Legend of Legaia review
A Very Good RPG-If You Want Difference,Play It!

The good:

Graphics and musics are very good,also storyline and modelling are very excellent.The greatest one is characters,Serus,arts and magics.

The bad:

Sometimes the difficulty of the game becomes very high,and don't forget boss named Lapis-it's very hard too.


You will enjoy Legend of Legaia,because it's so different from other RPGs.At the game,you wil meet with three characters:Vahn,a boy who will become hunter,Noa,a girl who doesn't know her mother and father,and Gala,a Biron warrior-monk who works as Master Teacher at Biron Monastery.

When you look at game's storyline,you will see the Mist covers all over the Legaia.There's a little village named Rim Elm,and a boy lives here named Vahn.Vahn will become a hunter next day,but before he becomes a hunter,a Seru attacks to his village.After that,Vahn meets Ra-Seru;Meta,and saves his village,and his adventure will start.Noa and Gala will join him at next parts of adventure,and all of themwill try to defeat Mist and Mist Generators.

At graphics,you will play at Drake Kingdom,Sebucus Islands and Karisto Kingdom,also,stages are brilliant-like Noaru Valley or Sky Gardens of Jeremi.

Well,you will like Legend of Legaia,the RPG system is great at this game.This game has a difference from others,so play it if you want a difference!

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