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Left for boredom?

The good:

  • Some nice addition to the graphics.
  • Additions to the game, such as the new multiplayer modes that are optional.
  • A whole variety of new weapons, adreneline, maps, etc.
  • New 'special' infected
  • melee weapons!

The bad:

  • Repetition
  • Repetition [yes, twice]
  • No story-line plot


An overview:

As a kid, most anyway, love some nice scary/horror games to stay up late to play. Left4Dead captured that picture perfect, and me and my friends played that for months. The game was a new edition to the modern games of the current time, and the whole 'arcade' feel was wonderful. There was no certain plot, and because of that there was no certain end to this game. Because of that, we spent months of time simply staying up until midnight to play and survive the oncoming hoards that came after us when we signaled whatever it was that we did.

This game, however, failed to bring anyt...


Another Homer From Valve

The good:

Polished graphics look
Melee weapons
More diverse guns
New Versus scoring system
New special infected
Variety in campaigns
Scavenge mode
Updated AI Director
Gore, blood, and limbs
High replayability

The bad:

Sequel too soon
Few pointless additions
Changes to original infected
Rochelle (Yes I realize I put her twice)
Lack of plot


Left 4 Dead 2 is a sequel to the highly praised Left 4 Dead game, which was released a year ago. That's right, this sequel has come rather quickly, within a year's time no less. It's unlike Valve to pull a stunt like this, as they tend to take their sweet time with developing their games (we need a release date for HL2:Ep3!). And they said so themselves, it was simply a crazy idea gone forward. Some may argue that it's for the cash, but in this economy, the company that barely releases a new game a year could use some profit. But enough about the quick push forward for the game, let's get i...


Valve's Award Winning Zombie-Co-op Experience Returns


After just one year, the sequel for the ultimate zombie apocalypse experience is here. Left 4 Dead 2 is a four way fully co-operative experience set in the deep south of America; featuring melee weapons, five new campaigns, new special infected, the Director 2.0 and a ton of new toys to satisfy your need for zombie gore.

When I first picked up this game on impulse, I didn't have high expectations. I thought that it would be pretty much the same as the original, but with some new weapons. It would be an insult to the team at Valve to state such a thing. On initially booting up the game, I did...

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