League of Legends Beginners Guide
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League of Legends Beginners Guide

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League of Legends summoners Rift Beginners Guide
Written by 91210user                                    Date: 4th Feburary 2013

    A. Introduction
    B. History of LoL
    C. Tips
    D. Contact

    A. Introduction

New to League of Legends or just want to brush up on how to get into a match 
with your new champion? Just follows these guidelines and you'll be getting 
into the game in no time.

The game pretty much thrown you or the player into the game. You have no 
practice mode to try out your champion, learn all their abilities and effects 
and to win. 

Considering it has that Player vs Player format. It can put some new players
off, while it's unforgive and almost challenging for other players despiting
having a simple tutorial at the beginning of the game.

     B. History of LoL

League of Leagues started out as a Tower Defensive game mod for Warcraft 3. 
The popularity of the mod has sqawned almost an entirely new subgenre of
real time stratagy, called Tower Defensive games. League of Legends hopes to
expand alot more on this real time stragety with League of Legends by allowing
champions to have their personalities and movesets in a game and evolves what
Warcraft 3 had to something more multiplayer more focused. 

Some of the signs of Warcraft 3's past are clearly visible such as the trees
sharing some rendering simalirities in League of Legends and Warcraft or the
shop which sells items for gold. 

League of Legends are currently being enjoyed by millions online aswell as
being a popular e-sport. 

     C. Tips

      1) Knowing your Champion

It's important to know what your champions does. The best way to start is to
feed on the rival minions and other creatures in the map, trying out the skills
our champion  have gone before encountering and fighting the rival champions to
get that feel. 

The biggest mistake many players make is to charge in a hunt rival champions 
down. This can be problematic as turret towers can wipe the champion out or 
they get more then they expected. 

      2) Let the Minions Do The work

During the beginning, your minions will usually do the work. Even if it means 
feeding them to turrets when you are leading them to the tower. The minions
are good considering that they spawn as best as they can. 

Even if it means being behind your minions as they progress, slowing attacking
the rivals one, it's a nice way to level up your champion. It's also a nice 
way of taking care of them as the match progresses. 

After killing many minions, you'll noticed you have a strong enough champion 
to lead into battle and to destory towers, buildings and rival champions and
you wouldn't have any problems later on in the matches. It takes some time but
it's worth it, also giving you some time to practice knowing what you champion

As they say, a good defensive is your best defensive. 

      3) Save your abilities for champion Kills

It's a good way to wipe out enemy. It often means unlocking and building up 
your skills and abilities to charge at the rival champion. Some champions can
wipe out other champions quicker then others and it's a nice way of getting
an easy kill as it's prepares for it. It's alot easier then it looks.

The thing about them is that once you use them, you'll have to wait for the
cooldown time to cool the spells and abilitles off, hence the advice of not
using until the rivals appear.

      4) Teamwork Is Important!

This is how important teamwork can be. You don't have to give yourself 
permission to be around anywhere around the map. If you see an opening path 
unguarded. it's always best to guard that location yourself.

There would be times where you would need to stick together and that's when 
rival champions group up and make a rush and there an battle in those parts 
of the map, that's when you would act on grouping together the best you can.

Having close friends is alot better then jumping into a random match with
other players. Advice all Multiplayer games shares in common.

It also includes staying in the game throughout the whole entire match as 
they give players to penalities to people that enter a match and leave the 
match unattended for the rest of the entire match.

     5) Buy Items As Soon As Possible

The key items which are recommended are there for a reason. Take note of them 
and summon yourself back to base when you have enough gold to buy them. Those 
boosts, no matter how small greatly effect the game.

Just to note, you can buy the items and stack them until you have enough to 
buy the recommended items. The game automatically synthesizes all the items 
you have to make that powerful item when you have enough gold available.

Boots make a great beginners items when you start the map, as you can move 
around alot, avoiding trouble alot quicker and HP and MP boosts also make 
good start up items in matches until you get to the power boosts and armor, 
later on in the match. It makes all the difference and it greats to hold them
for a bit.

     D. Content Information

Just follow these tips along with the rest of the rules and you'll slowly grow
into League of Legends and make it out on your own. 

Email me at rcmotorboy@gmail.com if you want to ask me questions or to comment.