Left 4 Dead 2 FAQ/Walkthrough v1.26
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Left 4 Dead 2 FAQ/Walkthrough

by Raining Metal   Updated to v1.26 on

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Left 4 Dead 2 FAQ/Walkthrough
For the PC
By Raining Metal
Version 1.26

>Table of Contents<

1.0 Introduction
1.1 Version History

2.00 Basics
2.01 Controls
2.02 Heads Up Display
2.03 The Survivors
2.04 The Infected
2.05 The Director
2.06 Weapons & Items
2.07 Difficulty
2.08 Voice Commands
2.09 Game Modes
2.10 The Lobby
2.11 The Environment
2.12 Achievements
2.13 Glossary
2.14 Types of Players
2.15 Mutations

3.00 Campaign/Survival Walkthrough
3.10 Dead Center
3.11 The Hotel
3.12 The Streets
3.13 The Mall
3.14 The Atrium Finale
3.20 The Passing
3.21 The Riverbank
3.22 The Underground
3.23 The Port
3.30 Dark Carnival
3.31 The Highway
3.32 The Fairgrounds
3.33 The Coaster
3.34 The Barns
3.35 The Concert
3.40 Swamp Fever
3.41 Plank Country
3.42 The Swamp
3.43 The Shantytown
3.44 The Plantation
3.50 Hard Rain
3.51 The Milltown
3.52 The Sugar Mill
3.53 Mill Escape
3.54 Return to Town
3.55 Town Escape
3.60 The Parish
3.61 The Waterfront
3.62 The Park
3.63 The Cemetery
3.64 The Quarter
3.65 The Bridge
3.70 Cold Stream
3.71 Alpine Creek
3.72 South Pine Stream
3.73 Memorial Bridge
3.74 Cutthroat Creek

4.00 More Tips
4.01 General Tips
4.02 Working Together
4.03 Versus Tips
4.04 Against Infected
4.05 As Infected
4.06 Supply & Demand
4.07 Environmental Tips
4.08 Survival Tips
4.09 Scavenge Tips
4.10 Achievement Tips
4.11 Custom Campaigns & Maps

5.1 And The Rest!
5.1 F.A.Q
5.2 Email Guide
5.3 Website List
5.4 Credits
5.5 Legal Disclaimer

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1.0 >Introduction<
Yeah! That's right! RainingMetal pre-ordered and had his head start on Left 4
Dead 2! Released a mere year after the previous installment, the Left 4 Dead
series revolves around zombie-killing and escape. This time, the game all goes
down south...

1.1 >Version History<

Version 1.26

Updated the Cold Stream Walkthrough.


Version 1.25

Added the Cold Stream Walkthrough.


Version 1.21

Added additional Mutations and Custom Campaigns.


Version 1.20

Added content included in The Sacrifice update.


Version 1.19

Added more tips throughout the guide.


Version 1.18

Added more Custom Campaigns.


Version 1.17

Minor update; made a few tweaks, additions, and Mutation details.


Version 1.16

Added a few more tips, and more Custom Campaigns!


Version 1.15

Added even more Custom Campaigns.


Version 1.14

Added Special Infected weaknesses.


Version 1.13

Added the modifications to Realism Versus. Added more details on the Mutations.


Version 1.12

Added a few more possible Mutations in the Mutations list. They may be subject
to change or removal.


Version 1.11

Did Ellis tell us the time Keith added content to this guide? He also spread
his misfortune to Raining Metal, as he recently lost a bet and now has to
spread the word of Keith's adventures. Maybe it's not so bad. Ahem.


Version 1.10

Added more tips to The Passing in Survival and Scavenge modes.


Version 1.09

Added the Mutations section, as well as another Custom Campaign.


Version 1.08

Added content included in The Passing update. Added the German Weapons to the
list, as well as making a few adjustments.


Version 1.03

Added more custom Campaigns.


Version 1.02

Added information on custom sprays.


Version 1.01

Added the upcoming information on The Passing. Added the Custom Campaigns list
and made a few other tweaks as well.


Version 1.00

Completed all map-specific Survival and Scavenge tips.


Version 0.98

Added more info on map-specific Survival tips.


Version 0.97

Added new ASCII art to the title. Added the Achievement tips.


Version 0.96

Added the One-Way Passage article in the Environment section, and added notices
regarding One-Way Passages and Crescendo Events throughout the walkthrough.
Added GameRevolution to the website list. Added a strategy on Scavenge by Teh


Version 0.95

Initial release. Could use a bit more information on map-specific Survival and
Scavenge tips.

2.00 >Basics<
This section will provide the basics to Left 4 Dead.

2.01 >Controls<
These are the controls for the PC version of Left 4 Dead. Note that the
controls can be changed via the options menu.

Both Sides
Mouse: Look around.
W: Move Forward.
A: Move Left.
S: Move Backward.
D: Move Right.
Space Bar: Jump.
Ctrl: Crouch (hold).
Shift: Walk (hold).
C: Voice Chat.
U: Type Team Only Message.
Y: Type Public Message.
T: Spray logo.
M: Select Team (Versus Mode only).
H: See Server info.
Tab: Scoreboard/Status Screen.
Esc: Main Menu.
F1: Vote Yes.
F2: Vote No.
F5: Screen Capture

Left Click: Fire Weapon/Throw Grenade/Use Item.
Right Click: Shove Attack/Heal Other/Give to Other.
Middle Click: Scope.
1: Select Primary Weapon.
2: Select Secondary Weapon.
3: Select Grenade.
4: Select Pack.
5: Select Consumable.
R: Reload.
E: Use.
Q: Select previous Item.
F: Turn on/off Flashlight.
Z and X: Voice Commands.

Left Click: Infected Ability.
Right Click: Melee Attack/Throw Rock.
E: Move to Survivor position (spawning mode only).

Screenshots can be found under C:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/
left 4 dead2/left4dead2/screenshots.

Custom sprays must be located under C:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/
left 4 dead2/left4dead2/materials/vgui/logos. They should (but don't have to
absolutely) also be 256x256 pixels large, and in TGA, JPG, or VTF format.

These controls are for the Xbox Version, if anyone looking for a PC guide

Both Sides
Left Stick: Move.
Right Stick: Look around.
A: Jump.
LB: Crouch.
RB: 180 degree spin.
Start: Main Menu/Vote Yes.
Back: Scoreboard/Status Screen/Vote No.

RT: Fire Weapon/Throw Grenade/Use Item.
LT: Shove Attack/Heal Other/Give to Other.
B: Reload.
X: Use.
Y: Select Weapon.
D-Pad Up: Flashlight.
D-Pad Left: Select Grenade.
D-Pad Right: Select Pack.
D-Pad Down: Select Consumable.
Click Left Stick: Voice Commands.
Click Right Stick: Scope.

X: Move to Survivor position (spawning mdoe only).
RT: Infected Ability.
LT: Melee Attack/Throw Rock.

2.02 >Heads Up Display<
This is a brief description of the Heads Up Display, which is visible
throughout the escape of the Survivors.

The following are displayed in the HUD throughout the game (besides the
givens, such as current Weapon and crosshairs):
-Direction of where any damage taken came from (red lines appearing in the
middle of the screen)
-Occasionally a bit of blood
-Tutorial Notes (will appear from time to time)

The following are displayed in the HUD for Survivors:

-Player's Current & Temporary Health (bottom-right)
-Teammates' Current & Temporary Health (bottom-left to bottom)
-Player's Inventory & Ammunition (right)
-Teammates' Inventory (next to Teammates' Current & Temporary Health)
-Who protected/saved who recently (left)
-What Special Infected was killed recently (left)
-Time endured (top, Survival only)
-Record Time/Goal Time (top, Survival only)
-Special Notes (will appear from time to time)

The following are displayed in the HUD for Infected (the Infected view the
world in a distorted, coloured vision):

-Player's Current Health (bottom-right)
-Teammates' Current Health (bottom-left to bottom)
-Ability status meter (bottom-left)
-Type of Infected currently playing as (bottom-left)
-Teammates' status meter (bottom-left to bottom)
-Recent attacks made by Infected players (left)

All of the Survivors start out with 100 Health points. Should they run out of
Health points, permanent or temporary, they will become Incapacitated, and will
need help getting back on their feet. A Survivor that has been brought back up
will start off with 30 temporary HP. Should they get Incapacitated a second
time, they will die the next time they run out of Health without having a
Health Kit applied to them. It is impossible to get back to 100 HP after being
hit once. When a Survivor's Health drops below 40 HP, their speed will
decrease. A Survivor clinging onto 1 HP will be VERY slow. If a Survivor is
killed, they can be brought back in the game usually by being rescued from a
Closet, or at the end of a round. They will start with 50 HP, a random Tier 1
Weapon, and a Pistol.

All Survivors can be seen through walls, as they will be shown as a blue
silhouette. Any Survivor who is under attack by a Special Infected (being
pounced on, got puked on by a Boomer, got incapacitated, etc.) will have an
orange outline, or will have an orange silhouette. This also applies to
Survivors trapped in Rescue Closets. Enemies covered in vomit will have a
purple outline.

The Infected can see how heavily damaged each Survivor is, by identifying the
colour of their outline (Green, Yellow, or Red). They can also see the
Survivors' silhouettes as well as their fellow special Infected, even if they
are in spawning mode. Player-controlled Infected have blue auras, while the
Witch will have a white or red aura, depending on her anger levels.

Before getting into the action, the Infected are able to move all over the map
freely and quickly, without being seen by the Survivors. They are in spawning
mode in this state. They can also teleport to the Survivors' position with E if
they get lost. When they are ready, they can click to spawn for real.

2.03 >The Survivors<
There are four playable Survivors unique to Left 4 Dead 2. Presumably immune,
they must travel across hazardous lands in order to escape from the calamity
that is the Infection.


Appearance: Short brown hair, a bit of jewelry. Thin and tall.
Attire: White suit, blue undershirt.
Preferred Weapons: Submachine Guns, Assault Rifles.
Subtitle Colour: Blue.
Former Occupation: Gambler, Conman.
Likes: Money, bling, billiards, dogs.
Dislikes: His ex-wife, people who suck at shooting, peanuts, malls, roller
coasters, sewers, under-the-river tours, Ellis, Francis.

He thought he would make a quick stop at the casinos in the riverboats, but
since the Infection came along, Nick will have to stay down south a bit longer
than he planned. Why couldn't he be in Vegas when the Infection hit, or even
Atlantic City?


Appearance: Short, scrawny.
Attire: White T-Shirt, baseball cap.
Preferred Weapons: Hunting Rifles, Sniper Rifles.
Subtitle Colour: White.
Former Occupation: Mechanic.
Likes: Horses, cars, Jimmy Gibbs Jr, The Midnight Riders, Keith, armadillos,
Dislikes: Jockeys, Mud Men, Nick.

Ellis, the optimistic vehicle mechanic, doesn't fear the Infection all that
much. He's pretty sure he's indestructible, he enjoys the simple pleasures in
life, and he might even enjoy fighting the Infected, one by one. He often tells
tales of the mighty Keith and his many hardships.


Appearance: Black, short hair. Thin.
Attire: Pink T-Shirt.
Preferred Weapons: Submachine Guns, Assault Rifles.
Subtitle Colour: Pink.
Former Occupation: News Reporter.
Likes: Socializing, discovery, The Passing, Depeche Mode, squirrels.
Dislikes: Being stuck in the middle of things, popularity contests, having to
come up with good jokes, vests.

An unpopular news reporter from Cleveland, Rochelle was supposed to get some
information out of Savannah after a promotion. But, like everyone else, she got
stranded in the midst. She won't simply stay there though! She's also peeved
at how many people aren't interested in the news.


Appearance: Black, bald, chubby.
Attire: Short-sleeved purple shirt.
Preferred Weapons: Pump Shotguns, Auto Shotguns.
Subtitle Colour: Purple.
Former Occupation: Teacher.
Likes: Chocolate, the Bible, The Midnight Riders, Jimmy Gibbs Jr, rabbits.
Dislikes: Witches, stairs.

Coach used to be a teacher (first in football, then in health), but now it
seems that the Infection will teach him a few more things. He's ready to take
on the hordes of Infected, if it means to restore the simple life. He's also
about to revisit his past in his hometown...

*The Past Generation*

Appearance: Various.
Attire: Various.
Preferred Weapons: Assault Rifles (Bill and Zoey), Auto Shotguns (Louis),
Scoped Rifles (Francis).
Subtitle Colour: Various.
Former Occupation: Various.
Likes: Various.
Dislikes: The Infection, Millhaven.

Remember those guys? They have a cameo appearance in The Passing, and are
playable in the Left 4 Dead 2 ports of No Mercy and The Sacrifice! Their weapon
preferences are much different from the last game for some reason...

2.04 >The Infected<
These are the main antagonists of the game: The Infected. Along with the
predictable and numerous Common Infected, there is a bunch of more mutated and,
hence, much more dangerous variations. Special Infected often appear throughout
the levels, and will always try to attack the Survivors on sight. Most of them
can take down a lonely Survivor without resistance. Boss Infected are even
rarer than the Special Infected, as they often have the strength to kill off,
or at least Incapacitate a careless Survivor without much difficulty. Expect a
Boss Infected to be up ahead when there are few Common Infected around...

*The Infected*

Type: Common Infected.
Appearance: Normal-looking, save for blank eyes and pale skin. Various clothes.
Abilities: Claw, Climb.
Health: 30/50/90.
Anticipate them: When a Panic/Crescendo Event has been triggered, when they
notice any Survivors, when someone has been vomited on by a Boomer, when the
Horde chime is heard.
Sounds Emitted: Generic grunting, generic shouting.
Drops: None.

The Common Infected are typical zombie characters They aren't very strong, but
in numbers, they are very difficult to get through without any firepower. They
often attack by simply charging at the Survivors head-on, but sometimes they
are simply wandering around certain areas of the map. Take advantage of this
and kill the idle ones with Secondary Weapons to conserve ammo. Numerous things
attract hordes of Infected (known as simply Hordes), such as Car Alarms,
noises, and the Boomer's Vomit. They do more damage to the front than to the
back. All Common Infected are capable of slowing down a Survivor on every hit.

*Hazmat Infected*

Type: Common Infected.
Appearance: In yellow/green hazard suits.
Abilities: Claw, Climb, Immunity to fire.
Health: 30/50/90.
Anticipate them: When a Panic/Crescendo Event has been triggered, when they
notice any Survivors, when someone has been vomited on by a Boomer, when the
Horde chime is heard. 
Sounds Emitted: Generic grunting, generic shouting.
Drops: Bile Bombs.

Hazmat Infected aren't too different from regular Infected, save for being
impervious to flames of any sort. Don't waste Moltovs, Gas Cans, and the like
on these enemies and simply shoot or smash them. Some Hazmat Infected drop Bile
Bombs that the Survivors can use.

*Fallen Survivor Infected*

Type: Common Infected.
Appearance: Ammo belts, helmet, equipment.
Abilities: Claw, Climb, Running and vanishing, Partial resistance to Headshots.
Health: 1000.
Anticipate them: Among crowds.
Sounds Emitted: Generic grunting, generic shouting.
Drops: Grenades, Health Kits, Consumables.

Previously a cut Infected, the Fallen Survivor has a little more intent to live
than other Infected. He tends to run away at the sights of any Survivors to
live another miserable day (actually, he only starts to run when he's
attacked). He also tends to carry items, which the Survivors can use. Think of
him as that scurrying blue ghost in Luigi's Mansion that drops treasure when
caught. He's immune to the effects of Bile Bombs or Pipe Bombs too! He's tough,
so a few pistol shots aren't going to kill him! Only certain Weapons are
capable of killing him in one hit, mostly Melee Weapons. He's also immune to
fire bullets too. If he escapes, the Survivors may see him again further down
the level.

*Clown Infected*

Type: Common Infected.
Appearance: Clown makeup, striped pants.
Abilities: Claw, Climb, Attract Infected.
Health: 30/50/90.
Anticipate them: When a Panic/Crescendo Event has been triggered, when they
notice any Survivors, when someone has been vomited on by a Boomer, when the
Horde chime is heard.
Sounds Emitted: Generic grunting, generic shouting, squeaky noises.
Drops: None.

Clown Infected can be quite a nusiance when there are other Common Infected
around, since their squeaky shoes attract them (and spawn a few more) whenever
they see a Survivor. Take them out quickly before they can fill the area to the
brim with Infected! Their noses can be honked by shoving them in the face.

*Mud Men*

Type: Common Infected.
Appearance: Covered in mud, crawls on all fours.
Abilities: Claw, Climb, Swim, Mud Smear.
Health: 30/50/90.
Anticipate them: When a Panic/Crescendo Event has been triggered, when they
notice any Survivors, when someone has been vomited on by a Boomer, when the
Horde chime is heard.
Sounds Emitted: Generic grunting, generic shouting.
Drops: None.

Some people like swamps, but not nearly as much as Mud Men. Mud Men are more
agile than the regular Infected, and are rather fast in the water. When they
attack Survivors, they smear mud on the Survivors' faces, obscuring vision.
Since they crawl on all fours, they are a little harder to hit than most

*Construction Worker Infected*

Type: Common Infected.
Appearance: Construction uniforms and hard hats.
Abilities: Claw, Climb, Ignore Pipe Bombs, Resistance to Melee weapons and
Health: 40/60/100.
Anticipate them: When a Panic/Crescendo Event has been triggered, when they
notice any Survivors, when someone has been vomited on by a Boomer, when the
Horde chime is heard.
Sounds Emitted: Generic grunting, generic shouting.
Drops: None.

Thanks to their equipment, Construction Worker Infected can ignore Pipe Bombs
(plus Bile Bombs that haven't touched Infected), and can take a beating
against Melee weapons and Headshots. Nobody really talks about them that

*Riot Infected*

Type: Common Infected.
Appearance: Riot gear.
Abilities: Claw, Climb, Immunity to damage to the front.
Health: 30/50/90.
Anticipate them: When a Panic/Crescendo Event has been triggered, when they
notice any Survivors, when someone has been vomited on by a Boomer, when the
Horde chime is heard.
Sounds Emitted: Generic grunting, generic shouting.
Drops: Tonfas.

For some reason, the Survivors don't use the vests used by the Riot Infected
when finished. Riot Infected are fully armoured in the front, forcing Survivors
to shove them in order to spin them around. Their weak portions are at the
rear. Riot Infected sometimes drop Tonfas.

*Zombie Gibbs Jr*

Type: Common Infected.
Appearance: Racecar Uniform.
Abilities: Claw, Climb, Oil Smear, Immunity to fire, Ignore Pipe Bombs.
Health: 1000.
Anticipate him: At the Atrium.
Sounds Emitted: Generic grunting, generic shouting.
Drops: None.

Poor Jimmy Gibbs. He might be stumbling in the Atrium if the Survivors are
lucky (or unlucky) enough to meet him in person.


Type: Special Infected.
Appearance: Wears a damaged hoodie. Sometimes crawls on all fours.
Abilities: Pounce, Claw.
Health: 250.
Anticipate him: When there's a zombie that's jumping far in the sky, when
people say they hear a Hunter.
Sounds Emitted: Growling, high-pitched screams (when attacking).
Death Expulsion: None.
Most Vulnerable When: Retreating from being shot, crawling, Shoved.

Hunters are extremely dangerous to any lonely Survivor. They jump and pounce on
their prey, and when they get on top of a Survivor, he will claw the Survivor
to death until the Hunter is pryed off of the Survivor, the Hunter is killed,
or the Survivor is killed. Be sure to stick around with a buddy upon locating a


Type: Special Infected.
Appearance: Tall, has a few rather long tongues. Has green spores surrounding
him. Wears a purple T-shirt.
Abilities: Tongue drag, Claw.
Health: 250.
Anticipate him: When there are green spores in the distance.
Sounds Emitted: Coughing, hacking, Smeagol-esque screams.
Death Expulsion: Smoke.
Most Vulnerable When: Retreating from a failed pull, screaming, Shoved.

The Smoker drags his victims towards him until the victim is stuck, or the
victim is close enough to the Smoker for him to whack him or her to death.
When trying to stick together, put the Smoker on the top of the "Must kill"
list. Upon dying, the Smoker leaves behind a green cloud that impairs vision
and speech for the Survivors when near it. Victims being constricted by a
Smoker can be knocked off, effectively saving them. The tongue itself can also
be shot.


Type: Special Infected.
Appearance: Fat. Really fat. Wears an undersized black shirt or a sports bra.
Abilities: Vomit, Claw.
Health: 50.
Anticipate him/her: When his/her fat belly is spotted.
Sounds Emitted: Obese grunts.
Death Expulsion: Bile.
Most Vulnerable When: Shoved, recently puked.

One of the first special Infected ever conceived by the guys at Valve, the
Boomer doesn't have many direct attacks. However, his/her Vomit attracts the
Horde when put on a Survivor, so try to stay away from them. When killed,
his/her belly explodes, covering any Survivor nearby with Vomit. He/she
doesn't pop when pushed away (at least, not for until too many times), so take
advantage of this.


Type: Special Infected.
Appearance: Huge, has one bulky arm. Wears damaged overalls.
Abilities: Charge, Claw.
Health: 600.
Anticipate him: When there's a fast-moving big zombie running around, when a
wall has been smashed. When there's been a smacking sound.
Sounds Emitted: Grumbles, Shouts.
Death Expulsion: None.
Most Vulnerable When: Missed a Charge, Charging without a Survivor in hand.

Chargers, like Hunters, are devastating to lonely Survivors. When they are
about to charge, try to run out of the way before he can grab anyone. When
charging, they can only run in a straight direction. They can deal lots of
damage to their targets, so eliminate them quickly. Chargers are immune to
shoving. Even without charging, Chargers are still very fast. Anyone
unfortunate enough to be hit by a Charger's charge without being grabbed
will be stunned for quite some time (and it takes quite a while to recover from
a charging regardless).


Type: Special Infected.
Appearance: Tall and lanky, has spit coming out of her mouth. Wears a bra, and
a thong under her shorts.
Abilities: Spit, Claw.
Health: 100.
Anticipate her: When there's drool coming out of an Infected's mouth, when she
Sounds Emitted: High-pitched squeals and shouts.
Death Expulsion: Acid.
Most Vulnerable When: Recently spat, while Spitting.

Due to the excessive corner-camping of Survivors, some Infected got jealous and
took the Spitter course (okay, maybe it didn't happen THAT way). Spitters are
basically the Molotov Cocktail for Infected. The acidic pools that emit from
their spits become rather large, and are extremely devastating. Spitters don't
usually make much sounds, which makes them even more dangerous. They take a bit
of time in order to be able to spit again, and they will release a small pool
of spit when they die. Those who plan to stick together must keep an eye and
ear out for Spitters!


Type: Special Infected.
Appearance: Hunched. Very undersized clothing.
Abilities: Latch, Claw.
Health: 325.
Anticipate him: When there's a midget Infected spotted, when people say they
hear a Jockey.
Sounds Emitted: Abnoxious laughs.
Death Expulsion: None.
Most Vulnerable When: Knocked off by a Survivor, Shoved.

Jockeys are also much like Hunters. However, Jockeys do less damage over time
and cannot leap as far, but can move their targets to certain places, like
towards Spitter pools, Witches, Boomers (anything that comes to the Jockey's
imagination). Survivors latched to Jockeys can resist such movement, but it's
rather difficult. Like Hunters, Jockeys can be pryed off their target.


Type: Boss Infected.
Appearance: Huge, bald, muscular. Walks on all fours.
Abilities: Claw, Rock Throw.
Health: 3000-8000.
Anticipate him: When the Tank's theme is heard.
Sounds Emitted: Deep grunts and snarls. Hulking shouts.
Death Expulsion: None.
Most Vulnerable When: Roaring and flexing, throwing a Rock at somewhere else.

The Tank is one of the two Boss Infected, and he's very powerful! Along with
being able to knock away Survivors with his fists, he can also throw Rocks at
far away Survivors. The Tank can also knock cars and other similar objects out
of his way, or towards Survivors. To defeat him, the Survivors must concentrate
fire on him.


Type: Boss Infected.
Appearance: Wears barely any clothing, pale.
Abilities: Claw.
Health: 500-1000.
Anticipate her: When the Witch's theme is heard, when people tell each other to
turn off their lights.
Sounds Emitted: Cries, growls, shouts, screams.
Death Expulsion: None.
Most Vulnerable When: Attacking another Survivor, stunned.

The other Boss Infected. The Witch, unlike most other Infected, is only
aggressive when she is startled. She is initially set at one spot, crying. The
best way to get past a Witch is to sneak past her. The Witch will get startled
by Flashlights, people who get too close to her, or by being shot or lit on
fire. If anyone gets too close to her, she'll get more and more angry (listen
to her voice to hear how angry she is). If she's left alone long enough, she'll
begin to cry again.

If the Witch is startled, she'll go after whoever startled her (this will be
notified on the HUD immediately). If the Witch manages to reach her startler,
the startler will get Incapacitated. Upon startling the Witch (hopefully not on
purpose), shoot her!

Witches act differently in certain times of the day. During the night, she just
sits idly until startled. During the day, she slowly walks and wanders around.
Her cries also vary depending on the time.

2.05 >The Director<
The Director is a special sort of AI that determines where certain items appear
throughout the levels (most importantly, Health Kits and Pain Pills). The
Director is known to be easy-going on Easy, but ruthless and sadistic on
Expert (although its mood can depend on the team's performance too). The
Director also coordinates when the Horde attacks, depending on how the
Survivors are doing. The Director also controls the music in the game, and 
determines where Special Infected spawn in Campaign mode. The Director can also
change the pathways in various levels. They still lead to the same areas

2.06 >Weapons & Items<
These are the Weapons and items that will be needed in order to escape the
dangers of the Infected. Included amongst all of these are the Flashlight and
Melee attacks. The Flashlight can be used to see in the dark, and the Melee
attack can be used to shove away Infected.

Recoil affects every weapon, and firing consistently will increase the amount
of recoil, thus decreasing the accuracy of the weapon. Moving around also
increases recoil. To decrease recoil, crouch and stay still while firing in
controlled bursts. Getting hit also affects accuracy.

When reloading, the clip goes down to 0, but the capacity will increase by how
many bullets there were in the previous clip. In short, this does not waste
away any clips, but when reloading, the Survivor must finish reloading in order
to fire again.

*Uzi Submachine Gun*

Clip Size: 50.
Carrying Capacity: 650.
Power per shot: 20.
Rate of Fire: Automatic.
Range: Medium.
Recoil: Medium.
Reload Speed: Medium.
Type: Primary Weapon (1st Tier).
Best paired up with: Any Secondary Weapon.
Best used on: Hunters, Smokers, Boomers, Spitters, Jockeys.

The Uzi is a very balanced Weapon. It's pratically useful against most
Infected, and is effective at any range.

*MAC-10 Silenced Submachine Gun*

Clip Size: 50.
Carrying Capacity: 650.
Power per shot: 25.
Rate of Fire: Automatic.
Range: Medium.
Recoil: Medium.
Reload Speed: Medium.
Type: Primary Weapon (1st Tier).
Best paired up with: Any Secondary Weapon.
Best used on: Hunters, Smokers, Boomers, Spitters, Jockeys.

The MAC-10 is more powerful, albeit less accurate than the Uzi. There's little
difference between the two SMGs otherwise.

*MP5 Submachine Gun*

Clip Size: 50.
Carrying Capacity: 650.
Power per shot: 24.
Rate of Fire: Automatic.
Range: Medium.
Recoil: Medium.
Reload Speed: Medium.
Type: Primary Weapon (1st Tier).
Best paired up with: Any Secondary Weapon.
Best used on: Hunters, Smokers, Boomers, Spitters, Jockeys.

The MP5 combines the accuracy of the Uzi and the firepower of the Mac-10 in
exchange for a slightly slower firing rate. The MP5 is a German weapon and will
only appear in-game under certain circumstances.

*M3 Pump Shotgun*

Clip Size: 8.
Carrying Capacity: 56.
Power per shot: 25-250.
Rate of Fire: Pump.
Range: Short.
Recoil: Low.
Reload Speed: Fast to Slow.
Type: Primary Weapon (1st Tier).
Best paired up with: P220 & Glock, Magnum .50.
Best used on: Hunters, Boomers, Witches, Chargers.

The Pump Shotgun, much like all other Shotguns in various games, is deadly up
close, but weak at long range. The Pump Shotgun is effective at slaying Hordes
up close, and can also be used to kill off Hunters after knocking them back.
Shotguns, including the Pump Shotgun, are capable of killing the Witch in one
hit (see Tips Against Infected).

*Remington Chrome Shotgun*

Clip Size: 8.
Carrying Capacity: 56.
Power per shot: 25-248.
Rate of Fire: Pump.
Range: Medium.
Recoil: Low.
Reload Speed: Fast to Slow.
Type: Primary Weapon (1st Tier).
Best paired up with: P220 & Glock, Magnum .50.
Best used on: Hunters, Boomers, Witches, Chargers.

The Chrome Shotgun has less spread in its shots than the Pump Shotgun, making
it more effective at slightly longer ranges. Shotguns, including the Chrome
Shotgun, are capable of killing the Witch in one hit (see Tips Against

*Ruger Hunting Rifle*

Clip Size: 15.
Carrying Capacity: 150.
Power per shot: 90.
Rate of Fire: Semi.
Range: Long.
Recoil: High.
Reload Speed: Slow.
Type: Primary Weapon (1st Tier).
Best paired up with: Melee Weapons.
Best used on: Smokers, Boomers, Tanks, Spitters.

The Hunting Rifle is a powerful sniper rifle, making it very dangerous against
Smokers and Tanks (in fact, it's good against all special Infected). It's also
good for getting headshots. Contrary to popular belief, it's not capable of
killing Witches in one hit (but it does good damage against the Witch
nonetheless). The Hunting Rifle is extremely inaccurate when on the move, but
any shot fired when standing still is a guaranteed hit. It is also capable of
killing Common Infected in a single hit. Its bullets can also penetrate through
multiple Common Infected. Despite being a first Tier weapon, the Hunting Rifle
is not often found amongst Tier 1 Weapons, and is more likely to be found with
Tier 2 Weapons. Too bad poor bot Ellis can't tell the difference between this
and the mighty Sniper Rifle!

*Steyr Hunting Rifle*

Clip Size: 15.
Carrying Capacity: 195.
Power per shot: 90.
Rate of Fire: Bolt.
Range: Long.
Recoil: High.
Reload Speed: Slow.
Type: Primary Weapon (1st Tier).
Best paired up with: Melee Weapons.
Best used on: Smokers, Boomers, Tanks, Spitters.

Also known as the Scout Rifle, the Steyr is much like the Hunting Rifle, except
that it's a Bolt-Aciton rifle, which hinders its usefulness in a Zombie
apocalypse. Fortunately, it carries much more ammunition than the Hunting
Rifle. The Steyr is a German weapon and will only appear in-game under certain

*M16 Assault Rifle*

Clip Size: 50.
Carrying Capacity: 360.
Power per shot: 33.
Rate of Fire: Automatic.
Range: Medium.
Recoil: Medium.
Reload Speed: Medium.
Type: Primary Weapon (2nd Tier).
Best paired up with: Any Secondary Weapon.
Best used on: Hunters, Smokers, Boomers, Spitters, Jockeys.

The Assault Rifle a straight upgrade from the Submachine Gun in almost every
category (except Ammunition). A few shots from the Assault Rifle is enough to
kill off a single Common Infected. It's very effective against Hunters,
Smokers, Boomers, and Spitters. Just be sure not to run out of ammo!

*AK-47 Assault Rifle*

Clip Size: 40.
Carrying Capacity: 360.
Power per shot: 58.
Rate of Fire: Automatic.
Range: Long.
Recoil: High.
Reload Speed: Medium.
Type: Primary Weapon (2nd Tier).
Best paired up with: Any Secondary Weapon.
Best used on: Hunters, Smokers, Boomers, Spitters, Jockeys.

The AK-47 is accurate, but suffers more to recoil when moving. Much like the
Hunting Rifle, the AK-47 is best used when stationary. The AK-47 greatly
improves with Laser Sights installed.

*SCAR-L Combat Rifle*

Clip Size: 60.
Carrying Capacity: 360.
Power per shot: 44.
Rate of Fire: Burst.
Range: Long.
Recoil: Low.
Reload Speed: Slow.
Type: Primary Weapon (2nd Tier).
Best paired up with: Any Secondary Weapon.
Best used on: Hunters, Smokers, Boomers, Spitters, Jockeys.

The Combat Rifle fires in bursts of 3 shots, although it's not necessary to
keep pressing the trigger to keep firing. Like the AK-47, it's more effective
at longer ranges, although it doesn't get as affected by accuracy as much. It
takes quite a while to reload.

*SG552 Assault Rifle*

Clip Size: 50.
Carrying Capacity: 360.
Power per shot: 33.
Rate of Fire: Automatic.
Range: Medium.
Recoil: Medium.
Reload Speed: Slow.
Type: Primary Weapon (2nd Tier).
Best paired up with: Any Secondary Weapon.
Best used on: Hunters, Smokers, Boomers, Spitters, Jockeys.

The SG552 deals quite a punch! Although it doesn't fire as fast as the M16, it
has a scope (not quite as powerful as the ones on the Scoped Rifles), which
improves its accuracy. The SG552 is a German weapon and will only appear in-
game under certain circumstances.

*M1 Tactical Shotgun*

Clip Size: 10.
Carrying Capacity: 90.
Power per shot: 30-253.
Rate of Fire: Semi.
Range: Short.
Recoil: Medium.
Reload Speed: Fast to Slow.
Type: Primary Weapon (2nd Tier).
Best paired up with: P220 & Glock, Magnum .50.
Best used on: Hunters, Boomers, Chargers, Witches, Tanks.

Like the Assault Rifle, the Auto Shotgun is a straight upgrade from the Pump
and Chrome Shotguns. Not only does it have two extra shells in its clip, but it
can fire must faster! It also has a higher carrying capacity than the Pump and
Chrome Shotguns. It's especially deadly against Tanks and Chargers. Shotguns,
including the Tactical Shotgun, are capable of killing the Witch in one hit
(see Tips Against Infected).

*SPAS-12 Combat Shotgun*

Clip Size: 10.
Carrying Capacity: 90.
Power per shot: 28-252.
Rate of Fire: Semi.
Range: Medium.
Recoil: Medium.
Reload Speed: Fast to Slow.
Type: Primary Weapon (2nd Tier).
Best paired up with: P220 & Glock, Magnum .50.
Best used on: Hunters, Boomers, Chargers, Witches, Tanks.

The SPAS-12 is equally as deadly as the M1, as well as being more accurate in
exchange for reduced pellets per shot. Shotguns, including the Combat Shotgun,
are capable of killing the Witch in one hit (see Tips Against Infected).

*G3 Sniper Rifle*

Clip Size: 30.
Carrying Capacity: 180.
Power per shot: 90.
Rate of Fire: Semi.
Range: Long.
Recoil: High.
Reload Speed: Very Slow.
Type: Primary Weapon (2nd Tier).
Best paired up with: Melee Weapons.
Best used on: Smokers, Boomers, Spitters, Tanks.

The G3 is superior to the Ruger Rifle in almost every way. It's insanely deadly
against almost any Infected at long ranges. It's also respectably accurate when
on the move too.

*AWM Sniper Rifle*

Clip Size: 20.
Carrying Capacity: 180.
Power per shot: 115.
Rate of Fire: Bolt.
Range: Long.
Recoil: High.
Reload Speed: Very Slow.
Type: Primary Weapon (2nd Tier).
Best paired up with: Melee Weapons.
Best used on: Smokers, Boomers, Spitters, Tanks.

Much more famously known as the AWP, the AWM is insanely effective against
Special Infected, while not so much against Common Infected. Want to do some
selective killing or give a bit of support fire? Pick this. The AWM is a German
weapon and will only appear in-game under certain circumstances.

*M79 Grenade Launcher*

Clip Size: 1.
Carrying Capacity: 30.
Power per shot: 400.
Rate of Fire: Single.
Range: Long.
Recoil: N/A.
Reload Speed: Slow.
Type: Primary Weapon (Super Weapon).
Best paired up with: P220 & Glock.
Best used on: Hordes, Chargers, Tanks.

Grenade Launchers are insanely powerful against crowds and big targets,
especially at long range. Although they can't stumble Tanks, they can do lots
of damage against them. Beware of friendly fire; a Grenade is capable of
cutting a healthy Survivor's stamina in half on higher difficulties! Grenades
for Grenade Launchers cannot be found in Ammo Caches.

*M60 Machine Gun*

Clip Size: 150.
Carrying Capacity: N/A.
Power per shot: 50.
Rate of Fire: Automatic.
Range: Medium.
Recoil: Medium.
Reload Speed: N/A.
Type: Primary Weapon (Super Weapon).
Best paired up with: Any Secondary Weapon.
Best used on: Hordes, Tanks.

The M60 is a lethal Zombie-stopper. Though it doesn't carry much ammo to begin
with, it doesn't require reloading, and can dish out plenty of damage in
seconds! Ammo for the M60 cannot be found in Ammo Caches.

*P220 & Glock Pistols*

Clip Size: 15/30.
Carrying Capacity: Infinite.
Power per shot: 36.
Rate of Fire: Semi.
Range: Medium.
Recoil: Low.
Reload Speed: Fast/Medium.
Type: Secondary Weapon (Sidearm).
Best paired up with: Any Primary Weapon.
Best used on: Various.

The P220 & Glock Pistols are essentially the same pistol. The Pistol never runs
out of ammo, and, if another Pistol (of either kind) is found, these Weapons
can be dual-wielded. If a Melee weapon-wielding Survivor is incapacitated,
he/she will use a single Pistol instead. The Pistols are very versitale.

*Magnum .50 Pistol*

Clip Size: 8.
Carrying Capacity: Infinite.
Power per shot: 80.
Rate of Fire: Semi.
Range: Long.
Recoil: High.
Reload Speed: Medium.
Type: Secondary Weapon (Sidearm).
Best paired up with: Pump Shotguns, Auto Shotguns.
Best used on: Smokers, Spitters, Boomers.

The Magnum Pistol cannot be dual-wielded due to its immense recoil and
strength. It packs enough of a punch on its own, as it can kill Common Infected
in one hit (most of the time). Incapacitated Survivors can also use this Weapon
if they were carrying one.

*Fire Axe*

Clip Size: N/A.
Carrying Capacity: N/A.
Power per shot: 500.
Rate of Fire: Swing.
Range: Melee.
Recoil: N/A.
Reload Speed: N/A.
Type: Secondary Weapon (Melee).
Best paired up with: Hunting Rifles, Sniper Rifles.
Best used on: Common Infected.

Melee weapons are very effective against crowds (maybe even legions) of
Infected. Just swing away and watch the Infected perish! Keep in mind that hits
from Melee weapons can also hurt teammates. The Axe, other than the pre-order
exclusive Baseball Bat, might be the most common Melee weapon in the game, as 
it is available in Dead Center, The Passing, Dark Carnival, Swamp Fever, and
Hard Rain. It can also be found in No Mercy and The Sacrifice.

*Baseball Bat*

Clip Size: N/A.
Carrying Capacity: N/A.
Power per shot: 500.
Rate of Fire: Swing.
Range: Melee.
Recoil: N/A.
Reload Speed: N/A.
Type: Secondary Weapon (Melee).
Best paired up with: Hunting Rifles, Sniper Rifles.
Best used on: Common Infected.

Those who pre-ordered Left 4 Dead 2 will be able to use the Baseball Bat. Those
who didn't can still use this weapon if they are playing with someone who did.
Those who have downloaded The Passing are also able to use the Baseball Bat.

*Cricket Bat*

Clip Size: N/A.
Carrying Capacity: N/A.
Power per shot: 500.
Rate of Fire: Swing.
Range: Melee.
Recoil: N/A.
Reload Speed: N/A.
Type: Secondary Weapon (Melee).
Best paired up with: Hunting Rifles, Sniper Rifles.
Best used on: Common Infected.

What kind of an American neighbourhood plays Cricket? Common in Dead Center and
Swamp Fever. It can also be found in No Mercy and The Sacrifice.


Clip Size: N/A.
Carrying Capacity: N/A.
Power per shot: 500.
Rate of Fire: Swing.
Range: Melee.
Recoil: N/A.
Reload Speed: N/A.
Type: Secondary Weapon (Melee).
Best paired up with: Hunting Rifles, Sniper Rifles.
Best used on: Common Infected.

Those who want to become badass physicists can use the Crowbar. Common in Dead
Center, The Passing, Dark Carnival, and Hard Rain. It can also be found in No
Mercy and The Sacrifice.

*Frying Pan*

Clip Size: N/A.
Carrying Capacity: N/A.
Power per shot: 500.
Rate of Fire: Swing.
Range: Melee.
Recoil: N/A.
Reload Speed: N/A.
Type: Secondary Weapon (Melee).
Best paired up with: Hunting Rifles, Sniper Rifles.
Best used on: Common Infected.

A comedy tool, equally as effective as a Zombie killing utility. Common in
Swamp Fever, Hard Rain, and The Parish.

*Golf Club*

Clip Size: N/A.
Carrying Capacity: N/A.
Power per shot: 500.
Rate of Fire: Swing.
Range: Melee.
Recoil: N/A.
Reload Speed: N/A.
Type: Secondary Weapon (Melee).
Best paired up with: Hunting Rifles, Sniper Rifles.
Best used on: Common Infected.

Tiger Woods would be proud. Or ashamed. Be sure to yell out "Fore!" if a head
is about to hit another Survivor! Common in The Passing.

*Ibanez Electric Guitar*

Clip Size: N/A.
Carrying Capacity: N/A.
Power per shot: 500.
Rate of Fire: Swing.
Range: Melee.
Recoil: N/A.
Reload Speed: N/A.
Type: Secondary Weapon (Melee).
Best paired up with: Hunting Rifles, Sniper Rifles.
Best used on: Common Infected.

Real Guitar Heroes smash their instruments on Zombies! Common in Dark Carnival
and The Parish.


Clip Size: N/A.
Carrying Capacity: N/A.
Power per shot: 500.
Rate of Fire: Swing.
Range: Melee.
Recoil: N/A.
Reload Speed: N/A.
Type: Secondary Weapon (Melee).
Best paired up with: Hunting Rifles, Sniper Rifles.
Best used on: Common Infected.

Likely the most popular Melee weapon in the game! Not only is it insanely
stylish, but its range is the widest of all Melee Weapons! Common in Dead
Center, The Passing, Dark Carnival, and Hard Rain. It can also be found in No
Mercy and The Sacrifice.


Clip Size: N/A.
Carrying Capacity: N/A.
Power per shot: 500.
Rate of Fire: Swing.
Range: Melee.
Recoil: N/A.
Reload Speed: N/A.
Type: Secondary Weapon (Melee).
Best paired up with: Hunting Rifles, Sniper Rifles.
Best used on: Common Infected.

The Knife is just as mighty as the Katana or Machete, and just as fast as the
Tonfa and Machete. Too bad the blood might overwhelm anyone's eyes within
seconds! The Knife is a German weapon and will only appear in-game under
certain circumstances.


Clip Size: N/A.
Carrying Capacity: N/A.
Power per shot: 500.
Rate of Fire: Swing.
Range: Melee.
Recoil: N/A.
Reload Speed: N/A.
Type: Secondary Weapon (Melee).
Best paired up with: Hunting Rifles, Sniper Rifles.
Best used on: Common Infected.

The Machete can cut through Infected just as easily as it does to plants. It
has a slightly faster swinging speed. Common in Swamp Fever and The Parish.
When using this weapon and a Bile Bomb, be sure to shout out "Jarate!"

*Tonfa Baton*

Clip Size: N/A.
Carrying Capacity: N/A.
Power per shot: 500.
Rate of Fire: Swing.
Range: Melee.
Recoil: N/A.
Reload Speed: N/A.
Type: Secondary Weapon (Melee).
Best paired up with: Hunting Rifles, Sniper Rifles.
Best used on: Common Infected.

Riot Infected often drop these weapons, but they can also be found elsewhere.
Also known as Nightsticks or Clubs. Common in The Parish. Tends to swing faster
than most Melee Weapons, but its broadness is much shorter.

*STiHL Chainsaw*

Clip Size: 100 cells.
Carrying Capacity: N/A.
Power per shot: 100.
Rate of Fire: Automatic.
Range: Melee.
Recoil: N/A.
Reload Speed: N/A.
Type: Secondary Weapon (Super Weapon).
Best paired up with: Hunting Rifles, Sniper Rifles.
Best used on: Common Infected, Witches.

The Chainsaw stands out among the rest of the Melee weapons, as it doesn't
require one to keep swinging to deal damage! It's very effective in certain
Crescendo Events, and against Witches! The Chainsaw requires to be revved up in
order to be used, which takes a few seconds. If the Chainsaw runs out of power,
it will automatically be replaced by a P220 Pistol.

*Pipe Bomb*

Explosion Type: Explosive.
Type: Grenade.
Best used on: Hordes.

Having trouble with meddling zombies? The Pipe Bomb is the solution! Throw a
Pipe Bomb at a vacant location, and the stupid zombies will be attracted to its
pretty light! Then get ready to witness a spectacular explosion of satisfaction
and gore! Disclaimer: The Pipe Bomb does not attract Special Infected, and the
makers of Pipe Bombs do not claim responsibility for this quirk.

*Molotov Cocktail*

Explosion Type: Fire.
Type: Grenade.
Best used on: Boss Infected, Choke Points.

The Molotov Grenade instantly explodes when the bottle hits something, so try
to throw it at something hostile. It's very effective against the Tanks (it
makes killing Tanks easier!), and it's also useful for slowing down a Witch,
should the need to get her out of the way arise (without Cr0wning material of
course!). Certain choke points can also be covered with a wall of fire,
covering a flank that Common Infected will most likely use. Try not to light a
Hunter on fire though, searing hands can hurt! The fire caused by the Molotov
can also damage Survivors as well, so take care when using these cocktails!

*Bile Bomb*

Explosion Type: Bile.
Type: Grenade.
Best used on: Open areas, Special Infected, Boss Infected.

Bile Bombs summon a Horde to attack its target, or attracts Common Infected
towards that area. Effective during Finales, or in conjunction with Chainsaws,
fire, or Grenade Launchers. Bile Bombs have been modified to not affect
Survivors. It can also be used to mark Special and Boss Infected (the Bile will
allow the Survivors to see them through walls in most game modes).

*Health Kit*

Type: Pack.
Left Click to: Heal self.
Right Click to: Heal a teammate.

The Health Kit is capable of healing Survivors. It takes five seconds to heal,
so use it when there are no hostile zombies around. The Health Kit restores 80%
of one's lost health (or more specifically, up to at least 80% of their 100 hit
points), so use it wisely.

*Ammo Pack*

Type: Pack.
Left Click to: Deploy Pack.
Right Click to: N/A.

Ammo Packs come in two varieties: Incendiary and Explosive. When receiving Ammo
from these boxes, the Survivor's Primary Weapon will receive its respective
Ammo Upgrade. The Ammo Upgrades will be immediately applied to the weapon. An
Ammo Pack can only be used once by each Survivor. The effects of Incendiary
Ammo is only temporary, unlike Molotovs and Gas Cans. Explosive Ammo does not
appear in Versus.


Type: Pack.
Left Click to: Revive dead Survivor.
Right Click to: Revive dead Survivor.

A Defibrillator is especially useful in Versus and Realism levels. When
revived, the Survivor will start off with 50 Health and a Pistol. Just be sure
to get to the body!

*Pain Pills*

Type: Consumable.
Left Click to: Consume Pills.
Right Click to: Give Pills to a teammate.

Pain Pills give a Survivor temporary pain relief (which is 50 temporary Health
points in gamer talk). The temporary health diminishes overtime, so it's best
to use it in the middle of a fight (yes, it's quick and easy to swallow these
Pills). Pills can be donated to another Survivor to help them out, or when
there's spare Pills/Adrenaline in sight.

*Adrenaline Injector*

Type: Consumable.
Left Click to: Inject Adrenaline.
Right Click to: Give Injector to a teammate.

Adrenaline Injectors provide a Survivor 25 temporary Health points, and will
give them a boost in speed and immunity to melee fatigue and slowing attacks
for 15 seconds. In this state, they can also swing Melee weapons faster and
perform many actions faster. Like Pills, Injectors can be dontaed.

2.07 >Difficulty<
Left 4 Dead has 4 levels of Difficulty; Easy, Normal, Advanced, and Expert.

Notable Easy Notes:
-The Tank has 3000 health points. He does 24 damage per hit.
-The Witch has 500 health points. She can be startled in 8 seconds.
-Common Infected usually deal 1 damage per hit.
-Friendly Fire does not inflict damage on teammates (except fire and
-Health Kits and Pain Pills are common and easy to find.
-This difficulty is an easy (and cheap) way of earning most Achievements.

Notable Normal Notes:
-The Tank has 4000 health points. He does 24 damage per hit.
-The Witch has 1000 health points. She can be startled in 5 seconds.
-Common Infected usually deal 2 damage per hit.
-Friendly Fire inflicts 10% damage on teammates.
-Health Kits and Consumables are often hidden in secret areas (outside of the
Safe Zones). Health Kits usually spawn when the Survivors are on their last
-All Normal notes apply to Versus as well.

Notable Advanced Notes:
-The Tank has 6000 health points. He does 33 damage per hit.
-The Witch has 1000 health points. She can be startled in 5 seconds.
-Common Infected usually deal 5 damage per hit.
-Friendly Fire inflicts 50% damage on teammates.
-Health Kits and Consumables are scarce.

Notable Expert Notes:
-The Tank has 8000 health points. He does 100 (!) damage per hit.
-The Witch has 1000 health points, and can kill a Survivor instantly. She can
be startled in 4 seconds.
-Common Infected usually deal 20 damage per hit.
-Boomers can vomit much farther!
-Friendly Fire inflicts 100% damage on teammates.
-Health Kits are (almost) never found outside of the Safe Zones.
-Consumables are fairly common.
-The Infected will react much more quickly.

2.08 >Voice Commands<
There are two menus for Voice Commands. There's one for Orders (Z) and one for
Replies (X). To use the menu, hold the Voice Command key and then point at a
quote on the menu with the mouse. Release the key to speak. To cancel a Voice
Command, right-click.

Orders Menu:
Centre: "Look!"
North: "Let's Go!"
Northeast: "You take the lead"
East: "Hurry!"
Southeast: "Nice Job!"
South: "Wait here!"
Southwest: "I'll save you!"
West: "Be Careful!"
NorthWest: "I'm with you!"

Centre: "Ready?"
North: "Laugh"
Northeast: "Taunt"
East: "Argh!"
Southeast: "No"
South: "Sorry"
Southwest: "Yes"
West: "Hurrah!"
NorthWest: "Thank you"

Characters will also say various other things when certain actions occur. Some
of them are scripted in the Campaigns.

2.09 >Game Modes<
There are a number of game modes available. All of them, however, contain the
slaughter of zombies, and the goal of making it out alive.

Co-op Campaign/Single Player:
In this mode, the four Survivors must make it through the Campaign in order to
escape from certain calamity. Each level is divided by a Safe House, which is
the area the Survivors must travel to in each level. At the end of the
Campaign, the Survivors must complete an objective for rescue to arrive. Single
Player is a lot like the regular Campaign, except that nobody else can join the
game. Some tasks in Single Player are a little easier than in Campaign, such as
collecting Fuel Cans.

This is similar to the Campaign mode, but four additional players can take
control of various Special Infected. There are two teams of four, and each team
must make more points than their opponents to win the game. Teams swap roles of
being the Survivors and Infected, and the winning team in each round gets to
play as the Survivors first. Points are determined through how far each team
got through the level. Bonus points are awarded to those who make it to the
Safe Room and do more damage as the Infected. There are also various level

Survival is another game mode where the Survivors must hold out as long as they
can to achieve their own records on the maps. This mode requires proper
planning and decisive decisions (or in some cases, glitches). Bronze Medals are
awarded to those who last longer than 4 minutes, Silver Medals are given to
anyone who participates in 7 minute escapades, and only the best of the best
will earn the Gold Medal for enduring 10 minutes!

There's an objective in the middle of the map, and it needs to be fueled. Fuel
Cans are littered throughout the field, and it's the Survivors' jobs to collect
them and fill up the object with gas before time runs out. Every Fuel Can
collected will buy the Survivors 20 seconds on the timer. The Infected team
must stop the Survivors from collecting Fuel Cans at all costs. When the round
ends (either when the timer reaches zero and nobody has a Fuel Can in their
hands, or when the Survivors are all killed), teams switch, and the process
repeats itself. Scores are determined by rounds won, Cans collected, and time
taken. There are up to 1, 3, 5, or 10 rounds in a game. The losing team of a
round gets to play as the Survivors first.

There's no way the Survivors can see through walls in real life! Realism
changes all that, among other things. Realism can be applied to Co-op or Versus
mode, and on any difficulty. Auras around objects and players are no more, and
Common Infected are much stronger! The only way to bring back dead Survivors is
with the Defibrillator, or by advancing to the next round (no Rescue Closets!).
Witches kill players instantly, regardless of the actual difficulty. The
hinderances of Realism do not affect the Special Infected.

This game mode is actually a set of gameplay modes that change weekly.
Mutations offer different perks per week, to spice things up. Sometimes a
previous Mutation is brought back up again, due to popular demand. Keep an eye
on the official blog for more information!

2.10 >The Lobby<
Upon starting a game, players will be sent to a Lobby. Campaign and Survival
Lobbies can carry up to four players, while Versus Lobbies can have a maximum
of eight.

Lobby Options:
-Game Options: The Lobby Leader can change the settings of the game, including
Difficulty, Campaign, Level, and Server Type.
-Character Selection: Anyone can select any of the four Survivors to play as,
although any characters already picked by players cannot be selected.
-Invite Friends: Anyone can invite their Friends over to play on any server if
there's room.
-Permissions: Want to play with only Friends? The Lobby Leader can make it so
that only Friends can join the game.
-Vote to start: Nobody likes having an absent Lobby Leader. Other players can
vote to start the game, then boot him out!

The Lobby Leader can also kick a player in the lobby.

Players can also vote in the middle of the game. Votes types consist of
Campaign changes, player kicking, and restarting the game if something goes 

There's three types of Servers: Best Available Dedicated, Official Dedicated,
and Local. Despite its title, Best Available is usually NOT the best choice for
Server Types, as they tend to lag a lot. Official Dedicated are usually the
best ones. Both of these connect to public servers, where the latency for all
players tend to remain the same. Local Servers are hosted by the Lobby Leader
and is always good in terms of latency for the Leader (but for the others, it
may vary).

2.11 >The Environment<
Along with the various Weapons the Survivors will carry, there are several
other objects and items they must take note of:

*Propane Tank*

Type: Explosive Can.

The Propane Tank can be carried around with a Survivor, but they must drop it
if they want to use their Weapons. If a Propane Tank is shot, it will explode
instantly. Try using these as traps during Crescendo Events and Finales (I
guess Hank Hill really did have a good reason to respect Propane). The Propane
Tank is white and round.

*Gas Can*

Type: Explosive Can.

The Gas Can can also be carried around. However, it needs to be dropped in
order to use any regular items. Gas Cans explode in a firey blaze when shot,
much like a Molotov. The Gas Can is a red gasoline bottle.

*Oxygen Tank*

Type: Explosive Can.

Rarer than the Propane Tank or Propane Tank, the Oxygen Tank explodes when
shot. It takes a few seconds for it to explode (not unlike a fuse), so get away
from it when it's about to blow! The Oxygen Tank is thin and green.

*Fireworks Box*

Type: Explosive Can.

Sort of like a hybrid of the Propane Tank and Gas Can, the Fireworks Box can be
shot to deal loads of damage against Infected. Fireworks can only be found in
the Concert Finale.

*Fuel Can*

Type: Goal Object.

During Scavenge games, Fuel Cans must be collected in order to win the round.
Fuel Cans are orange, but function similarily to Gas Cans. Dropped Fuel Cans
are vulnerable and can be detonated by a Spitter or by gunfire. Don't worry if
they explode; more can be obtained at the spot that the Fuel Can started from!
It takes 2.5 seconds to pour in all the Fuel from the Can to the object. Any
damage will interrupt the process. Untouched Fuel Cans have a white outline,
while dropped Fuel Cans will have an orange outline. Fuel Cans can also be
scattered by explosions.

*Cola Six-Pack*

Type: Goal Object.

Sold at Safe 4 Less convinience marts, the Cola Six-Pack contains six bottles
of the finest Cola. Features unbreakable bottles and attracts gun store owners.

*Gnome Chompski*

Type: Goal Object.

Gnome Chompski was a popular gift to whoever could score 750 points in the
shooting gallery game until the Infection hit. Now there's only one of them
left. The Gnome Chompski gnome is invulnerable. In "The Last Gnome on Earth",
he must be carried all the way across the Campaign. The level is only completed
if he is being carried in the Safe Room.


Type: Environmental Object.

The Minigun is a lethal Weapon, but is practically glued onto the floor. It
cannot turn a full 360 degrees, but the firepower is worth all this trouble.
The Minigun takes a second to wind up, so keep it spinning when anticipating
an attack.

*Machine Gun*

Type: Environmental Object.

The Machine Gun takes the role of the Minigun in the south. It is insanely
deadly against Common Infected, so long as they are within range. Try not to
let it overheat! Too bad there are few of them in the game, and they are often
in the worst spots imaginable. Fortunately, many of the Custom Campaigns
treat this weapon better.

*Ammo Cache*

Type: Environmental Object.

Ammo Caches are very important, as it fills up ammunition levels completely.
Don't be afraid to visit them multiple times. Simply press the action key while
looking at it to use it.

*Laser Sight Installer*

Type: Environmental Object.

The Laser Sight increases the accuracy of a Primary Weapon. Be sure to pick a
good weapon to stick with! Laser Sight Installers can be used more than once.
Simply press the action key while looking at it to use it.


Type: Environmental Object.

Doors are pretty much self explanatory. However, the Infected will not open
doors, and will instead claw their way at it. Be sure to close any Doors once
everyone's passed through it to slow down the Infected. Tanks and Witches can
break through most doors easily. Some doors lead to dead ends. These dead ends
aren't entirely pointless though, as they may have supplies or extra Infected
in them.


Type: Environmental Object.

Ladders frequently appear throughout various levels. When climbing them,
Survivors nor Infected can attack or reload until they reach either end of the
ladder, or jump off. There are certain ladder-esque objects that only the
Infected can climb (they are indicated as paths with hand icons printed on
them). If a Survivor is reloading, and then goes onto a ladder, he/she will
have to start reloading all over again after dismounting. People are completely
vulnerable when climbing.

*First Aid Station*

Type: Environmental Object.

First Aid Stations are nailed to the wall, and are red and have the words
"First Aid" written on them. Obvious statements aside, they usually carry
Pills, or in rarer and far luckier circumstances, Health Kits. Know where these
gems are: they can save lives! Ambulances also serve the same purpose.


Type: Environmental Object.

Keep an eye out for these, they contain an unlimited surplus of a certain item,
such as Pills, Adrenaline, or Grenades. Don't be afraid to use the supplies in


Type: Environmental Object.

Cars are usually harmless, unless they have flashing lights inside (which means
that they will alert the Horde if touched or shot at), or if a Tank's around
(which means the Tank can easily throw them at the Survivors). In general, it's
not usually safe to stand around most Cars. Trucks and Vans, however, are
usually good vantage points. Dumpsters, Bumper Cars, and other large objects
can also be thrown by Tanks.

*Explosive Barrel*

Type: Environmental Object.

A stationary hybrid of the Propane and Gas Tanks. Shooting this volatile
cylinder results in an enormous explosion, followed by a blaze of fire.


Type: Environmental Object.

Antique Jukeboxes that play songs with antique records. Apparently, songs
include the latest hits from the Midnight Riders, as well as a few other songs.
Re: Your Brains can attract quite the zombified fanbase...

*Safe House/Safe Room*

Type: Zone.

The Safe House is a sanctuary filled with Supplies (such as Medkits and Ammo
Caches). The Safe House also hosts a metal red door (known as a Safe House
Door). All types of Infected (except for Tanks) cannot pass a closed Safe House
Door. When leaving a Safe House, be sure that everyone has a Medkit (or all the
Medkits in the Safe House are taken). There are signs throughout the level that
point to the direction of the Safe House (they look like houses with a cross in
it). The level will only end once the Safe House's door is closed and no
Infected have made it into the Safe Room (if they have, kill them).


Type: Zone.

Closets are those little rooms to the sides of the main path of the level. They
often contain various supplies, like Pills or Grenades. More importantly, if a
Survivor has been killed in battle, they can be brought back into the game if
another Survivor opens the door of the Closet they are trapped in. During Panic
Events, Infected can also appear inside them, so be sure to close the Doors of
these Closets whenever possible!

*One-Way Passage*

Type: Zone.

One-Way Passages are passages that players cannot go back through. Before going
through a One-Way Passage, be sure to collect any supplies on this side of the
Passage before crossing to the next. Also, make sure everyone passes through
safely; the Infected love to take advantage of any Survivors that fall behind
when the rest of them already crossed the One-Way Passage! Survivors and
Infected MUST take note of One-Way Passages.


Type: Zone.

Unlike in most cases, Water is not one's friend. They extinguish fires, making
Molotovs not as useful, and they slow down Survivors too. One can counter
against this with Adrenaline.

*Panic Event*

Type: Avoidable Horde-drawing event.

Panic Events attract the horde, usually at the worst times. Panic Events must
be avoided at all costs, so try not to get vomited on by a Boomer, touch a
flashing Car, or go through Metal Detectors! Panic Events caused by too much
dawdling will have its unique chime before the action starts. Fierce storms can
also attract lots of Infected, apparently.

*Stationary Crescendo Event*

Type: Unavoidable Horde-drawing event.

Crescendo Events also anger the Horde, but they must often be activated to get
through the level. A notice will always pop up when a Crescendo Event's nearby,
so be prepared for some fighting! Stationary Crescendos simply require the
Survivors to hold out long enough for the Hordes to expire.

*Gauntlet Crescendo Event*

Type: Unavoidable Horde-drawing event.

Some Crescendo Events require another trigger to be activated in order to make
the Horde stop coming. Others just won't stop until the Survivors reach the
Safe Room! For the Gauntlet-style Crescendos, Melee Weapons shine (especially
the Chainsaw!). Bile Bombs and Pipe Bombs are also incredibly useful.


Type: Unavoidable Horde-drawing event.

The Finale is always located at the end of the Campaign. It takes considerable
planning to prepare for certain Finales. Most require the Survivors to hold out
in one area until rescue arrives (and fight off four waves of Infected).
Traditional Finales consist of a wave of Infected, followed by a Tank, then
another wave of Infected, and another Tank! When rescue arrives, both a Horde
of Infected and a Tank will be chasing the Survivors in hot pursuit! Other
finales have different strategies, such as a Scavenge-style game, or a race to
another point!

2.12 >Achievements<
This is a list of Achievements obtainable in the game. Campaign Completion
Achievements can only be obtained on Official Campaigns.

Campaign (Instant):
-Acid Reflex: Kill a Spitter before she is able to spit.
-A Ride Denied: Kill a Jockey within 2 seconds of it jumping on a Survivor.
-Armory of One: Deploy an Ammo Upgrade and have the entire team use it.
-Barrel Rolled: Kill a Special Infected with an Explosive Barrel. 
-Burning Sensation: Ignite 50 Common Infected with Incendiary Ammo.
-Cache Grab: Open 5 Footlockers.
-Chain of Command: Kill 100 Common Infected with the chainsaw.
-CL0WND: Honk the noses of 10 Clowns.
-Club Dead: Use every melee weapon to kill Common Infected.
-Crass Menagerie: Kill one of each Uncommon Infected.
-Dead in the Water: Kill 10 swampy Mudmen while they are in the water.
-Dismemberment Plan: Kill 15 Infected with a single Grenade Launcher blast.
-Fore!: Behead 18 Infected with the Golf Club.
-Fried Piper: Using a Molotov, burn a Clown leading at least 10 Common
-Grave Robber: Collect 10 items dropped by a Fallen Survivor.
-Head Honcho: Decapitate 200 Infected with a melee weapon.
-Killing them Swiftly to this Song: Play "Save Me Some Sugar" on a Jukebox.
-Level a Charge: Kill a Charger with a Melee Weapon while they are charging.
-Robbed Zombie: Collect 10 Bile Bombs from Hazmat Infected you have killed.
-Septic Tank: Use a Bile Bomb on a Tank.
-Shock Jock: Revive 10 dead Survivors with the Defibrillator.
-Tank Burger: Kill a Tank with Melee Weapons.
-The Quick and the Dead: Revive 10 Incapacitated Survivors while under the
speed-boosting effects of Adrenaline.
-'Till it goes Click: Kill 25 Infected without letting go of the trigger of an

Campaign (Instant, Level Specific):
-Chaos Generator: Have all three Generators running at once in The Sacrifice
-Gong Show: Prove you are stronger than Moustachio.
-Kite Like a Man: Kill a Tank only with damage from the original Survivors.
-Stache Whacker: Prove you are faster than Moustachio.
-Wing and a Prayer: Defend yourself at the crashed airliner without taking

Campaign (Campaign Completion):
-Price Chopper: Complete the Dead Center Campaign.
-Torch Bearer: Complete The Passing Campaign.
-Midnight Rider: Complete the Dark Carnival Campaign.
-Ragin' Cajun: Complete the Swamp Fever Campaign.
-Weatherman: Complete the Hard Rain Campaign.
-Bridge Burner: Complete The Parish Campaign.
-Stream Crosser: Complete the Cold Stream Campaign.
-Supreme Sacrifice: Complete The Sacrifice.
-Confederacy of Crunches: Complete a Campaign using only Melee Weapons.
-Guardin' Gnome: Rescue Gnome Chompski from the Carnival.
-Kill Bill: Complete The Sacrifice with Bill taking the sacrifice.
-Still Something to Prove: Complete all Campaigns on Expert.
-The Real Deal: Complete a Campaign on Expert with Realism enabled.

Campaign (Level Completion):
-Bridge over Trebled Slaughter: Cross the Bridge Finale in less than three
-Sob Story: Navigate the Sugar Mill and reach the Safe Room without killing any
-Violence in Silence: Navigate the impound lot and reach the cemetery Safe Room
without tripping any Car Alarms.

-A Spittle Help from my Friends: Spit on a Survivor being choked by a Smoker as
a Spitter.
-Back in the Saddle: Ride the Survivors twice in a single life as a Jockey.
-Great Expectorations: Hit every Survivor with a single acid patch at once as a
-Heartwarmer: In a Versus round, leave the Safe Room to Defibrillate a dead
-Long Distance Carrier: Grab a Survivor and carry them over 80 feet as a
-Meat Tenderizer: Grab a Survivor and smash them into the ground for 15
seconds as a Charger.
-Qualified Ride: Ride a Survivor for more than 12 seconds as a Jockey.
-Rode Hard, Put Away Wet: Ride a Survivor and steer them into a Spitter's
acid patch as a Jockey.
-Sacrifizzle: Incapacitate the Survivor who is sacrificing in The Sacrifice.
-Scattering Ram: Bowl through the entire enemy team in a single charge as a
-Strength in Numbers: Form a team and beat an enemy team in 4v4 Versus or
-Wedding Crasher: Grab a Survivor and crash them through 8 chairs at the
wedding as a Charger.

-Beat the Rush: Get a medal only using Melee Weapons. 

-Cache and Carry: Collect 15 Fuel Cans in a single Scavenge round.
-Fuel Crisis: Make a Survivor drop a Fuel Can during overtime.
-Gas Guzzler: Collect 100 Fuel Cans in Scavenge.
-Gas Shortage: Cause 25 Fuel Can drops as a Special Infected.
-Hunting Party: Win a game of Scavenge.
-Port of Scavenge: Play 5 full games of Scavenge on The Port.

-Mutation Overlord: Play 6 different Mutations.

2.13 >Glossary<
There are many terms in Left 4 Dead 2 that are quite important, and will
prominently be mentioned during gameplay or in this guide.

1st Tier Weapons: Submachine Guns and Pump Shotguns.

2nd Tier Weapons: Assault Rifles, Auto Shotguns, and Scoped Rifles.

9mm Pistols: P220 & Glock Pistols.

Acid: Spitter Spit.

Aunt Bee: Boomer.

B&W: Black & White. Requires a Health Kit immediately!

Barf: Boomer Vomit.

Barf-Bag: Boomer.

Big Freakin' Zombie: Tank.

Bile: Boomer Vomit.

Boss Infected: The two greater Special Infected; Tank and Witch. They appear
occasionally throughout the Campaigns, and often appear without the Hordes of
Infected around.

Chest Paddles: Defibrillator.

CoC: Confederacy of Crunches.

Constricted: Being damaged by a Smoker. When a Survivor is pulled close enough
to the Smoker, or the Survivor cannot be pulled farther any longer, the
Survivor begins to take damage.

Crazy Legs: Hunter.

Crying Girl: Witch.

Defib: Defibrillator.

Explody Guy: Boomer.

Fatty: Boomer.

Goiter Man: Boomer.

Graffiti: Graffiti, which may provide the Survivors a bit of entertainment on
the wall.

Green Woman: Spitter.

Grenade: Pipe Bomb, Molotov, or Bile Bomb.

Helpless: A Survivor being pounced on by a Hunter, choked by a Smoker, bashed
by a Charger, or ridden by a Jockey.

Heroin: I mean, Adrenaline.

Hillbilly: Charger.

Hoodie: Hunter.

Humper: Jockey.

Jumper: Hunter.

Keith: Ellis' tenacious friend.

Leaper: Jockey.

Little Guy/Freak: Jockey.

Mollie: Molotov Cocktail.

Neck: Spitter.

One-Arm: Charger.

Overalls: Ellis/Charger.

Pounced: Being damaged by a Hunter.

Protect: Kill an Infected harming another Survivor's back.

Puker: Boomer.

Rescue: Get a Survivor back into the game from a Rescue Closet.

Roly-Poly: Boomer.

Save: Kill a Special Infected on a helpless Survivor, or help a Survivor back
on their feet.

Scrawny little bitch I'm going to kill!: Hunter.

SI: Special Infected.

Special Infected: The six lesser Special Infected; Hunter, Smoker, Boomer,
Charger, Spitter, and Jockey. They appear frequently throughout the Campaigns.

Supwerweapon: Grenade Launchers, Chainsaws, and M60s.

Super Zombie: Tank.

Supplies: Various usable items including Pain Pills, Health Kits, and Weapons.

Tall Guy: Smoker.

The Midnight Riders: A ZZTop-esque band.

UCI: Uncommon Infected.

Uncommons: Uncommon Infected.

Zombies: Common Infected.

2.14 >Types of Players<
There's many types of people to encounter online. Most of them are okay, but
some are even better and care about the safety of others more than maybe even
themselves (be sure to add these kinds of people as friends). Others are
completely rotten, and should be kicked out of the game immediately. Left 4
Dead is much like MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft, and the likes of Ninjas
and griefers must never be tolerated.

Good Players (very good to stick around with):
-Are adept and they know what they're doing.
-Know all the maps inside and out.
-Will do their best to not leave their teammates behind.
-Use their Mics responsibly, or uses Voice Commands.
-Stick together with the rest of the group.
-Will tell others where supplies are at.
-Wait for everyone else before initiating Crescendo Events.
-Will apologize for anything bad they've done.

Bad Players:
-Leave players behind because "the game's called Left 4 Dead".
-Always shoot their teammates intentionally.
-Rush through the level ahead of their teammates.
-Berate their teammates.
-Will waste Medkits, Pills, etc intentionally.
-Spam songs through their Mics.
-Initiate Crescendo Events on sight.

New Players (not to be confused with Bad Players):
-Don't really know the game all that well.
-Often shoot their teammates by accident.
-Don't use communication well.
-Usually get lost.
-Receive Achievements that are easy during public games.

-Try their best to shoot Zombies and help players.
-Cannot use Grenades, Super Weapons, Machine Guns, Defibrillators, or Ammo
-Sometimes know what they're doing.
-Always stick beside Human players.
-Don't do friendly fire.
-Don't intentionally activate Crescendos or Finales.
-Are able to teleport to a Human Survivor if they are far enough behind or lost
-Sometimes rush towards the Safe Room, Weapons, or other Supplies if they're
close enough.
-Sometimes get stuck in certain parts of Custom Maps.
-Will heal any Human Player if they are hurt (the will do the same for their
fellow Bots).
-Will simply pick up the nearest Tier 1 Weapon available.
-Always have Tier 2 Weapon preferences depending on their character.
-If they haven't come across a Tier 2 Weapon that's their favourite yet,
they'll pick up the nearest one in the meantime.
-Tend to pick Pistols more often then Melee Weapons.
-Can't sacrifice themselves in The Sacrifice.

What to do with these players? Let's see...

Good Players:
-Feel free to invite them to be a friend! Play again sometime!
-Want to be in a group together? Go right ahead!
-Have fun!

Bad Players:
-Leave THEM 4 Dead as a sign of poetic justice.
-Boot them out of the game with extreme prejudice.
-Convince the other players to vote them out.
-Constantly berate THEM in order to make them quit (Warning: may backfire).
-Kill them over and over and over, and refuse to help them at all.

New Players:
-Give them advice and orders.
-Tell them that they should play on Easy difficulty first, in Single Player.
-Tell them to press Y to talk.

-Upon severe injury, try using a Health Kit first before the Bots try to help
out. This way, one can obtain an extra Health Kit, Defibrillator, or Ammo Pack
to save up for.
-Do the same for unhealthy Bots. Don't worry, they won't forget the deal!
-Use the "Look!" command for supplies; this may prompt the Bot to pick it up.
-If a Bot is trying to heal a player, that player should bring out their own
Health Kit or Consumables to stop them.

2.15 >Mutations<
The list of the various Mutations in the game modes. They change weekly, so pay
attention to the blog!

*Bleed Out*

Modes: Campaign, Versus.
Difficulty: Insane!
Other details: No Health Kits, Defibrillators only provide temporary Health.
Pills can cure the Black & White sickness.

Everyone's Health is ticking away in this game! There are no Health Kits. Pills
and Adrenaline Shots are the only things that can boost one's Health. Due to
the many Panic Events and lack of stable fitness, try to hurry!

*Chainsaw Massacre*

Modes: Campaign.
Difficulty: Medium.
Other details: Chainsaws have unlimited fuel.

Time to clean house in Campaign! The only weapons are Chainsaws that never run
out of fuel, so start cutting! Be careful with those though; they can hurt!

*Death's Door*

Modes: Campaign.
Difficulty: Hard.
Other details: Incapacitation leads to death. There are fewer Defibrillators,
and no Health Kits.

One should tread lightly in this Mutation; damage is permanent, and there's no
coming back when all Health is lost! Witches are especially deadly here!

*Flu Season*

Modes: Campaign.
Difficulty: Medium.
Other details: Only Boomers, Spitters, and (bile-drawn) Common Infected spawn.
Up to ten Special Infected can be present at a time. Boomers and Spitters are
much faster.

Be sure to bring a raincoat; things will get messy in this Mutation! Consider
bringing a long-range weapon to fight off the septic specials here!

*Follow the Litre*

Modes: Scavenge.
Difficulty: Medium.
Other details: Only one or two Fuel Cans can be active at a time.

Scavenge runs, only this time, only one set of Cans can be spawned at a time.
The current Cans will always respawn in the same location, so stay alert. Stay
together; there's no excuse for wandering off!

*Four Swordsmen*

Modes: Campaign.
Difficulty: Insane!
Other details: Only Katanas are available. Common Infected are absent.

Four Survivors against Special Infected in this melee brawl! The only weapon
available is the ancient Katana. The Special Infected are much more numerous
here, so stay alert!

*Gib Fest*

Modes: Campaign.
Difficulty: Easy.
Other details: Machine Guns have unlimited Ammo.

Cry some more in this Mutation with M60 Machine Guns! There's no need to worry
about running out of ammo. There's also Magnum Pistols thrown in for good
measure. No other Weapons are available, so start shooting!

*Hard Eight*

Modes: Campaign.
Difficulty: Insane!
Other details: Two of each type of Special Infected can be present at a time.

More Special Infected? Will the pain in this Campaign never end?! Watch out for
each Infected's twin!


Modes: Campaign.
Difficulty: Hard.
Other details: Only Headshots can kill Common Infected (along with fire and

Boom, Headshot! Aim true, since the only thing that can kill the Infected is a
blow to the head. Special Infected can be killed normally.

*Healing Gnome*

Modes: Campaign.
Difficulty: Hard.
Other details: The Gnome is capable of healing the one who carries it.

Bleed out and Last Gnome on Earth in one! The only way to patch up is to carry
Mr. Chompski, so be sure to share him amongst the group! Nobody's health is
permanent either!


Modes: Versus.
Difficulty: Insane!
Other details: Health Kits and Consumables are unavailable.

No Healing in this dangerous Versus variant.

*Hunting Party*

Modes: Campaign.
Difficulty: Hard.
Other details: All Special Infected are Hunters.

Rats. Nothing but Hunters. At least it's good practice for Hunter-stops!

*Iron Man*

Modes: Realism.
Difficulty: Insane!
Other details: Starting from a Safe Room is impossible. There are no Ammo

No continues or failures allowed in this Campaign! If everyone dies, they must
start from the beginning all over again! Plus, the only way to refill on Ammo
is to change guns; there are no Piles of bullets to make that Laser- guided gun

*Last Gnome on Earth*

Modes: Campaign.
Difficulty: Medium.
Other details: The Infected will focus their attacks on the Gnome carrier.

Gnome Chompski must be carried through the map to the rescue. Watch out for the
Infected trying to get him! All the Common Infected will attack whoever is
carrying the Gnome! The Gnome must be carried in the Safe Room to advance to
the next level, and if it gets thrown somewhere that the Survivors can't get
to, don't worry! He'll respawn somewhere safe!

*Last Man on Earth*

Modes: Single Player.
Difficulty: Hard.
Other details: No Bots. Common Infected are absent. Health Kits and Tier 2
Weapons are more common.

No allies! Oh shame! There are no Common Infected either, so the only beings on
the field are the lonely Survivor and the hostile Special Infected. Though the
Survivor can get back up after being incapacitated by a Special Infected, they
are still extremely dangerous; an attack by a Special Infected often means a
Health Kit lost!

*Lone Gunman*

Modes: Single Player.
Difficulty: Insane!
Other details: No Bots. Only Common Infected, Boomers, and Boss Infected are
present. No Primary Weapons, 9mm Pistols, or Melee Weapons. Common Infected hit
much harder.

It's a Survivor against the world. And with just a single Magnum Pistol! The
Infected are much deadlier, so be sure not to miss! And watch out for those
Boss Infected...


Modes: Survival.
Difficulty: Hard.
Other details: Common and Special Infected are stronger. There are no auras.
Fog levels are increased.

BOO! Thought Left 4 Dead wasn't scary enough? Try this horrifying new Mutation!
The Survivors can only see by the naked eye, so they'll have to stay together
to avoid having a deadly heart attack!

*Ride My Survivor*

Modes: Versus.
Difficulty: Hard.
Other details: Only Jockeys spawn. Jockeys are stronger.

As if a single Jockey wasn't bad enough! Against the swarms of humpers, try not
to get completely overwhelmed!

*Room for One*

Modes: Campaign.
Difficulty: Medium.
Other details: Only one Survivor can enter the rescue vehicle. Finales only.

There's only room for one in the rescue vehicle! It's a mad race to see who
gets there first!

*Special Delivery*

Modes: Campaign.
Difficulty: Insane!
Other details: Up to ten Special Infected can be present at a time.

A cheap knock-off of Hard Eight, albeit without any Common Infected. Eyes and
ears open; don't get caught out!


Modes: Versus.
Difficulty: Insane!
Other details: All Special Infected are Tanks! No Health Kits.

Tank! Tank! Tank! Tank! At least the Survivors get a 15-second head start!

*Versus Survival*

Modes: Versus & Survival.
Difficulty: Hard.
Other details: None.

Versus and Survival in one! One team plays as the Survivors and fights until
they are defeated. Then the teams switch and the new Survivors must beat the
other team's score. The teams will keep switching and the records will become
harder until one team fails to meet the established time.

3.00 >Campaign Walkthrough<
This is the walkthrough for each Campaign. Although the locations of Weapons,
supplies, passages, enemies, etc. will vary due to the nature of the Director,
the general path to escape will remain the same. I'll only state the paths that
must be taken to simply pass the level (should any Boss Infected be
encountered, try to take the Against Infected tips into consideration. Also,
try to work as a team throughout these journeys). Some parts of the Campaigns
will differ between Co-op and Versus mode (other than the actions of the

3.10 >Dead Center<

Tagline: "Prices aren't the only things getting slashed."
Objective: Head to Liberty Mall and get out of the city using a car.
Location: The Vannah, Liberty Mall.
Uncommon Infected: Hazmats.
Setting: Urban.
Rescue Vehicle: Racecar.

The first Campaign in Left 4 Dead 2. This Campaign will show how much harder
Left 4 Dead 2 is compared to Left 4 Dead 1.

3.11 >The Hotel<

Difficulty: Easy.
Time of Day: Day.
Crescendo Event: Elevator Escape.
Unique Panic Events: None.
Uncommon Infected?: Yes.
Safe Room Inventory: 4 Melee Weapons, 9mm Pistol, 4 Health Kits.

Grab the weapons on the table after seeing the helicopter fly away. Make sure
at least one person is armed with Pistols in order to deal with Boomers and
Spitters. Head down the stairwell and fight the Infected in the hallways. The
hallways lead to various rooms that may contain extra supplies. One of the
rooms has a map, along with more weapons. Keep advancing across the halls.

Okay, there's no way the Survivors can pass through the hallways now with the
fire in the way (plus a barricade of furniture). The elevators here are out,
so go through the door leading to the ledges. On the ledges, try to enter the
nearest room to avoid being knocked over the edge! Get back to the hallway,
head down the stairwell and continue on the lower floors. One of the rooms is
filled with fire, so don't open it! If it's too late, the Survivors will have
to resort to walking on the ledges of the windows to get past it (in Versus,
sometimes the Survivors will have to go through the wall of fire to avoid a
ledge accident). Keep advancing across the hallways (checking every room for
supplies). There should be some working elevators at the end of the path, so
make sure everyone is inside before activating it.

Crescendo Event! Prepare to fight!

After the Survivors introduce each other, the elevator will stop. The Survivors
will have to open the elevator doors and engage the Infected! A Bile Bomb
thrown at one of the many fires on this floor can take care of the majority of
the Horde. There is also a Silenced Submachine Gun on the floor, so take it!

The only way out is towards the right end of the hall. To the right of this
hall is a room with Chrome Shotguns and other precious supplies. Advance into
the kitchen. Hop over the table to get past the fires, and head towards the
firey lobby. Avoid the flames and run towards the reception room (there may be
supplies in the corners of the lobby, as well as on the reception desk and the
various tables). The Safe Room is directly across from  this point, so run!

3.12 >The Streets<

Difficulty: Medium.
Time of Day: Day.
Crescendo Event: Cola Heist.
Unique Panic Events: Car Alarm.
Uncommon Infected?: Yes.
Safe Room Inventory: Submachine Gun, Pump Shotgun, 9mm Pistol, 4 Health Kits,
Ammo Cache.

Once everyone's made their pick on a weapon, head out. Clear the marketplace of
any Infected, and head towards the road. Check the tents and moving trucks for
some goodies, then run on the road leading downwards. Head into the passage to
the right. There's an Axe hanging on the wall. Go down the stairs.

Check the closet at the other end. A Chainsaw or a Grenade Launcher may be in
there. The door to the right leads to the road (be sure to check the rest of
the room for more guns and whatnot). The way across is to the left (the right
is blocked). There's a primary weapon in the truck. Cross the grass.

There's another truck on the other road, containing various weapons. The tree
in between the roads may contain a Superweapon near the roots. On the same road
is a dumpster. Climb it to get on the other side of the wall. Enter the

There's a closet in here, which may contain some useful supplies. The stairs
leads to Tier 2 Weapons, an Ammo Cache, and a First Aid Station. Once
everyone's picked their piece, head out onto the catwalk. A Pipe Bomb can flush
out the Infected that's likely to be hanging around on the road below.

One Way Passage

Hop down onto the vehicle and onto the road. Since the road's blocked, head up
the stairs near the road to advance. There's a closet just before another
flight of stairs, often containing more supplies. Just keep walking across the
linear path, keeping an eye out for Infected along the way. The path leads to
Whitaker's Gun Store.

There's a collection of (nearly) every Primary Weapon in the game here, along
with four Health Kits and a Laser Sight Installer. In addition, there's plenty
of Pistols and a pair of Axes around here, and maybe a Grenade or two. Pick a
weapon and be sure to stick with it for the rest of the game (or for as long as
possible). Answer the door to chat with Mr. Whitaker (don't worry, he's not
crazy like that damn Church Guy!).

He's barricaded himself in a room, and will clear a path to the mall for the
Survivors if they get him some Cola from the Save 4 Less store. The store is
directly across from the gun shop. Head to the front door of the store.

Crescendo Event! Prepare to fight!

When prepared, open the doors (it will sound an alarm). The six-pack of Cola is
located at the end of the store. Someone will have to pick it up. The Horde is
coming! A Pipe Bomb or a Bile Bomb can distract the Hordes of Infected long
enough for the Cola carrier to make it out of the store. A good idea is to have
two Survivors watch the door outside the store to carve a path for the Cola
carrier until the Cola makes it outside.

Head left around the hedges and then go up the stairs back to Whitaker. Put the
Cola in the slot, and Whitaker will blow up the barricade blocking the way to
the mall. Fight off the remaining Infected and then go across the roads. Feel
free to enter either stores for Ammo.

Check the various tents for supplies. The mall is hard to miss, so head there
as soon as possible! Don't even think about touching that flashing Car!

3.13 >The Mall<

Difficulty: Hard.
Time of Day: Day.
Crescendo Event: Glass Window/Emergency Door.
Unique Panic Events: None.
Uncommon Infected?: No.
Safe Room Inventory: Assault Rifle, Auto Shotgun, Scoped Rifle, 4 Health Kits,
Ammo Cache.

Try not to switch weapons from the last level in order to keep the Laser Sights
Upgrade. Clear out the Infected outside on the other side of the Safe Room Door
and then head out. Try not to get caught by the Special Infected here. Search
the furniture for supplies and then walk up the escalator.

Although the gate behind the top of the escalator is the Survivors' next
destination, the furniture in this room and the dressing rooms may contain some
extra supplies. Check those before heading towards the gate. There's a pistol
under the gate.

Head down the escalator. In open areas like these, watch out for Smokers.
There's an item next to the vase. Keep advancing through the corridors and then
head up the escalator (but check the bathrooms; they may contain valuable

One Way Passage

At this floor, hop on top of the broken door leading to the narrow hallways.
Examine the various rooms to the side; there's weapons and maybe even an Ammo
Cache in one of the rooms.

There's a forking point at this intersection. The left path will lead to some
more hallways on the same floor towards a Glass Window in a toy store. The
right path leads downward towards an Emergency Door. Be sure to examine each
and every room on the way. There's also a First Aid Station on the way too,
both of them next to the Crescendo Event. When heading to the Emergency Door,
there may be something under the stairs...

For the Glass Window, DO NOT SHOOT IT. Damaging the Window will raise the
alarm. Be very careful in the toy store, as there are still some Infected
wandering around here. There's bound to be LOTS of Infected banging on the

Crescendo Event! Prepare to fight!

When ready, hit it! The alarm's all the way on the third floor. Navigate up the
escalators to get up there (a Pipe Bomb or a Bile Bomb can buy the Survivors
some time). Melee weapons are effective at carving through hordes of Zombies
like these. Quickly head into the security room on the third floor and shut off
the alarm to stop the waves. There's an abundance of supplies here too, if
anyone needs them.

Head down the stairwell and then turn right. The narrow corridor is the perfect
place for a Charger to be waiting, so prepare for any. The corridor leads to a
room with boxes and hopefully some supplies. The exit is hard to miss.

Move up the escalator and then head towards the Safe Room (it's at the far end
of this floor). Run inside! Try not to get lost by going DOWN the other

3.14 >The Atrium Finale<

Difficulty: Insane!
Time of Day: Day (Witches think it's night already).
Crescendo Event: Racecar Scavenge.
Unique Panic Events: None.
Uncommon Infected?: No.
Safe Room Inventory: Assault Rifle, Auto Shotgun, Scoped Rifle, 2 Melee
Weapons, 4 Health Kits, Ammo Cache.

Before heading out, consider splitting up into two teams of two while the
Survivors talk about the legacy of Jimmy Gibbs Jr. Remember who to stick by and
what to do during this finale.

Did Ellis tell us the time Keith once drove off a cliff and broke his legs? He
flew through the surprisingly fragile windshield. Ahem.

Grab some gear and head on out. Examine the bathrooms (the Survivors will never
know what they could find in there!). Head to the atrium and cross the bridge.
Enter the elevator.

The Survivors will discuss their plan to escape. Notice all the Fuel Cans (with
white outlines) lying around the place. Those are all the Cans required to fill
up the Racecar lying in an inneglectible area.

Finale! Prepare to fight!

Now here's where the teams system comes into play: Team A must search for Fuel
Cans throughout the atrium and they must pass them to Team B, who will stand by
the Racecar to fill it up with Fuel (this is to prevent long walks and Spitter
ambushes). Both teams can also search for Fuel Cans and then dump them in the
car when all Cans have been dropped to the first floor.

Both stairwells leading to the second and third floors can only be accessed on
the first floor. The stalls near the Racecar contain Medkits, Weapons, and
Ammo. There are also Consumables and Grenades lying about. The Infected will
come through the doors on the walls.

As with all Scavenge games, DO NOT SHOOT THE FUEL CANS. However, if they are
shot, don't worry! They will respawn at the place they were first found. Try
not to let any Special Infected ambush a lonely Survivor!

Team A can also monitor the safety of Team B if Team A has a long range Weapon
with them. A Sniper Rifle can take out a Charger on a Survivor from Team B from
a great distance! Don't even think about jumping off the rails (unless jumping
onto a stall)! When enough time has passed, a Tank will show up. Destroy the
Tank before collecting any more Cans! When he's out, continue on the search.
Don't take too long, or another Tank will appear!

When the Racecar is fueled up, get in!


No need to scurry around the map this time. The tops of the stalls are a good
place to fight. There's a Grenade Launcher here too.


The same rules apply here. Treat this game like a Versus match and focus more
on gathering and loading Fuel! There's no Tanks around! The Survivors are short
on time, so head to the nearest Fuel Can! Don't fall through the holes by

3.20 >The Passing<

Tagline: "Nobody survives forever."
Objective: Find a way to lower the bridge.
Location: Rayford.
Uncommon Infected: Fallen Survivors.
Setting: Downtown.
Rescue Vehicle: Racecar.

North meets South. Old meets new. And one of the old Survivors are dead! Oh no!
The rain gets pretty hard in the beginning of this Campaign, but it doesn't
attract as much of a Horde as Hard Rain. It is also home to some exclusive

3.21 >The Riverbank<

Difficulty: Easy.
Time of Day: Night.
Crescendo Event: Here comes the Witch!
Unique Panic Events: Alarm Cars.
Uncommon Infected?: Yes.
Safe Room Inventory: 2 Melee Weapons, Pistol, 4 Health Kits.

There's no way the Survivor on the bridge is going to lower it. The Survivors
must now pass through the river by another means (by that, they mean through an
underground tour below). Grab a Weapon and a Health Kit on the car and then
head through the streets behind the bridge. Pass through the lower concrete
area next to the river to get past the vehicles blocking the main street (wait,
then how did the Survivors get here?). When far enough, head back onto the
street. The rest of the street is blocked off for good.

Enter the Souvenir stores; they have a few Primary Weapons. Explore the
washrooms (the men's room has a First Aid Station, the women's may have a
Superweapon), then head up the stairs. There's likely a Footlocker or two in
one of the offices. At the end of the hallway is a small resturaunt. Head
through it and exit the building (there's a closet to the right).

Turn right twice and follow the road (the other directions lead nowhere). Head
up the ramp upon reaching the truck. There may be an Alarm Car or two on this
road, so be careful. What's worse, a Tank can also spawn here too, so watch the
vehicles! Head into the buildings to the left to advance (watch for Smokers and
Jockeys attempting to bring the Survivors back down!). Move up the stairs.
There may be Weapons near the hole in one of the rooms (including Tier 2
Weapons), or there may be goodies in the other room up the stairs (at the
balcony or in the closet). Head on out and move into the park.

Head to the tree to the corner to the far left. There's weapons and other
supplies next to the tree. Looks like there was a wedding here.

Did Ellis talk about the time Keith snuck into a wedding, and people thought he
was the preacher? He married the bride and groom as best as he could. Did it
count? Ahem.

Turn right. Uh oh! There's a Witch near the garden house (but she dresses
better than normal Witches!)! Startling her will attract the Horde, turning on
the radio nearby will startle her AND attract the Horde, and the only way
through is the house!

Crescendo Event! Prepare to fight!

Prepare to take her down and fight off the enemies. When finished, search the
tents behind the house (goodies include Weapons and Ammo Packs). Feel free to
play with the microphone on the stage. Back onto the street; it leads to the
Safe House to the left.


Camping in or even ON the tents is the best way to fight off the Infected.
There's an M60, a Grenade Launcher, and two Ammo Packs for extra support. To
get onto the tents, climb onto the stereo or the boxes and the jump while
running. It may take practice, but it's worth it!


The Generator's on the middle of the upper road, while the Fuel Cans are spread
out like butter. Consider tossing the Fuel Cans above to the Generator to save
time. There's also a few Fuel Cans in the park, so be aware of those!

3.22 >The Underground<

Difficulty: Medium.
Time of Day: Night.
Crescendo Event: Sewer Run.
Unique Panic Events: Jukebox.
Uncommon Infected?: Yes.
Safe Room Inventory: Submachine Gun, Pump Shotgun, Magnum Pistol, 2 Melee
Weapons, 4 Health Kits, Ammo Cache.

The Survivors will have to go underneath the River. They are not looking
forward to this tour. Grab what's necessary and then head on out (search for
any Fallen Survivors for extra goodies). Go up the stairs.

There's a whole bunch of stores on this street! The building next to the beer
store may contain a few things of interest, as well as the tatoo store. Both of
them don't lead to the way forward, but they still are worth checking out.
Enter the bar through the alley or through the window (over the barricade).
There's a bunch of supplies, and a Jukebox.

One Way Passage

The way forward is through the site at the end of the street. Ready? Jump down
and then go through the linear path back to surface level. Enter the red flight
bar and cafe through the front door or through the alley. After grabbing the
supplies on the bar and checking out the graffiti, head upstairs. Be sure to
examine every room on every floor.

When at the top floor, head across the plank leading to the nearby building.
It has many rooms with supplies, and a stairwell acting as a way to get between
floors. Watch for the holes! After checking the place, head down to the ground.

Enter the jazz club across the street. Underneath it is the historic tour under
the river. Explore the jazz club, the washrooms, and the minibar. Head down the
stairs and then cross the planks.

What's so historic about a few underground basements? What did we just pay five
bucks for? There's a Weapon in the tight area up ahead. Beyond that is the next
passage, with more planks. Though the planks indeed lead the way forward, be
sure to check the areas beside them for supplies; there may even be a
Footlocker and a few packs!.

Phase one of the tour ends here, as well as the planks (there's a phase two?),
but keep going through the windows. Head down the stairs towards the sewer.
When ready, jump down to the sewer. Woah! Ick!

One Way Passage

Clearly phase one (let alone two) wasn't finished! Head towards the ladder
(it's on the right, search for the lights for extra guidance). There's a Health
Kit or two here, plus some other supplies. Now, on the other side of the tunnel
is a gate. Use the Ammo Cache here and open the gate.

Crescendo Event! Prepare to fight! One Way Passage too!

Make a run to the exit! Back into the water, run across until a ladder is in
sight. Go up the ladder and open up the next gate. As with other Gauntlet
Crescendos, a Pipe Bomb or Bile Bomb can help deter the Infected.

One Way Passage (Phase three?)

Run across the catwalk and then hop down to the water again. Dash through the
tunnel! Here's a good time to use those Melee Weapons! The M60 counts too!

The Hordes will stop only temporarily once the Survivors reach the end of the
tunnel (there's supplies at the end too). Cover the escape by lighting the
tunnel on fire. Go up the stairs and then enter the Safe Room (it's beyond the
little room, it can't be missed!).


This map is huge; it spans all the way from the bar to the jazz club! There's
Ammo Caches near the site and in the alley. Sometimes it's possible to actually
reach the balcony of the jazz club...


Scavenge tips COMING SOON!

3.23 >The Port<

Difficulty: Insane!
Time of Day: Night.
Crescendo Event: Survivors Unite Scavenge.
Unique Panic Events: Jukebox.
Uncommon Infected?: No.
Safe Room Inventory: 2 Tier 2 Weapons, 2 Melee Weapons, 4 Health Kits, Ammo

Exit the Safe Room and head up the flights of stairs. After talking to Louis,
Francis, and Zoey, head down the elevator. Looks like it's Scavenge time again!

Finale! Prepare to fight!

Oh no! Poor Bill! His body's lying next to one of the bigger generators in the
room! Someone should grab his M16 and avenge his death! Much like the Atrium,
the Survivors must gather the Fuel Cans for the Generator in order to lower the
bridge. This time, the other three are willing to provide cover fire, and even
give out an item or two! Louis is manning the Machine Gun, while Francis and
Zoey have laser-sighted Weapons. They might shout out if they want to give our
heroes some goodies, so pay attention. Simply approach them and they'll throw
something down.

Francis hates the South.

Notable locations are the Warehouse, the Resturaunt, and the back houses. They
all have Fuel Cans, among other minor locations. There's also four Health Kits
on the table next to the Generator, as well as some more Weapons on another

One time, Ellis' buddy Keith got a tatoo written "I'm a moron" on his forehead
as part of a dare. He also made two hundred bucks off it. Ahem.

The bad news is, the Fuel Cans are much farther away, so it's even more so
important to stick together. There's no need for a home base team since the
Fuel Cans aren't ABOVE the Generator! There's also various supplies near the
Fuel Cans. Some of the Fuel Cans are still located above the various streets,
so it wouldn't hurt to toss them down to ground level to save a bit of time.

More bad news! The second Tank wave consists of TWO Tanks! Fortunately, the big
three are willing to take it down too, so return back to base when the Tank

When enough Cans are collected, head to the bridge as it lowers. Then run back
to the car and wave goodbye to the familiar threesome!


The old Survivors are sitting this one out. One part of the city is closed off.
There's three Superweapons in the bar's first floor. Consider juggling them to
wherever the Survivors are planning to hold out (same applies to the other
supplies). The bar itself is fairly formidable, along with the generator room.
Watch out for those Tanks though, they're nasty!


The old Survivors are sitting this one out. Much like any other Scavenge game,
try to stick together! This also applies in Versus, for balance purposes.
There's an abundance of consumables near the Generator. Watch for that alcove
on the roof above the Generator for Spitters!

3.30 >Dark Carnival<

Tagline: "You must be this tall...TO DIE!"
Objective: Reach the concert and set up the rock show for a helicopter rescue.
Location: Whispering Oaks Amusement Park.
Uncommon Infected: Clowns.
Setting: Amusement Park.
Rescue Vehicle: Helicopter.

Thought Dead Center was hard? Dark Carnival's even harder! With all the
Infected roaming the place, the Survivors must do what they can to break
through! Not even Moustachio (the park's mascot) can help the Survivors!

3.31 >The Highway<

Difficulty: Easy.
Time of Day: Night.
Crescendo Event: None.
Unique Panic Events: Alarm Cars.
Uncommon Infected?: No.
Safe Room Inventory: Silenced Submachine Gun, Chrome Shotgun, 4 Health Kits.

Grab the supplies and then head on towards the cars on the highway when
everyone's prepared. Whispering Oaks is where the Survivors are headed, so hop
on top of the cars and navigate through. There's usually something cool in the
truck ahead. These cars go on the road for miles (or, kilometres)!

Go around the bus and the truck by heading left. Follow the off-ramp (but check
the road in front of the blocked bridge for supplies). The off-ramp leads to a
humvee with weapons and an Ammo Cache beside it. Follow the road that it's on,
leading under the bridge.

Either head up left before crossing the second bridge or head right after
going under aforementioned bridge. Either way, the best way forward is to head
up onto the second bridge. From there, the Survivors can board the billboard,
which has a Hunting Rifle on it. Jump off the billboard onto the roof of the
kitchen quarters.

There's another weapon on this roof. Examine the rooms of this building, as
they WILL contain various supplies. When all the rooms have been peeked, head
to the two-story motel.

Check every single room in the motel, including their bathrooms for more and
more supplies! The room in the corner of the second building is broken, but
will likely contain something sweet, like a Chainsaw or a Health Pack. Avoid
the parking lot, and keep an eye out for any Infected hoping to force the
Survivors towards that Alarm Car! There's also the pool too.

Eventually, the Survivors will reach a fence, blocking the first floor. To get
past it, head through the rooms to the right on the second floor; they lead to
the other end of the fence.

When all of the rooms on this end have been explored, follow the stone road to
a hill. The campsite on the lower end of this hill is home to (more) supplies.

One Way Passage

Time to slide down the hill! Don't worry, the Survivors won't take any damage
from this fall! Try landing on the flat areas, where supplies usually lay. Make
sure everyone slides down before a Hunter/Smoker/Charger/Jockey ambushes the
last guy.

Upon reaching the valley, advance right, and keep straight. Eyes out for
supplies, and avoid the water (it's not toxic, but it will certainly slow down
the Survivors). There's a hill leading upward to the left of this river. The
Infected will likely pop up from behind the plants. There's also an outhouse
near the river.

There it is, Whispering Oaks! Check the truck, then advance towards the trailer
behind the Alarm Car. Make a run for the Safe Room!


This is a relatively easy Survival map with bots. Head to the corner on the
street next to the fence (where the Survivors first enter this area). The
Infected will only come from one direction, and with bots alone, the Survivors
should be able to get a bronze medal. Perfect for Beat the Rush!


There's numerous Fuel Cans sitting on the billboard. They can be thrown to
ground level where the Survivors can easily retrieve and use them for the
Generator. Some of the Fuel Cans are lying out far on the road! There's more on
both floors of the motel. Toss the Cans on the second floor to hasten

3.32 >The Fairgrounds<

Difficulty: Medium.
Time of Day: Night.
Crescendo Event: Merry-Go-Round.
Unique Panic Events: None.
Uncommon Infected?: Yes.
Safe Room Inventory: Submachine Gun, Pump Shotgun, Magnum Pistol, 4 Health
Kits, Ammo Cache.

Gather the weapons and then head on out. The gates are to the right. Pass them
and search the ticket booths. The trailer to the right also contains valuable
items. Other places of interest in this area include the bathrooms to the left
of the central stall, and the kitchen to the extreme left.

There's also a minigame at the far end of this region. A shooting gallery that
functions with REAL guns. Pick up the weapons on the picnic table nearby and
use them on this game if the Survivors have the time. Automatic Weapons are
effective here.

To play this game, the Survivors must shoot at thieves and Moustachios, and not
at Lil' Peanut (despite how much we hate him!). Gnome Chompski is rewarded to
whoever gets 750 points here! Like any Explosive Can, he needs to be carried
and whoever carries him cannot fire.

Keep moving among the tents. To the right is a building, so enter it. There are
supplies in the rooms of this building. The exit is on the other side. Just
keep following the path.

There are weapons under the tent. Collect them and follow the road. We've
reached Kiddieland! Settle down Ellis. Start exploring this juvenile land by
heading right, and checking the picnic tables. Then head into the two
washrooms. Advance towards the left side of this area and take a look inside
the kitchen.

The alley near the kitchen is the way to go. Check the truck to the left and
the storage room to the left after turning right. Ahead is a room with a First
Aid Station, Weapons, and an Ammo Cache. Go up the stairs and up the ladder to

On the roof, there's a small room to the left at the back end. It contains
Weapons and other useful devices. Go up the stairs and then slide down the
slide (or go down the stairs, whichever's closer). There's another flight of
stairs at ground level, leading towards the other end of the noticeable fence.

After going up the stairs, head into the room to the left to find more Weapons,
more Ammo, and a First Aid Station. Make use of all of the items here, because
the Survivors will need it!

One Way Passage

Jump down onto the cement. There's a room in the building behind. With luck,
the Survivors will find a Chainsaw or something.

Crescendo Event! Prepare to fight!

Head to the Merry-Go-Round. See that switch on the wall? Left 4 Dead mechanics
dictate that the Merry-Go-Round is noisy, and that this switch activates it.
Flip the switch, and the gates will open! Rush around the ride to the other
side and flip the switch on that end to stop the ride! Infected will be rushing
from every end, so use Melee Weapons or Shotguns to carve through! The end of
this level is located farther behind the termination switch, within the Tunnel
of Love!

A Pipe Bomb or Bile Bomb can keep the Infected at bay while the Survivors make
a run for the Safe Room. Jump over the line ropes and dive in! Or they could
wait for the Infected to stop and then walk casually there.

Here's a unique way of doing this by Julldar:

"Get one Survivor to get attacked by a Boomer, and the rest can just go through
the Horde without as much resistance. It's not ALWAYS doable, but if it is, it
becomes very easy afterwards."

3.33 >The Coaster<

Difficulty: Hard.
Time of Day: Night.
Crescendo Event: Screaming Oak Roller Coaster.
Unique Panic Events: None.
Uncommon Infected?: Yes.
Safe Room Inventory: 2 Tier 2 Weapons, 4 Health Kits, Ammo Cache.

Tunnel of Love? Why not a Haunted House Ride? Never mind.

Collect any necessary equipment and then exit the Safe Room of love. Go up and
down the ramps of love accordingly and then notice the Tunnel of Love's river.
There's always a Melee Weapon of love inside the ticket booth of love to the
left. In the Tunnel of Love, be sure to check ALL the rooms with pictures of
love in them, even if supplies of love seldom appear in them.

Eventually, the Survivors will come across some doors or vents leading to some
plumbing rooms of love. There's bound to be supplies of love in these rooms

Did Ellis talk about the time where Keith almost got himself drowned in the
tunnel of love, despite the shallowness of the water? His girl could have
helped him, but she didn't want to get wet. Ahem.

Nearby is the maintenance room of love, to the left. Head in there since the
river of love is blocked by a gate of love. Go up the stairs (there may be a
gun of love in the corner) and walk on the catwalks of love.

The storage room of love often contains another gun and some other supplies of
love. Exit through the door towards the vents of love.

One Way Passage (of love)

There's a hole of love in the floor, so go down there (a Pipe Bomb or Molotov
of love can flush out the Infected below). Drop down (make sure nobody is left
behind!) and then keep following the river of love again. The exit is to the
right, so ditch the Tunnel of Love along with these lame puns (of love).

There's a few Weapons in this room. Collect them if necessary. Head to the
building directly across. It has a First Aid Station, filled with Pills (or
hopefully, Medkits!). When the building's clear head out and see the Screaming
Oak Roller Coaster! Before going over the fence towards the ride, check the
nearby truck for anything interesting (Ammo Packs, Weapons, etc).

One Way Passage

When everyone's over the fence, head towards the ride entrance and get ready.
Whenever prepared, hit the switch and watch the Screaming Oak zoom across its
tracks (don't worry, it only does one circuit). Once the gate opens, move!

Did Ellis talk about the time he and Keith snuck a paintball gun onto a roller
coaster in an attempt to invent a sport? Ahem.

Crescendo Event! Prepare to fight!

Careful on these tracks! A Charger, Smoker, or Jockey could easily ruin things
here! A Spitter can also deny access across, so keep an eye on them too!
Grenades are especially useful here, as they draw the Hordes away. Chainsaws
are also insanely effective. If the Survivors happen to fall off the track, try
to locate a ladder leading back to the track.

One time, Ellis' buddy Keith snuck on a roller coaster, and fell off on the
tracks. Because he snuck on for free, the staff refused to help him, and he had
to dodge for approximately twenty minutes. Ahem.

One Way Passage

There's a steep drop on the track, so don't run too fast to prevent any
accidents. There's also an Ammo Cache next to the lowest portion of this track.
Go up the ramp and through the tunnel towards the station. Just keep focusing
on turning off the switch on the other station of the ride!

If not everyone makes it to the station, keep covering fire to whoever did.
When all the Infected have been destroyed, go over the bridge towards the Safe
House. Whew!

3.34 >The Barns<

Difficulty: Insane!
Time of Day: Night.
Crescendo Event: Ticket Gate.
Unique Panic Events: Moustachio Minigames.
Uncommon Infected?: Yes.
Safe Room Inventory: Assault Rifle, Auto Shotgun, Scoped Rifle, 4 Health Kits,
Ammo Cache.

Grab some gear and head on out after shooting up some Infected outside. This
area is relatively open, and there are two ways of entering the next; in
between the tents or through the eating shack.

There's Moustachio's strength tester! The Survivors can try on their own, they
will never be able to outdo Moustachio without being healthy and without having
Adrenaline benefits. Aim carefully at the red block to ring the bell. Whoever
broke the tester gets the according Achievement. Beware! Breaking this machine
will attract the Horde!

Ellis and Keith once tried to do bumper cars with lawn mowers. Keith got hurt
by his own lawn mower. Ahem.

Cut through the bumper cars and exit on the other side. The entrance to the
stadium (and the exit of this level) is located on the other end of the fence.
Go towards the tents in this area. If there's a Witch in the line-up, try to
get her out of there (and if there's a Tank, try to get its attention!).

Another Moustachio game. This one involves the Survivors hitting Moustachio
moles. Pistols are a good weapon to use here. Just keep "inserting tokens"
until 42 Moustachio moles have been hit. The entire group will obtain the
Achievement. The celebratory noises made by the machine also attract the Horde.
Check the nearby buildings and tents for supplies.

Get into the barns and go through the doors through more barns. Some may have
ladders that lead to supplies. The last barn contains Weapons and the exit.
Climb on top of the hay and navigate across the barn rooftops (walk on the
ladders to get over them). The Survivors can go back by going off the sides of
the rooftops.

One Way Passage

Hop down at the end. There may be some Health Kits here if the Survivors are
lucky. Turn right and then climb the scaffoldings. There's an Ammo Cache here.
The Hordes will be alerted forever once the Ticket Gate's button is hit, so be
prepared! There are a few Gas Cans littered here.

Crescendo Event! Prepare to fight!

The scaffolding itself is a formidable place to hold out until the Gate opens.
Destroy any Spitter, Smoker, or Jockey in sight! When the Gate is open, make a
run through it!

Molotovs, Chainsaws, and Incendiary Ammo are the Survivors' most valuable
assets in this frantic hour! A Molotov can be thrown at the back to prevent
Infected pursuits. A Pipe Bomb or Bile Bomb can also be thrown to repel the
Common Infected.

Hop over the fences and dash into the Safe Room! Hurry!


The Hordes still won't stop coming. Fortunately, the Survivors don't need to
race to the Safe Room. The Survivors can get back on the rooftops if need be.
The Scaffolding and the Rooftops may be good places to hold out, just watch out
for Tanks! Juggling items is extremely beneficial and effective here!

3.35 >The Concert<

Difficulty: Insane!
Time of Day: Night.
Crescendo Event: Rock Concert.
Unique Panic Events: None.
Uncommon Infected?: Yes.
Safe Room Inventory: 3 Tier 2 Weapons, 4 Health Kits, Ammo Cache.

Recover from the last level's escapade, and then head on out. The hallway
leading to the stadium is fairly linear, with bathrooms on the sides on the way
(they contain supplies). Upon reaching the stadium, the area's filled with
Infected! A Pipe Bomb can flush them all out.

Survey the scenery. There's Health Kits located in a First Aid Station at the
top of the central bleachers or on the stage, and there's Weapons and an Ammo
Cache on the stage or at the bottom of the central bleachers. There's various
Grenades on the equipment boxes, and some Adrenaline Shots and Pills scattered
on both of the scaffolding towers and near the DJ equipment. A Sniper Rifle is
always standing at the top of the higher tower. Several Guitars are available
for use on the stage, and there are a few Defibrillators on both towers. A
bunch of Fireworks are in some boxes next to the central bleachers (they act
like Gas Cans), and some actual Gas Cans near the ends of the stadium.

Whew! Think this is a godsend? The Survivors will need it, as the fighting
space is very open! Grab any gear that's necessary, and the find a hiding spot.
The stage, the light controls, and the corners at the bleachers are among some
places. When everyone's ready, turn on the lights and initiate the music! Feel
free to scream into the microphone too.

Ellis and Keith tried to make their own fireworks. It didn't end well, since
Keith suffered severe third-degree burns on his skin. Later, he tried to deep
fry a turkey. He suffered third-degree burns on existing burns. Ahem.

Finale! Prepare to fight!

Here they come! When on the stage, there's a button next to the microphone that
activates the pyrotechnics, lighting any Infected on fire that's stupid enough
to run through them. Beware of any Infected making a sneak attack from the roof
of the stage, or from the windows next to the bleachers.

That's one bad Tank! Focus fire on it! From Fireworks to Molotovs, just do
anything that will hinder its process! When the Tank and the guitar solo have
ended, another wave of Infected will press the attack! Repeat the process to
both the Infected and the Tank. In the middle of the break, feel free to use
a Medkit to recover.

The helicopter's here! Pay attention to where it flies. If it appeared to the
left, it will head to the right bleachers (assuming the Survivors are looking
at this from the stage). If it appeared to the right, it will head to the left
bleachers. In other words, the helicopter will ALWAYS land at the opposite end
of where it comes from. Get on top of the bleachers and hop onto the


There are various areas to hold out. One is the stage, of course, as it
contains loads of supplies. Another is one of the bleachers. For that, the
Survivors should deploy some Ammo Packs to even the odds. In both cases, Tanks
can be seen far away.

3.40 >Swamp Fever<

Tagline: "The only cure is dying."
Objective: Carve through the swamps to a plantation house where a boat is
coming to the rescue.
Location: Village En Marais.
Uncommon Infected: Mud Men.
Setting: Swamps.
Rescue Vehicle: Virgil's fishing boat.

Since this campaign only contains Stationary Crescendo Events, Left 4 Dead 1
players will feel most at home here. There's a lot of water here, imparing
movement throughout this level. This campaign is also home to a lot of Ammo
Packs and Grenade Launchers.

3.41 >Plank Country<

Difficulty: Medium.
Time of Day: Night.
Crescendo Event: River Raft.
Unique Panic Events: Jukebox.
Uncommon Infected?: No.
Safe Room Inventory: Submachine Gun, Pump Shotgun, 4 Health Kits.

Nick shot the pilot, and now the Survivors need to find their way out of the
swamps. Collect the gear inside the boxcar and then head on out. There's
supplies near the gas station and the garage. There's also a road leading to
a village.

The various buildings in the village will contain precious supplies, such as
Ammo Packs, Defibrillators, and Consumables. The Survivors might find a Grenade
Launcher or a Chainsaw if they're lucky. In the cookhouse is a Jukebox. The
Survivors can listen to it if they want, but they need to keep on moving.

The town ends at the river, and the only way across it is on the River Raft. On
the other end. Know what this means?

Crescendo Event! Prepare to fight!

Get prepared at the docks and then hit the switch. There's bound to be a gun or
two on the picnic tables. The Hordes of Zombies will come after the Survivors
here until the Survivors board the Raft! When the Raft arrives, waste no time
on hopping in!

After a bit of chit-chat, walk out of the Raft onto the planks. The planks are
a good place to walk on, as the water will certainly slow down the Survivors.
The planks lead left or right. Both paths lead to areas containing supplies (a
shack to the left and a picnic plateau to the right). There's another building
on the way containing even more supplies just before the fork.

When the two paths converge, they lead to a covered section of the bridge with
a Hunting Rifle and a few other interesting things. Go down the stairs. The
planks lead to the right, so walk on them (or cross the disgusting waters).

Did Ellis mention that Keith tried to get at a few gators for fun? That didn't
end well, though. Ahem.

The path to the Safe Room (inside a pipe) is non-linear, but isn't too easy to
get lost in. It has a light above its entrance. There may be a Grenade or two
near some trees as well.


By far, the best place to fight is in the house with the bay window. It's close
enough to the only Ammo Cache in the map, and it has a tiny closet to store


The Fuel Cans are scattered all over the planked area. The Survivors start off
on the picnic plateau while the Generator is located in the middle of the
jungle. The Fuel Cans are located in the buildings and on the planks of this

3.42 >The Swamp<

Difficulty: Medium.
Time of Day: Night.
Crescendo Event: Airplane Breach.
Unique Panic Events: None.
Uncommon Infected?: Yes.
Safe Room Inventory: Submachine Gun, Pump Shotgun, 4 Health Kits, Ammo Cache.

Grab the items inside the tunnel and the exit into the water. The Survivors
will have to traverse through this yucky region, and will also have to deal
with groups of Infected (less if they throw a Pipe Bomb out there). There's
also the Mudmen lurking around the waters.

At the end of the pond is a boat containing lucious supplies. It's also near
a path through the swamp. Head towards the sunlight and stay on the ground;
nobody likes to get wet with their clothes on (and don't even think about
stripping nude!).

There's a dead parachutist near here, along with the remains of a shack. Both
contain some supplies. On the way is also a dock, containing more supplies.

Eventually, the Survivors will reached a crashed plane, with Tier 2 Weapons and
various other goodies inside (if it can be called that). The emergency exit
leading to the other end of the swamp will trigger an alarm.

Crescendo Event! Prepare to fight!

Either the elevated wing of the plane or near one of the seats is a good place
to hold out. The Infected will come from both ends of the plane. Try not to
jump off the wing of the plane; it's not easy to get back.

One Way Passage

There are multiple ways to get through the swamp from here, but on the way, the
Survivors should encounter a dock, a ground-level shack, the remains of a
shack, and a shack underwater, all of them containing valuable supplies. Near
the water shack is the shores to some land and the road.

The humvee to the left on the road also has more supplies next to it. Follow
the road and then head right when the road is blocked. The Safe House is just
ahead. Avoid the forest to the right and head inside. Doesn't look like
anybody's home...

3.43 >The Shantytown<

Difficulty: Hard.
Time of Day: Night.
Crescendo Event: Crossing the Plank.
Unique Panic Events: None.
Uncommon Infected?: Yes.
Safe Room Inventory: Assault Rifle, Auto Shotgun, Scoped Rifle, 4 Health Kits,
Ammo Cache.

Refuel and exit after flushing out the Zombies. Check every building in the
village for supplies, then enter the building with the lantern on it (forward
and left from the Saferoom). Exit on the other side after grabbing its
contents. Ignore the dead cows in the field.

The path here is lit up by burning barrels and more lanterns. Be sure to
examine EVERY SINGLE BUILDING in this area. The house to the right of the
trailer in particular houses precious Supplies. Follow the boardwalk instead of
crossing the waters for speed.

There's a point where the Survivors will have to go up the stairs on the
boardwalk to some elevated planks. They lead to houses on the edges of cliffs.
Each of these houses also (and predictably) contain some supplies. There's one
house with a lit lantern on it; this is the way to the next area.

It also contains supplies more valuable than the ones in the other houses
combined. Likely Health Kits, Defibrillators, and Weapons! Exit on the other
side of this house and then follow the path (the one that's not full of trees).
Head towards the light; there's a Hunting Rifle near the dead body. The path
leads to another village; this one having a bunch of elevated shacks on top of

Cross the planks leading to the shacks and cross through them. One of the
planks needs to be lowered in order to cross. Unfortunately, it's rather rusty
and noisy. Guess what happens next.

Crescendo Event! Prepare to fight!

Try to cross the plank as soon as possible and try to hold out in one of the
shacks. It's possible to get on top of the roof when the plank is lowering. The
shacks will contain Propane Tanks and Gas Cans, so throw them out before
somebody accidentally shoots them! Watch out for Infected climbing out of the
waters, and keep an eye out for Spitters, Chargers, and Smokers trying to ruin
the fun!

Ellis forgot to talk about the time Keith tried to build a shack with mud and
no wood. Ahem.

Cross the shacks and exit to the landmass on the other end. It leads to the
Safe Room, elevated in a building. Go up the stairs and head inside.

3.44 >The Plantation<

Difficulty: Insane!
Time of Day: Day (Witches don't know this).
Crescendo Event: Virgil to the Rescue.
Unique Panic Events: None.
Uncommon Infected?: No.
Safe Room Inventory: Assault Rifle, Auto Shotgun, Scoped Rifle, 4 Health Kits,
Ammo Cache.

Make use of all the supplies in this Safe Room and then exit into the sunlight.
Witches here will still think it's night time. Clear the woods of Infected, and
head to the town. Each of the town's buildings contain supplies, but watch out
for crafty Special Infected taking advantage of the Survivors' greed.

Follow the road leading to the plantation building. Take advantage of the back
yard's open field and use a Pipe Bomb or something to lure any Hordes here. Go
up the ladder leading to a window to enter the plantation chateau.

One Way Passage

What a desolate building! But somebody forgot a few supplies; namely Grenades
on the cabinet. There's also Weapons and Medkits in the front yard (on the
tables or near the hedges). An apparently poorly placed Machine Gun is on the
front deck, overviewing the front yard (it's not as useful as the Survivors
will think it is). There's also a radio next to the door of the front yard.

Speak to the radio. Why hello Virgil! Good to hear from someone for, well,
however long it was to get through this campaign! Although it's rude to keep
someone waiting, don't answer him again until the Survivors have a game plan.

Usually the best place to fight is at the stairwell of the chateau. Others are
some of the dead-end rooms on the first floor. Another is in the front yards
directly in front of the gate. When ready, answer Virgil (someone can use the
Machine Gun to cover the caller's run to the others, and then ditch the
weapon if the Survivors are hiding in the chateau).

Crescendo Event! Prepare to fight!

Yikes! The Infected are coming from all sorts of directions! Just keep fighting
and fighting and fighting! Take out any Spitters on sight! When the chaos
reaches an intermission, a Tank will arrive! Shoot the crap out of the Tank
before he can inflict harm on our heroes. Use any Medkits and gather Ammo in
the aftermath if necessary.

And another wave of Zombies attacks. Repeat the first step of the previous
paragraph. After this, there will be a Tank to fight. Kill it, and...

There's another Tank?! Try not to get caught off guard! Work together to
destroy this second monstrosity! Try to recover from this disaster and head to
the yard door.

Kaboom! Somehow the door exploded and now the Survivors must head to the dock
to reach Virgil before the Infected catch up! Jump on the Boat!


It just doesn't get any easier, does it? The foyer and the hedges are still
formidable places to fight (the latter being easier to deal with Tanks).

3.50 >Hard Rain<

Tagline: "Come Hell and high water."
Objective: Get some gas for Virgil's boat, but be careful on the way back; a
little rain may become a terrifying storm any second.
Location: Ducatel.
Uncommon Infected: Worker Infected.
Setting: Suburbs, Hurricane.
Rescue Vehicle: Virgil's fishing boat.

Ever notice how remembering environments are not really important except for
writers like me? Now ordinary players must remember environments here, as this
brutal campaign forces the Survivors to trek back to where they started! Oh,
and there's also the infamous Witch-infested mill...

3.51 >The Milltown<

Difficulty: Easy.
Time of Day: Day.
Crescendo Event: None.
Unique Panic Events: Car Alarms.
Uncommon Infected?: Yes.
Safe Room Inventory: 4 Melee Weapons, 9mm Pistol.

No gun bag, no problem! This is all part of the "Director's" plan! Grab a Melee
Weapon (or stick with the P220) and then head into the Burger Tank restaurant.

Collect the two Health Kits in the First Aid Station, as well as two more
Health Kits on the counter from the group of four (or save some for the
Finale). There's also Grenades on the same counter; a Pipe Bomb can get rid of
all these pesky Infected! Grab the guns on the table (Bots will ALWAYS take the
Hunting Rifle) and then exit the building.

Head to the nearby gas station. No gas, as expected. The only other gas station
in this district is beyond the local sugar mill.

One Way Passage

Go up the ramp over the fence and then climb onto the trailer and hop down on
the other end. And now it's raining. Don't mind the Bots somehow getting their
hands on better Weapons; this is normal (this is actually a bug; the Bots will
grab some guns from within the Safe Room that's meant for a level later on. Go
idle in order to do the same).

Feels like a daytime Death Toll doesn't it? What? Never mind. Explore all the
buildings in the neighbourhood (but if the Survivors are at full capacity, save
the supplies). There's a playground up ahead. Beyond that playground are two
buildings, one of them being under construction. There's additional weapons in
the complete building (they're in the first floor washroom), and there might be
an Ammo Pack or Chainsaw on top of the site. Keep advancing through the

There's an ambulance on the street, often containing some medical supplies.
There's even more weapons in the house to the right of the ambulance (there's
a hole in the building). Up ahead is a grage sale (with Weapons for only $5.99,
but they're free anyway!). There's bound to be Tier 2 Weaponry in one of the
aforementioned areas, so keep a lookout! Keep searching in every building that
can be opened. There's also a treehouse with a Hunting Rifle in it.

Keep cutting through the houses until the Survivors reach a huge warehouse with
a Safe Room in it. It's nice to spare the supplies in the buildings near it.
Throughout the Campaign, if there's supplies in the buildings that the
Survivors don't yet need, save them and remember where they are.


Think of this like the Hard Rain Finale, only in the daylight. There's no water
to be found. However, the Rooftop is still the best place to fight. Molotovs
will become more effecient versus Tanks with the water gone. Be sure to collect
all the Explosive Cans to ensure maximum success. The Infected will climb up to
the Rooftop through the same paths.


There's Fuel Cans on both ends from the playground's Generator. Try to throw
down the Fuel Cans from the buildings to save time. Consider tossing the Cans
over the fences to save time. Just remember to insert the Fuel into the
Generator before it's too late!

3.52 >The Sugar Mill<

Difficulty: Insane!
Time of Day: Day.
Crescendo Event: Site Elevator.
Unique Panic Events: None.
Uncommon Infected?: Yes.
Safe Room Inventory: Assault Rifle, Auto Shotgun, Scoped Rifle, Melee Weapons,
4 Health Kits, First Aid Station, Pills, Adrenaline, Grenades, Ammo Cache.

Wowzers! That's a lot of supplies. First off, BE SURE TO USE THE HEALTH KITS IN
Health Kits on the table, the ones in the First Aid Station often get replaced
by more. Once everybody has a decent weapon, open the Safe Room.

Check the room to the right. Although rare, it may contain an Ammo Pack or
something. Exit this building and fight the wandering Infected idling around
the entrance to the sugar mill.

Enter the large building and check each of the little rooms for supplies (if
full up, remember where these supplies are at). Exit on the other end and
notice the rain getting harsher and harsher. Enter the building through the
open room. There might be something of interest on the table.

Head through the open passage. A Witch is usually wandering around here, so try
to avoid her. The rooms to the right contain a few lockers, vending machines,
and, more importantly, Consumables! Yeah! Well, if the Survivors are not
interested in using them now, they can save 'em for later.

Head to the wall, then make a u-turn around the wall to the left. There may be
another Witch around this region. There's also a shack, that could contain more
items of interest. Go up the ramp and enter the generator room.

Why couldn't Witches like sulfur instead? Why couldn't the Survivors enjoy the
smell of sugar instead of watching out for the immense amount of Witches? And
why couldn't Tanks be repelled by sugar? Oh dear. Excuse me.

There's a room on top of the catwalks next to the generator often containing
more Weapons, and more supplies (if there's a Witch in there, wait for her to
wander herself out and pass through). In order to get there, simply hop onto
the parts of the generator to get on top of the catwalks. There's also a small
hard-to-notice room with lockers and supplies in it on the other end of the
generator. No matter how good one's CR0WNING skills are; it's still a good idea
to politely let a Witch alone, especially here.

Exit this area to a field with puddles and silos. The trailer next to them also
contains some valuable stuff (Weapons, Grenades, etc). Enter the large
unfinished site.

It's dark in here. Go up the stairs and check each floor for supplies (this is
even more important if the Survivors had some unfortunate encounters with the
Witches). The only way down to the cane fields is down the noisy Elevator.

Crescendo Event! Prepare to fight!

Get ready, and get set when the Elevator ascends to this floor. The Infected
will come by to say hello, so fight them all off until the Elevator arrives!
Most will be coming from the stairs or from the cane fields, but some will
climb up the pipes! Shoot them before they can reach the Survivors! When the
Elevator's here, get in (unless there's a Spitter around; shoot her first).

Dum de dum, the Elevator's bringing the Survivors down to the cane field.
Examine the shack nearby for supplies (it's quite important for Survivors who
have suffered through the Elevator fight). Then head into the cane field.
Follow the pipe until it ends.

More Witches? Will the sadism never end? Be careful as the Survivors trek
through the cane field; the Witches are not easy to spot in the midst of the
agriculture. Ears out for the telltale music. Or just run towards the sign and

Whew! Made it out alive? Head into the gas station and into the Safe Room!


In this strange layout, the Survivors can access the generator room or the
lands near the trailer. Among the places to hold out are the trailer, the
generator cabin, and the locker room. Be sure to hog all the Explosive Cans and
bring them to wherever the Survivors are holding out. There's only one entrance
to each of the locations (except the trailer, with the broken roof and all).
Use Gas Cans to light up the only entrance to bring on the hurt to the
Infected. Avoid using the Grenade Launcher until absolutely necessary.


There are Fuel Cans in the site and near the generator building. There's also
Cans on the silos. Pick which area to go to first, and stick together!

3.53 >Mill Escape<

Difficulty: Hard.
Time of Day: Night.
Crescendo Event: None.
Unique Panic Events: Hurricanes.
Uncommon Infected?: Yes.
Safe Room Inventory: M16 Rifle, M4 Shotgun, Hunting Rifle, 9mm Pistols, Melee
Weapons, M3 Pump Shotgun, 4/6 Health Kits, 2 Defibrillators, Pills, Adrenaline,
Grenades, Ammo Cache (more or less).

Recharge with whatever's inside the Safe Room. Everyone's already carrying a
Fuel Can on their backs, so all the Survivors have to do is to return to the
Burger Tank Restaurant. Doesn't sound too hard, does it?

Go out and clear out the Infected. The Storm will really hit here, and the
Infected will arrive! Shoot them all and stick together! Whenever the Storm
booms, the Infected will usually attack! Cross the cane field.

Luckily, the rain drove most of the Witches away, and the ones who didn't leave
are stationary. Trek through the field and try to find the pipe. Then board the
elevator. Try to go through the part of the field that the Survivors didn't go
through before, as there may be Health Kits lying near the crops.

No Hordes this time. Head down the stairs and reach the Trailer to refuel on
Ammo. Climb onto the silos and cross them towards the generator room. Land on
the catwalks and head into the room with the supplies in it.

Exit through the catwalks. Try to stay on the pipes and avoid the water. Check
the trailer and the vending machine room to reuse supplies left behind. Cross
the pipes above and try to enter the big building from here (or climb the
ladder to avoid any risks of falling).

The second floor of this building is a place where the Survivors haven't
reached on their first trip here (or maybe they did and they went back for some
reason). Check the rooms on both of the floors before making a run to the Safe

3.54 >Return to Town<

Difficulty: Hard.
Time of Day: Night.
Crescendo Event: None.
Unique Panic Events: Hurricanes.
Uncommon Infected?: Yes.
Safe Room Inventory: Remains of Sugar Mill's Safe Room Inventory.

Take everything the Survivors can get their hands on in this Safe Room; they
won't be coming back. Open the Safe Room door and head towards the roof of the
nearby building.

The entire town's flooded! Stay on the high ground to maintain a good
travelling velocity (speed). Check each of the open buildings for supplies left
behind and keep going through the waters if necessary. Go through the various
checkpoints (the garage sale, the treehouse, and the playground). The path is
fairly linear here, albeit flooded and foggy. If the Survivors left any
Supplies from the trek through the Milltown, search the buildings for some
supplies (especially the ones with Weapons).

If a Tank is every encountered here, try to get onto high ground and shoot it
before he can toss a vehicle onto an unfortunate Survivor! A Molotov still
works on the water, strangely. The Survivors will likely run out of Ammo fast,
so remember which buildings contain the Weapons.

Lights can also guide the Survivors, as the lights on the buildings somehow
came on during this time. There's a Safe Room in one of the buildings (not
accessible before). Enter it, quickly!

3.55 >Town Escape<

Difficulty: Hard.
Time of Day: Night.
Crescendo Event: Burger Tank signal.
Unique Panic Events: None.
Uncommon Infected?: Yes.
Safe Room Inventory: Assault Rifle, Auto Shotgun, Scoped Rifle, 4 Health Kits,
Pills, Adrenaline, Grenades, Ammo Cache.

One Way Passage

Take everything from this building and then exit the Safe Room. Cross the ramp
over the fence and head straight to the Burger Tank.

Whatever remained in the Burger Tank Restaurant is still here, so grab some
gear and then head to the roof. The switch to activate the sign to signal
Virgil is on the roof. The roof itself is by far the best place to fend off the
Infected in a traditional Finale fashion. The bad news is, there's only weak
guns that were left behind in the start of this Campaign inside! The Survivors
had better packed their best Weapons!

Finale! Prepare to fight!

Activate the sign and fight off the bad guys! Snipers can easily spot Smokers
and Spitters from this view, and the Infected are fairly easy to pick off.
There's also a few consumables on the roof, and there's a hole leading to the
rest of the supplies in the restaurant. Enter the Tank, then another horde,
then another Tank. For the Tanks, they'll usually enter through where the
Survivors came from. Shoot him down before he can get to the building! Watch
out for any crafty Special Infected coming to ruin the battle!

Virgil's here! He's here! Get out of the building and make a beeline for the
docks, where his boat is waiting. Hop on in before the Tank can toss the nearby
van at the Survivors, killing them instantly!

3.60 >The Parish<

Tagline: "This time it all goes south."
Objective: Fight through zombie-infested New Orleans to the bridge, where the
military has a chopper waiting.
Location: Bienville.
Uncommon Infected: Riot Infected.
Setting: Urban.
Rescue Vehicle: Rescue Helicopter.

It's come to this. The big easy. The rescue site is on the other end of this
city, but the military has something other than evacuation on their minds...

3.61 >The Waterfront<

Difficulty: Easy.
Time of Day: Day.
Crescendo Event: None.
Uncommon Infected?: Yes.
Unique Panic Events: Jukebox, Car Alarm.
Safe Room Inventory: Submachine Gun, Pump Shotgun, Melee Weapon, 4 Health Kits.

So long Virgil! Take the items from the table and then go up the ramp leading
to the town. Flush out the Infected on the roads, then cross through the hole
in the wall straight ahead.

One Way Passage

There's even more Zombies on the other road. The road itself is blocked, so go
up the ramp and enter the room to the right; it contains a few more Weapons.
Hop down on the other end of the blockade and head into the tavern.

There's a Jukebox here, and maybe a door leading to the yards. Other ways into
the yard is through the alley near the road ahead, or over a fence. One or two
of these ways are usually blocked. There's also a Pistol at the end of the

Enter the yard and head into the white building's kitchen. There's another
Weapon on the counter, as well as numerous Frying Pans. There's absolutely
nothing in the freezer or the washrooms (except for possible replacement
Survivors). Exit the restaurant and avoid the Alarm Car right in front of the
sidewalk. The Safe Room is right next to the riot fence.

3.62 >The Park<

Difficulty: Medium.
Time of Day: Day.
Crescendo Event: Trailer Alarm.
Unique Panic Events: None.
Uncommon Infected?: Yes.
Safe Room Inventory: Submachine Gun, Pump Shotgun, Frying Pan, 4 Health Kits,
Grenades, Pills, Adrenaline, Ammo Cache.

Feel free to read the graffiti on the walls and then exit the Safe Room. A Pipe
Bomb can easily kill off the Infected lurking in the plaza. There's a humvee
with items in its trunk and to its side. Go up the stairs and enter the park.

There's three ways to get through the park, all of them open and all of them
containing some sort of Weapon. There's the tea house to the left, the hedge
field to the centre, and the washrooms to the right. Try to reach all of them
to gain more and more supplies. Exit on the other end.

Follow the road and head to the tent. There's always two Health Kits here.
Enter the alley and try to cross it before a Charger can bowl through. On the
other end is what used to be a queue.

A bunch of Weapons are on the table, and there's another one next to a door on
the left sidewalk. Grenades can be found near the luggage piles. Enter the

Crescendo Event! Prepare to fight!

Warning: Alarm will sound if door is opened. That's a decent reason why there
are so many Consumables on the table. When everyone's prepared (be sure to use
all the supplies provided on the table), head on out (the Alarm will actually
trigger when one Survivor steps outside). The button to turn off the Alarm is
located on a construction site in the middle of the plaza.

Rush through the lanes and navigate through the maze of fences. Beware of
Chargers and Spitters taking advantage of this tight space. On the way to the
scaffolding is a table containing a Weapon and a Consumable. Make use of them
and continue towards the site.

Go up the ladders and shut off that Alarm ASAP. Fight off the remaining Zombies
at the top of the scaffolding (there's a Scoped Rifle and some Melee Weapons on
the top). When the area's clear, go down and check the bodies next to the bus
station for some Grenades. Enter the bus station's entrance to the right.

Head on through (there's more Grenades within the station) and head into the
parking lot with the buses in it. There's more Grenades lying around the
sidewalks. Turn right and head straight for the Safe Room.


The scaffolding is the best place to hold out, open as it may be. Plant the
Explosive Cans near the scaffolding to fend off the Infected. There are
numerous Grenades on the site, as well as a Submachine Gun and a Scoped Rifle.
Don't forget about that Grenade Launcher!


There's Fuel Cans everywhere! The Generator is located in the middle of the
hedgemaze, so pick a place to go to first. Don't get lost!

3.63 >The Cemetery<

Difficulty: Hard.
Time of Day: Day.
Crescendo Event: Impound Lot.
Unique Panic Events: Car Alarms.
Uncommon Infected?: Yes.
Safe Room Inventory: 2 Tier 2 Weapons, 2 Melee Weapons, 4 Health Kits, Ammo

Head on out and follow the supports of the freeway. There's often some supplies
near the supports or near that camping bag over there. The Survivors should run
into a small town.

Head into the far building. The first floor contains a Pistol (or maybe a
Chainsaw). Go up the ramp and enter the second floor; it contains more Weapons,
and more supplies. Follow the long balcony and hop down onto the bus, then hop
down onto the side opposite of where the Survivors came in.

The road's blocked by a fence. Get around it to the left and take the supplies
from the shelves. There's a trailer on the road often containing more valuable
stuff. Notice the house with the stairs outside. It can be accessed by going
straight through the hole in the fence, or through the unfinished building to
the right.

One Way Passage

Inside this building is even more supplies. Exit through the gap in the wall
and make a 10-point landing onto the roof of the trailer. There's a lot of
unfinished or desolate buildings in this neighbourhood...

Enter the building that looks the most complete (not including the previously
mentioned building). The second floor has a room with supplies and a tally on
the wall (if it isn't Zombies, I wouldn't want to know). Cut through the first
floor and exit through yet another hole in a wall.

Feel free to think there's some supplies on top of the trailer to the right
(some might be there). The way forward is left, however. Enter through the hole
in the house and take all of the supplies from this building (there's often an
Ammo Cache around here somewhere). Exit through another hole in a wall and onto
the street.

One Way Passage

Clear out the Infected walking around here and then enter the sewer. Don't
worry, nobody is going to break their legs when they enter it. However, this is
the perfect spot for a Spitter or Charger to severely weaken the Survivors, so
don't waste time here. There's an Auto Shotgun (and maybe a Grenade Launcher)
at the bottom of the hole.

Did Ellis talk about the time Keith fell through an open manhole? He became
unconcious and got buried under pavement. Ahem.

Trek through the large, stinky sewer and climb up the ladder in the centre.
Woah! That's a lot of Cars! To make things worse, some of them are rigged with
Alarms! And to top it all off, it IS possible for a Tank to be waiting here!

Crescendo Event, maybe! Prepare to fight, maybe!

There's a couple of Weapons (including Melee ones) behind, feel free to take
them. Navigate carefully through the Impound Lot (Melee Weapons can help out a
lot here). Identify which Cars are rigged (they have glowing lights) and pass
through them quickly. There's sometimes supplies in the ticket booth. Should
the Survivors, for any reason, set off one of the Alarms, find a position to
fight, quickly! The Infected will come from the exit of the lot, and out of the
sewer. A Chainsaw or a Molotov (or Gas Can) can be used to secure one of these

Go up the ladder and onto the freeway.


The path across the freeway is no more. Check the ambulance for supplies
(usually Health Kits and Weapons), then head towards the gap in the road.

One Way Passage

Clear out the Infected below and then jump down onto the pile of rubble. Check
the shack at the bottom of the hill for more Weapons. Enter the graveyard (at
least the Infected aren't actually undead!).

Here's where it gets a bit inconvinient for writers like me. The path through
the graveyard varies due to the fences and tombs changing between games. The
path is still linear, and regardless of what path they take, the Survivors
should search every nook and cranny for supplies. There's a lot of Machetes in
this forsaken field.

Ellis' friend Keith lived in a Graveyard for a year, after he got kicked out of
his house. The only ghost he claimed he saw was one who robbed him. It might
have been a bum. Ahem.

Eventually, the Survivors will reach the exit out of the cemetery. Head onto
the road (check the truck at the end of the road for more supplies) and then go

The Safe Room is inside the resturaunt's storage room. The resturaunt itself
may contain Health Kits outside the Safe Room.

3.64 >The Quarter<

Difficulty: Hard.
Time of Day: Day.
Crescendo Event: Parade Float.
Unique Panic Events: Car Alarms.
Uncommon Infected?: Yes.
Safe Room Inventory: Assault Rifle, Auto Shotgun, Scoped Rifle, 9mm Pistol, 4
Health Kits, Ammo Cache.

Kaboom! The military's not looking for Survivors any more! Don't worry though,
according to the climatic ending policy, none of the bombs will actually hit
the Survivors on their way out of this level.

Did Ellis talk about the time Keith got bombed while he was camping? He was
likely camping in a bombing range; he didn't bother reading signs. Ahem.

Grab some guns and then head into the yard with the fountain. After exploring
the nearby buildings, head to the condo on the opposite end of this yard. Go up
the stairs and check the second floor for Weapons (they're hard to miss).

One Way Passage

At the top of the balcony is a road. Feel free to pick off every single
Infected on it (or use a Pipe Bomb), then hop down on the road. Check all the
open doors on this street. The one at the far end leads to the rest of the

Check the tavern's tables for goodies, and enter the bar. Go up the stairs and
across the billiards tables (checking for supplies on the way), and check the
room to the left (more Weapons).

One Way Passage

Hop down onto the boxes. Make sure everybody makes it down safely. Head on out
and cross through the alley. Enter the building and up the stairs. If a Tank
appears here, get back out to even the playing odds.

Collect the supplies on the second floor (and use the Ammo Cache), then go onto
more balconies and then hop down onto that black roof over there.

One Way Passage

The only way to get across to the other buildings on the opposite end is to
bring the Float in the yard across (how convinient for it to have some
scaffoldings the right height on top of it!). There's a pair of Molotovs on the
scaffoldings on the dark roof. Good thing this Float's here-

What do you mean it's not always Marti Gras in New Orleans? Well, I suppose
it's like accusing Canadians of saying "Eh" after every sentence (morons).

Crescendo Event! Prepare to fight!

Contrary to popular belief, the dark roof is a terrible place to hold out while
the Float makes its way across. Instead, head to the stairwell connecting the
lower balconies to the ground. A single Molotov can easily cover the ground
next to the stairwell. When the Float stops, head across (watch out for Smokers
on the rooftops!).

Check the rooms and then go down the stairs. Check THESE rooms and then head
outside. Stroll across the alley and head into the building. There's a First
Aid Station here, and a couple of Weapons on the counter. Head across this lane
and enter the building on the opposite end (there's often supplies in the rooms
to the left).

Into this condo. Explore all the rooms in this building before going out onto
the porch of the second floor (I once found a Health Kit and a Grenade Launcher
in one of these rooms!).

One Way Passage

Hop down onto the alley and use the Ammo Cache. The Survivors are almost there!
Just cross the alley and to the parking lot. Feel free to take a look in the
rooms of the nearby building. Head towards the freeway and then turn right. The
Safe Room is straight ahead. Try to avoid the Car Alarms in this lot.

3.65 >The Bridge<

Difficulty: Insane!
Time of Day: Day.
Crescendo Event: Crossing the Bridge.
Unique Panic Events: None.
Uncommon Infected?: No.
Safe Room Inventory: 2 Assault Rifles, 2 Auto Shotguns, 2 Scoped Rifles,
9mm Pistols, 2 Melee Weapons, 8-10 Health Kits, Pills, Adrenaline, Grenades.

This is it. The final showdown. There's a good reason for there to be this many
Health Kits in one Safe Room. Use as many Health Kits as possible while still
keeping a total of four on hand. Do the same with all the other supplies.

Head to the outdoors and answer the radio next to the dead body. The last
helicopter out of here is on the other end of the bridge. Get ready to cross
the Table Bridge, it's going to be a wild ride!

Finale! Prepare to fight!

Activate the switch to bring down the Bridge and then get across! Pick one end
of the Bridge to stay together on (left is usually the safest for now). Avoid
the gaps in the Bridge! As with all Moving Crescendos, Melee Weapons can help

There's a bunch of Weapons next to the 18-wheeler. The benefits of Adrenaline
can really help out here. Go up the "ramp". There's an ambulance behind the
upper floor of the ramp containing Pills and Adrenaline; use them. Keep
crossing the Bridge! Hop down onto the vehicles and keep moving forward!

Yikes! A Tank here of all places?! Stick to the scaffolding to avoid being
crushed by a tossed Car! Keep filling up that Tank with lead! There's a truck
with more precious supplies in it.

To get past this next obstacle, climb up the tanker truck and then hop to the
elevated portion of the broken Bridge. Try not to be disoriented by the slanted
part of the Bridge.

One Way Passage

The Survivors are nearly there! Hop down the trucks and cross the linear path.
There's an abundance of Pipe Bombs here; use them to fend off the Infected
while everyone heads to the helipad! Avoid the Tank that's roaming around in
this region. Ignore the stupid Machine Gun and make a beeline through the path
leading to the helipad. Board the Helicopter and watch the spectacular
explosion of the Bridge! Yahoo!


The Survivors start at the Helicopter, which will not move. Establish a
foothold on the road leading to the Bridge. There's a couple of Weapons here.
Gather the Explosive Cans and set them up near the tent. When ready, activate
the radio and head back! The Infected always come from the front (away from the
Bridge), but sometimes appear on the opposite end of the road.

3.70 >Cold Stream<
Tagline: "".
Objective: Battle through the water flow, and across the bridge towards the
extraction zone located in the woods.
Location: Saxton Woods.
Uncommon Infected: Mud Men, Riot Infected.
Setting: Jungle.
Rescue Vehicle: Rescue Helicopter.

A fan-made Campaign under official supervision. What if the Survivors weren't
finished in The Parish?

3.71 >Alpine Creek<

Difficulty: Easy.
Time of Day: Day.
Crescendo Event: None.
Unique Panic Events: Bunker Hatch.
Uncommon Infected?: Yes.
Safe Room Inventory: Submachine Gun, Pump Shotgun, 4 Melee Weapons, 4 Health

The Survivors find themselves in the middle of the forest. They are currently
waiting on the rocks on the riverbed. Weapons are scarce in this level, so be

After taking the essentials, follow the flow, underneath the rocks. Eventually,
this will lead the Survivors to a dead-end, but don't panic. There's a house on
rickety supports to the left, on the ridge. Watch out for Special Infected on
the ridges! Go up the stairs leading into the shack. There's plenty of
additional Pistols and an Ammo Cache here, among other things.

Climb the left ridge and head down the bridge leading to the lands below. Ahead
of this are two houses, the one on the left containing another Ammo Cache and a
Hunting Rifle. When done searching that house, enter the other. Search it and
get past the structure (either by hopping through the window or going around
the place).

Ahead is a chasm, and the only way across is on the tree stem. Walk carefully
across it. The Safe Room is just beyond that Hatch.

Crescendo Event! Prepare to fight!

Open the Hatch wide enough in order to get in (hold the Action Key to open it
slowly). Beware of the various Infected attacking at this very moment! Don't be
afraid to stop opening and fight in self-defence! When all is clear, head down
the hatch and enter the Safe Room dead ahead!

3.72 >South Pine Stream<

Difficulty: Medium.
Time of Day: Day.
Crescendo Event: Fence Breach.
Unique Panic Events: Alarm Car.
Uncommon Infected?: Yes.
Safe Room Inventory: Submachine Gun, Pump Shotgun, 4 Health Kits, Grenades, Ammo

Here, the Survivors must continue following the water flow. There are a lot of
nasty obstacles between this level's Safe Rooms, so be on guard.

Grab all the essential gear in the Safe room, then head out. Turn left and head
out of the pipe (try to get out quickly, as the sun's glare certainly doesn't
help!). There's a bundle of powerful Guns in the boxes, and another Magnum
Pistol on the rocks. Continue following the path provided by the beautiful
water. Hop down the cliff.

One Way Passage


What's that? Watch out for the gigantic boulder being flung on the river! Tank!
Shoot it, and avoid the boulder as much as possible (treat it like a Car). When
the Tank has been slain, go up the scaffolding leading up towards where the
Tank came from.

There's a few Packs here, and some more Guns! Grab them if necessary, and
follow the road. Since there's so many vehicles parked on this road, they may
be blocking the way. Keep going until the Survivors can no longer advance on
the road (when they reach the bus and the truck planted inconviniently

At this point, go back on the creek to the left. The humvee here will likely
contain something special. Follow the creek until the Survivors reach the
crashed helicopter (avoid the fires, it's possible to get trapped there!). Go
up the steps back onto the road.

There's a Chainsaw in the small truck. Avoid the Alarm Car and hop onto the
pickup truck, then onto the bus. This is the way to get over that fence ahead.

One Way Passage

Explore the rest of the road. Again, it is blocked, this time by a tanker truck
engulfed in flames. Near it, however, is an Ammo Cache, so make use of it. The
Ambulance here may have a few Medical supplies. The Survivors can advance by
hopping off the road through the gap in the bar (to the left).

One Way Passage

Just follow the streams that lead beyond the flaming tanker (just keep
following the water flow). Get on top of the dam by going up the ramps to the
left. There's a Health Kit near the trees away from the dam.

On the dam's roads, check the area for a Health Kit, and other supplies. To get
to the Safe Room, the Survivors must blow up the barrels next to the fence.
Ensure that everybody is prepared.

Crescendo Event! Prepare to fight!

The hordes of Infected are closing in, and they won't stop until the Survivors
reach the Safe Room inside the hydraulic bunker! Dash through the gap in the
gate, and head into the drain pipe. Try not to get too overwhelmed by the

Looks like the main stream leads to a death trap! Avoid the waterfall and go
through the door to the left (keep cutting through the Hordes). Head downwards
towards the Safe Room.

3.73 >Memorial Bridge<

Difficulty: Hard.
Time of Day: Day.
Crescendo Event: Bridge Gap, Slow Motion Explosion.
Unique Panic Events: Car Alarm.
Uncommon Infected?: Yes.
Safe Room Inventory: Assault Rifle, Auto Shotgun, Scoped Rifle, 9mm Pistols,
2 Melee Weapons, 4 Health Kits, Ammo Cache.

Things get precarious here! Hope the Survivors aren't afraid of heights!

Grab all the Supplies and head on outdoors. The Survivors must now get on top
of that giant bridge. Go up the stairs to get to the top. Though the way across
the giant river is to the right, go left. There's an Ammo Cache here. Head to
the other end of the bridge now.

There's many crashed vehicles on this road, including an Alarm Car. Avoid it.
Keep navigating around and over the cars until the Survivors reach a tanker
truck, where a few vehicles are blocking the way. There's an Ammo Cache in the
truck, and the Survivors can climb on the tanker's ladder to get over the

One Way Passage

Ahead is another tanker, one that is on fire and ready to explode! When ready,
shoot at it.

Crescendo Event! Prepare to fight!

Lots of zombies closing in! Fight to the death, and when it all seems quiet,
walk carefully over the tiny planks. Ensure no Special Infected are around to
jeopardize everything!

On this end of the road, hop onto the scaffolding to the right, and hop down
to the lower scaffolding below (follow the arrow). 

One Way Passage

Head down the ladder. This will lead to the catwalks that will guide the
Survivors down to the river. Follow it, making sure there are no Chargers in
the path. Jump down to the water when low enough.

Head towards the building ahead. Climb the ladder onto the balcony, as there
are some goodies the Survivors may need. Go back on the water and head up the
hill. Check out the building adjacent to the balcony inside, and then head to
the parking lot.

KABOOM. A car from above just crashed into a car below, causing a massive

Crescendo Event! Prepare to fight!

Fight off the living dead, then advance through the quite-linear path in the
car lot. There's an Ammo Cache in the booth. The Safe Room isn't far away. Pray
there aren't any Tanks on the way!

3.74 >Cutthroat Creek<

Difficulty: Insane!
Time of Day: Day.
Crescendo Event: Follow the Creek.
Unique Panic Events: None.
Uncommon Infected?: Yes.
Safe Room Inventory: Assault Rifle, Auto Shotgun, Scoped Rifle, 9mm Pistols,
Melee Weapons, 4 Health Kits, Ammo Cache.

When everyone is good to go, answer the radio (get everyone near it for good
measure). Then head outside.

Finale! Prepare to fight!

Check the nearby building for extra Supplies, then advance through the forest.
Ahead is the creek, and it will guide the Survivors to the extraction point.

One Way Passage

Continue to rush through the creek. Slay any Infected along the way (kill the
Special Infected hiding above the ridges first) and ignore the mist. At the end
of this creek is a waterfall. Jump down, and ensure that everybody gets down
safely. Land on the water to prevent any injuries.

One Way Passage

Make good use of the supplies here, the Survivors WILL need them! There's a
Tank up ahead! Throw everything at it! Before going through the pipe further
down the stream, go up the ridge and check the trees for supplies.

Jump over the log and carve away through the pipe. The fork in the road will
mean little in the long run; they both lead to the same area. Either go up the
ladder through the manhole or go up the stairs to the surface.

Check the nearby building for any supplies and head to the tower with the
Helicopter planted on top of it. Make a dash through the maze in the evacuation
site and head up the ladders and stairs near the tower. Hop on the chopper
before the Tank gets here!

4.00 >More Tips<
Here are more tips that apply to every one of these Campaigns, since what will
occur during those times are extremely likely to occur.

4.01 >General Tips<
These are just some general tips to being a good Survivor.

-Don't hesitate to explore certain areas for extra supplies, but don't fall too
far behind! This is especially important in Versus mode.

-Don't waste ammo. Unlike most of Valve's shooter games, the enemies here don't
drop weapons.

-Aim for the head.

-While reloading, shoving doesn't interrupt the reloading process. Climbing a
Ladder does.

-The Survivors can only shove so much until they get tired (in this case,
they'll have to wait a second before shoving again).

-The more powerful weapons can penetrate through thin walls (this is effective
against Boomers).

-A dead Survivor will drop his or her items, so use them if necessary. However,
it's rude to take their supplies and then Defibrillate them. Let the revived
Survivor take their weapons back.

-It takes a minute for a dead Survivor to respawn in a Closet after dying.

-The Flashlight is directly attached to the Weapons, so reloading or shoving
will decrease the efficiency of the Flashlight.

-Enabling subtitles helps greatly.

-Is there hardly any Infected wandering around here? A Boss Infected is likely
to be ahead!

-In Expert mode, a Survivor may be better off dying if he/she is low on Health
and the Survivors are near the end of the level. A resurrected Survivor will
start off with 50 points of Health! They can even be killed off within the Safe
Room to make use of the other supplies they have left behind!

-The same applies to Defibrillators. Make good use of them!

-Friendly fire does not apply to Helpless Survivors. Take advantage of this
when using the Grenade Launcher.

-Those who rush, die.

4.02 >Working Together<
One of the most important aspects of Left 4 Dead is teamwork. Don't even dream
that the name of this game is related to proper tactics here.

-Microphones are extremely useful in transferring vital information on the
battlefield. This includes a zombie-infected battlefield, so don't be afraid to
use the microphone for any means of communication when the need arises.

-Be sure to stick with at least one other Survivor, in case a Special Infected
drops by. Never go off into hostile areas alone!

-When in front, stay out of the line of fire from other Survivors. Crouching
helps a bundle.

-If the situation looks too convoluted to use bullets when crowded, shove away
those Infected to prevent any friendly-fire incidents.

-Who needs Health? There's the person who is low on Health, the one who only
has temporary Health, and there's the individual who ran out of first aid

-Bullets, Grenades, and Melee Weapons will hurt Survivors. Shoving doesn't.

-Try not to leave any Survivors behind. Try not to let any Survivors die

-Bile Bombs will never cover Survivors.

-Pick a Weapon that none of the other Survivors have. Having a Shotgun or a
Sniper Rifle in a team of riflemen can greatly benefit the team in various
ways. This may also apply to a lesser degree with Secondary Weapons.

4.03 >Versus Tips<
Versus is much more different from Co-op, and it's much more terrifying. While
it uses the many factors of Normal difficulty, it should be treated as Expert.

-Be sure to know the terrain of the level before doing it on Versus. Nothing
can jeopardize a team more than a lost Survivor.

-Whoever slows down behind is often left behind.

-Special Infected spawn times are much faster!

-Survivors cannot be rescued from Closets after they are killed, making
Defibrillators much more valuable. Closets are hard to come by as well.

-No matter what happens, stay together! Should the team split up, split up in
groups of two.

-The Infected like to ambush Survivors when they are using their Health Kits.

-Due to the quicker pace and constant moving, Shotguns and Melee Weapons are
usually a good pick. Avoid using the Hunting Rifle except in Finales.

-Keep moving from room to room.

-Focus on reaching as far through the level as possible.

-Grenade Launchers can stun most Special Infected.

-Footlockers do not appear in Versus.

4.04 >Against Infected<
The biggest enemy of the Survivors is, of course, the hordes of Infected.

*Common Infected*

-See any dawdling zombies? Shoot them with the Pistol or chop them with Melee
Weapons so that they cannot attack the Survivors later on.

-Pipe Bombs work extremely well against Common Infected, whether if it's in the
middle of a Crescendo/Panic Event, or when clearing out a room full of

-Fires also kill Common Infected very quickly. If an Infected is on fire, it is
harmless and will die soon. Molotovs are useful when trying to massacre some
Infected that run through a certain choke point.

-Bile Bombs summon an extra Horde of Zombies if there isn't already one around.

-Only use primary Weapons on them if they're too numerous to be taken out with
Pistols or Melee Weapons.

-If a leg or head falls off an Infected, it's dead. Scoped Rifles will always
kill Common Infected in a single shot.

-Don't be afraid to shoot any Infected attacking another Survivor's back.

-During the last parts of the Finale, a Bile Bomb can distract the crowds of
Infected long enough to reach the exit. A Molotov can be used in conjunction to
burn them up.

-Jumping on a zombie's head kills them.

-Try to kill Uncommon Infected first, especially Fallen Survivors and Clowns.


-Always stay with another Survivor upon hearing or seeing a Hunter.

-Hunters will growl when they are about to pounce. They are completely silent

-Hunters scream when they pounce.

-A burning Hunter will deal more damage when pouncing.

-Try shoving a Hunter away when it is in the air to disorient it. Extra points
for shooting it in mid-air!

-If a Hunter is on a Survivor, knock him off, and kill him!

-A Hunter can easily be bludgeoned to death.

-Explosions can stun Special Infected, including Hunters.

-Hunters look a lot like Common Infected when walking and running. Watch for
the ones proactively jumping and running.

Here's a tip from Julldar:

"If you want to shove them as they jump at you, you need to realize that the
real hunter is actually a bit in front of his sprite; you'll need to shove pre


-As with Hunters, pick a Survivor to stay close by upon noticing a Smoker.

-When spotting a Smoker screaming, take cover so that it will have to catch up.
Then strike!

-Smokers are often seen in the distance. They leave green spores around the
areas they recently have been standing in for a couple of seconds.

-If a Smoker is pulling a Survivor, shoot the Smoker, its tongue, or knock the
Survivor off the tongue. Even resort to shooting at the Survivor if necessary!

-If a Smoker failed to grab a Survivor with its tongue, approach it and shoot
it! This is guaranteed kill.

-A Survivor only has a second to react when being pulled by a Smoker before
losing control.

-Chainsaws can cut the tongue.


-If the Boomer is trying to hide, try finding its large belly.

-When a Boomer is close, shove it away, and shoot it (make sure no other
Survivors are near the Boomer when this happens).

-When vomited on, try not to panic, and shove away at any Infected until the
slime clears up.

-If the Boomer vomited on another Survivor, use a Pipe Bomb to draw away the
new Horde. Take advantage of the fact that the Horde is going after the slimy
Survivor, so don't be afraid to get in the way and fight dirty!

-Contrary to popular belief, Bile Bombs don't draw away Boomer-drawn Hordes.

-Protect any Survivors that are vomited on by Boomers.

-Try shooting through walls if a Boomer is attempting to hide.

-Male and Female Boomers emit different noises. Identify both of them.

Here's a tip from Julldar:

"When you hear one, they usually try to ambush at the exit of a door or in a
corner, so make sure you make LARGE turns and stop hugging walls as you turn."


-If a Charger is attempting to charge, get out of the way!

-Chargers cannot be shoved.

-Since Chargers can only charge in a straight line, avoid running into him and
kill him when he misses.

-Take out Chargers at long range.

-Chargers often just head straight for Survivors if they miss on their charge.
Kill him before he can do more damage!

-Chargers cannot be stunned by explosions, except from explosive ammo.


-Upon hearing a Spitter, displace!

-Spitters are almost as fragile as Boomers, so use any long-range weapon to
take them out.

-Avoid Acid Puddles at all costs.

-Be careful when using Melee Weapons against Spitters; walk away immediately
once she is killed!

-Eyes out for their glowing drool.

-If a Spitter spat, shoot her before she can do it again!


-Like Hunters, Jockeys can be shoved in mid-air, and can be shoved off its
victims (albeit with greater difficulty). Try not to attempt this.

-If leaped on by a Jockey, try to resist its movements! Also, turn around to
have the Jockey towards the rest of the Survivors so that they can kill it.

-Grenade Launchers are very effective against Jockeys.

-Jockeys do not receive extra damage from headshots.

-Aim a little higher above eye-level when shoving Jockeys.

Here's a tip from Julldar (this also applies to Hunters):

"In Expert, when you shove them, they have a nasty tendency to land on their
feet, already clawing. Same thing if you try to shove them before they jump on
you. So sometimes (if there's a friend close of course), it's better to let it
jump on you; your teammate can kill it BEFORE he starts doing damage, instead
of shoving him, getting clawed for 30, and then killing him."


-Listen for angry growling and snarling. Tanks do that.

-Stay away from cars, furniture, and other large objects when the Tank is
around and about.

-Light him on fire as soon as possible! Fire can make a considerable
difference! However, try not to throw a Molotov at him when other Survivors are
close to him (fire can hurt Survivors too).

-Tanks are faster when on fire in Co-op and Survival modes, but slower in

-When a Tank's climbing, he's vulnerable to any sort of attack. Same goes for
when he's throwing rocks.

-When a Tank's throwing a rock, try to dodge the rock and stay away from the
front of the Tank. Find cover as soon as possible.

-Auto Shotguns and Scoped Rifles are the best kinds of weapons against Tanks.
Assault Rifles and even Pistols can do their share of damage against Tanks as
well. The SCAR Rifle in particular is surprisingly effective.

-If the Tank is on fire, try running away from him, and hope that he dies of
attrition (and the burning).

-Beware of Special Infected when dealing with a Tank.

-If a Tank is covered in Bile, don't attack the incoming Horde and focus on the
Tank. Only use a Bile Bomb on a Tank if a Horde is already around.

-Tanks do not receive extra damage from headshots.

-A crouching Tank is extremely slow. Take a few cheap shots at him when this

-Tanks will go after the Survivor using the Machine Gun first.


-A Witch can be heard sobbing a mile away. Upon hearing her, shut off those

-Even in the darkest areas, Witches are still visible due to a red glow around

-Tell any allies of her location.

-Avoid going near her at all costs.

-If she's in the way of an important path, try sneaking around her. Don't get
too close!

-If the Witch is getting angry, leave her be for a few seconds, and wait for
her to cry again.

-Shotguns are the only weapons that can kill a Witch in a single shot. Approach
her from behind and start shooting when as close as possible! Cr0wning a Witch
often prevents her from being startled in the process.

-For Auto Shotguns, shoot her at once! Don't stop pressing that trigger!

-For Pump Shotguns, it's a lot harder. Shooting her once will cause her to
scream. While she's doing so, shoot her again. Hopefully she hasn't moved when

-Try burning a Witch. This will slow her down and hurt her.

-If a Witch is startled by someone, and then lit on fire by somebody else,
she'll start going after whoever lit her on fire! Whoever didn't startle the
Witch should never use Incendiary Ammo on her for this reason.

-The Survivor who startled the Witch should run away immediately. Everyone else
should shoot at her before she can get at the Survivor.

-If someone gets enough in the way of the Witch's path to the one who startled
her, she'll attack whoever's in her way! Watch out!

-She can also be startled from a distance with a Scoped Rifle. Fast as she is,
a distance long enough should provide the Survivors some time to kill the Witch
on her trip.

-The Chainsaw is capable of killing Wandering Witches safely (as the weapon is
strong enough to render her helpless if activated long enough). Do this from
behind. Don't try this on stationary Witches!

-Explosive Ammunition can stun Witches. A fully loaded Automatic Weapon filled
with Explosive Ammunition can kill a Witch safely, and will prevent her from
being startled if killed quickly enough.

-In the daylight, if the Witch is in the way, try waiting for her to move out
and then get past her!

-If there's a Safe Room nearby (regardless of it being the start or end of the
level), one can startle the Witch and retreat behind the protection of the Safe
Room's door; the Witch will become confused and retreat.

-Witches lit on fire by environmental means (not by Gas Cans though) will also
become confused.

4.05 >As Infected<
In Versus mode, players are split into two teams. Both teams will have to play
as the Infected at one point or another. Unlike Left 4 Dead 1, there will never
be any duplicate Special Infected on a team.


-Lonely Survivors are excellent targets for Infected, the same applies to
incapacitated Survivors and stragglers.

-Prioritize the weaker Survivors first (they are outlined in red).

-Try working together with other Infected.

-Try luring the Survivors to Alarm Cars and Witches.

-If there is a spot where the Survivors cannot go back (like holes), try
attacking the last Survivor to make it through that point (the other Survivors
can do little to help the victim).

-Try not to spawn too early. Noises will cause the Survivors to get all jumpy.

-Think of the worst times a Special Infected can appear as a Survivor.

-Special Infected cannot trigger Alarm Cars.

-Smash any Doors to bits.

-Survivors are defenceless when climbing ladders.

-Never let a Survivor get their hands on a Defibrillator!

The ideal positions of the Infected are as follows:

Front                                                                      Rear
Charger, Hunter------Boomer, Spitter---------Survivors-----------Smoker, Jockey

-If a helpless Survivor is about to be rescued by others, attack the rescue

Here's a tip from an anonymous contributor:

"A team consisting of a Spitter, a Hunter, and a Boomer can be deadly! The
Hunter can pounce while the Spitter spits acid on the team while the Boomer
vomits. The survivors will likely attack the Hunter before attacking the
Spitter and the Boomer, allowing for confusion. The time for the Survivor to
get back up will provide enough time for the Spitter's and Boomer's trouble to
pay off! Also powerful is a team of a Hunter, Jockey, Charger, and Smoker, as
their attacks leave the victim helpless and if all four get their attack off
without dying, ALL of the Survivors will be helpless as their teammates have
their eyes clawed out, pounded on the ground, hung, or rode around like a crazy


-Crouch, then fire in order to pounce. Wait for the Infected meter to fill up
before leaping.

-Pouncing from far away will cause more damage.

-Pouncing can also be used for long-jumping and high-jumping.

-Upon being pryed away from a Survivor, run!

-Survivors covered in Boomer vomit are suitable targets.

-If a Smoker is pulling a Survivor, pounce anyone trying to save the victim.

-Or just pounce the victim to let the Smoker pull a different target.

-The same applies to Jockeys. Chargers cannot be ursurped, however.

-Pouncing on a Survivor on an Acid Puddle is very effective.

-Pouncing alone deals quite a bit of damage when done right. Aim a little
higher than the Survivor.

-When pouncing from high areas, try not to miss the Survivors to deal damage
on the first pounce.

-The Hunter is the only Infected capable of attacking an Incapacitated Survivor
with his ability (other than the Boomer and Spitter).

Here's a tip from an anonymous contributor:

"Stealth is a priority when being a Hunter. You should sneak up to survivors
and pounce them, it may cause panic and allow other infected to attack and get
a lead on attacking."

Here's another tip from [AoEW]Raiden777:

"As a Hunter, always try to light yourself on fire, you can incap a Survivor
from 80 hp in 5 seconds (give or take a bit)."


-Select a Survivor to pull, aim, and then fire (the crosshairs will turn red if
the Smoker is able to pull the Survivor).

-If the Smoker misses, he'll have to wait a few seconds before firing again.

-If the Smoker is repelled, he'll have to wait a few moments before firing

-High points are the Smoker's favourite locations to visit.

-Try pulling Survivors towards a ledge, or towards Alarm Cars/Witches and other

-Work with Boomers, so that the Boomer can vomit on the Survivor once the
Survivor's close enough to the Smoker.

-Pull Survivors downward. Fall damage counts too when using a Smoker.

-Incapacitated Survivors cannot be pulled.

-Attack from long-range.

-Survivors being ridden by a Jockey can be pulled, although it's quite rude and
very inefficient.


-When close enough to the Survivors, aim and vomit! The Boomer will have to
wait a long time before he/she can vomit again.

-If the Boomer manages to live after vomiting, run away! Try to vomit on the
Survivors a second time.

-Tight corners are suitable areas to ambush the Survivors.

-Feel free to vomit on a helpless or downed Survivor.

-A Survivor on a ladder is completely helpless against the Boomer.

-Avoid thin walls.

-The Boomer Bile doesn't overlap, so don't bother trying to explode on a
Survivor after vomiting on him/her!

-The Boomer can also change the direction he/she's vomiting to cover more


-Find a Survivor and charge straight at them. Hopefully the Charger will grab
one of them in his path.

-Chargers love narrow hallways, as they can bowl through the Survivors with

-Charge straight into a cluster of Survivors; anyone not caught by the arm will
be knocked down to the floor, stunned.

-Chargers can also bring Survivors to ledges.

-Charge from the front, not behind.

-Try to attack as close as possible.

-The Charger is essentially a reverse Smoker.


-Simply point and shoot.

-See Survivors camping in a cluster? Spit on them!

-Try spitting on areas the Survivors MUST go in order to delay them.

-An trapped Survivor is delicious game for an Acid Puddle.

-Only spit on an Incapacitated Survivor to prevent others from making a rescue.

-Spitters can detonate dropped Fuel Cans.

-Acid Puddles do not damage other Infected other than the Spitter herself.

-Try to stay out of sight.

-Any helpless Survivor is doomed to an Acid Puddle!

-Acid Puddles do not damage Infected.


-Run towards Survivors and leap onto them to gain control. Then steer them

-In addition to leaping on, Jockeys can take control of Survivors by landing on

-Think of whatever obstacle comes to mind and steer the Survivor there.

-Other Special Infected also count.

-Try to go for the healthier Survivors, as they will move faster.

-If there are no other obstacles available, bring the victim as far away as
possible from his/her friends.

-The recharge time for the Jockey's leap is much longer if he manages to
Incapacitate a Survivor.

-Jockeys can leap onto Survivors being pulled by a Smoker.


-Act fast when controlling the Tank! Dawdle too long and someone else will take

-When someone else controls the Tank, make an attempt to use the Tank as a
distraction for a sneak attack (or try to help out the Tank in any way

-If the Survivors are far away, chuck a rock at them (the Tank can look around
and aim at a different area while throwing, but cannot actually move).

-Avoid the open, and avoid fire!

-Feel free to toss Cars and other large objects.

-There are some walls in some levels that can be destroyed. The Tank can get a
good clean ambush this way!

-When a Survivor is incapacitated, move onto the next Survivor and let a
Hunter, Boomer, or Spitter finish him/her off.

-Try knocking a Survivor off a cliff.

-Avoid targeting Survivors that are helpless.

-Almost always go for Survivors covered in Boomer Bile.

-Try to knock Survivors into Acid Puddles.

-Never try to crouch.

4.06 >Supply & Demand<
In a zombie-infested world, the Survivors must make good use of every peice of
supply they encounter. Always take everything in sight whenever possible!

-Upon seeing any items, pick them up. Keep track of how many Grenades, Packs,
and Consumables every Survivor has in hand.

-Does someone need Consumables and are there any extra Consumables lying
about? Feel free to give some Consumables to the needy, and then take the spare
Consumables on the ground.

-Does everyone have Consumables, but there are still extra Consumables? Use
them and take an extra bunch.

-See an extra Health Kit? Use it on the most injured Survivor (even if the
Survivor isn't too badly hurt), or save it in case of a bigger emergency.

-If everyone has a Health Kit or Defibrillator, and there is an Ammo Pack
lying around, pick up the Ammo Pack and deploy it, then take back the Health

-If not everyone has a Health Kit, take an Ammo Pack or a Defibrillator and
save it for later.

-It is rumoured that using Health Kits on others increases the chances of
finding another in the level than using it on one's self.

-Take a look at the spare item and use the "Look!" voice command in order to
tell the others that there's an item here. This also applies to Ammo, Weapons,
and people.

-Upon receiving Pills or Adrenaline from another Survivor, it's not always
mandatory to consume them right away (in fact, it's quite rude if the Survivor
doesn't really need to do it at all).

-Too many Defibrillators? Have a Survivor under 50 Health? Kill off that
Survivor and use a Defibrillator to bring him/her to 50 Health instead of
wasting a precious Health Kit.

-Ammo Packs provide a full extra clip for guns (except for the M60).

-If a Footlocker contains Pills or Adrenaline, feel free to use the Pills or
Adrenaline and pick up another.

4.07 >Environmental Tips<
The world of zombies is a hostile place. However, there are some parts of the
world that the Survivors can use to their advantage.

-Close any Doors upon passing through or by them. This will slow down any
Infected trying to pursue the Survivors.

-Shoot through Doors to create a hole in them, allowing the Survivors to open
fire on the Infected (don't damage the Door too much though, it can break).

-Corners are effective places to hide during a Panic or Stationary Crescendo

-During Panic or Stationary Crescendo Events, Survivors can use choke points to
gain the advantage against Infected. Choke points include narrow hallways,
rooms with a single entrance, or high areas with only one place to get to
there. Beware of Smokers, Chargers, and Spitters!

-ALWAYS stay away from Alarm Cars and edges.

-Try to reload before or after climbing a ladder.

-When going through a part in the campaign where the Survivors cannot go back
to (like a hole), make sure everyone passes through safely. Don't go through
such a passage alone either.

-Melee Weapons are a must for Gauntlet Crescendos.

-Having trouble getting through water? Try using Adrenaline to speed things up!

4.08 >Survival Tips<
In Survival mode, the rules change quite drastically. Even though the Survivors
WILL get killed by the massing Infected, it is still important to live as long
as possible.

-Take plenty of time to decide where to stay and plant traps (Gas Cans, Propane
Tanks, etc).

-Use Secondary Weapons against Common Infected, and use Primary Weapons versus
Special Infected and Tanks.

-Fire is a precious asset against Tanks.

-If a Tank is absent, staying in one place is an effective tactic. Keep an eye
out for Spitters.

-When a Tank arrives, try to displace and scramble! Auto Shotguns work wonders
against Tanks. Tanks have less health in Survival Mode, but that doesn't make
them a lesser threat!

-Scoped Rifles also can deal loads of damage against Tanks from a distance.

-Most of the time, stay together. When a Tank comes, displace!

-Smokers, Hunters, and Spitters are top priority targets aside from Tanks.

-Feel free to establish all the Ammo Packs in the map in wherever the Survivors
plan to defend. But only use the Ammo Packs until the need arises.

-Try to use Grenade Launchers first.

-Pick Pills over Adrenaline, unless trying to move to a different position.

-Bile Bombs can lure the Infected to Tanks.

-ALWAYS install Laser Sights onto every Weapon available. It's even possible to
transfer them over to certain locations for safekeeping.

-A crazier idea is to gather all the Explosive Cans and store them where the
Survivors plan to hold out. Throw a Gas Can whenever a Tank comes by. Be sure
not to blow up the Cans in the crossfire!

-Another crazy idea is to gather all the Supplies and put them in wherever the
Survivors plan to hold out. To do this, select an item, and find another item
in the level of the same type. Pick up the item and move backward to bring the
item away from its spawn location. Then keep juggling the two items towards the
idea area. This way, the Survivors can have many Health Kits in one area!

4.09 >Scavenge Tips<
Scavenge requires more teamwork than ever before! Coordination is key to


-Always split up into two teams, or stay together as one. Each team must find
Fuel Cans and deliver them to the Generator. Try to put the Fuel into the
Generator as soon as possible!

-Defend whoever is pouring in the Fuel.

-When carrying Fuel, if the outline around the Fuel hole is red, the Survivor
cannot pour it in. If it is white, the Survivor can.

-Try not to accidentally toss the Fuel Can when trying to pour it in!

-Always have a buddy to pair up with in Scavenge Games. Loners die quickly.

-Get into the habit of tossing Cans towards the Generator; doing so will allow
the Cans to constantly move towards the Generator. This can also be used to
toss Cans over obstacles to save time.

-Never leave a dropped Fuel Can alone; Spitters!


-Spitters are much rarer in this game, and much more valuable. Whenever there
is a dropped Fuel Can (outlined in orange), SPIT ON IT!

-If a Survivor dropped a Fuel Can, attack them and bring them away from it!

-Ambush the Survivors where the Fuel Cans and the Generator are.

-Always target Survivors carrying Fuel Cans first (unless they are in groups of
two), and always target Survivors pouring in Fuel.

-Or attack the Survivor not carrying the Can, as the one with the Can will have
to react, dropping it in the process.

-If there's an Alarm Car nearby, force the Survivors to touch it as soon as
possible (with Smokers or Jockeys).

-Boomer explosions can send a dropped Fuel Can flying away!

Here's a tip by Teh Thief:

"If you are a Spitter and there is a Survivor pouring Fuel, spit on him/her.
It can do several things, such as:
-Damaging the Survivor.
-Stopping the pouring process (They can't pour when apat on, the bar keeps
-Hopefully will make the Survivor drop the Can and it will explode from Acid."

4.10 Achievement Tips
Some people are willing to put their lives on the line to get every single
Achievement in the game (well, maybe not like that).

Campaign (Instant)
These can be obtained in any Campaign, and in any game mode (unless otherwise

Acid Reflex:
Simply use a Sniper Rifle on a Spitter from long range (or use another weapon
and win a quick-draw against the Spitter). Easy as pie.

A Ride Denied:
Shoot or knock off a Jockey as soon as he takes control of a Survivor.

Armory of One:
Try to deploy an Ammo Pack on an area the Survivors CANNOT miss, like a choke
point. Bots will automatically pick up the Ammo when they can.

Barrel Rolled:
If a Special Infected is near a Barrel, take the chance and shoot it!

Burning Sensation:
Just keep shooting up Zombies and collecting Incendiary Ammo.

Cache Grab:
Keep playing The Passing. There's plenty of Footlockers to go around. There may
be Footlockers in Custom Campaigns too.

Chain of Command:
Use Chainsaws during Gauntlet Crescendo Events. Or just use Chainsaws over and
over and over.

Shove Clowns in the face. It can be the same Clown over and over.

Club Dead:
Just grab Melee Weapons and kill at least one Infected with it. Chainsaws,
Baseball Bats, Knives, and Golf Clubs don't count.

Crass Menagerie:
Note that this doesn't include Riot Infected, Fallen Survivors, or Zombie Gibbs

Dead in the Water:
Pipe Bombs and Grenade Launchers are very effective against swimming Mud Men. A
Bile Bomb can lead Mud Men into the water too.

Dismemberment Plan:
If a Survivor is pounced, chances are that Common Infected will also be
attacking him/her. Use a Grenade Launcher on that crowd (it won't damage the
Survivor). Bile Bombs can also lure Infected to a single area.

Like Head Honcho, aim for the head with the Golf Club.

Fried Piper:
Throw Molotovs at crowds in Dark Carnival. Chances are that a Clown is in

Grave Robber:
Don't let any Fallen Survivors get away, and grab their gear. They're tough, so
put some effort into shooting them!

Head Honcho:
Keep chopping off heads with Melee Weapons. Some Weapons are incapable of
beheading. Stick with bladed Weapons for good measure.

Killing them Swiftly to this Song:
Upon finding a Jukebox, play it. The Survivors may be lucky!

Level a Charge:
A Charger has 600 Health while Melee Weapons only take out 500. Weaken a
Charger by shooting it, then swing at it when it Charges. Swing true.

Robbed Zombie:
When seeing a Bile Bomb, take it! Hazmats carrying Bile Bombs are often seen
during the first two levels of Dead Center, or more often during The Sacrifice.
They can also be seen in Custom Campaigns.

Septic Tank:
Just throw that Bile Bomb at that Tank. Then focus on killing the Tank while
the Horde attacks it.

Shock Jock:
If somebody is below 50 HP, they can be killed and Defibrillated to bring them
back. Sometimes better than using a Health Kit! Bleed Out features no Health
Kits, but many Defibrillators!

Tank Burger:
Chainsaws are the most effective Weapons for this Achievement. It is easier to
obtain this in Survival, as a Tank is guaranteed to be on the way.

The Quick and the Dead:
If somebody is down, use Adrenaline and bring them back up. Shouldn't be more
than a second.

'Till it Goes Click:
A Bile Bomb can lure Infected to an area. Then fire away!

Campaign (Instant, Level Specific)
These can only be obtained in its according level. The Survivors can simply
start from that level and gain their respective Achievements.

Chaos Generator:
Simply have all three Generators running at once by simultaneously activating
them. Be prepared to face consecutive Tanks!

Gong Show:
The Moustachio Hammer Game is located right in front of the bumper cars in Dark
Carnival. Take Adrenaline, use it, and bash a Melee Weapon on the red cube to
break the machine.

Kite like a Man:
Best done without Bot Survivors. Keep running around for the support group to
give that Tank what it deserves!

Stache Whacker:
Whack 42 moles in the Whack-A-Moustachio game. Keep inserting tokens to
continue. Use Pistols whenever possible; don't waste precious Ammo! This can be
done in the Survival Map too.

Wing and a Prayer:
There are some areas in the plane that allow Survivors to hold out safely. Eyes
for Smokers attempting to attack Survivors through the windows. This is an
individual's Achievement.

Campaign (Campaign Completion)
These can only be obtained in official Campaigns. Try to do them on The Passing
unless specified otherwise.

Price Chopper, Torch Bearer, Midnight Rider, Ragin' Cajun, Weatherman, Bridge
Burner, Stream Crosser, Supreme Sacrifice:
Just complete the Campaigns on any difficulty. Be sure to survive and play
through the entire Campaign for maximum success.

Confederacy of Crunches:
Do not even think of shooting a single bullet, even from a Pistol when
Incapacitated! Grenades (not the Grenade Launcher) and the Heavy Machine Gun
are OK.

Guardin' Gnome:
The Gnome can be obtained by getting over 750 points in the shooting gallery.
Shoot the targets (but not Lil' Peanut) in order to win the Gnome. The Gnome
must be carried like an Explosive Can all the way to the Helicopter. Be sure to
hold the Gnome in between Safe Rooms and on the Helicopter. Even those who
don't make it will get this Achievement as long as the Gnome made it to the

Kill Bill:
Have Bill volunteer to take the sacrifice.

Still Something to Prove:
Conquer all the Campaigns on Expert! Salute those who got this Achievement!
Consider going through the Campaigns during Single-Player Mutations if

The Real Deal:
"Simply" defy all odds and complete a Campaign on Expert with Realism.

Campaign (Level Completion)
These can only be obtained in its according level. The Survivors can simply
start from that level and gain their respective Achievements. The level must be
completed in order to earn the Achievement.

Bridge over Trebled Slaughter:
At the beginning, try to stick to the left side, as it is the straightest.
Consider avoiding the first Tank to bypass the incoming Horde. Keep running and
don't slow down! All Survivors must be in the helicopter in order to end the

Sob Story:
Try not to startle, and try not to kill any Witches! If somebody startled one,
leave them to die (as long as they know the objective), and run straight to the
Safe Room! Don't do anything stupid.

Violence in Silence:
Use Melee Weapons only when inside the Impound Lot. Identify which Cars are
booby-trapped and get out of the Lot. Get into the Safe Room to get this

The Infected Achievements can be obtained on Versus or Scavenge Mode. The
Survivor-specific Achievements can only be obtained in Versus. Versus
Achievements can also be obtained in Versus/Scavenge Mutations.

A Spittle Help from my Friends:
If a Survivor is being choked by a Smoker, Spit on it.

Back in the Saddle:
If the Jockey managed to Incapacitate a Survivor, retreat and try to ride
another one! If he is knocked off, he can try this too, but good luck on
managing to get away!

Great Expectorations:
See the Survivors corner-camping? Teach them a lesson by Spitting on them! Also
known as "Spit Happens".

If somebody got killed outside the Safe Room, shock them and bring them to the
Safe Room for more points. Watch out for Infected trying to ruin the moment!

Long Distance Carrier:
Falls also count towards this Achievement. Consider pushing Survivors over
ledges to their death in Dead Center.

Meat Tenderizer:
If someone was stupid enough to go solo, grab them and bash them into

Qualified Ride:
Same as Meat Tenderizer, just with a Jockey. Try not to bring them over a ledge
in order to ride them for twelve seconds. For maximum success, ride them away
from the rest of the party.

Rode Hard, Put Away Wet:
If somebody is trying to get out of an Acid Puddle, bring them back in!

When the bridge is going up, take position and ambush whoever goes off first!

Scattering Ram:
If the Survivors are practically glued together, rip them apart! Seek tight
corridors, especially ones that the Survivors must go through.

Strength in Numbers:
Find a good and competent group of buddies and then beat the living daylights
out of the enemy team. Be sure to play on Team Versus mode!

Wedding Crashers:
The Survivors will have to pass through the Wedding. Use this opportunity when
available. The chairs must be untouched first. The Charger may have to charge
some distance before hitting the chairs.

These can obtained in Survival Mode. Keep in mind that in order to obtain
Medals, be sure to wait until the round is reset after the Survivors have lost.

Beat the Rush:
Remember: This can only be obtained upon earning a NEW Medal. This means that
if someone got a Bronze Medal on a map without only using Melee Weapons, they
will have to get a Silver Medal on the same map if they hope to get that
Achievement there. Get this Achievement as soon as possible.

These can only be obtained in Scavenge Mode and according Mutations.

Cache and Carry:
If the enemy team is bad enough, try to collect all Fuel Cans.

Fuel Crisis:
Somebody carrying a Fuel Can? Attack them!

Gas Guzzler:
Play Scavenge over and over and over.

Gas Shortage:
Force or prompt the Survivors to drop their Fuel Cans.

Hunting Party:
Pray for a good team in Scavenge.

Port of Scavenge:
Just play Scavenge in the Port over and over and over. Start from the lobbies
for good measure.

These can be obtained in any Mutation.

Mutation Overlord:
Keep an eye out for updates for Mutations. They'll be fun! Joining a game is
all that's needed (from the Lobby, that is).

4.11 >Custom Campaigns & Maps<
Although these aren't tips, there are many Campaigns made by fans of Left 4
Dead 2 (I thought it would fit better near the end of this guide rather than
the beginning). Many of these campaigns can be downloaded off of
left4deadmaps.com, or they can be downloaded through the link provided by the
game upon attempting to enter a game using a custom campaign. This is a
(partial) list of "Complete" maps.

To obtain these Campaigns, simply download the vpk file, put it somewhere safe,
and then click on the file. The file will automatically download itself into
the game.

2 Evil Eyes
Another swamp! This time, the adventure takes place in the daylight. The
Survivors must cut their way through the jungle towards an abandoned village
for extraction, which happens to be across the bridge. 6 messy levels long. By
Matt Lourdelet.

Badwater Basin
Left 4 Dead collides with Team Fortress 2. Instead of feuds between RED and
BLU, however, the bomb-filled cart is being fought between the Survivors and
the Infected. The cart can only be fueled by the Fuel Cans scattered around the
land. The cart, as usual, provides supplies along the adventure. Single Map. By

Carried Off
What if the Survivors crashed back at Rayford? They must navigate through
Rayford again, this time heading towards an office building in order to signal
a helicopter. It's a long way up to the roof! 4 levels long. By Yanzl.

City 17
Revisit the Combine-occupied city Gordon Freeman fought in, this time against
the Infected! Like the adventure in Episode One, the Survivors must fight their
way through the city towards the train station. 5 familiar levels long. By

Dead before Dawn
Based on Dawn of the Dead. The Survivors must fight their way to a large mall
(again). This time, however, there's some friendly company hoping to get some
friends at the mall. 5 zany levels long. By Darth Brush.

Dead City
Our heroes must fight their way through a giant city to the local subway that
leads to safety. Unfortunately, it's located on the opposite end of the place,
so it's going to be a long ride! 6 enormous levels long. By ilcannibal.

Death Aboard
Aye, mateys! This campaign mostly be taking place in an abandoned barge, along
with a jail cell and a city next to the big sea! The only way out of this beach
is through a hot-air balloon! 5 classic levels long. By Diputs.

Detour Ahead
The Survivors are driving across the country. Unfortunately, the road's
blocked, so they'll have to cut through the woods and a town to get out.
There's also stories of a working Helicopter stranded in the middle of the
town. 5 dark levels long. By Boogada and Inigmontoya.

Die Scraper
Fight towards a Skyscraper, all the way to the top to signal a Helicopter. The
Skyscraper's a huge business building, complete with a lobby, dozens of
offices, a recreation area, and even a private suite! 4 levels long. By Rectus.

Gas Fever
Rayford wasn't the only town the Survivors had to stop on their journey in the
Jimmy Gibbs car. Due to a gas shortage, our heroes must now search for gas in a
small fishing town. Perfect for those who want to play The Sacrifice's styled
Finale without the sacrifice! 3 levels long. By Garfield.

Haunted Forest
Zombies and ghosts. Fantastic. Battle with the zombies and outsmart the ghosts
within the mansion located deep in the middle of the woods. Let the lights of
lights guide the Survivors to victory! 4 levels long. By Dr. Boo.

Highway to Hell
After another escape from a hostile quarantine zone, the Survivors must reach a
military base in hopes of getting out of this mess. Between them and their
plane is a large road, a cruel town, and an abandoned military base. 5 levels
long. By Unlawful Combatant. Totally not endorsed by AC/DC.

Another Team Fortress 2 Payload map! This time, the cart doesn't need Fuel to
advance. Of course, it needs good-old fashioned force, so the Survivors will
need to put their strength to the test! Single Map. By Mixmedia.

Indiana Jones
And the Temple of Zombies! Ride the ride with our favourite archaeologist, with
plenty of zombies on the way! 3 levels long. By Dives.

Left 4 Goldeneye
The old N64 classic comes to life in this Campaign (sorry Wii agents)! Cut
through the Facility, Archives, and Cradle! For England, James? 4 levels long.
By Calleberg.

Night Terror
Truly spooky! This campaign contains numerous references to other works, such
as the haunted house from Disney World, plus a trip through the Mines of Moria!
The book in the tomb may require more time to read than one may think, and the
Tanks in that area are best avoided! 5 [tough] levels long. By Nipper & Dr.

Space Jockeys
In a large space station, it's up to the Survivors to destroy as much of the
enemy station as possible. Unfortunately, the outer-space Infected are already
on alert, and will send their space vessels to stop the Survivors from doing
so. The Space Jockey Mothership is also on the loose too. Its weak points are
its eyes and the cockpit. Single Map. By Flapjax.

Suicide Blitz 2
Not simply a port of the first Suicide Blitz, this Campaign adds a river
festival and a spree through the stadium! Adventure awaits in this detailed
Campaign! 5 levels long. By RT Frisk.

The Return of the Jockeys
A followup to Space Jockeys, the Survivors have been captured by a mysterious
being, and are being led to an arena where they will do battle. Focus on the
weak points of each boss! Single Map. By Flapjax.

Tour of Terror
Looks like Europe got hit by the Infection as well. Fight through the city to
the train station to escape! A fantastic way to make some Machine Gun Kills!
5 maps long. By Novalin.

True FangShi
During a crash landing, the Survivors find themselves in China during the
summer breaks. Among the places they'll go is a palace and the Great Wall! 3
maps long. By Mixmedia.

Wan Li
Another Campaign in China, this time during the Winter. After yet another crash
landing, the Survivors must trek through the harsh climate of the Everest
mountains. 3 maps long. By Castor Judo.

Fight through the ruins of Barcelona. Real-life locations and tons of work
shown included. By the Warcelona Team.

We Don't go to Ravenholm
Another revisiting in Half-Life, this time in the zombie-infected Ravenholm!
Though there are no Headcrabs to keep an eye out, the place is still crawling
with the usual deal of Hordes, Hunters, and Spitters. 4 spooky maps long. By

Zombies of the Caribbean
A recreation of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride from Disneyland. The
Survivors are able to ride the boat regularily, fight through the maintenance
rooms and the town, or fight off Zombies from on the boat! Try not to get
killed by the Infected; they must remember this day as the day they ALMOST
caught the Survivors! Single Map. By Dives.

5.0 >And the Rest!<
All of this will cover up the rest of the guide.

5.1 >F.A.Q<

Q: Wait, Riot Cop Infected?
A: Riot Infected are not included in the "Censored" version of Left 4 Dead 2.
Luckily, through sacking and popular demand, that may change soon.

Q: Where else can I get Left 4 Dead 2 tips?
A: Left 4 Dead Wiki is an excellent place to get information.

Q: How do I get The Passing and Cold Stream Campaigns?
A: The PC version receives these campaigns automatically (due to Steam), but
Xbox users must pay a small price for these addons.

Q: How do I download custom Campaigns for the Xbox version?
A: Custom Campaigns are only for the PC version. Consider getting the PC
version next time!

Q: How do I turn off gore?
A: There's an option to turn the gory effects down a notch in the options menu.

Q: I don't see the hard rain in Hard Rain.
A: One's settings must require a High shader level in their video options to
see the rain.

Q: What's with the Counter-Strike weapons? What's going on?
A: Some servers may allow the use of these exclusive weapons. Other times, it
may be the fact that a German player is in the server. Valve wanted to make up
to those Germans and their censorship with these guns. Too bad they didn't do
the same with the Australians!

Q: How do I "juggle"?
A: Grab at least one Primary Weapon, Grenade, Pack, and Consumable. Decide
where the Survivors plan to hold up and remember that spot. Then, head towards
an area with various Supplies. See that Molotov? With a Pipe Bomb or Bile Bomb
in hand, one can "grab" the Molotov and move backwards, the momentum bringing
the other Grenade backwards. Hopefully this force is strong enough to move the
item far enough from the Molotov's spawn point so that the Survivor can keep
grabbing the two items towards wherever he/she wants it! This applies to
Weapons, Packs, and everything else (just make sure they're different items, or
else it won't work!)!

Q: What about all those other Left 4 Dead Campaigns?
A: Those are Campaigns native to Left 4 Dead. Redirect to my Left 4 Dead guide
for information regarding those. Construction and Hazmat Infected appear in
those Campaigns.

Q: Do Custom Campaigns still require the Left 4 Dead 2 Addon Support?
A: Not anymore! As of The Sacrifice's update, all the content included in the
Addon Support is now packaged with the main game!

Q: Do I need the disk to play the game every time?
A: No. This game runs through Steam; all that's required to play is a Steam
account and an internet connection.

Q: What's your Steam account name?
A: My Steam Account can be found here:


My Steam nickname is RainingMetal. Be sure to email me if you plan to be
friends with me!

Q: I only want to get a certain part of this guide! What can I do?
A: Select what's necessary and then right click and click on copy (or select
and then press control C). Then go to some other word document, right click,
and paste (or press control V). Print away!

Q: I want to contribute to this guide by writing some information for it!
A: Go right ahead. E-mail me at boocatcher5(@)hotmail(.)com (omit the

Be free to e-mail me some more questions. Rules for it are explained below.

5.2 >Email Guide<

Here are some ground rules for sending me e-mails.

1. Spell correctly with good grammar.

2. Don’t ask something that’s already inside this guide.

3. Try to make your strategy neat, because I will directly take your strategy
from your E-mail. Also, pressing enter at the end of each line would help.

4. Don’t forget about the subject (Left 4 Dead 2)! Then I will know what the
topic is about.

5. Don't ever try to contact me through a messenger program. Ever.

6. If there's an error or a vital note for the guide missing, please inform me
of it immediatley.

7. If you're going to criticize my guide, please leave some constructive

8. Don't forget to leave your nickname so that I can put it on the credits!

Just give me these things if you want to contact me about the guide.

1. Strategies on incomplete stuff.

2. Additional FAQs.

3. Notable glitches.

4. Other stuff to make this guide interesting.

Here's a list of things not to send me (I will block whoever sends me the
-Death Threats
-Invitations to Facebook, Myspace, any kind of blogging websites (because I
never use them)

5.3 >Website List<
This is a list of the Websites that this guide is available to:

-Game Revolution.
-Super Cheats.
-Cheat Code Central.
-Games Radar.
-Cheat Planet.
-Ace App Software.

5.4 >Credits<

-Me, the Author.
-Left 4 Dead Wiki for giving me vital information on the game.
-Left4deadmaps.com for the Custom Campaigns.
-Teh Thief for the Scavenge tip.
-[AoEW]Raiden777 for the Hunter tip.
-Julldar for various tips, and reminding me of important details I forgot to
mention in the guide.
-xBrutalxRicanx for pointing out the Melee Weapon swing speeds.
-Glass Giant for providing an ASCII program.
-Valve for the game itself.
-GameFAQs for uploading this guide.

5.5 >Legal Disclaimer<

Did Ellis talk about the time Keith tried to make a copyright? But he got sued
instead, as he used an existing copyright. He also tried to hire a lawyer, but
then the lawyer got sick. Ahem.

Copyright 2011 Brett Sim

This may be not rewritten under any circumstances except for personal, private
use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly
without permission before so. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a
part of any public display is strictly, indisputably prohibited, and a
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Failure to comply with the above terms can result in a lawsuit.

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Thank You.