067 0005

KongolInf MP: 800bb032 0064                 KongolInf SP: 800bb034 01f4

KongolMax Drgn LVL: 300bb03b 0005           RoseInf MP: 800baf82 0064

RoseInf SP: 800baf84 01f4                   RoseMax Drgn Level: 300baf8b 0005

Max Money: 800bac5c e0ff                    Max Stardust: 300bac64 0032
           800bac5e 05f5

If you have any codes you'd like to add, feel free to e-mail me with them.

============================ 5-09: Version History =============================
Nobody ever reads this crap anyway, so I put it at the end.

 Version 1.00 - started 02/28/05 - finished 06/17/05
-Finished the bulk of the walkthrough. Enjoy!

 Version 1.01 - started 06/20/05 - finished 06/20/05
-Corrected a few margin errors that kept GameFAQs from taking it.

 Version 1.11 - started 06/24/05 - finished 06/25/05
-Changed a few things, added a bestiary, etc. I'm confident it's now as
 comprehensive as I can make it by myself. Of course, that's what contributors
 are for :)

 Version 1.12 - started 06/26/05 - finished 06/26/05
-Added Brian's tip on getting the chest between the fingers in Hellena.

 Version 1.22 - started 06/29/05 - finished 07/6/05
-Made many minor corrections, including fixing the dates on the Version History.
 (I can't believe I didn't notice how weird it looked!)

 Version 1.23 - started 12/15/05 - finished 12/15/05
-Added a few tips.

 Version 1.24 - started 06/21/06 - finished 06/22/06
-Updated the format of the guide to match that of my other guides.

 Version 1.25 - started 07/18/06 - finished 07/18/06
-Fixed some section headers that somehow escaped my last update.

 Version 1.26 - started 01/17/07 - finished 01/17/07
-Updated the list of sites allowed to host this guide, as well as the ASCII sig.

============================== 5-10: Final Words ===============================
There, no more of my lame jokes. ~Are you feeling happy now?!~

Thanks go out to:

Me: For typing this
You: For reading this
Brian Sellers: For contributing the tip on getting the "inaccessible" chest in
Rebecca Dukett: For confirming that the thrice damned Yellow Birds do in fact
                give you 300G for killing them. Also for the tip on fighting the
                Sandora Elite in Hoax.
Saber Clan Clan: For contributing the Windigo tip.
Leon: For suggesting that the Spirit Ring would be useful in raising D'Lv. (I
      already knew this, but forgot to put it in.)
Tai Vang: For asking me for cool lines such as "When the clash of swords
          echo..."; granted, I didn't pen those lines, but it brightened up my
          day to find that I wasn't the only one who thought they were cool.
Anyone else who contributes: Thanks in advance!
SCEA: For translating this game and bringing it stateside
Sony Pictures: For making the Resident Evil movies.
Capcom: For making the Resident Evil games, off of which the movies were based.
        Oh, and for making the Devil May Cry games, from which I appropriated
        the Style scale.
Every good rock or metal band in existence, from AC/DC to Led Zeppelin: For
     making music that was actually good, unlike these thrice damned "pop
     stars" and "country crooners" Okay, I guess country's all right in terms
     of guitar, but it's lyrically depressing. And pop music, let's be honest,
     is just plain crap.
Your-under-arrest: For writing many humorous fanfics that kept me motivated,
                   especially "The Dragoons ROAD TRIP", which you can find
                   at, in the Legend of Dragoon section.

Oh, speaking of YUA, here are a couple of humorous quotes from "The Dragoons
"Denial ain't just a river in Mississippi."

"I know I haven't known you for a very long time, and I shouldn't be asking you
 for this so soon, but I need it badly. I haven't had it for a very long time.
 I can already feel it going in good and hard and coming out nice and soft. If
 you would do this for me no one would ever know. I am sure you can satisfy my
 needs, and I'd be very grateful if you would. I am very desperate and I need
 your help. You must think by now I have a lot of nerve, but I can feel my
 tongue wrapping around it and sucking out all the juice until its very dry. It
 has been on my mind all day and I'm not going to beat around the bush anymore.
 Do you have a piece of gum?"
                                    --Dart prank-calling an author.

No thanks to:

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen: For making horrible movies and TV shows.
Bill O'Reilly, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, all evangelists,
  Michael Savage, and every other neocon alive: For just generally hate-
Squaresoft: For making FFIX and FFX-2, which sucked hot wet ass, and for
            ripping off LoD to make Chrono Cross, which also sucked hot wet
            ass, though not quite as badly.

Adieu, my friends; parting with a game is such sweet sorrow.
            __        ______  __          __  _      ______      __
           / /       / ___  | \ \        / / | |    / ___  |    / /
          ///       ///   |||  \\\      ///  |||   ///   |||   ///
         ///_____  ///    |||   \\\    ///   |||  ///    |||  ///_____
        /_____  / ///     ///    \\\  ///    ||| ///     /// /_____  /
             ///  |||    ///      \\\///     ||| |||    ///       ///
            ///   |||___///        \\//      ||| |||___///       ///
           /_/    |______/          \/       |_| |______/       /_/

                                        See you at, kids...

I'm pretty much done with this guide, but I will update as necessary based upon
submissions from readers.