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Left 4 Dead 2 Weapon/Item Guide

by Raistlyn   Updated to v1.23 on
This walkthrough was originally written for Left 4 Dead 2 on the PC, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the XBOX360 version of the game.
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------------------Left 4 Dead 2 Weapons / Item FAQ---------------------
Copyright (c) 2009
Eric VanErt (Raistlyn on www.gamefaqs.com)

Table of Contents (Use Ctrl + F and search for the code on the right)

Update History......................................[L4D2UPDATE]
About the FAQ.......................................[L4D2FAQ]
About the Author....................................[L4D2AUTHOR]

Why Arm Yourself?...................................[L4D2ARM]
Weapon Tiers?.......................................[L4D2TIER]
Standard Melee Attack...............................[L4D2SHOVE]

Foot Lockers........................................[L4D2STASH]

Normal Pistol.......................................[L4D29MM]

Silenced SMG........................................[L4D2SSMG]
Assault Rifle.......................................[L4D2ASSAULT]
Desert Rifle........................................[L4D2DESERT]
Heavy Machine Gun...................................[L4D2HEAVY]

Pump Shotgun........................................[L4D2PUMP]
Chrome Shotgun......................................[L4D2CHROME]
Tactical Shotgun....................................[L4D2TACTICAL]
Combat Shotgun......................................[L4D2COMBAT]

Sniper Rifles.......................................[L4D2SCOPE]
Hunting Rifle.......................................[L4D2HUNT]
Military Sniper Rifle...............................[L4D2SNIPER]

Grenade Launcher....................................[L4D2GRENADE]

Melee Weapons.......................................[L4D2MELEE]
Baseball Bat........................................[L4D2HOMERUN]
Cricket Bat.........................................[L4D2PADDLE]
Electric Guitar.....................................[L4D2GUITAR]
Fire Axe............................................[L4D2CHOP]
Frying Pan..........................................[L4D2BONK]
Golf Club...........................................[L4D2FORE]


Throwing Weaponry...................................[L4D2THROWING]
Pipe Bomb...........................................[L4D2PIPE]
Molotov Cocktail....................................[L4D2MOLLY]
Bile Jar............................................[L4D2PUKE]

Weapon Upgrades.....................................[L4D2UPGRADE]
Incendiary Ammo.....................................[L4D2BURN]
Explosive Rounds....................................[L4D2FRAG]
Laser Sights........................................[L4D2LASER]

Other Items.........................................[L4D2OTHER]
Gas Can.............................................[L4D2GAS]
Oxygen Tank.........................................[L4D2OXYGEN]
Propane Tank........................................[L4D2PROPANE]
Gnome Chompski......................................[L4D2GNOME]
Adrenaline Shot.....................................[L4D2HYPER]
First Aid Kit.......................................[L4D2FAK]
Pain Pills..........................................[L4D2PEELZ]

Item-Specific Achievements..........................[L4D2ACHIEVE]
Fried Piper.........................................[L4D2PIPER]
Level a Charge......................................[L4D2LEVEL]
Confederacy of Crunches.............................[L4D2COC]
Head Honcho.........................................[L4D2DECAP]
Robbed Zombie.......................................[L4D2ROB]
Dismemberment Plan..................................[L4D2BLAST]
Burning Sensation...................................[L4D2SENSE]
Armory of One.......................................[L4D2AOO]
The Quick and the Dead..............................[L4D2TQATD]
Chain of Command....................................[L4D2CHAIN]
Septic Tank.........................................[L4D2TANK]
Club Dead...........................................[L4D2CD]
Tank Burger.........................................[L4D2BURGER]
Guardin' Gnome......................................[L4D2GUARD]
Beat the Rush.......................................[L4D2RUSH]
Gong Show...........................................[L4D2GONG]
Stache Whacker......................................[L4D2STACHE]
Shock Jock..........................................[L4D2JOCK]
Gas Guzzler.........................................[L4D2GUZZLE]
Til It Goes Click...................................[L4D2CLICK]
Cache Grab..........................................[L4D2LOCKER]

Which Weapons to Use and Where......................[L4D2WWTUAW]

Legal Stuff.........................................[L4D2MYFAQ]

Update History [L4D2UPDATE]

1.0) FAQ's Initial Posting.

1.1) 1/11/10 Fixed some grammatical and spelling errors, as well as 
added several new tidbits of information regarding several weapons and 
items in the guide.

1.11) 1/29/10 Added a strategy sent to me via e-mail regarding an 
achievement. Thank you for your input! Fixed a couple of the search 
codes that did not have a "2" in them. L4D2UPDATE was one of them 

1.12) 2/5/10 Added info on melee weapon damage against VS mode Tanks 
because of a patch update. Several spelling and grammatical corrections 
throughout the FAQ.

1.22) 4/23/10 The Download Content titled "The Passing" was released, 
and with it came the introduction of Foot Lockers, the Golf Club, the 
M60, and of course, achievements. Oh yeah, I talk about them all with 
this update.

1.23) 9/14/10 Minor update with tweaks for several weapons. Added pros 
and cons to the M60, updated the removal of explosive ammo in VS mode. 
Adjusted accuracy ratings for the sniper rifles. Minor spelling 

About the FAQ [L4D2FAQ]

Welcome! Welcome!

Welcome to my Left 4 Dead 2 Weapons Guide. Your one-stop-source for all 
the information you will ever need on the diddly-hoppers, doo-hickeys, 
and thing-a-ma-jigs that make the zombies stop moving.

This FAQ is intended to give those interested in Left 4 Dead 2's 
weaponry a good understanding of each and every single usable weapon in 
the game. Each weapon will be described in detail, and the pros and 
cons of each weapon will be given.

Hopefully, this guide will help you to decide which weapons to carry 
with you through the five campaigns of Left 4 Dead 2 based on their 
strengths and weaknesses, explain when to switch weapons, why you 
should switch weapons, and how to better conserve ammunition for those 

We don't want you getting killed out there!

About the Author [L4D2AUTHOR]

I'm Eric. I've been a member of GameFAQs since April 30th, 2002. I have 
written one other FAQ. A Vs. mode guide for Left 4 Dead (the first 
one). Check it out, but be warned, it's pretty lengthy.


I have that kind of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder that irks me to find 
out anything and everything there is to know about something, so you 
can be assured that this FAQ will go into extreme detail when covering 
Left 4 Dead 2's weapons and items.

I think something being the greatest thing since sliced bread is 
I like cake.
I don't care if it's a lie.
I can drive a golf ball 700+ yards. Happy Gilmore can't touch me.
At least twice a month, I get angry, turn green, and get HUGE.
I'm a Green Bay Packers fan and I still love Brett Favre.
I am left handed.
I invented Binoculars.
I'm happily married.
I am more awesome than your dog.
I am more awesome than your friends.
I am more awesome than you.

But all facts aside, this is my 2nd guide. So I'm still fairly new at 
this. That being said, if you find anything inaccurate about this 
guide, please let me know. My e-mail address is listed at the beginning 
of this FAQ. I'll be sure to give credit where credit is due. I ain't a 
punk like that.

I'm writing this FAQ up to date. If anything gets changed, I will work 
dilligently to alter this FAQ to keep things current. There will be 
nothing in this guide telling you about how it "used to be." That's the 
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder kicking in. You can thank me later.

Why Arm Yourself? [L4D2ARM]

In case you haven't noticed, Left 4 Dead 2 contains lots and lots of 
rabid, aggressive zombies that want nothing more than to give you a 
dirt nap. These aren't your slow, lumbering, moaning, arms outstretched 
brain eaters. Nope...

They run.

I take that back...

They SPRINT towards you. They climb over walls. They duck under low 
archways. They jump across gaps. They stop at nothing.

They want you dead.

And you think that you're going to be able to defend yourself with your 
bare hands and an angry face? Good luck.

The only good zombie is a dead zombie, I say. And thankfully, Left 4 
Dead 2 presents a plethora of weapons from which you can choose to deal 
death to the hordes of the infected. From the comical Frying Pan to the 
razor sharp Katana. From a 9mm pistol to a Grenade Launcher...

Who says beggars can't be choosers?

Weapons Tiers? [L4D2TIER]

The weapons of Left 4 Dead 2 are broken up into smaller sub-categories 
based on their overall effectiveness. These are called tiers.

In short, there are two tiers of primary weapons in Left 4 Dead 2 when 
not including the pistol type weapons, melee weapons, or the Grenade 
Launcher weapon (which really deserves it's own tier because it works 
unlike any other weapon in the game).

Tier 1 Weapons

Silenced SMG
Pump Shotgun
Chrome Shotgun
Hunting Rifle

Tier 2 Weapons
Tactical Shotgun
Combat Shotgun
Assault Rifle
Desert Rifle
Military Sniper Rifle

Generally speaking, Tier 2 weapons are better than Tier 1 weapons. 
However, there may be some situations where you may want to stick with 
a Tier 1 weapon even though Tier 2 weapons are available to you. 
Throughout the game, there are certain upgrades that can be taken 
advantage of such as Laser Sights, or incendiary ammunition. If you are 
closing in on a safe room, but have a clip of incendiary ammo for your 
Silenced SMG (Tier 1), it may be a wiser choice to forego the Assault 
Rifle (Tier 2) because of that upgrade.

The incendiary ammo is a one shot kill on infected because it sets them 
on fire, but the Assault Rifle may require several more shots to 
dispatch zombies. Also, the Silenced SMG has a larger ammo reserve than 
that of the Assault Rifle.
Is the switch worth it? That's for you to decide.

Standard Melee Attack [L4D2SHOVE]

Right Click. (By default)

This simple action will save you more times than you can count over 
your tenure of Left 4 Dead 2. It staggers zombies back, and if done 
enough in rapid succession, it can kill.

In fact, for the first Left 4 Dead game, the standard melee attack was 
abused so much in Vs. mode games that Valve patched it! Survivor 
players would camp out in a corner and "melee spam" during crescendo 
events until the chaos died down. To combat this, they added a 
"fatigue" meter that showed up after the 5th consecuitive melee attack. 
This meter appeared as a circle around your crosshair and when it fills 
up, you can use another melee attack. Using melee attacks immediately 
after the meter fills up results in the meter filling up more slowly, 
all the way up to a two second delay!

This fatigue system returns in Left 4 Dead 2. So try to use it when it 
will be the most effective. Shoving a zombie will force them back 
allowing you to either run away or get a better shot. Because your 
character slows down considerably when a zombie hits you, using this 
standard melee attack can be a godsend if you're trying to get through 
an area very quickly.

Using this standard melee attack on a zombie who isn't aware of your 
presence will kill it instantly. In the first Left 4 Dead game, there 
was an achievement for this called "Spinal Tap."

Although while using the shove with a weapon equipped looks like you're 
hitting your target with a forceful attack, it does not do any friendly 
fire damage.

This attack does not have any special benefits with different types of 
weapons or items equipped. So a melee attack with a first aid kit has 
the same effect as smashing the butt end of a shotgun into a zombie's 
face. Sorry!

Using this attack with Pain Pills, Adrenaline Shots, or throwing 
weapons equipped results in your character throwing a punch. As stated 
earlier, there is no benefit or penalty for this.

This standard melee attack is useless against Chargers, Witches, and 
Tanks. Don't try it! It does no damage to them, and it will startle a 
Witch instantly.

This attack will knock Hunters off of their pounced victims.
This attack can free a survivor being held by a Smoker's tongue by 
either hitting the Smoker itself, or by simply using the melee attack 
on the ensnared survivor.
This attack will knock a Jockey off his victim.

                      Foot Lockers [L4D2STASH]

Throughout "The Passing" DLC, Foot Lockers can be found. These may 
contain Pain Pills, Pipe Bombs, Molotovs, or other goodies - and they 
hold an infinite supply. They do not appear in Versus Mode for 
balancing reasons. 

If you see one of these chests, make sure you take advantage of it! 
There's even an achievement for opening 5 of them!

If your team is low on health, a Foot Locker filled with Pain Pills can 
be helpful to get everyone up to 99 health and still have another 
bottle just in case. Sometimes they are filled with Bile Jars, which 
can be helpful if a Tank is coming. If you see them in Campaign Mode, 
make sure you stock up!

                        Pistols [L4D2PISTOL]

Your standard sidearm is actually now an optional weapon in Left 4 Dead 
2. Picking up a melee weapon such as a machete or frying pan will 
replace your pistol, so for the situation coming up, it's best to weigh 
the pros and cons against each other.

Pros of having pistols:
+ Infinite Ammunition.
+ MUCH longer range than melee weapons.
+ Can be used as a last-ditch effort to kill a nearby Smoker dragging 
you with his tongue attack.
+ Won't cover your screen with much blood, which can make it easier to 
spot threats flanking you.
+ Can be used to take out Boomers at a distance without fear of them 
coving you with bile.

Cons of having pistols:
- Reload down-time.
- Not nearly as effective as melee weapons against hordes surrounding 
- Not usually a one hit kill like melee weapons.
- Using melee attacks with pistols *will* bring up the "fatigue" meter.

And there you have it!

What I personally prefer to do is choose melee weapons if I know I'm 
going to be entering areas with smaller, more cramped areas such as the 
first chapter in the "Dead Center" campaign, or pretty much the entire 
time during "The Parish."

Wider open areas make it more unlikely you'll be quickly surrounded by 
large hordes of the infected, and choosing pistols is probably a better 
option. The "Swamp Fever" campaign comes to mind immediately as the 
chapters in that campaign are very expansive and will allow you to use 
pistols to pick off common infected at a distance before venturing 

Pistols are great ammo savers. If your primary weapon is starting to 
run exhausted on it's ammo reserve, pistols may be all you will have 
left to help hold the infected at bay until you can replenish your ammo 

If your character gets incapacitated, regardless of whether or not you 
had a melee weapon, he/she will pull out a pistol and you'll be able to 
use that while you're down. Accuracy while incapped is absolutely 
terrible with the normal pistols, but it's better than nothing. The 
Magnum pistol has surprisingly good accuracy while incapped.

There are two different types of pistols in Left 4 Dead 2. The normal 
pistol, and a Magnum pistol.

Normal Pistol [L4D29MM]

Clip Size: 15 (30 dual wielded)
Shot Power: Fairly Weak
Ammo Reserve: Infinite
Accuracy (Crouch): Great
Accuracy (Standing): Good
Accuracy (Running): Poor
Accuracy (Incapped): Very Poor

Your basic, standard, run-of-the-mill sidearm is what looks to be a 9mm 
P220 pistol. Against the infected, it's individual shots are fairly 
weak (though strangely, it seems to do more damage per shot than an 
Assault Rifle) but has the benefit of infinite ammunition, and if you 
crouch, it boasts surprisingly good accuracy.

A 2nd pistol may be picked up to be used with your character's left 
hand. The in-game graphic for it appears to be modeled after a Glock, 
but there is no difference between it and the P220 model.

Having two "normal" pistols equipped can deal decent damage and make 
short work of Boomers, Spitters, or a Smoker's tongue ensnaring another 

+ Infinite Ammo.
+ Usually always available.
+ Decent accuracy while crouching.

- Lacks stopping power against large numbers of the infected.
- Dual pistols reload rather slowly.
- Not very effective against Tanks and Witches.

Magnum [L4D2MAGNUM]

Clip Size: 8
Shot Power: Strong
Ammo Reserve: Infinite
Accuracy (Crouch): Excellent
Accuracy (Standing): Great
Accuracy (Running): Mediocre
Accuracy (Incapped): Great

The "upgraded" pistol in Left 4 Dead 2 is a Magnum. It looks to be 
modeled after a Desert Eagle.

The Magnum pistol in Left 4 Dead 2 boasts very good shot power and 
accuracy at the expense of clip size and firing speed. It's shots can 
blow off limbs of common infected and can pierce through multiple 
targets making it effective against multiple zombies in a line.

The Magnum's accuracy while incapped is a non-issue as it's pretty much 
the same as standing still. This can make it very effective at covering 
a teammate trying to help you up.

+ Great individual shot power.
+ Can hit multiple targets in a line.
+ Very good accuracy.
+ Infinite Ammo.

- Small clip size.
- Not very effective against Tanks and Witches.
- Somewhat slow firing rate.
- Cannot be dual wielded.

                       Automatics [L4D2AUTO]

Some people prefer a weaker individual shot, but making up for it in 
sheer number of bullets being put forth. Automatic weapons in Left 4 
Dead 2 are numerous and the amount of brass they spew out is unmatched. 

Automatic weapons have large clip sizes and boast (for the most part) 
decent accuracy, but now remember, every Automatic weapon is a 
"primary" weapon. And primary weapons don't have an unlimited ammo 
reserve. You'll have to find the sweet spot between dishing out damage 
and conserving ammo. Otherwise you could find yourself needing to 
resort to a melee weapon or pistols until you can replenish your ammo 

Pros of Automatic Weapons:
+ Much better Accuracy than Shotgun-type weapons.
+ Large clip sizes make it possible to take out large numbers of 
infected before reloading.
+ Very effective against Tanks.

Cons of Automatic Weapons:
- Ammo conservation can become an issue.
- Less effective against Witches.
- Potential for high friendly fire damage.

Uzi [L4D2UZI]

Clip Size: 50
Shot Power: Weak
Ammo Reserve: 650
Accuracy (Crouch): Great
Accuracy (Standing): Good
Accuracy (Running): Mediocre

The Uzi has the highest rate of fire of all weapons in Left 4 Dead 2. 
It spits out bullets at an amazing rate and can mow through hordes of 
the infected with ease, even at a distance. The Uzi sports pretty good 
accuracy, and spraying bullets in a "cone" shape down a narrow hallway 
can be very effective at thinning the herds.

However, because the Uzi uses such a high amount of ammo, you may want 
to try burst-firing it. Fire 4-5 rounds, then stop. Fire 4-5 more 
rounds, then stop. It will help your accuracy and also works towards 
making sure your ammo reserves don't run dry.

+ High rate of fire slices through legions of the infected.
+ Good accuracy.
+ Big ammo reserve.

- High firing rate means ammo conservation becomes an issue.
- Less effective against Witches.
- Potential for high friendly fire damage.

Silenced SMG [L4D2SSMG]

Clip Size: 50
Shot Power: Weak
Ammo Reserve: 650
Accuracy (Crouch): Great
Accuracy (Standing): Mediocre
Accuracy (Running): Poor

The Silenced SMG truly has the looks of a criminal underground weapon. 
It appears to be modelded after a MAC 10 with a silencer attached. The 
flashlight on the weapon is being held on with zip ties, but this is 
only a cosmetic issue and will not affect gameplay.

It's individual shot power is weak, though perhaps marginally stronger 
than that of the Uzi. It also has a slightly lower rate of fire than 
the Uzi, so it seems to be a trade-off. The silencer seems to only be a 
cosmetic issue as well, as I haven't noticed less infected drawn to me 
using this weapon Vs. the Uzi or other weapons. This weapon is also a 
little less accurate than the Uzi.

Even though it has a slightly lower rate of fire than the Uzi, it still 
uses ammo extremely fast. To better conserve ammo (and increase your 
accracy) you may want to try burst firing this weapon. 4-5 shots, then 
stop. 4-5 more shots, then stop. You'd be surprised at how effective 
this little hiccup in the firing rate can be.

+ High rate of fire mows through hordes of zombies.
+ Decent accuracy.
+ Big ammo reserve.

- High firing rate means ammo conservation becomes an issue.
- Less effective against Witches.
- Potential for high friendly fire damage.

Assault Rifle [L4D2ASSAULT]

Clip Size: 50
Shot Power: Fairly Weak
Ammo Reserve: 360
Accuracy (Crouch): Excellent
Accuracy (Standing): Excellent
Accuracy (Running): Mediocre

Now THIS is a weapon. The Assault Rifle is modeled after the M-16 
Assault Rifle and boasts amazing accuracy and good damage output when 
combined with it's decent rate of fire.

It's individual shot power is actually slightly less than that of a 
normal pistol, but it more than makes up for it with a 50 round clip 
and a firing rate that the pistol wishes it could achieve.

The rounds the Assault Rifle fires can also pierce a target, making it 
good at taking out several zombies in a line and thinning hordes of the 
infected in narrow corridors.

While the Assault Rifle can't match the firing speed of the Uzi or 
Silenced SMG, it compensates with much better long-range accuracy, 
second only to that of the Desert Rifle in the Automatics department. 
The high accuracy the weapon boasts is also very nice for fighting 
Tanks on the run.

+ Slices through zombies in narrow areas like a hot knife through 
+ Very effective against Tanks.
+ Wonderful accuracy.

- Small ammo reserve means conservation is the name of the game.
- Potential for high friendly fire damage.
- Fairly weak individual shot power.

Desert Rifle [L4D2DESERT]

Clip Size: 60
Shot Power: Fairly Weak
Ammo Reserve: 360
Accuracy (Crouch): Excellent
Accuracy (Standing): Excellent
Accuracy (Running): Good

Another very nice weapon. The Desert Rifle is modeled after the FN 
SCAR-L. This assault rifle fires in three round bursts, essentialy 
turning the large 60 round clip into a 20 shot clip. Either way, it's 
an extremely accurate weapon, second only to that of the Hunting Rifle 
or Military Sniper Rifle. In almost all situations, firing a three 
round burst will have at least 2 of the bullets make contact with your 
target at medium to long range.

It should be noted that the reload animation for this weapon is rather 
long, and there is a slight delay between the ending of the reload 
animation and the restoration of your ammo clip, so if you want to 
reload the weapon and switch to a different one quickly, make sure you 
see the "60" appear on your HUD before switching weapons, otherwise 
you'll have to go through the lengthy reload animation again.

This weapon is great for firing on the run as it's accuracy doesn't 
drop all that much. This means that it can be very effective on the 
Bridge Finale event during "The Parish" campaign as you won't be 
wasting many bullets.

Just be warned that the 420 bullets you get when picking up this 
weapon, when divided by 3 to account for the burst firing, you only get 
140 shots, so try not to waste ammo.

+ Exceptional accuracy, even while running.
+ Very effective at fighting Tanks on the run.
+ Can take out multiple zombies with one burst.
+ Less risk of high accidental friendly fire damage due to burst 

- Less effective against Witches.
- Ammo conservation can be a problem.
- Long reload animation, and small delay between end of animation and 
clip refilling.

AK-47 [L4D2AK47]

Clip Size: 40
Shot Power: Fairly Strong
Ammo Reserve: 360
Accuracy (Crouch): Great
Accuracy (Standing): Good
Accuracy (Running): Poor

A wonderful weapon that many people swear by. It trades clip size and 
accuracy for shot power and ammo conservation. The AK-47 is modeled 
after the real life weapon of the same name.

The AK-47 has the slowest rate of fire and smallest clip size out of 
all the automatic weapons, but also has the highest shot power. In 
fact, on normal difficulty (and Vs mode) it will kill all common 
infected with a single shot. Upgraded with a Laser Sight, many people 
consider this to be the best weapon in the game as it significantly 
improves it's accuracy.

A headshot from an AK-47 on a Witch will stun her, but be advised that 
this weapon canNOT cr0wn her. And Witches really don't like being shot, 
so get ready for her to run after you and have your team take her down 
accordingly. Also, because the AK-47 has worse accuracy than the other 
automatics, if you were planning on stunning the Witch and then trying 
to take her down before she can recover, you have to get a bit too 
close to her - making this tactic with an AK-47 less viable.

Because the AK-47 has a slower rate of fire, it makes burst firing 
easier and therefore, conserving ammo much less of a hassle.

+ Fairly high shot power.
+ Effective against Tanks.
+ Easier to conserve ammo when compared to the other automatic weapons.

- Smaller clip size.
- Bad accuracy when compared to the other Tier 2 automatic weapons.

Heavy Machine Gun [L4D2HEAVY]

Clip Size: Infinite
Shot Power: Strong
Ammo Reserve: Infinite
Accuracy: Poor

The Heavy Machine Gun isn't actually a weapon you can take with you in 
Left 4 Dead 2, but it deserves a spot here in the Automatics section of 
the guide nonetheless. It appears to closely resemble the M1919 
Browning Machine Gun.

From what I've noticed, there are only two of these in the game. The 
first one is on the balcony of the Plantation house in Swamp Fever's 
finale map, and the other is past the bridge in The Parish's finale 
map. Both of these locations are rather ineffective from my 

The Plantation House Heavy Machine Gun doesn't have a wide enough 
swivel range to take out common infected jumping over the hedges on the 
left or right sides, and it cannot aim downward enough to cover a 
fellow survivor heading outside to grab supplies. You are also left 
wide open from behind as the doorway leading to the balcony is directly 
behind you.

The Bridge Heavy Machine Gun is located on the back of a Flatbed Truck 
just before reaching the rescue helicopter. The "finale to the finale" 
event will start, and a Tank will spawn BEHIND this gun, making it 
ineffective. The only use I can think of for this gun is to try and 
cover teammates just coming off the bridge, but even that purpose is 
mediocre at best as there are a lot of obstacles in the way that limit 
the guns' usefulness. Plus take into consideration that the rescue 
helicopter is literally only 15 seconds away, and you have yourself a 
pretty useless weapon.

Using a Heavy Machine Gun for an extended length of time will first 
cause the barrel of the gun to glow orange and smoke for a while, and 
if pushed even more, the gun will stop firing and overheat. For roughly 
one full minute (an eternity in Left 4 Dead 2) the gun will be 

To use the Heavy Machine Gun, walk up to it and press your "use" key. 
(E by default)
However, pressing the "use" key again will not disengage you from the 
weapon. You will need to use your standard melee attack to stop using 
the weapon. Perhaps Valve will fix this in a future patch.

+ Strong shot power.
+ Infinite Ammo

- Ineffective locations.
- Can overheat and become useless for almost a full minute.
- Poor accuracy.
- Not a very wide range of motion both horizontally or vertically.

M60 [L4D2BFG]

Clip Size: 150
Shot Power: Strong
Ammo Reserve: N/A
Accuracy (Crouch): Great
Accuracy (Standing): Good
Accuracy (Running): Poor

Introduced in "The Passing" DLC, the M60 is noticeably less common gun 
to wield. It's bullets penetrate zombies and create large, gaping 
wounds in the infected with ease.

The M60's ammo reserve cannot be replenished, much like the Grenade 
Launcher, and since it is an automatic weapon, ammo conservation can 
become a real issue. Make sure that unless you're going for the "Until 
It Goes Click" achievement, you fire off a few shots, then stop. Fire 
off a few more, then stop. This will help your accuracy and will make 
the weapon last longer.

+ Incredible stopping power.
+ Great accuracy to shot power ratio.
+ Works wonders when used with explosive ammo.

- Limited Ammo that cannot be replenished.
- Only (normally) available in one campaign. (The Passing)

                      Shotguns [L4D2BOOMSTICK]

Some people prefer trading shot power for rapid fire. Then there are 
some people who share the philosophy of "MORE POWER!!!"

Shotguns are the strongest weapons in the game when used at close 
range, and have the unique ability to "cr0wn" Witches. (Kill with a 
single headshot)

The best way to "cr0wn" a Witch from my experiences is from behind her. 
Against a stationary Witch, I find it easiest to get up close to her 
from behind, and allow her to stand up. Her arms will be flailing 
around slightly, but you'll have a clear headshot.

Against a Wandering Witch, again, I find it easier to approach her from 
behind - take aim at her head, and fire.

A shotgun's blast sends a number of pellets out which both pierce and 
can hit multiple closer adjacent targets.

Shotguns typically have poor long-range accuracy and aren't effective 
at taking out special infected at a medium distance or beyond. That 
being said, Shotguns at close range deal catastrophic damage and are 
fully capable of dismembering limbs of common infected with ease.

As stated earlier, every shotgun type weapon pierces targets, making 
them great for tackling an oncoming horde in a narrow passageway, but 
because they lack long-range capabilities, going with pistols instead 
of a melee weapon is almost a necessity, especially in wider open areas 
like those found in the "Swamp Fever" campaign.

Shotguns have very lengthy reload times, although you can interrupt the 
reload and begin shooting again if you need to.

Pros of Shotguns:
+ Extremely powerful at close range.
+ Capable of "cr0wning" a Witch.
+ Interruptable reload animation.
+ Effective against Tanks.
+ Extremely effective in narrow hallways.
+ Shells pierce zombies and walls.
+ Ammo conservation is less of an issue, especially with Tier 1. 

Cons of Shotguns:
- Tier 2 Shotguns can cause massive friendly fire damage if you're not 
- Small clip sizes.
- Very poor medium and long range accuracy.
- Very long reload times to get back to full ammo capacity.
- Tier 2 shotguns may chew through ammo a bit too fast.

Pump Shotgun [L4D2PUMP]

Clip Size: 8
Shot Power: Very Strong
Ammo Reserve: 56
Accuracy (Crouch): Poor
Accuracy (Standing): Poor
Accuracy (Running): Poor

Capable of completely leveling anything but a Tank with one or -at the 
most- two shots, the Pump Shotgun in Left 4 Dead 2 is significaly more 
powerful per shot than any other Tier 1 non-shotgun weapon. The Pump 
Shotgun appears to be modeled after the Remington 870.

The Pump Shotgun in Left 4 Dead 2 spreads out a total of 10 pellets, 
and like all shotgun weapons, it is capable of "cr0wning" a Witch.

This shotgun must be pumped between shots, which drastically reduces 
it's rate of fire, but also works towards saving ammo. The ammo reserve 
for this shotgun was reduced from 128 (Left 4 Dead) to 56 (Left 4 Dead 
2), so saving ammo for this weapon becomes even more of an issue. 
Thankfully, the sheer power from each shot should be enough to take out 
multiple zombies and you'll not likely run out of ammo with this 

+ Very high damage output at close range.
+ Ammo conservation is almost a non-issue.
+ Can interrupt the reload animation.

- Terrible medium/long range damage output.
- Lengthy reload time.

Chrome Shotgun [L4D2CHROME]

Clip Size: 8
Shot Power: Very Strong
Ammo Reserve: 56
Accuracy (Crouch): Mediocre
Accuracy (Standing): Poor
Accuracy (Running): Poor

The Chrome Shotgun in Left 4 Dead 2 is almost identical to the Pump 
Shotgun, except that it has a tighter spread of pellets, and shoots a 
smaller amount of pellets that deal more damage, though the total 
damage output per shot is slightly less than that of the Pump Shotgun. 
The Chrome Shotgun loosely resembles a Browning BPS Upland Special.

Like all shotgun-type weapons, the Chrome Shotgun is capable of 
"cr0wning" Witches. And it may even be a little easier to "cr0wn" with 
this weapon as it's tighter pellet spread will help ensure no pellet 
accidentally misses!

The Chrome Shotgun also fires slightly faster than the Pump Shotgun.

+ Tighter spread makes for slightly better mid-range accuracy.
+ Tighter spread makes "cr0wning" Witches easier.
+ Very High damage output at close range.
+ Ammo conservation is almost a non-issue.
+ Can interrupt the reload animation.

- Lengthy reload time.
- Less effective at medium range.
- Pathetic accuracy at long range.

Tactical Shotgun [L4D2TACTICAL]

Clip Size: 10
Shot Power: Very Strong
Ammo Reserve: 90
Accuracy (Crouch): Poor
Accuracy (Standing): Poor
Accuracy (Running): Poor

The Tactical Shotgun in Left 4 Dead 2 is an extremely devastating 
weapon when used at close range. It has all the stopping power of the 
Pump Shotgun, but is able to fire roughly 3 times faster. The Tactical 
Shotgun appears to be modeled after the Banelli M4 Tactical Shotgun.

Like the other shotgun weapons, it is capable of "cr0wning" Witches, 
meaning it can kill them with a single headshot.

In close quarters, the Tactical Shotgun can level entire rooms of 
infected with a single clip in short order, but be warned that the ammo 
reserve has been reduced from 128 (Left 4 Dead) to 90 (Left 4 Dead 2). 
Combine that with this guns' high rate of fire, and you may find 
yourself running thin on ammo.

The pellet spread from each shot seems to be identical to that of the 
Pump Shotgun, so any kind of medium/long-range use is worthless.

Even though this shotgun can fire rounds very quickly, it only has a 10 
ammo clip size, so you may find yourself needing to reload if you're 
being surrounded by a mob of zombies, though a single shot from this 
weapon is more than capable of taking out 5+ infected.

Against Tanks, the wide spread is slightly offset by the large target, 
and, especially against AI Tanks, you can actually run up to a Tank, 
then start backpedaling and pumping shell after shell into it while 
staying just out of range of it's punch attack. This can deal 
catastrophic damage and make short work of it.

+ All the stopping power of a Pump Shotgun only 3 times faster.
+ Excellent shot strength at close range.
+ EXTREMELY effective against Tanks.
+ Can interrupt the reload animation.

- Worthless at long range.
- Longest reload animation in the game.
- Ammo conservation can become an issue.
- Potential for extremely high friendly fire damage.

Combat Shotgun [L4D2COMBAT]

Clip Size: 10
Shot Power: Very Strong
Ammo Reserve: 90
Accuracy (Crouch): Mediocre
Accuracy (Standing): Poor
Accuracy (Running): Poor

My personal favorite weapon in the game. The Combat Shotgun is 
basically a Chrome Shotgun on steroids. It has a tighter spread than 
the Tactical Shotgun and fires a fewer number of more damaging pellets. 
This makes it slightly more effective at a moderate distance, but the 
Combat Shotgun is still largely ineffective at long range. The Combat 
Shotgun very closely resembles the Franchi SPAS 12.

Like all shotgun weapons, the Combat Shotgun can "cr0wn" a Witch, 
meaning it can kill her with a single headshot. Because the Combat 
Shotgun has a tighter pellet spread than the Tactical Shotgun, it may 
be a little easier to perform that task.

Against Tanks, the Combat Shotgun has no equal. The tighter spread 
allows for you to fight them at a (relatively) safer distance and 
backpedal while pumping shell after shell into the large target while 
avoiding the Tanks' punch attack.

Because the Combat Shotgun is a little more effective at moderate 
distances, a Tank's rock throw can be countered by shooting the 
concrete coming your way. It takes several shots, but the Combat 
Shotgun puts out enough ammo to break it up before it can make contact.

Like the Tactical Shotgun, the Combat Shotgun only has a 10 shell clip 
size, so it may be a little ineffective against surrounding hordes 
because you may find yourself needing to reload at an inopportune time.

+ All the stopping power of the Chrome Shotgun only 3 times faster.
+ Moderately effective at medium range.
+ Extremely powerful at close range.
+ Narrower spread makes it easier to "cr0wn" a Witch.
+ Mows through Tanks.
+ Can interrupt reload animation.

- Less effective at long range.
- Very long reload animation.
- Ammo conservation needs to be kept in mind.
- Potential for very high friendly fire damage.

                       Sniper Rifles [L4D2SCOPE]

"More bullets!" Scream the Automatic weapon fans.
"More power!" Scream the Shotgun weapon fans.
But you can put out tons of bullets that pack a ton of power all day 
long and it won't do you a bit of good unless those bullets make 
contact with their target.

Accuracy is the name of the game, and the two Sniper Rifle weapons in 
Left 4 Dead 2 got you covered. Able to take out targets from remarkable 
distances away maintaining their pinpoint accuracy, Sniper Rifles are 
definitely the "open area" weapons of choice for some players.

Standing or crouching makes no difference in accuracy for these 
weapons, but be warned that their effectiveness drastically gets 
diminished while on the move.

This was a topic in the first Left 4 Dead game, and I thought it had 
been resolved, but apparently, some people still ask it in Left 4 Dead 

"Can the Hunting Rifle "cr0wn" a Witch?"


"But I heard..."


"But on easy mode..."


A headshot from a Hunting Rifle or Military Sniper Rifle will *NOT* 
kill a Witch with a single round. It will *stun* her, and this can be 
effective if nobody on your team has a Shotgun type weapon to "cr0wn" 
her, as you can get a headshot from a relatively safe distance while 
your teammates move in and try to take her down before she can reach 

Pros of Sniper Rifles:
+ Incredible accuracy when stationary.
+ High shot power.
+ Extremely effective in expansive areas.
+ Piercing rounds.

Cons of Sniper Rifles:

- Almost useless when surrounded by a horde.
- Less effective in tighter areas.
- Very noticable accuracy reduction while running.

Hunting Rifle [L4D2HUNT]

Clip Size: 15
Shot Power: Strong
Ammo Reserve: 150
Accuracy (Crouch): Perfect
Accuracy (Standing): Perfect
Accuracy (Running): Mediocre

The Tier 1 Sniper Rifle in Left 4 Dead 2 was actually a Tier 2 weapon 
in the first Left 4 Dead game. It appears to be modeled after the Ruger 
Mini 14. 

In Left 4 Dead 2, the Hunting Rifle's accuracy isn't quite as bad as it 
was in the first Left 4 Dead game while running, but it's still 
abysmal. You'll want to be standing still or crouching when you fire 
your rounds. It's shots are pretty darn powerful and will take out 
common infected with a single shot on easy and normal mode. (Vs mode 

Personally, I would only try to use this weapon in areas of the game 
with large expanses such as the Swamp Fever campaign, and certain 
sections of the Dark Carnival, Hard Rain, and Dead Center campaigns. 
It's effectiveness when used in close quarters drops considerably, and 
you may be better off with pistols or a melee weapon.

The Hunting Rifle fires piercing rounds that penetrate bodies and 
walls, so you can use it to try and kill a special infected that may be 
waiting in ambush around a corner, or kill multiple zombies rushing at 
you in a line.

+ High shot power picks off common infected with a single shot.
+ Piercing rounds.
+ Pinpoint accuracy while stationary.
+ Ammo conservation is almost a non-issue.

- Practically useless when surrounded by a horde.
- Less effective in smaller areas.
- Running severely decreases accuracy.

Military Sniper Rifle [L4D2SNIPER]

Clip Size: 30
Shot Power: Strong
Ammo Reserve: 180
Accuracy (Crouch): Perfect
Accuracy (Standing): Nearly Perfect
Accuracy (Running): Poor

While technically the Military Sniper Rifle may be a little less 
accurate than the Hunting Rifle, it's such a small difference that you 
won't really take notice. The Military Sniper Rifle appears to be 
modeled after the Heckler & Koch 91A2.

Like the Hunting Rifle, the Military Sniper Rifle packs a punch, and 
will kill common infected with a single shot on the easy and normal 
(plus Vs.) difficulties.

It's larger clip size is nice but the only time you'll ever find 
yourself using shots in rapid succession with a sniper rifle weapon is 
against a Tank or a Witch. It's a good benefit to have more shots at 
your disposal before needing to reload, but if you're like me, you want 
to keep your weapon fully loaded in case of emergency (i.e. Tank or 

The Military Sniper rifle still loses quite a bit of accuracy while 
running, but not as much as the Hunting Rifle, making it a little 
better for firing on the move. Still, being a Sniper Rifle, you'll 
likely want to save your shots for when you know you will put them to 
good use. It would be better to remain stationary when you take your 

+ Big clip size.
+ Powerful.
+ Highly accurate while crouching or standing.
+ Piercing rounds.

- Useless against a surrounding horde.
- Less effective in smaller areas.
- Running greatly reduces accuracy.

                    Grenade Launcher [L4D2GRENADE]

Clip Size: 1
Shot Power: Very Strong
Ammo Reserve: 30 (Cannot be replenished)
Accuracy (Crouch): N/A
Accuracy (Standing): N/A
Accuracy (Running): N/A

The Grenade Launcher in Left 4 Dead 2 deserves a Tier category all it's 
own. It behaves like no other weapon in the game, and is the only 
weapon to deliver "splash" damage - or damage over an area of effect. 
It's modeled after the M79.

It's an extremely powerful weapon, more than capable of sending tiny 
chunks of zombies flying every which way - much like a Pipe Bomb's 
explosion. Though oddly, this extremely powerful shot does not even 
come close to killing a Witch with a single shot. Also, unlike the 
explosions of a Pipe Bomb, Oxygen Tank, or Propane Tank, the explosions 
do NOT stagger a Tank even if used with a Frag Rounds upgrade. The 
explosion will deal significantly more damage, but still, won't stagger 
the Tank back. Also, it will not kill a Jockey riding a survivor in one 
hit. It *will* however, push the Jockey off the survivor.

The Grenade Launcher is notorious for friendly fire damage, and should 
only be used at a safe distance. Self inflicted friendly fire damage 
can be devastating, dealing 15+ damage to yourself if you're not 
careful. The grenades explode on contact and will travel in a slight 
arc instead of a straight line to it's target, so if you're near a 
fence rail, make sure to aim slightly upwards if you're going after a 
long-range target. Otherwise, just save your shot.

Because the grenades travel in an arc, accuracy becomes an issue. 
Longer rage targets require you to aim slightly upwards and those said 
target(s) may even move out of the blast radius by the time the grenade 
gets there. Also, because a single shot from the Grenade Launcher is 
capable of killing 15 or more zombies in a single shot (as dictated by 
the "Dismemberment Plan" achievement) it's impossible to truly 
calculate how accurate the weapon is. For example, at the time I'm 
writing this, my STEAM account shows that I have 158% Accuracy with the 
Grenade Launcher. This, obviously, is erroneous.

Because the Grenade Launcher has a one shot clip size and a rather 
lengthy reload animation, your teammates will need to adjust their 
strategy accordingly. The Grenade Launcher, being a weapon mainly used 
for long distance (as it's splash damage will hurt you and teammates) 
you will definitely want to go with pistols or a Magnum instead of a 
melee weapon when using it. Pistols allow you to still pick off zombies 
without having to completely rely on your teammates or requiring you to 
get up close and personal with the hordes.

The Bile Jar is the Grenade Launcher's best friend. It draws out all 
the zombies in the area, and creates quite the "fish in a barrel" 

The Grenade Launcher is always a treat to find, but is it really worth 

+ Powerful explosions capable of killing multiple zombies.
+ Kills all special infected except for the Tank, Witch, Charger, and 
Jockey riding a survivor with a single shot.
+ Very useful when combied with a Bile Jar.
+ Staggers back common zombies not caught in the immediate blast.

- Cannot replenish ammo.
- Single shot.
- Long reload animation.
- Friendly fire can be a big issue.

                      Melee Weapons [L4D2MELEE]

Instead of going with pistols or a magnum, you feel like getting up 
close and personal with the horde of Left 4 Dead 2. Well, that's 
alright. The game is more than happy to supply you with weapons that 
chop, slice, dice, bludgeon, or strike a chord.

There are essentially ten melee weapons in Left 4 Dead 2, although only 
nine are available to those who did not pre-order the game, unless they 
play in a game with someone who did pre-order it.

Melee weapons are one hit kill tools on pretty much everything except 
Tanks, Witches, and Chargers. They are extremely handy against a 
surrounding horde, and are capable of taking out multiple zombies with 
a single swing.

The downside to this though, is that you sacrifice range and are more 
likely to take damage, especially if your primary weapon runs out of 
ammo - requiring you to get up close and personal with the 
infected...specials included.

Picking up a melee weapon will replace your pistol(s) or Magnum. 
However, getting incapacitated will cause your character to pull out a 
normal pistol. Also note that if you picked up a Magnum and then pick 
up a melee weapon, getting incapped will pull out a normal pistol.

All melee weapons in the game are used the same way and all pretty much 
serve the same purpose, though there are some subtle differences 
between them.

All melee weapons can cause friendly fire damage, so don't go gung-ho 
when swinging away if your teammates are nearby.

Using an Adrenaline Shot will up the damage you deal with a melee 
weapon by 30% by my little experiment.

A normal melee weapon attack does 300 damage. Using adrenaline and 
attacking a Charger (600 health) under the effects of adrenaline 
brought his health down to 210. (90 more damage than usual, or 30% 

Against a Witch, four hits are required to bring her down.
Against a tank, ten hits are required to take him down.

As of the February 5th, 2010 patch, VS mode Tanks now receive 5% damage 
instead of 10% damage from melee weapon attacks. This effectively 
increases the number of hits required to kill a Tank from 10 to 20.

Pros of Melee Weapons:
+ Extremely helpful against surrounding hordes.
+ One hit kills on most targets.
+ Not affected by the "fatigue" meter when using a normal attack.
+ Effective against distracted Tanks.

Cons of Melee Weapons:
- Very short range.
- Using bladed melee weapons can obscure your screen with blood, making 
it harder to see a threat flanking you.
- All but one melee weapon (chainsaw) cannot be used when a Smoker has 
begun to ensnare you.
- Risky going up against special infected that can render you helpless.
- Bad choice of weapon against Boomers and Spitters.

Baseball Bat [L4D2HOMERUN]

The Baseball Bat in Left 4 Dead 2 was only available to those who pre-
ordered the game, although those who did not pre-order can still use 
this weapon if they play in a game with someone who did. Since "The 
Passing" was released, the Baseball bat became unlocked for everybody.

Because this weapon was only available to those who pre-ordered the 
game, it is NOT a weapon required to be used to get the "Club Dead" 

The good ol' Louisville Slugger is great for thinning herds of infected 
and because it's not a bladed melee weapon, it won't put much blood on 
your screen to obscure your vision. Striking a zombie in the head with 
the Baseball Bat can cause the head to literally fly off. Home Run!

Cricket Bat [L4D2PADDLE]

I never knew that Cricket was such a popular sport, especially in the 
southern United States where Left 4 Dead 2 takes place. Cricket is an 
English invented game, and hasn't really caught the attention of many 
Americans - much like Soccer, which America will never fully embrace by 
my opinion!

Nevertheless, the Cricket Bat in Left 4 Dead 2 still serves a great 
purpose. It's almost exactly the same as the Baseball Bat except it 
won't send heads flying off into the wild blue.

Still though, it's excellent at taking out multiple zombies with a 
single swing and is perfect for close quarters combat. On top of that, 
since it isn't a bladed weapon, it won't put much blood on your screen 
to distort your vision.

Crowbar [L4D2FREEMAN]

Ah yes, the crowbar. Gordon Freeman's melee weapon of choice. Made 
popular as a weapon in the Half-Life series, the crowbar is available 
and ready to use in Left 4 Dead 2.

While the crowbar *can* fully decapitate zombies, it can also take 
large chunks out of their heads as well, which will not count towards 
the "Head Honcho" achievement. While technically not a bladed weapon, 
it *does* fill the screen up with some blood which can cause a little 
tunnel vision resulting in you perhaps missing an attack coming from 
your side.

While the characters in Left 4 Dead 2 cannot swing the crowbar quite as 
fast as Gordon Freeman, it's still highly effective at taking out large 
crowds of zombies in short order.

Be warned though, that it seems to swing slightly slower than some 
other melee weapons, likely due to it's heavy weight.

Electric Guitar [L4D2GUITAR]

So uh...yeah. Who knew an electric guitar could:
a) Take the heads off of zombies.
b) Be durable enough to repeat (a) dozens and dozens of times?

The Electric Guitar *is* modeled after the Ibanez GAX70. I know because 
I own one! I'm no good at playing it, but I own it. Well, technically, 
my model is the GAX70L (for Left Handed players).

A bludgeoning weapon, it will not fill your screen up with thick red 
liquid nearly as much as a bladed weapon, and like all other melee 
weapons, it's excellent at taking out surrounding hordes.

Like the crowbar, it seems to swing slightly slower than some of the 
other melee weapons...and for good reason, the thing has some weight to 

When you hit a zombie, it will strike a chord. Hey, they don't call 
guitars "axes" for nothing!

Fire Axe [L4D2CHOP]

A handy tool for some, a zombie killing device for others. The Fire Axe 
turns whole zombies into multiple, less violent, smaller pieces of 

Being a bladed weapon, making multiple kills in short order will really 
fill your screen up with blood spots which can make it difficult for 
you to see a threat that may be flanking you such as a Hunter waiting 
in ambush.

Still, it gets the job done very efficiently. It swings about as fast 
as the Electric Guitar and Crowbar, and like all other melee weapons, 
it's exceptional at taking out surrounding hordes of zombies with 
relative ease.

In spite of some earlier videos of Left 4 Dead 2's gameplay showing an 
overhead chop killing a Witch in one hit, it *CANNOT* do that in the 
released game. Don't try it, especially on Expert difficulty, or any 
difficulty of Realism mode, for that matter. It takes 4 hits to kill a 
Witch, just like every other melee weapon.

Frying Pan [L4D2BONK]

Comical? Yes.
Effective? Yes.

While Ellis may talk about making zombie grits, the frying pan in Left 
4 Dead 2 is more effective when not on a stovetop. It's signature low 
pitched "BONK" is sure to brighten up your day.

As a bludgeoning weapon, it won't fill your screen up with much blood 
that can cause tunnel vision. It swings about as fast as the other 
melee weapons, but unlike most other melee weapons, it cannot 
decapitate or dismember limbs, meaning it cannot be used to get the 
"Head Honcho" achievement.

This weapon doesn't appear...ever...in the Dark Carnival campaign from 
what I've noticed. I'm not sure if it can appear in the Dead Center 
campaign either, I haven't seen one yet.

I'm sure the zombie of Gordon Ramsay is proud.

Katana [L4D2KATANA]

A personal favorite of many people in Left 4 Dead 2's online 
population, the Katana is an effective weapon - like all other melee 
weapons at destroying legions of zombies in tightly packed areas.

It swings a little noticeably faster than the crowbar, electric guitar, 
and frying pan, allowing it to slice through waves in shorter order 
than most other melee weapons.

Being a bladed melee weapon, it will put lots of blood on your screen 
creating tunnel vision if used to kill several infected in short order. 
This can hinder your awareness of a threat flanking you, so be 

In spite of Left 4 Dead 2's characters calling it a "Ninja Sword", the 
Samurai used Katanas. Not Ninjas. Ninjas used similar weapons called 
Ninjatos. Just a piece of trivia I thought I'd throw out there.

The Katana, like the Fire Axe CANNOT kill a Witch with a single 
overhead slice, contrary to some early gameplay footage. It takes 4 
hits with a Katana to kill a Witch, just like every other melee weapon.

Machete [L4D2MACHETE]

Swinging noticeably faster than the crowbar, electric guitar, and 
frying pan, the Machete slices it's way through swarms of infected with 

Because it's a bladed weapon, it will put a lot of blood on your screen 
if it's used to kill several zombies in short order. This can obscure 
your view and make it harder to see other threats flanking you.

The Machete from what I've noticed is one of the less common melee 
weapons in the game. I see them most often in "The Parish" but hardly 
ever in any of the other campaigns, though they do appear sometimes.

Tonfa [L4D2CLUB]

More commonly called a "Nightstick" "Paddy Whacker" "Billy Club" 
"Blackjack" or "Truncheon", the Tonfa swings noticeably faster than the 
crowbar, electric guitar, and fire axe. It is a bludgeoning weapon, so 
it won't put too much blood on your screen to obscure your vision.

The Riot Gear "uncommon common" zombies of "The Parish" will sometimes 
have these weapons on them. Killing them will allow you to pick up 
their Tonfa.

I have only ever noticed the Tonfa appearing in "The Parish." I have 
never seen it in any of the other campaigns. I'm not entirely sure if 
the Tonfa is exclusive to "The Parish", but it sure seems that way.

The Tonfa cannot cause decapitation or dismemberment of any kind when 
used against the infected, meaning it cannot be used to get the "Head 
Honcho" achievement.

Golf Club [L4D2FORE]

Introduced in "The Passing" DLC, the Golf Club swings at about the same 
rate the baseball and cricket bats swing at. It is a bludgeoning 
weapon, so it won't put too much blood on your screen after killing 
several zombies in rapid succession.

It is modeled after a Driver or a Fairway Wood with a graphite shaft. 
Because those shafts allow more bend and torque in swings, and their 
lighter weight, it's surprising how the Golf Club doesn't break from 
repeated use, especially when swung with enough force to decapitate a 

I guess it must have something to do with it being in a VIDEO GAME...

                         Chainsaw [L4D2SAW]

Another weapon so unique it gets it's own section! Like the Grenade 
Launcher not belonging to any other group of weapon, the Chainsaw 
doesn't really perform like any other melee weapon.

When pulling the Chainsaw out, it takes about a second for it to get 
revved up, but then you're good to go. It's loud, and I *have* noticed 
zombies being drawn towards a survivor using a Chainsaw.

It takes up a decent amount of the screen when it's being used, so it 
can block your vision. However, because you have this kind of stopping 
power, it's almost a non-issue.

The Chainsaw, unlike all other melee weapons has a limited usage. By 
the icon on your HUD, there is a vertical meter displaying the amount 
of fuel you have left in the chainsaw. Once it's depleted, your 
character will drop it and pull out a single normal pistol.

You CANNOT. I repeat... You *CANNOT* refill the fuel for a Chainsaw. 
Once it's out, it's out and you will need to find another one if you 
want to use a Chainsaw again.

When using the Chainsaw, the fuel meter drops fairly quickly. You get 
roughly only one full minute of out of it, so make it count. If you're 
surrounded by a horde, there is no weapon faster than a Chainsaw for 
dealing with it. Pull out the chainsaw, rev it up, and spin in a 
circle. It's that simple.

The Chainsaw is also a great weapon to use in narrow hallways littered 
with zombies, and is the perfect weapon for the never-ending crescendo 
event in the 4th chapter of the "Dark Carnival" campaign.

The Chainsaw is an extremely powerful weapon, capable of taking out a 
stationary Witch from behind before she even has the chance to stand 
up! The Chainsaw can also kill a Jockey or Hunter leaping your way 
before they land on you, and is the only melee weapon that can be used 
during the second or so a Smoker initially ensnares you with it's 
tongue. In fact, it can CUT the tongue, freeing you. This is the only 
weapon in the game that can do this.

The Chainsaw is a bladed weapon, and it can put an obscene amount of 
blood on your screen when used to kill several infected in a short time 
span - which is generally what happens when you pull out the chainsaw. 
This kind of tunnel vision can make it very difficult to see additional 
threats that may be flanking you, so be careful.

Against a Tank using his Rock Throw ability, the Chainsaw can really 
demolish it's health.

Beware that the Chainsaw can cause significant friendly fire damage if 
you or a teammate is not careful.

The Chainsaw is the only melee weapon in the game that can kill the 
Riot Gear "uncommon common" zombies in "The Parish" from the front.

The Chainsaw can detonate Propane Tanks, Oxygen Tanks, and ignite gas 

+ Against a horde, it gets the job done. Quickly.
+ Can free yourself from a Smoker's tongue.
+ Can stop Hunters and Jockeys from leaping on you.
+ Can take care of a Witch before she can even react.
+ Against a distracted Tank, there is no better damage dealer.

- Will run out of fuel.
- Attracts more zombies.
- Potential for massive friendly fire damage.
- Takes a little while to rev up and use.
- Somewhat rare to find.

                    Throwing Weaponry [L4D2THROWING]

When the going gets tough, and you need a little breathing room, the 
throwing weapons of Left 4 Dead 2 can be just what you're looking for. 
They can kill large amounts of zombies, they can deny access to areas 
for a short while, or they can draw out large mobs of infected and make 
them fight each other!

And they're fun to use!

There are three different types of throwing weapons in Left 4 Dead 2, 
and your character may only carry one throwing weapon at a time. Each 
throwing weapon is different from the others and all have their 
strengths and weaknesses. That being said, having one is always better 
than not, so even if you don't have your preferred throwing weapon 
available to you, never let one go to waste.

Your character will announce that he/she is about to throw one of these 
weapons while you hold down your fire button, but it would still be 
wise to advise your teammates that you're going to do it so the team 
doesn't accidentally waste one. There's no point in throwing out a pipe 
bomb and a molotov at the same time, in the same area.

Pipe Bomb [L4D2PIPE]

The Pipe Bomb from the first Left 4 Dead game makes a return, and it's 
largely unchanged, except for the way things end. Instead of the 
crowding zombies around it turning into a fine red mist, you now will 
see dismembered body parts flying every which way.

One time, I saw a zombie's torso flying about 10 feet overhead with 
it's spine dangling behind it like a party streamer.


The Pipe Bomb, as described in a commentary node in the first Left 4 
Dead game, is a black powder bomb with the guts of a smoke detector 
strapped onto it. When thrown, the Pipe Bomb starts beeping, and this 
attracts nearby zombies who immediately run towards their impending 
doom. After three or four seconds, the bomb explodes, taking anything 
caught in the blast along with it.

The Worker "uncommon common" zombies of the "Hard Rain" campaign wear 
ear protection and will not hear the beeping from a Pipe Bomb, meaning 
this weapon is essentially useless against them.

The explosion from a Pipe Bomb will stagger a Tank, though this is rare 
as a Tank (especially on VS mode) will keep moving and is very unlikely 
to be caught in a Pipe Bomb's blast.

Throwing a Pipe Bomb will not cause zombies attacking you to stop going 
after you.

The Pipe Bomb is a great weapon to use if you or one of your teammates 
has been vomited on by a Boomer as you can use the Pipe Bomb as a 
distraction causing the zombies to go after it, rather than the 
survivor(s) who were puked on.

Throwing a Pipe Bomb in a wide open area will cause all of the common 
infected to be drawn out. The ensuing blast will likely kill most, if 
not all of them. This can be helpful if there is a nearby Witch and you 
are looking for less distractions as you attempt to pass her by or kill 

+ Can kill LOTS of zombies.
+ Draws out common infected when used in wide open areas.
+ Very helpful against a Boomer's puke attack.

- Practically useless against Special Infected.
- Doesn't affect the Worker Zombies in the "Hard Rain" campaign.

Molotov Cocktail [L4D2MOLLY]

A crude weapon consisting of a gasoline filled beer bottle and a rag 
tucked inside the bottle with one end of it lit up. When thrown, the 
bottle breaks and the fire from the end of the rag ignites the 
gasoline, creating a wide swath of flames that last until the source of 
fuel is exhausted.

Molotov Cocktails are best used as "denial of area" weapons. Because 
the flames last for roughly 15 seconds, you can use it as an escape 
tactic. Throw the molotov at a doorway and move on. In VS mode, there 
are many areas where the infected players may spawn behind you, and 
tossing a Molotov to block their paths, lest they burn up can allow you 
some breathing room.

Fire burns! And so you should be careful to not toss this around 
teammates as it will cause damage to them.

Molotovs are great weapons to use against Tanks and Witches, especially 
in VS. mode as a Tank on fire will run slower (VS mode only), and it 
can deny the infected team an ambush around the Witch.

Molotov Cocktails will not work against the CEDA Hazmat "uncommon 
common" zombies in the "Dead Center" campaign.

Zombies, common or special will catch fire and burn until they die. 
Common infected will instantly perish, but the special infected will 
burn their health away. This burning prevents Hunters from pouncing 
from wall to wall and it makes short work of Boomers or Spitters, 
though it essentially turns them into ticking time bombs.

If you use a molotov to cover your tracks, just be wary of a Smoker who 
may try to drag you into the fire for extra damage.

If you're being mobbed by a horde of zombies, tossing a molotov 
straight down at the ground and immediately running out of the fire can 
be extremely effective. Just be sure you have enough health to run out 
of the fire!

+ Wall of flame can deny access to an area making it easier to defend.
+ Instantly kills common infected.
+ Lights up special infected, so in VS mode it forces them to try 
attacking prematurely.
+ Especially in VS mode, effective against Tanks and Witches.

- Doesn't affect CEDA Hazmat zombies.
- Fire can burn you and teammates if you're not careful.
- Smokers can try pulling you into the flames and using your weapon 
against you.

Bile Jar [L4D2PUKE]

The Bile Jar is what you think it is. It's bottled Boomer Puke. And it 
can serve two purposes in Left 4 Dead 2.

1) It works like a Pipe Bomb, drawing out zombies in wide open 
areas...except without the Ka-BOOM!

2) It can mark infected, including special infected and cause hordes to 
go after the affected zombie(s).

Using a Bile Jar against a Tank will obscure it's vision and cause 
hordes of zombies to attack it. This can greatly help in taking it down 

The CEDA Hazmat "uncommon common" zombies of the "Dead Center" campaign 
sometimes carry Bile Jars. You can use them once you kill the zombie.

Unlike the Pipe Bomb, the Bile Jar *will* work against the Worker 
zombies in the "Hard Rain" campaign. However, the Worker zombies will 
only be drawn to other zombies who were marked by the Bile Jar. If a 
Bile Jar is thrown in the open and doesn't mark any target, Worker 
zombies will NOT be lured away because it uses the same programming in 
the game as a Pipe Bomb's beeping. This may get changed in a future 

Hitting a special infected with a Bile Jar will result in the hordes 
going after them! Boomers, Spitters, Jockeys, Hunters, and Smokers are 
all made quick work of if they can't escape.
If you're in an expansive area, tossing a Bile Jar will cause the 
zombies to swarm in - then you can kill them at your leisure. It's a 
true "fish in a barrel" situation.

Avoid hitting a Witch with a Bile Jar. By the time the horde swarms in 
to attack her, she may have already incapped or killed the thrower, and 
may be running away. Not to mention, if the effect wears off, you will 
have to deal with both a Witch AND a horde.

+ Better horde drawing abilities than the Pipe Bomb.
+ Can mark targets for the horde to attack.
+ Extremely useful against Tanks.
+ Attracts every type of zombie.
+ Distracts zombies longer than a Pipe Bomb.

- No Ka-BOOM!
- More rare than Pipe Bombs and Molotov Cocktails.
- Not effective against Witches.

                    Weapon Upgrades [L4D2UPGRADE]

In Left 4 Dead 2, there are three items you can use to upgrade the 
weapon you are using. Two of these upgrades are temporary and portable 
ammo upgrades, the other one is permanent, though much rarer to find.

Every upgrade will drastically improve the weapon you're using in one 
way or another, and a weapon upgrade should never be passed up. Why 
would you not want to make your trip a little easier?

There is only one guaranteed location for a weapon upgrade in the game 
to my knowledge, Whitaker's Gun Shop in the 2nd chapter of the "Dead 
Center" campaign. All other locations are completely random.

Incendiary Ammo [L4D2BURN]

Best used with Automatic weapons in small bursts, Incendiary Ammo 
ignites whatever is shot by it. It will kill common infected with one 
hit, but know that the CEDA Hazmat "uncommon common" zombies in the 
"Dead Center" campaign are immune to all fire, and this ammo is wasted 
on them.

It will light up special infected as well, but a Tank will only be 
ignited for 3-5 seconds. This means that it will deal a little extra 
damage, but it cannot replace a Molotov Cocktail.

The Incendiary Ammo upgrade is a portable upgrade, but know that it 
will take the spot of your first aid kit or defibrillator. Because it 
uses that valuable item spot, most people will find the ammo upgrade 
and deploy it immeidately, then pick up the item they dropped.

If you exhaust the incendiary ammo in your clip, you cannot refill it, 
even if the ammo cache is still there because someone else on your team 
did not upgrade their weapon. It's a one-time use.

Picking up the Incendiary Ammo upgrade for the Grenade Launcher will 
turn your normal grenade into a fireball that increases the blast 
radius, and instead of raining zombie parts all over the place, it will 
rain BURNING zombie parts all over the place! However, you only get one 
incendiary grenade, so make sure your shot counts.

In narrow hallways, an incendiary ammo upgrade for Shotgun type weapons 
can be very helpful as the spread is able to ignite multiple zombies 
with a single shot and clear things out pretty efficiently.

If you see an incendiary ammo upgrade, make sure you use it, there are 
no disadvantages to it.

Explosive Rounds [L4D2FRAG]

Explosive rounds serve a great purpose in Left 4 Dead 2. Not only do 
they rip through common infected with ease (creating violent, gaping 
wounds), but they can stumble special infected. It will cause a Smoker 
to release his vicim, it will push Hunters off pinned survivors, and 
will cause a Charger to release his grip on a helpless teammate. 
However, it will not stumble a Charger in mid-charge, and I don't 
believe it will cause a Jockey to dismount a survivor.

If used at close range, beware that it will make your character stumble 
a little and will deal a modest amount of self-inflicted damage. It 
will also damage teammates who are close to your target. This friendly-
fire is light (especially on normal or VS modes) and isn't too big of a 

Explosive Ammo being used with a Grenade Launcher will significantly 
increase the blast radius. Just know that you only get one shot, so 
make sure it counts.

Like Incendiary Ammo, Explosive Rounds are a portable upgrade that will 
replace your first aid kit or defibrillaor. Many people will pick up 
the Explosive Ammo upgrade and deploy it immediately, then pick up 
their dropped item.

Shotgun weapons when used with this upgrade will fire a slug instead of 
a spray of pellets.

In spite of the potential for a little friendly fire damage, explosive 
rounds are a great upgrade for your weapon that gives it some extra 
kick and makes you more formidable against special infected.

Since a patch, explosive ammo no longer appears in VS mode.

Laser Sights [L4D2LASER]

Laser Sights are a stationary, permanent upgrade, and is much rarer to 
come across than the ammo upgrades. The only area you are guarnateed to 
find the Laser Sight upgrade is in Whitaker's Gun Shot in the 2nd 
chapter of the "Dead Center" campaign.

Laser Sights serve two very important purposes.
1) They increase your gun's accuracy.
2) They help reduce friendly fire damage by showing you where teammates 
are aiming so you won't accidentally step into their line of fire.

Laser Sights, however, will not work on pistols or magnums, only 
primary weapons.

Many people consider an AK-47 upgraded with a Laser Sight to be the 
best weapon in the game as it significantly increases it's accuracy to 
offset the AK-47's mediocre stock accuracy, especially when stationary. 

Laser Sights are pretty much useless on the Hunting Rifle or Military 
Sniper Rifle, as their accuracy while crouching or standing is already 
unsurpassed. It will, however, slightly improve their accuracy while on 
the move.

Laser Sights will not transfer from one weapon to another. If you have 
Laser Sights on your Silenced SMG, and you switch to a Desert Rifle, 
the Desert Rifle will NOT have the upgrade. So it may be a reason to 
stick with a Tier 1 weapon instead of going with a Tier 2 weapon, 
because of the advantages it gives.

This upgrade is pretty useless when used on the Grenade Launcher as the 
laser sight will only point straight forward, but the grenade travels 
with a slight arc. Also, on Shotgun type weapons, the upgrade only 
really makes a noticable difference in accuracy while you're crouching. 
Still, the benefit of letting your teammates know where you're aiming 
is useful.

                       Other Items [L4D2OTHER]

Aside from weapon pick ups, upgrades, and throwing weapons, there are a 
number of items you can use to your advantage - or are necessary for 
getting an achievement or even passing through a certain area. Some of 
these can be useful for taking out infected, while others can be a 

You can pick these items up and use them as weapons, though 
ineffective. Several of these have other uses for taking out zombies as 

Either way, they're here! Listed in this FAQ!

Gas Can [L4D2GAS]

The Gas Can, when used will act like a Molotov Cocktail, igniting a 
large area for 15 or so seconds. To light it up, just shoot it! It's 
that simple. In essence, it's used the same way as a Molotov is, but is 
a lot less convenient. Still, using one of these gas cans to block a 
doorway while your team tries to push forward can be valuable at 
temporarily thwarting a special infected from attacking you, and can be 
very helpful in VS. mode matches.

There are two types of Gas Cans in Left 4 Dead 2. The normal gas cans 
are colored red, and their only purpose is to be ignited.

In the finale of "Dead Center", "The Passing", or ANY Scavenge mode 
game, the gas cans are orange, and are used to fuel up Jimmy Gibbs' 
stock car, or a generator in the Scavenge level. These orange gas cans 
will have a white outline before they're picked up, and a bright 
orange/yellow outline if they've been picked up and dropped.

A Spitter can ignite orange gas cans that have already been picked up 
and dropped. The Spitter's goo cannot ignite orange gas cans that still 
have their white outline, however, if an orange gas can with a yellow 
outline is ignited by a Spitter's goo, and is close to a gas can that 
still has it's white outline, the ignited gas can's flames may catch 
the others on fire as well.

Orange Gas Cans will respawn with their white outlines in their 
original areas after a short while if they were ignited by a Spitter's 
goo or were shot.

There is no inventory spot for a Gas Can, and it must be carried. This 
will not allow you to shoot a weapon. Pressing the fire button will 
throw the gas can in front of you, while simply selecting a weapon will 
drop the Gas Can at your feet.
While holding a gas can, you can only use your shove (right click) 
attack. While it can kill with successive attacks, your melee "fatigue" 
meter will appear eventually. It's best to have someone guard you while 
you're holding a Gas Can.

Thankfully, Gas Cans, while being held don't take up that much of the 
screen and won't block your view.

There is a third type of Gas Can, though it can't be used by your 
character. In the Hard Rain campaign, where you must find Deisel fuel 
for your rescue vehicle, the survivors will have this special Gas Can 
strapped to their backs for the return trip. It cannot be ignited by 
friendly fire, and cannot be used. Also, this does not take up any kind 
of inventory space, so your character can still use weapons as well as 
carry every other type of item in the game.

While carrying a Gas Can, it cannot be ignited by friendly fire.

Oxygen Tank [L4D2OXYGEN]

Oxygen Tanks are large, green, cylindrical canisters that, when shot 
become a time bomb - hissing for about a second or so before violently 
exploding. This explosion can stagger back special infected - including 
a Tank.

Like the Gas Can, there is no inventory space for the Oxygen Tank, and 
it must be carried. You cannot use your weapons while holding an Oxygen 
Tank, so the only method of attack you have while holding it is your 
standard melee attack. It *can* kill with successive attacks, but the 
melee "fatigue" meter will appear and it would be best to have a 
teammate guard you if you plan on holding onto the Oxygen Tank for any 
length of time.

The Oxygen Tank can be ignited while you're holding it by friendly 
fire. You will see the top of it spew flames. If you see this, 
immediately throw it - otherwise you could be caught in the blast!

The Oxygen Tank doesn not take up a large portion of the screen, 
thankfully, so it won't block your view like some other items.

Propane Tank [L4D2PROPANE]

Propane Tanks are large, white canisters that, when shot, go KA-BOOM! 
In a bigger explosion than the Oxygen Tank, and instantly. There is no 
forewarning "hissing" noise. It just blows up immediately! This can 
make it more useful when setting traps for infected, especially around 
where the rescue vehicle will pick you up during finale events.

Like the Gas Can and Oxygen Tank, there is no inventory slot for the 
Propane Tank, and therefore it must be carried. Carrying a Propane Tank 
will not allow you to use your weapons, but you can still use your 
standard melee attack. While it *can* kill, it takes a while, and the 
melee "fatigue" meter will appear, making it less useful.

The Propane Tank, when carried, doesn't take up too much of your 
screen, and it shouldn't be that big of an issue while carrying it, 
though it will block some of your view.

I have never noticed a Propane Tank exploding by friendly fire while 
holding it.

The Propane Tank's explosion will stagger special infected, including 
the Tank and Witch and can buy valuable time to kill, or severely 
damage them while they're stumbling.

You can throw the Propane Tank by pressing your fire button, otherwise 
you can drop it at your feet by simply equipping a weapon.

Fireworks [L4D2PYRO]

Fireworks only appear in one chapter of one campaign in Left 4 Dead 2. 
The finale map of Dark Carnival. Fireworks are used the same way as Gas 
Cans. When shot, they will ignite, and start crackling for about 15 
seconds or so. This can create a domino effect if several fireworks 
boxes are evenly spread out.

Fireworks seem to do more damage than fire does to special infected. 
Common infected, like fire, will be killed instantly.

There are always 5 boxes of fireworks in a crate directly in front of 
the stage.

There is no inventory space for this item, and your character will need 
to carry it. While holding Fireworks, you cannot use a weapon, though 
you can still use your standard melee attack. While it *does* kill 
infected if used enough, the melee "fatigue" meter will appear, making 
it less helpful.

Fireworks take up almost no portion of the screen, so holding them will 
not block your view.

You can throw the Fireworks in front of you by pressing the fire 
button, or drop them at your feet by simply equipping a weapon.

Cola [L4D2SODA]

Cola is only found in one map of one campaign. The 2nd chapter of the 
"Dead Center" campaign. It is used to complete a crescendo event. The 
gun store owner, who barricaded himself with "ample provisions" tells 
you that in his haste, he forgot soda! Oh no!

So, in exchange for bringing him soda, he'll blow up a gas truck 
blocking the way to the mall, allowing you to proceed - as well as keep 
the weapons you stole from him.

The Cola is found in the emptied "Save 4 Less" store near the back. 
Entering the store will sound it's alarm, and the crescendo event will 

Even though the Cola is in glass bottles, you can drop or throw the 6 
pack without fear of them breaking. In fact, they can survive a pipe 
bomb blast!

The Cola takes up a fair amount of the lower right side of the screen, 
but it shouldn't be too much of an inconvenience. The inconvenience is 
not being able to shoot your weapon while holding it to give it to the 
gun store owner.

You can use your standard melee attack only while holding the soda, and 
it will be affected by the "fatigue" meter.

You can throw the Cola by pressing the fire button, or drop it at your 
feet by simply pulling out a weapon.

After the Cola is delivered, Whitaker, the shop owner launches a 
grenade at the gas truck, opening your path to the mall.

Gnome Chompski [L4D2GNOME]

Gnome Chompski is only found in the 2nd chapter of the Dark Carnival 
campaign, and must be won by getting a score of 750 or more points in 
the shooting gallery mini-game.

At the beginning of Half Life 2: Episode 2, Gnome Chompski is found 
under a shelf and is incredibly, frustratingly, notoriously infamous 
for getting the "Little Rocket Man" achievement.

Thankfully, in Left 4 Dead 2, the achivement involving this cute garden 
gnome is much less tedious, though it still has some tedious 

There is no inventory slot for the Gnome, so he must be carried. 
Carrying the gnome will take up roughly 1/3 of your screen, so it can 
really obstruct your view considerable while holding him. Also, like 
other items you must carry, you cannot use your weapons, but you can 
still use your standard melee attack. The "fatigue" meter will still 
appear, making this shove attack with him less useful.

You can throw Gnome Chompski by pressing the fire button, or drop him 
at your feet by pulling out a weapon.

Adrenaline Shot [L4D2HYPER]

The Adrenaline Shot in Left 4 Dead 2 has many uses.

1) It provides a temporary 25 health bonus.
2) It makes your attacks with a melee weapon slightly stronger.
3) It allows you to run through deep water at full speed.
4) It prevents you from slowing down when being hit by common infected.
5) It is required for several achievements.
6) It makes you run faster.
7) It makes you revive downed teammates faster.
8) It increases the speed at which you heal yourself.
9) It increases the speed at which you can switch items or weapons.
10) It temporarily disables the melee "fatigue" meter.

So yeah, the Adrenaline Shot is an extremely helpful item. But it does 
have some downsides.

1) It lightly obscures the edges of your screen, creating a tunnel 
vision and can make it a little more difficult to see threats flanking 
2) It alters how you hear things, and can make it difficult to tell 
which direction a sound came from. A Hunter's scream for example.
3) It has a slight delay from the time you use the item to when you 
actually get the effects of the shot. The survivor must open the shot, 
the flaps over the syringe must open up, THEN the survivor injects 
him/herself. This can be frustrating if you're trying to use it as a 
cheap healing item while you're being mobbed and at low health as the 
surrounding infected are still beating on you and may incap you before 
you get a chance to heal up.

With the Adrenaline Shot equipped, you can only perform a standard 
melee attack in the form of a punch. This punch is affected by the 
melee "fatigue" meter.

While the Adrenaline Shot will make your character run faster for about 
15 seconds or so, know that once the effects wear off, your character 
will start limping and move slower if his/her health is below 40.

You don't have to be extremely close to another survivor if you wish to 
pass it to them. Your character will toss the shot to the survivor you 
aimed at.

First Aid Kit [L4D2FAK]

Without a doubt, one of the most important items in the game, the First 
Aid Kit allows you to heal yourself of 80% of your damage, temporary 
health not included. So if you were incapped, and revived, you have 1 
health, and 29 temporary health. Using a First Aid Kit in this 
situation will bring you up to 80 health. Using a First Aid Kit with 37 
health (have taken 63 damage) will bring you up to 87 health.
(63 damage x .8 + 37)

First Aid Kits will never bring you back up to a full 100 health, the 
highest you can get to being 99. However, this would require two, or 
even three First Aid Kits and since they are rare items, it would be a 
complete waste. First Aid Kits also replace any kind of temporary 
health bonus granted from the use of Adrenaline Shots or Pain Pills.

While having the First Aid Kit equipped, your character holds it in 
front of him/her. Because of this, you cannot use a weapon and the only 
offense available to you is your standard melee attack.

It takes 5 full seconds for a survivor to heal while not under the 
effects of an Adrenaline Shot, so make sure your teammates can cover 
you while you heal.

Defibrillator [L4D2DEFIB]

If a survivor does something contrary to his/her title of "survivor", 
you can revive him/her with the Defibrillator item. This item is 
mandatory in bringing a survivor back in VS. mode or any difficulty 
mode with Realism enabled, as survivors will not randomly spawn in 
rooms off to the side.

Reviving a dead teammate will bring them back with 50 permanent health, 
and only a pistol at their disposal, however the revived teammate may 
quickly pick up their dropped weapon, and any items they were carrying.

The Defibrillator will take the inventory space of a First Aid Kit, so 
it may only be worthwhile to pick up if you need to heal first, or do 
not have a First Aid Kit to begin with.

It takes a full 5 seconds to revive someone with the Defib unit, so 
make sure your teammates can protect you while you use it.

Equipping the Defibrillator prevents you from using your weapons, and 
the only attack you have available to you is your standard melee shove, 
which is affected by the "fatigue" meter.

Pain Pills [L4D2PEELZ]

The Pain Pills item makes a return in Left 4 Dead 2, and provides an 
instant, though temporary 50 health bonus. This can be extremely 
helpful if you're trying to get through an area quickly, and don't have 
a full 5 seconds to heal with a First Aid Kit.

Because the Pills give 50 health, it will restore your full running 
speed (39 health is the breakpoint).

While the Pain Pills are equipped, you cannot use a weapon, and the 
only attack you will have available to you is the standard melee shove. 
This will be affected by the "fatigue" meter, which can make it less 

You don't have to be very close to another survivor if you wish to pass 
your Pain Pills to him/her, as your character will toss them to the 
survivor you're aiming at.

               Item-Specific Achievements [L4D2ACHIEVE]

There are quite a number of achievements in Left 4 Dead 2 that are 
dependent on specific weapons or items. These can involve certain 
weapons, weapon categories, weapon upgrades, certain items, items being 
used in a certain way, etc.

This section will tell you the easiest way to get these achievements. 
(to my knowledge)

***Cl0wned*** [L4D2HONK]
Honk the noses of 10 clowns.

You will get this achievement by using your standard melee attack on 
the Clown "uncommon common" zombies in the "Dark Carnival" campaign.

***Fried Piper*** [L4D2PIPER]
Use a Molotov to burn a Clown leading at least 10 common infected.

This can be tricky, as you never know how many common infected the 
Clown zombie may be leading, but as a general strategy... See a clown, 
light it up! You must use a Molotov though. Gas Cans or Incendiary Ammo 
will not work.

The best way to get fried piper is in the 4th chapter of dark carnival 
at the very end when you rush for the safe room and zombies keep 
coming. The fire only has to hit a clown and 10 other zombies they 
don't necessarily need to be following it.

***Level A Charge*** [L4D2LEVEL]
Kill a Charger with a melee weapon while they are charging someone.

Another tricky achievement as you need two things.
1) A Charger at less than half health.
2) Excellent timing.

A melee weapon's attack does 300 damage to a Charger, meaning it won't 
be killed with a single swing. Also, because the Charger moves so fast 
while using his Charge attack, the window of opportunity you have is 
very small. Getting this achievement in wide open areas is the easiest 
way to get this, as you will have room to sidestep the Charger and take 
a swipe with your melee weapon.

***Confederacy of Crunches*** [L4D2COC]
Finish a campaign using only melee weapons.

Simple enough. Start up a game on easy difficulty and don't fire a 
single shot. Not even if you're incapped. If there isn't a melee weapon 
available at the start of the map, right click is going to be your 
friend until you find one.

***Head Honcho*** [L4D2DECAP]
Decapitate 200 infected with a melee weapon.

Very simple. Grab a melee weapon and aim high! However, the Frying Pan 
and Tonfa cannot be used for this achievement as they do not cause 
noticable body damage to the infected. Keep at it, you'll get it 

***Robbed Zombie*** [L4D2ROB]
Collect 10 vials of Boomer vomit from infected CEDA agents you have 

Simple enough. You can see which CEDA Hazmat zombies are carrying Bile 
Jars in the "Dead Center" campaign. Just make sure YOU make the kill, 
otherwise collecting the Bile Jar will not add to your progress in this 

***Dismemberment Plan*** [L4D2BLAST]
Kill 15 infected with a single Grenade Launcher blast.

Very fun! The easiest way to get this achievement is to first throw a 
Bile Jar to draw out all the common infected in an area, then...take 
aim and watch it rain body parts.

***Burning Sensation*** [L4D2SENSE]
Ignite 50 common infected with Incendiary Ammo.

Find incendiary ammo, upgrade your weapon with it, and start lighting 
zombies up! You'll get it eventually.

***Armory of One*** [L4D2AOO]
Deploy an ammo upgrade and have your team use it.

Very simple. Find Incendiary or Explosive ammo, deploy it yourself, and 
have all 4 people on your team upgrade their weapon. It's that easy.

***The Quick and the Dead*** [L4D2TQATD]
Revive 10 incapacitated Survivors while under the speed boosting 
effects of adrenaline.

If someone is incapped, take an Adrenaline Shot first, THEN revive 
them. Keep at it, you'll get it eventually.

***Chain of Command*** [L4D2CHAIN]
Kill 100 common infected with the Chainsaw.

If you need any more of an explanation to get this achievement, I can't 
help you.

***Septic Tank*** [L4D2TANK]
Use a Bile grenade on a Tank.

Step 1) Get Bile Jar.
Step 2) Throw at Tank.
Step 3) Jump for joy because you got the achievement.

***Club Dead*** [L4D2CD]
Use every melee weapon to kill common infected.

The description for this achievement is kind of misleading. The weapons 
you must use are the Tonfa, Cricket Bat, Katana, Machete, Electric 
Guitar, Fire Axe, Crowbar, and Frying Pan. The Chainsaw is not 
required, and since the baseball bat was available to only those who 
pre-ordered the game, it is also not required to get this achievement.

***Tank Burger*** [L4D2BURGER]
Kill a Tank with melee weapons.

You're going to want a game on easy difficulty and a team of 4 human 
players, because shooting the Tank even once negates this achievement. 
Basically, have everyone grab a melee weapon and hack&slash your way to 
this achievement.

***Guardin' Gnome*** [L4D2GUARD]
Rescue Gnome Chompski from the Carnival.

First, win the Gnome by scoring 750 or more points in the shooting 
gallery during the 2nd chapter of the "Dark Carnival" campaign. Then, 
make sure that somebody is carrying the gnome while the safe room door 
closes, and it will come with you to the next chapter of the campaign. 
You need to do this all the way through to the finale, and someone must 
be holding the gnome on the helicopter in order for the team to get 
this achievement. There are a couple of trouble spots - most notably 
the Roller Coaster crescendo event, and the never-ending gate doors 
crescendo event in the 3rd, and 4th chapters of the campaign 
respectively. I would definitely try going for this achievement on easy 

***Beat the Rush*** [L4D2RUSH]
In a Survival match, get a medal only using melee weapons.

Very simple. Grab a melee weapon and hope your team holds out for at 
least 4 minutes. (Bronze medal)

***Gong Show*** [L4D2GONG]
Prove you are stronger than Moustachio.

In the 4th chapter of the "Dark Carnival" campaign, there is a "Test 
Your Strength" game. Under the effects of an Adrenaline Shot, use a 
melee weapon on the red target and knock the bell off the top of the 
machine! Be warned though, that this will trigger a crescendo event.

***Stache Whacker*** [L4D2STACHE]
Prove you are faster than Moustachio.

During the 4th chapter of the "Dark Carnival" campaign, there is a 
"Whack-a-Mole" style game. Pressing the use key will start the game, 
and with a melee weapon, hit the Moustachios that appear. You need a 
score of 42, which is impossible in a single game, so once it ends, 
start it up again immediately, and you will keep your current score. 
You need at least 42 points in total to get this achievement, and as 
long as you hit at least one Moustachio, you'll get it. Just be warned 
that this will trigger a crescendo event.

***Heartwarmer*** [L4D2WARMER]
In a Versus match, leave the safe room to defibrillate a dead teammate.

Reach the safe room at the end of a level in VS mode, then, go out of 
the safe room and use a Defib unit on a dead teammate. This is kind of 
a glitchy achievement. First off, a survivor cannot kill the other 
survivor with friendly fire, and then revive him/her to get this 
achievement. Also, if a survivor is incapped and bleeding out, revivng 
that teammate will not get you this achievement. An infected, common or 
special needs to actually make the kill before you leave the safe room 
and revive him/her.

***Shock Jock*** [L4D2JOCK]
Revive 10 dead Survivors with the Defibrillator.

As with the Heartwarmer achievement, a zombie - common or special needs 
to make the kill, otherwise you will not get any progress on this 
achievement when you revive him/her.

***Gas Guzzler*** [L4D2GUZZLE]
Collect 100 Gas Cans in Scavange.

You get this achievement by pouring gas into the generator/car in 
Scavenge mode. Not by only picking up a Gas Can.

***Fore!*** [L4D2PAR]
Knock off the heads of 18 infected with the Golf Club.

Simple. Get a Golf Club and aim high. You'll get it eventually.

***Til It Goes Click*** [L4D2CLICK]
Using the M60, kill 25 infected without letting go of the trigger.

This is best accomplished when used in tandem with a Bile Jar and human 
teammates. AI teammates are just too trigger happy to allow you to get 
this achievement. Toss the Bile Jar and start shredding!

***Cache Grab*** [L4D2LOCKER]
Open 5 Foot Lockers.
Simple enough. Find a Foot Locker, and open it! Just know that Foot 
Lockers do NOT appear in Versus Mode for balancing reasons. Campaign or 
Single Player is your best bet. It may take you a couple play throughs 
of "The Passing" to get this achievement.

             Which Weapons to Use and Where [L4D2WWTUAW]

So now that you've got a plethora of weapons in front of you, how do 
you know which weapons to grab? Should you go with melee weapons, or 
would pistols be a better choice? Shotguns or automatics? Sniper Rifle?

This is here to help you decide.

First and foremost, and especially on VS mode or Expert difficulty, 
make sure you ask your teammates what weapons they're going out with. 
Or just look and see what they grab. A team with 4 shotguns and melee 
weapons will be extremely effective at close range, but anything other 
than that will be tough to counter.

Look for diversity! If you notice your teammates going with 2 shotguns 
and an assault rifle, maybe YOU should pick up an assault rifle as well 
to balance things out. But it also depends on the layout of the chapter 
you're in.

When to use pistols
- If you have a Shotgun type weapon, using pistols will help you with 
distant targets. A Magnum would be ideal to mix with a Shotgun weapon 
due to their strength and accuracy.
- Wider open areas are ideal for pistols because it's less likely 
you'll get easily surrounded by hordes.

When to use melee weapons
- If you have a Sniper Rifle type weapon, using a melee weapon will 
drastically help you if you get surrounded by a large mob of zombies.
- Narrow hallways are great areas to mow through zombies with melee 

When to use automaics
- Automatics are great for narrow hallways when fired in a "cone" 
- Automatics have generally good accuracy so they're good for wide open 

When to use shotguns
- Narrow hallways and tight areas are great for shotguns.
- Shotguns work well with pistols to help offset their poor long-range 

When to use sniper rifles
- Sniper Rifles are great in wide open areas for picking off distant 
- Sniper Rifles are less effective in narrow hallways, in spite of 
their piercing shots, and a melee weapon would make a good pairing in 
this situation.

When to use the grenade launcher
- Wide. Open. Areas. The Grenade Launcher is notorious for friendy fire 
- Avoid using both the Grenade Launcher and Chainsaw at the same time. 
The Grenade Launcher only has a single shot and a long reload time, and 
the Chainsaw has a delay between equipping it and actually using it - 
and it only has limited ammo.
- Grenade Launchers pair well with pistols to help offer some range 
without the big friendly fire potential.

When to use the chainsaw
- Use the Chainsaw sparingly as it will run out of fuel, but there is 
no better weapon at taking out a surrounding horde.
- Narrow hallways are a Chainsaw user's dream.

                        Legal Stuff [L4D2MYFAQ]

This is the part of the FAQ where I must state that this guide was 
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                         Credits [L4D2ENDFAQ]

I'd like to thank:

Valve, for making yet another high quality, highly addictive, game. 
Without the game, there would be no FAQ.

GameFAQs.com for allowing me to post this terrible, horrible, no-good, 
very bad file on their site, even though it's full of wholesome zombie 
killing goodness.

Myself for writing this FAQ. I mean...it wouldn't exist without me, 
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me proud!