The Legend of Dragoon Tips

Yeah, so?
Everyone says, OMG I beat that boss with only this that and this while on level 20 or something. The real tip to beating any boss isn't to copy someone elses method but to use the strategy behind the battle. For example, when battling lloyd in the tower of flavnel, all you need to do to win is not go dragoon. However, if you master your additions no boss is even a challenge. Also, If you are playing the game for the first time use Albert/lavitz in your party. Not only do his final attacks kick major butt, but you have lavitz even before shana, and all of his abilities and levels transfer to albert afterwards, so there is no akward relearning of abilities. Avoid faster characters as well because they tend to be much harder in mastering additions. Even though alberts additions may seem a little fast they are worth it.