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Command codes

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Record Gameplay
To record your gameplay using the Command Console, simply type in "Record" then a space and then any name you want it called. It will then record the gameplay. If you type in "Stop" in the CMD, it will stop recording. If you progress a level, the recording will stop and create a new file for the next map, adding an "_" and an integer (eg. "_02") to the end of the original file name. You can watch the recording at any time by typing in "playdemo" then a space and then the file name.


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Console Commands
These are a list of all the commands that can be entered by pressing the [~] button in game (PC Version only). Developers console should be activated first from the settings menu.
PasswordWhat it does
sv_cheats 0Disable Cheats
sv_cheats 1Enables Cheats
god 0Disables god mode
god 1Enables god mode|+|cannot be hurt
no clipEnables/Disables the ability to fly through levels
nb_blind 0Visible to infected
nb_blind 1Invisible to infected (Can still be detected wen touched)
nb_delete_allClears all infected, special infected and survivors
z_addAdds a single infected
z_spawnSpawns a common infected
z_spawn #bossnameChange #bossname with the name of a special infected: tank, boomer, smoker, witch, hunter, mob. Spawns them at your crosshair
give #weaponnameChange #weaponname with name of weapon: smg, shotgun, rifle, auto_shotgun, hunting_rifle, first_aid_kit, pain_pills, health, oxygentank, propanetank, gascan, pipe_bomb, molotov. Equips your character with the designated weapon
z_health #Change # with integer. Spawns infected with chosen amount of health. Anything lower than 1 will not spawn.
fireDrops a molotov in the center of the character lighting you on fire
boomDrops a pipebomb in the center of the character ready to explode
z_common_limit 30Default limit on amount of infected within a mob
z_mob_spawn_min_size #Change # with interger. Changes minimum amount of infected within a mob
z_mob_spawn_max_size #Change # with interger. Changes maximum amount of infected within a mob
rescue_distance #Change # with interger. Changes amount of distance from a dead survivors corpse must be reached before they can be rescued.
rescue_min_dead_time #or dies that muChange # with interger. Changes amount of time elapsed after a survivst be reached before they can be rescued.
sv_infinite_ammo 1infinite ammo = no realoading = awesome! ~
give pain_pillsgives you some pain pills ~
give riflegives you m47 rifle ~
give first_aid_kitgives you first aid kit ~
give gascangives you a gascan
give oxygentankgives you an oxygen tank
give propanetankgives you a propane tank
director_force_panicsets off a panic event, where zombies rush at you
director_no_mobsturns off all mob events
z_tank_health (#)sets maximum health for a tank
name #changes your name
z_spawn # Animal nameSpawns an infected animal.
give lasergunGive's survivor a laser gun
thirdpersonit lets you see your character
sv_infinite_ammo 1your ammo will be unlimited
thirdpersonshoulderChanges the view so you'll be able to see your survivor.
cl_crosshair_dynamic 0Makes your crosshairs small for all weapons and they won't expand.
cl_crosshair_dynamic 1Changes the crosshairs back to normal.
map l4d_hospital01_apartmentsChanges the map and campaign to No Mercy-Apartments.
map l4d_airport01_greenhouseChanges map and campaign to Dead Air-Greenhouse.
map l4d_farmhouse01_forestChanges map and campaign to Blood Harvest-The Woods.
vocalize PlayerDeathMakes the survivor you are playing as scream. (Works in all game modes)
bind (name of key) (name of console command)Binds the key of your choosing to the console command of your choosing. (Example: bind n "noclip") Note: You must put quotation marks aroun the console comman.
sb_all_bot_team 1Makes the entire survivor team AIs.
mp_gamemode versus/coop/survivalChanges the game mode to whatever you choose. (Example: mp_gamemode versus changes the game mode to versus.)
bot_mimic 1Makes a specific SI or Survivor follow every one of your movements.
killKills the Survivor/Infected you are playing as.
impulse10Drops all weapons/equipment in front of you.
give rifleGives your Survivor an M16
give hunting_rifleGives your Survivor a Mini-14 Hunting Rifle.(Mini-14 is the actual model of the gun)
give pistolGives your Survivor a second pistol
give smgGives your Survivor a Mini Uzi
give pumpshotgunGives your Survivor a pump shotgun.
give autoshotgunGives your Survivor a Benelli M4 autoshotgun
turn to zombie # zombie nameturning to be example hunter tanker witch
sv_cheats 0disable cheats
sv_cheats 1enable cheats
god 0disable god mode
god 1you will not die
buddha 0disable buddha
buddha 1you will take damage but will not die
nocliplets you walk through walls
mp_gamemode (name of gamemode)changes game mode example:survival coop versus
give (weapon name)give weapons and healing items example:rifle hunting rifle pumpshotgun autoshotgun pistol gascan propentank molotov pipe bomb first aid kit pain pills health
wrap_all_survivors_to_checkpointputs all survivors in the safehouse
wrap_far_survivor_hereputs the furthest survivor where the crosshair is pointing
wrap_all_survivors_hereputs all the survivor including you where the crosshair is pointing
z_addadds a single infected
z_spawnspawns a common infected
z_spawn (bossname)spawns a zombie boss example:tank hunter smoker boomer witch
sv_infinite_ammounlimited ammo and no need to reaload
kick (bossname or survivor name)kill the bossname or survivor name example:tank hunter smoker boomer witch louis zoey francis bill note:you cannot kill the survivor that you are controling
map l4d_hospital01_apartmentshanges the map and campaign to No Mercy-Apartments
map l4d_airport01_greenhouseChanges map and campaign to Dead Air-Greenhouse
vocalize PlayerDeathMakes the survivor you are playing as scream
map l4d_farmhouse01_forestChanges map and campaign to Blood Harvest-The Woods
helpyour team mates helps you
kill #Replace # with survivor/player/infected name. (kill Bill, Kill Hunter, ect.)
reviveHelps all survivors up if you are not downed. If you are downed it helps only you.
noclipLet's you fly when you put it in, putting it in again will make you stop flying.
give healthPuts you to 100 or higher.
director_stopStops zombies from spawning. (Not including Tanks or Witches.)
director_startAllows zombies to spawn.
director_no_death_check 1When all human players die the game won't end.
director_no_bosses_1No Tanks or Witches will spawn.
director_no_mobs_1No mobs will spawn.
director_no_specials 1No special infected spawn, just normal infected.
director_no_survivor_bots 1All bots will be kicked from the game.
pain_pills_health_value 50Default health gained from pills.
warp_all_survivors_hereTeleports all survivors to your crosshair.
killserverShuts down the server.
z_pounce_damage 5Default Hunter pounce hit damage.
z_lunge_power 600Default Hunter pounce speed.
z_lunge_up 200Default Hunter pounce hight.
z_ghost_speed 450Default ghost speed. ( ghost is the bluescreen in versus.)
z_walk_speed 85Default walking speed


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Left 4 Dead Achievement List
UnlockableHow to unlock
DRAG AND DROPRescue a Survivor from a Smoker's tongue before he takes damage.
BRAIN SALADMake 100 headshot kills.
BLIND LUCKYou or another Survivor take no damage after being vomited on by a Boomer.
TONGUE TWISTERKill a Smoker who has grabbed you with his tongue.
TANKBUSTERSKill a Tank without it dealing any damage to a Survivor.
PYROTECHNICIANBlow up 20 Infected in a single explosion.
MY BODYGUARDProtect any Survivor from an attacking Infected 50 times.
OUTBREAKCatch a rare strain of infection, then pass it on to someone else.
101 CREMATIONSSet 101 Infected on fire.
TOWERING INFERNOLight a Tank with a Molotov.
HUNTER PUNTERShove a Hunter off of a pinned and helpless Survivor.
NO SMOKING SECTIONKill 10 Smokers as they are pulling helpless Survivors.
HERO CLOSETRescue a Survivor trapped in a closet.
NO-ONE LEFT BEHINDBeat a campaign with all 4 Survivors.
WITCH HUNTERKill a Witch without any Survivor taking damage from her.
DEAD STOPPunch a Hunter as he is pouncing.
SPINAL TAPKill an Infected with a single blow from behind.
GROUND COVERSave another Survivor from a Special Infected while on the ground.
BURN THE WITCHLight a Witch with a Molotov.
SacrifizzleAs a Special Infected, incap someone who is trying to sacrifice themselves.
JUMP SHOTHeadshot a Hunter while he's leaping.
MERCY KILLERSurvive the No Mercy campaign.
DEAD BARONSurvive the Dead Air campaign.
TOLL COLLECTORSurvive the Death Toll campaign.
CLEAN KILLShove a Boomer and then kill him without him splashing on anyone.
DOUBLE JUMPPounce two different Survivors on one life as a Hunter.
GRIM REAPERSurvive the Blood Harvest campaign.
BRONZE METTLEEarn a Bronze medal in Survival mode on any official level.
CHAIN SMOKERConstrict two Survivors on one life as a Smoker.
HELPING HANDRevive 50 incapacitated Survivors.
DEAD GIVEAWAYHeal a fellow Survivor when your own health is below 10.
DEAD WRECKENINGDole out 5000 total Survivor damage as a Special Infected.
STAND TALLSurvive a campaign without being incapacitated.
LAST STANDComplete one round of Survival on The Last Stand.
PHARM-ASSISTGive pain pills to 10 Survivors.
BACK 2 HELPLeave a safe room to save an incapped teammate and bring them back safely.
LAMB 2 SLAUGHTERAs an Infected, incap a Survivor who has entered and left a safe room.
SILVER BULLETSEarn a Silver medal in Survival mode on any official level.
BIG DRAGDrag a Survivor 100 feet with your tongue as a Smoker.
CRASH-PROOFSurvive the Crash Course Campaign.
FIELD MEDICHeal 25 Survivors with a first aid kit.
VIOLENCE IS GOLDENEarn a Gold medal in Survival mode on any official level.
BARF BAGGEDCover four Survivors with Boomer bile at once.
DO NOT DISTURBSneak past all Witches in a campaign without disturbing one.
CR0WNDKill a Witch with a single headshot.
All 4 DeadKill all four Survivors on one life as a Tank.
AKIMBO ASSASSINSurvive an entire campaign using only pistols.
MAN VS TANKSingle-handedly kill a Tank.
QUICK POWERRestart the generator within 30 seconds of it shutting off.
UNTOUCHABLESNo Survivors take damage after contacting the rescue vehicle.
ZOMBICIDAL MANIACSurvive any campaign on Expert.
TANK STUMBLEStun a Tank with an explosion in the Crash Course campaign.
UNBREAKABLEFinish a campaign without ever using a first aid kit on yourself.
SMASH HITWin a Versus campaign of Crash Course.
RED MISTKill 1000 Infected with a mounted machine gun.
STOMACH UPSETAll Survivors complete a campaign without being vomited on.
ZOMBIE GENOCIDESTKill 53,595 Infected.
SLIPPERY PULLSmoker pull a bile-covered Survivor until you hold him during Crash Course.
SAFETY FIRSTPlay an entire campaign with no Survivors taking friendly fire damage.
WIPEFESTYour team incapacitates three Survivors within five seconds.
WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO PROVE?Survive all campaigns on Expert.
DISTINGUISHED SURVIVOREarn at least a Bronze medal on every official Survival level.
Supreme SacrificeComplete "The Sacrifice".
THE LITTLEST GENOCIDEKill 5,359 Infected in the Crash Course campaign.
NOTHING SPECIALSurvive a campaign with no Survivors taking damage from Special Infected.
JUMPIN' JACK SMASHPounce a Survivor for 25 points of damage in the Crash Course campaign.
HEROIC SURVIVOREarn at least a Silver medal on every official Survival level.
Kill BillHave Bill sacrifice himself for the team.
LEGENDARY SURVIVOREarn a Gold medal on every official Survival level.
Chaos GeneratorHave all 3 generators running at once in "The Sacrifice" finale.
TRUCK STOPYour team wipes all Survivors after the escape vehicle has opened in Crash Course.
Barrel RolledKill a Special Infected with an exploding barrel.
20 CAR PILE-UPAs A Tank hit 20 Survivors with a car in the Crash Course campaign.


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Easily Achieve Tank Achievements (With Cheats)
Would like to make a minor edit to it. I would like it to say this instead:

"Although this involves using the Command Console, it is a particularly easy way to obtain the Man Vs. Tank, Tank Buster and Towering Inferno Achievements all simlutaneously. Make sure to change the difficulty setting to Expert at first, and play on Campaign with all bots on your team. Start the first level of No Mercy, and shoot all your team mates until they are all incapacitated. Ensure that no Survivors manage to revive downed members. Afterwards, finish them off quickly. Change the difficulty back to Easy. Then, turn on cheats (sv_cheats 1) and spawn yourself a molotov (give molotov). Then, turn on noclip (noclip) and fly up to the rooftop just to the left of the door leading into the building your standing on top of. Land on that rooftop (noclip) and then spawn a tank, while looking directly onto the rooftop you started on before (z_spawn tank). WITHOUT leaving the command console just yet, turn off cheats (sv_cheats 0), then exit the command console. You should have a tank appear right in front of you by now. Quickly, throw a molotov at it and make sure it catches on fire. Then, simply walk as far as you can from the Tank while still remaining on the rooftop you're on, to ensure that the tank can't reach you or throw a piece of concrete at you. After a minute, the Tank should fall and you should receive your three acheivements!"
Get lost? Don't know where to go?
If you get lost, no idea to go anywhere, no clue at all. Simply find some crowd of zombie they will get you back on track. or find a rail truck and keep moving, and enable Full Caption on Settings to read the message from your teammates and your character.
killing the tank easily on vs ( recomended pc )
Running diagonally from the tank ( SD ) as he is charging toward you. just as he is close enough to hit, go opposite way ( WA ). you will be behind him. keep shooting and repeat. after about fifth time they get wise to it.
Pump Shotgun vs. Auto Shotgun
Basically, these two guns are the same damage wise, but the pump has a slower fire rate, so if a choice arises, go with the auto indefinitely.
Shot the Car in the First Level?
If you shot the car in the first level, the best thing you can do is take off down towards the safe point. And lock the door.
Tips on accomplishments
Couple ways to get the not so easy accomplishments:
Tank on Fire: When on the rooftop of the hospital, pick up the molotovs, and light an area around you on fire, and then attract the tanks attention.
Dead Stop: Use a shotgun and run at a Hunter hitting the melee button repeatedly.
Versus Mode: Hunter Wall Jumping
To jump off of the walls of buildings as a Hunter in Versus mode, simply crouch to charge your jump. Jump, then, as soon as you hit the wall, quickly turn your character around so that you're at least facing 180 degrees from your original point of view, before the Hunter begins to drop. Quickly click the mouse again, whilst still holding the crouch button, to propel yourself off the wall and further into the air.

This trick is useful for reaching higher places. It may take some practices to perfect.


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Disfigured Zoey's Hand
On the campaign poster for No Mercy, Zoey's right hand, whilst holding the pistol, is disfigured, having formed a second hand off of it.
Fire an entire clip in 1 second
This will work with only the full auto guns, aka the Uzi submachine gun and the assault rifle. This works in 360 version and might work on PC.
  1. Equip the Handgun, hold down melee (LT) until you swing twice.
  2. While still holding down melee, switch to your full auto gun (Y) and hold down the fire button (RT).
  3. Keep holding down both LT and RT until you have held down RT for 7-10 seconds, then let go of LT only.
If done right, you will fire the entire full auto clip at once in a manner of 1 second, and the game registers as all the rounds being fired. This works really well for Tanks as long as you can hit them of course. If all 4 people can manage to do this on a Tank, he will be either dead or fairly close to dead within like 10 seconds.
Hunter Glitch - Silent and Run While Crouched
As a Hunter in "Ghost Mode" (Blue Screen), walk into an object that you can move through. ie. Crates, Doors. Press the crouch button for a a split second, and if done correctly, your view will be seemingly crouched and you fun twice as fast (while still in Ghost Mode). After you spawn, your Hunter is completely silent and will not be detected ("There's a Hunter over there!") by Survivors, as well as be able to run around. From this, you can pounce straight away without having to wait for your meter to build up. However, you can only pounce once, otherwise you will then fix up the glitch until you die and try it again in Ghost mode. The same goes for crouching again and jumping. You can still Melee, climb and walk off edges.
Reload whilst Meleeing
This trick has only been proven to work with either of the two shotguns, due to the fact that reloading cause the bullets to stack, and isn't reloaded with one single clip.
To perform the glitch, simply press the melee button as soon as you choose to reload. You character will initiate the melee action, which will knock the infected back, therefore cancelling the reload animation. Despite this, your gun will still continue reloading, making it much easier to keep yourself safe whilst reloading the shotgun.
Skip major portion of No Mercy: The Apartments
This is initiated at the very beginning of the first chapter in the first Campaign, No Mercy. Directly behind you at the start of the game is a ledge. Across the alley, on the building opposite, is an air-conditioning vent that can be reached by jumping off the ledge and landing on it. This will consumer roughly around half your character's health, but will skip a large portion of the gameplay that includes moving through the Apartments to reach the entrance.
Tank Buster Accomplishment
Sometimes, you'll run into a tank where you wouldn't usually expect it, and you can go places it can't, like vents. So, you could hide in a vent, and repeatedly shoot it, without it damaging you at all.
The Crane Survival Cheat
When you spawn in survival and look out to your left there is a truck on the road. Go down the the edge of the building behind were you spawned. Press space and hold and walk straight to the truck. You should land on the truck alive. You'll need a friend for the rest of the cheat. Your friend should start the crane and repeat what you did. He must try picking you up in mid-air. Press E when this happens. You and your friend should both be on the truck alive. Go to the edge of the truck that lead to the right of the building and jump off across the line from the closest building. If you fail you will die. If you made it go down the road in till you see the alley way. Go in and the infected shouldn't reach you. When your done with your goal in time just go outside and try getting on the truck.