Kung Fu review
Extremely Cheesy Kung Fu Fun

The good:

Non-stop action. Good graphics and sound effects.

The bad:

Difficulty level's a litle too high. Controls could be a little more responsive. Quickly gets repetitive.


If this game looks familiar to old-school (and old) gamers at first, it's because this actually is the same as the arcade game "Kung Fu Master". It takes you through 5 levels as you control Thomas, who must punch and kick his way to a confrontation with the mysterious "Mr. X", who's holding his girl Silvia hostage. Along the way you'll face endless waves of enemies leading up to a boss fight at the end of each level.
Not surprisingly, this is an exceptionally simple title. One button punches, the other kicks, tap the pad/stick to jump or crouch, etc. What really makes it fun are the cheesy kung-fu style sound effects, especially if you have a Turbo controller. Then you can just hold down the button and the sounds keep repeating like a broken record while you bust out the attacks at high speed-so cheesy it quickyl gets really hilarious. Graphics are very simple but the backgrounds have a nice temple-style setting. The difficulty's a little too high with the endless waves of enemies and no breaks. And that's before you even get to the bosses.
No matter how you look at it, this game actually has a lot of nostalgic value, plus it's great for when you just need to burn off a few minutes' worth of stress. Then when you're done, put on your nostalgic "I know Kung Fu" T-shirt and proudly show off your skills. A decent pickup for short gaming sessions.

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