Kung Fu High Impact Cheats

Kung Fu High Impact cheats, Achievements, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
Rough Awakening (25)Wake up from a terrible nightmare in Chapter 1: Fears Half Forgotten.
Contained! (25)Close all cargo containers in Chapter 2: Trouble at the Docks.
Workplace Safety (25)Defeat the threat against the comic book store in Chapter 3: Heck Breaks Loose.
Metalhead (25)Prevent a mystic artifact from being stolen in Chapter 4: Helmet Blunder.
Tourist (25)Visit a picturesque temple and live to tell the tale in Chapter 5: Eye of the Dragon.
Woodsman (25)Survive the hostile fauna in Chapter 6: Crossroads.
A Million Volts (25)Cause enough havoc to escape danger in Chapter 7: Jungle Boogie.
Swamp Thing (25)Survive the swamp horrors in Chapter 8: A Helping Wing.
Nothing To See Here (25)Clear monstrous squatters from the ruins in Chapter 9: Big, Bad and Ugly.
Next! (25)Defeat a horde of minions in Chapter 10: The New Boss in Town.
Live to Fight Another Day (25)Survive your first encounter with a dangerous foe in Chapter 11: Blazing Guns.
Overshadowed (25)Return a forgotten memory to its sleeping place in Chapter 12: A Shadow from the Past.
Janitor (25)Clean up a horde of monsters in Chapter 13: The Great Escape.
All in a Day's Work (25)Save the world in Chapter 14: The Hordes of Doom.
Zookeeper (20)Reach round 7 in Survival: Horde.
Lightbringer (20)Reach round 7 in Survival: Darkness.
Shadowboxer (20)Reach round 7 in Survival: Shadow Warriors.
Unmasker (20)Reach round 7 in Survival: Masked Warriors.
Extreme Survivalist (40)Reach round 21 in Survival: Horde.
Blue Belt (10)Defeat 100 enemies.
Red Belt (15)Defeat 200 enemies.
Black Belt (25)Defeat 400 enemies.
Rumbler (15)Damage four or more enemies with a single Ground Shaker.
Zapper (15)Finish off three or more enemies using Lightning in one fight.
Power Punisher (15)Hit an enemy from behind with Power Punch.
Air Superiority (15)Hit a flying enemy with Power Punch.
Slo-Mo Master (15)Deal damage six times during a single Time Stop.
Nick of Time (15)Block an attack when you have less than 10% health remaining.
Perfect Style (30)Reach 100% style in a single fight by using a varied combination of attacks.
Fight Marathon (30)Defeat 100 or more enemies during a single fight.
Headshot! (15)Shoot a Giant in the head with the Magic Bow.
Kung-Fu Party! (20)Complete a multiplayer fight against 3 or more players controlling enemies.
Artful Dodger (15)In a single fight, perform a dodge, duck, flip dodge, backflip dodge and jump dodge.
William Tell (15)Score five consecutive hits using the Magic Bow.
Tenacious (25)In Chapter 4: Helmet Blunder, defeat the Shadow Guard without using Ground Shaker.
Pick on Someone Your Own Size (15)Finish off a Giant while giant-sized yourself.
Tactician (25)Win a single fight without physically touching any enemies yourself.
Wham! (15)Hit an Armored Inkling while Mega Damage is active.
Multitasker (15)Hit an enemy while zapping a different enemy with Lightning.
Fast as Lightning (20)Complete a Mayhem Designer fight against a total of 6 or more enemies with a time scale of 150%.
And Stay Down! (20)Finish off a Giant by bringing one down to its knees, then using Ground Shaker on its back.
Volley! (20)Shoot 100 or more arrows with the Magic Bow during one fight.
Bullseye! (15)Use the Magic Bow to hit an enemy that is over 30 meters away.
Double Black Belt of Awesomeness (65)Acquire all other achievements.
Untouchable (30)For 3 minutes, avoid hitting and getting hit by enemies in Chapter 2: Trouble at the Docks.