: : : : : : : Easy Gold & Cheap Soru Bread without Gameshark

Legend of Legaia Tips

Easy Gold & Cheap Soru Bread without Gameshark
Once you get to SOL, go to the Muscle Dome, Go up to the lady with the bunny hat and ask to enter the tournament. Get around 50 Coins (if you have to leave before the end, do so to earn little by little).

Once you have around 50 Coins, go to the Slot machines on either side of the room and play the slot machines.

If you watch the wheel spinning closely, you will notice that Punch and Kick with spikes (Blue and Yellow) are going around in circles, try to catch three in a row and you will get to the bonus game. If you get the bonus game, try to catch all 10's. each column is multiplied together, so 10x10x10 is 1000 coins.

Play even longer and you will start hearing "Kick" or "Punch", once you hear this, you can easily press the buttons to get the bonus games again.

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  • Cheap Soru Bread ******</li>
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Once you have enough coins, or dont want to play anymore, go to the lady in the booth and ask to exchange the coins for items, and you will see that Soru Bread is $100 or $200 (forgot which), but is hell of alot cheaper than paying $6000 for it in the bakery.

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  • Easy Money/Gold ******</li>
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Now that you have a pile of soru bread for cheap, bring it to any merchant (or the overpriced bakery) and resell them for $3000 each!

Courtesy of KiKing

Extra Tip - Hidden Items
In the town of buma (and maybe others) walk up to the fireplace after the mist is cleared and press X, there are items in there!