La Pucelle: Tactics Cheats

La Pucelle: Tactics cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see Action Replay Codes for more La Pucelle: Tactics cheat codes.


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Forest Lord Ally
In Chapter 6 go to Meuniere Forest, then go to the Shrine of Beasts to get the Forest Lords child. Its at level 1 but when you raise it up it becomes a good ally. Also remember to raise it go someplace with strong monsters and simply use Prier or some one to attack while the Forest Lords child uses a support attack. I did this and it grew rappidly.
Free Movement
Go to the battle map view. Switch out any item that is currently equipped with an
item that increases your movement. Use your turn to move, then switch your
items back to their original positions. You have now moved more than normally
Free weapon
In the Last Chapter, talk to the litle girl in the front yard of the Orphanage. She will give a Cactus Sword, which is a very powerful weapon.


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Easy leveling up of you most precious weapons and items
If you have an item that you know you want to build up , take the small amount of time it takes to attach it to a healing rod to give it plus-3 healing points .(use boss monsters from cave of trails 5 for the attachment,they are easy to recruit, need no training, and can combine very powerful items). Now every time you do a massive miracle attack( you know, the tri-healing kind) you get massive amounts of bonus points and levels very easily. I get 20 levels per massive attack per weapon. And the best part is that if you attach several healrods to one weapon, that weapon will be uber-like in no time......or effort.(sometimes it's almost too easy)
Recruit an Overlord.
Normally, you noticed that you can't recruit demons from the Dark World, right?... then, there is an exception, a haniwa. You can recruit Haniwa, no matter the type, Demon, Higher Demon, Supreme Demon, Demon Lord, or the great Demon Overlord, depend of his level, you purify times, An Overlord high lv, around Lv 800, is hard, but one Demon Lv 255 is to easy, one tip for this, "get sure you purify him at the max".
The ultimate & most time efficient miracle attack
Screw the hall of the dead, the best miracle attack can be set up in the 2nd cave of trials level.(note: you need to be towards the end of the games for this.) The easiest way to set this one up is to quickly look around the stage when you first enter it and check to see if any of the dark portals start at the outline of the level. If none of the portals are on the edges you can set this attack up just like the hall of the dead level. If you do have a portal on the edge of the screen, the only way this works is if it is a red colored portal. Now the set-up can get very tricky if you do not have the warp engine(postioning your players can be difficult without killing the enemies on counterattacks) Start by equipping Prier with the warp engine and move her within purifying range of a red dark portal.(If it is on the edge of the map,place her on top of it) Next place 4 characters on the 4 corners of the map(using the warp engine). Now take a minute and use one change-up to redirect all the dark portals so they are pointing towards the edges of the map,close enough so that the 4 corner players can use change-ups to redirect currents. Redirect all the portal currents except for one red portal.(this is critical). After doing this you will probably have 1 or 2 characters left to bring out.Use these characters to redirect the remaining red portal into itself. Finally have Prier(or whoever has the equipment you want to level up) purify the red dark portal that she is on or near (not the one that is directed on itself). By doing this, you end up getting a quad miracle attack (1 holy & 3 healing). Averaging around 8000-10000 bonus points every timeSometimes you do get unlucky and only get a tri-miracle attack, but that's still worth something like 6500 bonus points. Once you get use to doing this, the whole attack can be set up within a few minutes( the longest part is actually watching the attack take effect).