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Left 4 Dead Glitches

Hunter Glitch - Silent and Run While Crouched
As a Hunter in "Ghost Mode" (Blue Screen), walk into an object that you can move through. ie. Crates, Doors. Press the crouch button for a a split second, and if done correctly, your view will be seemingly crouched and you fun twice as fast (while still in Ghost Mode). After you spawn, your Hunter is completely silent and will not be detected ("There's a Hunter over there!") by Survivors, as well as be able to run around. From this, you can pounce straight away without having to wait for your meter to build up. However, you can only pounce once, otherwise you will then fix up the glitch until you die and try it again in Ghost mode. The same goes for crouching again and jumping. You can still Melee, climb and walk off edges.